“Every single empire, in its official discourse, has said that it is not like all the others, that its circumstances are special, that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy, and that it uses force only as a last resort.”Edward Said

The increasingly fragile American Empire has been built on a foundation of lies. Lies we tell ourselves and Big lies spread by our government. The shit is so deep you can stir it with a stick. As we enter another holiday season the mainstream corporate mass media will relegate you to the status of consumer. This is a disgusting term that dehumanizes all Americans. You are nothing but a blot to corporations and advertisers selling you electronic doohickeys that they convince you that you must have. Propaganda about consumer spending being essential to an economic recovery is spewed from 52 inch HDTVs across the land, 24 hours per day, by CNBC, Fox, CBS and the other corporate owned media that generate billions in profits from selling advertising to corporations schilling material goods to thoughtless American consumers.  Aldous Huxley had it figured out decades ago:

“Thanks to compulsory education and the rotary press, the propagandist has been able, for many years past, to convey his messages to virtually every adult in every civilized country.”

Americans were given the mental capacity to critically think. Sadly, a vast swath of Americans has chosen ignorance over knowledge. Make no mistake about it, ignorance is a choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are poor or rich. Books are available to everyone in this country. Sob stories about the disadvantaged poor having no access to education are nothing but liberal spin to keep the masses controlled. There are 122,500 libraries in this country. If you want to read a book, you can read a book. The internet puts knowledge at the fingertips of every citizen. Becoming educated requires hard work, sacrifice, curiosity, and a desire to learn. Aldous Huxley  describes the American choice to be ignorant:

 “Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.”

It is a choice to play Call of Duty on your PS3 rather than reading Shakespeare. It is a choice to stand on a street corner looking for trouble rather than reading Hemingway. It is a choice to spend Black Friday in malls fighting other robotic consumers for iSomethings, the latest innovative, advanced TVs, flashy Rolexes, and ostentatious Coach bags rather than spending the day reading Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman, a brilliant Pulitzer Prize winning history of the outset of World War I, which would provide insight into what could happen on the Korean Peninsula. It is a choice to watch 6 hours per day of Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, Brainless Housewives of Everywhere, or CSI of Anywhere rather than reading Orwell or Huxley  and discovering that their dystopian warnings have come true.

 Conspicuous Consumption Conquistadors

Americans have chosen to lie to themselves. They have persuaded themselves that buying stuff with plastic cards while paying 19% interest for eternity, driving BMWs while locked into never ending indecipherable lease schemes, and living in permanently underwater McMansions bought with 0% down on an interest only liar loan, is the new American Dream. They think watching the boob tube will make them smart. They soak in the mass media hype, misinformation and lies like lemmings walking off a cliff. Depending on their political predisposition, they watch Fox or MSNBC and unthinkingly believe the propaganda that pours from the mouths of the multi-millionaire talking heads who read Teleprompters with words written by corporate media hacks. They tell themselves that buying stuff on credit, giving them the appearance of success as measured by the media elite, is actually success. This is a bastardized, manipulated, delusional version of accomplishment. Americans have chosen to believe the lies because the truth is too hard to accept.

Becoming educated, thinking critically, working hard, saving money to buy what you need (as opposed to what you want), developing human relationships, and questioning the motivations of government, corporate and religious leaders is hard. It is easy to coast through school and never read a book for the rest of your life. It is easy to not think about the future, your retirement, or the future of unborn generations. It is easy to coast through life at a job (until you lose it) that is unchallenging, with no desire or motivation for advancement. It is easy to make your everyday troubles disappear by whipping out your piece of plastic and acquiring everything you desire today. If your brother-in-law buys a 7,000 sq ft, 7 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage, monolith to decadence for his family of 3, thirty miles from civilization, with no money down and a no doc Option ARM providing the funds, why shouldn’t you get in on the fun. It’s easy. Why sit around the kitchen table and talk with your kids, when you can easily cruise the internet downloading free porn or recording every trivial detail of your shallow life on Facebook so others can waste their time reading about your life. It is easiest to believe your elected leaders, glorified mega-corporation CEOs, and millionaire pastors preaching the word of God for a “small” contribution to their mega-churches.

Americans love authority figures who act as if they have all the answers. It matters not that these egotistical monuments to folly and hubris (Bush, Obama, Paulson, Geithner, Greenspan, Bernanke) have committed the worst atrocities in the history of our Republic, leaving economic carnage and the slaughter of thousands in their wake. The most dangerous man on this earth is an Ivy League educated, arrogant ideologue who believes they are smarter than everyone else. When these men achieve power, they are capable of producing catastrophic consequences. Once they seize the reigns of authority these amoral psychopaths have no problem lying to the American public in order to achieve their objectives. They know that Americans love to be lied to, so the bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed.

The current lie proliferating across the land of the free financing and home of the debtor is that austerity has broken out across the land. The mainstream media and the government, aided by various “think tanks” and Federal Reserve propagandists insist that Americans have buckled down, reduced spending, increased savings, and have embraced austerity.

Austerity – Circa 1932


Austerity – Circa 2010


They now proclaim that it is time to spend again. It is the patriotic thing to do, just like defeating terrorists by buying an SUV with 0% down from GM was the patriotic thing to do after 9/11. Defeating terrorists by going further into debt was the brilliant idea of those Ivy League geniuses Bush & Greenspan. Let’s critically examine the facts to determine how austere Americans have become:

  • Consumer credit outstanding is $2.41 trillion, the same level reached in early 2007, and up from $1.5 trillion in 2000. This is a 60% increase in ten years. Personal income has risen from $8.4 trillion to $12.6 trillion over this same time frame, a 50% increase. Americans have substituted debt for income in order to keep up with the Joneses. The mass delusion lives.  
  • The MSM declares that the reduction in overall consumer debt from its peak of $2.56 trillion in 2008 to $2.41 trillion today proves that consumers have been cutting back and paying off debt. This is another media lie. Non-revolving debt, which includes car loans, education loans, mobile home loans and boat loans sits at $1.6 trillion, an all-time high matched in 2008. Credit card debt has “plunged” from $957 billion to $814 billion, not because consumers paid down their balances. The mega Wall Street banks have written off $20 billion per quarter since early 2009, accounting for ALL of the reduction in credit card debt. Clueless consumers continue to charge at the same rate as the peak in 2008.
  • Average credit card debt per household with credit card debt: $15,788
  • There are 609.8 million bank credit cards held by U.S. consumers.
  • The U.S. credit card default rate is 13.01%
  • In 2006, the United States Census Bureau determined that there were nearly 1.5 billion credit cards in use in the U.S. A stack of all those credit cards would reach more than 70 miles into space — and be almost as tall as 13 Mount Everests.
  • Penalty fees from credit cards added up to about $20.5 billion in 2009.
  • The national average default rate as January 2010 stood at 27.88% and the mean default rate is 28.99%.
  • Total bankruptcy filings in 2009 reached 1.4 million, up from 1.09 million in 2008. Bankruptcies in 2010 are on pace to exceed 1.6 million.  
  • 26% of Americans, or more than 58 million adults, admit to not paying all of their bills on time. Among African-Americans, this number is at 51%. 

           Does This Look Like Austerity? Really?


This data clearly proves that austerity has not broken out across the land of delusion. The billions in consumer loan write-offs by the Wall Street banks that run this country have masked the fact that Americans have not cut back on their spending habits at all. GMAC (taxpayer owned) and Ford Credit continue to dish out car loans to anyone with a pulse and a 600 credit score. The Federal Reserve and the FASB have encouraged, if not insisted, that banks fraudulently value the commercial real estate loans on their books. The Federal Reserve has bought $1.5 trillion of toxic mortgage loans from the criminal Wall Street banks at 100 cents on the dollar. The government’s corporate fascist public relations firms then spread the big lie that the economy is recovering and consumers should join the party and spend, spend, spend.

If Americans were capable or willing to do some critical thinking, they would realize that those in power have created the illusion of a recovery by handing $700 billion of your money to the banks that created the financial meltdown, spending $800 billion on worthless pork barrel projects borrowed from future generations, dropping interest rates to 0% so that the mega-Wall Street banks can earn billions risk free while your grandmother who depended on interest income from her CDs edges closer to eating cat food to get by, and lastly Ben Bernanke’s blatant attempt to enrich Wall Street by buying US Treasury bonds in an effort to make the stock market go up, while the middle and lower classes are crushed under the weight of soaring fuel and food price increases that exceed 30% on an annual basis. The illusion of recovery is not a recovery. With a true unemployment rate of 22%, a true inflation rate of 8% and a real GDP of -1.5% (Shadowstats), we are in the midst of the Greater Depression. You are being lied to, but most of you prefer it.   

The Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

“Our ignorance is not so vast as our failure to use what we know.” – M King Hubbert

When Jimmy Carter gave his malaise speech in 1979, Americans were in no mood to listen. Carter’s solutions were too painful, required sacrifice, and sought to benefit future generations. The leading edge of the Baby Boom generation had reached their 30s by 1979, and the most spoiled, pampered, egocentric generation in history could care less about future generations, long term thinking, or sacrifice for the greater good. They were the ME GENERATION. The 1970s had proven to be tumultuous episode in US history. M King Hubbert’s calculation in 1956 that U.S. oil production would peak in the early 1970s proved to be 100% correct.

File:US Oil Production and Imports 1920 to 2005.png

The Arab oil embargo resulted in gas shortages and economic chaos in the U.S. Hubbert used the same method to determine that worldwide oil production would peak in the early 2000s. If long term planning had been initiated in the early 1980s, combining exploration of untapped reserves, greater utilization of natural gas, development of nuclear plants, more stringent fuel efficiency standards, increased taxes on gasoline, and more thoughtful development of housing communities, we would not now face a looming oil crisis within the next few years. Instead of dealing with reality, adapting our behavior and preparing for a more localized society, we put our blinders on, chose ignorance over reason and pushed the pedal to the medal by moving farther away from our jobs, building bigger energy intensive mansions, and insisting on driving tank-like SUVs, Hummers, and good ole boy pickups. Kevin Phillips in American Theocracy explained that hyper-consumerism, fear, and inability to use logic have left our suburban oasis lives in danger of implosion when the reality of peak cheap oil strikes:  

 Besides the innate thirst of SUVs, some of the last quarter century’s surge in U.S. oil consumption has come from Americans driving more – some twelve thousand miles per motorist per year, up almost one – third from 1980 – because they as a whole live farther from work. In consumption terms, exurbia is the physical result of the latest population redistribution enabled by car culture and the electorate that upholds it.

Family values are central – if by this we mean having families and accepting lengthy commutes to install them in reasonably safe and well churched places. In the 1970’s such households might have been fleeing school busing or central city crime; in the post – September 11 era, many sought distance from “godless” school systems or the random violence and terrorist attacks expected to occur in metropolitan areas.

We willingly believe the lies espoused by the badly informed pundits on CNBC and Fox   that if we just drill in Alaska and off our coasts, we’ll be fine. The ignorant peak cheap oil deniers insist there are billions of barrels of oil to be harvested from the Bakken Shale, even though there is absolutely no method of accessing this supply without expending more energy than we can access. Environmentalists lie about the dangers of nuclear power, while shamelessly promoting the ridiculous notion that solar, wind and ethanol can make a visible impact on our future energy needs. Ideologues on the right and left conveniently ignore the facts and the truth is lost in a blizzard of their lies. Here is an explanation so clear, even a CNBC “drill baby drill” dimwit could understand:

When oil production first began in the mid-nineteenth century, the largest oil fields recovered fifty barrels of oil for every barrel used in the extraction, transportation and refining. This ratio is often referred to as the Energy Return on Energy Investment (EROEI). Currently, between one and five barrels of oil are recovered for each barrel-equivalent of energy used in the recovery process. As the EROEI drops to one, or equivalently the Net Energy Gain falls to zero, the oil production is no longer a net energy source. This happens long before the resource is physically exhausted.

