Well, of course he isn’t. But I never thought I’d see the day when Admin attacked one of the most successful businesses in America, Southwest Airlines. Why? All because Southwest had the effrontery to kick off Green Day band member Billie Joe Armstrong from a flight because this slug got on the flight with the waistband of his pants somewhere close to his knee caps while revealing a butt crack which would make a member of a plumber’s union blush. Oh, the horror. Southwest enforced some modicum of decorum from its passengers on its flights. What next? Saying “please” and “thank you”?



Billie Joe Armstrong

Here’s how it went down between Admin and me on the thread of “Farewell WYSP.”

SSS posts article of Armstrong getting booted off of a Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank.

ADMIN: “Southwest Airlines Eats Shit. Are you actually condoning people getting thrown off airplanes because their pants are sagging? I guess that Federal Government mindset still breaths (sic) in you.”

SSS: “Are you against private businesses like Southwest Airlines which create thousands of jobs and SUCCEED? I could care less whether Southwest kicked this punk off their plane because of his low riders. It is THEIR AIRPLANE AND THEIR DECISION TO MAKE, not some government drone frisking little girls at a security checkpoint. If Southwest’s actions offend the public in general, then it’ll read about it on the bottom line of its annual report. This has absolutely nothing to do with a federal government mindset, but everything to do with letting a business alone and letting them run its show the way it sees fit.”

(edited) “Southwest Airlines commenced Customer Service on June 18, 1971, with three Boeing 737 aircraft serving three Texas cities-Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Today, Southwest operates 550 Boeing 737 aircraft among 72 cities. Yearend results for 2010 marked Southwest’s 38th consecutive year of profitability. Southwest is the United States’ most successful low fare, high frequency, point-to-point carrier. Southwest operates more than 3,400 flights a day coast-to-coast, making it the largest U.S. carrier based on domestic passengers carried as of December 31, 2010.

ADMIN: “Nice copy and paste about Southwest. It seems their reputation is doing better than their actual results. Their profits are on track to be down 30% this year and their stock has collapsed from $14 to $8.”

————————–end of thread————————–

You seem to be focused on profits and stock prices, Admin. Well, so what? Businesses have good years, and they have bad years. What else is new? Try and focus on the price of oil, please, since it is a harbinger of the profit margin of the airline industry. Anyway, you like people to bring facts and figures to the table when they show up on TBP. I did so with my “copy and paste” response above, which didn’t seem to meet your threshold of truth. So chew on these.

—-Southwest Airlines employs nearly 35,000 people. Those are PURE tax-paying jobs, in addition to Southwest’s corporate taxes.

—-Southwest Airlines has bought 550 Boeing 737 jet airliners. Tell me that hasn’t helped one of America’s most important manufacturers. Tell me that hasn’t helped Boeing’s growth. Southwest has been the LAUNCH CUSTOMER for the Boeing 737 300/500/700 series of jets. What that means is that these aircraft were first ordered and bought by Southwest. Let me put it more simply: Southwest Airlines has been critical to Boeing aircraft sales.

Want some more facts, Admin? Will a pie or bar chart help?


  1. You sure can tell SSS has never worked in the real world. Anyone who has worked for a corporation knows that a SERVICE company’s reputation is everything to them. Only a fool would throw a celebrity off their plane because his pants were sagging, knowing that the negative publicity would be far worse than the HORRIBLE IMPLICATIONS of having someone sitting in an airplane seat with saggy pants.

    CIA agents are good at presenting only the facts that support their hollow, weak case. SSS failed to mention a couple of pertinent facts. I don’t even need a pie chart to obliterate him. The story below tells you everything you need to know. Southwest knew immediately they had fucked up big time and apologized profusely and put him on the next flight.

    WOW. Really sounds like Southwest really stuck to their guns. SSS’ bastion of capitalism reversed their decision within minutes as soon as the terrible publicity threatened their capitalist company. TOO LATE. They fucked up big time and their reputation has been scarred. If you google this story you get over 500 stories.

    I don’t even think a CIA coup fuckup would get that many stories.

    Southwest: Situation with Green Day singer ‘resolved’

    SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Southwest Airlines says it has resolved an incident involving Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong over an incident that took place Thursday.

    Armstrong sent a tweet on Thursday saying “Just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low…no joke!”

    Armstrong was trying to fly from Oakland to Burbank. Cindy Qiu, an associate producer for ABC7’s “7 Live” was on-board the flight and witnessed the incident involving Armstrong.

    “A flight attendant approaches him and says, ‘pull your pants up,'” Qiu said by phone on Friday. “He says, ‘don’t you have better thing to do than worry about that?’ and then the flight attendant says again, ‘pull your pants up or you’re getting off the plane.'”

