This is one of the finest pieces that Gonzalo has ever written. His passion regarding right and wrong, moral and immoral, and punishment fitting the crimes is dead on. Our country is warped and in rapid decline. There is only one way to save it. Prosecute the criminals. Make bankers accept the consequences of their actions. Let failures fail. Let the debt go bad. Enforce the rule of law equally. Throw Dick Cheney into Guantanomo before he reaches his final destination in hell.

Mr. Cheney’s Victory Lap

Dick Cheney is taking a lap around all the talk shows, peddling his memoir while giving his reputation one final spit-shine before he dies and goes straight to hell.



Dick Cheney

Oh—so you actually doubt he’ll go to hell? With the shit he’s pulled? Cabrón, please . . .

It is remarkable that relatively few people seem outraged by Mr. Cheney. Here is the man who, as Vice-President of the United States, violated some of the most important rights, freedoms and liberties that America has defended for over two-hundred years. Not only did he commit what in other times would have been considered war crimes and crimes against humanity—he is proud of having done so!

He boasts about the torture he ordered, he defends the wars of aggression that he fomented, and he is silent about the sweetheart deals he gave his former employer, Halliburton, in the “reconstruction” of countries that he helped destroy.

In short, he violated every rule in the book—yet no one is throwing the book at him. There are no Congressional hearings into his violation of the Constitution. There are no prosecutors sharpening their chops, getting ready to indict him on charges of corruption.

Most of all, there is no public outrage at him.

Sure, some loony Lefties and some old-style hard-ass Conservatives such as myself bitch and moan about him—but no one is seriously arguing for his arrest, indictment and prosecution for the despicable things he did while in office. Or if they are advocating his arrest and prosecution—like me, and perhaps you—then they are on the extreme fringes of the political discourse—like me, and perhaps you: Marginal, and inconsequential.

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  1. [email protected] says:

    If you locked up Dick Cheney for what he did, you would have to lock up the entire Obama Admin also because they have continued and taken to warp speed the very same policies of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield.

    Of course this trio just built on what was ALREADY in place. After all, The Patriot Act was written by Joe Biden after the Oklahoma bombing, for example.


    And you wonder why some call it Mordor on The Potomac.

    Don’t be too hard on Cheney or Obama or any of these guys. They are just Nazgul.

    “Those who used the Nine Rings became mighty in their day, kings, sorcerers, and warriors of old. They obtained glory and great wealth, yet it turned to their undoing. They had, as it seemed, unending life, yet life became unendurable to them.”

    And, like the Nazgul who served the wrong master, these guys will come to no good end.


  2. If you really want to wake up and smell the sulfur, consider the behavior of Cheney during and after the 9/11 attacks. Interested in facts? Check out the writing of David Ray Griffin or the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

  3. “Autobiographies are, by definition, self-serving,” said Carl M. Cannon in Politics Daily, “and this one is not likely to break the mold,” especially considering that “his ghost-writer is said to be his eldest daughter Liz Cheney.”


  4. I don’t mind writing about him, but for gods sake, did you have to put up pictures? I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  5. Derivative, unauthenticated specious garbage.

    Pitiful, embarrassingly shallow hit piece on a true American statesman.

    Please tell me again why waterboarding is torture, and also why it is ineffective.

    The transparent agenda of the League of Curs (aka Ron Paulites) is starkly revealed in this embarrassment to journalism.

    The fucking tortured logic used by the curs in attempting to discredit waterboarding as being ineffective is laughable.

    Let me ask you something.

    Would you go way out on a limb and concede that there are people called terrorists who have killed and attempted to kill Americans repeatedly?

    Many of you, of course, will deny that. The majority of you will deny that. The same members of your CUR ideology that call black white, and night day.

    But the infinitesimally small number of you that have an ounce of integrity would concede that yes, there are terrorists that are out to kill us.

    Now, having made this ENORMOUS concession, another question for you.—-Of those that want us dead, (including MANY released from that ghastly torture chamber Guantanamo Bay), do you think that there is any chance that any of them would be more forthcoming than otherwise about their murderous plans, due to USA forced interrogation techniques?

    See, that’s where your hypocrisy exposes you every fucking time.

    It is absolutely undeniable that those methods extract more information than would be otherwise available from them. I mean, JFC, common fucking sense tells you that they are not going to VOLUNTARILY give away the vital information of their terror network.

    Your CUR positions and ideology would carry far more legitimacy if you were to say, “We think forced interrogations are barbaric and uncivilized “, and leave it at that.

    But no, you DON’T leave it at that. Instead, you try to make the absurd case, through your tortured logic and defying the common sense of a 3 yr old, that forced interrogation DOES NOT WORK.

    You KNOW that your position is an abject crock of the reekingest vilest shit, yet you cling to your fairy tales because the truth contradicts what you WANT to believe. So, you simply invert the truth to coincide with what you want to believe.

    BTW, pouring water on a person is NOT torture.

    Torture is raping and murdering his wife and daughter with a broken wine bottle, with him watching, then gouging out his eyes and cutting out his tongue, then applying a rusty ice pick to his ear drums, applying alcohol to the wounds, all very slowly so he lingers for weeks or months.
    Then rinse and repeat.

    Torture is also beheading American soldiers and journalists on Al jazeera television in front of thousands of applauding, fine civilized Islamic citizens.