File:Hubbert peak oil plot.svg

After the briefest of lulls when oil reached $145 per barrel, Americans have resumed buying SUVs, pickup trucks, and gas guzzling muscle cars. They have chosen to ignore the imminence of peak cheap oil because driving a leased BMW makes your neighbors think you are a success, while driving a hybrid would make your neighbors think you are a liberal tree hugger. It boggles my mind that so many Americans are so shallow and shortsighted. According to Automotive News, at the start of 2008 leasing comprised 31.2% of luxury vehicle sales and 18.7% of non-luxury sales. This proves that hundreds of thousands of wannabes are driving leased BMWs and Mercedes to fill some void in their superficial lives.

I bought a Honda Insight Hybrid six months ago. It gets 44 mpg and will save me $1,500 per year in gasoline costs. I put 20% down and financed the remainder at 0.9% for three years. My payment is $450 per month. I will own it outright in 2 ½ years. I could have leased a 2010 BMW 328i with moonroof, bluetooth, power seats with driver seat memory, lumbar support, leather interior, iPod adapter, 17″ alloy wheels, heated seats, wood trim, 3.0 Liter 6 Cylinder engine with 230 horsepower for 3 years at $389 per month. At the end of 3 years I’d own nothing. In 2 ½ years I’ll be able to put $450 per month away for my kids’ college education and I’ll be saving more on fuel as gasoline approaches $5 per gallon. The self important egotistical BMW leaser pretending to be successful will need to hand over their sweet ride and move on to the next lease, never saving a dime for the future. I’m sure they’ll make a killing in the market or their McMansion will surely double in price, providing a fantastic retirement.  

             Delusional                                   Practical


The delusion that cheap oil is a God given right of all Americans can be seen in the YTD data on vehicle sales. Pickups and SUVs account for 48.5% of all sales, while small fuel efficient cars account for only 16.5% of all sales. Americans will continue to lie to themselves until it is too late, again.

  Oct 2010 % Chg from
YTD 2010 % Chg from
YTD 2009
Cars 448,127 3.9 4,840,525   5.3
   Midsize 220,998 -0.2 2,407,457   9.9
   Small 142,983 9.7 1,616,840 -1.5  
   Luxury 78,487 9.7 742,278   7.2
   Large 5,659 -31.9 73,950 -0.8  
Light-duty trucks 502,038 23.5 4,730,196   16.7
   Pickup 147,207 16.9 1,334,133   13.9
   Cross-over 195,274 20.0 1,928,191   16.8
   Minivan 55,596 21.0 561,736   15.1
   Midsize SUV 51,494 86.6 443,922   37.9
   Large SUV 23,946 1.5 202,806   12.1
   Small SUV 14,861 53.6 146,000 -3.8  
   Luxury SUV 13,660 22.1 113,408   26.2
Total SUV/Cross-over 299,235 27.4 2,834,327   18.3
Total SUV 103,961 44.3 906,136   21.7
Total Cross-over 195,274 20.0 1,928,191   16.8


Americans are so committed to their automobiles, hyper-consumerism, oversized McMansions, and suburban sprawl existence that they will never willingly prepare in advance for a future by scaling back, downsizing, or thinking. Our culture is built upon consumption, debt, cheap oil and illusion. Kevin Phillips in American Theocracy concludes that there are so many Americans tied to our unsustainable economic model that they will choose to lie to themselves and be lied to by their leaders rather than think and adapt:  

A large number of voters work in or depend on the energy and automobile industries, and still more are invested in them, not just financially but emotionally and culturally. These secondary cadres included racing fans, hobbyists, collectors, and dedicated readers of automotive magazines, as well as the tens of millions of automobile commuters from suburbs and distant exurbs, plus the high number of drivers whose strong self-identification with vehicle types and models serve as thinly disguised political statements. In the United States more than elsewhere, a preference for conspicuous consumption over energy efficiency and conservation is a signal of a much deeper, central divide.

M King Hubbert was a geophysicist and a practical man. He observed data, made realistic assumptions, and came to logical conclusions. He didn’t deal in unrealistic hope and unwarranted optimism. He knew that our culture had become so dependent upon lies and an unsustainable growth model based on depleting oil and debt based “prosperity”. He knew decades ago that we were incapable of dealing with the truth:

“Our principal constraints are cultural. During the last two centuries we have known nothing but exponential growth and in parallel we have evolved what amounts to an exponential-growth culture, a culture so heavily dependent upon the continuance of exponential growth for its stability that it is incapable of reckoning with problems of non-growth.” M King Hubbert

Our country is at a crucial juncture. It is time for thinkers. It is time for realists. It is time to deal with facts. It is time to drive the ideologues off the stage. Are you tired of lying to yourselves? Are you tired of being lied to by the corporate fascists that run this country? It is time to wake up. Right wing and left wing ideologues will continue to spew lies and misinformation as they are power hungry and care not for the long-term survival of our nation or the unborn generations that depend upon the decisions we make today. It is time to see how we really are.

 “Most of one’s life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself from thinking. People intoxicate themselves with work so they won’t see how they really are.” –   Aldous Huxley

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  1. The mighty Quinn. On fire. Wow. The choice passages about choosing to stand on the streetcorner instead of reading Hemingway sounds like stuff my WW2 vet history teacher used to say at prep school. Great stuff. The best way to show a teenager you care is to take away all their toys, and then drive a bulldozer full of books over their body. I used to have a friend who worked in film in Los Angeles and he would wisecrack: “give me 100 kids that I will raise without television, and we’ll take over America.” Indeed.

  2. When Huxlwy did his quote above we were blinded by work, with the work ethic.
    Today we are blind deaf and dumb with constant televised entertainment. Oblivious to reality.
    Sports of all kinds, and there after, along side in competition, entertainment award shows, grammys, country music awards, movie star awards, rap stars, and on and on. After that dancing with the stars, american idol, etc, etc. Now the entire population can watch photos of themselves on facebook talking about nothing of any consequence. People do so love seeing photos of themselves mostly acting foolish.
    Not a single clue as to what the banksters are doing to the population of the developed world, like Iceland, the PIIGS, and next is the USA right behind.
    Pick a model for a conclusion. Russia or Argentina, certainly not Japans 20 year deflationary depression. Iceland, now ireland, and the rest of the PIIGS close behind.
    What pray tell will another Trillion or two of more debt for short term liquidity do for many Tens or Hundreds of Trillions of insolvent unpayable debts.. Just more extend and pretend with government sanctioned accounting fraud for the Banksters.

  3. I like it, i like it, every word of it a man of my heart well written and well thought out how true it is,i will keep waiting for the real change to come like the day of reckoning and i want to see change all across America!

  4. As a foreigner having in the past lived in the US of A I was then – and continue to be – shocked about the fact that there is so little political choice available in terms of parties to vote for in the US. The chinese only have one party to choose from (and we surely pity most of them for this lack of choice), but in the US you are only one party better off with only two parties to choose from.

    In all other democracies out there on this planet – I personally dont know of any other exception – there are several parties available for the electorate to choose from.
    I personally see this as the most severe restriction in bringing the democratic process forwards in the US. Yet this issue is “never” brought up as a topic of discussion and that is what I find truly shocking and disturbing.

    How can it be that the people of a nation which are so demanding in terms of having a wide choice of material possesions at their disposal (e.g. cloathes, houses, cars, toasters and computers) are content with only two political parties at their disposal???


  5. The Two Party system was baked into the cake here from the beginning, in order to prevent the kind of Parliamentary squabbling that was evident in the European system. Its a much easier system to control and present every issue as a Black or White alternative. Of course the two sides both come from the same coin, the one the Illuminati loans you to perpetuate your worthless and pitiful life as a useless eater.

    Until we expose the biggest lie of all, that we have a Representative Goobermint, all the rest of the lies are subsidiary. The Goobermints we elect are Puppets. The real power is behind the curtain.


  6. Admin

    Excellent article. I am going to send it to everyone I know.

    You have a tremedously strong ability to write and compose. Kudos.

    I hope you considered my posts a worthy contribution to your site while you were away.

    1. Yojimbo

      You were a godsend while I was on the cruise. I didn’t have time to read anything and I really appreciate you posting stimulating articles. Keep submitting them. I am having trouble keeping up. Thanks again.

  7. Admin,

    So, the world is awash in unsustainable debt. Is this the fault of the US? I really do not understand how this became a world wide problem.

  8. Institutionalized intellectual poverty. What a great way to lead the sheep. All trends come to an end. Perhaps this trend will end with a desire for truth.

  9. In an inflationary environment, it is not wise to preach “austerity” as some kind of solution. It is a bit disingenuous to council saving money and being thrifty when real inflation is running at 15-20% per year. Any money ‘saved’ will be losing purchasing power immediately. People who use their credit at rates below the rate of inflation will immediately begin transferring real wealth and purchasing power from the poor souls you have sent out to be austere and thrifty. Paying off your credit card immediately will result in you losing the purchasing power of the dollars you send in to pay your debt. Why do this when you can pay back later with dollars worth substantially less? People should organize and demand higher wages rather than hang their heads and submit to some kind of economic self-flagellation. OK – good luck and be careful out there.

    1. Wester

      So you suggest continuing to buy shit we don’t need on credit? Why don’t you stop buying shit on credit and just buy gold and silver? Wouldn’t that be a more rational choice?

  10. Political correctness proved the original systemic risk. The cultural elites declared it verboten to make distinctions among choices people make. No value judgements allowed. It’s harder to read than watch TV etc-etc Of course, but just what if choices showed a pattern and the pattern was unacceptable? Over time, the simple peer pressure necessary to maintain cultural standards and critical thinking was lost.

  11. I love this piece for its honesty about the way we like being lied to

    There’s a small typo in the introductory quote by Edward Said. This phrase is appears twice: “that it has a mission to enlighten, civilize, bring order and democracy”.

  12. Realism is awful depressing.

    It gets harder to play ostrich by the day.

    Well for realists that is.

    As evidenced by my circle of friends/influence, it truly isn’t that hard.

    Thanks Jim.

  13. I can’t help feeling disgusted this time of year, not joyful. When I read the ads in the paper of the retailers opening at 3:00 am for their blockbuster “black Friday” sales and knowing thousands of sheeple think buying cheap shit from China on their credit cards is a holiday “tradition” just blows me away. There needs to be real reward for those of us that are fiscally responsible and dire consequences for those who piss away every dollar they can get their hands on. I guess it is rewarding for me personally to know I have a high credit score, low debt and no credit card balances, I use Amex exclusively and pay monthly no matter what the bill is. But I also know that my tax dollars are being handed to the 99ers, welfare, food stamps and Wall Street bailouts, rewarding those who don’t give a flying fuck about financial responsibility. Will it really matter in the end when the bubble of all bubbles pops? The guy with the 820 FICO will be next to the guy who went BK once the bread lines start. If there is anything TBF has tought me it is this: Have some cash on-hand along with silver or metals, reduce your financial burdens and be able to physically defend your castle if needed. Other than that…….enjoy the holidays!

