“Deficits mean future tax increases, pure and simple. Deficit spending should be viewed as a tax on future generations, and politicians who create deficits should be exposed as tax hikers.” – Ron Paul


The Debt Ceiling Reality Show approaches its grand finale in the next week. The world breathlessly awaits the shocking conclusion. The debt ceiling will be raised. The world will be saved. Wall Street will rejoice. Americans can focus on the important stuff again, like Casey Anthony’s upcoming book, who will win this week’s Toddlers and Tiaras pageant, and the latest app created for their iPads. Based on my observations over the last few weeks, I’m absolutely sure that 90% of the politicians in Washington DC would lose on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Still, the mainstream media and the performing puppet politicians need to create a fearful frenzy among the masses to insure maximum public relations exposure for their lies, misinformation, and mistruths. Wall Street will exert their control over the debate by threatening to crash the market if they don’t get what they want (aka TARP). I generally ignore the talking heads on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and CNBC, as I could learn more from watching Cash Cab than listening to ideologues spouting their talking points. But, last night I happened to see an hour or so of Fox, CNN and MSNBC. I saw the full spectrum of right wing and left wing rhetoric and fear mongering. These stations should be ashamed to call themselves news organizations. They do not even purport to report the news. They spew talking points generated by the left and right, depending on the station’s bias. Truth is unavailable on the mainstream media.

What the public doesn’t see is the rooms filled with PR maggots in the bowels of Congress generating talking points and testing them in over night polls of the public. Their sole purpose is to generate a message that will convince the public the fiscal debacle is the fault of the other party. The goal is to gain an advantage in the next elections. The long term future of our country is unimportant to the soulless autobots that get paid to misinform and mislead the masses. Leaving unborn generations with an un-payable debt so we can selfishly cling to benefits promised to us by corrupt politicians who only made the promises so they could be elected, is the ultimate in egocentric myopia.

The deceptive talking points created in smoky backrooms in Washington DC and vetted by Madison Ave maggots are easy to detect. Each side pounds home the exact same phrases on every “news” station:

Republican Talking Points

  • We refuse to increase taxes on all Americans to fix a spending problem.
  • Spending has been out of control since Obama took control of the White House (reference $800 billion stimulus package, home buyer tax credit, and Obamacare).
  • Say that Obama doesn’t have a plan and mention his ten year budget.
  • Tell the American people Republicans are fiscally responsible and the real party of change.
  • The people told them to change Washington with the 2010 election.

Democratic Talking Points

  • The Tea Party EXTREMISTS have hijacked the Republican Party and want to destroy the country by forcing the country to default on its debt.
  • The Bush tax cuts and the Bush wars are to blame for the entire increase in debt and deficits.
  • The Republicans want to protect the richest Americans while cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits for the poor.
  • The Democratic Party will never cut Medicare or Social Security.
  • The Democrats are willing to compromise and act like adults, while the evil Republicans resist all offers to strike a deal.

Depending on your ideology, you will find yourself agreeing with the talking points that strike your fancy. Don’t worry; they’ve all been tested on sample groups of ignorant Americans in order to strike the right nerve. As I listened to that bald headed prick – James Carville – screeching on CNN last night about Bush’s wars and tax cuts causing our economic peril today, I wanted to reach into the TV screen and throttle the weasel faced demagogue. The National Debt on the day Bush took office was $5.7 trillion. On the day he left office the National Debt was $10.6 trillion, a $4.9 trillion increase in eight years. Today, the National Debt stands at $14.4 trillion, a $3.8 trillion increase in two and a half years. That sounds bipartisan to me.

Bush certainly did get the U.S. into two wars of choice and his tax cuts, tax rebate checks and expansion of Medicare have contributed trillions to our deficits. He deserves scorn and contempt. But, I do recall that Democrats supported the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. I do recall that Democrats voted for the tax cuts. I do recall that Democrats were gaga about expansion of the Medicare program. A funny thing didn’t happen when Obama was elected. Defense spending did not go down. He increased spending on our war machine. His war budgets put Bush’s to shame. He doubled the war effort in Afghanistan. He upped the ante from two wars to three wars in Libya. The difference between most Bush and Obama policies has been indecipherable.   

Carville’s shrill diatribe against the Tea Party freshman in Congress was the most humorous piece of misinformation of his entire rant. He inadvertently struck upon the most revealing point of this entire debt ceiling farce. He said:

“These Tea Party congressmen act as if they don’t care if they are re-elected in 2012.”

And there you have it. These people are not doing what is in their own best interest to get re-elected. They have shocked the vested interests in Washington by sticking to their principles and not playing the games that left the country bankrupt. This is an outrage to non-principled shills like Carville and Rove. This behavior is declared EXTREMIST by the liberal pundits and self interested Washington hacks. People acting in the long- term best interests of the country are seen as EXTREME by neo-cons like Charles Krauthammer and moderate RINOs like John “Crash” McCain. The entrenched Washington ruling class is uncomfortable with any change. The establishment would prefer to lie to the American public again and let future generations worry about the $100 trillion unfunded obligations they’ve created.

Only in America would people trying to balance the national budget be branded extremists. Is the average American who spends less than they make an extremist? In the eyes of Washington politicians and mainstream media talking heads, you would be an extremist. Let’s peruse some facts and judge who the extremists are:

  • Federal government spending has risen from $1.9 trillion in 2001 to $3.8 trillion in 2011, a 100% increase. Federal government revenues grew from $2.0 trillion in 2001 to $2.5 trillion in 2008, before collapsing to $2.2 trillion today. GDP over this same time frame has grown 47%.
  • The annual Federal budget deficit in 2007 was $160 billion. Annual deficits between 2002 and 2008 ranged between 1% and 4% of GDP. Since 2009, annual budget deficits have exceeded $1.1 trillion and will continue to exceed $1 trillion as far as the eye can see. Annual deficits now exceed 10% of GDP.
  • The Federal government spends in excess of $1.2 trillion per year on the cost of present and past wars, or 55% of all tax revenues.
  • With a gun to their head from Wall Street banks, Congress handed over $700 billion of taxpayer money to the criminal banks that had just crashed the worldwide economic system with their casino gambling. These banks have been getting free money from the Federal Reserve since 2008 and have rewarded themselves with in excess of $70 billion in bonuses since 2008.
  • Obama handed $800 billion of pork to his constituents across the country in order to create 3.5 million jobs. The $800 billion is gone and we’re still waiting for the jobs.
  • The home buyer tax credit scheme cost Americans $22 billion, or $100,000 per additional home sold, and home prices are now 5% lower than they were before this worthless Keynesian scam. And prices continue to fall.
  • The Cash for Clunkers debacle cost Americans $3 billion, or $24,000 per junked car, as a payoff to Government Owned Motors and Obama’s union backers.
  • The taxpayer bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has cost Americans $160 billion so far, with at least another $150 billion to go.
  • The Federal Reserve tripled their balance sheet to $2.7 trillion and is now leveraged 55 to 1, twice the leverage of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers when they failed. A 2% decline in the value of their assets wipes out their capital.
  • The government and Federal Reserve threatened the FASB into changing the accounting rules so the Too Big To Fail Wall Street banks could fraudulently report the value of the assets on their books, to appear solvent.
  • Obamacare will add 30 million people to the government controlled healthcare system, while adding mountains of new bureaucracy, and trillions of added costs.
  • And last but not least, the country goes $4 billion further into debt every day. Or for further perspective: $166 million per hour; $2.8 million per minute; $46,000 per second.

These are the facts of our current economic situation and the liberal mainstream media and slimy politicians like Chuck “I Love Wall Street” Schumer brand the Tea Party congressmen as EXTREMISTS for demanding an end to this out of control Roman orgy of spending. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so utterly disgusting and sad. The only serious proposal to reverse our course and steer away from the approaching iceberg was made by Tom Coburn a couple weeks ago. It was scorned by the ideologues on both sides of the aisle, as it slashed military spending, closed corporate and individual tax loopholes, ended subsidies, and really addressed Medicare and Social Security rather than changing the CPI index. It was DOA and so is this country.

The Boehner plan and the Reid plan are absolute jokes. The Boehner plan cuts $900 billion over ten years with, shockingly, a whole 2.5% of the savings in 2012. Why cut today when you can pretend to cut in the future? We are on track to add $10 trillion of debt over the next ten years and Boehner’s plan will only add $9.1 trillion to the national debt. That is cutting in Washington DC speak. Harry Reid’s plan is even funnier. His $2.2 trillion in “cuts” includes $1 trillion for wars that won’t be fought and the $375 billion of interest expense that won’t be expended for the wars that won’t be fought. No smoke and mirrors in that proposal. These revolting excuses for leaders have both proposed new commissions to recommend spending cuts that won’t be implemented. These brilliant ideas never grow tiresome and old.

The chart created by Mike Shedlock after Paul Ryan offered an alternative ten year budget three months ago shows you everything you need to know about who the real extremists in Washington DC are. The Ryan budget included much deeper cuts than anything proposed by Boehner or Reid and would still add $9 trillion to the National Debt by 2021. After examining this chart it is clear the establishment of both parties in Washington DC have no plan to cut anything. The good news is the national debt will never reach $23 trillion because our economic system will implode long before we approach that figure.  

When you see the old time party hacks and the shrill pundits declare that an agreement must be reached on these fake distant theoretical cuts, you know they just want to protect the status quo. These people have gotten rich from keeping the status quo intact. If EXTREMISM is living within your means, spending less than you bring in, addressing unfunded liabilities, and leaving a country where our children have a fair chance to have a decent future, then count me in the extremist camp. The time is approaching when we need to stand up and be counted. What kind of country shall we be? Do you care? 