    You LOVE to motherfuck America for pouring some water on a terrorist, but don’t say SHIT about the thousands of innocent Americans incinerated so that Akmed can get his 74 (or however many) virgins.

    Please start up some more of your shit about how the USA invaded so that W and Cheney’s Haliburton buddies would make more money.

    1. It’s great to have a neo-con back on the site so we can witness the specious arguments, half truths, fear mongering, and ignorance of the cost of empire in all its full delusional glory.

      Thank You Smokey.

  6. Re. Smokey’s outburst:

    I lived three blocks from the World Trade Center. Three friends of mine—two dog-park acquaintances and a buddy I used to go with for wild Atlantic City weekends—were killed.

    I am not making light of the events of September 11. Nor am I siding with the people who carried out those events, or who support people carrying out such terrorist acts.

    What I am saying is, in this so-called “War on Terror” (which is as dumb as carrying out a “War on Flanking Maneuvers”), we as a country allowed people such as Cheney to betray the very principles for which the United States is supposed to be a shining beacon.

    Compare the current regime of torture, and the lack of due process, to the acts of Americans carried out against Nazis in World War II: No torture, no “enhanced interrogations”, no violation of due process. They didn’t, because they said it “wouldn’t be right”.

    Cheney, Bush, and that whole cabal pushed us into betraying what makes America America.

    Smokey has issues. He’s angry, and all he wants to do is lash out and kill, kill, kill.

    I guess we have met a member of Cheney’s constituency.


  7. “Would you go way out on a limb and concede that there are people called terrorists who have killed and attempted to kill Americans repeatedly? Many of you, of course, will deny that. The majority of you will deny that.” — Smokey

    I highly doubt that is true. Quite the opposite. I suspect nearly every single person here on TBP would admit that there are terrorists who have or want to kill Americans. To deny that is to deny facts as plain as the nose on one’s face. It’s a straw-man argument, imho.
    “It is absolutely undeniable that those methods extract more information than would be otherwise available from them.”

    Says who? Show me the proof. On the other hand there is AMPLE evidence that torture rarely results in valuable data being revealed. Many of these studies are from the government itself. Take time to google it, and you will see. When people are tortured they will say ANYTHING to stop the torture. It’s no more complicated than that. Again, think about it, and you will see the truth of that statement.
    Smokey, let me ask you this; would you support us beheading terrorist suspects? If not, why not? THEY do it, why shouldn’t we? In my opinion, we don’t want to become like them. We march to a higher, better standard. Or, don’t we?

    The problem with the War On Terrorism is that — try as I might — I simply cannot find a country by the name of “Terror” anywhere on the map. Our POS government has broadened the definition of “terrorism” to basically include ………… ANYONE it doesn’t like!!! For example, people that post on websites like THIS are terrorist suspects!

    The DHS has a very long list of people to keep an eye on. You, Smokey, may very well be on that list. There is no way for you to know …. until they come knockin’ on your door. Then it’s too late. And when they waterboard you, then you will indeed know that you are being tortured.

  8. By the way Gonzo, — I have ridden your scrawny ass from time to time —- but I call a spade a spade, and that was a pretty good piece you wrote.

  9. “This is the most brilliant phrase Gonzalo has written thus far”

    Open your mouth and insert Gonzo’s 1/2 inch wiggle worm. Gonzo was apparently in summer school, because his writing went from 2nd grade-level to 3rd grade. His missives are all but meaningless. He’s like a blind pandhandler in battery park. He happens to hear conversations from people walking by. He’s a paraphraser, and a poor one at that. It’s the same old shit. The topic du jour is criticizing Chaney. He’ll be parroting something else next week. If an original thought went through his head, he’d have a stroke, it’s never happened before.

    There’s no conviction in his writing. Comparing WW2 to the war on terror is a stretch, even for a half-wit. The stupid Chilean cocksucker comes here and criticizes our government. I’d like to return the favor, except I don’t know shit about the Chilean government, and really, who gives two shits about Chile? I’ve been there. It makes the inbred hillbillies in the Ozarks look like the Rockefeller s. Maybe he should stick to something he knows about, like genital warts, and quit trying to be writer. What the fuck does he know about America? He’s not even an American. Somebody call the INS.

  10. “I lived three blocks from the World Trade Center. Three friends of mine—two dog-park acquaintances and a buddy I used to go with for wild Atlantic City weekends—were killed”

    If I had a time machine, I’d go back 10 years, to August, 2001, and pay for an apartment for Gonzo 1/2 a block from the world trade center. You weren’t close enough the first time, damn.

    Gonzo at one of his “wild Atlantic City weekends”

  11. Gonzalo,

    You expounded eloquently on “judgement ” in this pathetic diatribe.

    The problem is, everybody’s judgement does not coincide with yours. Judgement is a subjective word that you use to gin up hate against America.

    It’s a word that you use in an attempt to bring the fringe to your blog.

    I mean, every fucking thing you wrote, I’ve already read a hundred times elsewhere.

    I think Cheney made some mistakes, as did Bush, Clinton, H W Bush , Obama, Reagan, Carter and all those presidents and vice presidents before and since.

    But I grow weary of your crowd that ALWAYS and in every instance blames America first in the wars.

    The reality is that the US Embassy was seized in Iran in 1979 and the incompetent coward Jimmy Carter didn’t do shit.

    In 1983 the US Embassy was bombed in Lebanon and 17 Americans were killed. We did not respond.