  14. JQ—–This place was a ghost town while you were away. Now it’s wide open. You startin’ to get the picture? Keep your fat ass at home, no more cruises.

  15. I’m feeling bad after reading this. I use a credit card for just about everything, and then pay the whole thing off every month. I own an 11 year old Toyota that has 93K miles on it, and a 4 year old Santa Fe that has 33K miles on it. I live in an 1850sq.ft house with no mortgage, read constantly( and it’s destrying my eyeballs), don’t watch any kind of TV show that exhibits so called reality, or glorifies celebrities, watch both Fox and MSNBC and don’t think highly of either one, vote in every election, don’t trust a single politician, lawyer, and most normal people. I must be a fucking dunce.

  16. Oh, and I didn’t go near a fucking store on Friday. I don’t tweet, twit, text, facebook, or have a cell phone that does anything but make and recieve calls. Still a dunce.

  17. I feel bad but only because I was born into a lie. The leaked embassy cables, beyond a shadow of a doubt, show that our so called leaders are nothing more than a psychotic bunch of sociopathic international control freaks that absolutely hate democracy, the republic and see its people as something to be robbed of their wealth to further their hidden agenda [mostly fighting with other so called ‘elites’ with other peoples lives and money]

  18. Many people drive BMW’s because they love the way they drive and are car enthusiasts.
    I personally drive one and am not financially delusional. I bought it used for starters, as they
    depreciate quicker than other cars due to ill perceptions generated by the ‘consumer reports’
    Anyway – if you look at the cost of a new 3 series, it’s extremely comparable with other cars
    such as the, gasp, Ford Taurus! If you’re buying new, nothing beats a BMW lease with free
    maintenance thrown in (I know, not really free).
    The only way to be rational is to drive an old junker, but if we all suddenly put away our
    delusions the economy would immediately stop, so what do we do? If we drive old clunkers
    and bargain hunt at Wal Mart, we will have 100% unemployment, right? I’d say we’re in
    a pickle.

  19. “And I think Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest. What are these fucking critons talking about? If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse! No one would know what to do! Honesty would fuck this country up! and I think deep down Americans know that, and that’s why they elected and re-elected Bill Clinton. Because the American people like their bullshit right out front where they can get a good, strong wiff of it. Clinton might be full of shit, but at least he lets you know it. Dole tried to hide it, didn’t he? Dole kept saying: “I am a plain and honest man”. Bullshit! People don’t blieve that. What did Clinton say? “Hi folks, I am completely full of shit and how do you like that?” And the people said: “You know something? At least he’s honest about being completely full of shit”.”

    – George Carlin

  20. Some great stuff, Jim.

    Unfortunately, for the large majority of human beings (not just Americans), ignorance is not a choice with a liberating alternative called “knowledge.” Ignorance is just plain ignorance. Aldous Huxley was wrong. On the other hand, Americans are special in a way — I have written that they are the stupidest people on Earth, and I have good reasons for saying that.

    Propaganda works because the naturally ignorant can be counted on to not question the status quo bequeathed to them by the socio-cultural conditioning they undergo from birth until the end of puberty. This conditioning is as natural as breathing for our species.

    For those that go to college, nothing much changes for most of them. They learn skills, but actual critical thinking is rare. In fact, I am convinced that the capacity for critical thinking is rare. For perhaps 10% of our citizens, there is learning after high school, and most of that learning is devoted solely to getting ahead in their chosen profession, be it “financial innovation” or medical insurance law (i.e. ripping off the health care system). The rest do not learn because it is not in their nature to do so. They would rather watch Football. It was the same in ancient Rome.

    That is why is incumbent upon elites here or in any country to lift people up, not to cage and control them, and steal from them. Various countries around the world do the former, but here in the Empire our elites became corrupt a long time ago. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The hoi polloi are at their mercy, and it is very depressing to watch this game of “Survivor” because we all know who will win and who will lose. Since the financial meltdown, our wealthy elites have re-consolidated their position and considerably expanded it, as you well know.

    So there’s little point in berating the common people who’ve never had a taste of knowledge and aren’t inclined to acquire it. When there are such people, our hopeless, neglected education system has made sure they would not prosper.

    Get in touch, Jim, I’ve wanted to contact you but didn’t know how.

    Dave Cohen

    Decline Of The Empire

  21. Mike,

    BMW’s are nice cars. Jim isn’t putting down everyone who drives a BMW. He is trying to point out the stupidity and lack of economic rationality of many broke Americans who are leasing BMW’s for the sake of looking “rich” or being “cool”. Someone living off the government and driving a leased BMW should probably be driving a beat up used car that he/she paid in full. I personally would never lease a car regardless if I was loaded. I just don’t see the financial sense in it plus I’m not into cars so I rather pay off a used car in 4 years then drive a payment free car for the next 4 years and put that money into assets that appreciate rather then depreciate. Rationality can be different among different people and their circumstances. Is it rational to have a 500 dollar car payment when you only bring in 2000 dollars per month? No… Is it rational to have a 500 dollar car payment if you bring in 20,000 dollars per month? Probably…assuming you don’t live a standard of living you can’t afford. I believe that everyone should find a happy medium between living frugal and enjoying life. You don’t want to live so frugal that you stress about every penny you spend or have to save but you don’t want to be wreckless that you don’t care about how much you spend or save. Such a simple concept but we CONSUMERS can’t break the habit.

    1. jmarz

      Well said. It is the same reaction I get when I talk about Boomers. Every Boomer isn’t an egotistical, self righteous, pompous ass. Just most of them are.


    This system of govt. is the only answer to Americans dilemma.

    It really amazes me how blind and brain dead We The People really are and still believe that we are a free people under our Constitutional system of government. We are educated to believe that “We The People” are the Sovereigns and our elected officials are our “public servants,” so we are told. The question arises in my mind “HOW CAN A SERVANT HAVE THE POWER TO ENACT LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT WE SOVEREIGNS MUST OBEY??? It appears to me that if the “servant” has that kind of power then he/she must be the Sovereign and “we the people” the servants = (slaves). If there was ever an oxy-moron this is it. A “servant”never tells his/her master what he/she can or cannot do, yet our Constitution endorses this type system of government. The truth is our present system of government is nothing more then an ILLUSION of freedom and boy have we been deceived! Pontificating “Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.” (Charlie Reese). We are taught that We The People are the Kings and Queens (Sovereigns) yet our “public servants” can impose taxes upon us Sovereigns and multitudes of laws, regulations and rules. Quite a bit of power for a servant don’t you think?
    It is time for a change and I would like to offer the following concept of what a really free system of government should be. Two (2) things need to be done to become the freest and most admired nation in the world.
    The Remedy:
    (1) Recognize who is the enemy of our so-called “freedoms.” The enemy is the U.S. Congress, State Legislatures, County Boards and City Councils and govt. agencies at all levels of govt., all “law-making” bodies that are constantly churning out all kinds of restrictions (laws) on our enumerated “freedoms” that in actuality really doesn’t exist anymore. Furthurmore these “public servants” then turn around and beg We The People to “finance” their campaign so they can get elected and vote themselves “benefits” that are much better then what they give We Sovereigns. Are you starting to have doubts about who the “real” Sovereigns are? If not you should be.
    Every time a law is enacted at any level of govt., this constitutes a restriction on our “alleged” freedoms and an invasion of our collective wealth!
    We need to make a couple of changes in our Constitution by calling for a Constitutional Convention to abolish Congress, State Legislatures, County Boards, and City Councils and institute the following short sentence in their place; “DO NO MAN OR WOMAN HARM IN THEIR PERSON OR THEIR PROPERTY.” Please take note that this one short sentence entails “personal responsibility” for all one says and does in his/her interactions with others, a long lost quality that we Americans once had and lost due to “laws” enacted by our “public servants” at all levels of govt. This is the only principle we need to resolve any and all issues that may arise be they criminal or civil. It constitutes Sovereigns dealing with Sovereigns and NOT Sovereigns being subject to the whims of “public servants.” We as a united people have become slaves to “public servants” and “political correctness” where freedom of speech and thought is subtly controlled and We The People have bought into it lock, stock and barrel. Shame on us!
    (2) Abolish the American Legal System and in its place institute Common-Law where randomly picked citizens sit as a jury to hear civil complaints and criminal cases. The jury is the sole power. This kind of jury would have the power to question the litigants directly and when satisified they have enough info to render a decision they retire to render that decision in a civil case and a verdict in a criminal case. No biased judges; No costly lawyers, done away with entirely. The jury has no more power after they render a decision in the case before them and set the punishment if any and are thanked, paid and dismissed. All the present enumerated crimes would remain intact as a crime is still a crime. A Grand Jury would be called upon to hear appeals, They also would be randomly picked for just one appeal.
    Remember, “We The People” retain the right to change our form of govt. I sincerely believe that if We The People adopted this form of government we would be the envy of the whole world. Americans wouldn’t be burdened down with tons of dos and don’ts and we would truly be self-governed by being personally responsible to each other in all our associations and dealings without being “regulated” to death by an all powerful government. of “servants.” The phrase GOD BLESS AMERICA would once again have sincere meaning in our hearts and minds and “WE THE PEOPLE” would really be self governed.
    I am not suggesting we abolish our beloved Constitution, but rather through a constitutional convention amend the Constitution as enumerated above and the only law, i.e. principle is taking “personal responsibility” for everything you say and do. This type
    system of govt. would be the epitome of what governments should be.Thats it. Very simple. Could anyone ask for more?

    Thank you for your time.
    [email protected]
    Houston, TX

  23. It seems like the larger scale external world dominated by meaningless noise, distraction, and chosen ignorance is is a direct reflection of the inner state of human consciousness. About 98% of the masses are distracted and incapable of focused attention. About 98% of each day is spent with our minds wandering in unfocused distraction. In society there are glimmers of awareness and thoughtful action. In an ordinary day, one has glimmers of awareness and truly thoughtful action. What we see “out there” in the world originates in here. What we see out there is pretty much what we should expect. In fact, based on the chaos of the internal world of man it does seem a miracle that humans have not exterminated themselves yet. The internal state of man is almost complete chaos and out of control compulsion and yet we’re still hanging on. How did that happen? Truly amazing.

  24. R.C.: Who would the states send to the constitutional convention? People that think like you are rare in this country; or I think they are rare. People in power would do everything in their power to avoid a constitutional convention. Even most people seem to avoid personal responsibility; they would be in terror of the thought of living under common law. That would mean they would have to compensate the victims for their crimes against them. We the people lost our sovereignty because we tolerate corrupt leaders. Yes the enemies of our once brite republic are our leaders at all levels of government. Somehow the people need a leader like Moses to bring them out of Egypt (darkness) and into the promised land. Even for Moses it took 40 years. I don’t know the answer for doing it today.

  25. Nice piece Quinn, I could almost hear Jack Nickelson screaming “You want the Truth; you can’t handle the Truth”
    Well, the hard reality is that financial physical Truth is coming to town and there can be no ignoring of it no matter how much the brainwashing media lies about it.
    The real problem is that the successful fascist bankster cartel’s well laid plan that has unfolded over the last 20 years has resulted in the banksters OWNING us through personal debt or by national debt. In banker terms we are “human garbage” that does not have the ability to pay their debt.
    Then what do you think the criminal banksters have planned for us in 2013-enslavement or genocide? History implies that the ignorant masses will comply and get in line because they are ignorant and confused; Americans have not intellectually evolved, they are as dumb as a medieval peasant.

