DUDE, WHERE’S MY JOB? (Featured Article)

The storyline being sold to the American public by the White House and the corporate mainstream media is that the economy is growing, jobs are being created, corporations are generating record profits, consumers are spending and all will be well in 2011. The 2% payroll tax cut, stolen from future generations to be spent in 2011, will jumpstart a sound economic recovery. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

It was another wise old man named Ben Franklin who captured the essence of what those in control are peddling:

“Half a truth is often a great lie.”

The economy is growing due to unprecedented deficit spending by the government, fraudulent accounting by the Wall Street banks, the Federal Reserve buying $1.5 trillion of toxic mortgage “assets” from their Wall Street owners, various home buyer and auto tax credits and gimmick programs, and Fannie, Freddie, and the FHA accumulating taxpayer loses so morons can continue to purchase houses. Jobs are being created. According to the BLS, we’ve added 951,000 jobs since December 2009, an average of 79,000 per month. Of course, the population of the US is growing at 175,000 per month. It seems that there are millions of jobs being created, just not here as shown on these graphs from the NYT.

The storyline of corporate profits is true. As a percentage of national income, corporate profits are 9.5%. They have only topped 9% twice in history – in 2006 and 1929. When you see the paid Wall Street shills parade on CNBC every day proclaiming the huge corporate profit growth ahead, keep these data points in mind. Do profits generally rise dramatically from all time peaks?

You might ask yourself, if corporations are doing so well how come real unemployment exceeds 20%? The answer lies in who is generating the profits and how they are doing it. It seems that the fantastic profits are not being generated by domestic non-financial companies employing middle class Americans producing goods. Pre-tax domestic nonfinancial corporate profits are not close to record levels as a share of national income. They exceeded 15% of national income once in the late 1940s, and repeatedly topped 12% in the 1950s and 1960s; in the third quarter of this year, they were 7.03% of national income. I wonder who is making the profits.

According to BEA data, financial industry profits and “rest of world” profits — that is, the money U.S.-based corporations make overseas — are relatively much higher now than they were in the 1950s or 1960s. And the taxes paid by corporations are much lower now than they were then, as a share of national income. The reason that corporate profits are near their all-time highs is that Wall Street corporations and mega multinational corporations are making gobs of loot and paying less of it out in taxes. Isn’t that delightful for the CEOs and top executives of these companies?

The profits are being generated on Wall Street through collusion with the Federal Reserve, as the insolvent Wall Street banks accept free money from the Federal Reserve to generate speculative profits at the expense of senior citizens earning .20% on their CDs. The mega-multinationals are “earning” their profits by continuing to ship American jobs overseas at a record pace. The Economic Policy Institute, a Washington think tank, says American companies have created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year. The additional 1.4 million jobs would have lowered the U.S. unemployment rate to 8.9 percent, says Robert Scott, the institute’s senior international economist. “There’s a huge difference between what is good for American companies versus what is good for the American economy,” says Scott. The hollowing out of the American economy has been going on for decades and despite the usual rhetoric out of Washington DC, it continues unabated today.

But consumer spending has surged, so the recovery must be solid and self-sustaining say the brainless twits on CNBC. Consumer spending is rising because the top 1% wealthiest Americans are doing splendidly as they are now reaping 20% of the income in the country, levels last seen in 1929. The Haves have more, the Have Nots have less. The top 10% wealthiest Americans own 98.5% of all the stocks in the country. They feel richer because Ben Bernanke has propped up the stock market with trillions of borrowed money from future generations. The other 90% of Americans have stagnant or non-existent wages, rising costs for fuel and food, falling home prices, rising debt levels and little hope for the future. They have been thrown a bone of extended unemployment bennies, a temporary payroll tax cut, and extended tax cuts. Any spending they are doing is on credit cards as the austerity deleveraging storyline is another big lie by the MSM.

Greater Depression

The figure of 15 million unemployed reported by the government and regurgitated by the corporate media is one of the biggest lies in the history of lies. The real figure is 30 million and I will prove it using the government’s own data. I created the chart below from BLS data (ftp://ftp.bls.gov/pub/suppl/empsit.ceseeb1.txt) to prove that we are in the midst of a Greater Depression and no amount of spin by politicians and the media can wish it away. When we look at jobs in America across the decades, a picture of a country in decline, captured by financial elites, reveals itself. In 1970, America still produced goods, ran trade surpluses, and paid wages that allowed families to thrive with only one parent working. Only 34.6% of the population was employed, with a third of these workers producing goods.

(Millions Employed) 1970 1980 1990 2000 2007 Dec-09 Nov-10
Mining & Logging 677 1,077 765 599 724 676 763
Construction 3,654 4,454 5,263 6,787 7,630 5,696 5,615
Manufacturing 17,848 18,733 17,695 17,263 13,879 11,534 11,648
Trade, Transport. & Utilities 14,144 18,413 22,666 26,225 26,630 24,653 24,806
Information 2,041 2,361 2,688 3,630 3,032 2,748 2,717
Financial Activities 3,532 5,025 6,614 7,687 8,301 7,657 7,573
Professional & Business Serv. 5,267 7,544 10,848 16,666 17,942 16,488 16,861
Education & Health Services 4,577 7,072 10,984 15,109 18,322 19,350 19,719
Leisure & Hospitality 4,789 6,721 9,288 11,862 13,427 12,991 13,174
Other Serices 1,789 2,755 4,261 5,168 5,494 5,314 5,402
Government 12,687 16,375 18,415 20,790 22,218 22,481 22,261
TOTAL EMPLOYED 71,005 90,530 109,487 131,786 137,599 129,588 130,539
US Population 205,052 227,225 249,439 281,422 299,398 308,200 310,300
% of US Population Employed 34.6% 39.8% 43.9% 46.8% 46.0% 42.0% 42.1%
Source: BLS Establishment Data


Whether it was due to the woman’s movement of the 1970s or due to financial necessity, the percentage of the population employed grew relentlessly until it reached 46.8% in the year 2000. The level of 46.8% meant that when the opportunity to be employed was available, this percentage of Americans wanted a job. Since 2000 the population of the U.S. has grown by 28.9 million people. The labor force between the ages of 18 and 64 has grown by 26.1 million people since 2000. The government insists that millions of Americans have chosen to “leave the workforce” and should not be considered unemployed. This is laughable. Why would people choose to leave the workforce when wages are stagnant, retirement looms, prices relentlessly rise, and they are drowning in debt? The truth is that at least 46.8% of the population wants to be employed. That means that 145.2 million Americans would be working if they had the chance. Only 130.5 million are currently employed. This means that there are really 30 million Americans unemployed versus the 15 million reported by the government and MSM.

Not only is the country short 30 million jobs, but the type of jobs reveal a country of paper pushers, consultants, temp workers, government drones, waitresses, and clerks. The chart below shows the distribution of jobs through the decades.

(% of Employed) 1970 1980 1990 2000 2007 Dec-09 Nov-10
Mining & Logging 1.0% 1.2% 0.7% 0.5% 0.5% 0.5% 0.6%
Construction 5.1% 4.9% 4.8% 5.2% 5.5% 4.4% 4.3%
Manufacturing 25.1% 20.7% 16.2% 13.1% 10.1% 8.9% 8.9%
Trade, Transport. & Utilities 19.9% 20.3% 20.7% 19.9% 19.4% 19.0% 19.0%
Information 2.9% 2.6% 2.5% 2.8% 2.2% 2.1% 2.1%
Financial Activities 5.0% 5.6% 6.0% 5.8% 6.0% 5.9% 5.8%
Professional & Business Serv. 7.4% 8.3% 9.9% 12.6% 13.0% 12.7% 12.9%
Education & Health Services 6.4% 7.8% 10.0% 11.5% 13.3% 14.9% 15.1%
Leisure & Hospitality 6.7% 7.4% 8.5% 9.0% 9.8% 10.0% 10.1%
Other Serices 2.5% 3.0% 3.9% 3.9% 4.0% 4.1% 4.1%
Government 17.9% 18.1% 16.8% 15.8% 16.1% 17.3% 17.1%
TOTAL EMPLOYED 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
 Source: BLS


In 1970, jobs in the goods producing industries made up 31.2% of all jobs. Today, they account for 13.8% of all jobs. The apologists will proclaim that corporate America just got phenomenally more efficient and productive. That is another falsehood. In 1970, we were a net exporter, consumer expenditures accounted for 62.4% of GDP, and private investment accounted for 14.7% of GDP. Today, we consistently run $500 billion to $700 billion annual trade deficits, consumer expenditures account for 71% of GDP, and private fixed investment is a pitiful 11.5% of GDP. We’ve degenerated from a productive goods producing society to a consumption based, debt fueled society. This is a classic late stage trait of declining empires. Rome and Britain before us experienced similar declines.

The most damning facts that can be garnered from the BLS data relate to how we’ve become a nation of bankers, real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, tax specialists, and fast food fry cooks. Manufacturing jobs have dropped from 25% of all jobs in 1970 to less than 9% today. Jobs in the spreadsheet generating, credit default swap creating, subprime mortgage pushing, frivolous lawsuit filing, tax evasion sector of the economy went from 12% in 1970 to 19% today.

The misinformation and lies will continue. The MSM keeps repeating that jobs are coming back. You don’t hear which jobs. Hysterically, the four fastest growing job categories according to the BLS are:

  1. Administrative and support services
  2. Food services and drinking places
  3. Couriers and messengers
  4. Performing arts and spectator sports

The well paying goods producing jobs are never coming back. American manufacturing jobs have been shifted overseas for more than two decades by corporate America. Now those jobs have become more sophisticated, like semiconductors, software and even medical and finance.  The American middle class is relegated to being McDonalds fry cooks, Wal-Mart greeters, and temp workers. What has happened to the American middle class was not an accident. The wealth of the country has been pillaged by an elite group at the very top of the economic food chain, who were able to reap the rewards of globalization (outsourcing American jobs), manipulate the debt based financial system through synthetic fraud products, and avoid taxes by hiring thousands of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants. When you hear that the rich need lower taxes, corporate taxes are too high and increased productivity is great for America, remember what they have done to the country since 1970. If corporate America and its leaders continue to reap obscene profits while the middle class falls further into the abyss, societal unrest will beckon.

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  1. Intersting anectdotal stories from Philly. The author was born in Vietnam in 1963, came to the USA in 1975. It’s not just Philly either … we are indeed being “photoshopped from the American Dream”

    Let’s meet some denizens of Philadelphia’s the Gallery, my local shopping center.

    Mrs. Fischel runs a meat and cheese shop. Business has steadily declined over several years now. To make matters worse, management has raised her rent, to make up for the other merchants who have closed shops or who are behind in their payments. The third level of this mall is completely dead, and the second is barely hanging on. Just this week, Payless Shoes as well as G&G, Unica and Sunshine Blues, all clothing stores, have gone belly up.

    Fischel’s son, a recent graduate of law school, has moved back home from Orange County. He has no job, only mushrooming debts from student loans and credit cards. He loved California and never expected to live in Philly again. It used to be that once you moved out, you stayed out. It was an American right of passage. By 2006, however, two thirds of American college graduates were already returning to their parents. Now, the number is up to 85%.

    Meet Mr. Ali, who runs a modest kiosk offering cheap purses, belts and watches made in China. He used to sell Gucci and Coach labels—not the bags, just the labels—which were sewn onto knockoffs by the customers themselves. Many of our poorest are infatuated with brand names. With a CK, say, slapped onto their person, they feel instantly higher class.

    An immigrant from Pakistan, Ali’s first job was at a Seven Eleven, before he saved enough to buy a gas station. With his current business, it was no big deal to sell $1,500 daily. Now, he’s lucky to gross $500. Whenever this mall’s open, Ali’s in there. All he does is work. Even if there were 12 inches of snow on the ground, Ali would be there at 9AM, waiting for his first customer.

    When he had saving, Ali made the fatal mistake of investing in Fannie Mae and Citigroup, among other supposedly blue chip stocks. Like millions of others worldwide, he lost his shirt. A hundred-and-forty-six thousand dollars gone. Ali sold his home and his new truck, hired a lawyer to consolidate his credit card debts. He now drives an unheated lemon. “In a couple of years, I’ll buy another house for my wife and children,” he insists even as his earning nosedives. He’s lost money the last two Christmases.

    Meet Mr. Giuliani, who used to make $28 an hour as a computer repairman. He supplemented his day job by freelancing, charging $85 and up for each home visit. Replaced by technicians from India, Giuliani became a transit police officer. The goal of globalism has always been to outsource jobs and import labor. To maximize profits, bosses must minimize costs. At $15 an hour, Giuliani now patrols the Gallery to make sure teenagers don’t go berserk after they get off the trains.

