When you hear some dim bulb on CNBC talking about a recovery in personal income, keep this chart in mind. Over 20% of all personal income is coming from the government, I mean you. You can’t look at this chart and not conclude that we are becoming a socialist country. The Obamanistas are taxing the productive (You and I) and redistributing it to the 49% in West Philly who prefer to not work for a living. We (the middle class) are caught between the Ruling Elite Army on Wall Street and the Free Shit Army in West Philly. We are slowly and methodically being crushed by these two armies.

Is it time to form a Middle Class Army and fight back?


  1. The FSA is growing and cannot be stopped. They feel entitled to everyone else’s shit – including yours and mine. You and I are lucky – we have shit. They want it regardless of how you and I got it. Therefore, shit should be given to them for nothing. This is in the official Obama campaign literature. You just have to look really closely.

  2. There you go again, blaming the victims. Most people I know that are out of work want a job. So enough of your Limbaugh clap-trap. Your anger should be aimed at the rich. They have so much of the money, that there’s not enough to kick-start the economy.

  3. I agree with Dave. According to the Wall Street Journal, 1/2 of all American households are getting checks of one sort or another from the Federal Government. So 150,000,000 people. All victims – old, minority, handicapped, mothers with infant children, educated in poor schools, young, unemployed, Irish-American, slow, dim-witted, ugly, short, those with poor eyesight, those who can’t get it up – all victims. In fact, I am also a victim. I am old and Irish and slow. Where’s my loot?

    1. Robmu1 & Matt

      I’ve got you both. I’m Irish, slow, wear glasses and I’m fat. Plus I’m irritable much of the time. Don’t I get loot from Obamanista Nation?

  4. Judging from Jim’s reports from the 30 blocks, the FSA has a lot more and better shit than I do, and I have worked very hard for a long time. So does the REA. I feel like such a loser! But I’m very attached to my trusty 14 year old Civic and tube tv.

  5. Jim – Dave feels that you should be happy with 15% of the money you earn so the FSA is not compelled to actually work for their money. The unfortunate 150,000,000 people have had it tough. You’ve had it easy. Now pony the fuck up – Dave has to go to the market and he’s running out of food stamps.

    1. Robmu1

      You are being too hard on poor Dave. He clearly is afflicted with the defective Krugman gene. This horrible disease makes him think that anyone who has worked hard, went to college and earns more than him is a parasite. He is a victim of the rich (anyone who makes more than him) and must be compensated for his pain, suffering and ineptitude. I heard that Jerry Lewis will be doing a telethon with Dave as the poster boy for Krugmanitis.

  6. I agree it’s time for us to join the FSA. If you read today’s article, Free Markets Work, it’s time to abandon the Libertarian camp. We need MORE governmental regulation so we can take our rightful place at the FSA feeding trough. For example, I find it very discriminatory that I can not get the multi-million dollar contract that the NBA players receive. There should be a law (more government) that forces every team to have at least one player over 50 years of age who is short, fat, slow and who obviously can’t jump. How else can we level the playing field and spread the wealth?

  7. Jim

    Dave is going to reply, but only after filing a claim with the federal government and with the ACLU regarding our harsh treatment of his victimhood. He will cite our success as proof of his disability and the need for more money to be deposited into his bank account courtesy of other people.

    1. Robmu1

      Dave is probably one of those FSA zombies who mull around Wal-mart at 11:30 pm on October 31 waiting for their benefits to electronically appear in their account at midnight. Then he can pay for the pork rinds, slim jims and ding dongs.

  8. Admin, Robmu1 & Matt;

    I’m also Irish, slow, wear glasses, and fat, but I’m also frequently intoxicated, so I think I take priority.

    PS: At first I thought you wrote: Disgusting “Shart” of the Day, but then I realized you had that last week.

  9. Gentlemen, take a breath and have a look to this:


    morality: if even the richest join the FSA, you are the only loosers here that stay out of the party.
    given the current situation in the USofA, you middle class have become slaves of the hoodlums beside the traditional Forbe’s families.
    may god save your ass, too late for your soul.
    this said, I’ll have another pina colada…

    Mr Quinn, please a special topic for me. I like angry Irishs. their face become rosy when they yell.

    1. Goldorack

      I thought you were dead. Shouldn’t you be at a rally protesting the reduction in your European vacation from 25 weeks to 24.5 weeks.