“The issue boils down to this: do we care about freedom? Do we care about responsibility and accountability? Do we care that our government and media have been bought and paid for? Do we care that average Americans are being looted in order to subsidize the fattest of cats on Wall Street and in government? Do we care? When the chips are down, will we stand up and fight, even if it means standing up against every stripe of fashionable opinion in politics and the media? Times like these have a way of telling us what kind of a people we are, and what kind of country we shall be.” Ron Paul

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  1. Why is the military so off limits to spending cuts?Do we really need bases all over the world?The department of energy?do they actually do anything?the list of horrible bloated non performing agencys just goes on,its so easy to figure out,if the government is involved its bad.

  2. As the market finally takes a sober look around and notices that the American landscape is a far cry from the Fed induced Kansas mirage that status quo buffoons/criminals screamed was precisely so, I shake my 32 year old head.
    The end is drawing near and the clowns have been brought in. But these gagmen refuse to leave the stage, as careers are placed before country. Slowing the rate of spending is nothing close to a massive reduction of overall spending. Do they not see that without country, without a strong union, the precious careers evaporate?
    So once again, I shake my slightly less proud 32 year old American head.

    Of all the capital joints, in all the nations, in all the world; these reps had to walk into mine.


  3. Admin/Jimbo:

    Nice essay. Absolutely priceless analsysis, spot on and critical in all the right places. No matter what MSM outlet you happen to be unlucky enough to listen to, the criticism just flows everywhere to everything. There is no logic in it, just bullshit opinions. It is so utterly frightening these idiots are running our country.

    It’s going to take some EXTREMISM to wake up the brain dead hacks in Washington and business as usual. Your writing, your documentation of this situation, whatever the outcome, is spot on. It seems to me you are getting bored with all the ass kissing going on at your beloved site, but you are feeding many people here the truth, and it’s not available in many other places. Maybe if anyone reads this and wants to repay the favor, they can start tearing each other apart again. Here’s some ideas that usually work: Gays (especially gay marraige), single parent homes, religion, muslims/anti-muslims, American consumption of imports, addiction, well that’s all I can think of, you got everything else pretty well covered. I try to stir shit up whenever I can, but I don’t get many takers.

    Don’t forget people: It’s Jimbo’s sandbox, and he likes people throwing sand at each other, so get to it! He deserves it…

    1. Jesse’s take:

      I suspect that the capping on gold and silver will continue into the month end tomorrow, and quite likely into some resolution of the debt ceiling discussions which will probably occur next week. They might not, and that will indeed be interesting. The Mad Hatter and his Merry Pranksters think that a ‘little default’ might be a good thing to make the country more malleable to their non-negotiable demands.

      On a deal, the first impulse will be for stocks to rally sharply and the metals get beaten, in the usual ‘risk on’ trade. However, depending on the resolution of the debt ceiling, when people think of it after they have had their jollies in the first reaction, they may realize that absolutely nothing has really been fixed. The US financial system will still be corrupt and broken, and the politicians have openly stopped caring about the voting public and their opinions, in their desire to put on the corporate feedbag.

  4. Mean Street: Why the Debt Ceiling Debacle Is a Good Thing

    Thank goodness for the utter mess our politicians are making down in Washington.

    It’s not only good summer entertainment. It’s also giving the American public the one thing it needs most: an education on just how screwed up we’ve become, both in our nation’s finances and in our collective mindset.

    No doubt, most voters will continue to blame the entire debt mess on the politicians. Just have a look at the angry responses I received on a recent piece on entitlement spending.

    Here’s reader “Mad as Hell”:

    “I am forced to relinquish a substantial part of my hard earned paycheck for both Social (in) Security and Medicare…And forced to do this for years. I along with most others, was given no choice in this matter. Okay, so that’s part of life living in America. So absolutely correct, if I live long enough to collect (which I hope I do) I want my benefits! Each penny that I’m entitled to. No more, no less.”

    And here’s an anonymous commenter:

    “Mr. Newmark berates me for wanting to keep an unsustainable entitlement, and say I should live within my means. But it seems to me that while I’ve been frugal, I’ve been forced to support the government living way beyond its means. The promise has always been, ‘You pay us all the money now, and we’ll take care of you later.’ Now they’re planning to renege on the promise.”

    But readers like these are being too hard on the politicians and too easy on themselves. We ourselves elected the government that made those promises. We ourselves created an unsustainable welfare state.

    All the confusion and division among our elected officials over the current debt ceiling is really just a proxy for the confusion and division among ourselves.

    More-sophisticated Americans may think the debt-ceiling brouhaha is a giant national embarrassment, that America is “becoming a bit of a laughingstock” in the words of the Dow Chemical CEO.

    But they’re wrong. The debt-ceiling “crisis” is exactly what America needs as our $14 trillion debt careens towards the point of no return.

    The dueling Obama and Boehner press conferences, the red-faced screaming on talk radio and cable TV, S&P’s threat to cut America’s AAA rating, the stock-market jitters, the family fights over whether Grandpa really needs the Medicare-funded knee-replacement surgery – bring it on!

    The bigger and more intense the debate, the better. How else will America ever come face-to-face with the hard choices it has to make?

    After all, millions of Americans are still living under the illusion that there is some magical Social Security lock-box to fund their retirement or that they’re only taking out of Medicare what they paid in or that some new taxes on the wealthy will solve all our fiscal woes.

    That’s why the sado-masochist in me wants to see this Washington drama play out for a few more days. The scarier the show, the more likely it is that Americans will pay attention.

    Not that a default or quasi-default would be good for anybody. The economy would falter. My own net worth could easily fall 30% on a stock-market collapse.

    But in a way, that might even be worth it. We can deal with our debts either now or down the road.

    As we head into this weekend, ask yourself the following: Would I rather have my politicians fighting each other in Washington over the debt-ceiling today, or my neighbors fighting each other in the streets when the nation goes bankrupt five years from now?

    That’s why this debt-ceiling mess is a very good thing, indeed.

  5. How about the forbidden topic—-some 21st Century Glass- Steagall. We do this charade and leave the banksters free to lead us to the next disaster. Who among the financial elite is shorting America and betting on downgrade or default and how much money are they funneling to the pols/whores to buy the outcome?

  6. Jim…things will change when those in Washington are more scared of the people than the Washington elites they owe their political lives to ….that will take millions of people protesting in the streets.

  7. we have met the enemy and he is us.we do not deserve to do anything but just curl up in a big ball and die.most americans will wake up one morning and wonder what the fuck just happened—-fuck them and there stupid lives .gather your loved ones and family and hold on.

  8. Let the Great American Fourth Turning Civil War begin!

    The battle is the debt ceiling. But the prize is 2012 election. Just like the last civil war, where the battle is slavery but the prize is the South. Never mind the South was busted up to stone age by the troops. Such is the logic of war.

    This civil war will have two stages. First, the federal politicians try to exterminate each other. They will propose various American perestroika to deal with debt ceiling and other nonsense. They will not fully succeed. Because, just in the nick of time, the war will spread to the states. Between the Fed and some states. Things will get complicated. How complicated? Just read the history of the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States after the USSR.

    But relax, there will be a solution to America very considerable problems. It will come after the formation of the CISA. Confederated Independent States of America. That’s when some states will gang up and go their own way. Separate constitution and all.

    Just like the EU? Shocking ! But, hey, how was the EU formed? It was formed by WW2!

  9. Administrator:
    “My own net worth could easily fall 30% on a stock-market collapse.”

    Ok. It is great that YOU and many others have stock portfolios. The reality is, that many, especially those always-unmentioned-by-all low income workers do not have access to your wall street gambling system; it is just too pricey for many.

    Also, and I know I risk being attacked for this, the Wall street concept of investing is really questionable itself. Often times it appears to be nothing more than gambling. It is also steeped in questionable morality, as many of the stocks people are invested in (and this goes for many who have their “portfolios” ran by their employers and rarely bother to look at what they are supporting, etc) deal with arms dealers, such as boeing, ratheon, lockheed martin, in addition to stocks in the private prison system, which one company of this ilk I checked on has a mission statement to the affect of “our goal is to increase prison bed numbers” and who lobby regularly on capital hill for more “laws” that will insure more prisoners (tax payers ultimately pay for this little twist of so-called “free-market”).

    Another aspect rarely spoken about is the fact that American style “capitalism” is really corporatism, which is socialism in disguise and forfeits the real nature of free-market. The talking heads on corporate media love to spout off “free-market” this and that, but in reality US system, Wall Street included, is NOT free market.

    As far as my understanding and reading on Social Security goes, I have found that there are numerous opinions and people saying they have all the “facts” on it. The closest I can get on this issue is that it WAS fully funded for years into the future. However, it was used for other “things”…which we all know what those are.

    In a so-called “free-market” system in America (which does not seem to have anything to do with Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations) we actually have things turned up-side-down. The real welfare system is bottlenecked at the top. If you want to include Social Security as welfare then at the bottom the largest welfare programs are SS and Medicare (and medicaid). Other than that, the other programs for the “little” people are not that much in comparison.

    Here is a breakdown of U.S. Welfare system:

    For the top and for those that support the top such as military personnel:
    Military Personnel and military industrial complex
    Central Banking System
    Farm subsidies
    Tax loopholes for wealthy
    Corporate Lobbyists
    U.S. government workers
    State and local government

    Welfare for the little folk:
    Food aid
    Social security
    Low income housing
    TANIF (which is $440 a month for a family with one child…wow! what dead beats, and they cannot stay on it as before)

    Social security was one of the few working programs, if it had been left alone. Now, medicare is another story, but then it is governed by Big Pharma and Big Insurance.

    There are old people that do not have family. They unfortunately did not gamble on Wall Street. They DID pay into the system, however. The payout on SS is no different than someone who pays into an insurance policy, then collects far more than they put into it…however, nobody says anything about that.

    I agree, we need to cut. Because the American people did not act in 2008, nor did they do anything to stop the Trillions of dollars spent on unnecessary wars, we now all have to pay!! But it is not the fault of the little folk. In a healthy system, there would be no reason that we could not afford a few social programs for the poorer of society…and there would be good jobs available which MOST people do want to work.

