This interview with Neil Howe and William Strauss took place in 1997. Their call for a Crisis in 10 years must have seemed odd to most people in 1997. The economy was booming. The stock market was booming. Unemployment was low. We were involved in no wars. The budget was on its way to being balanced. Still, something seemed wrong. Turnings are predictable. Were they just lucky? You decide. Is the mood of the world darkening or brightening?

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  1. Cool. But the last 5 minutes or so was almost creepy prophetic, at least for me. Smokey’s analysis “4th Turning is fiction” ES.

  2. Admin, great video. The nicest thing was that people made calls, asking questinos,
    showing interest for what the book depicts as the fourth turning.
    Also liked the answers mr. Howe gave. Thank you.

    1. eugend66

      I stumbled across this video while researching my next article. When you listen to these two guys, you realize they are not crackpots. Their theory has a sound basis. And their scenario is playing out to a tee.

  3. Revolutions are financed as are turnings.

    The Bolsehvik one in Russia financed by such banksters as Schiff.

    The “turning” isnt some grass roots movement driven by unknown historical powers that just happen. It will be driven by think tanks and foundations Strauss [Kennedy school of politics] and Howe who have knowledge of those plans.

  4. In 1997 we had a surplus of Six Figure IT jobs, most preparing for the coming Y2K debacle. Throw in the thousands working for start-ups and getting rich from bogus stock valuations and no shit time were good then.

    I had a conversation in ’97 with the heads of the IT, Accounting and Administrative Recruiters. I asked what the company’s plan was to combat the most certain fall off in jobs that would start in late ’99 as the Y2K problem was either “fixed” or resolved by the clock.

    I had three people, all executive level, all making over $500k a year look at me like I was insane.

    And still today, 99% of the population credits Bill Clinton for the economy. Instead, they need to look around today and realize the things he signed into law under that temporary burst economy are the primary driving factors of our current fiscal implosion.

    Ah well. Nobody believes anything bad ever happens. Everything will always be as it is now. All will work itself out with debt, fiat and starvation.

  5. Awesome clip, for certain. The idea of cyclical occurence through the micro and macro-cosmic natures of individuals and society has always been an idea worthy of notice. These authors have tied what is often an amusement of observation to documented history, an endeavor which, at the time of this video, would seem quite difficult and overwhelming.

    I was happy to see the tabling of any “new-age” explanations with a smile and a nod. It has often occured to me that crystal-gazing and ass-trology tend to creep into, infect, and dominate the discussion when any attempt at logical analysis is made regarding the mysterious intuition that most thinking-individuals tend to encounter at some point… that a great cyclic tide seems to have a subtle place in our day to day lives.

    One poke at the obvious: BBES, we know, but what about our Gen X? I feel my “X” cohorts have become, for a lack of better words, the “Mini-Me’s” of the Boom-Stainers. Failures 2.0 in the big picture…

    Admin: Whachoo think?

  6. My thought is that the Bilderbergers are just looking to take ill advantage of things… use the situation at a perceived vulnerable spot… when they think the greatest number either don’t know or don’t care. Won’t they be surprised when they realize that we aren’t all societal puppets, and information CAN change things. Eduction that which the person ponders and thinks upon is always greater than propaganda.


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