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It seems that potential contenders for the Republican nomination are dropping like flies. Since it evidently takes $1 billion to get elected president in the U.S., anyone who doesn’t get in the race in the next few weeks will be shit out of luck. The MSM has already concluded that Obama will be re-elected. I’ve concluded that he will not be re-elected. The economy will fall to pieces between now and November 2012. Whoever runs against Obama will win. There is no inkling of a 3rd party candidacy. So we have a three part poll today.


Who will be the Republican nominee in 2012?


  1. Mitt Romney
  2. Tim Pawlenty
  3. Newt Gingrich
  4. Michelle Bachman
  5. Ron Paul
  6. Mitch Daniels
  7. John Huntsman
  8. Sarah Palin
  9. Herman Cain
  10. Jeb Bush
  11. Smokey (the real reason he left TBP?)


Who has the best chance to beat Obama in 2012?


Does it matter who is elected President in 2012?

73 thoughts on “TBP POLL #2012”

  1. The Republican nominee will be either Ron Paul or Sarah Palin (no, it won’t be those two as a ticket). Which one it is will pretty much determine whether our country exists in 2016.

    I’m wondering if Obama will change his veep to give the illusion of further change. Maybe it could be Obama/Soros. I know Soros isn’t a natural born citizen, but that little issue doesn’t seem to matter to the MSM or the masses anyway.

    Anyone want to shop up a “Stalin/Himmler 2012” campaign poster?

  2. With the exception of an elder last named “Paul”, there are no choices on that list.

    Even if RP could get elected, I doubt he’d do us much good at this point. He’s almost as old as I am and the strain of the office in the best of times is killing. We are headed for the worst of times and by the time he’s elected (which won’t happen), there won’t be two CONgress people who can agree with one another and the so called citizens of this used-to-be-great Country will be screaming and wimping about how their handouts don’t buy anything anymore.

    I do not mind agreeing with RE now and then. When the wall comes speeding up and hits them all in the face, it will not be pleasant at any level of living except in the mansions behind the walls guarded by U.S. troops and supplied by helo from illuminati warehouses.

    Slow motion down-the-tubes? Ask RE as his crystal ball is far clearer than mine. I’d say yes, up to a point. Then all fall down.

    But none of the above list of people can do a damn thing about it now. We’ve got 40 years of crooked politicians and craven people to get over and that’s a whole lot to do in what will turn out to be short time.


  3. A Paul/Bush ticket or Paul/Daniels might work. The historians would love the Triple Bush and the Admin. would love a bean counter for V/P.

  4. Every one on the list has huge weaknesses except Dr. Paul. Let’s exploit the hell out of them while extolling his virtues. He beats every one on that list including Romneycare, and yes it still matters.

  5. Mitt Romney or Ron Paul will be the GOP’s best chances. Problem is the GOP will destroy Ron Paul and Mitt Romney will follow Newt’s path and destroy himself. Jeb Bush has no chance because of his name and Bachman or Palin have the IQ’s of a rabid squirrel, sorry squirrel.
    I hate to say Obama has a big cushion unless the GOP rally around Ron Paul, my choice, or another choice of reason. They won’t though, they will bicker and look like idiots while Barack, Benny and Tiny Tim will be plotting how to spend your disposable income if you have any left.

    One last point, if the GOP can’t produce a viable candidate, then they should shut their traps if BO pulls off the 2012 win. Put up or shut up.

  6. Part 1) What? John McCain isn’t a choice? Sadly, I’d put better than even money on Gingrich.

    Part 2) If conditions are as bad by summer 2012 as Admin predict, any number of the choices could beat Obama. If not, Romney is probably the smoothest-tongue, most MSM-palatable contender. Palin, Bachman & Newt are too polarizing unless things are really upside down.

    Part 3) Again sadly, no. Too late to fix things. A really aggressive austerity policy still might mitigate the damage though. Good luck with that.

  7. [email protected] says:

    There ya go, nibbling around the edges of Doom, again. I think we have rather convincingly shown around here, it does not matter who is the prez: This person either comes to the position beholden to a bizillion special interest groups AND/OR becomes irrevocably corrupted by the process once in.

    I will cast my protest vote for Paul, again, or maybe for one of the ladies running, just to show some feminine solidarity, heh, heh.

    But I have Zero hope that either my vote, or yours, has a snowball’s chance in hell of preventing us from going over the abyss. Sorry, but the course is laid in, the engines are at top speed, we are on auto-pilot to destruction.