    Some of these kids like to pick fights with each other, shopkeepers or even security guards. With no jobs and little money, their idea of fun is to raise hell, inside this shopping mall or wherever. In March, a 73-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman were hospitalized after beatings by a gang of kids around 12-years-old. Playing a game called “catch and wreck,” they chanted “Fight! Fight!” and called Belinda Moore a “bald-headed bitch” as they pummeled her, knocked her to the ground, snatched her bag and stomped on her hat. Moore told the Philadelphia Daily News, “I don’t know if these kids hate society or hate life itself but I cannot believe they could do that to someone. Where is all that hatred coming from when you’re only 11 or 12?” Also in Philadelphia, an 18-year-old killed a 68-year-old woman with a frying pan, stole her truck, then blogged on MySpace two days later, “Bored as fuck! Meh and Mira bout 2 go touch city hall! put sum more money in mah mouth!”

    Back to Giuliani: he inherited his house, so Giuliani doesn’t have to worry about a mortgage, but thanks to the housing bubble, his property tax has ballooned. For sentimental reasons, Giuliani doesn’t want to sell his childhood home, but he may have to. With ten rooms, the heating bill is enormous, and there won’t be too many buyers lining up.

    The Gallery is a hub for commuter and subway trains. This design brings in more customers, sure, but the labyrinthine concourses also provide a haven for many homeless people. Dazed, they wander among shoppers, to be shooed away by guys like Giuliani. Dozing in wheelchairs, collapsing in corners or picking through trash cans, these resilient men and women seem oddly unaware that the recovery is in full swing, and that even dogs, according our cynical media, got expensive toys this holidays.

    The collapse will not be televised. Ignored and alone, each of us will experience it singly. As blemish and accusation, you will be photoshopped from the American Dream group portrait. The lower you slip, the more invisible you will become. The disconnect between what’s real and what’s broadcast will become even more obscene by the day.

  2. American corporations do what is good for THEM. Screw the US economy. Think about that the next time you see a lying Madison Avenue commercial about how much company ‘X’ cares about you.

    All but 4% of the top 500 U.S. corporations reported profits this year, and the stock market is close to its highest point since the 2008 financial meltdown. So …. where are the jobs?

    Overseas! The Economic Policy Council says American Corporations created 1.4 million jobs overseas this year … MUCH more than what was created in the USofA. Half of Caterpillar’s 14,000 new jobs went overseas. Coke opened a quarter billion bottling plant in fucking Mongolia. Dell has virtually shut down all manufacturing in the US. On and on and on and on it goes in virtually every industry category …………

    If you want to make it America today you better rely on YOURSELF, for example, by starting your own business. Easier said than done for sure, but the good jobs are gone forever. You CAN do something if you try hard enough and stick-with-it despite all the barriers this POS government of ours puts in place.

    All you “Fortune” companies? Go fuck yourselves in the ass. It may not amount to a hill of beans but I do whatever I can to NEVER buy from you or patronize you. This month, for example, me ‘n Ms Freud removed all our money from BOA and deposited it in a local credit union. It was pure joy listening to the cocksucker BOA banker trying so hard to keep us “valued” clients! Ha! Fuck you!!

    Do I sound angry? You betchya!!!!

  3. “The well paying goods producing jobs are never coming back.”

    This is because there is no such thing as a “well paying goods producing job” anywhere in the world. When were factory workers EVER paid well? Only very briefly when Unions were powerful in the manufacturing industries, and only during the post WWII years when industry had been for the most part blown off the map in Europe. Once factories got built in the rest of the world, wage arbitrage took over, Unions were busted and Factory Pay reverted to the mean, which is Dogshit Pay.

    Do we WANT Factory Jobs like the Chinese have? So we can measure our success by how many Suicides the factory workers commit each year? WTF?

    There will never be well paid factory jobs again, because the whole factory model of Capitalism is Dogshit based on the availability of Cheap Oil. Capitalism managed to burn up all the Oil in about 100 years, and turn most of the world into an industrial sewer in the process. You can take the Factory Jobs and stick em where the Sun Don’t Shine, and wipe your ass with the Toilet Paper Money of Capitalism.


  4. By well paying job I mean this.

    My dad worked in a factory. He was a tool and die maker. They built very very large generators. He made enough money so that my mom did not have to work. He was able to easily afford a nice comfortable house without breaking the budget. He was able to buy a new car every 3-4 years. We went on family vacations. He was able to set aside money for savings. He never had a credit card (even to this day) and carried no debt other than the mortgage. We certainly were not rich, but neither were we lacking in anything …. all on one income. That’s what I mean by “well paying”. This is almost impossible for the “average” American worker today.

  5. Within 2-4 years, I expect huge job growth in a category that’s long been out of favor in the US.

    Anyone want to guess? Anyone?

    Subsistence farmer.

  6. RE: ” You can take the Factory Jobs and stick em where the Sun Don’t Shine, and wipe your ass with the Toilet Paper Money of Capitalism.”

    This where I find myself at odds with you …. your unbrideled hatred for capitalism, factory jobs, etc.

    You posted pics of the lovely cabin you live in. Where did the nails come from? The insulation? The roofing? The water heater? You drive a car. Where did the metal come from? Who built the engine? And so on ………

    You curse capitalism and now factory jobs … but your very existence is dependent on them.

    If you put your money where your mouth is then you would live in an igloo. You’d have one change of clothes and a fishing pole. At least that would be consistent.

  7. I don’t know how well things are going for the housecleaning industry nation wide, but I will need to hire a person come summertime. Here in Maine, those people who hire a house cleaner generally have plenty of money, enough to maintain the luxury throughout this economic downturn. How long that will last I don’t know. Overall, I remain skeptical of the continued existence of such luxury services that I provide.

    I will continue to make the same new years resolution that I have for three years, to not get a real job.

  8. RE has a great point above. Not only are factory jobs not coming back – but do we really want them back? So what is the solution to creating jobs? “service” jobs?? you only need so many friers at McDs and greeters at WalMart. “IT jobs” – the US workforce is simply not well-educated enough as compared to India, China, etc. So what is left – subsistence farming (peasants)??

    Also with that job market you describe above I would not count on inflation – no matter how much the Fed prints. Get ready for the next phase of the Greater Depression …

  9. I agree with StuckinNJ, this country did have plenty of good paying jobs in manufacturing. They may not have been something you looked forward to going to, but they we’re sure as hell better than the McJobs nowadays.
    Look around, follow the money.. The something-for-nothings and the parasite (robber baron) class have left little reward for anyone who does an honest day’s work.
    This just can’t keep going; the ones who produce something of real value are running out of reasons to keep on.

  10. CrazyCanuck — of course we want (need) factory jobs. As you pointed out, what else is left after service jobs, IT jobs, and farming. Of course you forgot all the medical jobs, engineering, etc … but that’s not enough for a nation of 310 million people.

    Factory jobs aren’t that bad at all …. depending on what you do.

    My dad loved building machines. There are many exciting highly skilled jobs in factories.

    On the other hand, I worked two factory jobs in the summer before I joined the Air Force. In one, I made plastic paint buckets. Push the green button to start the injection process .. when the green light came on push a button to open the doors … remove bucket and stick it on a pallet. That was my mind numbingly stupid job. I hated it. The only reason I lasted two months was because it was so damn hot by the injection machines, and the girl operating the machine next to mine wore thin blouses and her nipples would show through by around noon time. This was important to me as an 18 year old horny manchild.

    But there are many people that love mind numbingly boring repetitive work. For some, it’s all they CAN do. Others can do more but they don’t want to — they love the simplicity and lack of stress.

  11. RE, I think you mean Corporatism, not Capitalism. Anyone who thinks the “free” market is responsible for our mess is either woefully ignorant or stupid. Americans had a great thing going once, its a tragedy that they let it slip out of their hands. Now the majority are screwed in two ways. Not only are their savings inflated out of existence while their standard of living falls as wealth generating activities go abroad, but they have to pay for the global military empire that protects the foreign investments.

  12. I don’t wanna be a farmer. I know plenty, the farmers daily “to do” list rivals the fucking healthcare bill. Maybe I can find a nice farmer to hire me to polish faucets and dust baseboards. Fat chance.

  13. Zara, I thought you didn’t read any of RE’s posts? Anyway, I’m pretty sure RE knows the difference between Corporatism and Capitalism. Prepare yourself for a major beatdown. You will soon be dispatched to the Great Beyond. Good time for you to take a vacation to Iran.

  14. Hey, if gasoline hits $5-$10/gallon, we’ll have all kinds of “manufacturing” jobs available again. Most everything people need will revert to a local level, with goods and services produced and consumed locally. It will be too expensive to import anything, let alone goods that are made with petroleum. People will have to get used to doing without cheap crap from China (CCFC).

    Too bad for those people in the cities, though.

  15. RE

    America’s manufacturing sector pays its workers better than every other country in the world, save for Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, and Australia.

    Your pitch for strong unions (” When were factory workers EVER paid well? Only very briefly when Unions were powerful in the manufacturing industries, and only during the post WWII years when industry had been for the most part blown off the map in Europe.”) hasn’t worked very well for GM and Chrysler, has it? GM’s legacy costs (pension and health benefits for retired workers) amount to over $1 billion a month and help make up the $2,200 labor costs GM must add to the price tag of each car it makes. In contrast, Toyota’s labor costs are about $200 per unit. And if weren’t for Fedzilla’s multi-billion dollar bailouts, GM and Chrysler would be in the dust bin of history, where they belong. And both managers and the UAW should look in the mirror to find the culprits.

  16. Correction – Population in 2000 was 281 million, not 248 million. US population as of last week 308,700. Increase in population was 27 million in the past decade not 61 million mentioned in article. Sorry Jim, just pointing out the error.

  17. LOL Stuck. I read this one because it’s uncharacteristically brief. As for the Iran vacation, I might just do that. Today I got an offer to do a consulting gig in Anand India. I can stop off on the way. Nice time of year to do a bit of skiing on Mt. Damavand.

  18. Population for completed census for 2010 is 308,700,000 not 308,700, just in case anyone didn’t figure this out. Sorry for error.

  19. We closed the gold window in 1971 and this is what started the consumer, debt based economy. As we became consumers instead of producers, other countries wanted a piece of the pie. Our failed monetary policy and government regulations encouraged countries to sell the largest consuming nation with cheap products. Easy money due to a closed gold window and engine of inflation AKA the Federal Reserve created an artificial demand for goods and services. As we became addicted to these cheap goods, many US manufacturers had to go overseas to stay competitive. The question becomes could this all have been prevented if we never closed the gold window? I believe things would be a lot different today if we didn’t. The fiat system was a total failure. Only the elite rich and government benefited from it.

  20. All the way back to the first comment: Good post, Stuck..

    I’m just forging forth, doing what logic says to do, diversifying investments across the board (staying out of $$ for the most part), tucking a few boxes of MRE’s (yuck) in the shed JIC, and already have a pretty gas efficient vehicle (that could be improved on).

    Experiences as posted by Pirate Jo are going to become more common, and not just by teenagers either. And PJ? I could hear the ends of those tube SNAP at they tied up tight! LOL……

  21. Milw05

    Thanks for that catch. I was swimming in numbers last night putting those charts together. I’ve revised the article to the correct figures.

  22. No one can predict what a real free market can do because we have not had one for so long. So far with all the currency manipulations, I don’t see a free market coming soon unless the whole financial system really fails. America has two financial roads to go down to produce wealth, agriculture or manufacturing; or both. For America employment with a decent wage is most important in life. Many people have no probem working a manufacturing job over an agricultural job that migrants now and have for a long time performed. In the old system everyone benefited both manufacturing worker and migrant farm workers.

    I realize that modern technology requires very educated people to work in the industries that require their talant; however, we still need the mundane industries that produce for the needs of our society. We should not be exporting those jobs; nor should we be lowering their importance and wage paid for work. Life is just not about profits; it is also about employment. All of us obtain a certain part of our identity through our work and our networking through our work. If our corporations and our government cannot see that than they are corporations and (persons) without soul. This is the flaw in accepting corporations as persons also; corporations are “soulless persons” without flesh & blood.. If we are going to allow large corporations to continue to exist in our country let’s give them a soul; if not flesh & blood.

    I would sugest if corporations create jobs with endevers of all types that immediately hire people with the profits they are holding outside the U.S. that if repatiated the money would only be taxed at 10% then this would be the best move for the economy. Even if the jobs are planting trees, putting in roads, water wells, and such in our deserts; for future development as we create new manufacturing industries for our own basic needs.

  23. I do think subsistence farming will be the growth industry before the end of the next decade. Trouble is, subsistence farming is hard and kind of wipes out the concept of the 40 hour work week. That means about 25% of the population will die off during the winter after their first crop.