  26. RE—I only know you did the first six. Why throw up a smokescreen? You know GD well that you have been caught red-handed several times by me, LLPOH and others when you have scored yourself six thumbs up within ten minutes of one of your typically ignorant comments, when nobody else on the board was getting any thumbs at all. Don’t compound it by denying it, dumbass. You look pathetic enough already.

  27. “I bought a Honda Insight Hybrid six months ago. It gets 44 mpg and will save me $1,500 per year in gasoline costs. I put 20% down and financed the remainder at 0.9% for three years. My payment is $450 per month. I will own it outright in 2 ½ years. I could have leased a 2010 BMW 328i with moonroof, bluetooth, power seats with driver seat memory, lumbar support, leather interior, iPod adapter, 17″ alloy wheels, heated seats, wood trim, 3.0 Liter 6 Cylinder engine with 230 horsepower for 3 years at $389 per month. At the end of 3 years I’d own nothing. In 2 ½ years I’ll be able to put $450 per month away for my kids’ college education and I’ll be saving more on fuel as gasoline approaches $5 per gallon. The self important egotistical BMW leaser pretending to be successful will need to hand over their sweet ride and move on to the next lease, never saving a dime for the future. I’m sure they’ll make a killing in the market or their McMansion will surely double in price, providing a fantastic retirement. ”

    Hey Jim – why don’t you sell your Honda, and BUY A BICYCLE! That way there will be more gasoline available for my BMW! And you won’t even have a monthly payment! Don’t you feel guilty that you just finished a cruise on a boat that GOBBLES UP PETROLEUM FUEL (I WON’T CALL IT FOSSIL FUEL) at an ASTONISHING RATE? Oh, too bad the boat didn’t sink, or wasn’t torpedoed!

    Jim, try taking your philosophy to the extreme – walk around or buy a bike. That way you won’t sound like a hypocrite.

    1. Titanic

      Your sinking. I love when my articles hit too close to home for ideologues like yourself. I clearly hit a nerve. Must be that underwater McMansion you occupy or that eternal BMW lease.

  28. Admin – many thanks for the article. Welcome back.

    Smokey – I am more and more convinced that good buddy RE is indeed out of his fucking mind. Seriously. The shit he keeps dropping, and the way he games the system, is un-fucking-believable. When there is a bit of traffic it isn’t so bad, but when it is slow, it becomes the RE POST instead of TBP.

  29. i bought a 1999 mitsubishi mirage. it gets 30 mpg. i paid cash, $1000. NO monthly payments.
    $450 a month? i couldnt afford my property taxes. “it’s all good”

  30. America built on lies …No shit Sherlock
    The United States, as well as it’s northern neighbor Canada was land stolen and there was a real holocaust…that involved many aboriginal people. Then they used slaves to build it up. Modern day slavery is still going on, it’s called keeping people in poverty with their corporate whore policies.
    Of course one day America and Canada will fall , all big nations have.

  31. I really liked this article. To have allmost all retial stores in America sell mainly foreign made products, produced with very cheap or even slave labor is a crime against our country. It has been allowed by both parties and most corporations, for congress not to do anything about this is sad. In most cases one cannot buy a shirt or a pair of shoes made in America. America off shores the majority of it’s manufacturing, and then people cry about unemployment. That is ignorance at it’s highest. Until this major trend is reversed, our country will continue to spiral downward towards third world status. We have been had by the cleptocracy. Both the GOP and the DEMs are equally guilty.

  32. Ralph – you don’t need Congress. Just check the labels and refuse to buy anything made overseas. It isn’t easy but it can be done. The problem is people are too stupid to do that, and when confronted by the inevitable price differences, they cave in and buy the cheap product. US made goods will only get more expensive if tariffs are applied.

  33. IIpoh,
    Oh I agree with what you say. But congress will not even address tariffs because they have been paid off. I am sure that most members of congress have their hide outs when the tipping point is reached and the pitch forks are in the street, and frankly congress does not care, they have theirs. But time is running out for America as we know it, and It makes me sad that it all could have been avoided. Today Mr. Obama said he will freeze all government workers pay. But the $2 billion that that move will save amounts to 3 days worth of government current spending. Our politicians have promised too much to too many and cannot fullfil. So what will happen? Tent cities, more food stamps, riots in the streets? I am not sure but a “Black Swan” is floating our way, and it is hungry!

  34. Ralph – you are right re the shit going to hit the fan. Not sure there will be food stamps tho, as who will pay? Tents and riots- you betcha.

  35. Titanic, you never cease to amaze.

    Admin – I am not sure where I fit in to the scenario. I sure do my part to eat through the oil reserves. The difference is that I can afford my toys and pay cash on the barrel-head for everything (effectively zero interest rates makes it a somewhat mute point, but you can drive some extreme deals with a checkbook in hand.) My Q7 is nice. And sometimes, I get out the Chrysler 300 SRT8 just to pour gas on the road (and to kill Porsches and BMW’s). I do not personally care if gas goes to $10 a gallon (be a bummer for the country, tho), and would still drive the same cars.

    For many years I drove the cheapest car my ego would allow (that is something a money manager once told me to do, so I followed his advice), which was a used Escort, and my wife drove something similar.

    I think the bigger point you are making is that people are getting this stuff when they cannot in fact afford it. I agree whole heartedly. I am sure I should be more earth-friendly. However, I do not feel real guilty given I worked for what I have, was honest in my dealings, did a bit to help society via taxes and job creation, and invested my time and resources so that this day might come.

    I suspect Smokey likes his Escalade, too.

    1. LLPOH

      My brother drives a BMW. I like to work a BMW rant into every article. He is also a Boomer.

      The rant isn’t about the car. It is about people who pretend to be successful by leasing luxury cars rather than work hard, save money and become successful – like yourself.

  36. Admin – I will keep a lookout for your speedbump, er, Insight, when I am out and about. I suspect you could run your car off of my fumes.

  37. Admin – the first thing I ever taught my kids about driving is the 18-wheeler rule. I even keep clippings to show them the result of being in front of one when the shit hits the fan. I got rear-ended by a station wagon once with my family in the car when I came to a quick stop. An 18 wheeler looked like it mught not stop at the light, so I stopped on a green. The guy behind me was furious. Tough shit – the 18 wheeler rule must NEVER be broken.

    Smokey – thought of you on a moped is hilarious. No way you can get 2 hookers and a case of beer on a fucking moped. I call bullshit.

  38. The missus recently bought herself a 2003 Jetta TDI. She loves it. When the time comes to replace my car (Her old car) I am getting a diesel. My uncle makes his own bio diesel and is only getting better and bigger batches. He spends about 60 cents a gallon, plus his car smells like french fries. You can stick anything that burns in a diesel motor, cooking oil, moonshine, whatever. You could probably pour goat piss in a diesel and run it. Versatility.

  39. Speaking about critical thinking when you think that keeping a good credit crap score and comparing yourself to the welfare folks who is draining your cash remember this. If you took the defense budget and divided by three hundred million people that live here everyone could retire very comfortably without ever having to work.

  40. Punk – let’s see, we have you sleeping on the couch when she is a bit too tired, hiding under the bed, rubbing her feet, and now you get the hand-me-down car. What’s next – her second hand dresses and blouses? You look good in pink?

    You seein’ a trend here, Punk? You is whipped. Totally, thoroughly whipped. This is you in a few more years:


  41. Theos – I get you point but your math is WAY off. The defense budget is approximately $670 billion. That is around $2233 per person. You won’t retire for long on that, my friend.


  42. The frustrating thing is I have not been writing for months, just too damn exhausted–and you end up saying everything I have been thinking about writing about before I can get to it, and do so in a far superior manner! than I could ever do!!!

    Barbara Tuchman was one of the great historians and the “Guns of August” has applications to not only Korea but to the entire coming economic tsunami– “March of Folly” as well–pursuit of policies clearly contrary to a nations long term rational self-interest…..

    In Huxley’s vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history. As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think. What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny “failed to take into account man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions.” In 1984, Huxley added, people are controlled by inflicting pain. In Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared that what we hate will ruin us. Huxley feared that what we love will ruin us. This book is about the possibility that Huxley, not Orwell, was right.
    ———Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (Neil Postman and Andrew Postman ( must read book )

  43. M.A.S.H. theme song playing in the background…

    Often you have written great articles. I hope you create more. Your latest however, while spot on in the beginning, is quite hypocritical and half of it in my opinion is flat out wrong.

    You described the materialistic shoppers and the ignorant quite well. In other articles you’ve gotten after those who have debt too, with the idea that it is a good idea to get out of debt and to save, yet here you are showcasing your newly acquired debt as somehow virtuous.

    That % you’re paying for your car loan could have been saved.

    You could have paid cash for a used car that gets better M.P.G., they’re out there.

    Lastly, from what I’ve read there is no shortage of oil, and technological advances may allow people to drill for oil while expending less energy. So I’m not on the peak oil bandwagon and I’m surprised to see you are too. That can be overlooked, but the hypocrisy of telling others to avoid debt, to avoid the shiny BMW while getting into debt yourself for something other people see as just as shiny as a BMW just does not look right from this viewpoint.

    Oh, and it’s not entirely bad to drive a big pickup or SUV, just drive it less and you wind up using just as much gasoline as the person putting more miles on the car that gets 44 M.P.G. Plus, I’d rather be in a big pickup or SUV if I experienced a crash instead of a pop can car, it’s an insurance item for some and not simply an image or social status symbol.

    For the times I wind up sliding off an icy road and into a snowy or muddy ditch, I’m glad I have a 4×4 SUV and not some small car that leaves me stuck.

    Someone else said, “You don’t want to live so frugal that you stress about every penny you spend or have to save” …maybe that’s not a good outlook either, I guess it just depends on what economic conditions you expect in the future. If things get really really bad, you might be glad you were so frugal today, ask an Argentinian.

    1. Clark

      I could have paid the $20,000 with a check. If someone is going to let me pay it over 3 years, then I have the ability to put the cash into gold and silver. Therefore, I will have a net gain versus paying the full $20,000 today. Get it?

      You need to read a little more. Are you so lacking in curiosity that you can’t do the SIMPLE research needed to understand that peak cheap oil is a fucking FACT? Wake up from your stupor. Your technological advances depend on OIL!!!!! THINK please!!!!

      My commute is 60 miles roundtrip per day. A 44 mpg hybrid makes tremendous sense for me. You keep driving the 15 MPG pickup. You’ll love it at $5 a gallon gas. I don’t stress about money because I’ve spent less than I’ve made for decades. I continue to do so.

      Back to your delusional “everything will be fine” life.

  44. Clark – I will leave you to your fate with Admin, as I am sure he will have something to say to you!

    I will point out that with an interest rate of 0.9% his average interest bill will be south of $100 per year. When interests rates are that low, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to tie up $16000 in cash that may well be better invested elsewhere (he might be taking a position on gold, for all you know). His biggest cost in financing was probably, in my humble opinion, the lost opportunity to really haggle with cash in hand. Maybe not, tho.

    In any event, you really do not seem to understand money/investment/relative rates of return/etc. I would stick with what you know about.

    Admin – over to you.