    I’m not a sado masochist. However, there is a bit of sadist in me. I look so happily to the coming crash to see all those gamblers on Wall Street lose big time, and it will be doubtful that they will lose only 30%. Oh the joy……….I cannot wait.

    1. Cathy

      I will not lose a dime when the stock market crashes. I have been shorting the market in my IRA, which I built up over 20 years by saving 20% of my after tax income. It can be done. It’s called delayed gratification, which is an unknown concept in America today.

      I would agree with most of your points except SS. It was not a retirement plan. It was an insurance plan which was supposed to take care of widows and children during the Great Depression. It was a ponzi scheme. It was always going to fail in the long run. The average person today gets three times out of the system, what they paid in. You call that a successful system. You need to do some more research.

  10. @cathy

    You’re no sado masochist. It’s just the way many folks feel these days.

    Take your epiphany of how things REALLY work, go back in time 20 years or more, multiply by 100 million people, and not only today crisis won’t happen, but America will continue to be respected and admired.

    Instead people around the world, including the lost Amazon jungle tribe on their new iPhones, watch the show in DC like watching Uganda ex-president-for-life Baby Doc Idi Amen conducts his politics as wild and crazy sex orgy with his 15 wives in the presidential palace. At least Baby Doc, who was subsequently convicted with crimes against humanity, was doing a natural thing – sex. Those losers in DC are staging a global mad dog gun fight on, yes, an accounting rule to balance the stupid books which they screwed up. This is a 4th world failed state dog and pony show. Send these clowns to Congo and replace them with son of Baby Doc!!

  11. Hey cathy – Seems like you’re attacking Admin for an article he didn’t write, but merely pasted into our comments section for our collective perusal. Are you new around here or what? Most of what you’re saying is more or less in line with the general opinion on TBP. I’ll forgive you this one instance… just this one time. Next time you fuck up, you get blasted.

  12. cathy,

    The little folks (The Free Shit Army) and their entitlement programs are unsustainable. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Military all need 50% haircuts. You cannot run a country by barrowing .43 of every one dollar you spend.

    Entitlements and War Mongering eat up most of the governments budgets. The military alone is the #1 energy consumer in the United States. When empires flame out, one hopes you are on the runway and not at 35,000 feet.

  13. cathy

    You should consider seriously the origin of social security. Despite that 1936 pamphlet saying “You are saving for your retirement,” how can this be? given the first paying in were actually paying for those who came before. And the younger workers are footing the bill for people like myself, at age 75. I haven’t done the math, but I can’t see any way my contributions since I got my SS card in 1948 actually covered my benefits.

    “The first monthly payment was issued on January 31, 1940 to Ida May Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont. In 1937, 1938 and 1939 she paid a total of $24.75 into the Social Security System. Her first check was for $22.54. After her second check, Fuller already had received more than she contributed over the three-year period. She lived to be 100 and collected a total of $22,888.92.”

    FDR’s Social Security never worked — any more than the original aged pension plan touted by Otto von Bismarck. His scheme set the retirement age at 70 — when the average lifespan at that period in the 19th cerntury was about 46 …

    Indeed, the FDR administration had to delay the implementation for a year, due to the fact that people actually paid their income tax in the following year from earnings, and SS contributions would have been, in effect, a double dip.

    Almost from its beginning, there’ve been patches, modifications, interpretations and major changes, including: The Supreme Court has established that no one has any legal right to Social Security benefits. The Court decided, in Flemming v. Nestor (1960), that “entitlement to Social Security benefits is not a contractual right”. Woah!

    But many of your other points are generally held by a lot of people here. You won’t find any love for vampire squids and Big Anything, etc.

  14. P.S., and in the time I was hacking my previous message, others appeared. Thus I have to elucidate a point (thanks to Walter E. Williams) —

    “Social Security has been one congressional lie after another since its inception. Here’s what a 1936 Social Security pamphlet said: “After the first 3 years — that is to say, beginning in 1940 — you will pay, and your employer will pay, 1.5 cents for each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year … beginning in 1943, you will pay 2 cents, and so will your employer, for every dollar you earn for the next 3 years. … And finally, beginning in 1949, twelve years from now, you and your employer will each pay 3 cents on each dollar you earn, up to $3,000 a year. That is the most you will ever pay.” The pamphlet also said, “Beginning November 24, 1936, the United States government will set up a Social Security account for you. … The checks will come to you as a right.”

    How times change, eh?

  15. Thanks for the bipartisan article. Using Carville and Rove in the same sentence, priceless.

    As for the fourth turning, why does it have to be a civil war. It seems that since this financial crisis is global in nature, the “civil” war will in reality be a “global” war, and it will occur due to a shortage of natural resources, when one country invades another for lack of food, water, or energy.

    Granted, the risk assessment going into 2008 was that former soviet block countries would be unable to quell popular uprising when their governments become unable to feed the people. What happens when new governments form, still unable to feed the people, especially in the Middle East?

    Cap, cut, balance is the best approach to the contrived debt ceiling crisis. Balancing the budget over a period of time, say 10 years should give the markets some level of confidence, and prevent the sudden shock to the system of cutting spending all at once. Raising the debt ceiling for the short term will allow continued discussion, that is, if the fear mongering can be set aside.

    Call your representative’s and urge them to support a balanced budget amendment, otherwise, the debt ceiling will become our prison.

  16. Jim, in “Who Are the Extremists” one point states “The Federal government spends in excess of $1.2 trillion per year on the cost of present and past wars, or 55% of all tax revenues.” Yet the “Cost of War” clock shows 1.2trn SINCE 2001. Your 1.2trn/year does not seem correct. The Dep of Defense budget for the year is around 700bn. Can you explain?

    1. Chriscourt

      The clock is only the direct costs of the Iraq and Afghan wars since 2001.

      The Dept of Defense budget of $800 billion (Obama’s Budget) does not include the cost of the Veteran’s Administration, the ongoing costs of all the wounded, the interest expense on the unpaid for war expenditures, and billions more sitting in the DHS budget that are really military expenditures. The government is really good at hiding the true cost of our military industrial complex empire.

  17. Another good post Admin-

    It’s funny how congress has rightfully linked the debt ceiling to the budget, but in a bad way. We have a $1.6T hole annually that we need to address. So now both gangs can claim to make “cuts” to “reduce” the deficit, but in the end all they are doing is slowing down the process of digging the hole. This is the only issue that congress should have been addressing this year, and only now at the end is there a serious discussion. I’m not a fan of the Ryan budget (too many gimmicks), but at least he put his chips on the table.

    I just heard on CNBS that if the debt ceiling is blown, we still “have to pay the military.” Why? Why is DoD spending so sacrosanct while food stamps are the devil’s issue? Funny how the “Bush War’s” are partially to blame for the issue, but no one ever suggests we close shop and come home (‘cept Dr. Paul).

  18. And that’s just the “on budget” DoD expenses. There has to be at least one supplemental appropriations bill per year to pay for the wars that is not included in the budget at all.

  19. The House Judiciary Committee approved legislation on Thursday that would require Internet service providers (ISPs) to collect and retain records about Internet users’ activity.

    CNET reported the bill would require ISPs to retain customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses for 12 months.

    The bill passed by a vote of 19 to 10, and is aimed at helping law enforcement track down pedophiles.



    We are all pedophiles now??

  20. My first time to TBP — linked here from 123 Gold. Excellent article, Jim! This aphorism went to my FB status (where I try to do my bit to educate the distracted):

    “Leaving unborn generations with an un-payable debt so we can selfishly cling to benefits promised to us by corrupt politicians who only made the promises so they could be elected, is the ultimate in egocentric myopia.”

    Equivocating on the meaning of Austrian in my handle, with that accent, “I’ll be back!”

  21. What we are seeing now is just the buzzards picking off the last flesh of the nation. Through an audit that was forced, it came out that Bernanke passed out 9 trillion to banks in the US/Europe and other places, which was on top of all the TArp and other welfare programs that became available for the Banking class after 2008. No outrage from the public. The outrage is consistently directed at the SS. As I said, I can see Medicare being entirely gutted, although something would need to replace it for those elderly people, unless people don’t care about them. Over time social security became a free ride for many healthy and able adults who were told on their psychiatric couches that they had a mental condition, most of which were created by the Psychology associations, and were handed disability known as SSI. Before we trash SS we should first clean up all the additions and attachments.

    The bottom line is the corporate and financial system in the U.S. that has fed off the mainstreet of American. They have enormous tax loopholes, yet bitch consistently about taxes via one of their many minions that are paraded on tv daily.

    We have about 12 secret service agencies in the U.S. The public says nothing. The public can’t define the dots let alone connect them, because it would require a lot of research. All the think tanks send their minions to the TV stations daily; and always…they are cfr or trilaterals.

    If there were decent jobs in this country that had fair wages, people would not have the debts they do (for most part). My son who just graduated from college is constantly getting credit card offers, all of them somehow know that he is on his way to college, although we never told them this. Pretty sick.

    Instead of talking about what YOU are going to get for your allegiance to Wall Street (which is not productive earnings btw) you might consider advocating for the end to those welfare programs on the first list I posted. But I don’t see any Americans doing that. They have been directed towards the “free-loader” poor.

    Most of this zeros down to globalization. It is working for a relatively few people. It does not work for the rest, and the answer it apparently seems is for culling. There is a continual culling meme going on everywhere now. Even the bloated Brooks of NY Times had an article encouraging people to kill themselves.

    A society that had a thriving working class would not be discussing the ss issue.

    Anyone that knows anything about working for low wages knows that it is impossible to save 20% as Administrator suggests. You can’t do it, in fact you will have to go into debt to keep off the streets.

    At this point I don’t care if I get blasted as ecliptex states. I’ve heard it all.

