The Occupy Wall Street movement is a Keynesian dream. Having 15,000 people camped out around Wall Street has resulted in $2 million of overtime for the NYPD. This is great news for the economy. As the protests spread across the country there will be millions of overtime for police. They will then spend that money at Olive Garden, generating profits and requiring Olive Garden to hire more busboys. The busboys will spend their pay at Gamestop, resulting in Gamestop hiring a few more geeks, and so on and so on. OWS is the best thing to happen for to our economy since Obama’s $800 billion shovel ready jobs.

Occupy Wall Street: major protest against minority rule

Published: 09 October, 2011, 09:40

­The collective voices of American dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore. “Occupy Wall Street” began in the world’s financial capital, but this week protests have blazed through dozens of cities nationwide.
In the Big Apple, over a thousand of “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators marched into Washington Square Park on Saturday afternoon. Unlike protests on previous two Saturdays, this demonstration finished quite peacefully. Police, who were heavily present at the area and along the whole route, declares that no arrests were made.

Meanwhile, lower Manhattan can no longer camp the over 15,000 Americans gathered there for anti-bank protets. On Saturday, the campaigners had to discuss whether they should expand to other public spaces in New York.

This seems pretty revolutionary to me. The spirit of revolution is here and so I need to be a part of it,” says campaigner Talib Kweli.

Labor unions, transport workers, teachers, nurses and US veterans standing shoulder-to-shoulder with young activists, spearheading a fight against US wealth inequality and corporate greed.

Young people right now have no hope in our society. I just want to see a fair and more just society for the young people coming up, and all Americans that are suffering through these hard economic times,” a US army veteran told RT during the protests.

The “Occupy” movement has gained such momentum even the president, who promised change, has been forced to address the issue.

I think people are frustrated, and the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works,” Barack Obama told a press conference. “The American people understand that not everybody has been following the rules; that Wall Street is an example of that.”

These days, a lot of folks who are doing the right thing aren’t rewarded, and a lot of folks who aren’t doing the right thing are rewarded,” he added.

While the US has encouraged and supported democratic uprisings in the Arab world, the same events playing out at home have been met with batons, pepper spray and the mass arrest of nearly 800 peaceful protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge. A scene that reminded some of Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

We can follow the lead of our brothers and sisters all over the world: the Arab Spring, in Greece, in Spain. We can see that it did send a powerful message. It’s sending a message,” says Makeba Judge, an OWS activist. “Ordinary people are not going to stand for corporate greed anymore, and we are getting up and we are doing something about it.

Three weeks into the “Occupy” movement, the New York City Police Department has pumped $2 million into overtime pay. Funds, some critics say, are being used to repress freedom. But this does not abash the campaigners.

Once you are not afraid of being arrested anymore, the whole entire control of the police state disappears. When that happens, there are credible possibilities for us. Suddenly you can imagine a different world and you believe you can be an agent of change,” says Robert Cammiso, who was arrested during an “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration.

Two miles from the chaos, at the United Nations, even financier and billionaire George Soros weighed in on the populist uprising.

Actually, I can understand their sentiments, frankly,” he said. “The decision not to inject capital into the banks but to effectively relieve them of their bad assets, and them allow them to earn their way out of a hole, gave the banks bumper profits and that allowed them to pay bumper bonuses. As I say, I can sympathize with their grievances.

Grievances spreading so loud and large that mainstream media outlets have been left with no other choice but to cover the protests.

In a matter of weeks, “Occupy Wall Street” has not only mobilized international attention. Many believe this ongoing event could become a turning point in the US, where a mass movement goads American politicians into working for the majority of the people – a passionate collective demanding democracy from the very leaders that promote it.

61 thoughts on “OWS STIMULUS PLAN”

  1. Wow – what a stinking pile of shit. It quotes an acupuncturist (Makeba Judge), an Amway salesman (Cammiso), and that smouldering manure-heap Soros.

    Great fucking journalism.

  2. That little mongrel has had more pussy than Admin has had hot breakfasts – just look at the self-satisfied way his tongue is hanging out.

  3. “a turning point in the US, where a mass movement goads American politicians into working for the majority of the people – a passionate collective demanding democracy from the very leaders that promote it.”

    It’s funny how and why which TBP “members” come out on this issue. Very telling.

    What exactly is the movement going to do to “goad” politicians into actually following the will of the people (an actual democracy) instead of being bribed and bought off by Wall Street and corporate lobbyists? They’ll use the full force of the military before the politicians send the more than 13,000 lobbyists packing. Expect our carriers off the coast of the U.S. anytime now (and not for training missions). Then things will get really interesting.

  4. AWD – you are obviously out of your mind if you think they are going to use aircraft carriers to threaten the Occupiers. Same goes for the military.

