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Today’s rant examines Racism and Eugenics as they apply to the Civilization Collapse.


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Luk 21:10Then He said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.

Luk 21:11“And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.





 A Tale of Two Depressions

As the Great Depression progressed onward, the early collapse in RE prices made many Banks insolvent, which then precipitated the Stock Market Crash of 1929. 




Geological and Cosmological Event Watch Thread

Not sure if there is really a significant increase in geologic events right now, but at least reading the MSM over the last year it appears to me that there has been an increase in frequency and in amplitude.



Other Shoes and the Uselessness Premium

“Creating fuel production in a failed- state Libya is beyond the grasp of the EU’s and United States’ unconventional ‘assets’. Blatant military intervention would be opposed by Russia, China and no doubt the other oil- producing autocracies.”




Race is the latest topic here of conflict, as it is sure to be in even greater relief as we work our way through the Collapse of our monetary system.  While of course there are “low class” people of all races, here in the FSofA Black people who live in the “30 Blocks of Squalor” through all the major cities are very high profile low class people who get a lot of attention here on the pages of TBP.

These are not of course the only systemically poor people here in the FSofA, we also have a huge contingent of poor Hispanic migrant laborers in the agricultural areas of the southwest and CA, and quite a bit of White Trash sprinkled all over the country in various pockets.  Regardless though, the archetype of the FSA here in the FSofA is the Welfare Queen, generally Black with several children from different men living in publicly subsidized housing, paying no taxes, getting Free health care in the ERs of Public Hospitals, feeding the kids on SNAP cards and getting obese eating Kentucky Fried Chicken while watching American Idol received off of DirectTV Satellite Dishes on the rooftops of their HUD garbage decorated apartment complexes.

This very OBVIOUS bunch of LOSERS of our society aren’t just a problem for Racist Honkeys, Successful Black Men also find these “Niggers” to be a problem as well.  Pretty hard to command the Respect you deserve as a contributing Black member of the society when just because your Skin Color is the same as all these Dead Beats you get lumped right in with them when the Race issue gets pulled up in a debate.

It gets even further difficult because in the effort to develop some Rationale and Explanation for why you have so many “Low Class Niggers” populating the 30 Blocks of Squalor in all our Big Shities, you get the Eugenics crowd that attributes the problem to Low IQ prevalent in the “Negroid Race” as a whole.  Even if you happen to be a very smart Black person, because the Eugenics folks identify the whole RACE as genetically stupid, you are now stupid by association of skin color.

The whole Eugenics idea has been promulgated for at least the last century, besides Adolf Hitler you have everyone from Teddy Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson to Henry Ford to Margaret Sanger who all bought into this idea.  The idea is a very powerful one which serves to both justify white domination of the society and to explain why blacks have been as a group perpetually at the low end of the society.  Anthropologists for over a century have been trying to quantify this, with IQ being the primary measure of intelligence colloquially accepted as a “true” indicator, despite the fact all intelligence tests have built in bias that makes them virtually useless as a true measure of native intelligence, which itself cannot really be defined.  Anyhow, you have a whole lot of “science” built up here which establishes what eugenics believers want to prove, which is that black people are dumber than white people and asian people.

Now, trying to DISPROVE what a century’s worth of well-funded Eugenics oriented anthropologists have “proved” is a complete waste of time I won’t engage in.  It misses the most important point here anyhow, which is that we have a social problem which supercedes intelligence distribution.  I don’t think it is true that as a race Black people are significantly stupider than White or Asian people, but even if it was TRUE its not the problem.  The problem is that just being smart or stupid is not the end all and be all to your right to exist on the planet, and how should smart and stupid people be distributing out the wealth of the planet?

For the purposes of argument here, assume you are  a Eugenicist who believes Black people are stupid.  So like Margaret Sanger, you go around and try to either Abort or Sterilize all Black people, to thus rid the population of this drag.  Well, after you do this, what will you find true?  You will find it true that plenty of the still standing White People are damn stupid also!  So now you have to go about eliminating Stupid White people along with the Stupid Black people.  Exactly at what point are people Smart enough to have a right to continue living on the planet?  Is there some cutoff point at which because you are stupid you no longer have a right to live?  How would you go about testing this, and WHEN would you test it?  You cannot test it at birth, to find out how smart someone is you have to give them some time to actually learn things and demonstrate intelligence.  Exactly what is it they are supposed to learn, and how do you test for it?  Is IQ a real measure of the smarts?  It all depends on the society structures they are immersed in.