    Southwest Airlines spokesman Brad Hawkins released a statement Saturday morning.

    “We reached out to apologize,” the statement read. “We followed up…and understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction.”

    Southwest Airlines says Armstrong was allowed onto the next flight from Burbank and said he had no further complaints.

  2. It seems SSS edited my response to him in the previous thread. That is a well known ploy of the CIA. He left out my crack about his old man saggy pants.


    You better watch out. Old men tend to have their pants sag without even knowing it. I wouldn’t want to see an old CIA agent tossed off a plane.

    Nice copy and paste about Southwest. It seems their reputation is doing better than their actual results. Their profits are on track to be down 30% this year and their stock has collapsed from $14 to $8.

    As your own post mentioned, they are scrambling to backtrack on what they did. Wow. There is a company that has their act together.

  3. Knowing how much SSS loves Green Day. Here is a pictorial tribute in SSS’ honor. He might also realize that Billie Joe is quite the capitalist himself. He has a music empire that employs thousands of people. He generates tax revenue in every city he goes to with his band, resulting in jobs for stadium workers, vendors, roadies, etc. He even provides jobs for artists in NYC with his smash musical American Idiot (not the life story of SSS).



  4. Given how much time SSS spends on vacations and compared to the amount of time the typical Green Day fan will spend on vacation…. Perhaps there is more money to be made from retired old fart government employees.

    Green Day fans. Probably not going on too many airline flights in the first place.

    Old farts. They got nothing better to do than go on vacation.

  5. Hey, SSS! Shaddup!! Have a joint ! Get some brains!!!!!!!!!!


    Does Marijuana Make You Stupid?
    By Jonah Lehrer August 17, 2011 | 10:22 pm

    Marijuana is currently regulated by the United States government as a Schedule I drug, placing it in the same category as heroin, MDMA and LSD. This is largely due to the first condition of Schedule I drugs, which is that the substance “has a high potential for abuse.” The language in that clause is deliberately vague. Does abuse equal addiction? Probably not, since marijuana is not addictive like other Schedule I drugs. Rats don’t self-administer the compound in a lab, it’s virtually impossible to fatally overdose on the drug, and the physiological effects of marijuana withdrawal, if they occur, are far milder than those experienced by chronic amphetamine, alcohol, nicotine or opiate users. Put another way, if “abuse” means “addiction” then cigarettes should be Schedule I, not marijuana.

    Rather, the case for marijuana “abuse” has always stemmed from its cognitive effects. While cigarettes are like caffeinated smoke — they increase attention and productivity, marijuana is the drug of choice for slackers, hippies and Seth Rogen characters. In popular culture, all it takes is one hit from a bong before people become ridiculously dumb, unable to solve the simplest problems or utter a coherent sentence. Potheads eat a lot and laugh at stupid jokes. The larger worry, of course, is that such damage is enduring and that “smoking dope” permanently impedes learning and memory.

    That, at least, has been the collective stereotype for decades. There’s even been some science to back it up, especially when the marijuana use begins at an early age. But now a different answer is beginning to emerge, thanks to an authoritative new study led by Robert Tait at the Australian National University. The scientists looked at the long-term cognitive effects of marijuana use in nearly 2,000 subjects between the ages of 20 and 24. The subjects were divided (based on self-reports) into several different categories, from total abstainers (n = 420) to “current light users” (n = 71) to “former heavy users” (n = 60). Over the course of eight years, the scientists gave the subjects a battery of standard cognitive tests, most of which focused on working memory, verbal memory and intelligence. One of the important advantages of this study is that the scientists controlled for a number of relevant variables, such as education and gender. In Time, Maia Szalavitz explains why this statistical adjustment is necessary:

    The lower education levels of the pot smokers — and their greater likelihood of being male — had made it look like marijuana had significantly affected their intelligence. In fact, men simply tend to do worse than women on tests of verbal intelligence, while women generally underperform on math tests. The relative weighting of the tests made the impact of pot look worse than it was.

    Once these population differences were corrected for, the long-term effects of marijuana use disappeared: The scientists found that “there were no significant between group differences.” In other words, the amount of pot consumed had no measurable impact on cognitive performance. The sole exception was performance on a test of short-term verbal memory, in which “current heavy users” performed slightly worse than former users. The researchers conclude that, contrary to earlier findings, the mind altering properties of marijuana are ephemeral and fleeting:

    The adverse impacts of cannabis use on cognitive functions either appear to be related to pre-existing factors or are reversible in this community cohort even after potentially extended periods of use. These findings may be useful in motivating individuals to lower cannabis use, even after an extensive history of heavy intake.