    In 1984 two more Americans were killed from a truck bomb in Lebanon. No response from us.

    In 1993, a bomb exploded in the World Trade Center, killing 6 and injuring over a 1000. Bill Clinton’s response, “We’ll just have to hunt down those responsible and make them pay.” Then he didn’t do a fucking thing.

    In 1996, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia were bombed and 19 Americans killed. Bill Clinton’s response, “We’ll hunt down those responsible and make them pay.” Then he didn’t do shit.

    In 1998 truck bombs exploded at the American Embassies at Kenya and Tanzania and Clinton didn’t do shit.

    In 2000, the USS Cole was bombed and 17 Americans were killed. Bill Clinton’s response, “We’ll just have to hunt sown those responsible and make them pay.” Then he didn’t do shit.

    What does it fucking take for this country to take it’s hands off it’s nuts and engage the fucking enemy?

    What you deliberately ignore, Gonzalo, is that every fucking major intelligence agency in the world said in 2001 that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. England, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, all of them. Bill Clinton had stated it publicly.

    A member of my family said within hours of the WTC attack, that if Bush didn’t take out Hussein in addition to Bin Laden that he was wasting his time. What was my brother’s motive? To spread democracy? To steal Iraq’s oil?

    And of course there were no WMDs. But see, here is where your fiction and lies kick in. All of you claim that Bush and Cheney KNEW that there were no WMD’s. That’s a goddamn lie AND YOU KNOW IT, but it doesn’t fit with your Hate-America ideology.

    Another question—If George W Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq for the oil, why haven’t we fucking taken it? We spent trillions of $ and haven’t taken a fucking drop.

    And why did George H W Bush and Sec of Defense Cheney walk away from downtown Iraq at the end of Gulf War I, if they wanted the oil? It was there for the taking.

    You fucking curs all claim that Bush and Cheney invaded foreign lands to spread their ideology. Really? A small question for you.

    The only way Bush would conceivably have cover to invade is because of a terrorist attack. So, you are implying that he would have invaded Iraq even if we hadn’t been hit on 9/11? Or are you claiming Bush KNEW 9/11 was going to happen?

    OR—- Was it that when 9/11 happened Bush said, “God damn. This is my golden opportunity. I will use it to invade a sovereign country so that my buddies at Haliburton might get richer. I fucking KNOW there are no weapons of mass destruction, and of course that will be found out, and my legacy as President will be ruined and I will be disgraced, but none of that matters as long as my rich buddies at Haliburton get richer.”

    What a crock of shit.

    1. As Ron Paul stated so eloquently the other day. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. There are lots of bad guys. There were no Al Quada in Iraq before we took out Hussein. Hussein hated Iran and they neutralized them. Cheney and his gang of neo-cons thought they could change the world into one big happy democracy. What these dimwits did was deliver Iraq to the Iranians.

      Gahdafi is a bad guy. Who are the rebels? Anyone have a clue? They are likely to be as bad or worse than Gahdafi. The Fox news neocons and the likes of Smokey tell us how evil Gahdafi is and the Lockerbee bombing, blah, blah, blah, but George W restored relations with him a few years ago and said he was OK now.

      Neo-Cons have trouble figuring out who the enemies are on different days. Who is the axis of evil this week? What a load of bullshit propaganda designed to disguise the fact that we need to drum up enemies and boogeymen so our military industrial complex can keep pumping out weapons to sell to the world.

      1. Bin Laden’s courier WAS NOT revealed through torture:

        “Detainees in the post-9/11 period flagged for us individuals who may have been providing direct support to bin Laden and his deputy, Zawahiri, after their escape from Afghanistan,” one senior official said.

        One courier in particular had our constant attention. Detainees gave us his nom de guerre or his nickname and identified him as both a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of September 11th, and a trusted assistant of Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the former number three of al Qaeda who was captured in 2005.
        Detainees also identified this man as one of the few al Qaeda couriers trusted by bin Laden. They indicated he might be living with and protecting bin Laden. But for years, we were unable to identify his true name or his location.

        Four years ago, we uncovered his identity….

        But then the AP updated the story yet again, adding this crucial detail.

        Mohammed did not reveal the names while being subjected to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding, former officials said. He identified them many months later under standard interrogation, they said, leaving it once again up for debate as to whether the harsh technique was a valuable tool or an unnecessarily violent tactic.Thus, a big chunk of the rationale for giving the Bush credit for bin Laden’s death falls apart. It took officials until Obama’s presidency to locate this courier, and well into Obama’s second year in office before they found the compound. Only then was the raid itself designed and, on Sunday, implemented.

        The conflicting reports may be less the result of the fog of war and more a sign that the death of bin Laden is prompting a relitigation of all the legal, moral and political issues kicked up by the Bush administration’s war on terror — each side asserting its narrative as the favored one.

        Torture opponents on Capitol Hill were dubious of the initial claims, and stood by their contentions that torture is wrong and ineffective.

        Asked by a reporter at a Capitol press briefing Monday morning, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), one of the most outspoken critics of Bush administration interrogation techniques, threw cold water on the theory.

        “I don’t have any basis to believe that the leads here were produced by illegal activity. I have no basis to know that. My views about the fact that torture produces misinformation, not good information, are pretty well known,” he said.

  12. Stuck,

    The way we found Bin Laden is by monitoring his courier. That is a fact.