    Whomever runs should take a lesson from 2008: Obama won mainly by running AGAINST Bush, becuz Bush had a record and Obama had nuthin. Now it is Obama with the horrific record. They will have to be careful though since to criticize Obama’s record is to invite screams of racism. My response to that would be: Let not your heart be troubled- I’m criticizing his WHITE half, surely you can’t oppose that?

  8. i want Ron Paul….
    but i think romney has got the most cash and will kiss the most ass, so he’ll be the republican nominee

    1. I think Romney will be the nominee. Money talks.

      He’s a Boomer/Prophet that will be in charge during the worst of the Fourth Turning. He’s also a neo-con that will get us into a big time war.

      I can’t wait to see how it ends.

  9. Nominee: Daniels or boring equivalent

    Best Chance: Paul because he rallies younger voters and appeals to mid-class TP

    Winner: Obama, because I believe he’ll have some approval-rating gimmiks up his sleeve and the media worships him.

    We can’t forget that urban areas sway electoral votes and the snap program’s a bribing a broad base of democrat demographics.

  10. 1. Ron Paul will get my vote even if his name is not on the ballot.

    2. It doesn’t matter who is elected, we are too far down the slippery slope and we will not stop sliding. The direction is determined, the velocity is not.

  11. I am with Jim, I don’t think the Messiah will get re elected in 2012 but then again…I am willing to change my opinion…Look at the headline of this article

    Geithner: GOP will bear responsibility for default

    In a speech to the Harvard Club in New York, Turbo Timmy warned, “If Republicans try to impose that plan on this country as a condition for raising the debt limit, then they will own the responsibility for the first default in our history, with devastating consequences.”

    There you have it…The Sec. of Treasury is already assigning blame to the GOP…this should do wonders for their candidates if the default comes to fruition this summer.

  12. Handicapping the list

    Mitt Romney– the rs will tear him up in the primary for Romneycare, and while he is explaining, he is losing
    Tim Pawlenty– registering about a 2 or 3 in name recognition, sorry
    Newt Gingrich– right-wing performance artist and family values candidate who calls incumbent President “the food stamp president,” an interesting turn of phrase from one who apparently hasn’t missed a meal in 40 years. Will melt into a pile of goo at ANY sort of press scrutiny (about which I wouldn’t hold my breath.)
    Michelle Bachman– wholesale fuckwit
    Ron Paul– the only person principled enough to make a difference, if indeed there were still time for a difference to be made
    Mitch Daniels– could be a fresh face an articulate a new story relatively uncontaminated by the fleshpots of DC; dark horse, although he will need to have an answer for why warrant-less searches are now a Good Thing
    John Huntsman– Strike one: Obama Ambassador to China; any contact with the Dark Lord Himself should disqualify a putative r candidate; Strike Two: supported civil unions for gay couples; Strike three, and yer out, was a public backer of cap-and-trade. If Huntsman were to run, he would be a leper within the Republican base and condemned as a “moderate.”
    Sarah Palin: the “quittah from Wasilla;” making too much money from Fox to really want to put that in play, only to once again get beaten like the family mule. Hates what passes for press scrutiny, and Bristol can use the money for more plastic surgery.
    Herman Cain– after the first debate, could sneak up on people. Plays the social media game well and with Frank Luntz in his corner spinning spells and mystical incantations, could emerge as the “anti-Obama.”
    Jeb Bush– Jesus, please no.
    Smokey (the real reason he left TBP?)– Has my vote.

  13. Doesn’t matter. Our fates are sealed. Change of command on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Maybe a different set of people would have survived under one Captain vs another, but most would have perished nonetheless.

  14. Is what I heard about Michelle Bachman true? I heard she was bisexual because she had both a vagina and a brain.

  15. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”
    The Who
    “Won’t get fooled again”

    Nothing works, Rome is burning. There will be no competent leader. To dream about it is a waste of time and energy that will be better spent getting prepared.

    Lose the weight.
    Get in shape.
    Learn a trade.
    Learn to garden, NOW!
    Buy a rifle and learn to use it.
    Get out of the Cities!

    Fires will soon be on the horizon.

    Paul will not win! We will be presented with an all new selection of inept corporate shills.

    Most likely it will be Romney’s Neo-Con ass.

  16. The GOP candidate ( whomever it be) should do what Jerry Brown did ( but not what Jerry Brown does) and say right from the start they will serve but one term and that term will be devoted to deficit reduction.

    I believe it was Richard Nixon who hit upon the idea of ‘impounding’ funds voted by the Congress. Is that an option still? Just refuse to spend money even if appropriated or did the SCOTUS derail that?