  45. clark—–If you aren’t on the peak oil bandwagon, you are a fucking idiot. Do some research or engage your goddamn brain before shooting your mouth off. As far as the Administrator buying a car using some credit, he knows he’s paying the loan off with cheaper dollars because of the blatant devaluing by the federal reserve. When he criticizes the use of debt, he talks of the IRRESPONSIBLE use of debt for short term gratification. Consider the context of his statements the next time you feel compelled to criticize, asshole. It astonishes me how dumbasses like you believe that anything you say possibly makes a shit one way or another to anyone. You are a fucking retarded inbred.

  46. Geez Smokey, and here I was trying to leave a piece of Clark for the Admin to chew on, and now there ain’t nothing but bones and fur left.

  47. Excellent article! I lived most of my young adult years in Argentina during the military police state of the 70’s, the institutionalized rampant financial fraud of the 80’s and then the subsequent economic collapse of the 90’s. I came back to the US to escape it, only to find I’m once again trapped in Argentina. The parallels between both countries are mind-boggling. I’m seeing all the same issues I once saw in Argentina here in the U.S., namely rampant institutionalized fraud, massive corruption, the beginnings of a Police State,transfer of wealth from the working classes to the oligarchs. Stupid mindless TV shows purposely designed to distract people from more important issues. Most Americans cannot detach themselves enough in order to take a long hard OBJECTIVE look at what’s going on in America.

    I personally think you can go ahead & stick a fork in it, because the U.S. is DONE.

  48. R.C. aka “Real True Freedon”

    You’re a fucking moron. You advocate scrapping the Constitution. When you call for the abolition of Congress (it’s Article I for a very good reason, jackass), you’re essentially throwing out the entire Constitution, you fool, and replacing it with a one-liner, “DO NO MAN OR WOMAN HARM IN THEIR PERSON OR THEIR PROPERTY.” WTF is that? Some sort of political hypocratic oath?

    Read the First Fucking Amendment. It starts with “CONGRESS shall make no law…….” So now what, genius? Congress is gone, and who is in place to guarantee liberty? The fucking president? The fucking Supreme Court?

    What a complete, total idiot you are. You’re more dangerous than Quinn’s chocolate Kentucky Fried Chicken sweetie.

  49. SSS—-I concur that R.C.’s suggestions were poorly conceived, especially the suggestion for abolishing the legal system and converting it to “Common Law”.

  50. The BMW issue…. The BMW and even the newer Mercedes are close to crap, but so are most new cars. You see the resale values drop like a stone, why is that? Sounds like the buyers got taken,eh?
    I talk to Mercedes experts who say they (newer Mercedes) now rust out. The old ones don’t, but most can’t figure it out anyway!
    As for me, I drive a 30+ years old car and bothered to learn to fix it myself. If you bother to check, these OLD CARS go up it value almost every year.

    Same goes for all the other modern crap you buy, even clothing, all junk.
    Did you know that most cotton is now dangerous? Thank your leaders for that too.
    Better research the food you eat as well…and other things.
    I probably already made most of you hit the denial button by now as you scream “IGNORANCE IS BLISS”. Although, if you have read this site, then maybe you could be saved, except those BMW loving denial fools.

  51. Admin – it looks like it is picking up, but I think you may be being sarcastic, what with the scalding we give the newbies on occasion. Difficult to suffer fools, tho, isn’t it?! I mean, you have 93 comments on this article by over 40 different posters. That is moving in the right direction, for sure, and the overnighters haven’t hit yet. I think that is pretty good going.

    By the way, Smokey has called you out in a major way re the “Julian” article. Time to man up, ‘casue it looks like it may be on. Also, haven’t seen SSS/Stuck weigh in yet, and I figure its only a matter of time for him on that subject.

    I also have a comment I need to resubmit as I think you probably missed it while drinking rum and cokes. I was pretty pleased with myself, so I will attach it when I know you are active.

  52. Thank you for the great article and also to those commenters who were actually using their rational minds as they posted. I am one of those Baby Boomers and am hopefully in the minority of those who are also able to think for themselves. Formal education, now government controlled, reject rational thinking in favor of philosophical indoctrination.

    I have been on a personal quest for knowledge and the truth especially in my later years and am satisfied that my views are my own and rational. It has been a long process. One of the catalysts which helped immensely was when I was exposed to the issue of Peak Oil. Thank you for reintroducing this concept to your readers. It is a very crucial piece of the puzzle.

    One of the posters asked the question “how did we ever come to this?” I would like to try and shed some light on the answer. If by “this” he means, “how did we become a society devoid of rational thought?” the answer is pretty clear. I studied philosophy in college. I wanted to understand how we think and why. What I did not know at the time was that the philosophy departments in our institutes of higher learning had been taken over by the same German philosophers who had previously set the German people on the road to National Socialism (Nazi) which paved the way for the rise of the Third Reich.

    Socialism is what they preached and socialism has been filtering into our society ever since. Socialism is just another form of collectivism and this has led to the types of governments we have today.

    For our first hundred years as a country, we believed in individualism and this was the foundation upon which our country was created. It is the antithesis of collectivism. The Founders were very clear about this, and they were products of the enlightenment.

    After turning to collectivism, we have abandoned our founding principles and changed from a republic into an empire. Our government has become taken over by criminals and traitors. Collectivist thinking is what has allowed this to happen. If you fully understand the nature of collectivism, you will find that no other outcome would be possible.

    In modern philosophies, there is one which embraces individualism. Its founding philosopher was a lover of the American Founders and what was once our great country. Her philosophy has been denounced by the same socialists who were indoctrinated by the German philosophers. That should tell you something. One of our few congressmen, who actually has integrity today, is Ron Paul. He is a big supporter of this philosophy.

    The Philosopher to whom I refer is Ayn Rand, and the name of the philosophy is “Objectivism”.

    If you are looking for answers to how we got to where we are, you might consider looking for some answers here. If you want to see the practical ramifications of “collectivism” vs. “individualism”, you might start with “Atlas Shrugged,” one of her most famous novels. Written over 50 years ago, it is almost prophetic in regards to what is happening today.

  53. I’ve been hearing/reading about “peak oil” and limited resources for as long as I can remember and it never happens. Those comments are more of a lie – or an agenda – by the environmentalists and anti-industrialists than what this article implies. If the concepts in this article are so obvious and inevitable then what do you think the leaders of the developing nations think? Are they so stupid that they can’t see that industrial and middle-class development will be limited by natural resource/energy bottlenecks? Maybe they are, but the mass mentality – and this article expresses it despite its claim otherwise – is usually wrong. Furthermore, why should one preempt an unknown (e.g., “peak oil”) until it actually arrives – if ever? What can one really do? Buy a car that gets 45 mpg instead of 15? What if one can afford any scenario (e.g., gas at $100/gallon, say, and owning a car that gets 10 mpg.) What if one can’t, even if gas at $10/gal while owning a car that gets 100 mpg?

    1. Bruce C.

      The leaders of the US know that peak “cheap” oil is a fact. Why do you think we have boots on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE? Try some critical thinking Bruce. Google the Hirsch Report. Read it. THINK PEOPLE!!!! THINK.

      Google Joint Opertating Environment (JOE). Our own military concludes that the wheels fall off by 2015.

  54. I watched in horror at the “consumers” packed in corrals, pawed and snorted at the Target store “feed lot.” on a Black Friday video. The livestock were people -or the people were livestock-you really could’t tell the difference. Oddly surrounding them to stave off a stampede were security guard cowboys-cattle prods in hand-directing the cattle-to their unfortunate slaughter.

    $Merry Chri$tma$ Everyone$ Love $e$u$

  55. Great article, and simplified….

    “Easy Credit, PS3’s, SUV’s, XFactor, Social web sites, Free Porn = Happy Consumers (Slaves)….”

    It’s what I would give the public if I were an Ivy League, Greedy, Anti-Societal, Power Hungry, Megalomaniac and I wanted them all to be willing slaves to my corporate friends.

  56. Jim Q –

    Here’s a very basic English Grammar lesson: When I was in my first year of college, a student went up to the chalkboard and wrote “your late,” because the instructor was indeed late to class! I cringed, thinking “you retard.” Simple, basic English. Your statement above was similar when you wrote “Titanic, Your sinking.”

    “Your” conveys possession of something, like “your car,” or “your house.” ” You’re” is a contraction which means “you are.” As in, “You’re a retard, Jim.” (lol, Jimmy). Jimmy – whenever you use the two words “your” and “you’re,” always check them. So when you write “Your sinking,” read it as “you are sinking.” If you don’t see the apostrophe, it’s not correct. “You’re” means you are. You must have been asleep in English class, Jimmy. Either that, or shooting spit wads at the young lads in class.

    Oh, by the way Jimmy – Please don’t lie to your gullible readers and say that “cheap oil is a fucking FACT” (your words above Jimmy, not “you’re” words). Jimmy, Peak Oil is a DAMNED LIE!
    PEAK OIL IS A DAMNED LIE.” Oh, but yes, I agree with you – Americans need to stop living above their means, and stop buying everything with borrowed money. Americans should start saving more, and should be more resourceful. So you do have some good points, Jimmy!

    Jimmy – you use way too many profanities. If I had been your grade school teacher, I would have washed your mouth out with soap until no more profanities came out of it! Bad dog, Jimmy!

    1. Titanic

      Let’s hear you’re abiotic bullshit oil theory. Did you notice that I used you’re instead of your. Let’s get a grammar lesson from you again you pompous ignorant asshole. Try to wash my fucking mouth out with soap you douchebag.

      You ignorant ideologues wouldn’t know a fact if it fell on your fucking head. Regale us with the facts of your unlimited supplies of oil Titanic. We await your words of wisdom dickhead.

  57. Huxley was a rich, near-blind, upper-class, home-bound, talented twit. Then he met Maria. Maria said “You are taking me to Europe, and you are buying a Bugatti” She threw away his glasses, so he had to learn to see. In later years he went to California to show them what an intellectual was. California showed him what mescalin was. It was nearly as good as Maria.


    Maria’s message to Aldous? Life is for living, money is for spending, love is for giving.
    Aldous’ message to America: Look at what you have got, and look what you have done with it.

  58. windcatcher

    Re 2013 — it will be enslavement. A bit of serendipity happened. I’d just been re-reading George Turner’s “The Sea and Summer”. He imagined a global economic collapse, ending up with 90% of the population in poverty. That collapse he thought would happen around 2050. But in the postscript to the novel, he wrote, “Some thinkers have suggested the second decade as crucial.”

    I was musing on why ‘the elite’ would maintain a large population even at a subsistence level and then it hit me: the first country to do a cull would have painted a target on themselves. Turner does make reference to potential war, and an ongoing defense industry making weaponry that was obsolete as soon as it was produced — but everyone was doing that, a global standoff, so to speak. And also that everyone feared a nuclear war and that kept it from happening. “Those capable of it knew the cost: nobody left to loot the losers.”

    Seeing the issue from the Australian perspective: The cannon fodder does have a use.

  59. Thank you for this post.

    For many, ignorance is definitely a choice. I have many of my blood relatives who remain in a racist, homophobic, misogynistic cult mainly for economic and social reasons. They choose to be willfully ignorant.

    And you’re right. Becoming truly educated is hard work over a long period of time. In mainstream American culture, this work is not rewarded.

    It is frowned upon, and it will yield you outcast status.

    Better to remain willfully ignorant so as to fit in with the lemmings, and have friends, right?

