The Op-Ed below is another example of the ridiculous do-gooder attitude of liberals and lovers of government control. This guy contradicts himself at every turn. His story begins with examples of his parents helping poor people with food and clothing when he was a child. That is a great story. Direct charity to your fellow man is a great thing. Donating clothes to the Purple Heart or giving food or money to your local food bank is a worthy thing to do.

But immediately this guy ignores his own history and demands that government do more for the starving children of America. What a crock. There are 310 million Americans and you can count on one hand the number of children who starve to death in the US. Poor kids in America are much more likely to look like this:

They are hardly starving. Every poor kid in America already can get a free breakfast and lunch in our public schools. Why our taxes should feed kids in school, I don’t know. We are already spending $72 billion a year on food stamps. Just because their parents are buying KFC and Twinkies with the food stamps isn’t my problem.

Obesity in America?

Can these liberal do-gooders make up their minds. In November of 2009 President Obama “reacted with concern” at a report that Americans are suffering “record levels” of “food insecurity”. President Obama was quoted as saying that “it is particularly troubling that there were more than 500,000 families in which a child experienced hunger multiple times over the course of the year.”  In his statement, the President committed to “reversing the trend of rising hunger. In addition, a bill I signed into law last month invests $85 million in new strategies to prevent children from experiencing hunger in the summer.”

Then three months later Michelle Obama began her campaign against childhood obesity. Some of the goals include ending what Obama referred to as “food deserts” with a $400 million a year “Healthy Food Financing Initiative,” which will bring grocery stores to low-income neighborhoods and “help places like convenience stores carry healthier food options.” Mrs. Obama also plans to have the government spend over $10 billion to feed even more children through government programs, under the Childhood Nutrition Act.

So which is it? How can poor children be starving and obese at the same time? They can’t. The starving children storyline is false. I think it is hysterical that Thomasson quotes from the CON AGRA FOODS FOUNDATION report about starving children in America. Of course the biggest food company in the world is going to try and convince the government to spend more taxpayer dollars on food because it will increase their profits.

I love the weasel words like “food insecurity” and “food deprivation”. The averge schmuck reading this editorial will be nodding their head in agreement. Something must be done. We can’t let this happen in America. It’s total bullshit. This quote from an article interviewing Robert Rector from the Heritage Foundation captures the essence of the debate:

Groups such as Feed the Children paint a bleak picture, proclaiming that 12 million American children are “at risk” of going hungry. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which conducts the nation’s food-consumption and hunger survey, says otherwise. “During the full course of the year, only one child in 67 was reported ‘hungry,’ even temporarily, because the family couldn’t afford enough food,” Mr. Rector reports. “Ninety-nine percent of children did not skip a single meal during 2009 because of lack of financial resources. …

No, none of this means America’s poor live in the lap of luxury. Indeed, some are in dire circumstances and in need of charity. But — on average — their lifestyles are equally far from the images of stark deprivation often purveyed by activists and the mainstream media.

Nor is this unimportant or simply some academic exercise intended to dismiss the plight of those truly struggling to survive. “If we as a nation are ever to have a sound anti-poverty policy,” Mr. Rector concludes, “it must be based on accurate information on the extent, severity and causes of actual deprivation.

I drive through West Philadelphia every day. It is one of the poorest sections of a poor city. These people aren’t living high on the hog, but they ain’t starving either. I’d say 7 out of 10 people that I see on the streets are obese. I have yet to see an emaciated or malnourished soul in the four years I’ve been driving along the 30 Blocks of Squalor. But I do see every kid with a cell phone. I see every house with a satellite dish. I see Cadillacs, BMWs, Mercedes and racing motorcycles parked in front of low income housing.

If you want to help the poor, donate food to a food shelter or volunteer to help. Giving more of our taxes to the Federal Government so they can further impoverish poor people and waste money on buraucracy and failed programs is foolish and stupid.


  1. Wow. Let’s through another billion at the problem. Surely all the troubles this nation faces can be solved by spending more money. I’m sure that douche Krugman would say the same thing.

    In the meantime, let’s all watch this and prepare for the Ron Paul Presidency:

  2. I agree with your comments 100%, Jim.

    That being said, (oh oh!! lol) my ex-wife taught in the inner city schools of Fort Wayne. I can tell you with certainty that hardly a week went by when she didn’t tell me about a so-and-so child who was under-nourished, and in a few extreme cases, even malnourished. (We actually made lunch for several of them for quite some time …. until the school district came down on her, pretty hard too!)

    Yes, this despite ALL the fucking free shit available. The degenerate nature of some of these people, even towards their own children, knows no bounds.

    NO government program can help such scum …. except prison, maybe.

  3. You may know Philly neighborhoods pretty well, but have you ever been to south Texas? New Mexico? Any number of destitute indian reservations?

    There is plenty of real poverty, real destitution, and real hunger in this country. Maybe you just need to get out of the hood more often to have a look around.

  4. I’ll bet he follows his father’s example and drops baskets of food to the needy every year. Not a chance. Too busy spending other peoples money. What a crock of crap.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. The argument that the 30 Blocks are obese because they cannot afford better food is empirically disprovable. Even if they couldn’t afford healthier food (which is false, healthy food is not more expensive) they could alternatively simply NOT BUY the junk food which contains the calories which makes them obese. In that case, they would be spending LESS money! How do their apologists square that point?
    The real truth, of course, is not that poverty causes poor diet, but that they both flow from the same source. They diet poorly for the same reason their incomes are low: because they are stupid (they don’t know what’s good for you and isn’t) they have no self respect (they don’t care) and they are impulsive (they want the good-tasting food now, damn the health consequences)

  6. Michelle my Belle is talkin’ obese? They’s enouf junk in dat trunk fo at least ten starving niglets to feast on. Michelle need to back away from da table onct in a while.

  7. Marissa – horseshit. Sincerely, Chief Sitting LLPOH.

    I have no doubt that there is some hunger. I am convinced it is the result of parental responsibility issues and not due to lack of resources.