    I would like to know what people want to do with all these “deadbeat” SS people and other low end welfare recipients. It sounds like they want a culling to protect their own asses. The fact that nobody is talking about these massive welfare spending programs for the rich, banks, corporations, military, etc, proves that the entire discussion (if that is what it can be called) is being directed by the big interests that benefit from the Wealthy classes welfare programs. Somehow the public feels safe and justified trashing some WIC mom that goes in the store and gets some free milk and cheese, rather than these vultures that have taken from them the most, which is entirely the wealthy corporate classes.

    And one more thing. Check out where laws are being handled for Social Security. It is in the UK:

    Yes, we are moving from a Rockefeller controlled society to a Rothschild controlled society. The shift is subtle but for the awakened types you will have noticed all those British accents increasingly prevalent in the U.S.

    1. Thanks Avalon for switching the channel from Toddlers & Tiaras to CNN so I could listen to that prick Carville. It fired me up.

  22. Cathy: The things you say nobody talks about are constantly discussed here, believe you me. If you manage to survive the napalm of the comment section you will see this indeed.

    Welcome to TBP, hippy!

  23. I used to care but now I don’t giva a shit. Why should I. No one is stepping up. Think I will go ride my dirt bike and come back to see if we have collapsed yet. I am tired of all the whining from everyone. Give us liberty or give us death. We, as a people have chosen death.

  24. There is a lot of income flowing into the purse of the US government but it has been mismanaged by the congress for years. The US government has much waste to trim out. Finally a group of non career congressmen has been elected to the house by the people that are fighting for a sane and balanced budget. They are being fought by the old establishment bought off politicians in congress that do not care about the health of the nation. We have to get rid of these leaches and install people that will spend our tax dollars wisely; not on wars and corporate welfare, but building a new economic structure for small business and employment. It does not cost money to eliminate oppresive regulations; in fact it saves money.

    One previous commenter called social security welfare. I would like to remind this commenter that social security is not welfare. It is rather a pay as you go insurance program that has been raided over the years to pay for our undeclared wars and other government waste. If this money would have been left alone in a fund, it would have trillions in it. Most of the boomers that have paid into it for 40 plus years have not even collected yet.

    By not raising the debt ceiling we are actually securing our future as a strong nation. This means congress will be forced to do their job by getting the spending balanced with income. The people realize that government is over bloated with programs that are controlling our lives we and want change; not the change our president wants, but change that strengthens our economy and our nation. We are done with the social democratic agenda forced upon us. We want to choose our own path for economic prosperity. This was what our government was originally set up to do. Our government has been hyjacked by these social engineers that plan and force change on unproven theories rather than timeless truths. It is time for them to get out of the way and this will happen naturally with a balanced budget. I hope in 2012 many more congressmen and senators will get elected that are interested in bring fiscal sanity back to government budgeting & spending. Then we can go after and recover all the money fraudulently given out of the public purse to special interests that have wrongly screwed the public. I think the jails are going to be filled up with a new kind of financial criminal that includes US senators and congressmen that have violated the public trust.

    I think the people of this country got side tracked by our early prosperity, and many focused on building a prosperous life at the expense of igoring our responsibility of watching what our representatives in government were doing. The wealth of this country was so great we just did not imagine it could be wasted by the mismanagement and theft of our representatives. We stopped being informed; and as our forefathers warned, we are now in this situation of being the largest debter nation the world has ever known; with the threat of the bankers taking over everything we own.

    But now the situation is so desperate for change that every citizen cannot ignore what is going on. This is good. The people are being forced by circumstances to wake up and smell the corruption.

    On the positive side, the government is collecting over two trillion per year in revenue. If one looks at the employment rate there is still over 70% of people working full time and paying taxes. The government is not broke and the majority of the people are still working. This means we have the ability to fix the problems and stimulate employment opportunities. One may say if government is cut the unemployment rate will go up and add to the problems. Conversely I say, as government lays off people that expense of government goes down and more money is available for the creation of private jobs.

    I sincerely hope the debt ceiling is not raised and the government is forced to cut its expenses. This means the congress will have to do its job of managing the budget, rather than creating arbitrary legislation that does not benefit the public. And the president does not have the ability to create jobs. He is the CEO of a government that will have to be reduced in size.

  25. Dear comrades, Bush the grim reaper and Obama the undertaker, I love how it is so easy for a fat cat to trash people on social security, how did it become an entitlement I thought it was called the social security trust fund? Now look who has stolen from this fund, Ronnie the rap master Regan and Georgie the frat boy bush stole trillions and left worthless I.O.U. s in their place. We have not had the rule of law since the frat boy was in office hence the term Republicrats, my definition of the new politician created by the Nazi Karl the hit man Rove. Now we have crooks and banksters stealing everything they can get their grubby little hands on, and a warning to all of you gold bugs out there, when the government gets through with the little people where do you think these junkies are going to get their next fix, they will come after your gold and give you a nice certificate from the government in its place. Welcome to KAOS and nowhere to hide for anyone rich or poor, the law of the gun will take over. Osama Bin Laden has won and America has died at the hands of the power elite crooks. End of a once great nation.

  26. It seems Washington and most of the people have adopted a version of St. Augustine’s prayer for the “Lord to make me Chaste and Continent but not today” but today it might go something like this.
    Lord make everyone else Chaste and Continent but allow me to keep on keeping on! While the Lord
    might have cut Augustine some slack in his path to redemption a sentient Lord, if such there be, would probably reach for the old ‘smiting rod’ upon hearing the whining of Americans. And so I fear it shall be.

    The tech bubble and the housing bubble were as birthday party balloons popping compared to the pressure building up in the government debt bubble. If it explodes the shock wave will collapse the entirety of our society not just a sector here or there. Instead of our president hectoring us daily with his lame partisan antics and the Speaker returning the favor those two better get in 9/11 mode and address the nation jointly with a serious lecture. They might even begin by announcing they will not
    seek re-election so they can, for once, concentrate on doing what we pay them for- run the country not run it into the ground.

  27. Toddlers and Tiaras. Maybe someone can explain it to me, I can’t believe people are willing to spray tan and put makeup, fake nails and fake teeth on their 2-3 year old daughters so that they can parade in front of male and female judges. It is strange to me.

  28. Cathy,
    You continue harping on as if you think everyone here supports the corrupt bankers and politicians that have been robbing us blind, please read some other articles to see that you are incorrect. The blame gets spread pretty evenly to all involved.

    You say it is impossible to save 20% and I call BULLSHIT! Anyone can save, it is all a matter of personal choices between needs and wants. Work hard, pick up extra hours and make choices. I’m so tired of people saying “poor me, I don’t make enough money so I am a victim” – NOT TRUE! Want to save money, make hard choices. Every person I hear say that typically has a few kids, big screen TV with a cable or satellite connection, cell phone, high speed internet, and any number of other things that have somehow become entitlements. If you believe you can’t save, then you are part of the problem, just another person too lazy to make the hard choices waiting for the government to rob someone to pay for you. What I see coming down the road is really going to suck for you, because people like me who have worked our butts off and made hard choices so we could prepare for the future will no longer be carrying the load for you, you’ll have to learn to do it on your own. I’m done – done supporting people too lazy to make hard choices for themselves and done letting the politicians and banksters rob me blind, I’m not supporting you or them anymore, go figure out how to do it yourself!

    Culling of the poor? Really?!? You need to read more to see who you are talking to. The people on this site for the most part are not wealthy, just hard working people who have seen the corruption and crap going on around us. No one is suggesting letting people die of starvation in the streets, but rather than legislated robbery, let me choose who and what programs get my support. I am 100% with you about the wealthy class welfare, but I believe in no welfare; what I do believe in is charity. If you are hungry, ask for help, I’ll gladly give you a huge basket of produce from my garden, but there is no way in hell I’ll give you money to go piss away on crap; at the same time don’t keep coming to me for food when you aren’t doing anything to earn or grow it yourself. The problem with welfare for the “poor” is that the way the system is currently set up it encourages dependence rather than independence and all that dependence just lets the crooks in DC keep the scam going.

    Okay, I’m done my rant. But please, don’t EVER, EVER, EVER say something is impossible – all that means is you are either too dumb or too lazy to figure out how to do it.

  29. Marianne

    I have no idea where you are getting off thinking you know me and my lifestyle. For your information I have no TV, no cell phone, no satellites. The only thing I have is internet, which I need for my business I own, all of which are paid for by me, with not one dime from government aid. Everything I own is paid for except the house.

    Like I said, I am a sadist, I will enjoy watching people like you self destruct and kill yourselves. Or maybe you are one of these financial “geniuses” that orchestrated this economic crisis; and in that case I would not be too uppity because eventually you and your families are going to get yours. I have my popcorn ready.

    and with that I will take leave. Sick and evil people are on this site. Good riddance.

  30. Marianne,

    You are epitome of why people around the world are saying about Americans: “they are going to get what they deserve”. You are such a stupid idiot it is beyond belief. This whole Welfare system for the rich has depended on bottom classes. You are as dependent as anyone in this nation. You can’t figure that out you are so into your ugly ego, most likely a guy using a womans name. I would say more but I don’t want to get arrested. I’m sure you’re a snitch type too, probably a supporter of Breivik. Such an idiot you can’t understand that economies work as webs, and nobody is really independent. You would have to be living in the forest for that. What a disgusting excuse for a human. Do us all a favor and go kill yourself…useless trash.

    1. cathy sure is a bitter shrew who despises anyone who has worked hard, saved their money, and doesn’t depend on the state for free bennies. I’m guessing she hasn’t gotten it in awhile. It appears that poor ideologues exist in the world too.

  31. I heard that the American men’s balls have all been clipped and stored in a vault under capital hill. Why don’t you cowards go get them back, you fucking eunichs? Too worried about your fucking portfolios and how much money you will make on the suffering of others, no doubt. What a bunch of cowards.