    The way we found who his courier was, was through waterboarding. That is a fact.

    Google it.

  13. “OR—- Was it that when 9/11 happened Bush said, “God damn. This is my golden opportunity. I will use it to invade a sovereign country …” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    ” … so that my buddies at Haliburton might get richer.” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    “I fucking KNOW there are no weapons of mass destruction, …” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    ” … and of course that will be found out, …” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    “… and my legacy as President will be ruined and I will be disgraced …” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    ” … but none of that matters as long as my rich buddies at Haliburton get richer.” Smokey

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!


    You want Door Number 1, Door Number 2, or Door Number 3? ALL have GREAT prizes!

  14. I never said torture NEVER works. The huge problem torturers have is knowing exactly when the victim is telling the truth. By all indications the available data indicates hardly ever.

    “There’s no such thing as “a little bit of torture” such as the “light” tactics that are preferred today.

    Detainees are just as likely to tell their interrogators whatever they want to hear under psychological distress as they are under physical distress … a statement backed up by Sen. John McCain, who himself was tortured as an officer during the Vietnam War.

    Democracies, rather than dictatorships or oppressive regimes, are more likely to engage in this seemingly stealthy kind of torture because it is easier to hide from journalists and citizens

    Torture is a sign that a government either does not enjoy the trust of the people it governs or cannot recruit informers for a surveillance system.

    In both cases, torture to obtain information is a sign of institutional decay and desperation, and torture accelerates this process, destroying the bonds of loyalty, respect and trust that keep information flowing. As any remaining sources of intelligence dry up, governments have to torture even more.”

  15. “If I had a time machine, I’d go back 10 years, to August, 2001, and pay for an apartment for Gonzo 1/2 a block from the world trade center. You weren’t close enough the first time, damn.”

    Okay, in incredibly bad taste. My apologizes. If I had a time machine I’d go to Logan International airport with a machete and wait out front security. BTW, this is gonzo post. Just a reminder.

  16. This has turned out to be a great Tinfoil Tuesday post…

    Thanks Gonzalo. Your contribution with whacky conspiracy theories is appreciated.

  17. “…so our military industrial complex can keep pumping out weapons to sell to the world.”

    When that dries up, what else do we have of value to export besides grains and fruit? What do we really produce in America that adds to our GDP (besides the best f’g laser-guided munitions money can buy)?

    And don’t tell me iPhones or all the other “innovations” that we create but have assembled elsewhere. The only local company of any significance that I’m aware of that designs, manufacturers and exports it’s own shit here in So Cal is Oakley. And probably (just guessing) 50% of their revenue comes from the military these days. Standard GI issue these days in Iraq/Afghanistan.

  18. The larger issue has not even been addressed by the media, much less given the time and attention that it deserves.

    And that is the fact that this nation has been inexcusably derelict in it’s duties.

    Arguably the largest tragedy and miscarriage of justice in the history of mankind and in fact all of the human species is the fact that our civilization has not COMPELLED the Roman Catholic Church to invoke immediately the canonization proceedings for conferring sainthood status upon Richard Cheney while he is still alive.

    Everyone is aware of Dick’s precarious heart condition and that he could leave us at any time. And for this nation not to fast track his inevitable sainthood speaks volumes as to why this country is in the shape it is in.

  19. BTW, if Mohammed had been on LIVE television revealing the courier name, and seen by BILLIONS of people, the story would still be widely discredited and called a lie.

    It comes down to who you believe.

  20. Behind DOOR NUMBER 1 ….

    Dick Cheney’s SIGNATURE on a wooden plaque (or on YOUR woody … if the Viagra is working)!!!
    —– [crowd goes into an orgasmic frenzy … Take Door #1!!!, Take Door #1!!! ]


  21. Colma,

    I am hereby appointing you the final arbiter of this engaging discussion (brutal smackdown).

    You are judge, jury, and executioner of all action on this thread. Of course, there are those who will try to usurp your authority, and decree that THEY are the deciders.

    Heed them not, although you may pity them if you choose. There complaints carry no weight here.

    Regardless of their feeble protestations, and impotent contentions to the contrary, in the immediate absence of LLPOH, YOU decide who the victors are and who the beaten curs are.

  22. Colma

    Do not fall for the cur’s deadly plot. If you fall into line with the despicable neo-con axis of evil, you will never be allowed to leave. Smokey senses your weakness. Do not try and please him. He’s pure evil. Look away.


  23. Smokey, you obviously have been away from this board too long. Or maybe you are forgetting to take your Omega-3 fish oil pills … it helps with memory loss.

    You are in no position to “appoint” anybody to anything. Admin himself has ruled that you MUST work yourself back up to Big Dog status. Judging from your love affair with Dick (Cheney) you still have a long, long way to go.

    Even if you were a Big Dog, your judgment is severely impaired. Colma??? You appoint Colma as judge???? llpoh would make a good alternate. But, Colma??? He can’t tell the difference between his manberry and a blueberry. (Of course, they are roughly the same size so one can understand his confusion.)

    I, and I alone, am The Judge. I will wait until the end of the day to make my ruling. But it ain’t looking to good for you.

  24. Cheney is a piece of shit, plain and simple.

    The fundamental problem i have with water boarding, it a very short step from torturing “enemy combatants” to ” ron paul supporting terrorists”

  25. Now that I have ferociously and without mercy smacked down all of you misguided curs, I do have a question for you.

    What in the fuck are we doing in Libya?