    The idea of eliminatng poverty is ridiculous. If there is no poverty whatsoever, then there will be vast legions of people who will do absolutely nothing. There must be a penalty for those who do not work and take personal responsibility for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, that penalty is poverty. You simply cannot have a productive society if there is no penalty for sloth.

  8. llpoh says:

    “The idea of eliminatng poverty is ridiculous. If there is no poverty whatsoever, then there will be vast legions of people who will do absolutely nothing. There must be a penalty for those who do not work and take personal responsibility for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, that penalty is poverty. You simply cannot have a productive society if there is no penalty for sloth.”

    Spoken like a true white Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

  9. Lazy, unlucky people will always be around. The reason for work is to provide for yourself. If you dont then you starve. The reason for compassion is to help those down on their luck. Although lazy deserves wht it gets. The goverment propose is stop a person from stepinng on my liberties. Also for a common defense. Goverment should pretty much have no other function.

  10. Hollow-man – well said.

    Marissa – you really do not think that a nation can flourish if there is no downside to sloth, do you? You have made no counter argument whatsoever – it simply offends your sensibilities that there can be poor in a rich nation.

    But the fact is, and it can be seen in 13 million on SS disability payments, etc. – if you try to eliminate poverty and provide all-encompassing social welfare – there will be millions – tens of millions, even – in this country that will choose to do nothing. We simply cannot reward people for doing nothing. We cannot afford the multitudes that will do nothing if it is a pain-free option.

  11. Marissa – by the way, I was raised in a very poor household – a child of parents of the Dustbowl – and am of Native American extraction.

    Your argument smacks of the common tactic used by liberals – when the argument fails, attack the background of the people rather than address the issues. Ie – you don’t like Obama – then you are racist, etc. Don’t believe in welfare, then you are a white Anglo-saxon protestant (as tho that is a bad thing).

  12. My kids experience hunger all the time–if they refuse to eat their delicious, healthily prepared complete meals in favor of trying to sneak sugary cereals, they end up eating neither.

    No McDonald’s have crossed the lips of me or my kids in at least three years.

    My thirteen year old son can easily run 6 miles and is lean, healthy, and square-shouldered. My ten year old daughter dances Irish dance (an equally athletic feat).

    It takes HARD WORK as a parent to continually refuse the pleading and groaning and outbursts and demands for fast food and sweets, etc, from your kids. Kids naturally know how to play upon the emotions of their parents. Parents who do not want to be bothered will placate their kids with junk food, and video games and TV, rather than healthy food and demands for outdoor activities.

    Poverty has nothing to do with it.

  13. marissa: you liberal progressive twat. Get real, get a clue, produce some real evidence.

    “President Obama was quoted as saying that “it is particularly troubling that there were more than 500,000 families in which a child experienced hunger multiple times over the course of the year.”

    The only time a child experiences hunger in the U.S. is during the trip between McDonald’s and Dairy Queen. Don’t encourage the politicians, or else they’ll put a SNAP office on every corner of every street in the U.S. This liberal bullshit has cost us $16 trillion dollars. We could have educated every singe person in the U.S. with a BA/BS degree for free 16x. The war of poverty has repopulated our country, however, with well, you know, people that probably won’t work either, among other things.

    There’s a black after-school place nearby. They have signs there everywhere telling parents not to eat off their children’s plate. When you weigh 400lbs, you need something like 6000 calories per day to maintain that weight. Parents are spending their SNAP benefits on themselves first, kids last, and the kids are still obese.

    I’ve never seen a kid malnourished in my entire medical career, ever, and I’ve worked in the shit in Detroit, Chicago, and Miami. The liberals always hoist out the pictures, 40 years old now, of poor, malnourished kids. I challenge anyone to produce pictures of malnourished kids that had access to SNAP and the 100 other programs the government offers administered by 250,000 government drones.

    I’ll give $100 to anyone that can document a single child death due to starvation. Then, you give me $5 dollars for every child death I can document where the cause of death was obesity related. If you don’t believe kids die from obesity, guess again. I’ll take my $10,000 and buy some gold. .

    I see morbidly obese people dropping dead in their early 30s all the time. “Thinning” out the herd, so to speak. Doesn’t do much for the depth of the gene pool I’m afraid.

  14. Boy am I glad not to be raising kids today!

    @Marissa: several things. You can’t fix stupid. The only way to fix lazyness is to stop rewarding it. No kid deserves to be hungry. If they are, lock up the parents and feed and house the little bastards until Mama and Daddy get out of jail. You can’t fix a lack of common sense. If people want to drug, eat, drink, drug or shoot themselves to death, let ’em.

    Darwin would approve.

    Governments cannot “create” jobs. All they can do is get the fuck out of the way, allow savings to generate a decent income (i.e. quit starving savers, pensioners and those who produced and saved in the past) and throw away every stinking 1st and 2nd law that hinders the formation of capital and small business. (llpoh, you may applaud at this point).

    Keep the Federal Governments’ job to what it was defined back in 1776; common defense, judicial, international relations. Everything else is reserved to the people or the states.

    We are dying of governments trying to “do something” to save the situation where no salvation is mathematically possible. Let’s get it over with and get on with it. I might die in the process, but it would be better for the Country in the longer run. Too bad it won’t happen, kids will still be hungry when the parents screw up and day by day we slide further into the pit.


  15. Marissa: How about a little reality to go with your double-cheesburger and cheetos:

    The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 5/99

    The epidemic of obesity in American Indian communities and the need for childhood obesity-prevention

    American Indians of all ages and both sexes have a high prevalence of obesity. The high prevalence of diabetes mellitus in American Indians shows the adverse effects that obesity has in these communities. Obesity has become a major health problem in American Indians only in the past 1–2 generations and is believed to be associated with the relative abundance of high-fat foods and the rapid change from active to sedentary lifestyles. Intervention studies are urgently needed in American Indian communities to develop and test effective strategies for weight reduction.