  32. Such strong language from an admitted sadist, cate!

    You’re doing good… keep up the figurative fighting, pull no punches and I won’t call you a bitch for dragging me in your cat fight, ok?

    Carry on…

  33. Wow, Cathy, bitter much?!? You really need to read what is written before jumping to judgements. I refuse to have a battle fo wits with an unarmed opponent. Feel free to return to TBP when you wake up.

  34. Yeah, Cathy, what Marianne said. You’re quixotic gallantry is misplaced.

    No rich folk here… middle class populists myself.

    Your statement about American men is indicating to me you’re foreign. If you’re not latina, I think you’re deluded… Are you British? Of all the annoying eurotrash accents for a woman to have, it’s British. You’d figure a Brit can speak fucking English but for some reason I can’t understand a fucking word.

    Carry on…

  35. By the way, Newsjunkie, those cat pictures are really freaking me out – one of them appears to be missing an ear!

  36. This thread has been interesting to watch the past 30 minutes or so….I have clicked refresh to THE Burning Platform and on this thread it showed 60 comments just a second ago. But when I clicked on the thread it only showed 47 comments…roughly 10 minutes ago it showed 50. WTF is going on?

  37. Plato: I think it’s wordpress… sometimes I drop in and it brings up the page before I made I comment, I refresh and it’s there. Go figure.

    This thread has gotten good in the last half hour, though.

    Cat Fight! Cat Fight!

  38. [email protected] says:

    The villification of the Tea Party by the donkeys and the elephants is just proof positive, if any more were needed, that we really only have ONE party, with two wings.

    This bears posting again:


    While the message of the Tea Party is sometimes a bit jumbled and their signs are homemade and they actually drive their own cars to the meetings, they are a breath of fresh air that we have needed for a long time, IMHO. The rage and spittle they evoke among our political hoi-polloi is the only reason to keep watching the teevee.

    The Tea Party has got to be doing something RIGHT to piss off so many people.

  39. Wow, what great entertainment! All the emotion is for naught. It is not a lack of balls. It is a lack of morals. No thought of our children or grandchildren all the way to great great great great great grandchildren. It is all about me. Just like the american people, in general. Looks like a few care but not enough. I have a water well, goats, cows, chickens, garden, silver gold 20 acres in the middle of no where. Let the collapse begin. Enjoy life now, enjoy the ride, we screwed the pooch. A baby boomer Later homies

  40. So, Cathy…. is it?

    When I read your posts im guessing not one but two or seven of your beautiful minds wrote them.

  41. Cathy, the ball less seal team 6 can find you. LOL lighten up woman, My country will collapse soon enough and you can laugh all the way to the bank or where ever your ball full leaders will allow you to tread, just like the rest of us. Do not forget we are taking the world with us ha ha ha ha! It is all our fault or was that Bush or buuba head, maybe Nixon, LBJ, Who CARES AT THIS POINT

  42. It’s a shame she left so soon, I haven’t had anyone tell me to kill myself in a very long time. Sorry to disappoint you boys but it looks like the cat fight is over, I’ll let you monkeys go back to slinging shit at each other.

  43. Good article. I agree with cathy for the most part even though the later posts were defensive because of the attacks she received.

  44. Either that or she didn’t save enough for new batteries for the big boy she ordered from your site

  45. Clearly, the U.S. corporation will fail just as any corrupt poorly run corporation eventually will. We are well within the looting and liquidation phase or perhaps it is more accurately described as the fourth turning of the Empire as described by Nial Ferguson.

  46. Let’s play matchmaker for Cathy since I suspect Admin is right – she hasn’t gotten it in a while. And though crazyivan is obviously quite a catch, and seems to have the hots for her, I think she’d be more suited to a long term relationship with RE. Whad’ya think?

  47. cathy sure is a bitter shrew who despises anyone who has worked hard -JQ

    Sadists hate everyone wealthy, poor, saver or spender, even themselves.

  48. Novel idea NJ.

    A sadist and a hermit occupying a snowed in Alaskan cabin getting snockered on Samuel Adams and farting chili.

    Sounds like a reality show.

  49. newsjunkie-


    are right!

    RE would make a wonderful mate for her.

    I just wanna watch.

    I could report in…..

  50. What a bunch of psychos. What more proof is needed than this board of self congratulating fucktards that Americans have totally lost it. Not that they ever had it. It is soooooooooooo funny to watch you “exceptionalists” go down hill. You deserve everything you will get for the millions you have slaughtered, in obvious glee. The world hates your fucking guts, yet you still believe you are the beacon of light on the hill. hahahhaahhahahahah

    Not long now, and America goes bye bye, imploding on its own filth.

    Only in America, the puritanically sexually obsessed. Everything is sex. Probably because the men’s balls are all hung in that vault under the Capital Hill.

    Soon Americans will be killing each other. They are the most vile sick people on planet. The rest of world just awaits patiently why these moron idiots eat each other alive.

    When you kill yourselves please video tape so we can enjoy it.

    1. cathy

      You are a shrill hateful bitch. Were you raped by your daddy? You must be a real pleasure to have at parties.

  51. America was colonized by crazed criminals, psychopaths, and religious fanatics. It is obvious that the people on these boards have the same characteristics. Its all about DNA. Europe said good riddance to all those crazy pilgrim idiots.

    ohhhhh they are upset because they are losing their money and nervous they might not be making a good decision on their little portfolios. ahhhhhhhhhhh

    one of you idiots says you will take the rest of the world down too. Don’t think so. Unless you fools get ww3 going, which everyone expects you to do. Everyone knows you did 9/11 to yourselves. Only stupid Americans would believe Bush.

    Look at you fat fuckers. Big bloated faces. The biggest joke on the planet are Americans.

  52. Cathy, Cathy, Cathy….

    You are so right, but what you are missing is that TBH is well aware of your new found revealation.

    You should read more. RE has freind with a 11 /2″ cock.

    Try to pay attention.

  53. TRUTH HURTS AMERICA!!! sorry for stating the obvious. Only Americans would get in a twist about truth. They don’t know truth even when it is right in front of their faces.

    Look at the morons your educational system spews out. Most don’t even know where the hell the countries they are bombing are on a map. Americans I know are beyond stupid and moronic. They think that the world loves them. hahahhahahaha


    It is soooooooo fucking funny. We are looking at your comments. hahahhahahahahahhah

    bye bye America

    1. Cathy

      Time for your lithium.

      I think we have found our female David Pierre. I think her picture is next to the word Hateful in the dictionary.

      And I’m not sure about the female part. More like a rabid racoon foaming at the mouth.

  54. Everyone knows Wall Street is corrupt and were selling their shit all over the world; neatly packaged of course. Even Israelis hate Americans; they just like the 3 Billion they get annually. And Americans just keep on giving……..It is tragic but funny.

    Soon you are going to have millions of hungry morons roaming the streets. Don’t count on your silver or portfolios to pull you through. Sounds like it will be dog eat dog. Or maybe American eat American. When those ships stop hauling in all the goods, and those shelves are empty, whoa look out. Those fat fucking Americans are going to be pissed.

    Bye bye miss American pie…

  55. Cathy, reading what you have posted here, you are more in-line with Jim than you may care to think. I understand what I think you are trying to say.

    I saw a (retired) Army General on Youtube bitching about the deficit. The military machine and indeed he himself is a big portion of the problem. I suspect his pension is in the $60 to $80 range after 20+ years spent on his knees. Says he is a warrior…when he is a middle-aged fat slob. Another zombie in the system preaching right-wing views while milking the taxpayer.

  56. Administrator must be one of those American men with his balls hung up in that vault under the Capital hill. Or maybe he swallowed his own balls. Either way Administrator is a coward. Another fat ass American who doesn’t get it and thinks he is exceptional.

    You’ll find out soon enough how happy everyone is when your country implodes on itself.

    I’m bored with you folks. You don’t have anything intelligent to say.

  57. Cathy-

    Are you even listening.

    The dude has a 11 1/2″ dick.

    He is our pride and joy.

    You must be fridgid..

    The American people are no differant than your people, except some of us like to sport fuck.

    By the way… who are your pepole.

  58. At least Jeff gets it. There might be a couple Americans that are worth saving. Speaking of the US military, which is everywhere, one low level staff sargeant told me he would be a millionaire when he retires from the retirement fund he has in the military. The moron actually thinks putting 20 years in the military, and which he has put in about 8 already (and still an E5), will suffice to make him a millionaire. Someone is screwing with these already moronic idiots. I think it is illegal to take advantage of mentally retarded people. Yet, the government of the US does it daily to the obviously mentally challenged America public.

    The only way to end the psychopathic reign of the US is to wait for it to implode economically. Then the UK will take it under its wing and the British Empire will be jump started.

  59. Cathy says:



    It is soooooooo fucking funny. We are looking at your comments. hahahhahahahahahhah

    bye bye America”

    Colma thinks:


    “That’s a man, baby!!!”

  60. cathy

    Hit the fucking road you ignorant slut. Isn’t it time for you to torture a kitten for fun?

    By the way, what country is lucky enough to have you as a resident? – Bulgaria

  61. cathy

    You are bored with us, but you keep coming back and posting more hateful jibberish.

    My guess is you don’t have to get ready for your Friday night date.

  62. 8:30 saturday morning in Almaty. I read yesterday it costs America one million dollars a year to keep a soldier in Iraq. We shoulda just taken the bad guys and bought them all Manhatten apartments. Probably be money ahead.

  63. You American men don’t have balls. Remember? They’re in that vault under capital hill. Go reclaim your manhood then maybe we can talk sex.

  64. A young ventriloquist is touring the clubs and one night he’s doing a show in a small town in Arkansas.

    With his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual dumb blonde jokes when a blonde in the 4th row stands on her chair and starts shouting: “My name is Cathy, I’ve heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype women that way? What does the color of a person’s hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It’s guys like you who keep women like me from being respected at work and in the community and from reaching our full potential as a person. Because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blondes, but women in general, and all in the name of humor!”