    This study builds on previous work by Harvard researchers demonstrating that the learning and memory impairments of heavy marijuana users typically vanish within 28 days of “smoking cessation.” (The slight impairments still existed, however, one week after smoking.) While several days might sound like a long hippocampal hangover, heavy alcohol users typically experience deficits that persist for several months, if not years. In other words, heavy marijuana use appears to be a lot less damaging than alcoholism.

    Taken together, these studies demonstrate that popular stereotypes of marijuana users are unfair and untrue. While it’s definitely not a good idea to perform a cognitively demanding task (such as driving!) while stoned, smoking a joint probably also won’t lead to any measurable long-term deficits. The Dude, in other words, wasn’t dumb because he inhaled. He was dumb because he was The Dude. (All those White Russians probably didn’t help, either.)

    Furthermore, there’s some intriguing evidence that marijuana can actually improve performance on some mental tests. A recent paper by scientists at University College, London looked at a phenomenon called semantic priming. This occurs when the activation of one word allows us to react more quickly to related words. For instance, the word “dog” might lead to decreased reaction times for “cat,” “pet” and “Lassie,” but won’t alter how quickly we react to “chair.”

    Interestingly, the scientists found that marijuana seems to induce a state of hyper-priming, in which the reach of semantic priming extends to distantly related concepts. As a result, we hear “dog” and think of nouns that, in more sober circumstances, would seem rather disconnected, such as “leash” or “hair.” This state of hyper-priming helps explain why cannabis has been so often used as a creative fuel, as it seems to make the brain better at detecting those remote associations that lead to radically new ideas.

    Why does marijuana increase access to far reaching intellectual connections? One possibility is that the beneficial effect of the drug is mediated by mood. Marijuana, after all, has long been used to quiet anxious nerves — big pharma is currently exploring targeted versions of THC as a next generation anxiolytic — as only a few puffs seem to dramatically increase feelings of relaxation and euphoria. (The technical term for this, of course, is getting stoned.) Furthermore, recent research has suggested that performance on various tests of remote associations and divergent thinking — a hallmark of creativity — are dramatically enhanced by such positive moods. Look, for instance, at a 2003 study by German researchers that investigated performance on a classic remote associate test (RAT), in which subjects have to find a fourth word that is associated with the three following words:

    cottage Swiss cake

    This answer is pretty obvious: cheese. But what about this problem?

    dream ball book

    That was a trick question: There is no shared association. Here’s the remarkable thing about these remote associate problems: People can recognize the possibility of a solution before they’ve solved the problem. The German scientists demonstrated this by asking people to quickly press the spacebar whenever they were presented with a triad that had an answer. If people had no intuitions about creative associations, their guesses should have been roughly random. But that’s not what the scientists found. Instead, subjects were able to efficiently sort “coherent” word problems — those with an actual answer — from incoherent problems, which are a waste of time. Before we find the solution, we can feel its presence.

    And this returns us to marijuana: Putting people in a positive mood roughly doubled their accuracy at the task. All of a sudden, they were twice as good at identifying problems with possible solutions. This suggests that anything that makes us happier, reducing vigilance and anxiety, might also make us more creative. We can detect more remote associations, of course, but we also know which associations are worth pursuing, which is probably even more important. It doesn’t matter if it’s pot, chocolate or a stand-up comic — those substances or experiences that put a smile on our face can also increase the powers of the imagination, at least when solving particular creative problems.

    So here’s the very un-D.A.R.E. takeaway: Heavy marijuana use doesn’t seem to cause any sort of lasting brain damage. All the negative side-effects are relatively temporary. (But those side-effects are real.) Furthermore, the sort of anxiolytic giddiness triggered by THC comes with its own unexpected benefits, which is probably why humans have been self-medicating with cannabis for thousands of years.

  6. [email protected] says:

    Well, there is a certain amount of cognitive dissonance between a weekly column about the people of walmart, in which butt cracks figure prominantly, and giving this rock band guy a pass for his butt crack.

    Besides in an emergency, how is this guy going to move quickly with his waistband down around his knees? He will have to take his pants off – and that will just add to the emergency.

    And what is a big time rock star doing taking a cheap ass SW flight?

  7. HZK beat me to it. The fact that Green Day’s frontman is flying Southwest tells you a lot about their success and fan base.

    Apart from that, I’m glad to see that TBP is previewing the total civil war that looms for the US in the next few years.

    1. Persnickety

      Armstrong is doing just fine financially.

      Green Day had two major highlights in 2009: the release of its second No. 1 album, “21st Century Breakdown,” and a sellout run in Berkeley, Calif., of the musical stage show adaptation of 2004 set “American Idiot.” All of the buzz helped the band earn nearly $1.9 million in album sales and pull in $8.8 million from touring arenas.