    Native American Child Health/American Academy of Pediatrics

    Type 2 diabetes mellitus* is a new morbidity in children and adolescents.1–4 For pediatric patients, it heralds earlier onset of cardiovascular disease, retinopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy, with risk of impaired quality of life and premature death. The emergence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in young people is believed to be associated with changes in physical activity and nutrition that are ubiquitous in modern society. Not all populations are equally affected. American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) children in the United States and Canada have a higher rate of this disease than do children of other ethnicities. Mexican American and black children are at increased risk.

  16. The truth just keeps on coming, like diarhea

    Journal Obesity Reseaarch 2003

    Obesity Prevention in Preschool Native-American Children: A Pilot Study Using Home Visiting

    Objective: To determine whether maternal participation in an obesity prevention plus parenting support (OPPS) intervention would reduce the prevalence of obesity in high-risk Native-American children when compared with a parenting support (PS)-only intervention

    Time article

    It’s Not Just Genetics
    By Bryan Walsh Thursday, June 12, 2008

    You’re a native-American baby born into the Oglala Sioux tribe, living on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. There are a lot of things that are going to make life a challenge for you, but one of the most perilous will be your weight. Chances are very good that your parents already have a weight problem; obesity is rampant in the 30,000-member community, and half the residents over the age of 40 have Type 2 diabetes. Their genes–and yours, of course–are part of the problem: researchers theorize that Native Americans have a higher than average tendency to gain and store weight, a protection in times of famines past but a risk factor in an America of caloric abundance.

    Read more:,9171,1813984,00.html#ixzz1WYxXfswq

  17. It’s brilliant the way people in here like to pat themselves on the back for their righteous lives, and list in detail (daily) why undeserving people who have been less righteous in their paths deserve poverty, punishment, and punishment for that poverty. Because clearly poor people are just not trying hard enough.

    Has it not occurred to you all that life is not created equal, not everyone has the ability or the opportunities to be as successful as you all claim to be, and that poverty of circumstance and surroundings can be a strongly oppressive force.

    I suspect none here grew up in the colonias of south Texas. Because if you had, chances are you’d still be there and likely not posting condemnations of your poor friends and neighbors and families here on TBP.

    Of course I see that there are plenty of losers in this country gaming the system without any intention or ambition to ever change their ways, and create subsequent generations of equally shiftless badly trained children. These people you rail against and rightfully so. But not all poor are gaming the system, many of them don’t even have access to the system. Many poor have no transportation, no way to get to work or look for a job–and that’s assuming they live in a place where gainful employment is even available. There are plenty of lousy shitholes in this country where opportunity just doesn’t exist. And if you don’t have enough money for a Greyhound ticket out of that shithole to move to somewhere else… are poor. And stuck there.

    There are many roadblocks to internal migration in this country making it difficult to leave an area which lacks opportunity to look for greener pastures. It can take literally thousands of dollars to immigrate from one place to another. If poor people WANT to seek better opportunities elsewhere
    they often don’t have the resources to leave.

    Your world views are built on your family experiences, the neighborhoods where you grew up, the schools you attended, and the opportunities you had access to along the way. If you had been raised in a trailer on the Nowhere Indian Reservation in outback Wyoming you would have a totally different outlook on where your place in the world was and what your possibilities were.

    The chest pounding in here about how great we all are compared to those sorry ass losers out there is embarrassingly without regard for for our fellow humans. To assert that there are only hungry children in this country because their parents will not feed them is willful blindness and ignorance. And I am ashamed of you for it.

  18. OK. That does it!! I’m packing up my shit and heading out to Nowhere Indian Reservation, Wyoming and find out for myself.

    You make some good points, Marissa. But — really — the chest pounding and self-righteousness seems to be coming mostly from you.

  19. Marissa:

    I have mixed feelings about you. I used to have a girlfriend named Marissa. Well endowed up top, nice looking. She liked having sex every night, wore my ass out. Anyway, back to business.

    “why undeserving people who have been less righteous in their paths deserve poverty, punishment, and punishment for that poverty. Because clearly poor people are just not trying hard enough”

    Nobody here have ever and would never wish poverty on anyone (except bankers, lawyers, politicians, lobbyists) Nobody would dream of punishing anyone for being poor. You totally miss the point, because you have been brain-washed by liberals. I, for instance, work at rural-health clinic that sees almost exclusively medicare and medicaid patients, some real poor people, but more that are just too lazy to work. How many poor people do you actually know and see on a daily basis? Are you following trends in their behavior and entitlements? Or were you just trained and brainwashed in college?

    The drum beat of abuse, by “gamers” and the government is growing so loud that it’s interfering with our rational brains. Run a survey sometime on what TBP’ers do to help other people, you might be surprised. On the other hand, we are the taxpayers funding 2 million government drones and the 45 million on Welfare, the 8 million on disability etc; all the waste, fraud and abuse; paying for all the POS MF’s that sit on their asses and rip everyone off, too lazy to work or working off the books. It’s a joke, and it doesn’t work.

  20. Marissa- you are truly ignorant. Several have posted refutation of your position via facts and real life observation (you aren’t really calling AWD a liar, are you?). You have posted not one single fact – not one. You are a liberal parrot – woe is us for not helping the poor – bwaaaack!

    I spent the first several years of my life in a small trailer in Corpus Christie. Does that count as a colonias?

    You offer not one single idea of how we will actually determine who are “really poor and desrving” and who are really just gaming the system. Just why is that? Because it simply cannot be done. If you have a welfare system it will be gamed – end of story. And it is impossible to separate the worthy poor from the unworthy. The idea of taking the kids off of the low-life parents that are letting them be malnourished is a good one. But I can hear the liberals screaming “you cannot do that – it is a human rights violation!” As though letting them go hungry isn’t?

    My world views are based on an intimate knowledge of what it takes to overcome adversity. I know EXACTLY what is required. And it doesn’t involve superhuman intelligence or ability. It requires ambition and dedication to do it. Yes it is more difficult – but it sure as hell isn’t impossible – or I would be in a small trailer on a reservation somewhere.

    Either document your position or give up. Your left-wing bleatings are growing old.

    And by the way – I don’t need you being ashamed of me. You can kiss my hairy ass for that comment. That is always the refuge of the left-wingers with no argument to make – you simply throw unsubstantiated muck and hope it sticks.