  17. What a great thread!
    HZK: “There ya go, nibbling around the edges of Doom, again”
    The Who: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    At this point, it doesn’t matter all that much. Ron Paul would obviously be the best choice and could do some decent damage control instead of putting the petal to the metal, so clearly that won’t happen.

    We’ll get another Republicrat who will continue along the current path. Maybe someone who’s being groomed by the oligarchs and isn’t even on the radar screen yet. More and more people will opt out of the system until it implodes Dmitri Orlov style.

    Pop a Sam Adams, watch some Bill Hicks / George Carlin, and enjoy the ride.

  18. The Republican nominee will be Romney. Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama. If the Republicans nominate someone other than Ron Paul, it will probably make little difference who’s elected President in 2012.

  19. RP will have my vote regardless. I would love to see him elected and then appoint someone like peter schiff as sec. of the treasury. all the others are a bunch of fuck-wads in varying degrees of douchebaggery. The chosen one will get another 4 years methinks.
    Hopefully “casey’s gulch” will need an engineer…

  20. I, too, don’t think this matters at all. Just more Kabuki theater to let the masses, and world, think we have any freaking choices.

    No WAY would Paul get the nomination, the MSM won’t even let the guy debate or speak.

    I agree with Admin that by August 2012, things will be looking pretty bad, but I totally disagree on the outcome.

    IF things really turn to shit (like our 25% credit cards are all canceled), Obama (and the clowns of both stripes on the Hill) will roll out with apologies for supporting the banks and new schemes meant to provide our bread and circuses, throw in a new common enemy and re-election is assured. As history has shown time and time again, the masses will latch onto free bread, us against them patriotism, and extend his time.

    OR, one of the (still) missing Russian nuke suitcases will decimate a city, O & CONgress will declare a national emergency/martial law and no elections will ever be necessary again.

    Fun, fun, times.

  21. Mitt Romney — I’d rather eat my own shit.

    Tim Pawlenty — I’d rather swallow my own vomit.

    Newt Gingrich — I’d rather jerk off a mountain lion in a phone booth.

    Michelle Bachman — I’d rather fuck a slimy snake. Opps. Same thing.

    Ron Paul — YUP!! HE IS THE ONE!! But the American people are to goddamn stupid to do the right thing.

    Mitch Daniels — I’d rather drink piss.

    John Huntsman — I’d rather ……ummm, who the fuck is he???

    Sarah Palin — I’d rather stick a rabid pissed off rat up my ass.

    Herman Cain — hmmmm. The jury is still out on this guy.

    Jeb Bush — I’d rather cut both my arms off so I couldn’t pull the lever.

    Smokey — Possible. But only if he promises to pass the Smoke My Pole Act.
    My HEART wants to believe that elections matter.

    My BRAIN tells me Presidents are mere puppets controlled by other more powerful forces. We will simply get More Shit.

    In fact, if there is a candidate from either party named “More Shit”, THAT’S who I’m voting for. At least I’ll know what I’m getting.

  22. Ron Paul will not win. They won’t let him. And even if he somehow got elected anyway, he’d have an “accident” early in his term.

    Nope, we’re getting four more years of extend and pretend, print/borrow/spend with reckless abandon, more pointless wars to enrich the MIC, and free shit hand-outs to millions of couch potatoes.

  23. Ron Paul will never get elected. He’ll tell the people we can afford the safety net of Medicare,Social Security etc and that will give the election to Obima who will promise the populace more shit paid for by other folks .

    A true statesmen is what we need,what we have are Politicians…..Poly…many….Tic…a blood sucking insect….Washington is full of blood sucking insects.

  24. Ron Paul is the right man for the job, but he would be a waste at this point.
    America is fucked, Paul can’t help us now, no one can help us now. The GOP is full of shit and a vote for either major party is just more confirmation we want more of the same assfucking.

    I say vote for BO, get it over with. “It” being the final straw, the final act, the final push over the edge.
    Then we clear the no good cock suckers out and start over.

  25. The Republicans could nominate Jesus Christ for all the good it will do them.

    The FSA will return Obama to office.

  26. @Watchdog: You win my vote for most thought out choice and solid scientific reasoning! Even if the Mayans hadn’t run out of charcoal and interest in their calendar when they did, electing Palin would certainly insure the EOTWers are right!


  27. “The Republicans could nominate Jesus Christ for all the good it will do them.”