  8. Southwest is the only airline I’ll fly on (when I have no other choice to travel). I don’t give a rats ass if they toss a punker off because he has his butt hanging out – I don’t want to see that either.


    1. Looks like none of you capitalist morons want to debate the fact that Southwest Airlines fucked up big time.

      It was a terrible business decision.

      Where is the cognitive disonance? I certainly don’t condone throwing the Wal-Mart derelicts out of the store because they look ridiculous. Are you?


        Born in Oakland, California on February 17, 1972, Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead vocalist, chief songwriter and guitarist for the rock band Green Day. He is also the vocalist and guitarist for a second rock band, Pinhead Gunpowder and sings, as well, for a garage rock band known as Foxboro Hot Tubs. Armstrong has an estimated net worth of $55 million. His interest in music began at an early age and, by the time he was 15, in 1987, Armstrong had formed his first band. It was called Sweet Children. This group morphed into its current manifestation, Green Day, in 1989. The band’s third album, “Dookie,” was released in 1994 and helped Green Day make the transition into becoming a mainstream rock band. To date, Green Day has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide and is one of the most popular bands working today.

  9. [email protected] says:

    If Wal-Mart, a private company had a dress code and sought to enforce it, yes, I would endorse those freaks being denied service. If that is their business decision not to then I, as a consumer, can either support a non-freak shopping environment or join in the freak show. That WalMart tolerates these kinds of customers is just one of a million reasons why I do not shop there.

    If SW wants to deny boarding to a guy whose dress is not only offensive to most people’s sense of propriety but a possible danger to the rest of the plane, I’m okay with that. I don’t care who shows their butt cracks in public or wears their pants down to their knees, whether it is the Pope or this guy, It is gross and stupid and offensive no matter who does it.

    If you think this will spark some kind of anti-SW backlash forget it. Americans only embrace a “cause” if it doesn’t cost them anything.

    OK, this guy is worth 55 million smackeroos. I ask again, what is he doing on a cheap ass SW flight?

    1. Again, for the mentally defective slow people on the site. You know who you are. Maybe not.

      Southwest Airlines scrambled to backtrack on what they did within minutes. They were tripping all over themselves with apologies and put him on the next flight. I can guarantee you Billie Joe didn’t change his pants before getting on the next flight.

      First you tell me what a great airline Southwest is and then question why he would lower himself to fly Southwest. Are you people brain dead?

  10. I think Bob from “Drinking with Bob” hits the nail right on the head on this issue. (1 minute video rant)

    Grow up Billy Joe and America for that matter! No one wants to see your fucking chonies!!!!!!! I see enough of that shit at work with these dumb ass wanna-be gangstas and wanna-be Justin Biebers. Buy a belt or a freaking shoe lace already!

  11. Reverse Engineer is an Illuminati Pig Man who, after refusing to say thank you to the Admin, becoming a spam flinger, and calling Colma a jerk, returns to lurk and thumbs-down people for nothing but vindictive reasons.

    Cough it up. Say you’re sorry….

  12. Admin said, “Looks like none of you capitalist morons want to debate the fact that Southwest Airlines fucked up big time. It was a terrible business decision.”

    No, it wasn’t. The media, and you, can blast the shit out of Southwest all you want. It’s the most successful airline operating in America today. No baggage fees. Cheap tickets. On-time departures. Early arrivals. It runs like a Swiss watch because its managers and workers do things RIGHT and serve the general public well. SWA has lost exactly ONE customer in this incident, Billie Joe Armstrong. My guess is that it gained thousands more customers because of what it did, but we’ll both have to wait and see how it all works out.


    Stick it. Nice try in getting me to bite on the Mary Jane article, though.


    Nice photo of Jim Morrison. Which reminds me, Admin. Where’s the link to “Riders on the Storm” you promised to post today?

    1. SSS

      Your alzheimers is kicking in again. Southwest CAVED in like a bad souffle within minutes of its noble stance. They admitted they were wrong. They realized it was a horrific business decision. Keep clinging to your false storyline. It must be a government drone trait.

  13. According to my wife who was glancing at the pictures posted quote, “When you have a fuggly face and a fuggly hairdo and shop in the women’s section for t shirts and your low rise pants you might be gender confused”

  14. @ Admin,

    The only reason SouthWest backtracked was because this guy was the lead singer of Green Day…if it was Jamal from da hood with his loaded pants sagging and he was asked to pull them up this wouldn’t even be a story….unless of course Johnny Cochran and the ACLU got wind of the story…then it might be some huge racial profiling b.s. lawsuit!