    The embarrassed ventriloquist begins to apologize, and the blonde yells, “You stay the fuck out of this, mister! I’m talking to that little bastard on your knee.”

  65. At least the Greeks got out into the streets. Americans? nope. Sitting on their fat asses with their beer and chips watching football.

    Sure I’ll leave now. Oh you americans are so sensitive. So much for your big “blast”. What a fizzler.

  66. Cathy there’s a blog called Tampa’s Backdoor Ways written by a lady there. You should check it out. I think you and her would get along. She hates American police and fireman and believes they, along with the mayor are poisoning our water and thus reducing us to the helpless pitiful people we have become.

  67. Sorry Bucked, and old joke told about an Aggie.

    Here, I think this is a new one but I don’t get out much.

    The Louisiana State Police had received numerous reports of illegal cockfights being held in the area around Abbeville and sent their famous Detective Boudreaux from Thibodeaux to investigate.

    Boudreaux promptly began his investigation and then reported to his Commander the next morning. “Dey is tree main groups involve in dis rooster Fightin”, he began.

    “Good work! Who are they?” the Commander asked.

    Boudreaux replied confidently, “De Texas Aggies, de local Cajuns, and de Mafia from N’awlins”.

    Puzzled, the Commander asked, “Now Boudreaux, how did you find all that out in one night?”

    “Well,” he replied, “I went down and done seen dat rooster fight in person. And I knowed immedjiately dat dem Aggies was involved when a Duck was entered in the fight.”

    The Commander nodded, “I’ll buy that. But what about the others?”

    Boudreaux nodded knowingly, “Well, I knowed de Cajuns was involved when sum body bet on de duck!”

    “Ah, I see, I see…..” sighed the sergeant, “And how did you figure the Mafia was involved?”

    “De duck won !”

  68. “The only way to end the psychopathic reign of the US is to wait for it to implode economically. Then the UK will take it under its wing and the British Empire will be jump started.”

    There you go folks

  69. cathy

    With your great personality, sweet demeanor, bathing once a week, and European grooming habits, talking about sex is all you ever do.


    Tell us you are leaving and make 15 more posts you worthless hateful piece of Eurotrash

  70. Me thinks “cathy” had a sex change operation, man to woman. Her balls were cut off, which traumatized her fragile psyche, and she is projecting out that everyone now has no balls. Now even Hannibal Lector is scared of her. Sorry, nutless cathy, they can’t put ’em back on again.

  71. Awholedoc and admin-

    Don’t miss it.

    Cathy says: “Then the UK will take it under its wing and the British Empire will be jump started.”

    Sic her boys!

  72. Don’t worry Cathy..the street stuff may be coming soon enough . Everybody talks about how they can’t wait till the SHTF…..trust me..it won’t be fun and games . A neighborhood in total darkness can be a scary place !

  73. Can you imagine the litter you would get out of that bitch? I mean, it would give a whole new meaning to butt-ugly.

  74. Cathy:

    We’re still running a pool on when princess Kate will be screwing a rich middle eastern dude. Want to buy a chance?

    If it weren’t for us, you and your ilk would still be speaking German and raising the swastika every day.

    The only thing good to come out of England was Monty Python, and that was 40 years ago.

    All you got is soccer, a sport for pussies and drunk pud pullers. I believe your term is “wanker”

    Shitty weather, shitty cars, ugly people, the royal family, shitty food, shitty everything. I gotta go now and pinch some fish and chips…

  75. “America was colonized by crazed criminals, psychopaths, and religious fanatics.” —- Cathy

    Yes, I believe they were originally ALL from England.

    Dumb cunt.

  76. AwholeDr says:
    “Shitty weather, shitty cars, ugly people, the royal family, shitty food, shitty everything”

    That’s it Doc. Bury the bitch.

    The British Empire floundered generations ago.

    As will ours.

    But to think that the Brits are gonna make a comeback…

    Well, thats illusional.

  77. Damn… that bitch is dumber than Bachmann, and what’s up with the constant references to castration? She must have been one of The Unfortunates that got slapped shitless by Smokey’s cock before he became a grizzled old bastard… and she still ain’t come to from that one.

  78. At least the Greeks got out into the streets. Americans? nope. Sitting on their fat asses with their beer and chips watching football. -Cathy

    I resent that remark not because its pre-digested group think retch but because I would rather watch Nascar.

  79. “America was colonized by crazed criminals, psychopaths, and religious fanatics.” —- Cathy

    Yes, but they were trying to get away from those bug fuck crazier than them.

  80. llpoh,

    il·lu·sion (-lzhn)
    a. An erroneous perception of reality.
    b. An erroneous concept or belief.
    2. The condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief.
    3. Something, such as a fantastic plan or desire, that causes an erroneous belief or perception.
    4. Illusionism in art.
    5. A fine transparent cloth, used for dresses or trimmings

    Also can mean stupid.

    The “al” addative is basic english grammer, I think,

  81. From one neighbour to the next fellas? I think cathy outwitted you. You missed the points and like fools you played right into her hands. You proved her points 10 X over.

  82. Crazyivan – I make more than my share of typos, but what the fuck is “illusional”. -llpoh

    I think he meant a delusional person with illusions.

    I kinda like it.

  83. From one neighbour to the next fellas? I think cathy outwitted you. -MM

    It could very well be she won a debate that know one knew what the hell she was frothing bout.

  84. newsjunkie

    No more photos of Salma, no matter how badly you screw them up. Salma is my exclusive territory. Thank you.


    Cathy’s first 7 comments, including the nasty battle with marianne, were under one distinct avitar. Then, she switched to another for further diatribes. Hmmm. Your ever vigilant spook, SSS.



    You underestimate Americans, as did the British (twice) and Japanese and Germans (twice). We can be totally clueless clowns, true, but when push comes to shove, we have shown in the past that we can rally as one people to meet grave threats to our democratic republic. Can we do it again? You think not. We shall see.

    1. SSS has done it again. Thank God we have a spook onboard. We were all doppelganged by GOLDORACK. The last 8 hate spewing cathy posts were not really cathy.

      Well played Goldie.

      Apologies to the original cathy. Nevermind.

  85. CI – I think you were perhaps searching for “delusional” in the deep dark infrequently used or visited recesses of your mind. I am almost beginning to understand crazyivanese – I will eventually master it.

  86. I strive to be lucid for your sake, llpoh

    Sometimes, fail.

    Mostly so far.

    Can ya just feel the Love around here?

    Somtimes I can.

  87. Cathy, your welcome for the save from the wonderful nazi system of ww2. Now the corrupt federal reserve is bailing you out again. Who is corrupt you and yours or the federal reserve.

  88. Fucking Goldorack…

    Very well played indeed. Zoolander shows up late in the game with dopelganger skills. Funny shit.

  89. newsjunkie-

    The Shakespeare Insult Kit:

    Now that is helpfull.

    Read up on this folks, it will help you in your word war.

  90. I copied all of “cathy’s” comments and ran them through a software “gender filter”. Every one is posted by a male except for one that came up gender neutral. Best odds were 96% male, worst was 50%. She’s a he.

    Or she is a bull dyke… I kinda liked she/he’s rants here and there.

    Count on Admin to flame her socks off..


  91. We knew who the extremists were before the 2008 election unfortunately 30% of the population is dumb as dirt and thats all you need to win an election when only 50-60% of the registered voters actually vote.

  92. Muck: Did you separate the original cathy (last post 5:52) from doppelcathy aka goldorack?

    The original cathy was tolerable, but marianne hopped in and started pulling hair and scratching giving us an epic cat fight…

    That’s about where I, fooled by the swedish chicanery, concluded that it was a man…

    Looking back, I still think the original was a woman who needed a drink and a tampon change and maybe to actually read more tbp.

  93. No, I didn’t separate anything out – it would have made the samples to small to work with. I think it was the same person who just lost its’ temper more as comments evolved.


  94. Ivan’s getting lonely on the plains…

    The deer and antelope are restless. They know that the buzz of the cropduster is the sound of a strange man with vodka/gatorade breath looking for any port in the storm.

  95. Hey, newsjunkie. Thanks for posting that link to the Shakespeare Insult Kit.

    And for posting (poorly, I might add) that photo of Salma without my permission, I hereby declare you to be a weedy, weather-bitten wagtail, in addition to being a craven, clay-brained clotpole.

  96. I think we should pull out of the wars we are in but with that being said all the factories that are producing for the war machine will have to shut down and all the troops will come home to not having jobs. I’m not saying we should be murdering to help our economy but the unemployment rate would go parabolic. I’m not sure we are ready for a shock like that.

  97. SSS,

    Thou roguish dizzy-eyed horn-beast! You may have her! She’s a bawdy full-gorged canker-blossom! Have your fun!

  98. “You know what — I am sick and tired of all the so-called mainstream pundits out there lambasting the Tea Party. Those who know me, and know me well, know that I am not some right-wing nutbar but come on. Why is everyone so scared about committing to a balanced budget amendment? Why is there so much fear about admitting that living within your means is not a terrible thing? Government spending, in the United States, is simply out of control.

    Over the past decade, federal expenditures rose at an average annual rate of 6% while the growth rate in the number of households has risen at a 0.8% annual rate. At around 25% of GDP, spending is higher now than at any other time since 1946. That is an outlier. Admittedly, revenues at 15% of GDP are abnormally low as well, and while a partial by-product of the recession and sluggish recovery, loopholes galore and endless tax gimmicks are also at play — in the 1991 economic downturn that ratio was around 18% and in the severe economic decline in the early 1980s, it was 19%. Revenues have to go up and there’s a cool trillion sittin’ right there in loopholes — oh, sorry, deductions and “tax expenditures”, we don’t want to offend anybody — that could be eliminated without sacrificing growth while reducing the ridiculous complexity of the tax code. A few less lawyers and IRS staff would be just fine by us.