  21. Lipoh:

    Good point. That’s something I like about this place. Almost everyone is self-made, including Admin. Which is why we are so “passionate” in our beliefs. We had to work our asses off to get ahead, but work we did. We want to pass this opportunity on to our offspring, but it’s all being given away now, or pissed away would be a better word.Poor people have the chance, but few are willing to work their asses off. There is still opportunity. I believe if I lost everything and was homeless, I’d just work my ass off and start again. One thing I would never do is take a government hand-out or SNAP, I’d sooner starve. Buts that just me. We need a lot more starvation in this country. It motivates people.

  22. marissa

    My sister went to a public magnet school in Nashville, TN. Most of her friends at school were on free or reduced school lunch (75% of the entire school system was). All of them had cell phones, a couple had black berries. One was on the school lunch dole and her father drove a Lexus SUV. Many times they sneaked off to have off-campus lunch even when their meal could have been free or almost free at school.

    So my experience tells me everyone games the system. Why are we rewarding this? Why are we rewarding the zero, the valueless, the ignorance, the “I’m a victim” attitude (btw, who are the real victims in this situation)? Because of bleeding hearts like you. Once you get someone dependent, you literally kill their humanity. They no longer have to make choices or contribute, just have to wait for the check because someone is providing for me. This is what has killed the minority communities and the politicians know it (especially those southern Democrats).

  23. Marissa- I do not dislike you. You are just pissing me off a bit. I grew up poor, I know lots of poor folks, I have lots of poor family, etc. And every poor person I know is poor because of the choices they make and have made – EACH and EVERY one of them.

    When I was going to school and working 100 hours per week they were having kids and drawing welfare. When I was working, they were sitting at home trying to het on SS disability. When I was investing my money in a business they were buying whatever they could on credit.

    Let us be 100% clear – I really know about poor folks, and I really really know about what it takes to get out of poverty. It is hard work, and it is a lot harder to get out of poverty than it is to grow up in a middle class or rich household. But it is entirely possible.

    And I do not need any bleeding hearts to tell me I am being cold-hearted. I have lived it, I have seen it, and I know. Perhaps you were poor too – I have no idea. I have a soft heart – but not for the lazy. I help people personally. It is not the role of the government to steal from me to give to the unworthy. It doesn’t work and it corrupts the country.

    But no, I do not dislike you – I think you are misguided in this and are being lead by your heart and not by your mind.

  24. By international standards of poor, we are well off. We have plumbing, electricity, beds to sleep in a roof over our heads and money for food. It’s enough.

    By American standards we are hovering in the lower class, two paychecks away from disaster.

    I have met disaster before (of my own making) and when it hit I was saved not so much by myself, but by the unquestioning generosity of others. They didn’t ask me why I had been such a fukwit, they just bailed me out. Once salvaged I determined to remain salvaged.

    I believe everyone deserves the chance to be salvaged. Many times this requires the help of others. We are others.

  25. Marissa

    There have been government programs for decades to feed the poor. How come they aren’t working? Do we just need to double their size?

    What are you doing to help these people? Or do you just think the government should do it for you?

    I support my local food bank with contributions. My kids have volunteered at the food bank.

  26. marissa,

    I lived in south Texas throughout 1984 and 1985.

    Although 80% of the population was Hispanic where I lived, I did not see all this rampant poverty that you contend is there.

    In fact, I did not see ANY of this poverty that you claim is so pervasive in south Texas.

    Please don’t hold my Caucasian race and male gender against me. I had many Hispanic friends while in south Texas, and slept with three beautiful Hispanic women on many occasions (only one at a time).

  27. Ah, the truth comes out. Cry me a river….

    Most of the people in this country are two paychecks away from disaster….Unless you get your money from the government.

  28. Marissa – unfortunately the idea of peverty is changed. Since when are people with food/clothing/shelter/big screens TVs/internet/et al poor?

    I think we must revert back to the days when extended family assisted their members who were in trouble (and ensured that those troubled members were actively seeking a way out of their misfortune) and back to private charity. Government charity has failed here, and is failing everywhere as it brings welfare states to the brink of economic collapse. The incentive for the slothful to abuse the welfare system is simply too great, and nations cannot support hordes of slothful individuals. Nor should they.

  29. Marissa

    Your description of others helping you when you met hard times is exactly what my post was about.

    What do you believe? Is it the government’s responsibility to take our money and pretend to care about the poor?

    Or do individuals and churches do a far better job helping their fellow man and woman?

  30. You guys even beat up chicks, although justified.

    Marissa, people make their own choices as I am sure you are aware. I am raising my own 2 kids right now. I don’t ask for and I doubt I would accept handouts from a stranger. I consider myself somewhat compassionate, but mainly I want people to leave me the fuck alone and stay out of my fucking pockets. I can afford my kids and they are happy and healthy. It’s not my job to take care of anyone else’s kids, so please don’t ask.
    That being said, I give a ton of good clothes and toys to Salvation Army and Rescue Mission, as soon as my kids don’t need them I am more than happy to donate to the needy.

  31. people are starving for real food–food that will help them grow and live–not the crap we live on now–until we can see that we will be divided.there is only those of us being fucked and those doing the fucking–where are you?we all need to be responsible for ourselves,but some need an extra push.if those in need lose then we are next.

  32. Lipoh:


    That’s what’s called a Freudian slip. Perversity is lurking around in your subconscious. I recommend an appointment with Mrs. Freud before you act out.

    We’ve all had bad shit happen to us. But you got through it, so go help somebody else, don’t wait for the government; they’re lying, thieving cut-throat life-takers.

    Lipoh: “It is not the role of the government to steal from me to give to the unworthy”

    Petey: “This is what has killed the minority communities and the politicians know it (especially those southern Democrats).”

  33. Matt – I didn’t mean to beat her up. Hell, I am really glad there are compassionate people out there. But it goes astray when the compassionate person sees someone who is poor, looks around, and decides the way to fix it is to take tax money from someone else and pour it onto the poor misfortunate soul, without considering the unintended consequences of so doing. The unintended consequences are millions of extra free shit army soldiers and a nation going broke. Charity is a private and family matter and not one I want to see the government involved in. If history has proved one thing it is that governments are universally piss-poor at managing anything. The less they are involved in, the better.

