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Solving the Poverty Problem


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Today’s rant looks at Solutions to the Poverty Problem.


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Luk 21:10Then He said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

Luk 21:11“And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.





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“Creating fuel production in a failed- state Libya is beyond the grasp of the EU’s and United States’ unconventional ‘assets’. Blatant military intervention would be opposed by Russia, China and no doubt the other oil- producing autocracies.”




Its been so long since my last Daily Rant getting back into the “groove” is kind of tough.  There isn’t anything terrifically “new” going on here in the Collapse Dynamic so the only thing left to do is rehash some Old Topic in some different way to perhaps shed some new light on it.  The most recent 30 Blocks of Mindless Drivel thread developed quite a bit of argument from both sides of the line, though of course actually addressing the real underlying question of the impoverished isn’t done, just a lot of posturing and napalm slinging by the usual suspects.  So I will pick up on that thread here in the Daily Rant to provoke still more effusions of nonsense and ad hom off the keyboards of said usual suspects.

In reading through today’s posts, the only person who actually addressed the critical point with a “solution” was Muckabout.  After reciting the general results of creating a social welfare state, MA’s conclusion is that the solution is to simply eradicate ALL forms of social support, after which we will go through “5 years of Hell”, and presumably after that we will all live Happily Ever After free of the problem of Poverty.  Besides belying all of history during the monetary era beginning around 3000 BC which shows that you ALWAYS have poor people, it doesn’t address at all what the nature of the 5 Years of Hell would be like.  So let us play out that scenario to get a little better handle on it.

Let us say that Ron Paul gets elected in 2012 with a Mandate to Shrink Goobermint to a Pinhead, eliminate all the Military except the Coast Guard used to keep everybody else OUT and eliminate all Goobermint Agencies involved in transfer payments of any kind.  Somehow Ronnie salvages some portion of Social Security so Old Folks who paid into this aren’t among the Destitute, but all the Disabled folks are taken off the roles.  You have no legs?  You can still work!  In theory you can flip burgers from a wheel chair, so if there are burger flipper jobs you could take one.  You are Blind?  You can still work!  You can man a Call center as a Debt collector for JP Morgan and they will provide a Braille Monitor for you to check the records of Deadbeats.  You have the intellectual capacity of a Baboon?  You still can in theory bag groceries.

Of course the problem here is that in actuality there are not enough burger flipper, debt collector and grocery bagger jobs for all the non-disabled people, so why would a Free Market company hire a disabled person to do any of these jobs when they can get a non-disabled one to do the same job without all the ramps for moving the wheelchairs around and the expensive Braille terminals to check records on?

Problems of the disabled aside here, lets just look at the typical welfare recipients and SNAP card consumers of food currently living in the 30 Blocks of Squalor.  Due to the way this system is constructed, its primarily Women and Children who are supported this way.  Men generally do NOT qualify for Welfare, it’s the Women who have kids who get this money, and then the men sieve off of them.  They also develop some income from Drug related activities usually, and cycle in and out of the Prisons until they die in some kind of violent crime related death, or a drug overdose.

So OK, to put a stop to this whole cycle, you cut off the Welfare system paying money to Women with Dependent children in the Muckabout Final Solution.  Given say each of these women has an average of 3 children from different swinging dicks in the neighborhood, that means as soon as you knock down this system, you have lots of kids who are not yet capable of supporting themselves with no visible means of support.  Are you going to put them ALL up for adoption?  Who is going to adopt all these kids?  Are you going to build Orphanages for all these kids?  How will you fund the Orphanages?

Clearly of course, the minute the whole support system gets eviscerated is the minute the 30 Blocks of Squalor present in every large and small city in the FSofA erupts into the kind of violence you see throughout the M.E. right now.  The only reason the impoverished here aren’t behaving this way right now is because they still have something left to lose, which is their SNAP Card they get Food with and the roof over their heads they rent from some Slum Lord with the Welfare Check.  One suspects the Slum Lords will be none too happy when they are not getting rent money for the hovels.

So now you have to Evict all these people and send them…where?  Replay the Warsaw Ghetto, you have to send them to Concentration Camps.  Once you fill up said Camps, where do you send these folks?  Replay the Final Solution, you send them to the Great Beyond.