    The other growth industry we have in N. California is the homeless. My son works 3 shifts per week while going to college at the homeless shelter, which has a capacity of 120 folks. By 2015 there will be probably 1200 per night and by 2020 it will be 12,000 souls. His attitude since taking the job is better. I don’t know if contributing to the families work ethic or that he has learned the true meaning of the “Prince Syndrome”.

  24. StuckInNJ,

    My reference to RE’s comment was to this line:

    “Do we WANT Factory Jobs like the Chinese have? So we can measure our success by how many Suicides the factory workers commit each year? WTF?”

    I agree we need to have factory jobs as they “used to be” (like the one your father had) not how they have become when off-shored to China/India. Forcing the huge multi-nationals to bring these kinds of “jobs” back to NA would be counter-productive in my view.

    I think the only way “factory” jobs will come back to NA will be when eventually due to high transportation costs a lot of production becomes relocalized. I mean when the nails, roofing, etc. on RE’s cabin are made in Alaska in small local “factories” – like they would have been over 50 years ago. But this can only happen AFTER the coming deleveraging and deflation cycle (5-6 years) during which a lot of the multi-nationals (WalMart, HomeDepot, etc) will either no longer exist at all – or in a much much smaller form. There will be a lot of pain and adjustment in the next few years – but necessary to stabilize hopefully at a much lower normal than now. I am actually hopeful that my children will live in a better world (but much simpler). In the short term I think a lot of city dwellers will either be elbowing each other in soup kitchen lines – or moving to the rural areas and learning how to grow their own food (maybe modern day share-croppers).

  25. Quite a few posts to respond to here. It will have to wait until tonight though, busy today. Far as the Capitalism-Corporatism “a rose by any other name” question goes though Zara, as Stuck said, you are in for a TSUNAMI of prose for making that distinction. So sorry.


  26. Welshman — you missed THE cash crop opportunity of a lifetime …

    … weed, dope, grass, ganja, giggle weed, Aunt Mary, Mary Jane, wacky tobacky, dankity dank, diggety dank, purple kush, purp slurp, canny banny, left handed tobacco, blueberry yum-yum, Kansas ditch weed, Buddha Grass, loco weed, joint, reefer, Texas Tea, Thai sticks, Mexican Green, Panama Red ……………….. a.k.a., MARIJUANA

    Fill your basement with plants — make a couple hundred grand. Guaranteed!

    All it takes is some courage and being smart about it. As soon as my township starts cutting cops hours and funding, I’ll be in business! Special deals for TBPers await you all. Especially, SSS.

  27. Crazy Canuck, I don’t think the standard of living blue collar employees enjoyed in the 1950’s through the 1970’s will come back. That was a special time as the US was the only industrial country coming out of WW2 that was unscathed and there was worldwide demand for american products. It didnt hurt either that potential competitors (China, USSR, India, Argentina, etc.) shot themselves in the foot with horrible economic regimes.

  28. Thanks for the clarification CC.

    You are 100% correct when you said, “I think the only way “factory” jobs will come back to NA will be when eventually due to high transportation costs ”

    Cheap oil (low transportation costs) is one of the biggest reasons globalization was possible in the first place. Amazing, is it not, how a Toaster in Topeka from Taiwan costs only $9.99 !! When it costs $29.99 then we’ll just start making them here again.

  29. Another great Quinn article full of charts and data unlike the usual anecdotal bullshit. This is what I signed on for. There is no equal. This calls for the Quinn song…….

  30. Admin – well done.

    As much as I hate to agree with RE, he is right in saying that the high paying manufacturing jobs are not coming back. There are a great many reasons for this, and once we lost momentum by losing our skill base, high paying jobs in US manufacturing were finished forever.

    However, the biggest reason they will not return is that large companies set up their operations to function around the lowest common denominator – Iidiots. And idiots are very plentiful. Manufacturing employees need little or no skills these days – even the need to push buttons is minimized or eliminated. And low skill jobs simply do not pay well

    Stuck – I have had a lot of dealing with tool and die makers, and it makes a good case study. For many years I sourced high dollar tools from US toolmakers. In the late 70s and thru the 80s they were extremely well paid. What began to happen is that they were so well paid they began to take extended holidays. They started taking two months off a year, then three, then four, then as many as six! This is a true story from my experience. They could make enough in six months to well support themselves for the year so thet only worked six months.
    The consequence of this was that I could not bear the increased leadtime. I, and many,many others, began to buy tools elsewhere, especially from Germany and Japan. The toolmaking business in the US is no largely dead. The toolmakers killed it all by themselves.

    This type issue happened throughout manufacturing – unions gave business reason to buy from overseas, tradespeople did the same, and so did unskilled workers. The government didn’t help manufacturing either. So it left. We killed manufacturing in the US and we will not be able to revive the corpse.

    Happy days are gone, my friends. .

  31. Read the papers, man. Jobs are being created – in the military, with the police, and with the FBI. If you want a job, hire on with the forces of authority. Salary’s good with regular increases, bennies are better, and retirement income’s great. Plus with never ending wars, terrorists to be protected against, and an increasingly restless society to be subdued, there’s absolutely no chance of layoff.

  32. StuckInNJ,

    “Amazing, is it not, how a Toaster in Topeka from Taiwan costs only $9.99 !! When it costs $29.99 then we’ll just start making them here again.”

    No – we will begin making toasters again when WE can make them for $9.99 (or whatever the comparable price is in China)! What the workers salaries will be then – and what it will buy – is the BIG question! Transportation costs are only a small factor in what created globalization (cheap labour, lax environmental laws, corporate greed, etc.) but is the major factor that will bring a halt to globalization. Peak oil has thrown a gigantic wrench into the gears of the global economy – and its effects are not entirely predictable – but a huge reduction in global trade is a high probability. How that translates locally will depend on the local economy – and unfortuneately the local government response. Communities that respond properly, and have ample local raw materials and skilled labour – will prosper – but others will fail miserably.

  33. OK, I have more than a few posts here I have to respond to. I suggest you go pour yourself a strong one, I am about to go on a major rant 🙂

    First off is Stucky’s complaint, which he has voiced before that my “Capitalism is EVIL” spin gets a little tiresome and hard to take after a while. Why do I have to return to this theme and hammer down on it so often? Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I am the ONLy person on this board who argues an Anti-Capitalist point of view. No, that wasn’t Anti-Christ, it was Anti-Capitalist. LOL. I’m damn sure I am the only Tribalist-Primitivist on the board, but not only that, there isn’t even a freaking Communist or Socialist who will stand tall and make a freaking argument here! Somebody wanna raise their hand and come out of the closet and pick an Anti-Capitalist ideology to argue for here? I didn’t think so. I’m the Lone Fucking Ranger! All by my Lonesome, I have to take on every damn Capitalist argument that gets pitched out here, NOBODY else will question these assumptions on this board. Not only that, I have to take on the juvenile dimwits who cannot argue the merits of the case and who light up the board with Napalm every time I make an argument that demonstrates fallacies in the Group Think that Capitalism is the Cat’s Fucking Pajamas! You don;t think I get a little tired of hearing the nonsense spewed across these pages as Received Wisdom from the pages of Adam Smith every day? So whenever I get the opportunity, and particularly when its one of JimQ’s Feature Posts which has faulty Capitalist Ideologyin it, I recycle a few counter arguments just to keep the board somewhat balanced in its presentation of ideas. Elsewise, all the board is is a fucking Capitalist Propaganda Machine.

    My next Pet Peeve, vocied here by Zara, is that I shouldn’t blame Capitalism, because we don’t have “Capitalism”, we have “Corporatism”. Or some other newly coined labels, like Krony Kapitalism or a Kleptocracy. The thing is here folks, right up until Capitalism took a nose dive in 2008, everybody was more than happy to give Capitalism the credit for tanking the Soviet Union (man, we sure showed those Comies didn’t we!), and perfectly happy to call it Capitalism when they were making juicy Profits flipping houses in the RE market, but as soon as it goes south, its no longer Capitalism, now its “Corporatism”! WTF? This is called Rebranding. Your Brand Name now has a Stink about it so you come up with a new name so you can keep perpetrating the myth that “Capitalism” in its “pure” form is still GREAT! Clearly, the people who beleive this shit are clueless about the History of Capitalism, because it has never been anything but Corporatism and Kronyism. Most of you now will admit that at least since 1913 when Da Fed was introduced to control our monetary system its been a corrupt system, but I can easily show you that it has ALWAYS been this way, right from its birth in the Banking House of the Medici back in the Middle Ages. So let us take a trip with Sherman back through History in Mr. Peabody’s WAYBAC Machine, shall we? RE will be your Tour Guide and do a Reader’s Digest version of the History of Capitalism from round 1400AD to the Present, OK? If you can find even ONE period in history where this whole thing hasn’t been a corrupt use of the control of Money and its relationship to power in Goobermint I will bestow on you the Title of Knight Errant, Defender of Capitalism, OK?

    In 1397 the Bank of the Medici was founded. these folks established a monetary power base around Florence, and they established a connection with the Mongolian Empire. The Medici also drop about 4 mebers of their clan into the Papacy, which of course was THE major Goobermint form in the days of the Holy Roman Empire. Various petty Nobles throughout the Empire simply cannot function without using the banking house of the Medici all through this period. Not until the reformation gets well under way and the Catholic Church fractures in the 1500s does the power of the Medici begin to wane, at least on the surface level, as they’re expelled out of Florence.

    However, just about the same time, Amsterdam and London become powerful banking centers, and by teh beginning of the 1600’s, the two major Trading Companies and Banking Houses are Chartered in London and Amsterdam, those being of course the British and Dutch East India Companies. These two companies basically as Monopolies fund the exploratory voyages of Britain and Holland, and fund the Goobermints of these two countries to build powerful Navies which will protect their Merchant Ships on all the trade routes they establish. Working into India in the 1700s, the British East India Company becomes the defacto Goobermint of India.

    The American Colonies get established in the 1600s,and by the 1700s are their own little developing economy, but getting taxed to beat the band by their owners over in England, the Monarchy which by then is now owned by the House of Rothschild. I am glossing over the establishment of the Bank of England in 1692 and Sir Isaac Newton’s role as Master of the Mint during this period for the sake of brevity here.

    Over in the colonies, you have your OWN set of Banksters who are trying to run a Fiat system of notes, because all the Gold and Silver is getting taxed out. Prominent among said Banksters is the father of my favorite Beer Brewer, Sam Adams. Here is a brief synopsis of the currency problems which faced the merchants prior to the Revolutionary War:

    The Land Bank, Sam Adams, and the Revolution
    A Now-Forgotten Crisis That Primed Massachusetts for Independence
    Oct 4, 2009 Brian Deming

    Samuel Adams – Library of CongressThe British Parliament snuffed out a popular plan to solve a a currency problem in colonial Massachusetts. This intervention ruined the father of young Sam Adams.

    Massachusetts was the focal point of discontent in advance of the American War of Independence. Every American schoolchild learns about the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battles of Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill, all occurring in Massachusetts before the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

    Why was Massachusetts the center of the rebellion? Why did Massachusetts, of all the colonies, take up arms first?

    Resentment Over Intervention by Parliament
    Among the reasons was resentment over intervention by the British Parliament into a crisis in Massachusetts in the 1740s. That intervention had to do with problems related to money and the economy in Massachusetts. Parliament’s actions angered many people, especially farmers. It also ruined the fortunes of some, including Deacon Adams, the father of Samuel Adams, who became a leading revolutionary figure. One of the lessons of the episode was the knowledge that Parliament could and would act against the wishes of the majority. Young Sam Adams, among others, remembered.

    Ads by Google
    Banking Free Online Info Get Info On Banking Free Online Access 10 Search Engines At Once. http://www.Info.com/BankingFreeOnlineGet $250-$1,000 Cash Now $250 – $1,000 In Your Bank Account Get Cash Fast. Bad Credit OK! http://www.CreditLoan.comThe controversy that cause such a stir had to do with what was called the Land Bank. A chronic problem in colonial America was a shortage of coins made of silver or gold. Paper money was almost unknown. Coins made of precious metal was the only currency everyone trusted. But too few coins were in circulation. Many people managed by offering credit. Many then accepted goods, rather than cash to pay off debts. A tavernkeeper, for example, might keep a tab for a customer who bought drinks and meals on credit. That customer might then eventually settle the debt by, perhaps, shoeing the tavernkeeper’s horse. Many people recognized that this system was not satisfactory.

    Shortage of Cash, Hard Times
    In the 1740s, problems associated with the shortage of cash came to a head with hard economic times. Many farmers and artisans found themselves deeply in debt, mostly to wealthy merchants in Boston, who exacerbated the coin shortage by shipping money to Britain to purchase goods to sell in America.