  34. we live in the society of the spectacle–we are continually bombed with images that try to gain control of our lives-if you are not strong you will submit–we need to counteract this force with truth.

  35. “By international standards of poor, we are well off. We have plumbing, electricity, beds to sleep in a roof over our heads and money for food. It’s enough.”

    I spent many years without some of these things-no running water, no electricity, even wood stove heat. My choice-I chose to invest my limited resources in education. And I chose to live where I wanted, whether normal infrastructure was available or not. It was a good choice and I would do it again. Built character, as the old folks (correctly) say. I ate cheap, but I never starved. But then, I did not eat convenience store pre-packaged food or McDonalds, either.

    Bottom line-the “starving” kids of America are a choice too-their parents are making poor ones. If they got their priorities straight, the “problem” would largely disappear. Gov’t never makes problems disappear, it just makes them expand.

  36. @marissa

    2 paychecks ‘from disaster’ is not a definition of being poor. Being poor could be defined as eating only 2 meals a day, and those of dried beans and noodles while spending everything else you can spare on really good quality paper and printing for job applications. (been there, done that) Or because you’re working 15 hrs a day trying to make a start-up pay (been there too). Or because you own a successful business but you have sweet FA cashflow because of slow payers and you have to pawn most of what you own to make payroll from your meager savings (been there too).

    2 paychecks ‘from disaster’ just means that either you’re living beyond your means, or insufficient savings. You can be at that point even if you earn over a million dollars a year – or $5k a year.

    After 3 years of effort I’m now at the point where I’m comfortably 8 paychecks ‘from disaster’ and I travel overseas at least once a year. It’s easy. Spend less than you earn and save the rest.

    To do that takes will – nothing else. Just the will.

    Unlike many of the monkeys here I am long-haired lefty with socialist leanings. I believe the purpose of civilisation is to take care of its weakest members. Please note, I said ‘Weakest’. That means the people that CAN’T take care of themselves. That’s different from WON’T.

    I’m not a ‘Social Darwinist’ (gods I hate that term) of the variety that spawned during the Industrial Revolution in Britain and are now only found in the USA. To me, Social Security is a cheap, effective, and ethical ‘insurance’ for society. It gives those stuck at the bottom another option besides “rob from the rich so I can eat” – but that’s all it is and all it should be.

    From my experience gained from chatting with people that have come from ‘the bottom’ (for given values of ‘the bottom’) and done well, they have two skills that others don’t.

    1) the ability to budget and do basic household finances.
    This is a skill that doesn’t seem to be taught anywhere but from successful business owners to their children, and a very small handful that manage to work it out for themselves. I know I didn’t learn it from my parents – both very smart and very hardworking, self taught lower-class escapees. By lower class I mean that if you get a job, you’re then ostracised socially and have to get out of that suburb or you’ll get bashed as you’ve gone from “one of us” to “an uppity bastard” – as well as an unpleasant reminder of the results gained through effort

    2) The will to make a change in their life with the knowledge that it _WILL_ hurt and you almost certainly WILL fail many, many times before you succeed.
    This is exactly the same drive that all successfull athletes have. Exactly. It’s what gets me up at 4.30am in the morning to work out for an hour. It’s what took a part-time income into a business that turned over $1million/year in 18 months. It’s the same drive that got me out of some very unpleasant situations when later in life, I worked for an information retrieval agency. It’s the same drive that means that I ride a pushie, or walk to work rather than drive so I can spend 1/2 the $10k I’d spend in a cheap car’s annual running costs on overseas travel, and put the other 1/2 into savings.

    You want to make a REAL difference to the poor? Find a way to teach those that are willing those 2 things.

    Only teach the willing – don’t waste your time on the rest as they don’t want to change their situation.

    … and again, been there – doing that now.

  37. people in america are not starving-they are force feed shit from corporate america–i wish all people were as smart a you all here but they are not-do not forsake those thst need help–they are the future zombies that will eat your souls

  38. As a bolster to your hatred of government programs (and I do share some of that hatred) when we lived overseas I had several British friends, who had extended families.

    All of these people were reasonably well educated. For a total of about 15 members of these two women’s families, three and a half people were actually working. Several people on pensions, some on disabilities, the mother of one friend who was my exact age hadn’t worked in 25 years because she had arthritis. I stayed in her house for two weeks and she seemed pretty fine to me. Certainly capable of holding down some kind of job.

    I marveled to myself at the time that out of 15 family members only 3 had jobs and the entire rest of them were on the government dole. I couldn’t fathom how the government could pay 12 people on the taxes of three.

    Well apparently the British government can’t. But now that the dole system has swallowed their whole populace–where’s the way out? They’ve done the same thing we have, sold off their industry and jobs to the third world and put people on the government tit, and replaced what was left with the FIRE economy which is now crashing.

    It’s not just America or Philly or fat people or minorities. The whole mess is coming apart at the seams.

  39. Marissa – that is why i do not dislike you. You can and do see the reality of things, as is evidenced by many wise and insightful posts you have made. I just think that you occassionally let compassion and emotion cloud things a bit. It is not a bad thing to be compassionate and it is a trait I admire. (I just don’t like it when compassion for one turns to theft from another.)

    Although i think Mikey is too far left, I agree that civilizations need to look after the weak. I do ot think that the governments should do it – but that society should do it. And the reasons are simple – society, on the micro level, will actually make sure that only the weak get the aid, and government is totallyt incompetent at making those decisions. In fact, they set up systems that promote that unworthy getting aid – out of fear that someone may miss out on the largesse.

    I have spent a lot of time in the UK – they are doomed. Good post.

  40. Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Arkansas, Michigan. The top ten ranked “fattest” states in the U.S. based on percentage of obesity in their respective populations. Cut off the federal free food programs and there’s a lot of Tea Party supporters that are going to starve to death.

  41. Equal Wheels,

    I’m not a member of the Tea Party.