    I mean, I have no problem with getting it on with, say, Iran, because that will happen eventually anyway. They are by far the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. They have actively undermined the USA war efforts overseas and they fund Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Quaeda and all the extremist terrorist groups.

    I mean, shit, the leader of Iran genuinely and sincerely believes that the Twelfth Imam is this very instant sitting hidden in the bottom of a fucking well in the desert in the Middle East, waiting to emerge and lead Islam into the role of worldwide worldwide power and dominance.

    But Libya? Those cocksuckers are a threat to this country about as much as Moby, my 11 1/2 ” package..

  26. I am here late. But I second the Libya comment. The “UN” is bombing ins upport of …….. fucked if I know. And they do not know either. A hint seems to be them saying they wouldn’t turn over the Lockerbie Bomber (Scottish justice at work there really impressed). For all we know they will put in an evil version of Omar. .

  27. Obama is bombing the Libyans because, in his wisdom, he realizes that France’s Texas Tea is our Texas Tea in a global economy. Furthermore, it certainly is not Libya’s Texas Tea… it was a divine joke to plant those nomads on our igneous goo and they’d be better off to concede that fact.

    As for Saint Dick of the Cheney:

    What is this, a Political Science class circa 2004? Waaaah waaah waaaah Cheney bad, waaaah waaah waaah giving haji a bath is torture…. Boo hoo for Saddam.

    Get over it. If anyone here received an intel brief that he probably did, they’d drop a stanky load. At least Cheney put the efficiency of capitalism to work while giving those Baathist scum something to really cry about…

  28. Good question.

    1) Obama said we’re there for humanitarian reasons.

    But is is most clear than our “humanity” (and those of several other countries) has destroyed major civilian infrastructure, airports, roads, seaports, communication centers as well as military targets. This “coalition” has also driven out scores of multi-national corporations resulting in the exodus of hundreds of thousands of African, Middle Eastern and North African immigrant workers and technicians.

    This has devastated the economy. Just wait and see … it will result in mass long-term unemployment.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that many civilians have died as a direct result of thousands upon thousands of sorties …… the very lives the Coalition purports to be saving.

    Thank God for our humanity! With friends like us, who needs enemies?

    2) Some people say we are there for oil.

    That seems unlikely. The multi-national oil companies of Europe, Asia, the US and elsewhere have ALREADY “taken over” millions of acres of Libyan oil fields.

    One source says that the list of foreign oil majors engaged in Libya exceeds that of most oil producing countries in the ENTIRE world. For example …

    British Petroleum (one oil field is the size of Kuwait), five Japanese firms, Italy’s Eni Gas, British Gas, Exxon Mobil, Occidental Petroleum. Royal Dutch Shell, Total (France), Oil India, China (lots of contracts), Indonesia’s Pertamina and Norway’s Norsk Hydro … among others.

    You can’t steal what you already fuckin’ own.

    3) Some people say because Gadaffi is a terrorist.

    Oh, puh-lease!! Gimme a fuckin break!

    —– It was Cheney, Bush and Rice who took Libya off the list of terrorist regimes!!

    —– Gaddafi was welcomed in all European capitals when he dismantled his nuclear and chemical weapons programs!

    —- And lest we forget … OBAMA himself went to Libya and gave him a hug!!

    4) Some people say because of Al Qaeda.

    That’s actually hilarious. For over a decade Gaddafi has been in the forefront of the fight against Al Qaeda. Exactly and just like there were NO Al Qaeda in Iraq during Saddam’s reign. You want to know where Al Qaeda is now? Take a look at the rebels. That’s documented and truth. Don’t forget, we supported the Taliban before they turned against us.

    5) Some people say it’s because we want to support Democracy in Libya .

    Once again, please give me a motherfucking break.

    Why aren’t we supporting the masses in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, or Oman? They’re all ruled by assholes …. who arrest and murder peaceful protestors with impunity.

    Clearly, we have a hypocritical double standard. We WILL defend regimes that possess air force and naval bases, run intelligence operations and logistic platforms to pursue ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to threaten Iran, or serve whatever other selfish needs the Coalition has. One thing is certain … it’s NEVER about the people.

    I haven’t answered your question. I don’t know the real reason. But I do know the fake reasons. I can only GUESS at two possible reasons we’re in Libya.

    1) Libya refused to collaborate with Western military operations in Africa and the Middle East.

    2) Gadaffi was attempting to supplant payment of oil in dollars with his own gold backed currency. If successful, this could have led to the demise of the US Dollar and perhaps the US itself.

  29. Smokey … just curious … now that you know what’s behind the three doors, which one do you want? I have all three in my possession and can overnight it to you. Just publish your home address in this thread.

  30. Colma – just what have you promised Smokey? Personal favors, girls, fine cigars? So far he has attempted to get you named both Big Dog and Judge.

    Now, I know Smokey. Smokey aint cheap. It must be something really special that you have promised. Now he wouldn’t try to promote you if you didn’t have promise, but these jobs are beyond your abilities at the moment (plus they are fucking filled!). So time to come clean. Just what have you offered? I will check your credit card statement and if you are buying lots of 11.5″ pocket rocket polish, the gig will be up.