So in reality, Muckabout’s Solution is nothing new, its just a Replay of what went on in Nazi Germany, he just doesn’t play out the Consequences of it during the “5 Years of Hell” he proposes as a “solution”.  The 5 years of Hell amounts to a Genocide of the Impoverished, because unless this bunch organizes up very quickly and/or the folks running the power structure run out of Oil to move the Storm Troopers around from city to city rounding these people up and herding them into Boxcars, these are the folks who will be first in line for the Die Off and not a whole heck of a lot they can do to stop it either.

Project out a bit further into the future, does this SOLVE the problem of Poor People?  Did it solve it for Germany?  TEMPORARILY it did solve it, and after the war those who survived in Germany did their Mea Culpas, they rebuilt the infrastructure of Germany through the Marshall Plan and the surviving Germans did very well, thank you very much.  It did not solve the problem in perpetuity though, because before long the Germans were importing Guest Workers from the M.E. to fill all the Scut Work jobs in their society, and those workers started Breeding.  So inside a Generation or so, you get a growing population of the Impoverished and unless the Wealth of the society increases as fast as its population does there are not going to be enough jobs for the increasing population, or what jobs there are will be at increasingly lower real wages.

Needless to say Worldwide, Wealth we can draw from the Natural Resources of the Earth has NOT been increasing as fast as the population, rather it is the other way round.  The population has been Increasing at a geometric rate while the resources are consumed at a geometrically increasing rate.  Rock, meet Hard Place somewhere around 1970 or so, resulting in an ever decreasing aggregate per capita wealth through Global Society.  Each individual country has had results of this, the Industrialized Nations from early on have seen a slippage and very poor countries like China grew in Wealth, but in aggregate everybody began slipping downward.

In the 1990s through to today, the downward slippage has been masked in the industrialized nations through the accumulation of irredeemable debt, and not surprisingly that debt is owed to the impoverished nations which grew out of poverty during this period, most notably China.  However, all China’s current Wealth amounts to a lot of irredeemable debt from the industrialized nations which sieved off that growth through this period.  It will never be paid back to the Chinese.  In tandem with the Wealth, they grew in Population as well, leaving the vast majority of Chinese still in poverty while perhaps 10% of the population enjoyed the last stage benefits of the industrial paradigm.  Once the reality sinks in they will never be paid back, the Ponzi that is China will collapse in a  smoking rubble, and nothing they can do to stop that one either.

Taking a few lessons from this history, what will the outcome be if “Muckabout’s Final Solution” is employed?  Well, as in about all Biblical style Apocalypse Scenarios, when the Four Horsemen ride herd over Humanity, they take about ¼ of the Population with them to the Great Beyond.  This historically has generally been enough for the surviving population to then redistribute the Wealth of the society and begin again, more or less from Tabula Raza.  Assuming the resources are available, the society then begins to grow again, and then once again starts to accumulate an overhang of the poor and disenfranchised.  You don’t even need to be importing them, as long as you keep breeding your own a percentage of them are going to end up impoverished as long as you run a monetary system to distribute the wealth of the society.  Why is this true?  A trip into a typical School Classroom will explain to you why it is true.

In any randomly assembled Schoolroom, you have a Bell Curve.  A few really bright kids, a hill of average kids, and a few real dummies.  Whatever the structure of the society, there are always a percentage of them born who will not “make it” in the society, and its not JUST the smarts either, its physical attributes that can impact as well, and social attributes also.  Whether it be because they are just stupid, or because they are weak and infirm physically, or they do not get along well with others, there is always a percentage of people who do not “make the grade” in the society.  In a Natural Selection Darwinian paradigm prior to what we now call “Civilization”, around the time of Puberty kids who were not “making the grade” in the society got “taken out” in a very real sense.  They could not pass the “tests” put before them to become an Adult member of the tribe, and as a result of those tests they either died outright or they simply were not permitted to mate and so did not reproduce.  Civilization did away with these kind of Darwinian tests for survival, and the result of that is the society always has a percentage of people that for one reason or another cannot self-support.  As long as the society is wealthy enough to support them, it carries on until the baggage is too great, and then you run up into your Biblical style Apocalypse.  It never does last more than about 80 years between conflagrations of some kind to resolve the problem of accumulating people who are not making the grade in the society for the society to find a way to rid itself of the problem, and that solution is of course WAR.  It can be waged internally within a society or between societies, but that is the aggregate means of eliminating enough of the population to begin the cycle again.

