I understand many TBPers received some great gifts today. I received pictures of some but not all. Please post pictures of your favorite Christmas gifts. Here are some examples:

I got a backup for my Honda Insight.

I must have been a good boy this year.

Avalon loves the color pink.

My cat got what he wanted.

My mother loved her gift so much, she drove away with it in her hand.

Avalon got me the sign I wanted for our front lawn just for TBP members.

Smokey got exactly what he needed for that 11 incher.

SSS was really happy with his new hat and clock.

RE got a new kitty cat.

Stuck finally got that bike for 6 foot 8 dudes.

Novista’s pet may have had too many at the Christmas party.

We’re anxious to see what everyone else got.

14 thoughts on “TBPer CHRISTMAS GIFTS”

  1. If that Weener Kleener Soap is for me, it is a factory production flaw. They used the wrong mold. They should have used a truck tire or a hula hoop for the mold.

  2. Merry Christman Quinn my favorite Faux Gen-Xer.

    Merry Christmas Avalon my favorite Faux Bouncer, love the color of your rifle. Is that fury wolf hound next to you the Admin, in drag.
    M-16 would be the proper model for the gun pictured.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season Quinn, and thanks for all your hard work this year.

  3. Stucky

    Do you want to trade gifts? I can always get that bike modified for my height, and that hat and clock I got are right up your alley.

  4. CBB-I beg to differ-selector is set on “full”-AR won’t go that far clockwise. Model A3-flattop, with detachable carry handle.

  5. SSS — Thanks for the offer, but I’m keeping that bike!! A VERY thoughful gift from Herr Quinn. I bought my son a Trek Mountain bike while he was here. He’s now gone. I rode the bike into town last week. Several people said how utterly ridicules I looked. One even gave me a dollar thinking I was a homeless dude.

    Jim also put a lot of thought into your gifts. I think it would be rude to reject them. I hope you wear the hat to your 4:20 church service today. It will fit well with the selected hymn; “One toke over the line Sweet Jesus, one toke over the line!!”

  6. Jim — how’s the snow your way? It started snowing here about half hour ago. Ground is already white. Can I trade in the bike for a snowblower? Looks like old man Stucky will have to shovel here and my parent’s driveway ……. manually!!

    1. Stuck

      We’re expecting blizzard conditions in the next 3 hours. At least a foot of snow by tomorrow. I may have to use my old method of grabbing my chest so that my three neighbors with snowblowers come to my rescue. If not, I have three strapping teenagers and 3 shovels. After two straight days of parties, I’m exhausted. Watching a blizzard from inside sounds OK to me.

      Eagles will be playing during the worst of the storm tonight.

  7. It started snowing pretty steadily here about a half hour ago, and it’s just starting to stick.

    I’m on the CT coastline, about 45 miles west of NYC

    We’re supposed to get LOTS of snow.

  8. Pic 2 is not an AK-47. Oh, and that kangaroo picture, photo shopped. No self respecting Australian would be caught dead drinking the cat’s piss that is Budweiser beer. It’s VB, Fat Yak, Bundy or nothing mate.


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