    The Republicans would never nominate Jesus anyway. That whole “throw the money-changers out of the temple” and “Sermon on the Mount” and all that beatitudes stuff doesn’t sit well with that crowd.

    The Republican primary system will ensure that only some sort of serious whack-job (think Palin, Bachmann, Santorum, etc.) can make it through the gauntlet, only to piss off independents, moderates, and anyone with a brain. Declaring that the world is 6000 years old, teaching of evolution should be banned in public schools and mandating abstinence-only sex ed may get you the nomination, but that sort of shit does not fly among the rest of us who are awake.

    Only Obama can defeat Obama at this point, and it looks like he is not up to that task either. If the economic stats in 2012 are so grim that the world’s best liars cannot make honey out of horseshit, they can always start a war.

    By 2016, there may not be much left worth fighting over.

  28. Could somebody please get me Bill Maher’s address? Anybody here work for HBO? He’s the first fucker I’m gonna plug when chaos reigns next month…

    There won’t be any elections, martial law will be imposed before that happens. Read the Argentina post here if you want to see what is coming down the pike.

  29. David Stockman Says US Has “Run Out Of Runway” On Debt, Compares The Treasury Market To A “Roach Hotel”, Endorses A Tobin Tax

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/18/2011 14:54 -0400

    David Stockman has become every major news organization’s (and CNBC) go to critic when it comes to bashing each stupid idea currently preoccupying the DC C-grade soap opera artists. Obviously, at the current time this would mean the budget deficit and the debt ceiling. On both those issues, Stockman’s position is well-known. Today, when asked by Bloomberg’s Tom Keene to compare the current deficit with that of Reagan’s, Stockman spares no praise: “The essential distinction is that we had a clean balance sheet then – $1 trillion of national debt. Today we have $14 trillion in national debt. We have used up all the runway, so to speak. We have piled our national balance sheet with so much debt that the government is at the very edge of a huge solvency crisis that isn’t going to be addressed unless both parties dramatically change their position, and I see no sign of it. So we’re going to have a gong show.” Stockman also opines on the Monetary Roach Hotel that the US debt has become: “We have not had a two-way bond market. We have had a rigged market that has been dominated by not just the Fed, but all the central banks. Today over half of the $9 trillion in publicly-held debt is in central bank vaults. I call it the ‘Monetary Roach Hotel.'” Lastly, on a proposal endorsed by Zero Hedge back in the summer of 2009, namely the introduction of a Tobin tax for Wall Street’s high-frequency casino: “Wall Street needs to have a transaction tax. I know they won’t like it. A tax on every trade, a small amount, would go a long way to putting money in the coffers.” As usual: absolutely spot on recommendations, which have little to no chance of occurring before the final bond crash finally takes away the multiple-use heroin needle from both DC and Wall Street.

    Stockman on what’s different regarding the deficit under Obama vs. Reagan:

    “The essential distinction is that we had a clean balance sheet then – $1 trillion of national debt. Today we have $14 trillion in national debt. We have used up all the runway, so to speak.”

    “We have piled our national balance sheet with so much debt that the government is at the very edge of a huge solvency crisis that isn’t going to be addressed unless both parties dramatically change their position, and I see no sign of it. So we’re going to have a gong show. Year after year after year of these debt ceiling crises, maybe they will be solved for a month or two, and then we will go right to the next.”

    Stockman on the deficit to GDP ratio:

    “When this all started, it was 30% national debt to GDP. Now, effectively what’s built in will take us as close to 100% within a matter a couple years. That is baked into the cake and cannot be stopped.”

    “I think the more important thing is the annual deficit to GDP. It should be a balance over the cycle, but we have not had any balance over the cycle for decades…We were petrified in 1982 when the deficit went to 6%, the highest ever seen. Reagan, although he is known as a great tax cutter, signed a huge tax increase bill in 1982 at the bottom of the worst recession that we’d had up until then and raised taxes by the tune of 1.5% of GDP.”

    On the issues with the current market:

    “We have not had a two-way bond market. We have had a rigged market that has been dominated by not just the Fed, but all the central banks. Today over half of the $9 trillion in publicly-held debt is in central bank vaults. I call it the ‘Monetary Roach Hotel.’ Bonds go in and never come out. If the central banks stopped buying the debt, which will happen with the end of QE2, then we’re going to get back into a real investor’s market, a two-way market where some people don’t believe that Congress and the White House have the capacity to deal with our problems. I think then we run the risk that we’ll get real pricing on the debt, which has to be a lot more than 3%.”