Most of us would accept that Bill Gates is a smart guy, but how well would he do in the Australian Outback?  Is he as Smart as the average Abo living in the Outback to survive and thrive in that environment?  What is the environment we all will have to deal with in the future?  Will it select for the kind of smarts Bill Gates has, or will it select for the smarts of an Australian Aboriginal?

Now, it is certainly a problem that we have developed a whole class of dependent people here in our society, and many of them are quite Black in skin color here in the FSofA.  For those of us White folks who grew up in neighborhoods that were overrun by this bunch of people, they caused us plenty of problems, no doubt.  Stucky had to walk the Scenic Route to get back to his house without getting the living shit beat out of him by Black Boys who were just generally pissed at him for being White; and I had to act like a Retard and dress really poor to be able to take more direct routes through their neighborhoods without getting beat on.  I even lived a couple of occasions in communities that were more Black than White, and I was always nervous about it.  Had some Black friends, but never could be sure just when somebody might get pissed off at me just because I was White.  That racial divide EXISTS in our society, and its going to exist right through this spin down, and will likely get worse here as people are fighting over an ever shrinking pie.

For this reason among many others I live here on the Last Great Frontier.  I doubt even Iowa is Whiter than Alaska.  Racial and ethnic divides in our society DEFINITELY still exist despite so-called “Multi-culturalism”.  Multi-culturalism is a load of Horseshit, “Like Affiliates with Like”.  You TRUST people who are “like” you, and the more “like” you they are, the more you trust them and affiliate with them.  Thus besides Skin Color, people tend to affiliate with people with the same Religious Beliefs.  Its true with economics also, Rich folks hang with rich, poor with poor.  You have beliefs and experience and parameters for your life all in common with others of your ilk.  TBP tends to attract a demographic that is much like its Leader, Jim Quinn.  Upper Middle Class Well educated Boomers and Silents mostly.  With the exception of the fact I am an Iconoclast, I fit the TBP demographic perfectly.  THAT is why I get so much universal revulsion for what I write, if you have not figured that out by now. I am JUST LIKE YOU, but I see it all exactly opposite,  and when you read what I write you look down the Rabbit Hole. The statistical anomaly here Howard fits this demographic with the singular exception that he happens to be Black in exterior skin color, but for the most part he holds all the same ideological concepts internally as the rest of the demographic here.  In colloquial terms, Howard is an “Oreo”, Black on the outside, White on the inside. This would be a “phyle” in the terminology that Doug Casey has used, people who gravitate ideologically in cyberspace based on ideas rather than externalities like racial characteristics. Howard fits here, I fit here, Stuck fits here, even though we all have remarkably different ways of looking at the world we all “fit” in this phyle.

Bemoaning the state of the 30 Blocks of Squalor and rehashing your lifelong problems with other groups of people is a waste of time and energy.  Whatever the reasons are for where people are where they are in the socio-economic spectrum of our society as it exists at the moment, this is where they are.  MOST people of whatever race are in a very untenable situation overall, this includes the Black folks in the 30 Blocks of Squalor AND the White Folks in Suburban McMansions sprinkled all over the country.  Trust me, there are just as many if not MORE incredibly STUPID white people inhabiting McMansions all over the country as there are incredibly STUPID black people living in HUD apartments in the inner cities.  They are ALL EQUALLY DOOMED.  You would be well advised not to affiliate with any of them.

You want to survive this Apocalypse?  Affilliate with people like yourself, racially, ethnically, religiously, make a HOMOGENOUS TRIBE.  The biggest problem you will ever find of develeloping a Homogenous tribe is that AFTER you find your group that matches all the ancillary characteristics, MOST of them are bound to be quite STUPID.  Because regardless of Race, Religion or Ethnicity, most people ARE stupid.  Still, you are better off affiliating that way than with a whole bunch of really Smart people who are different in all other ways.  That is what TBP is, and I ask you honestly, do you really think a whole bunch of smart folks like we have here who all have completely different concepts on reality could make a go of it TOGETHER?  Not likely. LLPOH and myself in the same room would ANHILLIATE each other like Matter and Anti-Matter coming together at the same place in the same time.  NOTHING would survive this, the community would be destroyed.  Too many smart people in the same place at the same time is a recipe for conflict and disaster.  You need all kinds, and generally speaking, too many smart people together cause a shit load of damage.  Think all the smart guys involved in the Manhattan Project.  As J. Robert Oppenheimer quoted from the Bhagavit Gita, “ I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds”.