  10. God! Listen to all this shit! (I say God not because I believe in it, just because it seemed to fit!)

    I did it all the right way too – worked from when I was 15, did my time in Uncle’s Navy, worked my ass off until I s-a-v-e-d enough money to go back to college and get my first degree at 43. Then I worked another 20 years on top of that – all the right way. I’ve been married to the same lovely lady for 53 years and she isn’t tired of me yet (why, I’ll never know).

    Now I’m an old poop of the Silent generation collecting my share of the FSA’s Social Security and you can all kiss my ass. If the magic electronic money stopped coming the 3rd of every month I’d never miss it because I did that right too and made sure I’d never have to rely on SS.

    Why I am pissed and stay pissed is because they can take away SS and I’d never feel a bump but if they devalue the currency, stir enough shit to cause a general economic collapse (which I am becoming more and more sure of every day) —- well now that’s going too far because it screws BOTH the FSA and it screws me.

    I could care less about the FSA but one thing you can be sure of. When their goodies are taken away, the fine upstanding members of the FSA are going to come after what’s mine and it’s going to be a bloody mess when they try that.

    We’ll know that’s happening when they block the expressways out to Long Island except for supply convoys —– and the lights go out permanently in West Philadelphia. (At that point, Jim will have stopped commuting and be gone somewhere farther West!)

  11. Dave – Given that I haven’t seen Smokey scald you yet, I guess I’ll have to fill in. You bring an astonishing depth and breadth of stupid with you whenever you post. I suspect you must get someone to post for you, as I cannot believe someone so stupid could actually be taught to read and write, much less type and operate a computer. Please return to your welfare line until you get a clue.

    Goldorack – I visited the link you put up. It is a common theme – the “rich” are supposed to foot the entire bill, but the are low-life pieces of shit if they think they can enjoy the privileges of the FSA and get ANYTHING in return for all of the taxes and insurance they pay. Collecting is for the poor, paying is for the rich. What a crock of shit.

  12. LLPOH, my post was all about good citizenship. of course a rich person has the right like anyone to benefit from UE in return of the taxes and premiums he paid.
    but does HE SHOULD?
    WTF a guy at 1 or 2 M$ a year needs few hundred $ from the country? it even not pay a tenth of a party in Miami with champagne and blow job.
    when moral is fucked, everything is fucked.

  13. Goldorack – what is immoral is demanding he pay but refusing him the same right and benefits of anyone else. I thought that was what you were saying but wasn’t sure so gave you the benefit of the doubt.

    That is some twisted logic you have going on there. What gives you, or anyone else, the right to say he is immoral for collecting money due him legally, especially when it is his own money to begin with. What, he is immoral because he hasn’t decided to donate even more to the FSA? I repeat, what a crock of shit.

  14. admin, you’re late on this topic. I’m currently fighting for the 30 weeks vacation.

    I watch you all shovel horseshit 12 hours a day / 6 days per week before being allowed to die at 70, and I smoke a big weed joint because I feel pain for you.

    1. Goldorack

      Are you a General in the European Free Shit Army? This is the first time they haven’t surrendered. I guess when it comes to free shit, you socialists will go down swinging.

  15. Admin – obviously you know Goldoshithead way better than me. I really was stupid to give him the benefit of the doubt. No good deed goes unpunished.

  16. LLPOH, I’m not talking about access to rights.

    as far as I am concerned, I never ask for something I don’t need just because I have the right.

    with this kind of mindset, why not seating at WallMart’s parking lot with a hat on the floor? it’s your right.
    I will let the engine of my car running this night as I sleep, I have the right.

    1. Goldorack the socialist talks about not asking for something he has a right to, while he lives off the teat of his socialist pig host. The irony is delicious. It is almost as humorous as his mastery of the English language.

  17. you have the right to kiss my ass also.

    honestly this is a right that you shouldn’t let unexploited. you have to feel love once in your life

  18. Goldo – I would take you up on it, but am a bit pressed for time. An ass your size would take a good few weeks to kiss properly.

  19. The next time you post the breakdown of your readers, we should be reading about the portion of us that are Irish, not just males versus females.

    That’s more interesting to me. I don’t know why. LOL

  20. Goldmember – I see you are still an intellectual minnow. How are things in Europe? Have you bowed down and let the Islamists kick you in your government teat-sucking ass?