  60. A lot of people are quick to make assumptions here, and vicious too.

    What’s up with that? Can’t have a discussion without Ad Hominem attacks?

    Yes, I get it, you spent $20,000 you didn’t have to.

    And, you live too far from your workplace.

    I never said, “everything will be fine”

    My transportation costs will be less than yours at $5 per gallon because I drive much less than you do. Where I’m at, the road conditions and weather require the tool known as a 4×4, some people need them, especially if city services such as snow and ice removal are reduced or eliminated.

    If you think things are going to be as bad as you make them out to be, perhaps you’d better be doing more than spending less than you’ve made?

    When you say, “If someone is going to let me pay it over 3 years, then I have the ability to put the cash into X” how’s that any different than the shoppers putting items on their credit cards and the Boomer generation putting off all costs on the future generations? Why, they’re just paying it back with inflated Dollars, don’t you know.

    Perhaps it is you who needs to study the issue of oil supplies a bit more?

    Please quit with the assumptions of what people do or don’t know, and the Ad Hominem attacks, they’re not the least bit productive or inspirational, and that’s what we need more of, increases in productivity and inspiration.

    1. clark

      This is a vicious site. If you don’t have facts to back up your assertions, you will be attacked by a pack of wild dogs. This is the wild west. If you want academic politically correct discussions, go to some liberal site like Huffington Post.

      You completely missed my point. I don’t care what anyone drives. I was showing that someone who leases a luxury car in order to appear successful is a an example of why consumers have such a massive load of debt, virtually no retirement savings, and will be screwed when the shit hits the fan.

      I’m doing plenty to prepare. I find that those most outraged by my articles are the ones that have done the exact things I talk about in the article. Have you heard of cognitive dissonance? Look it up.

      Nice retort on oil supplies. Loaded with facts to back your view up.

      If you want to be on this site as a regular, your going to need to take that dress off and man up.

  61. Dear Peak Oil Deniers:

    1. Peak Oil theory was formed in the 1950s, well before the environmental movement.
    2. Peak Oil was the work of a geologist who worked for Shell Oil in Dallas.

    Respectfully, get your heads out of your asses. The fact that the environmental movement may have co-opted and is using Peak Oil theory to advance its agenda has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the accuracy of the theory itself. It has been proven true, beyond a shadow of a fucking doubt. King Hubbert was a self made man and a genius. He nailed it.

    Now, back to you. Your heads truly are up your asses. You are the people Quinn writes about, those who are so tied in to the status quo that you will fight the truth because you don’t like it. It’s gonna be fun to watch you whiners in the brave new world. Sorry for the pun. I couldn’t resist.

  62. Clark, you sound like a little girl. Man up or head on back over to a site where everyone thinks like you do. They exist. You and your little knickers would probably be more comfortable there.

  63. Thunderbird

    The message would have to spread across the country and if and when a majority of people want this type of govt. they would organize for calling together a constitutional convention to amend the Const. as I described.
    As a Christian I know God created me yet He doesn’t control me, not so with our present system of govt. I’m trying to suggest a system of govt. that would be similar to the way God treats we humans – His creation. I’m open to any suggestions you or others may have. God Bless.

  64. Admin et al

    While Jim was gone, I posted three articles about Peak Oil.

    One was about the downgrade of the Pemex oil reserve in Mexico.

    One was about the 2008 and 2010 JOE reports about coming shortfalls in oil production.

    One was a two part article by Chris Martenson “The Economy is set to Starve” arguing quite cogently about how future production is partially to be made up by as-yet-to-be-discovered reserves.

    Why, I wonder, did the Peak Oil deniers not comment on such soundly written and clearly argued articles? I think because there was no indictment of “The American Way of Life”. It is this indictment in Jim’s articles that drives them mad.

  65. R.C.

    The political elite do not listen to the people anymore; they won’t allow a constitution convention. A real time example is Ireland. The Irish political elite are handing over Irish sovereignty to the EU/IMF against the wishes of the people to save the primary bondholders that funded their corrupt housing bubble. I am waiting to see what the Irish people do about it. I have a feeling it is going to be bloody.

    The mass of our people are sheep that are easily led due to their lack of critical thinking. The only thing that is going to make them move is pain. They are presently lost in the pleasure of gratifying their animal senses. When the economy crashes the pleasure ends. So then what? Does critical thinking begin? I think not. The collective non thinkers will probably die out leaving the individualist to pick up the peices and start a new government. Then the constitution can be revived.

  66. Thunderbird

    I hear and understand what you are saying ,but the love of true freedom must be in the peoples heart. Our present system is a farce and full of corruption like “earmarks.” We are no longer a free people, Freedom in present America is nothing more then an illusion of it. Take Obamacare. The vast majority of Americans did NOT want it, yet we got it whether we wanted it or not because of corrupt politicians – our so-called “leaders.” How can one be free when our reps won’t listen to the majority. Keep in mind that every time a “law” is enacted some part of our freedoms are diminished and freedom is reduced to nothing but rhetoric. I honestly believe that the phrase “do no man or women harm in their person or property” is all the law = principle that is needed to maintain civility in such a diverse country like ours. Simplicity is the key. God bless.

  67. While I agree with just about everything said in this article, by blaming the victims, you fail in your ‘critical thought’ process by not following the self-destructive behavior of the masses to its root cause. Always, in any population of heard animals, it is only a small percentage that leads. While I would love it if all humans became informed and enlightened overnight, I don’t believe it has or will ever happen (and I do share your frustration). The ones that are actually leading right now hide and use all means of diversion (be it political or entertainment) to continue their insatiable lust for power and money. These are the real cancer of the human race and only by casting a strong light can we hope to control them.

    1. RobinH

      You need to read a few more of my articles if you don’t think the ruling elite have felt my scorn and contempt.

  68. A liberal site like Huff Po? More assumptions. Psft.

    I didn’t miss your point.

    It seems you have missed mine.

    Thanks for the unnecessary slams.

    I expected more and better from this website.

    I would discuss facts,… up here X.

    —– the bar —–

    But you all seem stuck, down here X.

    1. clark

      You confirm my opinion of the ignorant masses. If you don’t think Ariana Huffington is a liberal, then you are about as brain dead as they come.

      You got nothin. You have no argument to back up your ignorant assertion that peak cheap oil is not a fact.

  69. R.C.

    The love of freedom is still in some people’s hearts. How many I don’t know. I know it is in my heart. Obamacare was passed because it is a bonanza for the government. They will be taking over all the nursing homes. This is where the old with ailments will go. They will give up their social security checks to go into these facilities. Then the doctors will feed them meds to manage their conditions until they die from their condition. Millions will go through this process and it will save the government billions in not having to perform operations and medical proceedures that extend life. The congress passed the bill and now the script is being written in back rooms.

    Unfortunately few people care – out of sight out of mind. This is the mentality.

    You have to start thinking about what you want to do. Freedom of movement is still in existance. As the police state expands freedom of movement will deminish. Where do you want to be when the darkest hour comes for America? Freedom is in the heart. Follow your intuition. Freedom still exists, you just have to forget about the past and think of the now. Right now the most free places that exist in the world are the Pacific Islands. Can you live on an island? Can you live on Mars? If you carry the knowledge of freedom in your heart and in your head feel fortunate. You carry the seed of liberty to be taught to future generations after this generation is wasted in bondage. If you are old then write down your thoughts on freedom so they can be passed down your family tree. But surely as the sun rises everyday freedom will rise again in this country.

  70. Novista- Thank you for the book suggestion. I am on my way to the library to check out “the drowning towers” which I think is the American edition of “the sea and summer”. Do you recommend any other books along the same subject lines or similar lines? Your help would be appreciated.

  71. Thunderbird

    I take your wisdom and advise to heart, however I believe what I wrote is the epitome of real freedom. We have tyranical laws that are outrageous like the seat belt law. Who is govt. to tell me or anybody else what I can and cannot do with my own body. My body belongs to me,not govt. However under our present system of govt. they don’t care whether or not I put my head through the windshield its just another source of revenue, that is what gauls me. Laws always have financial benefits for our politicians and NOT for we so-called “Sovereigns.”
    I believe with all my heart that what I wrote is honest to goodness real freedom and the key to it is
    taking personal responsibility for all we say and do in our interactions with each other, in other words respect and consideration, a quality long lost in this great country of ours and it saddens my heart. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. God Bless you and yours.

  72. All you peak oil people thinking that oil is going to run out. Get a life. The earth if full of oil. To get oil from shale, all you have to do is surround the field with a 4 foot frozen wall of water, put a bunch of 100 foot 10 gigawatt heater probes in the ground, heat it all up for about a year, and like magic, you get a couple thousand barrels of that liquid we all love to burn. How many barrels of oil do we need? I can’t imagine we in the US need more than a couple thousand barrels a day. Come on, get real.

    1. Topper

      If that is all we have to do, why the fuck aren’t we doing it you douchebag? What the fuck do you think will power your heaters for a year you moron? Who let you out of the insane asylum? A monkey would make more sense hammering away on a keyboard with his feces than you.

      Welcome to the site nimrod.

  73. Admin – I thought maybe he was being sarcastic and having a poke at the guys who think there is plenty of oil: “I can’t imagine we in the US need more than a couple thousand barrels a day.” Plus the icewall, and the 100 foot 10 gigawatt heaters for a year, for about $150,000 in oil.

    Could he really be that stupid? Man, I gotta review my perception of how stupid people can be. That sets a new record low for someone with the ability to type if he wasn’t being sarcastic.

    1. If he was being sarcastic, then I will give him a pat on the back, because he really sucked me in. I fear he was being serious. God help us all.

      “Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!” – George Carlin

  74. Come on, earth full of oil, 4 foot frozen water barrier, gigawatt probes, couple thousand barrels a day. I was pulling your chain! Kind of funny that whenever I try to tell my friends and family about peak oil, they call me a douchebag and a moron too. Keep up the good work. I don’t always agree with everything you write, but I like your perspective. Forgot who said it, but reading stuff off the internet is like dumpster diving, sometimes you find good stuff, and I believe your site is some of that good stuff.

    1. Topper

      I tip my hat to you. Well done. You are officially in the inner circle and will get the respect you deserve.

  75. Admin

    I was just browsing the latest comments and hadn’t intended to log in. But those warm words of welcome you sent to Topper forced my hand. Damn, that was funny. Easily matches Stucky at his best.

    1. SSS

      Topper got me good. He deserves applause.

      I meant to respond earlier about you not liking me saying Assange is on the CIA hit list. Do you mean to tell us that the CIA has never assassinated anyone? I have no proof to show they did or didn’t, but I strongly suspect they have. Just between the two of us, let me know.

    2. SSS

      I’m still a little keyed up from the 18 wheeler incident this morning. I hope Avalon has a good dinner planned for tonight.

  76. Topper—-Thanks for coming clean. We have some neat free-for-alls here, feel free to join the fray if you ever happen to stumble across one of them.

  77. Topper – glad I spotted it. I gave you a thumbs up straight away for being funny, then Admin got me wondering if it was possible anyone could really be that stupid. If you see some of the knitwits that pass thru, you would understand Admin’s skepticism.

    Well done.

  78. Sorry, it was probably a rude introduction, Clark inspired me. I’ll have more productive comments going forward, or not, if the douchebags and morons keep saying dumbass things.