  31. Jim…good bitch slap on Smokey and the courier being revealed.

    Smokey watch this and see what the experts feel about torture and the reliability of the information that is gathered. Besides torture goes against the treaties that we have signed with other nations.


    Smokey…refute the experts.


  32. llpoh

    Colma promised to send Smokey some of his baby-batter muffin-tops.

    Colma, a Judge? bwahahahahaha!!! That’s OUR job!! (And I don’t plan on getting fired from it.)

  33. I understand Colma has sent this van to Smokey’s every day for the last trhee months in preparation for Smokey’s return:


  34. That is unbelievable – pasted two different photo links and nothing happened at all – not even the normal gibberish that comes up. What the fuck is going on with wordpress?

  35. You guys are forgetting about the JURY.

    Stuck vs. Colma:
    The Liberation of Lybia and Such Shit -et all

    So just sitting here in the jury box, trying to look down juror #3’s blouse when, Counsel Stuck made a 5 point press with an additional 2 point synopsis/conclusion. It was astounding.

    But on refelection (having taken on a more serious demeanor) I brought Counsel Colma’s spiel back into focus. “If anyone here received an intel brief that he probably did, they’d drop a stanky load”

    Score tied. Back to looking for some curvature on #3.

  36. The above are Colma’s bribes to Smokey.

    I am a stubborn bastard. I never give in to a fucking computer program. No matter how stupid I look.

  37. So you want to fuck with Colma?

    Read my post again, bozos… especially you, Stuchenberger. The reasoning is solid.

    I hear that Moveon.org is looking for some turncoat poster-boys… shoot them an email with your posts as a resume.

    I’ll deal with you bastards after class if you’re not sipping tea over the Huffington Post before night night.

  38. Colma – don’t let Smokey’s attempted promotion of you go to your head. He has some evil plan in mind that requires you to be sacrificed, of that I am sure. But buy into the accolades at your peril – you are coming along, but the step from AA ball to the majors is a long one. You gotta learn how to hit the slider first.

  39. Good to have you back, Smokey. Nice beat down even if though you strayed off into loony toon land bringing up the war for oil. Or as you know it, Operation Get ’em. You are right on the money regarding the use of enhanced interrogation techniques, they absolutely work. You just have to do it right.

    Colma, you might think you are flying high on Smokey’s Big Dog award but you may find it is a long way down when someone, not saying who, bitchslaps you back into reality. His clear and blatant disregard for established positions and status should tell you something. He is fucking with you. So long as you continue to grovel at his feet like a nutless cur, you will not be either big dog or judge, your objectivity and ferocity will remain in question.

  40. I love this thread. It has all the logic of a rabid poodle. Smokie is tired and already gone to bed (not without some smelly verbiage – his speciality!) and everyone else is running around screaming and shouting as if it really matters.

    Dick Cheney should long ago have been locked up under the nearest Federal pen and fed through a hole in the floor with a long tube. He has no morals at all and is a true psychopath in the best definition of the word.

    The world would have been better off if he had never been born (a lot of people now dead would still be alive). But then that applies to a lot of elite political or banking motherfuckers.


  41. Punk – where did you get that photo of Colma? I am sure he wanted all of those destroyed!

    Colma- Punk knows what he is talking about. Your experience with Smokey is limited. You are what is known as “expendable”. He will use you as cannon fodder as suits his needs. Hell, he will even use you to draw sniper fire. You need to survive long enough to be brought onto the team – right now you are just on the practice squad.

  42. Buckhed,

    LOL.—-You say “Refute the experts”, than post a link to Washington’s blog.

    I have spent the last four months on Zero Hedge torching Washington’s ass and exposing him for the fool that he is.

    He cherry picks statements that support his biased beliefs, then fucking idiots like you point to those statements as PROOF.

    If you want information to support what you wish to believe, you would be far better served by going to any inner city public men’s room and copying graffiti from the stall walls. Any of that would be far more accurate and reliable than the ignorant refuse that Washington proudly posts on his blog in his never-ending efforts to motherfuck and slander America.

    You cite shit that you think proves torture is not effective.

    I will now NUKE your pathetic lame ass beliefs.

    “Former CIA operative John Kiriakou in 2007 told CNN’s ‘American Morning’ that the torture of Al Qaeda’s Abu Zubayda indirectly led to the arrest of Khalid Sheik Mohammed.”

    “The former agent, who said he participated in the Abu Zubayda interrogation but not his waterboarding, said the CIA decided to waterboard the Al Qaeda operative only after he was ‘wholly uncooperative’ for weeks and refused to answer questions. All that changed–and Zubayda had a divine revelation–after 30 to 35 seconds of waterboarding, Kiriakou said he learned from the CIA agents who performed the technique.”

    “The terror suspect, who is being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reportedly gave up the information that indirectly led to the 2003 raid in Pakistan yielding the arrest of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, a planner of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Kiriakou said.”

    NOW READ THIS NEXT PARAGRAPH AND COMPREHEND IT. The entire piece is a direct quote.

    (Keep in mind he is the former head of the CIA).

    Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said:

    So the point I would make to folks who say, “I don’t want you doing this, and it doesn’t work anyway “, I would point out, Whoa. Stop. The front half of that sentence, you can say, that’s yours, you own that, “I don’t want you doing it.”—-The back half of that sentence is not yours. That’s mine. And the fact is it DID WORK. –So here is the sentence you have to give–“Even though it may have worked, I still don’t want you doing it.” That requires courage. That requires you going out to the American people and saying, “We’re looking at a tradeoff here folks, and I want you to understand that tradeoff.”—I can live with that tradeoff. I can live with the person who makes that tradeoff. Either way. That’s an honorable position. But I felt duty bound to be true to the facts.