    Deacon Adams (whose name was Samuel, but was known as Deacon) was among the leaders of a movement to solve the money shortage by issuing paper money. The plan called for the creation of a Land Bank. The Land Bank would issue paper money backed, not by precious metal such as silver or gold, but by land. This paper money, Land Bankers hoped, would stimulate the economy as people accepted it and used it to pay off debts and buy goods. Most people in Massachusetts liked the idea. This was evident in elections as people voted into office men who favored the Land Bank.

    Opposed by Governor, Many Merchants
    But the Land Bank was opposed by the governor, who was appointed by the king. The governor prohibited appointed officials in the colony to associate with the bank. The bank was also opposed by some merchants, especially those who were owed money. They anticipated that the Land Bank money would be inflationary–an advantage to people in debt, but a disadvantage to creditors. Some saw the Land Bank as a scheme for debtors to escape their full obligations. Also, many merchants were involved in international trade and therefore preferred the most widely accepted form of currency–gold and silver. But despite this opposition, the Land Bank was launched.

    Read on
    John and Samuel Adams, Patriot Cousins
    Voice of Loyalists, Daniel Leonard as Massachusettensis
    Colonial American Currencies
    Then, those merchants, working with the governor sought help from the British Parliament. Parliament responded by declaring the Land Bank illegal.

    Many people in Massachusetts recognized Parliament’s action as potentially ruinous. Some considered resisting. But no organized resistance emerged. In the end, the Land Bank collapsed. Deacon Adams was financially ruined. Samuel Adams, a student Harvard College at the time, was reduced to waiting tables at the college, although he remained a student. Samuel Adams spent years sorting out his father’s financial mess.

    Political Faction of Discontented Men
    The main group of people supporting the Land Bank eventually formed the backbone of the political faction of discontented men that Samuel Adams pointed toward rebellion.

    The crisis concerning the Land Bank in many ways paralleled the crisis in 1775 that led to the start of the American Revolution. In both cases, the majority of people in Massachusetts were pitted against a small, but wealthy, powerful and entrenched faction. In both cases, that entrenched faction called on Parliament for help. In both cases Parliament responded against the will of the majority. In both cases an Adams was in the middle of it all.

    However, in 1775, Massachusetts was better prepared than in the 1740s to resist Parliament.”

    As you can see, the motivation here for the Revolutionary war primarily came from disagreements about Money, and Sam Adam’s had to be one bitter individual indeed trying to sort out the mess in his father’s Bankster biz.

    Moving forward to after the Revolution, most of us are aware of Alexander Hamilton’s role in founding the First Bank of the US, which allowed the banking families of Europe their first inroad into the financial structure of the newly independent FSofA. Again, Banking and Capitalism become inextricably intertwined with Goobermint into the 1800s, the First Bank of the US gives way to the Second Bank of the US, the one Andrew Jackson so famously “killed”. The reason he wanted to kill (but really failed) this bank was of course because it hadfirst of Bankrupted most of the population and second off was controlling the political system of the day. What follows this is a very sloppy period from 1850 until the Civil War, when Lincoln issues his famous Greenbacks, and then of course gets Assassinated at the close of the War.

    Now you move into the period where the Railroad Tycoons, the “Robber Barons” including such notables as Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller, whose legendary exploits in Goobermint influence peddling can be Googled up by anybody here who would like to sift through the VOLUMES of information detailing this period of our history of “Capitalism”. It was of course accompanied by the Long Depression of the 1870s, another very sorry period of time for J6P.

    Barely fter this shit gets over and done with, Teddy Roosevelt around the turn of the Century tries to “Bust the Trusts”, of course also failing miserably just as Andy Jackson really failed miserably in “Killing the Bank” back in the 1850s.

    A scant 13 years later, a few Krony Kapitalists board a train bound for Jekyll Island in Georgia, Da Fed is BORN, and the rest of course is History you folks should be acquainted with by now.

    So tell me here folks, WHERE in this timeline was there EVER the kind of Fantasy Capitalism of the “Free Market”? It has NEVER EXISTED, any more than Communism ever existed in the Soviet Union. That wasn’t Communism as envisioned by Karl Marx, it was Krony Kommunism as practiced by their own version of Da Fed, which was the Politburo. Centrally contolled economies favoring the well connected in BOTH places. Just far as our group of Oligarchs were concerned, they kept themselves better hidden since 1913 then the Commie Oligarchs did, but it was essentially no different in either place. The Illusion of the “Free Market” presented by the Stock and Bond Markets over these years has now been exposed for what it always was, an ILLUSION. Da Fed has ALWAYS had the power to manipulate the market and to feed endless amounts of money to its member banks, to loan out to J6P. These Banks could NEVER go broke, not from the bad loans my Dad made to Brasil in the 60s right up to the S&L crisis or the Enron debacle. Its NEVER been the kind of Fantasy Capitalism people here believe in so righteously, and at no time in history has it ever been proven that such a system could really work either, its just a Faith Based idea with no real grounding in reality.

    On the other hand I CAN prove to you that Potlatch worked for well over 2000 years in the Pacific Northwest from the years 1200-1400, through a population well over 100,000 strong through that period. A larger population than most of the Kingdoms incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire of the same period, just these folks never got into the trap of Land Ownership and over harvesting their natural resource.

    You really think you can make a case agaisnt the history I present here of what Capitalism truly IS and has always been? Feel free, be my Guest. It’s what I LIVE for here on the pages of TBP. Not Napalm, not homophobic insults, not platitiudes and Group Think, show us all you know as much about this as I do, and prove me wrong. I DARE YOU. I’ll take on ever last one of you folks, and I will make you regret the day you were ever born.

    I know, you are wondering, did RE only fire 5 shots off his Keyboard here, or did he fire all 6 at the False God of Capitalism? Challenge me and find out. Go ahead PUNK, Make My Day.


  34. OK, now that I have got that one out of my system, time to address yet another set of questions here with respect to the perceived Hypocrisy that while RE goes on his endless rants decrying the Evils of Capitalism and the worth of the Manufacturing and Factory models, he lives in a Log McMansion built with plenty-o-stuff made in factories, not to mention he drives a 20 year old Mazda also built in a factory. If RE REALLY believed in what he was writing, WTF isn’t he living in an Igloo and commuting to work Mushing a Dogsled?

    Back in the late 60s and early 70s, there was a movement called “Back to the Land”, most notably promoted through Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Catalogue. During this period “Hippies” of the time made the attempt to go back to a sort of communal living, raising their own veggies, “dropping out, tuning in and turning on”. It of course ended up in failure mode, because they were battling against a powerful cultural tide, not tom mention the fact that paying the Porperty Tax on a Commune is pretty hard if nobody is working in a money producing job but is just raising subsistence food and subsitence marijuana. LOL.

    I was a bit too young to go out into the Commune world of the time, and grew up in the great Consumer era of the FSofA from the 70s until today. Any real possibility for surviving inside this society as it is structured now requires that you buy into the making money idea, at least enough to put food on your table and a roof over your head anyhow. So, for this entire period, with the exception of a couple of short periods of Unemployment, I have worked at one sort of job or another. Sometimes making a lot of money, other times not so much. Mostly hovering just above the median income in the society. However, because I am a minimalist and chose not to remarry and raise a family, I have always had plenty of money. Its just comon sense that in our current society, even in Alaska, to try to live a complete subsitence life is pretty hopeless. Not even the local natives try to do it, they get their Goobermint Dole. Not even Susan Butcher did it, because even though she sure did live a rugged life, she funded it all by being one of the greatest Mushers of all time, and won plenty of money racing her Dogsleds and got plenty of endorsements also.

    This IS the society we have, and to try to fight against it while the Oil was still flowing copiously was just a losing cause overall. So I don’t fight it, I just wait for it to Collapse. Far as my Cabin goes, while yes its true that the nails were made in a Factory, nails do not HAVE to be made in a factory. If we had a local Blacksmith, he could make the nails. The Double Paned Factory Made Glass Windows would be a bit harder to duplicate but not impossible. Even if you couldn’t do it though, it doesn’t take a factory to make glass, individuals have been blowing glass since even before metals were smelted out. Back in the 1800s during the Gold Rush, many of the cabins were built with no nails at all, you put them together like Lincoln Logs. My personal specialty in building shelter without nails is Geodesic Domes. I can build a very nice one with just 1-2″ diameter saplings and twine, up to 20′ in diameter and 10′ high at center. Once the frame is built, you can surface it in many ways.

    Do I live in one of these things now? Hell no. Why do that when I can rent a perfectly nice cabin? Why would I mush a dogsled while I still can afford gas for my Mazda and its still available? Do I seem fucking STUPID to you or what? I’m not so ideologically driven here that I can’t see reality when it hits me over the head with a sledghammer you know. LOL. I’m not going to be moving into one of my Geodesics OR an Igloo until well after TSHTF, and probably not even then because for the rest of my lifetime there are more than enough good shelters already built as a result of the housing fiasco of the last decade. Somewhat better likelihood I will be mushing a Dogsled though, but not even that since at least around here there is probably enough fossil fuels to keep us going for the rest of my life if we don’t export it all.

    The argument here is that since I am the beneficiary of many things made in factories, I should be greatful for and pay homage to the factory model. BULLSHIT. It pisses me off no end that this is the way society developed and I have to live this way. You cannot fight this stuff though, not while the Conduits are still functioning. As long as they do function, the Illuminati have the power, they own the means of production and Da Goobermint, you pay your fucking taxes and you make your money or you end up a pathetic victim and member of the dependent class, with whose plight I sympathize with but to which class I endeavor NOT to descend into if I can help it. CAPISCHE?

    The fact is that once the Conduits DO fail, just about everything I normally use and need besides my Laptop here can be pretty well substituted by things we can make ourselves WITHOUT using a Factory Model or “Manufacturing” in the sense of the way the word has been used since the dawn of the Age of Oil. Will I miss my Laptop once the Internet goes the way of the Dinosaur? Of course I will, just as I will miss my 20 year old Mazda, but if I never had them to begin with, I wouldn’t miss them.

    Clothing, once made by individuals spinning fibers at home and weaving it up into cloth was turned into a Factory Model, where Indian Children work 12 and 14 hour days in the sweatshops of Calcutta. Do we really NEED all those Abercrombie Fashions and closets full of clothing we only wear once or twice a year? Hell no, you can get by with just a couple of changes of clothes easily, and they can be made right here at home by your neighbors, in their homes while their children play ball outside, instead of sitting in front of the Plasma TV paying the Wii. You can go out Hunting together with your friends with Bow and Arrow, you do not need an AR-50 Sniper rifle to knock down a Caribou, although to be sure it makes it a whole lot easier and you have a lot more range with it. You can go out fishing and crabbing in a Kayak, you do not need a Downeaster powered by a 150HP Outboard motor. Yes I use all these products of the industrial model when I fish and hunt with my friends, but do I really NEED them? No I do not, and when they go the way of the Dinosaur, for the most part we will have a better world as a result.

    The model that has functioned for the last 250 years or so since the thermodynamic energy of fossil fuels was first accessed to pump out water from coal mines in England utilizing the Steam Engine is going the way of the Dinosaur. The factory model which grew out of that is going to follow it into the dustbin of history. The economic system of Capitalism, which used the monetary system and ownership of the means of production to enslave and impoverish the Working Class is on its Deathbed now, and all to the good there. Those “Godd Jobs” in manufacturing all came at a tremendous cost, to our society, to our families, to our health and to our Spiritual well being. The End of this era cannot come soon enough for me. Sadly, I will be dead before it really comes to a close, we are in for a fairly protracted period of trying to make this failure of a model keep working, and the devastation of war that will result from that is incalculable.

    I will not see the Better Tomorrow in my Mind’s Eye while I walk the Earth in this go round, I will only see a further level of destruction and loss of Freedom for most people, including myself most likely. My job as I see it before I walk into the Great Beyond is to write about what we have wrought here in our hubris that we can and should dominate the Earth, and to make it clear to anyone who ever reads what I put down on the servers around the world that it does NOT have to be this way, and we can live a wonderful life once we give up this nonsense, and return to th simpler technologies that proved themselves to be sustainable, and the spriti of generosity and giving embodied in the economic system of Potlatch. That is the legacy I intend to leave with my writings. Defy me at your own risk. I will make you regret the day you were ever born if you do so.

    See You on the Other Side.


  35. JFK wanted people on the Moon, ” not because it`s easy, but because it`s hard ” . Looking
    forward sounds like a crime in some of your posts. Going backward, just because some
    Illuminati want, is not a path to be chosen by mankind. Humans change, it`ll only take time.

    I still hold some hope that science and people like Newton, Hawking will count more than
    hollow idiots. Maybe it`s just a phase or a bad dream that we`re living now.
    Guys like AJay Nock will exist as long as the sheeple has something to learn from books.
    ” Never complain, never explain, never argue ” was his motto about how people learn.
    Those who want to learn, will learn.