  79. Yo, Yojimbo! What’s happening?

    Yojimbo says “think because there was no indictment of “The American Way of Life”. It is this indictment in Jim’s articles that drives them mad.”

    Yojimbo, you are being taken for a fool. Sure, Jim “indicts” the American way of life, but he is a hypocrite. HE WORKS FOR THE ELITE, who want us to believe that WE HAVE TO BE TAXED TO DEATH and REGULATED TO DEATH. Jimmy drives his car around, he takes his Carribean cruises, and I’m sure heats his lovely little abode with petroleum fuels and/ or natural gas.

    Why do you think Jimmy has TO VIOLENTLY ATTACK ANYONE WHO REFUSES TO BELIEVE IN HIS FAVORITE FAIRY TALE – “THE PEAK OIL FAIRY TALE?” Because Jimmy, who works for the elitists, knows in his heart of hearts that it’s a DAMNED LIE. Either that, or he is just doing it for the MONEY (some people will do anything for money). These elitist are trying to destroy America, and destroy the American way of life. I agree that many, many Americans need to live within their means, and to stop spending like drunken sailors, however, Peak Oil is an ABSURD, EVIL LIE.

    Jimmy and Esteban are hypocrites. Esteban says “Now, back to you. Your heads truly are up your asses,” ABOUT PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO BELIEVE IN THE PEAK OIL FAIRY TALE. I’m sure Esteban drives a car. I’m sure he uses a lot of petroleum products. In fact, many people don’t realize how extensively petroleum products are used in the production and transport of most goods we consume. Esteban and Jimmy try to be self righteous in their minds by driving cars that get 2 to 3 miles per gallon more than the rest of us, and in the process say that everyone else “has their heads up their arses.”

    By the way YoooJimbo, I didn’t see your articles, but I did leave a response to one of your comments on a previous article by Jimmy.

    1. Titanic

      You have an uncanny knack of writing six paragraphs and saying absolutely nothing. Do you have voices in your head where a brain should be telling you to type meaningless drivel? You go on and on about absolutely nothing. Your intelligence level is on par with a monkey that eats his own shit. If you ever make a point in your long winded rants, I will obliterate you. But, sadly you are incapable of a cogent thought. so I will just have to shit on you, as you are no more useful than the toilet in my bathroom.

      Keep posting Titanic. The site needs a village idiot and you are just the idiot.

  80. LLPOH

    I don’t want to let Titanic get away. I hope he posts every day so that I can thrash him like a ragdoll. He is like a dimwitted rat in an experiment where it gets shocked when it does the wrong thing. Instead of learning, the dimwitted rat keeps doing the same thing over and over getting shocked. We can’t let this village idiot get away.

  81. Administrator—-Of the thousands of comments that I have read by you in the past year or so, your 7:22 PM response to Titanic on this thread (monkey line) made me laugh the hardest. It should go into TBP Hall of Fame along with LLPOH’s Apostle of RE commentary last week.

    1. Smokey

      I’m enjoying the banter so much, I’m not doing what I should be doing. I need to load my favorite sites list that you like so much.

  82. LLPOH
    I’m touched that you didn’t include me in your list.

    Many do not have the emotional fortitude to return after the major ass scorching you received the last time you showed up. You must be really tuff. If you manage to post something that isn’t complete drivel you will fit in well here.

  83. I believe that the Apostle may be resurrected shortly, as traffic has improved. I think Admin missed it, as well as Stuck, for whom it was really dedicated. What an honor, honestly, to have the Apostle mentioned along side Admin’s “Your intelligence level is on par with a monkey that eats his own shit”.

    If nothing else, we are a classy bunch.

  84. While I certainly believe in Peak Oil (what sane human wouldn’t?) I’m not so sure the ‘exurbian’ transportation problems will have such huge an impact as that which is being spouted on here. There will, no doubt, be alternatives.

    Hundreds of vehicle manufacturers around the world aren’t going to wake up one morning, decide to call a meeting, and suddenly explain to their shareholders that because oil has run dry they’re now going to shut the assembly plant doors. That’s not how (Successful) business works.

    Most vehicle manufacturers are thinking much longer term than Peak Oil. BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, GM, etc… all have Hybrid/Fully Electric/Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars either in production or under evaluation. I’d be happy to wager $1000, with anyone, that we’ll all be driving around in something similar in less than 20 years.

    I’ll agree, it’s going to take time for the charging station infrastructure and electricty generating facilites to catch up, but it WILL happen. You can’t change an oil thirsty nation over night.

    In any case, all you’re really doing is swapping Oil for Coal, You crazy Americans can still go about your merry day poluting the planet. So cheer up. 🙂

    1. Nudge

      It seems you are Americancentric like most delusional Americans. India and China are each selling more cars per year than the US. You make the usual assumption that we’ll adapt and rebuild our infrastructure. Has it begun? Will it begin before 2015? Can the electric grid handle electric cars? No it can’t. Most Americans are so smug about this issue. They will have that smug expression on their faces wiped off by 2015.

      You underestimate the importance of cheap plentiful oil to our existing societal structure. Three days without oil and this country comes to a grinding halt. Think.

  85. Topper Hidrow Carban

    Ok, we get it. Your initials are THC. If that’s some sort of clever signal that you’re a pro-drug, medical marijuana hippie, I’ll give you fair warning.

    Nearly 100% of the visitors to this site are violently against any sort of legalization of marijuana or other banned substances, and I’m their leader. My posts here on that subject have received nothing but praise and global acclaim. The Pope has personally written to me and asked if I would consider converting to Roman Catholicism.

    So you’d do well to stay away from any favorable comments on legalizing banned substances. Don’t make me beat on you like a rented mule and embarrass you in front of the whole world.

    Again, welcome to the site.

  86. SSS

    Now that is funny, THC. It is actually a lousy play on Peak Hydro Carbon. But whats even funnier is that I am pro medical marijuana. Try living with hip arthritis for a while. I haven’t smoked in years, but am willing to give it a try as soon as it is legal where I live (just voted in). You say you are violently against any such legalization. Thats pretty strong. No comment.

  87. Punk In Drublic – “Many do not have the emotional fortitude to return after the major ass scorching you received the last time you showed up.”

    I know. I know. I didn’t think I would come back, but it is somewhat rewarding when you know someone (Jimmy) is totally full of crap, and is spewing out lie after lie, after lie. You can only refute such lies with truth. However, Jimmy did have some good points in this article! Many Americans live beyond their means. I agree with this wholeheartedly, but the underlying concept in every article of his is that America is bad, Americans are bad, Americans are destroying the planet, and the WORLD IS GOING TO END BECAUSE OF PEAK OIL. EVERY ARTICLE I HAVE SEEN HAS THIS UNDERLYING MESSAGE. And Jimmy is a AGENT OF MISTRUTH, attacking anyone who does not believe in HIS FAIRY TALE OF PEAK OIL.

    I took a nap earlier, woke up, and thought about Peak Oil. I THOUGHT ABOUT HOW ABSOLUTELY ABSURD IT IS. America has more people than it ever has (as does the world). PLANES FLY EVERYWHERE. CARS ARE EVERYWHERE. SHIPS CARRY GOODS OVER THE OCEANS EVERY DAY. America is BURNING OIL LIKE WATER in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. THE CHINESE JUST PASSED THE U.S. AS THE WORLD’S NUMBER ONE CAR MARKET! OIL IS FRIKING EVERYWHERE (hear that, Jimmy?). OIL IS FRIKING EVERYWHERE! And it keeps coming to market EVERY SINGLE DAY. PEAK OIL, MY ASS! THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF OIL! If there is anyone who has his HEAD UP HIS ASS, IT’S JIMMY (aka Jim Q) ! Jim is either an agent of misinformation, or he has read the propaganda all his life and truly believes it. Peak Oil is an absolute, evil, stupid, asinine lie!

    Have any of you been to a big city before – to a place where there are hundreds of pigeons flying around? Imagine such a place – pigeons flying everywhere, crapping all over the place. And you go from city to city and find the same scenario in each city. Would anyone dare say pigeons are becoming extinct? That’s exactly what the Peak Oil Morons are saying! OIL IS FRIKING EVERYWHERE, AND THE PEAK OIL IDIOTS SAY THAT OIL IS BECOMING EXTINCT. HOW ABSOLUTELY FUCKING ABSURD. (YES JIMMY, I USED AN OBSCENITY).

    Jimmy – it’s ok – there’s still time to see the light, if you choose to do so. If you truly do believe in the fairy tale of Peak Oil Jimmy, there is still time to find the truth, and to amend your ways.

  88. Jimmy – I do want to emphasize that you have some very good concepts in this article (I’m not trying to kiss ass). Americans should consume less. The fools (consumers) who went on a rampage on Black Friday are a disgrace to this nation. We Americans should eductate ourselves more and should work at becoming a more cultured nation. And yes, the “culture of credit’ in this country is a crying shame. Sadly, the biggest example of this is the millions of people who bought way-overpriced homes during the housing bubble. Many of these same people have lost, or will lose their homes. So yeah, Jimmy – you’re not all bad.

  89. The Fool can never be satisfied always having to have more.

    Sounds like foreign policy too me and besides who will admit that if you are not at war with yourself you are always be at war with everyone and everything else.

    Let’s go to Mars and see who is not happy there will you be standing alone?

  90. Titanic

    Another 6 paragraphs and not one thought worth commenting on. At least you are consistent. I actually have come to the conclusion that you don’t have the brain power to be the TBP village idiot.

    The wisdom of Titanic: “Oil is everywhere. I stick a hose in my car and presto liquid fuel is dispensed, therefore all is well.”

    I was hoping that your display of ignorance was an act, but sadly you are dumber than a sack of hammers.

    Your village just called TBP Central. They want you back.


    Titanic on the day he can’t fill up his Escalade.


    I put it to a vote of all TBP members. Does Titanic have enough brains to be the TBP village idiot?

  91. Titanic – If I interpret your thesis correctly, since there is oil everywhere, there is no peak oil…? Hula Hoops and America Online used to be everywhere, too. Jim has presented data and you have presented the dreaded, infantile CAPS and exclamation points. You got fucked up, dawg.

    You are indeed the Village Idiot.

  92. I saw Titanic in a dead heat with the bag of hammers. However, after he noted that “We Americans should eductate ourselves”, I awarded him the TBP Village Idiot award, at least for this week.

  93. I think you were a bit hard on the baby boomers. I would argue that the leading edge of the boomers were more aware than any generation since. All generations are sleep walking through life thinking that the american dream just happens. Try to shake and convince them that the substrate of everything in their life is cheap easy oil, and they resist. They don’t see the huge complex interconnectedness of everything in our society all tied back to huge amounts of cheap easy oil. Lets hope the new american dream is anything but a chaotic catastrophic nightmare so many predict. All generations are responsible for this mess and all generations will be involved with our immediate and more distant future as we learn to live with less energy.

    1. THC

      My motto is that you can never be too hard on Boomers. They control the levers of government, academia, and business. They deserve all the scorn I heap upon them.

  94. Robmu1

    I think DP is in the sheep pen sobbing as he has lost his coveted role of TBP village sheep fucking idiot.

    I hope Titanic wears the mantle well. I wonder what he thinks about 9/11?

  95. DP cannot be underestimated. He is like the Muhammad Ali of Village Idiots. He will come back to claim his crown and defeat Titanic.