  15. Admin
    Would you be as outraged by this injustice if Lemont from the 30 blocks had been kicked off an airplane?

    Admit it. Its because Billie Joe is WHITE and RICH.

  16. Admin

    SWA didn’t cave in. It attempted to resolve the issue amicably and succeeded in doing so. I don’t consider that “caving in.” Wanna make a bet that Billie Joe got on the next flight with his pants hiked up? Now, you need to cave in and post that link to “Riders on the Storm” you promised.

    Dave Doe said,

    “I though this was an economics/porn blog?” Do you read for comprehension? I threw in lots of economic facts and figures on SWA.

  17. @AWD

    you said, “He’s not teaching my kids in school.” He might not be teaching your kids at school but he is still definitely teaching your kids with his own real life actions and how he represents himself in public. That’s great that he has kids….and if he wants his kids to sag their pants then so be it…but do all of us who might run into these heathens in public need to be subjected to seeing their fucking chonies??

    Seriously?? Just curious? Do you have young boys? If so, would you be o.k. with them walking around the house sagging their pants infront of your mom or wife? or would you like it if you had daughter’s and they brought a boy home who had a load in his drawers?..

    Give me a break…we are defending a 40 year old man who wears his pants like he is a prison bitch! A 40 year old man who could encourage the younger generation to actually dress “hip” without showing their fucking underroos!

  18. “or would you like it if you had daughter’s and they brought a boy home who had a load in his drawers?..”

    I said in my post I can’t stand that shit. If I had boys, I’d kick their ass. My girls wouldn’t be going out with a wigger in the first place. My point is artists are a different breed.

    I judge a man by what he does, not by what he says or what he wears. Makes it easier to separate the quality from the cons.

  19. If he is worth 55 million, let him and his sagging pants fly on AA. I don’t care to see his sagging pants and crack on a flight me, my wife and granddaughter may be on. Go Southwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John

  20. What if the guy boarded the plane with his dick hanging out? What then? Gotta draw the line SOMEWERE … and SW decided ass cracks was that line.

    That being said, IF you are a true libertarian then you SHOULD find South West’s actions offensive … which I do (and that from someone who HATES that baggy pants shit.)

    I remember signs from the late 60’s and very early 70’s where some establishments would not serve “long hairs” or hippies. That was total bullshit, as well.

  21. Stucky

    That is total, utter bullshit thinking on your part. A true Libertarian would NOT interfere with the way a private enterprise wants to run its business, other than for the “health and safety” (something that’s been badly abused by the courts for over a century) of the workers and customers.

    If you owned a restaurant and someone walked in with his waistband around his crotch and several inches of underwear and a butt crack showing, and your customers began complaining to you how offensive and inconsiderate of others this individual was being, how would you react? It’s YOUR business. You own it, lock, stock, and barrel. So it’s YOUR decision. I’d bet the farm that you’d ask the customer to either pull up his pants or leave if you thought this person would be “bad for business,” which he would be.

    Here’s another one some of us may have experienced. You walk into a fairly fancy restaurant wearing a sports shirt and slacks and are informed by the maitre d’ that gentlemen must wear a jacket and ladies must wear a dress. No pedal pushers, jeans, shit like that. Strict dress code. Now, everytime I’ve run into that situation, the restaurant had jackets they’d lend you while you were there. But there were NO EXCEPTIONS. Got a problem with that? I certainly don’t. If that’s the way the owners want to run their business, IT’S THEIR FUCKING CALL!!!

    Thanks for playing.

  22. Wow.

    This thread reveals the faux capitalists and the faux libertarians.

    SSS and his peeps continue to argue for a decision which the capitalist company immediately apologized for and reversed. They fucked up. They knew it. They backtracked and got him on the next flight. You lose.

    As a libertarian, I think people should be free to live their lives as long as it doesn’t interfere with my life. Nice how you douchebags declare his ass crack was showing, when the article says he had saggy pants.

    HZK declared that it was dangerous. LMFAO. Dangerous??????

    The guy was walking to his seat. You sit on a plane. As soon as he sat down, you wouldn’t know if his pants were saggy or not.

    It sounds to me like all the faux libertarians on this site say – “fuck yeah, kick him off because I don’t like saggy pants. And I don’t like his tattoes either.”

    What a bunch of phonies. All talk. You’ll all roll over when the MAN tells you to.

    What a disgusting display of not walking the talk.

    I should ban all you faux libertarians because it’s my site and you disgust me. Sounds reasonable right? It’s my private website and I can ban anyone I want.

  23. [email protected] says:

    Well, it is your website and you can cry if you want to… the song goes.