  36. We are all slaves and have been slaves for some time. The middle class has been destroyed and we are all slaves. How do you keep a slave happy? Don’t let the slave realize he/she is a slave! Tell your slaves they are “free” people. Remind them often that they are “free”. In reality, you pay your slaves the minimum they need to survive on, or, slightly less than they need to survive.

    A slave struggling to survive will not have time to question the Master. Such a slave will be kept busy producing and out of the Master’s bussiness.

  37. I lived in Beijing for 4 years after college. Here is some on-the-ground info you guys should find interesting…

    Firstly, a college graduate in Beijing will earn approximately 3000 RMB per month for a full-time job. That is roughly equivalent to 350 FRN. I learned by teaching English at the Beijing University of Science and Technology (Beijing GongYuanDaXue) and asking my students what the average salary post-graduation was, or what they were expecting to get paid after they were done with school. Secondly, guys with PHDs in hard sciences make 10000 RMB – or 1250 FRN – per month. I learned this teaching English at a JV biotech company outside the 6th Ring Road towards the Great Wall.

    A Chinese factory worker? Forget about it… we’re talking dollars a day. Dollars a day, you live in what is basically a factory shelter with stacked beds and hundreds of dudes per room. Your “company provided meals” are basically a bowl of noodles and maybe some water or something, to keep you alive. Yes, we shipped the jobs to China. The basic laws of supply and demand work: China has a nearly infinite supply of peasants. The last time I checked, there was something like 700 million farmers in China – two Americas worth of pure farming. Another 100 million fishermen. Therefore, only 500 million left for the other shit – “only”. That is why the factories are there; life is cheap.

    So there we are, infinite supply of labor = global wage arbitrage. OBVIOUSLY American companies want to set up shop there, why pay American wages? Why bother with American safety standards? The per-unit cost of making shit in China is so so low.

    What kind of factory jobs are in America? What we needed was to get through industrialism and move on to… HyperIndustrialism. The future of shit based on technology. America needs to develop technology to the point where we can make anything and everything at a “cost” that is less than what it takes to make when you throw a dozen Chinese dudes at it. The Star Trek holodeck manufacturing assembly plant, basically. Where would the energy come from for something so drastic? How about nuclear plants using uranium from the ten billion or so atomic weapons we have lying around? Why isn’t America building a nuclear supergrid to replace our shitty century-old power distribution system? America just needs to move onto the 21st century. Our technology has come a long ways since Chernobyl. Science and technology are always the answer. How much would a nuclear supergrid cost to make? Trillions? Quadrillions? The real question is: do we have the resources to make it happen? We certainly don’t have the sheer manpower to compete with basic laws of supply and demand on the labor side. Economics is about taking advantage of your relative strengths; in this case, Corporamerica decided to take advantage of low-cost labor to provide Americans cheap shit. I like my 58 inch hdtv, and my desktop computer that I attached to it. My tv cost 1400 dollars in June – what would it have cost if it were made here? The cost would have included union benefits, COL adjustments, etc… Fuck that.

    We whine, but we still love our consumer shit – or at least I do. I don’t want to make 5 dollars a day working on an overcrowded, minimally safe factory floor.

    The answers here should be obvious, anyway. The main focus of the Chinese government is, and always will be, maintaining their fucking massive population. The history of China is the rise and fall of dynasties over thousands of years. Over thousands of years, the peasants get pissed off and revolt. The modern China is just the Communist Dynasty. The same shit will happen again: when China collapses from fiat/global depression, the peasants will once again be up in arms. Except they can’t own guns. At that point, yes, factories might come back to America, due to WW3, or whatever. When WW3 hits, it will be the same as WW2, America will need to industrialize its whole country to build the tank and planes we are going to use to fuck everyone else up. OR… the much easier solution… nukes galore, baby!

  38. RE-

    You seem to have thought it all through. Nothing like spending time in a log cabin in Alaska to do that. I see the value of the internet as providing information and connecting people of like mind from diverse locations. I don’t believe anyone is “converted” on the net. It is more like singing to the choir. The communists read communist blogs, the keynesians read keynesian blogs, the austrians read austrian blogs, etc. Personal philosophies are developed over a lifetime, not from reading a blog. The downside of the internet is making yourself too visible.

    He who is prudent and patiently waits for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.

  39. I hope the Chinese nationalize all the US factories in their country. It will be nice to see those responsible lose their ass on their investment in overseas factories.

  40. I build cheap rentalhomes with $10/hr day labor .In my latest project I hired my general contractor neighbor, and my architect/designer of the building, as $10/hour laborers . They both desperately needed more work ,and I didnt have the heart to see them working as fast food workers.

  41. @all free marketeers

    There is no free market. Never has been, never will be. All of us are complicit in this immoral capitalistic system, because we make a devil’s bargain being a wage slave. And now the new robber barons are actually cutting your wages and making greater profits. As the value of things go up, we should be seeing a rise in our wages. But we’re not because the world-wide labor force has doubled in the last decade. You can kiss the American dream good-bye!

  42. Jiggerjuice —

    First of all, you have one of the coolest names ever.

    Second, excellent post! I always value 1st hand experience over mere “intellectual” knowledge. You actually lived in China for 4 years. That must have been an awesome learning experience. Thanks for revealing that, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Stuck

      Your first two comments on this post have the most thumbs up ever. Nice.

      Now I need to unload on you. WTF!!! Avalon read your review of Black Swan and had to see it. We went last night.

      Ballet. The craziest chick ever. I wanted to kill myself by the end. Thanks.

  43. In 1970 my relative worked at a Shipyard in Chester PA building and repairing Oil tankers and other large ships
    1981 the Shipyard closed and he moved to the Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard. And during the 80’s completed college.
    In 1992 The Gov’t shut down the shipyard and he got a job as a machinist with a local utility
    in 2004 he was forced into early retirement as part of a Reduction In Force
    in 2005 he got a job at the Former Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard this time helping Scrap the same ships he had worked to keep afloat. So the Scrap could be sold to China
    In 2010 he is teaching his skills at a local Community College. Teaching because despite 30+ years experience there aren’t any jobs actually using his skills as his students will learn when they complete their program.

    Back in the 1980’s he asked “what happens to the US when we have flipped the last burger and sold the last insurance policy?”

    I am afraid we are about to find out.

  44. CrazyCanuck —

    I do agree with you there were other factors in creating globalization besides transportation costs.
    But you are incorrect in stating that transportation costs were just a minor factor.

    Why were there several dozens of automobile manufacturers in the early 1900’s? Because factories HAD to be built; A) as close as possible to the source of raw material or to the ports delivering material, and B) as close as possible to the buyers of what the factory produced. The same was true for every industry, not just autos. These are facts pretty much beyond dispute, my friend.

    The interstate highway system and the corresponding cheap gas changed all that in the USofA. Factories could now be built anywhere.

    Two technololgies further enabled globalization to take place. Communications technology — specifically, digital communication allowed for the “divorce” of the front office from the production floor. It was no longer necessary for Design, Engineering, R&D, Finance, Sales, and other necessary functions to PHYSICALLY be at the same location as the factory floor. There was no difference in being across the street, or across the world. Lastly, computer software easily handled the logistical nightmare of co-ordinating the entire complex process.

    I picked a $9.99 toaster because the cheaper the product, the more of a factor transportation cost becomes. Obviously. Suppose a trucker charges $10,000 to make a cross country run. The cost as a percentage of value to ship a million dollar generator my dad helped build is inconsequential … even if the cost were to double or triple. But even a slight increase in transportation costs would result in that $9.99 toaster increasing in price to the point that it is no longer profitable or competitive. And since the Chinese basically make cheap shit commodity items, you are absolutely correct that it will be — ” the major factor that will bring a halt to globalization.”

  45. LOL, Jim. What did Avalon think of the movie??

    SWEAR to God this is true. Last evening we watched another movie from that director, Requiem For A Dream. I saw it once before 10+ years ago. Ms. Freud did not, and since she soooo enjoyed Black Swan, she went to Blockbuster and got it. Trust me — that movie is even darker. I wanted to kill myself!! Maybe we had that thought at exactly the same time??? We’re connected Jimbo!!!

    1. Stuck

      She said she liked it. I don’t believe her. It is like saying you enjoyed that traffic accident. I have a sudden urge to scratch myself.

      There were a couple of enjoyable scenes. You know which ones I’m talking about.

  46. Jim loves to quote economic/political/social cycles and epochs, usually they are denominated in generations. This is a longer cycle, one denominated in empire or civilizations.

    Americans have been raped by the same banking/power monger cartels that have destroyed civilizations for thousands of years. For those familiar with Marvel Comic’s character Galactus, he is akin to the Rothschild/Medici bankers who always bleed then kill arrogant, irresponsible, blind and fat nations.

    The die is cast. I love this place, and pray (on my knees) every night for America. This great land had only one shield, and that was reverence for God and Country. That reverence has atrophied in to drugs, free sex, “equality,” and so called social justice. Piss on it, this aging cold warrior has the bug out place warm and cozy. I am watching, waiting, praying, hoping, that my fellow Americans, the ones with balls and honor, will fight one last good fight. Count on me if you do. But I will not catalyze this reaction, the younger amongst you must.

    I feel like Childe Roland in the great epoch poem by Browning…

    “Not hear? when noise was everywhere! it tolled
    Increasing like a bell. Names in my ears
    Of all the lost adventurers my peers,–
    How such a one was strong, and such was bold,
    And such was fortunate, yet each of old
    Lost, lost! one moment knelled the woe of years.

    There they stood, ranged along the hillsides, met
    To view the last of me, a living frame
    For one more picture! in a sheet of flame
    I saw them and I knew them all. And yet
    Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set,
    And blew. “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.”

  47. I wish I had time to read this whole article and all the comments, but I have actually been too busy working these days.

    By the way, Halliburton has a lot of job openings.

    You just have to leave your conscience at home.

  48. “Holy Verbosity of Verbiage, Batman! That RE fella sure is riled up!”

    I don’t understand your first post. Are you angry because I accused you of saying capitalism is evil? Hey, you did say, “ … the whole factory model of Capitalism is Dogshit …”. Or, are you angry that you feel the need to defend your position? I suspect it’s the latter, but I’m not positive.

    You then provided a snapshot of the evils/shortfalls of capitalism going all the way back to 1397. Hey, did I or anyone else here EVER say capitalism is the PERFECT system? No!!! Did you not read where Ms Freud and I told BOA to go fuck themselves? Do you know I haven’t been to a pizza chain-store like Pizza Hut in years. Rather I go local to Chiccio’s, as I try to do for every purchase whenever possible. I haven’t bought a diamond in over a decade and never will again in my lifetime for I am disgusted with the slavery at the point of origin. I am as disgusted as you are that children slave away making sneakers for mere pennies while cocksuckers like Michael Jordan make tens of millions endorsing them. I am NOT blind to the horrors.

    But, I feel YOU are blind to the horrors of YOUR system. You act as if Tribalism is free of all horrors and evil. Tell me again how kind and wonderful Attila the Hun was when he came through town? I could go on and on providing example after example why your ism is just as flawed, if not more so, than any other ism, and why the main reason this is so is because ANY system created by FLAWED humanity will result in flawed execution of that system no matter how good the original intent. But what’s the point? You are too “sold” on your solution – yeah, even brainwashed. I’m sure you’ll say, “pot meet kettle”! lol

    Now in terms of the hypocrisy question. Don’t misunderstand me. I do NOT care that you live in a beautiful log cabin! Again, I am only saying that to be TRULY consistent with your passionate point of view … that you OUGHT to live in an igloo.

    But you defend yourself by saying, — “This IS the society we have, and to try to fight against it while the Oil was still flowing copiously was just a losing cause overall. So I don’t fight it, I just wait for it to Collapse.” — Ha! You do realize what this is called? It’s called … RATIONALIZATION. It’s OK, we all do it. But would Jesus have said, “Hey, I know I preached against the evils of loving mammon but you know, this IS a very materialistic society, so that’s why I just bought Herod’s castle on the lake.”? Of course, you are no Jesus ….. even though you think you are. LOL

    Couple other quick points.


    You said, “On the other hand I CAN prove to you that Potlatch worked for well over 2000 years in the Pacific Northwest from the years 1200-1400, ..”

    I keep doing the math on this over and over. When I subtract 1400 – 1200, I get 200. You get 2,000. I’m calling bullshit on that one.