    But to think that the U.S. government cannot manage to deliver effective and essential services with a $2.5 trillion revenue base is absurd. If that is what spending has to ultimately equal, so be it. Isn’t 21 grand per household of government benefits enough? Before 2005, such a level of government expenditure per household was unheard of (in Bill Clinton’s final days as President, that ratio was barely above $16,000). At the height of LBJ’s “Great Society” glory, government spending per household didn’t even approach $3000.

    So indeed, the problem is more with this massive spending infrastructure. Even the word “entitlement” is so grotesque. Entitled to what? Taxpayer funds? Come on, man! Tighten the belt and make the move towards fiscal integrity. After all, the shift towards austerity is already occurring at the state and local government levels. Households have been paring debt and raising their savings rates for two years. And Congress and the President should actually start behaving more like children (that’s right) because the Denver Post just ran a story titled Tooth Fairy Gets Frugal in Shaky Economy. Indeed, the “going rate” for that loose tooth that made it under the pillow has declined from $3 on average a year ago to $2.60 today. And guess what? The kids are all right.

    Time for the guys in Washington to follow on the heels of that generation. All it takes is for the President to sign on to a balanced budget amendment, and this whole fiasco is over.

    Then again, and we hope we’re not too harsh, but if Mr. Obama thought they actually did have a spending mismatch, he would have offered up some restraint on that score when he unveiled his budget six months ago.”

    David Rosenberg

  99. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy – you’re just as toilet mouthed as ever. I read some of your attacks on Kathy – bad, bad dog! I haven’t visited your site in a long , long time for this exact reason – you are a foul mouthed orge, Jimmy. You have actually written some good articles – too bad the potty mouth never goes away.

    I only visited your site today because I saw a link to it on another website. It was actually a pretty good article with some genuine American ideas.

    Poor Kathy – she was probably the only sane person in this comment section, until I arrived. Bye Jimmy. If you need a bar of soap to rinse your mouth out, I’d be glad to send you one Jimmy!

  100. Titty, Titty, Titty……….let me answer for Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

    Take your bar of soap and stuff it up your ass. Bye, Titty.

  101. JImmy, I saw another article of yours one that shows a gold plated Porsche, a move designed to attract females. Maybe you, Jimmy, could get your weenie gold plated in order to attract females (maybe even Kathy). Or do you swing the other way, Jimmy?

    1. Titanic

      Didn’t you sink? Sounds like you are a little too concerned with weenies. Compensating titanic? Shouldn’t you be trolling on Seeking Lemmings pretending to be a wise investment sage. Have you invested in gold yet? Or are you still calling for a collapse after ten years. Afraid to use your Seeking Lemmings alias Doc?

  102. Wow, Titan, you’re posts are pretty fucking creepy…

    Your medication bottles say use as directed, don’t they? You should follow directions… your compulsion and golden cock obsession is winning the fight in your mind.

    Use as directed.

  103. Colma:

    Appearently at the end of every month, the institutions for the criminally insane open up computer access for the inmates. Hence Cathy, the no T.V. (except in the day room), no nothing, and giving up sexual favors for internet access was the first clue. One of the administrators left TBP up, and Cathy and Titanic and all the wack jobs come out of the woodwork. Sex change or not, their brains are still stir-fried. Or maybe Goldy belongs in the institution. Good thing they’ll be locked up tight again soon. They get their meds shoved down thier throat every morning by a 300lb orderly. Even the electroshock they got doesn’t help anymore.

  104. WTF is “seeking lemmings?”

    Trace the URL’s: Hoboken hospital for the criminally insane that have had sex changes. (HHFTCITHSC).

  105. Afraid to use your Seeking Lemmings alias Doc?

    If your trying to insult me, at least do so in terms I’m familiar with. Otherwise, I don’t know WTF your talking about.

    1. AwholeDr

      Titanic is a dickhead I’ve kicked around on the Seeking Alpha website. His alias is Econdoc on Seeking Alpha. He pretends to be a doctor, investment genius and the CEO of his own company. He really lives in his mother’s basement and is a fry cook at McDonalds. I’ve kicked him in the balls at least a hundred times. He whines and complains to the Seeking Alpha editors about my meanness.

      I have nicknamed the site Seeking Lemmings because it is nothing but Wall Street shills lying and scaming everyone with their positive spin on the markets and economy. I’ve properly nicknamed Econdoc as EconMoron.

      Don’t worry. I still respect my doctor friends. Douchebags like Ttitanic/EconMoron deserve scorn and contempt.

  106. Thanks for the clarification. I googled Seeking Lemmings and all I got was your article/post. I didn’t think I’d done anything to piss you off in at least the last 24hrs.

    There’s been quite a few nutjobs showing up lately. It’s been fun.

  107. Damn, out of town for 24 hours and I miss all the fun. The original Cathy was entertaining, if rather disoriented. So where the fuck is she actually from? And I did pick up on the avatar switch, fwiw.

  108. I am sooooooo sorry Jimmy – I am NOT Econdoc on the website you refer to. It just goes to show you that you are a first class a-hole on a big scale, and more than one person is very offended by your meanness. But it doesn’t surprise me – I taken your shit before and I can fling it right back in your (and all of your loser groupies) direction!

    Now here’s a psychoanalysis of YOU JImBoy, I mean Jimmy. You have a SEVERE need to demean people, belittle them, throw crap in their face, insult them, call them names. First, you are a coward – calling people names over the internet. I bet in person you would NEVER do this – you’re probably a MOUSE in person, unwilling to face any potential threat or confrontation. BUT AT THE KEYBOARD, JIMMY IS GOD, JIMMY IS A TYRANT, JIMMY IS T-REX. Don’t fuck with Jimmy, or he’ll tear you to shreds.

    You have a severe need to belittle people. You think this makes YOU feel important, accomplished. In putting others down and trying to make them feel stupid, you become smart, important, and powerful. IT’S ALL ABOUT JIMMY. JIMMY, JIMMY, JIMMY. Well, Jimmy is a little foul mouthed bitch who needs to be taken out to the wood shed until his ass is bloody.

    Your intolerance of others’ views and opinions shows that you had a father who was abusive and extremely intolerant any behavior he did not approve of. You were an abused child, Jimmy. Now, you feel a compulsion to spread the pain around as much as possible. It’s OK Jimmy – help IS available.

    Your putting down of other people also shows a DEEP lack of MEANING and fulfillment with your own life, Jimmy. You feel like a NOBODY (unimportant, not wealthy, unrecognized) so in putting people down, Jimmy feels soooo important, so successful. Well, Jimmy, this one is also serious – you will need some heavy counseling on these issues.

    And, No, Jimmy, I’M NOT EconCock, or Econdoc, or whatever you call him.

    Jimmy, you have some VERY SERIOUS issues. Really. You’re not a true gentleman. You’re a COWARD , a SADIST and a MONSTER. I just don’t get it. You have written some good articles recently, but you become a COMPLETE ASS-HOLE in the comment section and you attract other monsters/sadists. It’s time to change your life around Jimmy – that is, if you want to leave this A-HOLE reputation behind you.


    1. Titanic

      You have a desperate need to come to this site to prove what a worthless piece of shit you are. You trolls like to drop in and add absolutely nothing to the debate. You just wrote seven paragraphs and said nothing worth reading. How pathetic must your life be? The hate coming from your keyboard is palpable. You are really quite pathetic with your little 3rd grade level rant. Why don’t you talk about my wennie.

      I respond to commentors in the tone in which they start the conversation. In your case I will kick you in the balls, but sadly you don’t have any.

      If you have anything of substance to say, then say it.

      I doubt you will do so, because you are too busy trolling the internet abusing people. I take shits with more substance than you.

      So Titanic, go fuck yourself and die.

      Cordially JIMMY

      1. Hey Titanic (aka Dinghy)

        Have you stabbed anyone in the back lately? Any of your rat like mongrels die on you recently? And I don’t mean your hag wifey. Why don’t you post some pictures of your dogs and talk about your island abode. I expect a frothing at the mouth response from the artful codger. Keep trolling, back stabbin and adding nothing to the debate. It’s what you do best. Bring it on you ancient piece of shit lowlife troll. My very best to you and your shrew – JIMMY THE TYRANT/GOD/T-REX.

        Only artful cowards hide behind a new alias. Right old man?

  109. Titanic

    You present an interesting anomaly — one who stands on the high moral ground and allows himself to “sink to the level of his adversary”.

    I vaguely recall a quip from someone, roughly along the lines of “a gentleman is entitled to be a bastard every now and again” so maybe you’re a (true) gentleman, too. You speak the same language.


    Did you ever consider that the troops are enlisted, and already factored into pay — and could be brought home to work on infrastructure? As for the arms factories, I can recall when Boeing, et al, made real stuff for real productivity — maybe it was not as profitable but a little austerity might do them some good, and us, too.


    I think ‘cathy’ was an experiment in social engineering. AKAnon says disoriented — maybe — but the incongruities, harping on SS like a libtard, yet throwing in CFR and Trilaterials, swinging back to populist rhetoric, and Rockefeller to Rothschild, the U.K. link, Adam Smith, SSI, and the general tone of paranoia. A muddled profile but more likely carefully crafted.

    And goldocrock mimicked it well.

    Last but not least, TFED UP, sheesh, do these worshipers of FDR never learn anything?

  110. Titanic says:


    “I am sooooooo sorry Jimmy – I am NOT Econdoc on the website you refer to. It just goes to show you that you are a first class a-hole on a big scale, and more than one person is very offended by your meanness. But it doesn’t surprise me – I taken your shit before and I can fling it right back in your (and all of your loser groupies) direction!”