  21. Robmu1 – It seems somehow I have missed out on the pleasures of reading the posts by that intellectual giant Goldwad. As he has made such an indelible impression on both you and Admin, I will have to pay close attention to his posts in future. I really would have thought Smokey/Stuck/SSS/Gemini and the rest of the crew would also have popped up to sing his praises by now. I can’t wait for his next pearls of wisdom to further flame the fires of passion we feel for him.

    1. LLPOH

      Goldie is a poor man’s socialist DP. He was a frequent pinata on the old TBP. It is fitting that he would reappear up on the same day as Dimwit Dave.

  22. Admin – It is nearly impossible for me to understand where these folks get their ideas. It is as if their answer to 2 + 2 is 5, and no matter what you say or do, no matter the arguments made, the logic applied, or examples given, their answer remains 5. It is like trying to reason with a tree. I gather he must be a Frenchie. They will be toast soon enough, especially given his attitude seems to prevail in the land of strikes and car burnings.

  23. Is it time to form a Middle Class Army and fight back?

    Just imagine an entire army of pissed-off, cynical, fat, slow, vision-impaired, middle-aged Irish Americans. It warms the cockles of my heart a wee bit, lads, to think we could pull off anything other than debating in a cyber-pub.

    By the way, Jim, if you were storing booze in your basement instead of crap, it could have all been salvaged, and saved you a lot of hard work, which at our ages, actually does hurt!

  24. Goldawesome is simply a different creature than you toiling morons. You money hoarding dinosaurs need to make way for us digital mammals. Nobody owns anything anymore, at least, not any more than they can carry. Like a new being in the garden of Eden, all of the world is ours to take. All that is required is to reach out, and our benevolent overlords provide.

    Soon we will move in next door. Sometimes we don’t wear pants. Sometimes we collect the mail. Sometime these two events coincide.

  25. Gemini – you not wearing pants is a truly scary thought. The world has much more to fear than I ever thought possible. Excuse me while i go stick a fork in my eyes.

  26. I don’t understand why you say the FSA doesn’t work… We voted, that’s like work. We got off the couch. We hitchhiked, or bummed a ride, or took the bus down to the voting station. We even voted twice cause ACORN said “Fuck Bush!”. We earned that money just like you did.

  27. Gemini – I can source my own speck without having you hand deliver it. Thanks anyway.

    Newsjunkie – I love the Irish. A more welcoming people you cannot find. I visited Ireland with my family for a couple of weeks this year. It is too bad the country is in such deep trouble. It is going to be more difficult for them to get out than most, as the government seems to be riddled with corruption.

  28. We Irish should support Ireland the way that Jews support Israel.

    I propose we buy Guiness and Baileys, and really stock up for the tough times ahead.

  29. The thing about the FSA is that they fantasize about being rich. They do not ever expect to achieve the fantasy. They say if I was rich…. Never WHEN I am rich.
    There is comfort in being a parasite, never having to be the bite that will eventually kill the host, never being the one who killed the society they require. There is pain in being the host, and if the boomers have taught us anything, it is that pain is to be avoided at all costs.

  30. Gemini – There is a finite number of parasites that a host can support. That number has now been exceeded. The blood is currently being sucked from a dead body, and all fluids will shortly run dry. Hopefully, all parasites will drop dead at that point, allowing the few remaining hosts to recover. It is not in the parasites interests to kill the host. But they are an unthinking, voracious bunch and will need to be eradicated if the host is to thrive.

  31. Well, we are truly royally screwed now. The FSA people here in Texas are now everywhere. Personal integrity is disappearing with the Silent generation.

  32. Goldorack lives in Sweden. He sells heat pumps for a living. On the old TBP he also admitted to having sex with a male reindeer. So, we are not dealing with the sharpest tool in the shed.

    It is simply impossible to have a decent conversation with him. He comes from a totally different worldview and set of values than 99% of the folks who post here.

    He likes to antagonize just for the hell of it. He was a deep seated sense of moral superiority over all us stupid Americans. Too bad the dumbfuk doesn’t realize he’ll be forced to change his name to Mustaffa Ibn Goldorack in about 10 years.

    Leave him alone. Don’t respond to him. Like a puss-filled zit that falls off and dies in due course on its own, one can hope he’ll do likewise.

  33. Sorry Stuck, but you have this one wrong re Goldorack. Pus filled zits are made for squeezing.

    As you said, tho, the Swedes have a very different view of the world. Wonder how they’d go if they had 10% of their population as a relatively un-educated and criminally infested minority sucking up 40% of their social welfare dollars. Bet their attitude would change then.



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