    On how the debt ceiling debate will be resolved:

    “I do not know that there’s any process that can solve it. We’re so far down the road here that I think it will take a thundering conflagration in the global bond market to wake up the process and get people out of their positions…Look at the current White House. We had Geithner last night saying, you don’t dare not raise the debt ceiling, but the policy of this administration is de facto default. They have a war budget as big as Bush ever had, therefore, extending 75% of the Bush tax cuts. The only thing they have objected to is the 2% risk.”

    On why we should care about the debt ceiling:

    “I do not think we should care about the debt ceiling, because they will extend it when push comes to shove at the 11th hour after a lot of smoke and mirrors and tricks have been played…What we should care about is the fact that we’re borrowing $6 billion every business day. Both parties have taken fiscal positions that will not even begin to close the gap. Both parties are simply aligned, deceiving the public that there will not be sacrifice. There will be. Tax increases across the board for the entire middle class, not just the rich.”

    Stockman on whether the tax base needs to be broadened:

    “I think bring the tax base or have new tax revenue sources. We are in a stage where I think a tax on imported oil might be one way to get two birds with one stone. Revenue into the coffers of the Treasury and also some incentive for more conservation, domestic production, and alternative energy.

    “Secondly, Wall Street needs to have a transaction tax. I know they won’t like it. A tax on every trade, a small amount, would go a long way to putting money in the coffers.”

  30. Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

    And he’s going to win in a landslide. Easily 120% of the vote. After 7M die, of course.

  31. 1 and 5, and probably not.

    But I think they crank up QE III, throw out some extra bread and circuses, and put the printing press to the metal just in time to get Obama re-elected. This whole thing will take longer and be more painful to watch than anyone imagines.

    Unless of course the world ends in a couple days as was foretold on the side of a bus this morning. Interestingly, enough, there was an ad on the back of the same bus from a different Christian institution about planning for your future and getting a Master’s Degree. I wish God would make up his mind.

  32. Can we have a serious discussion here for a moment?

    Why bring Jesus into the discussion?

    Using Jesus’ name in such flippant manner is Blasphemy. You bring danger to your immortal soul … the danger of eternal hellfire and torment. Some people here even think Jesus has a middle name, Fuckin. This is offensive to Holy Spirit filled people such as myself. I respectfully ask you to cease and desist using the Lord’s name in vain.

    Because you really don’t want this to happen.

  33. Oklahoma Dan: why would someone’s weight or degree of physical fitness matter to you? You need to get yer head outta’ yer ass and accept people for what they are. Us older folks that may not conform to your physical standards will bury your sorry ass because we have experience, judgment, resources and most likely military training. We are simply a lot more worldly and smarter than you. Someday we may accept you, bus as of right now you are simply a smart-assed neophyte.

  34. The winner of the “How Do You Spell Michele Bachmann’s (with TWO n’s) Surname?” contest is Smith-n-Jones. Here’s your prize, Smitty………the very latest photo of Michele with extensive makeup, a new hairdo, and other “enhancements.”


  35. You are assuming that there will be elections in 2012. barry will never let it happen. Some “event” will preclude elections.

  36. Too bad Palin hasn’t a chance… I like bubble-headed MILFs.

    Bachman has too much education. Women need to stay in the kitchen and make supper for daddy.

    Like I said, it won’t be the right one…

  37. Colma – nice. Very nice. You know you are in over your head, tho, don’t you? You are gonna force me to start posting photos of you and sugar mama again, like this one:


    Just how long can you hold your breath, anyhow? Must be handy when she plays dutch oven with you.

  38. Llpoh: Not me! I was doppelganged earlier on this thread too!

    It got more thumbs up than most of my comments!

    Must be Surly…

    But that picture cracks me up… look at that poor little guy. Probably has to wash with peroxide to get the big tuna smell out of his hair!!!

  39. OK – if not Colma, then will the real doppelganger show him/herself so that the beatings can begin in earnest?

    Colma – you have a way of putting things that just makes me lose my appetite.

  40. Well, I was sure the Donald would grab the GOP by the nuts and tell them to nominate him or eat shit. Shows how much my predictions are worth. On that note I will fall back on my old favorite.


  41. Geez…I stink at doppleganging. I posted as Colma about Bachman, hoping to cause insurrection and discontent amongst the women folk, especially RE, and I can’t even pull that little stunt off. I give up. I’ll never visit this site again. See ya tomorrow.

  42. Dam you, Fred Flintstone!

    The ladies of the board must think I’m a pig.

    You’ve ruined my feminist reputation…

    Dam you Fred!


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