Through most of the development of Human Civilization, these smaller Expansion-Contraction phases all were taking place under an Umbrella of the greater growth of the Human species.  All the while this was occurring, we were becoming better able to access the wealth of the world through innovation and better understanding, until we came upon enough Knowledge to access the greatest One Time Gift of ALL TIME, the Thermodynamic Energy of Fossil Fuels accumulated upon the nearly accessible mile or so beneath the surface of the earth to power the machines we built as a result of our increased understanding of the laws governing physical systems.  From the time of the first Steam Engines used to pump water out of Coal Mines in Britain in the 1700s to today, that wealth has been used to generate up an ever larger population dependent on it, the version of Humanity best now referred to as Homo Industrialis.  We have spent almost 300 years digging up the earth and drilling holes in it to access every last pocket of this stuff that we can, and now it is running thin.  WE CANNOT continue to run this society in this form without this stuff, and in the foreseeable future NO form of energy, not Renewables nor Thorium Nukes will take its place.  One by one around the globe,  the less powerful will be deprived of the resource as the more powerful take what is left of it.  Will a Biblical style 25% Population reduction be sufficient to stall this for another Go Round?  Perhaps.  This may not be the very last iteration of the cycle.  Even if it is not though, it will not be very long before it repeats itself , another 80 or years or so into the next Saeculum, using Strauss & Howe Terminology.  That is about the BEST case scenario to this, and you have to be quite Optimistic to accept the Fourth Turning  hypothesis.  I am not so Optimistic.  I do not think we will be able to stop this cascade failure at 25%. If we stop it at 90%, we will be fortunate as a species.  If we do not stop it at 90%, the Undershoot possible is impossible to determine, but as long as 10,000 Human Souls or 1000 Breeding Pairs make it through the Zero Point as we did once before when Toba went Ballistic, we may survive to build a Better Tomorrow.

In OUR TIME, right NOW, it is all of our “jobs” to determine how best we might make it possible for Homo Sapiens to survive, and to me, the way to do that is to send Homo Industrialis to HELL.  The Industrial Model was WRONG, it was never Pay as you Go.  Homo Industrialis GREW as a Parasite off of the leftover energy of Millions of years of living organisms that populated the planet before we ever evolved, and the population of Homo Industrialis EXPLODED as a result, to the tune of 6.3B or so now living on the surface of the earth.  Most of these people are now destined for a first class ticket to the Great Beyond, and NOTHING can stop this.  If YOU wish to be one of the survivors of THIS Holocaust, I suggest getting just as far away as you can, as fast as you can, and learning to live with a lower energy footprint as quick as you can.  If you are lucky, if you live far away from the center of the collapse of Homo Industrialis, there may be time for you or your progeny to make the adjustment.  You have NO CHANCE if you are in a Big Shitty.  LEAVE NOW!  RUN AWAY!  As far as you can, as fast as you can.

For the folks who live in the 30 Blocks of Squalor, there is for the most part No Hope. Consider yourself fortunate that the Grace of God did not put you with them, and if you raised yourself out of Poverty, consider yourself fortunate that God granted you the gifts that enabled you to do that.  To revile them or blame them for what is before us now is lacking in humanity and compassion, they did not cause this.  It is the long term result of the development of human civilizations, the development of Agriculture and the development of Money to distribute the resources of the earth.  It was a juggernaut that never could be stopped, not until it ran OUT OF GAS.  Now the juggernaut will stop, once and for all time, because well and truly we are OUT OF GAS.  I for one intend to stay as far away from this mess as I can, because there is nothing I can do to stop it, only try to stay out of the way and help who I can in my neighborhood.

I have been gifted by God through my Grandfather the Self-Made Illuminati who walked himself out of Europe chasing after my Grandmother and climbed the anchor chain of a Portuguese Freighter bound for Amerika to find her in the Saeculum that preceeded this one.  Kind of hard to imagine how I could come by so much money in such bizarre fashion without some plan for it? I was Gifted in this past week through the death of my mother by a long dead High Steel Walker and Bootleg Whisky Peddler who a half a century ago kicked the bucket with pretty much more Money than GOD at the time (though less than Soros and Gates has these days) and left me the means to Save as Many as I Can, and so I will.  Why should I get all this money RIGHT NOW?  God Works in Mysterious Ways, now doesn’t He? Some folks work a lifetime as scum sucking Union Busters to become Pigmen as a matter of choice, and I get it dumped on me inside a week after plodding around my world as a Chemist and Trucker and Teacher as an accident of birth.  Man, if that isn’t Eternal Justice at work, I do not know what is.

Behold, the Mighty Hand of GOD!  Miracles do happen apparently. LOL.


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