    I don’t know why SW changed their decision. Perhaps they realized their employee made an error. Perhaps BJ hitched up his pants. Perhaps somebody at corporate SW was reading the TPB.

    Libertarians are not just about the freedom do do as they please free from an overwhelming central government but, most importantly, THE FREEDOM TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THOSE ACTIONS?

    And yeah, anybody whose body habitus or clothing or attitude hinders the safety of other people on the plane, no, they should not be allowed to board, period.

    Let us take a poll: How fast can a person in saggy pants run?

    Still no illumination why this guy worth 50 million is taking a cheap ass SW flight, nor why his butt crack is more acceptable than that of the folks on the 30 Blocks.

    1. HZK

      Should I ban you, SSS, and LLPOH because you don’t adhere to my libertarian policies on TBP?

      I’m amazed how you all know exactly how low his pants were. It’s easier to make up your facts. Well done.

      You are reeeeallly reaching with your safety bullshit. You need to reach far up your ass to pull that one out.

      Attitude???? He said, “don’t you have something better to worry about.” Sounds pretty fucking reasonable to me.

      I don’t give a fuck how anyone dresses whether they live on the 30 Blocks or are getting on an airplane. It’s a free country.

      Armstrong was not bothering anyone. He was endangering no one. He was just going to his seat after paying his fare. Just a customer.

      Sounds like you faux libertarians like freedom as long as it meets your specific criteria.

      Hope – how about tattoes? Do they revolt you? Maybe we should kick people off planes with tattoes.

      How about passengers with untied shoes? They can’t run fast either. They are a DANGER to all passengers.

      How about women on the RAG? Have you seen their attitudes?

      Obliterating you faux libertarians is as easy as pulling my saggy pants up.

  24. First – there is no such thing as bad publicity (ok, there is, but this isn’t it). In fact I would say this is great publicity for them. I would try to draw this story out forever if I were them. Second – who wants to see 8 inches of ass crack on a plane?

    For every person that thinks SW was wrong, there will be more that think it was a great idea.

    Businesses need to uphold standards. I do not see it as a bad business decision at all. One of the key things any business needs to do is to manage its customer base. No one needs bad cutomers. Perhaps they could have let it slide. But it wasn’t a mistake that they didn’t.

    Admin – I think you got this one wrong.

    1. LLPOH

      They reversed their decision like a smart capitalist company. The only morons are the idiots on this site who continue to support a decision that the company they are touting reversed. What a bunch of fuckwads.

  25. And I partly explained why SW is likely to have changed its position – it is great fucking publicity (free!). They could otherwise give a shit. Dickhead wanted to show his ass and refused instruction, so off he goes. All the better that he was a celeb so thay can make mileage out of it.

  26. [email protected] says:

    And now for the rest of the story…

    Why are we fighting about some guy`s pants when the entire financial system is about to unwind?

    Greece is about to cause the entire Eurozone to implode, it is on zerohedge right now.

    (Although I still say no boarding to those with baggy pants, heh)

  27. Admin said – “The guy was walking to his seat. You sit on a plane. As soon as he sat down, you wouldn’t know if his pants were saggy or not.

    It sounds to me like all the faux libertarians on this site say – “fuck yeah, kick him off because I don’t like saggy pants. And I don’t like his tattoes either.”

    Some weak shit argument ther, for sure. Companies are in business to make money. They are not in business to uphold liberties. A five star restaurant won’t let you in without shirt/tie/shoes and “but I am only here to eat and who gives a shit if my ass crack is showing” just won’t cut it.

    Business needs to target its customer base and uphold standards. Standards wlll vary based on target market.

    SW had three choices that I can quickly see after the incident. 1) the could ignore the whole thing. No publicity, or very little to be had there, 2) they could go all righteous and come out blazing with something akin to “We booted that dickhead off the plane because he was being an asshat and he deserved it. He can take his bullshit somewhere else.” This would get a ot of publicity, but might come across a bit aggressive., 3) they could play nice and kiss and make up. This gets publicity as well. Me – I probably go for #2, but I am not privvy to their marketing strategy, so it may not fit the image they want to portrait.

    Damn, Admin, good thing I wasn’t around when this thread started. I really do hate to rub your nose in it, but it is clear that marketing/sales/customer relations and strategies thereof are not your strong points.

  28. [email protected] says:

    Again, it is not about saggy pants or tattooes (which I do not care for), or if people want to paint themselves blue and howl at the moon.

    It is about the right of a privately owned business to have a certain standard and enforce it equally AS WELL AS the right of a consumer to use that business or service, or not, as a result of that business’s decisions.

    Again, how fast can a man in saggy pants run 100 yards? Not as fast as a guy like Carl Lewis who runs in essentially a speedo.