See You on the Other Side.


32 thoughts on “RE’s Daily Rant- 4/14/2011”

  1. Sometimes the intent of your posts escape me. You start off by talking about stupid people … a few paragraphs about eugenics … a paragraph postulating if eugenics were true ………….. and then you make it quite clear you don’t wish to discuss eugenics. I find this strange.

    You said;

    1 — ” … racial divide EXISTS in our society, …. For this reason among many others I live here on the Last Great Frontier.”

    2 — “You want to survive this Apocalypse? Affilliate with people like yourself, racially, ethnically, religiously, make a HOMOGENOUS TRIBE.”

    So, if you moved to Alaska to get away from the racial divide, and you suggest that people associate themselves along racial lines …

    then, does that not make you a racist?

    (PS: Notice it is a question … not an accusation)

  2. “then, does that not make you a racist?

    (PS: Notice it is a question … not an accusation)”

    No, it makes me a Tribalist. A Racist is one who finds faults and places blame on others merely because of their race. A Tribalist just affiliates with people of like traits.


  3. “Bemoaning the state of the 30 Blocks of Squalor and rehashing your lifelong problems with other groups of people is a waste of time and energy. ”

    A strange position from a Tribalist.

    Story IS everything in a Tribe. Story gives meaning to life.

    You tell very very many stories about your life. I find them interesting. Just as I do when llpoh and Jim tell THEIR story. I wish more people here would post their own “A Short Story: ..” type thread.

    Facts, charts, and figures are useful and necessary. But it is Story that brings things to life and makes it interesting.

  4. Thanks for the clarification.

    On another front, I do believe you often fall prey to Godwin’s Law.

    Godwin’s law (a.ka., Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies) is a humorous observation made by Mike Godwin in 1990. It states: ———–“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

  5. That is because the Nazi’s came up with the Final Solution. Argue about anything long enough and you come up with core imcompatible principles, one of which has to go to the Gas Chamber.


  6. “Story IS everything in a Tribe. Story gives meaning to life.”-Stuck

    Granted as true, and it was incorrect of me to say it is a waste of time to go over this stuff. Its not a waste of time, what I mean to say is that going over it won’t change how it was or is.


  7. “Affilliate with people like yourself, racially, ethnically, religiously, …” —– RE

    If possible, please tell me where the fuck I can find a tribe of White Austrian Agnostics.

    Thank You,

  8. @RE

    Another fine post. I hope to correct the errors of fact and gross misrepresentations later.

    On a more general note and putting aside the issues regarding the validity of IQ testing for the moment, lets assume that general intelligence (g) as measured is ONE of the traits that confers fitness post CoLLapse regardless of definition.

    Lets also say that nasty eugenic Mother Nature starts selecting for this trait. Mother Nature is an Equal Opportunity Eugenicist and does not discriminate.

    Lets say the top decile makes the cut i.e. people with a raw IQ score of 120 get to live.

    Both the population mean and the SD are different for Blacks and Whites.

    Against a US 1986 SPM Smoothed Summary Norms mean of 100 the actual population mean intelligence for Blacks is actually 78 NOT 85. We know this from Regression to the Mean. The figure of 85 is achieved by screening the Black cohort applicant pool for obvious signs of mental retardation. I’ll use 85 however as I don’t have an SD for the 78 mean distribution. The SD of the Black with a mean if 85 distribution is 12.4.

    The White mean IQ is 103 and the SD is 16.4.

    Assuming a perfect Normal Distribution for both races (NOT the case due to Caucasoid admixture) this would suggest only 0.24% of Blacks make the cut. 15.87% of Whites do.

    Now, obviously this is not going to happen but it does give you some idea of the massive disparate outcomes that could occur between different groups.

    When one factors in other traits also differentially distributed between the races and also likely to be the subject of selection then things look really grim for Whites and fatal for Blacks.

    And that’s just the genetic variables. Obviously geographic location will also impact on survival.

    The effects of Genetic Similarity and Kin Group Selection will also be thrown into the mix.

    This is what I meant in that other thread when I stated that the “problem disappears”. The most r selected Blacks have the greatest social pathologies and the lowest intelligence. They don’t last long.

    Anyone cheerleading for CoLLapse needs to think long and hard about what they are wishing for. The numbers are against everyone.

    Whilst trying to avoid bathos I would suggest that “Howard” might fare better then expected.