    I bet you’re an exceptionally proficient feces flinger… literally. I see that with good behavior, the orderlies let Titanic back on the computer. I bet the keyboard smells ripe.

  111. Novista – just a clarification – I have not visited Jimmy’s site in almost a year. Just yesterday I saw a link on another site (FinancialSense.Com) to one of Jimmy’s articles. I clicked on it read it quickly and read some of the comments. I saw numerous people attacking Cathy and here is one of Jimmy’s comment (from above, word for word) to Cathy: “cathy -Hit the fucking road you ignorant slut…..”

    I was horrified. I too, was the object of his childish attacks about 1 year ago, and for this reason stopped coming to his site. I could not believe the absolute vileness and ruthlessness of Jimmy’s comments. It seems you can’t teach an old DOG new tricks.

    Also, I wanted to show Cathy (if she had not run away already) that not everyone is a RUTHLESS, CRAP SLINGING DOG, like JImmy. It seems Jimmy wants to attract mindless, idiotic morons to his site. For that reason, I’m outta here!!!!!!!!! Over & Out. My regards, Novista.

    1. Titanic

      You came to this site and started motherfucking me. I responded by kicking you around like the old fucking pussy you are. Now you want to clarify to Novista. Too fucking bad. If you want to blast away, go ahead. But be prepared for return fire. I love pussies who whine and moan about being mistreated when they were the one who showed up on the site and began the fight.

      You are a lowlife scumbag. I have a long memory artful backstabber. Are you done mourning your bitch?

  112. And no, Jimmy, I have never used the name Dinghy either! It’s obvious that you have offended MANY people. You seem to derive some sick pleasure in doing so. You need serious help, JImmy, SERIOUS HELP.

  113. Titanic

    As a great man once said, hit the fucking road you vile piece of shit. And don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass. Back stab anyone lately artful?

  114. Jim – checking out Liberty Speaks right now. Believe me, fiscal cons — we’re here in CA — inland and hugging the coast, at least south of LAX. We do suffer fools, what with the pop culture slaves who march to the pack’s orders. Mainly those who A) don’t watch or follow news and B) the welfare bloc & gov workers. It hurts.. and worse, these new redistricting maps are still strategically corrupt, something that wasn’t supposed to happen following the midterms! Makes some want to split for TX. Anyway really excited about Steve Bannon, the great guests and now a new weekly show on KABC. In my opinion, 2012 will be vastly more informed + transparent, which will further expose the fraudulent acts of 2008. Really enjoyed The Undefeated with its presentation of Gov. Palin at work and in charge: confident, comfortable, effective, and elegantly combative! That’s leadership. (Oh and one suggestion.. always keep a landline nearby!)

  115. Yanno, when I look at the graph. It becomes clear to me what the politicians are doing.

    They are building a cliff to leap from.

  116. I am really tired of hearing how it is the people’s fault for voting for this insanity. Tell me who I could have voted for that would have made a difference. We get two groups of pathological liars in November to choose from. Last time we voted for peace and transparency. We got neither. The time before that we voted for smaller government, balanced budgets, and no nation building. Fooled again. I feel like Charlie Brown being asked by Lucy to kick the football for the fifteenth time. I shudder to think what “choice” we will get next time. If “none of the above” was a choice, it would get my vote. Maybe not voting at all is at least a statement of protest against the phony choices of pre-bribed candidates offered at election time.

  117. KB: I see a pyramid the politicians will throw the blue-painted, headless middle class from before an eclipse apacolypto style.

  118. KB: I see a pyramid the politicians will throw the blue-painted, headless middle class from before an eclipse apacolypto style. -CR

    So what are we talking here maybe a few hundred?

  119. Titanic

    (I will assume you are lurking, not outta here … )

    Funny how you somehow missed several reasonable responses to the original ‘cathy’ comment, including Admin’s.

    On behalf of the mindless, idiotic morons (interesting doubly-redundant term) here, I say you came here looking for trouble and found it. I, for one, took ‘her’ words at face value and offered some historical detail but it was obviously water off a drake’s back.

    As for your clarification … “I saw numerous people attacking Cathy” and “wanted to show Cathy (if she had not run away already) that not everyone is a RUTHLESS, CRAP SLINGING DOG” … you saw exactly what you wanted to see and turned a blind eye to the initial responses. My conclusion: you cane to throw shit as us mindless, idiotic morons on any pretext.

    Well, I could spend time in working up your profile, from your irregular parentage through you unnatural personal habits and to you probable future. Efficacy dictates the simple IRC response of FOAD.

  120. Surprises me how fast everyone is to lambast the U.K.
    Isnt it apparant that they are the ONLY ally the U.S has.
    France fucking hate you,so do the Germans,the Russians havent forgotton,the Chinese, Japanese ALL of the middle east, huge swathes of south America.
    Now we are all aware of Americas unique posistion at the apex of humanity, does that make you above the need to have allies?
    Whatever all of yours take is on the right or wrongs of the wars fought over the last twenty years the U.K is the only country willing to stand with you and be prepared to lose its children in the fight.
    70 years ago we stood against two of the most repressive regimes ever concieved and lost millions to defeat them.
    Has this been forgotten?
    Does the average American hold the U.K in such contempt?

  121. T. Rendy:

    Generally speaking, when someone from Europe talks shit about Americans, which happens often on TBP, the readers return fire with ease and gusto. Say we have no balls and suddenly everyone will be swinging their bags of rocks around in search of the nearest chin to bounce some big American balls on…

    Notice TBP’s numerous Ozzies whom we hold in great respect.

    As for the French… who cares what those bloodthirsty warmongers think.

    To question our loyalty to Western Allies is silly. Where the fuck do you think a massive chunk of defense allocations go?

  122. @ Terrence RENDY

    I can’t speak for the “average American’s” opinion of Great Britain, but I worked off and on with British Intelligence (both MI-5 and MI-6) for many, many years. I also worked closely with the RAF when I was in the Air Force and stationed in Europe. And I am keenly aware of the close relationships between U.S. and British law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI and MI-5 and Scotland Yard.

    So I’ll just say this. I wouldn’t worry about the matter if I were you. The partnership and trust between the U.S. and Great Britain is tighter than a tick’s ass.

  123. T RENDY

    Maybe I missed something in comments. Whatevs.

    Let’s go back further. No, not 1812, we reckon that’s water under the bridge. I was thinking more of 1914. Allied war bonds. The Lusitania (and the Churchill connection) and, despite that, the special agreement to enter WW1. Not that a lot of U.S. citizens agreed, but you get that.

    And let us not forget the arrangement between Strong and Norman to support the British pound and the return to a gold standard. Except it was a gold-exhcange standard in favour of Great Britain. Maybe it was a little greedy to demand a return to the pre-war value of the pound sterling, but wot the hell. And then, there was the government of the Bank of France who wrote in his diary, “England having been the first European country to reestablish a stable and secure money has used that advantage to establish a basis for putting Europe under a veritable financial domination.”

    And the U.S. certainly helped with inflating its currency in the process. When Norman wanted a formal central bank collaboration in 1930 and got the founding of the Bank of International Settlements, although the U.S. Congress forbade the Fed from joining the BIS, the chairman of the board of the New York Fed, McGarrah, resigned to take the position of president of BIS. What are friends for?

    No one even said ‘ya boo sux’ when you dropped the whole process in 1931.

    Surely, you appreciated the American pilot and American aircraft (with a British crew) that spotted the Bismarck — as well as the one U.S. naval ship lost in assisting with thwarting U-boat attacks, never mind that FDR was violating neutrality at that point. Damn those Huns for not falling for the ploy, eh?

    I suppose it would be churlish of me to advance into this century and mention Bush’s poodle.

    Maybe you still regret losing your empire. Well, once it was “Britannia rules the waves.” Then it became “Britannia waives the rules.” And the U.S. is following on in your footsteps, making enemies wherever it goes. Empires do that.

    The funny thing is, real Americans never wanted an empire.

    The one thing you can truly brag about: ending your experience of slavery with six years of compensated emancipation — and no civil war over it.

  124. T – so go ahead and name some of those things you have to brag about. Hmm – nice GDP you got going there. Wow – great work ethic the country has, too. Wonderful politicians. Why, the royal family sure is a nice, repectable bunch. Nice deficit you have going over there, too.

    I have lived over there. I really liked it, but then I didn’t meet you, I am sure. Nice folks, but incompetent to say the least. Hang on to those delusions of grandeur for as long as possible, because when you wake up, you won’t believe the shithole that you are facing.

    By the way – real nice culture you got going:



  125. T:

    Unbelievable. I am quite sure there will be a Britain long after the US is gone… with a crown and everything.

    Probably some Saud bloodines in it after the next princess bangs a sheik. God Save The Sultan!

    Probably dominated by Germanic policy.

    The house of commons will be a turban party.

    (Oh yeah… hows that Sharia “Common Law” idea working out?)

    Magana Carta to Ali-Baba in less than 20 years.

    Tally-Ho, cocksucker!

  126. About those Medicare expenses … there was a bill circulating in Congress to authorize Medicare to negotiate with pharma supplies for lower prescription drug prices. Would have saved 40% to 60% off Part D expenses.

    Makes sense, right? The VA does this. You buy in volume, you insist upon a discount from your supplier; it’s only good business sense.

    The Obama administration quietly killed the bill….

  127. Q. other countries voting on max. limit to borrowing funds?
    Nippon was ally = firned, pal, co-partner of UK, took De.’s colony in Asia for allies in ww.1.
    peak oil etc? see DE…flation down, vs. IN..flation up, vs. ‘plain ol’ ‘flation” essays.

  128. For users wishing to install multiple operating systems on their hard
    drive and add a boot menu, then Windows 8 will be open to specific types of attack.
    The most common of these tools is the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) snap-in which is used
    for daily management of users and computer objects.
    Also, keyloggers, post-it notes and over-the-shoulder surfers make typing in passwords insecure.


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