The population of Philadelphia was 2.1 million in 1950 when the total US population was 151 million. In 2010 the population of the US was 308 million, a 104% increase. In 2010 the population of Phila had fallen by 29% to 1.5 million. The story below is an example of why this has happened. Liberal tax and spend union Democrats have had complete control of Phila since 1950. The city is controlled by unions. The politicians are corrupt. Their solution to every issue is to increase taxes.

The Phila school district is an absolute clusterfuck. Over 50% of the kids drop out. The other 50% graduate high school with a 3rd grade education. This is after spending $12,000 per student per year. The teachers suck. The school administrators are corrupt and incompetent. The schools resemble prisons. In other words, it’s a huge success story.

The school district is $100 million short because the state of PA is bankrupt and told the city to fuck off. The brilliant Mayor Nutter put on his thinking hat and came up with another property tax increase, a FREAKING SODA TAX, and higher parking meter charges. The liberal social do-gooders immediately cheered at the soda tax as they declared it would make Philadelphians healthier. Have they seen the people of West Philadelphia?


Do these douchebags realize the idiocy of their position? Nutter wants to raise more tax revenue. The do-gooders want people to drink less soda. Something doesn’t connect.

Nutter raised property taxes by 10% last year and 16% the year before, in the midst of a depression. This guy should run for president. The criminal politicians who run Phila never propose spending cuts, decreases in the golden union benefits, outsourcing functions like trash pickup, firing worthless school administrators, firing lousy teachers, closing terrible schools, or anything resembling running the city like a business.

This city is in a downward spiral. The 2020 Census will show a population of 1.3 million as 200,000 more people come to their senses and get out of this shithole. I bet the residents of the 30 Blocks of Squalor are happy their SNAP cards will help them buy their five more expensive 2 Liter bottles of Mountain Dew.

New property, soda taxes to fund cash-strapped schools?

June 01, 2011|By Troy Graham, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER

With time running out to raise about $100 million for city schools, Mayor Nutter proposed in private meetings Wednesday to raise property taxes, resurrect the long-dead soda tax and increase prices at parking meters and kiosks.

Council members, who largely were opposed to raising taxes last week when School District officials first asked for $75 to $110 million in city money, were just as cool Wednesday to Nutter’s specific plans.

A property tax increase, several members noted, would come on the heels of last year’s 10 percent increase – and that hike, while unpopular, was a compromise after they shot down Nutter’s previous attempt to create a soda tax.

Nutter acknowledged that he had “a lot of work to do” to convince at least nine Council members to pass whatever combination the administration ultimately endorsed – and just two weeks until the scheduled summer recess.

“We have a very limited time frame here,” the mayor said. “But there is enough time to accomplish these very important goals . . . What it requires is leadership, political will and the committment to get things done.”

Nutter and School District officials, facing a $629 million budget gap, have described terrible consequences if the money isn’t raised.

District officials have said they would be forced to make cuts to full-day kindergarten, transportation services, alternative schools and to increase class sizes.

Some critics on Council have questioned whether the district has adequately trimmed the fat from its budget, or eliminated programs less effective than full-day kindergarten.

They have described the district’s targeting of such essential services for cuts as a kind of blackmail.

“They’re fearmongering,” said Councilman Bill Green. “Until they stop engaging in that kind of behavior, I see no reason to be supportive of their efforts.”

The district’s cash request also comes on the heels of questions about its financial stewardship – city Controller Alan Butkovitz called for more oversight and auditing power Wednesday after finding what he called “serious financial errors” in the district’s books.

“It’s pretty dire here. This is a very tough situation,” said Minority Leader Brian O’Neill. “I don’t think anybody has any confidence in the School District’s budgeting and finance, their accountability.”

Nutter met in the morning with about a dozen education advocates, presenting his plans and asking for their support. He then met with Council Leadership in President Anna C. Verna’s office.


  1. It’s not only your part of the state. The City of Pittsburgh was short on pension funds so it raised the parking tax by 50%. Since they raised the tax they also announced that they need to hire ten more people to patrol the parking meters. I am sure they will be UNION Jobs.

  2. Philadelphia is a great place to be from. The Philly I grew up in (Kensigton) is a long dead shell of it’s former self. It is sad that my wife and I cannot visit it from time to time, but to do so, I would put our lives on the line for the filth that live there now. Thank you Globalization. Thank you our piece of shit government.

  3. “Why don’t they tax the air we breath?” Thats what the carbon dioxide scams are supposed to be for.

  4. Well it was you freakin Yankees that got pissed off when we opened fire on Fort Sumter in order to preserve “our way of life”. Now YOU get to take care of them forever.


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