    A site like TBP is going to attract the attention of the Surveillance State. It would be naïve to think otherwise. One way the Establishment COULD influence or eliminate the discussion of politically “dangerous” topics would be to create an online personality whose presence would exert normative societal behavioural pressure.

    Lets assume there exists a site that is critical of the status quo. Its followers are generally smart, savvy and disgruntled and overwhelmingly White. This is a dangerous cocktail for the existing power structure as it could give birth to a new and uncontrollable political movement. From the Establishment point of view it would be better if a free exchange of ideas were not to take place, especially on incendiary topics such as race. So what does the Establishment do? It assigns one of its FBI/Homeland Security drones to engage with the site. This drone would portray her/himself as a smart, decent, respectable professional. Someone who had started poor but who had worked long and hard to achieve career success. Such a person would be very warmly welcomed as a model citizen. The drone would have to choose the projected career carefully however. As the drone is unlikely to have any professional qualifications themselves they need a ersatz career on which they would not be engaged in professional chit chat and where they could reasonably decline professional advise if it is requested. A doctor is the ideal choice. Doctors are unable to openly discuss their work because of client confidentiality, any request for medical advice can be refused on the reasonable grounds that an actual physical examination is required and doctors never discuss their work with each other because it revolves around the same people with the same ailments an its all just too boring. One day in response to some remark or observation the now established persona just happens to mention that they are black. The online dynamic changes. The drone generates a lot of good will for their persona through the use of some cheap throwaway comments that nevertheless produce racial pathos amongst some of the intellectually impaired readership. If the “dangerous” race topic should be encountered in a form that is considered unmanageable or dangerously informative the persona simply shows signs of distress safe in the knowledge that some people will come to his/her aid/defence and receive a nice B.F. Skinner approved dopamine reward.

    This drone could be a single 57-year-old White female called Brenda for all anyone would know.

    Now I’m not saying that this IS happening on this site. But the possibility does exist.

    Mr Oreo could in fact be Miss Custard Cream.

  9. and in the end ,the love you take is equal to the love you make.we all need to get naked ,get drunk and fuck–we can sort it out later.we all need the same things and if we try really hard we might be able to achieve this. it is not compromise to understand we are all one. i understand re but do not always agree,but the shit he takes is too much sometimes.we are all brothers.

  10. @Howard

    Watch those Run On sentences, HZK is always giving me demerits for those.

    Far as who is in the RE Fan Club, maybe you will luck out and I will attract a Mark David Chapman type 🙂


  11. “we all need to get naked ,get drunk and fuck–we can sort it out later”-Brann

    Speak for yourself there bud, about the only people here I would even consider such an idea with are HZK and English Rose. If we need to get naked to get along, the rest of you can swim with the fishes. LOL.


  12. @SVD

    So I take it here you think Natural Selection will carve out the dummies from all populations, or do you think Natural selection is going to be helped along here? Do you forsee people being given IQ tests to determine whether they are going to be sent to the Human Waste Reprocessing Facility in San Antonio?

    On that 120 cut off point, what if its say Natalie Portman and she comes in with an IQ of 119? Do we have to off her too?


  13. “Years ago my mother used to say, she’d say, “In this world, Elwood, you must be”-she always called me Elwood-“In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.” Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.” James Stewart from “Harvey”

  14. i’m tired, and i badly need an editor. give me a fucking break. and i didn’t have a great english teacher like you did in mr. mccourt.

    but, i am loving getting called out on verbosity by you, RE. i certainly respect your authority on the issue.

    heh. oreo. folks that knew me best and longest, including my sister, tagged me as a double filling variety. but you might be surprised (or maybe not) at how i stand out even amongst any grouping of my ‘oreo’ peers. you put me in a room of black doctors who practice on the upper east side, and i will probably stand out as the oddball. and i will admit, largely by intention. not of the moment, but long ago, probably unconsciously, i dealt with being superficially different by embracing being different, in lots of ways unrelated to ethnicity. just how i roll. (shit, i was so happy when i learned the word ‘iconoclast’).

    just like everyone else, i have my own pattern of who i choose to/tend to socialize with, even work with when i have a choice. the kind of folks i befriend, or banter with on the internet. i’ve considered your idea of becoming more tribal in order to weather the apocalypse. or, in less extreme terms, just getting to know my neighbors, and beginning to work with/befriend/ cooperate with them so when needed a habit has been established.

    anyway, i don’t know how this will work out, but i think i will stick with this approach, rather than actively forging social links along homogeneous ethnic lines. if nothing else, that would be counter to lifelong habit, making it that much more difficult. might be a big mistake, might be better (just for me, not as a prescription) to stick with like thinkers rather than like melanin-content-ers. maybe both approaches will have some success.

    besides, as you’ve noticed. stupid really aggravates me. stupid will probably piss me off even more post Apocalypse.