    You said; —- “nails do not HAVE to be made in a factory. If we had a local Blacksmith, he could make the nails. The Double Paned Factory Made Glass Windows would be a bit harder to duplicate but not impossible. Even if you couldn’t do it though, it doesn’t take a factory to make glass, individuals have been blowing glass since even before metals were smelted out´…”

    So, tell me, if you did have a nail maker and glass-blower up there — exactly how long would they be in business before they starved to death … making nails for just you and a handful of other clients? Why stop at nails and glass? What about all the other shit in your cabin? I guess you’d have your own personal pottery maker too? And furniture maker? And lumberjack for the furniture maker? And an oil driller to fill that Mazda with gasoline? Etc Etc Rubbish! Your economic “plan” makes no sense.


    You said; —- “ .. through a population well over 100,000 strong through that period ..”

    Aha! Therein is the rub! TRIBALISM DOES NOT SCALE!!! It may indeed work wonderfully well for small populations , but it just won’t work for a nation of 310 million. And you know it. Which is why, I believe, you often call for a massive die off of 90% (or greater) or humanity. At least in your system there will be a lot of new jobs created …. for hangmen and undertakers.

  49. This is the same shit, that happens here in germany. Mainstream media, Goverment and others tell us, we were doing well in 2011. more jobs, more income bla bla…..wtf. I am unemployed, no chance to get a job that I can pay my rent for the flat and other normal things.

  50. I want to give a shoutout and TBP welcome to the poster above, jurassicpork.

    I went to your website and added it to my favorites. Loved your article, “American Life In Stasis”. http://giveusthisdayourdailydread.blogspot.com/2010/12/american-life-in-stasis.html

    Comparing the USofA today to a road trip is very creative! I loved your closing comment; –

    – “Heaven has run out of manna and saviors and we’ve killed off the last Good Samaritans. When will it end and when will the common man finally get a break on the wayside?”

    Your 2010 wrapup is also pretty darn good.

  51. @eugend66

    “JFK wanted people on the Moon, ” not because it`s easy, but because it`s hard ” . Looking
    forward sounds like a crime in some of your posts. Going backward, just because some
    Illuminati want, is not a path to be chosen by mankind. Humans change, it`ll only take time.

    I still hold some hope that science and people like Newton, Hawking will count more than
    hollow idiots. Maybe it`s just a phase or a bad dream that we`re living now.
    Guys like AJay Nock will exist as long as the sheeple has something to learn from books.
    ” Never complain, never explain, never argue ” was his motto about how people learn.
    Those who want to learn, will learn.”

    JFK my have wanted people on the moon, but whether any ever actually set foot on that lifeless and barren hunk of rock is a subject of some debate. Let me ask you, were there any rocket or jet propelled VTOL craft that even functioned on earth in the 1960s? I defy anyone to produce a VTOL craft without the portable computing power we have now to do real time calculations to keep such a craft upright. Hell, even the upward bound rockets of the period were unstable, and balancing out a descending rocket is a WAY tougher problem. What exactly was keeping those Moon Landers upright with their rocket pointed at the ground anyhow? 1/4 Gravity doesn’t resolve the balance issues, they are still there, and moreover, without a working model on earth, how did the flight jockeys practice keeping them upright if they were doing it manually? Neil Armstrong just sat down in the pilot’s seat for the first time on the way down and did it by the seat of his pants? What?

    Newton and Hawking were/are bright guys, and so was Richard Feynman, who I had the great good fortune of doing some blackboard contests with when he visited at Columbia back in the 70s. However, once we moved from the world of classical physics describing the tangible universe of the medium size, actually making use of the theories of relativity describing the world of the very large or quantum mechanics describing the world of the very small we have been pretty much miserable failures. Observing the effects is one thing, actually controlling these effects is quite beyond anything even the most brilliant minds of the last 50 years have been able to do. I see nothing on the horizon to indicate we will be any more successful with this in the next 50 years than we have been for the last 50. Or in the next 500 years for that matter.


    “You seem to have thought it all through. Nothing like spending time in a log cabin in Alaska to do that. I see the value of the internet as providing information and connecting people of like mind from diverse locations. I don’t believe anyone is “converted” on the net. It is more like singing to the choir. The communists read communist blogs, the keynesians read keynesian blogs, the austrians read austrian blogs, etc. Personal philosophies are developed over a lifetime, not from reading a blog. The downside of the internet is making yourself too visible.

    He who is prudent and patiently waits for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.

    Certainly the calm, cold and peaceful scene outside my Cabin window is great for contemplation, but then so was the scenery out in front of the Windshield of my Freightliner. So were the endless hours I spent commuting to Stuyvesant on the NYC Subways in my HS years. It doesn’t matter where you are, there is always time to ponder on what makes the world tick for anyone, if they are so predisposed as to do that. Just most people do not spend time thinking out these questions, they simply take on the Received Wisdom of the Ages, from books like the Bible, or the “Wealth of Nations” or “Das Kapital”, whatever. Thnk it through and draw your own conclusions, and the world becomes quite a different place than the one you have been told it is.

    For myself, clearly I do not limit myself to blogs with only Tribalists, hell even on my own board the members don’t generally agree with me on those topics. The only way you ever learn anything is to go out and challenge the thinking of others who hold ideas in opposition to your own. Sadly of course, there are few people of any ideological persuasion who will engage in a real debate of ideas on any board.

    Far as Sun Tzu is concerned, he can take his prudence and patience and stick it where the sun don’t shine 🙂


    Good catch on the math error! Unfortunately deducing how these tribes lived much further back is pretty difficult, but I take it on faith they lived that way for the period from around 10,000 BC to 1500 AD 🙂

    Now, far as the Horrors of Tribalism goes, first off we can’t be sure if Attila just got a lot of Bad Press from the people his tribe descended on to Rape and Pillage. Maybe Atilla and the boys had good reason to slaughter all those people? Maybe they were all Pigmen! Attila was probably a nice Peaceful Chief until some Roman Bankster fleeced his tribe out of their ancestral lands. Then he followed RE’s timeless advice, “Don’t just get Mad, get EVEN!” LOL.

    On the Rationalization question and how Jesus might have operated in his wanderings, at least in that painting of the Last Supper he seems to have been eating pretty well. While the peons are out there starving, he and his buddies are feasting? WTF? Is there any description in the Bible of what Jesus’ McMansion looked like? Did HE live in an Igloo? Sure he went wandering around and spent a lot of time on the road, but then so did I 😉 Have YOU lived for 6 years traveling around and sleeping in a Freightliner?

    Can Tribalism scale up past the Federation size of 100,000 or so? In principle, yes it can, because actually that 100,000 represented 20 or more different tribes that all operated more or less the same way. The population reduction I see as necessary is not so much to make Tribalism function (although it would certainly help in that regard), but more to put less stress on the renewable planetary resources.

    Anyhow,so far here you have not tried to defend Capitalism, just attack the alternatives I present, which is fair enough I suppose. The thing is here, we clearly do need to replace a failing system, and I do not think replacing it with one which just failed is a great idea. Unless you have some OTHER plan here I haven’t thought of yet, or favor Communism or Socialism as a replacement, I’ll stick with Tribalism and Potlatch as the best alternative I can come up with. However, if you can come up with a better one, please enlighten me. I will be your Acolyte and Chief Propaganda Minister for Stucky’s System 🙂


  52. @ Stucky

    Oh, one more thing. I neglected to answer the Lead Question in your post:

    “I don’t understand your first post. Are you angry because I accused you of saying capitalism is evil? Hey, you did say, “ … the whole factory model of Capitalism is Dogshit …”. Or, are you angry that you feel the need to defend your position? I suspect it’s the latter, but I’m not positive.”

    Stuck, you should know me better than this by now. I am not “angry” at all. In fact I am quite deliriously HAPPY, because your post and Zara’s gave me a wonderful platform from which to write a rant on. I write in Dialogue, and without such questions doing this kind of writing is very dull. Throw me a Bone to Chew on though, and I will gnaw on it about FOREVER.

    Keep the questions coming Stuck. Its what I live for on the Internet.


  53. RE —

    Surely you jest in making reference to DaVinci’s Last Supper painting. Why does everyone in his painting look like Italians or Europeans??? Because DaVinchi was a fool … albeit a talented one. Jesus was short of stature, curly haired, a prominent nose …. not a blue eyed Eurotrash pretty boy! He also drove a Japanese car for it says after the Last Supper they all left in one Accord.

    In terms of my “ism” well … I know my limitations. I am not an Economist and don’t pretend to be. I could not rant like you do even if a pot of gold was the prize. That’s why it’s easier to attack someone else’s view rather than come up with my own. LOL

    Ideally, if I were forced to come up with something, I would love to return to the USofA circa 1776. I would abolish 90% plus of the Federal Government Agencies. I would abolish 95% of the tens of thousands of rules and regulations that make us amongst the LEAST free nations on earth. I guess if you had to name it it would be called LeaveMeTheFuckAloneIsm.

  54. ” I guess if you had to name it it would be called LeaveMeTheFuckAloneIsm”

    This actually has a more concise name, it is called “Anarchism”. So Stuck, you can now cop to being an Anarchist.

    The main tenet of the Anarchist is that he doesn’t want or accept the idea of having ANY Ruling Class or Goobermint out there telling him what to do. And of course in the period directly before a Revolution this is the case. The Revolutionaries have now decided to IGNORE whatever rules are being applied to their lives by TPTB, but they have not yet formed a new Goobermint which will replace the old one, or new set of Oligarchs to replace the last set.

    Sadly of course, the minute these Revolutionaries WON the war and moved their arguments from Sam Adam’s Tavern over tot he Constitutional Convention and hammered out a NEW Goobermint, you got yourself right back into the same old set of problems.

    “LeaveMeTheFuckAloneism” doesn’t last because human beings are Social Creatures that depend on each other. They always do and MUST aggregate up to some level of cooperation in order to survive. You actually immediately begin to make Compromises to LeaveMeTheFuckAloneism as soon as you get take on a Wife and start a family. Does your Wife ever LeaveYouTheFuckAlone? Do your Kids? Hell no! Compromises to this philosophy star immediately in the aggregation of people.

    The question is, just how big does the aggregate need to be to make it Self-Sufficient and Self-Sustaining? Answer there, minimum size is the Tribal Unit. Certainly you must make compromises to your Individual Rights as the member of a Tribal Unit, obeying the Tribal Taboos like not marrying your sister etc. LOL. However, overall the total number of compromises you must make are less in this situation than you hae when you aggregate up into Nation State size.

    So, your best REAL chance for “LeaveMeTheFuckAloneism” is to keep the Political Unit down to the Tribal Size. Welcome to the Club of Tribalists, Stuck. Glad to have a new member. LOL.


  55. “Does your Wife ever LeaveYouTheFuckAlone”

    LMAO!! Of course not! That’s WHY I divorced her in the first place.

    You have shaken my world RE …. right down to the core. If LeaveMeTheFuckAloneIsm is indeed related to Tribalism then you very well may have a New Member. Seriously. I will have to think on these things a bit more and do some research and then ponder the consequences of being potentially allied with YOU!! This could change everything. Damn … just when I thought I had it all figured out too!

  56. The main tenet of the Anarchist is that he doesn’t want or accept the idea of having ANY Ruling Class or Goobermint out there telling him what to do -RE

    Sounds almost exactly like Talibanism

  57. KB — the Taliban during their heyday in Afghanistan outlawed Kite Flying!!! And, ALL music. No … Talibanism is the complete opposite of Anarchy … it is goobermint at its worst possible iteration.

  58. So if I play my music real loud, doing what I want, the anarchist next door wont come over and shoot me because he can do whatever he wants?

  59. Nothing like spending time in a log cabin in Alaska to do that. I see the value of the internet as providing information and connecting people of like mind from diverse locations -RE

    The internet was invented so hotheads could yell and scream at each other but be out of fist fighting, knives and bullet range. The first conceptual device following this ideology was the CB Radio but it failed because they did manage to locate each other at truckstops.

  60. KB — lol … good question!! I’m not an Anarchist just yet so I have no f’ing clue.

    However, trying to think this through logically …. I don’t believe anarchy — the economic system being discussed — necessarily means lawlessness. I’m pretty sure anarchists have a sense of … live and let live … or, do no harm to thy fellow human being.

    Now please do NOT give me a Webster’s definition of anarchy. I know what it is.

    I would submit that a BETTER name be given to that philosophy. Tribalism doesn’t “work” for me either — as it also conjures up images that most likely are not rooted in what it really is. Maybe you or RE can think of one.