    But my impression of that group is that they are overwhelmingly AGAINST all the free federal programs.

    Translated into simpler terms—-I think you are full of shit.

  42. Equal Wheels, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Smokey. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on him, and you blew it.

    If you want to bag the Tea Party, you will have to come up with a more sound position than that. May I suggest that you look at their religious leanings – perhaps as evidenced by the reasonably large percentage that support that shit for brains Perry, if whose brain was made out of solid gold he might just be able to afford a small coffee at Starbucks.

  43. Equal Wheels:

    “Cut off the federal free food programs and there’s a lot of Tea Party supporters that are going to starve to death.”

    EPIC FAIL. Go back to sperm gobbling if you can not form sentences that do not contradict themselves.

  44. …and yet those are the facts.

    Let’s face it, it is a really great thing that folks like the Koch brothers are doing. Convincing an entire population of Americans to be the instrument of their own downfall all thanks to their prejudice and ignorance.

    The only part I object to is that in the process they want to drag the rest of the U.S. down with them.

    I’m NOT full of shit when it’s well known that the very people this article criticizes are predominantly from states that support it’s premise.
    You may get Michele Bachmann’s supporters to drink the “Koolaid”, but America is still made up of people who don’t need to be controlled by those who try to actively blur the lines between church and state.
    You are bigoted and ignorant and, in a freedom of speech kind of way, that’s fine with me. But DON’T ever make the mistake of trying to force your misguided values down the rest of our throats.

    I’d rather my tax dollars when to feed a child in any state than see it enable some Tea Party fool help send more jobs overseas so U.S. corporations can get wealthier.

  45. My dear wife teaches school in the poorest ‘hood in Houston, Texas. She has done this for 30 years (although this year will be the last). No, I’m not going to say exactly where. I’ve been there many, many times. I kind of like the neighborhood. Somehow, it seems everybody knows me there …by name. Odd. Anyway…

    We’ve seen lots of little children, the vast majority of whom are poor. Some are Latino, some white, some black, some Asian …many are new arrivals to America. School opens early – very early, because breakfast is served. Every child – whether his mother is a crack whore, his father a vice-principal, her Mom in prison …whether or not they speak English …whether or not they’re being raised by a grandparent – or even a neighbor – ALL are fed. ALL. Always.

    If a child complains to my wife that he is hungry, she opens a stash that she keeps just for that reason and he gets something to eat. Other teachers do the same; no one compels them to do it. I’ve not seen a starving child at that school ever. Now, I don’t see obesity – maybe parents – but I’m not seeing starvation. Not even close. I’ve seen sickness take its toll, but that’s a different story and I’m not going to cover that.

    I think it is interesting to look at pictures of Americans taken during the First Great Depression and compare them to current photos of Americans. Black and white can change the impression, so use your computer and make today’s pictures be B&W. We are fat toads compared to even the 1970’s, much less the ’30s.

    I have seen malnutrition in this country, but it was 40 years ago. This was on a Reservation in the state of New Mexico. At that time, I did see children who appeared to be very under nourished. I also noted that their families often had a brand new Ford truck parked in front of the adobe hut. No electricity, of course. When I saw this, at first I was struck that someone needed to help these people. Slowly it occurred to me that I spent much time at my Grandparents farm where there also was no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing – and no money – but there was always food for everyone. There also was no brand new Ford truck. (I remember Aunts and Uncles in exactly the same situation.)

    The time may come, perhaps is rapidly approaching, when there will be starvation in this nation. That time is not yet.

  46. Stop the food stamps and the school lunch programs then you will see children going hungry. Children are obese because they eat low quality, low cost processed food. Low quality fast food restaurants are on almost every block.

    Thanks to the federal government people are not starving. Thanks to the federal government people are on the dole. Thanks to the government most food production and distribution is done by the large corporations. There is a lot of commercial food production in this country but much of this production is low quality. When the people decide to begin producing their own food again the quality will go up.

  47. Last night, my 12-year old son came up from playing X-Box Live in the basement and yelled, “Mom, I’m hungry!”

    Should I report this incident to the Obamanistas?

    But the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which conducts the nation’s food-consumption and hunger survey, says otherwise. “During the full course of the year, only one child in 67 was reported ‘hungry,’

  48. Marissa,

    I watched you dig that hole, and thank you for starting to fill it back in with some rational insight..
    When you called llpoh a WASP, I knew you started to understand you were digging once where an old out house had stood.

  49. Why don’t we send the obese to work for FEMA at the disaster sites in Joplin and in New England. Loose weight, feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John

  50. “Thanks to the federal government people are not starving.” – Thunderbird

    Thanks to the federal government people are not well-nourished either. Huge difference.

    They are filling their bellies with crap food. Keeps away the hunger pains and that’s about it.

    The “health care” system and big pharma are grateful.

    What a plan!

  51. Opinion alert – hey wanted to jump in with some opinions (based on facts but maybe not stated or referenced) – lets call it a general philosophy or theory. I have travelled widely (because of my family background – military and civilian govt. employees) I served in the military, I have bussed tables, run a cash register, been an assisant manager in video rental, poured concrete slabs and currently work as a teacher in a public school in a fairly well off semi-rural suburb of San Antonio. I have lived both within and beyond my means (and paid the price, but with help from my family.)

    I agree absoltely with the general theme of comments here – personal responsibility must take primacy if our society is to survive and improve, with help available for the truly weak and helpless among us – hopefully first from families and local communites, only from the government, local first, as a last resort if families or communities can’t or won’t help themselves in extremis.

    Onto my specific point – alot of blame for the “government.” I would just like to express the idea that “government,” regardless of what form it is in, is beholden to those who can capture and control it, from a monarchy to a democracy – it is about who has the power. Interest rates, savings regulations, what is taught or not taught in the “public” schools, seems to largely be the result of what those powers want – from the Progressives and Henry Ford’s “Americanization” movement to dumbed down standardized testing today to sure a miniamally trained, compliant labor pool for a service economy.