    A true libertrian would never ban someone of opposing views, unless opposing views were advocating the use of foreign adventuring to further the spoils of the State or the use of fiat currency to enslave the population in debt, nothing which llpoh, SSS nor myself have ever advocated.

    We are guilty of dissing the lead singer of your favorite band, nothing more.

  29. BJ Armstrong is a rock demi-god. “Jesus of Suburbia”

    That’s what he gets for taking the airline equivalent of the 3rd class cattle car.

  30. Admin – That SSS and I are on the same side of this is proof positive that you are riding a three legged horse in this race. I give Hope partial credit – I think that faggot with his pants down can run faster than this guy:


    But she is right about the rest.

  31. Fuck worppress – but you get the idea- big fat smelly ugly mother with his gut hanging down to his knees and needing three seats but only buying one.

  32. HZK

    I suggest you actually read the facts in SSS’s blathering post. I said that Southwest Airlines made a poor business decision. My assessment was CONFIRMED by the FACT that they reversed their decision immediately, apologized to the passenger in question, and put him on the next flight while he was wearing the same pair of pants.

    You are guilty of suppoting a position which was reversed by the same company you are supposedly backing.

    I notice you ignored my passenger with shoes untied.

    How about a passenger wearing flip flops. They run really slow. Throw the fuckers in jail before they endanger everyone.

    I think they should ban all cripples? Don’t you? Gimps can’t even run.

    Keep digging your hole deeper.

    I love slapping around all the faux libertarians.

  33. I sag my pants and grab my junk when I’m ordering fast food.

    So does 99% of SWA customers, in my opinion.

    Grumpy old farts.

    SWA gave a college football player shit, on tape. They just want to demonstrate that it wasn’t a race thang, yo!

  34. [email protected] says:

    Woah, I never said one word about this guy’s musical prowness. I actually like his stuff very much. I just think he made stupid decision to take a cheap ass airline wearing baggy pants. It is not like he bit the head off a bat or tortured dogs or killed somebody, sheesh.

    And that a private business is entirely within its right to provide service to the customers of their choice. They are also within their rights to change a decision as they see fit.

    Their customers have a right to support them or not.

    Sheesh, a tempest in a tea pot.

  35. No evidence of a bad business decision – except Admin beating his chest and doing his Muhammed Ali impersonation “I am the greatest”. Bah.

    Admin preparing for his race against SSS and LLPOH:


    LLPOH winning by 20 lengths:


  36. SouthWorst appearently discriminates against hot chicks too:

    Woman ‘Too Sexy’ For Southwest Airlines Poses For Playboy

    A 23-year-old college student who was told by a Southwest Airlines employee that her outfit was too revealing to fly is wearing even less on Playboy’s Web site. A Southwest Airlines Co. employee pulled Ebbert off a flight this summer and forced her to adjust her outfit of a tank top, sweater and miniskirt before getting back on the plane.

    Kyla Ebbert appears in a series of pictures — some in lingerie, some nude — under the heading, “Legs in the Air.”


  37. [email protected] says:

    Admin, it would ony be a poor busines decision if it lost them revenue. Since they reversed their decision, which was their right to do, we will never know.

    As a libertarian, I recognize that the expression of my liberty may be constrained by the needs of others or a shared common good. As long this trade of is the result of a non-coersive, mutually beneficial agreed upon contract, it is all good.

  38. And for all of you wondering about the horse in the bottom pic, it is the one, the only, the greatest horse that every lived – the Mighty Secretariat!


    Secretariat still holds the Belmont and the Kentucky Derby records – forty years later. He won the Belmont by 31 lengths. Kinda like how SSS and I are beating Admin now.

    1. llpoh

      Were you even in this debate? You were like a fly buzzing around my ass and I swatted you with my tail.

      SSS has been so shell shocked by the ass kicking I’ve handed out to you boneheads, he decided to take another nap and he’s dreaming of his glory days overthrowing South American dictators.

      HZK is still trying to figure out who runs slowest: baggy pants guys, gimps, flip flop guys or shoes untied guys.

      This was an epic beat down and I didn’t even break a sweat.

      I annihilated you faux libertarians in my spare time while crushing all resistence on Zero Hedge.

  39. Hope – quit playing nice. Kick his ass. You know you want to. First, distract him with a hot doctor’s outfit:


    Then kick him in the nuts while he is drooling:


  40. [email protected] says:

    Oh hohoho boyz, I am a lover not a fighter.

    While I have delivered some good slap downs on this site, this particular topic ain’ t got enough legs, kinda like Admins 3 legged horse argument, heh, for me to run with.