  96. Robmu1

    I never saw DP as Muhammad Ali. I saw him as a giant cockroach that couldn’t be killed. I’m sure he will crawl out from beneath the sink to reclaim his rightful place as the Greatest Village Idiot of all time.


  97. R.C.

    Yes we have tyranical laws and tyranical people that enforce them. Be grateful that you recognise this and are still sane because it is an aslyum out there with so many walking dead. You make good points that I will not dispute, however, the truth is time marches on and conditions & people change; even for america. The good book says there will be a great falling away before the second coming. I believe we are in midst of the great falling away. When spiritual thought is abandoned it is replaced by insanity. Doesn’t it seem that every decision that comes out of Washington D.C. lacks any sane component? D.C. exists in a bubble that is out of touch with the people. Their agents that administer and enforce their administrative laws are automations that do not question the insanity of the rules and regulations they are required to enforce; TSA being a good real time example. We live under a secular government that no longer recognises it’s christian foundation. In fact it no longer has any foundation and that is why it’s new laws and statutes have no conceptual moral foundation; they are born in insanity; sense perception.

    Another observation you must have is, all the immigrants that are now in our country from all over the world and every society. These immigrants do not have the sense of the history of the early american individualism that existed in this country when the people took their freedom and liberty seriously. These people living here now are experiencing a sense of cultural freedom that they did not have in their own countries. These people have also become voters. It is ironic that these newcomer people are experiencing cultural freedom while we are losing our traditional american freedoms. The bounds of our tradition in this country have been broken by all these new immigrants, so we can never renew what was; we are moving into something new.

    So the real problems we are facing is the tyranical laws and the tyranical automations that enforce these insane laws. Sane people have to speak out. Christianity did not spread from people not taking up the intellectual fight. People need to be told they are embracing insanity. Speaking about freedom to a person embracing insane thoughts is like talking to a post. These people have to be told they are embracing insanity first.

  98. Might be your motto, but using SSS’s logic of percentage, nearly 100% of the boomers are not at the levers. I would agree however that the people with the levers in their hands are statistically likely to be from the boomer generation.

  99. Nice breakdown, that validates my last sentence last comment. Not the first sentence though. I just don’t like being thrown in the same bucket as a bunch of clowns.

    1. When I talk about Boomers, I’m referring to a generation, not individuals. I know that there are millions of Boomers who have done the right thing. But, there are 76 million Boomers and the majority have not done the right thing, therefore putting the country on a disasterous track. This generation is so large that anything good or bad that they do will have an outsized impact on our future.

  100. Thunderbird

    You make excellent points and I agree with you, but I’m a believer in simplicity. Complication is what we presently enjoy in our political scenario. Our Congress, State Legislatures, County Boards and City Councils are perfect examples. Keep in mind that every time these bodies enact a law some part of our supposed freedoms are diminished or wiped out entirely.
    What ever happened to “personal responsibility?” Are We The People so stupid that we need laws on top of laws to keep us civil. I don’t think so, but apparently our elected “lawmakers” do. As I see it in todays society we don’t need to be responsible because we have “laws” to tell us what and what not we can do. This is NOT freedom as I understand it; this is enslavement at its finest. Freedom, my dear friend in the USA is nothing more then an illusion and BS.
    Thanks for your e-mails. I enjoy them. If you live in the Houston area I’d love to enjoy a cup of coffee with you. Take care and God Bless.

  101. THC

    Your comment on marijuana was noted. I may have just “slightly” exaggerated the support I receive from visitors whenever I post one of my anti-drug diatribes.

    After I posted an anti-drug article a few months ago, I quickly began to realize how Custer must have felt at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Geez, the fucking Indians just kept coming at me from every direction. As Admin likes to say, “Blood everywhere.” Yeah, mostly mine.

    Anyway, welcome to the fray, Crazy Horse.

  102. Jim,

    What an excellent and insightful article. Here’s what I posted regarding your article on my site:

    EDITOR’S COMMENT: This is an excellent and timely article that precisely exemplifies what our site, What Am I Missing Here, is all about; namely “unmasking the half-truths, non-truths and distortions of information being provided by our mainstream media and our government.” If you can only read just one article this week, MAKE IT THIS ONE!

    Jack Kneafsey

  103. @Administrator

    Appreciate your feedback. However, allow me the honour of pointing out a few things about your reply……

    “It seems you are Americancentric like most delusional Americans.” – I’m not American & certainly don’t think the US is ‘Centric to anything anymore.

    “India and China are each selling more cars per year than the US.” – I live in Asia, so I’m more than aware of local car buying habits. Thank you.

    “You make the usual assumption that we’ll adapt and rebuild our infrastructure. Has it begun? Will it begin before 2015?” – I’m assuming nothing. Please visit the following website (And many others like it). You do have ‘Google’ on the planet you live on? –

    “Can the electric grid handle electric cars? No it can’t” – Here, I do assume that your actually an Electrical engineer, with expansive knowledge of power generation and supply lines? No? Well actually, Yes it can, most charging stations will be ‘off-grid’ & powered locally. Do some research. Ever heard of Solar Power or Wind Generation?

    “Most Americans are so smug about this issue. They will have that smug expression on their faces wiped off by 2015.” – Smug????? 2015? Is that the new date that’s taken over from 2012 and all the other nut-job doomsday cult end of world years? WTF are you talking about?

    “You underestimate the importance of cheap plentiful oil to our existing societal structure. Three days without oil and this country comes to a grinding halt. Think.” – Having lived through fuel rationing during protests in European countries earlier this decade (I was in the UK at the time) I absolutely do not ‘underestimate’ the importance of cheap energy, in the form of oil. I’m more than aware of the reliance of industrialized nations on the ‘black stuff’.

    “Think” – This little pice of advice from you is pure gold! Maybe though, you should take yourself to a mirror and take a good long look.

    The fact is, I’m a realist. Whereas you my friend, are a 100%, 24Carat, Sensationalist ‘Tin Foil wearing’ Doomsayer. How the fuck did you earn the title ‘Administrator’? You couldn’t Administrate a Booze up in a Brewery.

    I wait breathlessly for the inevitable ‘ramblings of a mad-man’ reply….

    1. Nudge

      You act like you have the answers by your systematic response to my points. That does not pass for solutions in my book. You pass off the infrastructure issue with a link. Thanks for the deep thinking on that subject. Our village idiot DP does the same thing. Make a case big guy. You people are all the same, with your belief that the human mind will use technology to solve the problem, when technology requires vast amounts of oil to do what it does. Myopic doesn’t begin to describe you.

      It is clear you don’t read, comprehend or process much through your pea brain. Peak cheap oil already occurred you moron. Has oil production exceeded 86 mbd in the last 5 years? Oh facts are inconvenient for your type. Have you ever read the Hirsch report? Have you read the US military JOE report issued earlier this year? Of course not, because that conflicts with your ideological worldview. The delusion will continue.

      Your comments about solar and wind are laughable. They will power this country for about the time it takes for you to type out your moronic response to the thrashing I just gave you. I think Al Gore just called, he wants you to refuel his jet because he needs to go to another Environmental conference.

      You are a realist allright. A real jackass. It is people like you who inhabit Washington DC and destroy countries with their theories and bullshit models.

      I await your response, filled with no facts, no cogent thought, no reason and plenty of vitriol.

      Please let us know your nationality so we can all visit your country to see how your solar,wind paradise works.

  104. Nudge, if your still around after that thrashing, you have to get rid of the idea that we can continue on the same road as our supply of the cheap oil is getting smaller by the day. Nothing can replace the utility and amount of energy in oil, nothing. By utility I mean the ability to transport it, and have small and large combustion engines that consume and translate it into useful work. Your energy utopian view that we will have solar and wind powered charging stations looks good on paper with pictures. As an engineer, I know that most of the work and design goes into the boundary conditions, the aspects and conditions that are dynamic in nature. When you design a car, you design it for all the environmental and road conditions it will encounter. Anyone can put four wheels on a platform. How do you queue cars up to charging stations, how do you store all the energy, how do you deal with no wind and clouds, how do you deal with 50 miles per charge versus 300 miles for liquid hydrocarbon cars, how do you deal with battery technologies that rely on resources that are already peaked out, and the list goes on and on. And get that hydrogen fuel cell out of that mind of yours, its not a fuel, its a storage mechanism. It took energy to create the hydrogen. Let me think like you. I can imagine these really big heavy equipment dump trucks carrying 50 tons of harder to get every day ore packing a six pack of nano-tube lithium ultra gigawatt batteries, each one 4x4x6 feet. Those big coal trains use the same technology, but they have to stop every twelve inches to recharge. No problem, we’re adapting. Lets hope that we do deal with powering down off of oil gracefully, but until the government acknowledges that it is a problem, the odds that a graceful power-down will occur get smaller and smaller. Oh, and a smart power down means you don’t get your own personal transport vehicle. I’m spoiled, I’m going to hate the future.

  105. Topper

    That goes double for me. I always like it when someone who knows what they are talking about backs up my harangues. I am thankful that Fudge a lot posted this morning. It got me fired up as much as that 18 wheeler cutting me off the other day. It should be a fun day on TBP.

  106. Nudge—-You are on the wrong side of the issue. This thing is turning into a bloodbath. It is embarrassing. Concede now, before the last shred of your dignity is obliterated. —–A word to the wise, and I mean nothing unkind here: It helps to know what the fuck you are talking about when you comment on this site.

    1. Smokey

      Your post added dignity and class to the debate, as always.

      I hope he has the balls to come back, so a I can kick the living shit out of him. I’m guessing he is a brainless socialist twit from Greece or Spain.

  107. Titanic
    Judging from your bird brained example, you don’t really understand peak oil. I will try to explain it in a context that you can comprehend. Imagine that you must eat a booger every ten seconds to survive. (Not a lot of calories in boogers)
    “No problem, Punk” You say. “I have a big nose”


    At first, the boogers are practically falling out, maybe it only takes a second to pull one out. pretty soon all those easy to pick boogers are gone. So you go a little deeper.
    Now maybe it takes you three seconds to pull one out. Still, a pretty good return on the energy invested. Sooner or later, though, those run out too.
    You are getting pretty far up there, using two fingers, rooting around your sinus cavity. Taking five seconds to find and dig out a nice juicy schnozberry. Think about that. You are using half the energy you got from the last booger just to get to the next one. Even this cannot be sustained, however, and very soon you find yourself up to your wrist, spending eight seconds on each booger.
    Eventually you are up to your elbow in your own nasal cavity, digging around your empty skull, barely able to feed yourself off your own snot. Boogers come out just in time to fend off starvation.

    “But Punk, boogers are abiotic” You might say. “My nose can regenerate them”. Irrelevant. Why? Because I have not included your body’s ever increasing demand for boogers, which FAR exceeds the regeneration rate of boogers.

    This concludes Punk in Drublic’s lesson in peak boogers. Please, Titanic, educate yourself on the nature of the things of which you speak.

  108. Punk

    While quite creative, that’s in contention for the grossest comment ever to appear on TBP. Admin will make the call.

  109. We might be able to smooth that peak booger period into a plateau. I think you totally forgot there were two nostrils. And I believe by squirting some salt water in there you’ll be able to get a few more out. Though they won’t be as high quality as the first few.

  110. I was just thinking about those peak boogers again. Maybe we could start digging from the other end, ultra deep water boogers.

  111. THC
    Deep water boogers? Ahh. Lugies. You may be right. They might get us by for a little while, but they are a lot more work.


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