    Could it be that one of the reasons that people aren’t taught to think independently and be successful in say, running a small business, because in the aggregate a lot of successful small business would threaten “big business?” I know, I know, a rhetorical question I hope on this board. As many have pointed out, a dumbed down, compliant, dependent population helps maintain the status quo.

    I guess that takes you back to the issue of will and education – as I ask my history students at the beginning of every year, how do you know what liberty is, or if you still have it, if you can’t even describe what it means, what it looks like or feels like in practice. The sad reallity is most of my student conflate liberty with the freedom to consume and to not be “judged” or face consequences for their actions.

  52. Whether starving children are here in america or in another country, it’s a seriuos matter. IT COULD BE YOUR KIDS THATS HUNGRY. I do agree alot of people that are rich spend their money on take out, fancy cars, big new homes, etc….. why not donate to a good cause? Helping others never hurt anyone. I think people need more Jesus in their heart. Drop the devil…and pick up Jesus!!! He would take the time to feed every hungry child when most of us fuss about it. Where’s your heart??

  53. Unfortunately there are many families that do take advantage for welfare system but on the other hand many many families wouldn’t be able to get buy without the help of food stamps. Your so nieve to think there aren’t children and adults starving in this country. Your a joke as well as this article is do your home work before you publish something so ridiculous.

    1. anon

      I’m not naive. I can even spell naive. I also can spell You’re. The joke is your post which does nothing to make a case about starving children in America. I deal with facts and reality. You buy into the bullshit about government saving poor people from starving. Isn’t it time for you to watch Chris Matthews on MSNBC. Do you get a tingle up your leg when Obama makes a speech?

  54. Actually no I don’t believe anything the government says when they say there helping are country but saying to take away a program that many families do need is stupid and the comment about spelling I don’t care to go back and fix a word after my phone auto corrects it. Do you spend all day waiting for people to responded to this article because you responded immediately.

    1. anon

      I respond to assanine posts immediately. You should feel honored.

      What program did I say to take away? Please provide facts, not bullshit.

  55. Again your an idiot because I was commenting back to those individuals saying to take away with programs such as welfare and made a comment after stating I didn’t like the article, I’m aloud to exercise my right to free speech.

    1. Again YOU’RE an idiot. You’re proof that our public school system produces nothing but brainless morons.

      When you make a retarded comment about my article, be prepared to get your ass kicked. You certainly have your right to free speech, no matter how poor your grammar and lack of intelligence.

  56. This article posting must be your life I actually could careless about the things you respond back with just because I don’t care to correct the auto correct doesn’t make me an idiot you just feel stupid because you attacked me when I wasn’t even commenting to you about the welfare. Lol wow you really are pathetic.

  57. Just so you know you should look in a dictionary the word careless is one meaning not giving sufficient attention or thought.

    1. Obviously, you used careless when you should have used care less. You are obviously a dumbass. You obviously are such a moron that you commented on an article that was posted four months ago.

      Obviously, I’ve really gotten under your skin, because you keep promising to hit the road, but you keep coming back for another ass kicking.

      Please respond, so I can kick you in the balls again and reveal your mental deficiencies yet again.

  58. Anonymous:

    Do you have any clue as to how “food stamps” are administered currently?

    They are credit cards which, like most credit and debit cards, charge a small percentage per use. Any guess who take in that fee?

    Do you have any clue as to the “foods” these cards are allowed to purchase? I suggest you view the movie “Super Size Me” as a comical way to assess the nutritional value of this “food”.

    Then again, had you read the comments, you might have picked that up.

    Instead of whining, go donate your food and time. There is a sharp decline in volunteers and donations post holidays.

    Or would that “take a lot out of you”?

  59. The person with mental deficiencies is you because you assume I am a male and keep referring to my quote on quote dick and balls and I never threatened to leave the posting and you really are pathetic because YOU’RE still waiting for postings from an article four months ago.

  60. I do know how they are administered because when my husband and I lost are jobs we relied on those food stamp benefits and without those benefits are two year old daughter might have gone without meals. I don’t know what kind of food stamps I can purchase McDonald’s with but I do know I can buy healthy meals to prepare at home which that never takes alot out of me.

  61. Anonymous:

    Your posts show in the “Recent Comments” section, which draws scrutiny. When did you first read or find this post? Pretty old.

    Being a figure of speech, “Showing up with your dick in your hand” applies to any gender.

    The same as if one were to refer to another as a “cunt”.

    Please, should your concern with feeding children extend beyond simply allowing a bank profit, a fast-food and snack-foods profit all while providing an expense which is extremely prone to graft… donate time, food or money to a charity of your choice.

    Again, these charities, which often provide extremely nutritious meals and options… often bussing them to nasty neighborhoods where not much else other than a fast food or liquor stores care to conduct business… see a drastic decline in donations after the holidays.

  62. Anonymous:

    There is no shame in that. I was fed with food stamps when young for a time.
    Home cooked.

    The current situation is quite a different story.

  63. I was actually researching the internet about the quality of food that is feed to the malnourished children around the world because I had discovered that the food they are given has no nutritional valued and ran across this article. I was reading comments and decided to leave mine because many people like myself will read it at some point. Just so you do know I voluntarily attend church 3 times a week and conduct a food ministry every Thursday for needy families.

  64. I live in a small town in TN . I came here in 1986. This is a town where many people who work so hard until they drop dead – and live in poverty. Some make too much to get food stamps. Many people here are on meth and pain pills and of course alcohol and assorted other things. If you are lucky enough to have a prescription for pain pills or food stamps, you can trade for cash some or all of the food stamps and buy anything you want to with the cash. Pain pills go for a steep price – Sell those and you can get whatever you want to —- Many people here on disability raise their standard of living with their supply of pain pills. What does this have to do with children going hungry? So many things can be bought now on food stamps that should not be. Children here are not getting good food from the parents when they have food stamps. I know children here who never have anything fresh at all. They are subsidized by the state in their living situation. What it comes down to is the knowledge, and integrity of the parents who are getting the stamps. Yeah, they’re buying a lot of things here, but not necessariy to feed hungry- or shall we say even fat but still undernourished children. It does seem to me that children who are fed through the schools during the year, need some help during the summer months. This makes sense to me. I do not think that throwing more money at this situation and letting the government distribute it makes much sense. The government is notoriously BAD at doing this.