    Besides, at the end of the day, I am just a guest on this site – and it is just bad manners to kick the ass of one’s host.

    Until said host really pisses me off.

  41. Admin – it is long-established TBP tradition to come in late, throw a few jabs, and claim victory. I landed an uppercut and so claim victory. Live with it. All your sparring earlier accounts for nada.

  42. llpoh

    Thanks for pinch-hitting. As a successful businessman, you stepped in and hit a walkoff grand-slam in the bottom of the ninth. Unlike Admin’s hypothesis that I was napping, I went to the gym this afternoon, came home and showered, then went to a movie and dinner with my wife.


    Thanks also for your support.

    IMHO, this is not an “insignificant issue” vis a vis the economy and our society as a whole. This is not just about butt cracks, although this type of activity has been going on for decades since the days when merchants posted signs on their doors announcing, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.”

    I’m sure Admin has a problem with that, too. After all, he stated above, “I don’t give a fuck how anyone dresses whether they live on the 30 Blocks or are getting on an airplane. It’s a free country.”

    He doesn’t seem to get the simple concept that, “It’s my fucking business, and I care about how you’re dressed. Or act. Or talk. So you can damned well get out if you offend me or my customers.” If he’s against business owners having the LIBERTY of making that sort of personal decision on behalf of his/her business, then he IS anti-capitalist.

    1. SSS

      Have you ever heard the old line: “The customer is always right”?

      Oh yeah. You worked in government your whole life. You didn’t care about customers.

      As government drones are best at, you continue to defend the position that the company reversed within minutes.

      Faux libertarians are so easy to kick in the balls.

  43. Admin comes out with one of the stupidest quotes ever “the customer is always right”. What a load of horseshit.

    I make a career out of booting bad customers. My first year with this business I booted out over 80% of my “customers”. That is right – 80%! Because they were 1) a pain in my ass, 2) they caused me nothing but trouble (I am the customer, I am always right!”), and 3) I didn’t make any money on them because of 1 + 2. I have dropped more customers than I can count. Who needs bad customers? Customers have responsibilities too, you know.

    The fact is it is a two way contract – the seller is a customer, too, in his/her own way. The seller offers to provide a service or products under a given set of circumstances, and subject to a set of terms. In my business I require timely orders, that the customer pay on time, that the customer supplies accurate specifications, that the customer uses the product appropriately, etc. In return I promise to provide the parts to a given time at a given cost at a given quality. If the customer doesn’t hold up his/her end of the bargain, then I give them the boot. Bad customers will and do drive companies broke. All of the time.

    Poorly dressed/stinky/fat “customers” can cause a lot of problems to an airline. Someone sitting next to them may decide never to use the airline again. They can cause you trouble with your staff, too. Funny howe these same sorts are also a pain in the ass as they do not tend to follow norms of behavior.

    Come on, Admin, get a grip. You are on the wrong side of this argument. You are getting your ass kicked.

    1. LLPOH’s theory on publicity – Any publicity is good publicity.

      I guess when a Southwest Airlines jet crashes due to poor maintenance, they will be thrilled.

      LLPOH’s theory on publicity may be the stupidest theory in the history of man.

      I bet if one of your products kills someone, your company will get a huge amount of publicity. I bet you’d love it.

  44. Smokey – he makes mincemeat of DP and his ilk, but when up against – gasp – educated folks with real experience and intelligence he folds like a cheap tent. His rejoinder will be to call us all neo-capitalists and post some more funny photos. I think he has spent too much time around academics and needs to move back to the real world before he loses all touch with reality.

  45. llpoh,

    I think he’ll be squared away once I finally straighten out his politics. It will take a little more work.

    His Ron Paul fixation should abate in the next republican debate or two, as soon as Ron Paul is finally viewed by the consensus as dangerously delusional and unfit for public office.

    There is always hope for redemption.

  46. Check out this ridiculous RT report on “Sagging!” Wow! I never thought I’d ever find anything I’d agree with Obama on…but at the end of the video when he says “Brothers, you need to pull up your pants!” I was like! Holy Shit! Are pigs flying?! I know PIIGS are dying…but are any flying?! SHEEeeeAAATTTT SON!

  47. Admin

    An article almost 3 years old demonstrating one of the severe beat downs I’ve delivered to you. Seems like yesterday. Damn, I’ve lost track of them all. There’s been so many.

  48. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but
    after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  49. game

    If your comment was in support of Southwest Airlines, it probably got deleted.

    All …. this article demonstrates how you too can send Admin flying out the door with his hat on backwards. Voted unanimously into the TBP Beat Down Hall of Fame.

  50. of course like your website however you have to test the spelling on several
    of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find
    it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I will surely come back again.


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