  61. Jiggerjuice: Change your mindset and you change your perceptions. I agree with RE and others that corporatism ruined this country’s middle class by offshoring our industry. What if we did not let this happen? What if we decided to ignore offshore compitition by not letting those imports in and began to again manufacture items for ourselves just like we did in the 70s? Cheap low quality Chinese products are irrevelant if we don’t import them. We could have kept recycling steel to make new products had we not shipped most of our scrap matel to China so they can manufacture their new blue navy. Isolating our economic engine to maintain our standard of living is not a bad thing. In the 1970s we were spreading the wealth in our nation for the benefit of our american brothers while corporatism was plotting against us. So this is where we find ourselves today with our global mindset. In addition to that we let in so many nationalities that we deluted our culture just like our brothers across the pond did and now we are paying the price. We have so much cultural confusion we can’t even make laws that suit the majority anymore. Our own Christian foundation is in question. Our minds are blown open to every whim and every hair brained idea in the river of bad, good, and indifferent ideas and thoughts circulating in our society because we dicided to blow a hole in our roots and accept everything and everyone into our society all at once.

    So Jiggerjuice, when you start thinking, ask yourself where are your thoughts coming from and do these thoughts have a valid foundation? We are indeed a confused people.

  62. ” Seriously. I will have to think on these things a bit more and do some research and then ponder the consequences of being potentially allied with YOU!!”-Stuck

    Now, that WOULD be a scenario I haven’t previously considered as plausible, but stranger things have happenned in the pantheon of history of course 😉

    In any event, think of the advantages. Remember, once we go back to the Old Ways, we share EVERYTHING, even my Guest Room visitor Nozomi



  63. “Nothing like spending time in a log cabin in Alaska to do that. I see the value of the internet as providing information and connecting people of like mind from diverse locations -RE”

    Not my Quote KB. Read for comprehension. I think that one came from Gitano.


  64. If Nozomi really is your guest I will book my flight this evening.

    But sharing everything also has its Horrible Moments. Not so long ago Goldorack offered to suck your cock. A potlatch gift of Swedish lips. Remember? I also recall that you did NOT offer a rebuttal. This sharing shit can be quite scary.

  65. ” I’m pretty sure anarchists have a sense of … live and let live … or, do no harm to thy fellow human being.”-Stuck

    I think even the most Anarchic of Anarchists would accept the Golden Rule.

    “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

    After that, working up a Code of Laws and acceptable behaviors for a community becomes increasingly complex and difficult with increasing size. Just look at our current Tax Law or the Obama-sama Health Care Bill as examples of what happens when this shit works its way up to the Nation State size, eh?

    KISS Principle. Keep is SMALL, Stupid. Tribalism is the way to go.


  66. This nation will be crushed in the next large conventional war because all of our (US) heavy manufacturing has been eliminated over the past 40 years. There is no way we could fight China or Russia, let alone both simultaneously, because we have no industrial might. That leaves nukes as the only option. But since almost all the whores in Congress and the Kenyan occupying the White House are socialists in favor of a 1 world government, nukes would probably not be used.
    They will simply sell us all off as slaves just before they fly off to foreign lands, laughing as they watch the news of American citizens being slaughtered in the streets by foreign troops.

  67. No rebuttal to Goldie on that occassion because all that homophobic nonense cluttering up these pages is something I seek to avoid if possible.

    The occassional pic of a pretty girl though everyone can appreciate 🙂


  68. 98 … and counting baby!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jimbo, you’re gonna need a QUICK fix to your software. Doesn’t look like there’s room for a 3 digit thumbs up total. If I go back to zero, I am going to have to hurt someone!!!!

  69. “KB — the Taliban during their heyday in Afghanistan outlawed Kite Flying!!! And, ALL music. No … Talibanism is the complete opposite of Anarchy … it is goobermint at its worst possible iteration.”-Stuck

    “Talibanism”, like its relatives Christianity and Islam should not be confused with Tribalism. these are very large ideological concepts that cross tribal boundaries and seek through Religion to establish a Goobermint based on Religious prinicples which are centrally dictated. In the case of early Christianity by the Pope, in Islam by the Imams and modern Amerikan Protestantism by self appointed Religous spokesmen like Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell, or even your Glen Becks and Sar Palins who invoke tribal trancending Religious coda to establish a power base.

    Religion is very much a power based concept, quite a bit like money. I could write REAMS on that topic.


  70. llpoh … LOL .. normally not. But c’mon … we’re breaking new ground here. If this keeps up I may just run for Prez in 2012.

    Jim — please disregard my last post. It seems that the Thumbs Up space is ……… wait for it ……… INFLATIONARY!!! yuk yuk

  71. The more I think about the current situation, I have to conclude that there are far too many people on the planet to sustain the current economic state of affairs. Productivity advances through technology has been a blessing as well as a curse. We do not need all the working age people to fuel our economy. With computerization and automation we have eliminated swaths of workers and managers. Add to this, a push to globalization which has accentuated joblessness by redistribution of global employment to the lowest cost producers. Government in some ways helps employment by creating economic inefficiencies. On the other hand globalists have corrupted governments who have enacted legislation to eliminate trade barriers and facilitate off-shore production and outsourcing. They have also, through, complex tax legislation created a need for armies of accountants and lawyers.
    The consumer has embraced globalization by shopping at Walmart for low priced goods and purchasing foreign cars. This is a new paradigm. The only solution available solution unfortunately is a huge reduction in global working age employment to a new sustainable equilibrium. The elitists clearly know that this is the solution and is also aware that we are at a point where we are willing or able to accept it. They will bring about such radical changes that we will do the dirty work ourselves through food shortages, riots, economic collapse and resulting race wars and desperately taking on authority figures. This will force all of us to adopt new radical thinking where we see ourselves as a parasite destroying a formerly healthy planet. We will be conditioned to accept our demise as inevitable through a process of dumbing down and psychological mind playing by the elitists. All of this will be done by playing up the need to embrace the environment and worship it.
    At some point when the population is ready to accept the inevitability that we are overpopulated vis a vis need for productive labor vs. availability, we will be culled to some pre-determined equilibrium point. This will be done through intentional warfare and biological agents.
    The elite will emerge as supreme rulers of a slimmed planet. From their perspective it is easier to control a brainwashed population of 500 million than a free thinking mass of humanity numbering some 6.8 billion. At this point we will be in a neo feudal control grid where ever aspect of our lives will be micromanaged. The masses will live in highly compact micro cities dedicated to the production of goods and services, living as serfs in a planned economy. All decisions will be made for you from where you will work, where you will live and what you will do for a living. Psychotropic drugs will be widely administered and people will be generally satisfied.
    The state will be involved in reproduction and family units will not exist. You will be totally dependent on the state for your survival. There will be no private autos and very little travel as air flights will be rationed. The elite will live in huge estates and will lead privliged lives, perhaps even more opulent than they do at present.
    In my personal case I am 63 and I made a conscious choice never to have children as I felt at a subconscious level that this was coming. I felt people who did have large families were irresponsible and selfish. I see this selfish self serving attitude throughout humanity. I have supported individuals and groups who have attempted to raise the awareness of the general population to our current state of affairs and the dangerous precipice ahead of us. I have individually tried to raise awareness through video distribution, blogging etc. with little success.
    It is late in the day now. I have stopped trying to raise awareness and instead tried to prepare myself for the calamity that is coming. I have tried to make peace and ammends with my creator. The end is nigh and those that make it through the cull will wish they hadn’t.

  72. How about I’mOKYourOKWe’reOKism?
    Too much hostility in the world.

    Have been really enjoying the conversation between RE and Stuck, I have to say that I used to think I was an anarchist, then it turned out that I really just wanted VERY limited government and as it turns out… That’s not what government is about! So I guess I am deciding between libertarians and anarchy, kind of teetering back and forth on a daily basis to be honest, depending on whatever happens to be in the news.

  73. You are missing some propaganda ministers – Barak Obama, any Wall Streeter, anyone from MSM, CNBC,FOX…
    RE – I’m taking Nozomi for myself, you will have to find someone else.


    It really amazes me how blind and brain dead We The People really are and still believe that we are a free people under our Constitutional system of government. We are educated to believe that “We The People” are the Sovereigns and our elected officials are our “public servants,” so we are told. The question arises in my mind “HOW CAN A SERVANT HAVE THE POWER TO ENACT LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT WE SOVEREIGNS MUST OBEY??? It appears to me that if the “servant” has that kind of power then he/she must be the Sovereign and “we the people” the servants = (slaves). If there was ever an oxy-moron this is it. A “servant”never tells his/her master what he/she can or cannot do, yet our Constitution endorses this type system of government. The truth is our present system of government is nothing more then an ILLUSION of freedom and boy have we been deceived! Pontificating “Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.” (Charlie Reese). We are taught that We The People are the Kings and Queens (Sovereigns) yet our “public servants” can impose taxes upon us Sovereigns and multitudes of laws, regulations and rules. Quite a bit of power for a servant don’t you think?
    It is time for a change and I would like to offer the following concept of what a really free system of government should be. Two (2) things need to be done to become the freest and most admired nation in the world.
    The Remedy:
    (1) Recognize who is the enemy of our so-called “freedoms.” The enemy is the U.S. Congress, State Legislatures, County Boards and City Councils and govt. agencies at all levels of govt., all “law-making” bodies that are constantly churning out all kinds of restrictions (laws) on our enumerated “freedoms” that in actuality really doesn’t exist anymore. Furthurmore these “public servants” then turn around and beg We The People to “finance” their campaign so they can get elected and vote themselves “benefits” that are much better then what they give We Sovereigns. Are you starting to have doubts about who the “real” Sovereigns are? If not you should be.
    Every time a law is enacted at any level of govt., this constitutes a restriction on our “alleged” freedoms and an invasion of our collective wealth!
    We need to make a couple of changes in our Constitution by calling for a Constitutional Convention to abolish Congress, State Legislatures, County Boards, and City Councils and institute the following short sentence in their place; “DO NO MAN OR WOMAN HARM IN THEIR PERSON OR THEIR PROPERTY.” Please take note that this one short sentence entails “personal responsibility” for all one says and does in his/her interactions with others, a long lost quality that we Americans once had and lost due to “laws” enacted by our “public servants” at all levels of govt. This is the only principle we need to resolve any and all issues that may arise be they criminal or civil. It constitutes Sovereigns dealing with Sovereigns and NOT Sovereigns being subject to the whims of “public servants.” We as a united people have become slaves to “public servants” and “political correctness” where freedom of speech and thought is subtly controlled and We The People have bought into it lock, stock and barrel. Shame on us!
    (2) Abolish the American Legal System and in its place institute Common-Law where randomly picked citizens sit as a jury to hear civil complaints and criminal cases. The jury is the sole power. This kind of jury would have the power to question the litigants directly and when satisified they have enough info to render a decision they retire to render that decision in a civil case and a verdict in a criminal case. No biased judges; No costly lawyers, done away with entirely. The jury has no more power after they render a decision in the case before them and set the punishment if any and are thanked, paid and dismissed. All the present enumerated crimes would remain intact as a crime is still a crime. A Grand Jury would be called upon to hear appeals, They also would be randomly picked for just one appeal.
    Remember, “We The People” retain the right to change our form of govt. I sincerely believe that if We The People adopted this form of government we would be the envy of the whole world. Americans wouldn’t be burdened down with tons of dos and don’ts and we would truly be self-governed by being personally responsible to each other in all our associations and dealings without being “regulated” to death by an all powerful government. of “servants.” The phrase GOD BLESS AMERICA would once again have sincere meaning in our hearts and minds and “WE THE PEOPLE” would really be self governed.
    I am not suggesting we abolish our beloved Constitution, but rather through a constitutional convention amend the Constitution as enumerated above and the only law, i.e. principle is taking “personal responsibility” for everything you say and do. This type
    system of govt. would be the epitome of what governments should be.Thats it. Very simple. Could anyone ask for more?

    Thank you for your time.
    [email protected]
    Houston, TX

    1. LLPOH

      He got hurt on the 1st play of the game and gutted it out like a man, not like that pussy Romo who is recovered but still doesn’t play.

      Losing was the best thing that could happen. We will rest Vick and our other key players against the Cowgirls. Chicago can rest their players against Green Bay and that will eliminate the NY Chokers. All part of the master plan.

  75. And another contender for whacko of the year pops up. Ladies and gents we may have a real race. RC joins near the top of the pack. Not even Secretariat could run this group down.

  76. Jim-thanks for the Alaskan reality checks. Nozomi is a figment of RE’s imagination. It is cold and miserable up here, and the women are ugly.

  77. RE-Lay off the pics of Nozomi. For a smart fucker, you sure can be dense. Sure, AK is pretty, and wild, and interesting, but the best thing is the population density-we don’t need a 90% die-off.

    Everyone else-AK sucks-it’s cold and miserable and both women are ugly. Better off staying at home.

  78. Anon, I know you don’t want any of those Lower 48 Zombies mvoing up here looking for our Girls. Not to worry, they can take care of themselves. Don’t come within 500 yards uness you qualify for a PFD



  79. Oh shit, Admin, your boys are all done…. No sports fan in history has made “the master plan” statement and gone on to gloat at the end of the season. Being a Red Sox fan, I know a thing or two about “the master plan”. You just blew any chance they might have had.