    During the depression in the 30’s – I believe there were soup kitchens. Were they run locally in each town? There is no excuse for any children to go hungry in this nation with so many programs in every state.

  65. As Americans we might choose to help those who help themselves. Also change to welfareprograms such as food stamps should be set up moore like wic program where only certain healthy foods be available maybe even food prep classes to gain a better understanding how to prepare meals for a family (if your decission is to overeat it shouldnt cost taxpayers)

  66. What a bunch of selfish, me-first people. For those who claim to be Christian, I suggest that you read:

    Proverbs 14:30-39
    Proverbs 17:5
    Proverbs 21:13
    Proverbs 22:9
    Proverbs 28:27
    Isaiah 58:20
    Jeremiah 22:16
    Ezekiel 17:49
    Matthew: 5:25
    MATTHEW 19:16-24
    Matthew 25:34-4o
    Luke 3:11
    Luke 12:33
    Luke 18:10-14
    LUKE 18:18-25
    Luke 20:46-47
    James 2:14-18
    1 John 3:17-18
    1 Timothy 6:8

    And this doesn’t even get into scripture that covers the Commandant that Yeshua most stressed and favored:

    Matthew 7:12
    Luke 6:31
    Mark 12:31
    James 1:6
    James 2:8
    Galatians 5:14
    Romans 13:19

    Thy neighbor referring not simply to your immediate neighbors but to ALL people’s…

    Many will try to shrug this off as strictly referring to “charity”, however both the Hebrew Bible (OT) and the Christian Bible (NT) do not say that. Yeshua (his Hebrew name – Jesus is the Greek translation) did not say that. What they clearly referred to was this attitude, this stance being that which ALL people should do. And as such, good, practicing Christians should continuously strive for their governments to develop strong policies to help accomplish this!

    Yeshua lived in a time that was economically similar to ours. A small highly wealthy elite that controlled things (openly – like the Tea Party GOP legislators… and behind the scenes – like the far right SuperPacs who represent the ultra wealthy supporters of the far right), in his times being the high ranking Roman officials who politically controlled things and the rich Hebrew Pharisees and very wealthy Sadducees (aristocrats and Rome supporters), this being The System of Wealth which controlled Judea during His time. And Yeshua openly rebelled through sermons, his ministry and his own open actions against this system! Yes, Yeshua and his Disciples were very liberal and revolutionary (today we would look upon Him, his Disciples and supporters as outright communists, much less bleeding heart liberal socialists!).

    Educate yourself as to Yeshua and where he stood read “Adventures in Missing The Point: How the Culture Controlled Church Neutered The Gospel” (Brian McLaren) and especially “Jesus Wants to Save Christians: A Manifesto for the Church in Exile” (Rob Bell)

    Responders can rant and rave and attempt to twist The Gospels (and – more importantly – the LIFE of Yeshua!)…. But it is not me that one needs to convince It is not I who will Judge. ALL men (humans) WILL die and face Their Maker, The Creator, God. At that time The Creator will not place much emphasis on one’s WORDS, but mainly upon their beliefs and (especially) on their ACTIONS… That is the time that people should be preparing themselves for – both individually and, YES, “collectively” and in that regard to include the TYPE and ATTITUDE of the Government that they choose: one that represents the Life (and Saying and Ministry and Parables) of Yeshua… or one which represents those who hatefully and violently opposed Him!

  67. Larry

    Are you a fan of individuals making charitable contributions and helping their fellow man?


    Are you a fan of the GOVERNMENT taking the money at gunpoint from taxpayers to redistribute it to those they think deserve it?

    Inquiring minds want to know what God says?

  68. Dear hypocrite Larry,

    Stop pretending you actually know me.

    I wrote Revelation 3:15-16 for people like you;
    —– “I know your deeds … I am about to spit you out of my mouth”


    All my love,
    Jefe Jesus

  69. Dear Larry the False Prophet,

    My former right hand man — so to speak — Satan himself, has attempted to twart my message to you. But, he faileth yet once again.


  70. Poorly made processed foods are the cause of obesity. Excess sugars and salts are harmful to life. Scientific research proves this. We have cures for obesity, cancers and all things that ail humans. Your system is broken. We can fix it together.

  71. Adrian

    It is 4AM. Please stop posting. I am trying to make all the “Recent Comments” list as mine.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  72. Administrator I’m sorry but you seem to be demonstrating another sad attempt at being a pundit.
    A simple mind is only capable of seeing the world in simple terms. Simple talking points, simple generalizations and simple anecdotal evidence do not provide for a debate it just pumps up your ego when the other simpletons respond and agree with you.
    You do realize that republicans are becoming a laughing stock. I bailed on conservatism in 2001; the party is an insulted to the rational people of the world who don’t see everything through simpletons’ eyes.

    1. Looks like another lib has gotten their panties twisted by the facts. Oh well. I guess I’ll hand in my pundit card at the MSNBC truth studio.

  73. At risk of sounding like a monster, can I ask a question here-Would we have more or less “starvation” if we didn’t give out food to people? I don’t mean private charity-that’s cool. I mean the free govt food and the school food programs. Would parents really just not feed their kids if no one was giving them free food at school? And how much money do they save letting someone else pick up the tab for use on beer, fingernails, hair extensions, new shoes, etc?

  74. I met a guy at a gun show who lives in Indiana. Since I can’t be everywhere, I asked him if things in the midwest are as bad as I’ve heard. He asked me if I had ever been to Gary, Indiana. Nope. He proceeded to tell me to imagine a city of 400,000 with no grocery stores. He told me the liquor store is where you do everything-shopping for quality food, check cashing, and booze buying. He had owned a chain of liquor stores, but decided not to enter Gary because he didn’t like having a business run from behind 2 inch thick bulletproof glass.

    Now, if Gary is that dangerous a place to be, can you blame anyone for not wanting to do business there? And how much federal money would you need to be dumb enough to open a store there?


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