  15. aw, man. i forgot the graphics. to illustrate my reaction to your caution about run-on sentences:


    but on the topic of verbosity, i gladly:


  16. One of my very best friends is “stupid’ ,dumb as a box of rocks , yet dependable as the morning sunshine rise and just as honest. I suspect his dullness of wit attributable to the working-class stock from which he sprung.

    Point being , there are millions of people in these United States who due to genetics or environment haven’t the intellect to reach for the fruit of higher learning and even all humanity suddenly sprouted IQ’s of 150+ there would exist the need for some of us neo-intellectuals willing to exert the physical labor needed to provide the mundane services of building , cleaning,and serving we all need to exist.
    The problem with US public education administration is the failure to take into account the future of those in the lower intelligence bracket and provide the skills needed to them them to become productive citizens.
    The colleges are chock full of kids who barely read or write arrogantly strutting their pseudo-academe for all to admire, but once their 18 years of coddled fluff and puff hits real world skill the reality of produce or starve rips a huge chunk out of their inflated egos.

    What then?
    Solution: Teach the trades/skills and then kids who want to pursue higher education can have the ability to finance there dream sans Uncle sugar aiding the predatory banksters sinking their bloodsucking fangs in them.
    Colleges have become nothing more than a racket (e.g. housing bubble ) for the lending vultures to rip another hole in societies ass without any negligible ROI.
    We the US have been systematical taught that those that create with their hands are of less value than those who stuff envelopes and hard-drives full of abstract bullshit.

    It’s take to take the flighty bullshit off the table and serve up a heaping dish of reality.You don’t work .You don’t eat.The government is not Jesus. It cannot turn one dollar of real value into a manna from heaven.
    Get some skills and leave the Plato, black/womenz/anthropology liberal arts bullshit to the trust fund babies . Those people pollute the airwaves with more useless noise in one day than NASCAR emits in a year.
    Teach a kid to work and then they’ll understand what to takes to make a living. Bust their ass with a good sweat on a routine basis and some will come to appreciate the sanctity of that air-conditioned classroom. Those will become leaders.
    The rest will produce the thing we need.
    Or we can continue on our merry way ,milling the witless wonders of modern education whilst the country languishes in economic turpitude,producing nothing but expecting everything.

  17. Reverse Engineer says:

    Also, Frank McCourt tried to fix my writing, but he failed.


    Obviously he didn’t implement the methodology of the Irish-Catholic system of tutelage under which he learnt or your writing would reflect it.
    To teach a mule to learn , first you must get it’s attention. Old farmer trick.

  18. RE,

    You’re an iconoclast? I was trying to decide whether you were a solipsist or the second coming of Mathus.

    Stuck:” “Story gives meaning to life.” Well said. Your story engendered a wife ranging discussion — and I saw one commenter whine that he came here for the economics (as if the Recent Posts were not loaded with such, and no one compelled him to ‘waste his time’ with an important topic anyway!)

    And then there’s the troll. At least I, having made the cut (147) despite mixed blood, am safe. I was so worried. NOT. Troll got me thinking of Margaret Mead and how the lesser Samoans sucked her in.

    Btw, RE, why do you think Bill Gates is a smart guy? A few clues: Gary Kildall, the Japanese tech publisher/entrepreneur whose name I forget, Seattle Computer Products, 8086, IBM, 1972.

  19. “Your story engendered a wife ranging discussion ” — Novista

    Leave my wife out of this!!!! lol


    “Stuck – you enjoying your conversational engagement with these deep thinkers? ” — Howard

    I enjoy everybody’s story, Howard. You were very gracious in your criticisms of me. You yourself said you were not invalidating my experiences (story) … but rather the interpretations thereof. I’m the same way. Or, try to be. I think I started enjoying other people’s story in high school when I read In Cold Blood — Hickock and Smith were horrible persons… but with fascinating stories.
    “admin, save me a step and give me this fucker’s IP. or not, and it will take an extra 10-15 minutes.” —- Howard

    Not bad at all. But I once threatened Admin I was going to come to his house and beat him up. So, you still have a ways to go to top that … not that this is a competition or anything.