    1. Punk

      The Eagles were supposed to finish 7 – 9. They have 12 rookies and were counting on a quarterback with 3 starts. They’ve lost 6 starters to season ending injuries. They have already surpassed the expectations of any football expert. If or when they lose in the playoffs will not bother me.

  80. As much as I hate the fuckers, and dream of one day lynchin’ a Rothschild…have to admire the strategic planning that has gone in to their sapropyhitic destruction of our fair land.

    They have turned a tough nation in to worthless protoplasm, feminized us one and all.

    So, perhaps after fifty years of understanding and resisting the enemy before me (Progressivism, Globalism, Communism, Statism, Elitists), think it might just be time to join. If I do, going to enjoy tormenting you bastards via my new buddies the Bankers, Unionists, Bums, Politicians, Academicians, and the beuatiful people who run the media. Yep, my new pals. I too can hang out with Mr. Kissinger, and dream up deforestation and depopulation schema even a NWO 33rd degree dildo would be jealous of.

    Yep, gonna wipe you guys out so I can add 30-40,000 sq ft to my humble abode, drive something faster than my paltry 400 HP Tuetonic Steed, and have two leggy blonds from Iceland (the only women I will not depopulate) on each arm and appendage. Yep, that sounds like fun.

    Will kind of miss football though, truth be known. And even those pesky gypsys and Mexicans.

    With only 500 million left, can somebody please look up if enough blonds will be left for my polygymous daydream?

  81. All those lovely women nearly got me off the subject …where was I? Oh yes! All you subsistence farmers won’t plant a damn thing if Monsanto doesn’t let you have the seeds! When the stores are empty neighbor….you starve. Ah yes, the land of the free and the brave.

  82. Well that explains the 11,199 emails I got in my gmail account.

    All of them simply wrote; SES.

    I do not understand. Must be some kind of coded message

  83. Lets try that again.

    We train Alaska girls young and we train em right.



    Typical Summer Day for the Alaska Girl


    Alaska girl shoping at the Mall


    Alaska Girls grow up to be the 3Ds. Delectable, Dumb & DANGEROUS




  84. Free enterprise is not perfect but it the only system that rewards success and punishes failure. Its final product is productivity and efficiency. There are too many people in America today sitting on there asses, skiming off the top, or feeding off the productive members of society. Political correctness and socialism are at the very heart of America’s problems because they promote waste and unproductive endeavers. The Federal Reserve must be abolished if America is to survive as a nation.

  85. JZ, you are totally oblivious to the fact that it’s impossible for giant corporations to succeed w/o gov’t tax breaks, monetary bailouts, and the like, brought to them by you and me, or should I say CORPORATE GOVERNMENT WELFARE. Capitalism and becoming wealthy by working hard has always been a pipe dream, a CASH WONDERLAND, PARADISE participated only by very few, >1% in this country own 97% of it’s wealth! How can a society go on like that!

    But don’t worry man, we have been here and done that so many times in the past. This is why when a society or empire finally goes under, it’s because the wealthy few have oppressed their fellow man, made him poor and destitute and finally brought on rebellion and takeover by the masses. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THIS EVENTUALLY, IT WILL INDEED REPEAT ITSELF.

  86. In 1980 at a party near the UW, Seattle there were two young(ish) students from mainland China at the home of a faculty member. They wore wellworn Mao suits in blue and had very bad haircuts. One was nearly as tall as a doorframe and the others height came up above the doorknob somewhat. The short one didn’t talk much but the tall one would repeat to everyone who would listen his lament that the regime back home didn’t send enough of a stipend to pay for his expenses at Udub. Perhaps in those days back in the workers paradise you got a blue Mao suit, a bicycle, enough food to keep you from malnutrition and if you were an unbanite, a job having to do with the production of blue suits and bicycles. If you lived in the countryside with the pigs and the ducks you didn’t get much better and probably much worse. In either case if you kept your mouth shut you didn’t get a bullet in the brain. Fast forward thirty years. Now if you are a young worker under the CP of China, when you go to work it’s at a factory where you sleep in a bunkroom with many other of your age and abilities. You work Monday through Saturday something like 12 hours a day. You take your breaks on the factory floor, resting next to your work station. Perhaps lunch is taken in the same manner. One day off a week. If you keep your smile screwed on straight you might get a raise after a year to 95 cents an hour from 45 cents an hour. The best the rest of the world might hope to see internally in the workers paradise is that as the workers under the CP of China get a little more from their factory livelihood they begin to expect more, which leads to a cycle of increased pay due to increased expectations on their part. As they are paid more and their horizons expand they perhaps would have the wherewithal in the near future to purchase our goods, which are branded in most cases, and turn into more global members of the world than is currently possible given their relatively extremely low pay. China cannot become a global economic ‘superpower’ on the backs of hundreds of millions of sweatshop laborers. They would only be a bigger version of an unskilled workshop, which is probably a dead end. The USA is robotizing its auto production lines, now is beginning to turn out planes using composite materials and is leaving behind the old metal banging industries to those who can throw a mass, semi-skilled labor force at the problem. What a change in the last thirty years and how much more change should be a positive force in the next decade.

  87. Joe Blow,

    Thanks for the above post. You interpreted my comment as (I believe) naive it seems. All I’m doing is explaining in simple terms what the problem appears to be, along with massive fraud and corruption of course. I am retired military, a businessman, and a working professional. I know what’s going on in the world and I am prepared for our uncertain future.

    The goverment is comprised of mostly compromised stooges on the take. Our Kenyan-born President is the consummate fraud and liar along with with his partners in crime Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, and the fruit fly Barney Frank. Revolution and violence will erupt in this country when the American people have had enough. We’re not there yet, but It’s coming. You know it and so do I.

    Best regards,


  88. The question is, even if we attempt to change now, is it a day late and a dollar short? After all, the dollar is worth less than four cents now.

  89. Anon,

    Excellent question. I have bought silver in the form of 1 oz coins, 5 oz bars, 10 oz bars and 100 oz bars. If our paper money does buy much some time in the future or no merchant will accept it as payment, then I guarantee they will accept silver or gold coin. I own seeds, LEGAL weapons, non-perishable food, and soon a small farm with structures (house and barns) in a remote area. I will live and work in or near a small city, but I will have the farm to fall back on if things turn ugly. Someday in the future, the “little people” like you and I will barter with others or merchants for what we must have or we want. I will help others as much as I can whenever I can.

    “The question is, even if we attempt to change now, is it a day late and a dollar short?”

    ANSWER: The US dollar will be replaced with some other worthless paper sometime in the future. As you noted above, our currency is almost worthless already. Many Americans that are “asleep at the proverbial wheel” will lose wealth and purchasing power big time. The people who made the US dollar useless for the rest of us with aleady be positioned in the “new currency”. Hmmmm. Could this just be by coincidence maybe?

    The final question is: Do you still believe in the American system which is totally dependant upon the US dollar? I do not and I have invested and prepared accordingly. I don’t think you do either. Good for you!!!!

    All the best,


  90. FYI

    All the answers I have seen on this forum point out that the US dollar will fail,( I agree ) some one else quoted that Australia and New Zealand factory workers are paid ” better” than the USA workers, in Australia union membership is declining and people are voting with their feet, the younger generation see no benefit in joining, the Australian Labor party , it only stays in power because the ACTU ( Australian Council of Trade Unions ) give’s endless millions of dollars to the labor party machine by way of membership fee’s, its compulsory to donate to the party machine apparently.

    I am in the process of resigning my membership , because its a waste of money and they ( unions ) really don’t fight for the small person, as in the USA, the heavy industry base that Australia used to have has gone, since 1970 hundreds of thousands of job’s that upheld this country such as shipbuilding, metal manufacturing industry’s that made , refrigerators washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dryers, cars,trucks , shoes, furniture and endless other items were and are being shipped off shore to China or India, there the wage is 80 cents per day, here they pay the wage slaves $17.00( Aus) an hour, the spin doctors tell the ever so gullible public, they have never had it so good, apparently the average Australian earns $65,000 (Aus) per year.

    Also we have not had a housing crash yet ( the word is yet !) the banks are so overwhelmed with bad housing loans on their books, they have cooked up a scheme, where the banks have all the heir bad loans guaranteed by the Government ( does this sound any alarm bells to any one here yet ? ).

    The current exposure by the banks by the way is around 60% of their total borrowings !


    So when ( not if ) the next crisis hits the worldwide markets, down under we are sunk !. Now I am no maths whiz, but even I know compound interest cannot be paid off, this country is riding on huge wave of demand for Iron ore and coal from China, most people here think China is their friend.

    So you may think things are bad over in the US , at least lots of people are getting angry ! here we have been disarmed and people believe the lies put out on good morning Australia and 60 minutes, so most are asleep, believing the Chinese will continue to buy our natural resources for the next 50 years.

    I have digressed a bit , but I am trying to make the point, that here in Australia, the same forces that are working to destroy your manufacturing sector , your way of independence, your freedom are working here as well.

    As for me I am angry about it, what what can I do ? I don’t have enough money to buy land let alone a house, my retirement savings have been whittled away, ( we can’t access our Superannuation till 67 ) I am about 15 years away from retirement, so I am looking at going into a business for myself, its up to me and also I am building quietly my 72 hour go bags for my family and myself, and making plans to live frugally .

    When the US dollar does crash, it will take many other nations with it, trust me, your misery will our pain !. I think it will not be pretty, I also think many untold numbers of people will die from famine, starvation,war and purely running out of luck, I don’t plan to be in the group that dies, true we will all die, many sooner than later, its just a question of time. So in the mean time, I do my best to help others prepare and to squirrel away what I can.

    Caveat Empter

  91. FYI some examples ……..

    how come no one can see the problems in the western world are all so similar ????????? are people that dumb ? that medicated water is doing wonders ain’t it ?

    The hidden nightmare of going broke ( here if you go broke the bank has the right to pursue you for any out standing amount) no jingle mail here !


    The hidden jobless rate is 11.75% plus !


    Now we must import massive amounts of food because we can’t feed ourselves !


    Any 3rd grader at school will tell you , that a country that can’t feed itself will be prey for the ones that can and people think China has our best interests at heart ?……..there are many naive fools in the world, unfortunately the Power elite such as the Rothschild and their ilk are anything but !.

    So again what ails the US will also condemn us as well.

  92. There are myths about jobs, here’s why:
    -What did people do before jobs! Well, they survived in perfect well way.
    -Stop crying about the youth goes jobless: Let them find out what they are going to do for themselves, whatever that is.
    -Jobs are seen as the holy saviour! False of course.
    -There is absolutely no duty for the government to provide jobs, at all! Let people get the jobs, if they want to work, for themselves, or start do something for themself!
    -Its a waste of life to work just to get paid, just to have a job! You are giving away your only life time opportunity to at least 75% if not more. You know you will die one day and life will never return.
    -Jobs do not create happiness, just fals expectations and prevents from self-actualization

  93. Nils, I have several questions for you;

    You: “What did people do before jobs!”
    Me: — What The Fuck (WTF)???

    You: “Stop crying about the youth goes jobless”
    Me: — WTF?

    You: “Jobs are seen as the holy saviour!”
    Me: — WTF?? WTF??

    You: “Its a waste of life to work just to get paid”
    Me: — WTF??

    You: “Jobs just create fals expectations and prevents from self-actualization”
    Me: — WTF??

    You: “You know you will die one day and life will never return.”
    Me: — No shit, Sherlock. Are you related to Goldorack?

    Please answer all the WTF questions ASAP.
    Thank You for playing.

  94. Hey Stuck! Don’t let it go to your head – you were just first in line and got read more!

    Good post tho…It’s fun to get caught up in a viral article that Jim wrote!

  95. Muck — Yes, I have noticed the same thing. You can post just about anything if you’re in the first three or four posts and get a lot of thumbs up. Except for Smokey, of course.

  96. Stuck – and your first post is proof positive of that fact. Just saying.

    We are gonna haveboot you around some. I sense some false humility in your last post. Next thing that will happen is you will run for public office given your current addiction to votes. Just new that success would go right to your head. Mrs Freud will need to straighten you out some.

  97. Typical Yanks……………..better paid , better broads, better cars…………( hmmmm well scrub all three soon )

  98. An interview with George Soros:

    “The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order”

    In the video you are about to see, George Soros talks about “the creation of a New World Order”, he discusses the need for a “managed decline” of the U.S. dollar and he talks at length of the global need for a true world currency.


    If Mr Soros wants a managed decline on the US dollar then he and his NWO buddies aka Rothschild and Co may be in for a rude surprise when there is a collapse world wide, mind you most of the peasants will just die, I suspect though many of the peasants will take a few bankers with them.

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