    Washington and his blog EAT SHIT, as I have already told him.

  43. The debate is now over.

    It seems you shit-throwing monkeys just want to jab insults at each other (something I abhor) rather than discussing the merits of the case.

    I’m not even sure what we’re “debating”. It certainly isn’t about Dick C. It appears to be about whether or not torture is effective in gathering good data. I think.

    Smokey really hasn’t provided any evidence whatsoever. Colma, in a desperate ploy to make at least one friend here is sucking on Smokey’s lollipop like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sorry but the highest grade I, the Judge, can award to these two is a D-minus. The only reason I don’t fail them is because they at least tried to hang with us Big Dogs. I am just showing some kindness to the little puppies.

    FINAL VERDICT: Stucky, Jimmeh, llpoh, Hope, John Costner, newsjunkie, matt, bigargon, centerfield, Kill Bill, Punk, and buckhed WIN by virtue of IMPECIBLE LOGIC, and SUPERIOR INTELLECT.

    [Judge’s Note: The Judge is neutral about MuckAbout who said, “everyone else is running around screaming and shouting as if it really matters”. The court is not sure if this is an insult, or not, upon us. Until clarification is made we shall remain silent on the matter.]

  44. I rendered my verdict while Smokey was posting a response to Buckhed.

    I have reconsidered the additional evidence.

    OK, I’m done.

    Smokey’s appeal is to a FORMER HEAD OF THE CIA. Former heads of the CIA have zero concept of what “truth” even means. We find no credibility with this witness.

    The Final Verdict stands. No appeal is possible.

  45. Buckhed,

    Are you sure you want to go down the road you’re headed?

    Are you fucking suicidal?

    Do you have any idea who you are fucking with?

    I urge you to seriously reconsider.

  46. Stuchenspieler: Giving a thumb whore the judge job is like handing SCOTUS a commerce clause case…

    Who said I was defending Smokey, who by the fucking way is the last person who needs backup, anyway?

    Punk: You better get back to that Yahoo group before your mushrooms wear off, hippy.

    Llpoh: Though you are an avid cock-blocker, you need not worry. I will NOT be participating in your swordfight fantasies. You’re one of those assholes who goes below the speed limit on a two-lane highway but speeds up when the passing lane appears, I know. You have money and I have good looks and attitude. Tough shit, the world equalises on it’s own.

    9:30 Pacific Time: Right here… I’ll take you all. I ain’t no fool… what? You think a fighter steps in a ring if he can’t take a punch?

  47. hea comes da judge

    hea comes da judge,

    Whoooaa judge.

    Notwithstanding your correct call on the efficacy of an ex-cia head’s testimoney, your arrogance is duly noted by the jury.

  48. Anyone notice how the Administrator went slinking into hiding, a whipped cur with his tail between his legs?


    I’m not finished with you yet.

  49. Coma,
    By 9:30 Pacific Time, the geritol/prune juice shooters will have caught up to Smokey and he will be sound asleep, wearing his Dick Cheney jammies. Stuckey will be halfway through a quart of hagen daz and Admin will be checking college boys debit card receipts.

    It will be mano y mano with you and llpoh, bring your helmet.

  50. Smokey the cur

    I had put such an ass whooping on you that I decided to take the night off and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm and Entourage. Beating a defenseless cur isn’t right.


  51. Matt – nice comment re Colma needing a helmet. I would invest in a groin protector first, tho, if I were him. I fight dirty – Injun style. No Marquis of Queensbury for me. Rules are for pussies. Something like this in an XXXXXXX-Small would probably be a good start for him:


  52. Smokey

    My opinion is that even if you are right about being aggressive against terrorism, our fiscal situation tells us we must rethink the strategy. It seems like the rest of the country is not willing to give up free shit or other benefits at home, so the foreign stuff becomes the most easiest politically to cut. I am kind in the middle because I think we need to protect trade routes, but that is certainly a far cry from 10 year long theaters of war.

    I find it troubling that such a supposedly sophisticated military has taken such a long time to squelch the enemy. Maybe you could enlighten me on the reason why. I don’t think it is because we have to be soft and avoid “civilians” when we hear of collateral damage regularly. In other words, I don’t think our military gives a shit about collateral damage.

    I know you like to chew up Ron Paul’s dove tendencies, but he did vote to go into Afghanistan. And to me his recent assessments on Libya are correct as well.

    Also, I think Iraq is for oil, but maybe not in the way you imply. I think we are their to control it and not necessarily use it. Similar to our setup with the Saudis. We use very little of their oil (only 10% of our imports are from Saudi Arabia), but the rest of the world has to buy Saudi crude with dollars. Thus, Iraq is another bedrock for the petrodollar.

  53. Colma – you pussy – you threw down the (tiny, mouse-sized) guantlet and then disappeared like a rat down a drainpipe. I guess you – rightfully – saw that an asswhipping was coming your way, and decided to skeddaddle while the skeddaddling was good. I don’t know if you are more smart than scared or scared than smart – either way it is a poor look – laying a challenge and then running like a little sissy boy. Here is Colma suddenly realizing he made a mistake with his challenge:


  54. Smokey – France should tear down every one of their De Gaulee monuments and replace them with ones of that great American soldier – Patton. His line about greasing the tracks of his tanks with the entrails of his enemies is one of my favorites. The man understood war, and it isn’t for pussies.