  5. Lipoh:

    Read it again. Politicians would use the military BEFORE they will change their ways. Maybe you haven’t kept up on all the military exercise carried out in the U.S. in the last two years. Was that so they could eat at Olive Garden in the evenings?

    Emperor Obama would love to declare martial law.

    There are probably enough local, state, and federal police (for now). 99% of 330 million is 226 million people, many pissed. You do the math.

  6. 1) Obama ain’t declaring martial law – it would be a catastrophe for him
    2) glad you are a doctor and not an engineer with math skills like that
    3) we damn sure should make lobbyists illegal, and limit political donations to say $100 dollars

  7. The exact number, assuming 330 million, is 326,700,000. I rounded down. BFD.

    Let’s see. Failing miserably in the polls. He’s gotta ask the Tea Party before he can take a piss. He wants to tax the rich 99% and redistribute the wealth. He wants bigger government, more taxes, more spending. Martial law is the wet dream he has every night.

    Lobbying is a $3.4 billion dollar a year business. it costs politicians nothing to use the military on U.S. soil. They have plans drawn up already, and they have tons of practice.

  8. I have mixed feelings about OWS. i agree with some of the “ideas”, the problem is their seems to be some serious shit-heels jumping on the bandwagon, like the government unions and George Soros ( this must be a wet dream for him).

    I too early to say if this is just the last gasp of free american protest or just the whinny sounds of the clueless left.

    OWS itself will not change anything but if a Black swan (or a not so Black swan like Europe’s immanent financial and monetary collapse), should happen this could get really ugly. It would be easy for the president to use his “Emergency Powers”. the question is would Obama have the balls to do it??

  9. 99% of 330 million is 226 million people. LOL

    But more to the point.——Any article that uses George Soros in an attempt at legitimacy is laughable. That communist cocksucker has done more than any person alive in the past five years to undermine democracy in this country. He has openly funded and advocated socialism for the past twenty years and has the integrity of a maggot infested turd.

  10. Smokey – absolutely correct, but the ideologues ’round here will abuse you for pointing that out. Who gives a shit that the article is disreputable and slanted – it backs up their views, doesn’t it? Fuck Soros.

    1. Smokey & LLPOH channeling their inner Glenn Beck. The quote at the end of the article by Soros is 100% on the mark. As usual, rather than addressing the actual article, the weak minded ideologues attack the messenger. Classic attack method of ideologues.

  11. Oh yea, that was a 2, supposed to be a three. WTF?

    I typed in a 3. I swear. really, no shit, for sure, mortal lock.


  12. AWD

    Thanks for recommending the Sermon on the Mount book. This might be one of the best books I have ever read on spirituality and life in general. I’ve been reading one chapter every morning ever since I received the book not too long ago. I think this will be a book I can read at least once a year for the rest of my life and still get something different out of it after each reading.

  13. jmarz:

    Glad somebody gets it. Good job!

    I’ve been reading it every morning (one page a day) for 11 years. Get’s better every time.

  14. AWD

    Damn 1 page a day!! You are getting really deep. I can see how one could spend plenty of time thinking after reading each page of that book. Maybe I should slow down and read it more slowly instead of chapter by chapter.

  15. Admin – I discount any article where the sources are questionable or disreputable. I have read the you rail against the MSM time and again, for example. I do not need, nor will I quote intentionally, articles from questionable sources.

    Is Soros a stinking pile of shit, or isn’t he? I believe he is, and I question his motives on all things, and so I will not give credibility to any article that uses him as a prime source to support its stance.

  16. Administrator,

    Your positions would carry much more weight if you would use some discrimination when sourcing your information.

    When you post the words of discredited fools or obvious socialists, their reputations are fair game.

    When I read so many of your articles, I stop in my tracks as soon as I find out I’m reading the words of a partisan hack like a George Soros or an avowed Truther nutjob like George Washington.

  17. llpoh—-I was writing while you were posting.

    But I agree. If someone has a well-deserved reputation for being a piece of shit, then anything used from him is tainted. So sorry.

  18. Personally, I am inclined that the OCCUPY movement is real and will be significant. I do not think it will dry up and blow away, but I do think it could be co-opted by the liberal left. I’m still not sure what the demographics of the groups are-I see a wide range, from Gadsen flag waving tea-party types, to socialist sign carrying lefties, but can’t figure the percentages.

    But I agree w/ Smokey & llpoh 100% that Soros is a Machiavellian shit bag, and his opinion and/or support means nothing. Or rather, it probably means everything, but not what he says it means. Call it “attack the messenger” if you want, but when an asshole has made an uber-lucrative career out of manipulating people, I don’t trust the fucker when he says he’s my friend.