  20. IQ tests are total bullshit.

    If I took one, I’m pretty sure I would be classified as Retarded … which, for some of you, would only be further validation of Truth. Ha! Psycologically, tests freak me out. I didn’t speak English for quite some time during my early schooling, yet I had to take tests on every subject. Of course, the tests screamed, “You are a stupid motherfucker!!”. Hell … you could give me a test on my own “Dewey Street” thread and I’d probably fail. That’s how much I hate tests.

    My dad only completed third grade. I’m sure he’d be classified as retarded also. I can assure you he is not.

    I have access to both the child and adult versions of the IQ test via Ms. Freud. She just gave another one to a juvenile in Union County Lockup last week. So, I could give you all actual questions from the IQ test if you wanted. I have seen them. Trust me .. most of it is total bullshit.

  21. RE,

    You rant meander, but was folkies. Enjoyed the Casey phyle view point you wove into the rant.
    By you referring to yourself as the” Iconoclast of TBP”means you are the bastard stepchild of TBP?


    You are personally responsible for my morning laugh – Thank you.


    Enjoyed your comments.

  22. @RE

    I think the dominant psychological “trait” for survival in any life threatening situation is the ability to comprehend AND accept objective reality. I don’t see how else you can take good decisions. Bad decisions are likely to be fatal if not immediately then through cumulative effect.

    As I said earlier NT Rationals appear to be more open minded and accepting of the evidence. They are also ON AVERAGE smarter.

    For you NTs out there here’s a good summary of all the issues.

  23. Although the Eugenics aficionados focus down on Race as a genetic arbiter of intelligence, the essence of the argument rests not on Race but intelligence itself. Lets take the Race question out of this and do the Margaret Sanger thing in hypothetical, advocating for Abortion and Forced Sterilization for Dummies of any Race. By only letting Smart People breed, in theory on the assumption a good portion of intelligence is genetically determined, we are helping Natural Selection along and breeding up a Smarter Homo Sapiens, eventually achieving a whole new species here, Homo Smarty Pants. LOL.

    One thing you have to remember here is that if you do this and are successful with it, the mean IQ of the society won’t change, it will still be 100, because it is defined that way. There are always as many people with an IQ above 100 as below it. So what you will find happen here as you grow older and more smart people are allowed to live is that your IQ will DROP. So, if you pick a Fixed Number like say 120 as your “Allowed to Live” IQ, you might pass muster at say age 15 with a 125 IQ, but because only high IQ testers are allowed to live, your IQ will steadily drop when normed across the society. So by the time you are 30 probably if you get tested say every 5 years, you are going to likely drop below 120 and get your one way ticket to the Human Waste Reprocessing Facility in San Antonio. The only way you would not drop in IQ is if you somehow got SMARTER as you got older, and this just about never happens. People tested repetitively over time tend to hit their highest IQ scores between the ages of 15 and 25, and then they drop some and usually plateau out until they hit senility. Almost all mathematicians do their best work between the ages of 20-30, after that they tend to coast.

    Anyhow, fixing an IQ score as a passing grade for survival will in fair short order start cutting off people on the margin, and this never stops. In order to make it more than 20 years or so past the cutoff, you would have to be at least 2 standard deviations above the mean. People in the 1STD range would know their days were Numbered, which would not make for a terrifically stable society.

    The next problem is that quite clearly in society Intelligence by itself is not the sole arbiter of how well a person functions in society, or how well he/she contributes to that society. There are some fabulously Smart High IQ types who are incredibly destructive to society, I would put up people like Ben Bernanke, Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner as examples of such types. There are other really high IQ types like Chris Langan , who mostly worked as a Security Guard and Bouncer. Not that those are not important jobs in our society, without them riff raff would get into the Dance Clubs so we clearly need them, but you don’t really need to have a 200 IQ to do that job.

    Then there are those Nice Guys who bag the groceries at Safeway, who always have a big smile, live in Group Homes and do a great job with this with IQ in the 70s. How well would a 120 IQ person function Bagging Groceries? Not too good, he sure would not have a smile on his face all day, that is for sure. How many 120 IQ people does a society need to function anyhow? Answer to that is a good deal fewer than we ALREADY have!

    So basically, the whole Eugenics argument falls apart here because there really isn’t any absolute utility to being really smart. The main reason Eugenics supporters make these arguments is to justify why they should live and the low scorers should die. That is all there is to the argument.


  24. @RE–no worries. i am sure i took it in the spirit you intended. funny, i haven’t been called that in a long time.


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