  55. Nuke Germany too as a preventative act. They started TWO fuckin world wars.

    Nuke Austria. They’re just German-wannabe’s.

    And for the love of God … PLEASE nuke New Jersey!

  56. crazyivan,

    Since that is your request, that country will be the fucking FIRST ONE that I eviscerate when I come into power.

    And you can probably tell from my posts, I am one unstable mother fucker. I could just fucking snap at any time.

    Ireland now has a rendezvous with doom.

  57. Smokey – France should tear down every one of their De Gaulee monuments and replace them with ones of that great American soldier – Patton. His line about greasing the tracks of his tanks with the entrails of his enemies is one of my favorites. The man understood war, and it isn’t for pussies.

    It isn’t a war- a real war- until the citizens get involved.

  58. zambia-luangwa-hyena-008.3.jpg

    LLPOH: I told you I had a class to go to… Lucky me I’m out early and some Big Dogs are still feasting (Whats that smell, pooch pooch?)

    If you want to see Smokey go Joe Pesci on me, be patient. It’s a matter of time and while I may be a dullard, I know it must be. So, AGAIN I will state: Harping on Cheney is sooo last decade.

    Fuck yeah we’re in the sandbox for one thing and one thing only: Lite-sweet. We took Libya so the French could liberate the cocoa plantations under the radar from the Ivory Coast. Fair deal. Without cocoa we’d be scratching our heads wondering what the fuck to feed our women every month when Aunt Flo visits. Without inexpensive Texas Tea, soccer moms across the country would frown at the pump and further make life miserable by wanting to “talk about it” and all that shit.

    China is a wasteland filled with peasants, reds and worthless treasuries. If they don’t quit staring suspiciously from under their wide-brim hats and get to work on making inexpensive novelties and rubber vomit with all that hard-won oil we pump their ungrateful asses, they’re FINISHED.

    Furthermore, if the Republicans nominate that Texas T-shirt Perry or any one of their menopause-bombs with annoying accents, I’m voting Obama. At least he has the balls to order Osama’s brains removed from under his soiled turban.

    So you see, Smokey and I have major differences in opinion. I simply appreciate his delivery. It cracks me up…


    “Crack you up, huh? You tink I’m funny? You tink I’m FUNNY?”

  59. Colma – Picture on top kinda looks like you eating out an on-the-rag fat chick. You should be careful posting personal stuff like that.

  60. Colma – a newbie named Andrew Baker just posted on the lead site – go kick the shit out of him for practice. He said, among other things : “A well regulated economy is a little like the 2nd Amendment — no one on the Right remembers the first clause: “in order to maintain a well-regulated militia….”. An A grade dickfor. Sic him.

  61. Colma, you dumb fuck

    “I’m voting Obama. At least he has the balls to order Osama’s brains removed from under his soiled turban.”

    What is wrong with you?

    I can’t figure it out. You are robust in your posts, with graphics at times no less.

    Yet you are so fucking stupid, that even I crazyivan, am impressed

    You are a joy.

  62. Colma – see how far you have to go yet? CrazyIvan delivers a massive slapdown, as he knows you are but a toothless tiger:


  63. Ivan: Don’t listen to llpoh. You did not smack me down one bit because:

    If the RNC and it’s base continue to nominate the feeble, I strongly advocate voicing the unthinkable in their ignorant calculations.

    You’re fucking A right. The morass is thick.

    If you want the comfort of predictability in the leader of the free world, I suggest you ponder my statement you so curiously quoted… because I sure as hell will write in Paul or vote Obama over Perry, Romney or those other wrinkled former shadows of femininity.

  64. Ivan: Any man who outsmarts a state trooper with an airplane and a burger is a joy in my book.

    A tampon soaks up bad blood. That’s what a tampon does.

  65. I still say you are a sick fuck colma.

    Maybe find a mentor.

    llpoh would be a strict bitch

    smokey would just buttfck you to death,

    What you need is a kind soul to help you heal

    try newsjunkie, she is cheap an effective.

  66. I’ve a better idea, Ivan:

    Leave the toothless hooker alone, you cheap fuck. Just because she let you off paying with $19 for the $20 gummy in 2002 doesn’t mean she loves you… it means she didn’t have time to argue.

    You’ve been extended your last olive branch, you wall-eyed freak.

    Now go and find your next fling in a burrow by the dental floss bush.

  67. Smokey remember you were offered 5 bucks for the pate in your head by a reputable French chef…take his offer it’s the easiest 5 bucks you’ll ever make and it is complement to the simpleness of you and your pathetic debate abilities.

    So far you haven’t refuted any of the experts that were listed….Their experience far outweighs any of the inferior references you gave.

    Come on Smokey quit yanking on the meat pole and write something with a bit of thought process behind it…you’re never going to get it up anyway…unless there’s a little 6 year old boy bent over waiting for you .

  68. For fuck’s sake… I check for some battle and get Ivan pawing away senselessly.

    One thing to note: Gonzalito has more comments on a TBP thread today than his entire blog’s received in a year.

    Dick Cheney. Talk about a blast from the past…


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