  19. Well, I had on helluva surprise this morning. 8AM, doorbell rings. Who the hell is ringing our doorbell at 8AM Sunday morning?? It’s my son, SJ. Wow. Drove in from Grand Rapids. Wanted to talk to me in person about a couple personal issues. All is OK. He’s leaving again Tuesday morning. lol Oh, to be young and carefree.

    Tomorrow, me, SJ, and Stucky’s Obama loving sister are going to New York City.

    Specifically, we’re going to the OWS protests. Hope I don’t get arrested. We’re not bringing signs or anything. We plan on getting there around 11AM and staying until around 6PM. I hope we have fun.

    If there’s any observations of interest I will report on it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

  20. Just wanted to add ….

    I want to making this a “learning” experience. Hope that doesn’t sound hokey.

    What I mean is, I plan on talking to as many people as I can — I want to respectfully ask what they hope to accomplish.

    So, I ask you all this; if you had the opportunity to go to NYC and ask these protestors just one or two questions — what would it be?

    I’ll log on tomorrow around 10AM and see if there are any responses.


    1. Stuck

      Here are my questions:

      1. Who is most responsible for the $14.8 trillion national debt and the $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities?

      2. Which presidential candidate has the best chance to put the country back on a sustainable course?

  21. Stuck, I’m sitting here, sipping on a new variety of Jim Beam and fondling one of my new (to me) purchases (hint-it goes boom), trying to figure out what to ask. Tough question. Personally I’d like you to get a sense of how many/how much of this is union, how much is socialist/commie and how much is young folks honestly trying to make a difference. I’ve been in a protest or two myself, and I know that there are those with honest & sincere intentions, and there are also the semi-pro protesters, who jump on whatever the next issue is next, and/or try to recruit for other issues.

    (True story-I protested against registration for selective service in late 70s (or 80?), based on my personal belief that registration was an infringement on privacy rights. While there, I had members of the Communist party try to recruit me-their sales pitch was that they were the only Maoist party. I was not impressed. (Sidebar-I got a nasty-gram from SS sent to me while I was in basic training. My drill sergeant & I had a good laugh over that.))

    I guess it begs the question & the whole point that there is no concise list of demands, but if I had the opportunity to ask a bunch of protesters one question, it would be “what would resolve your issue”, i.e., what would it take to fix your problem. My boss has a sign outside her office that reads “You may not come in with a problem unless you also come with a solution”.

  22. Jim, where did the article come from? Just asking.

    AWD, don’t sweat it, you made a typo? BFD. But it was a learning event, eh?

    Here’s the important quote from the article: “Grievances spreading so loud and large that mainstream media outlets have been left with no other choice but to cover the protests.”

    But oh no, one paragraph quote of George Soros and the Brokeback Mountain duo are in feral attack mode. Separating the flyshit from the pepper seems to occupy their minds. And they’re not satisfied with you, no, they cast aspersions toward anyone who isn’t them: llpoh says: “Smokey – absolutely correct, but the ideologues ’round here will abuse you for pointing that out. Who gives a shit that the article is disreputable and slanted – it backs up their views, doesn’t it? Fuck Soros.”

    Well, AWD, he doesn’t speak for my views. Ideologue, ha. Pot, kettle, black.

    Obviously, this will be interpreted as my support for George Soros. Wait for it. And laugh when you read their dysfunctional ravings.

  23. Novista,

    I am crushed, CRUSHED, that you resented my very legitimate bashing of George Soros. I am further disappointed that it is far beyond your ability to see the bias imparted to an article when that same article references the person who BY FAR provided the largest funding for the election of President Barack Hussein Obama.

    You will notice that in the above article it mentioned casually that your suck-buddy George Soros was at the United Nations when he made his OWS comment. Do you have any idea why good old George was at the United Nations?

    I’ll give you a hint. —Soros was doing what he ALWAYS does at the UN—–motherfucking the United States and pushing his One-World Government agenda.

    Again, I apologize for attacking that fine elder statesman and true patriot, the cocksucker that funds the Daily Kos, which openly advocated the assassination of the sitting President of the United States.

    Novista, in the future, if you are desperate to deep-throat the Administrator, perhaps maybe you’ll find a better excuse than the communist George Soros.

    BTW, go fuck yourself you ignorant asshole.

    1. Smokey with his usual ideologically pure “analysis”.

      It’s good to see ideologues in action so you know when to ignore it.

      George Soros for World President!!!!!


  24. Smokey

    Please explain for all the uninformed and non-critical thinking masses the ridiculousness of this statement. We await you vast wisdom:

    “The decision not to inject capital into the banks but to effectively relieve them of their bad assets, and then allow them to earn their way out of a hole, gave the banks bumper profits and that allowed them to pay bumper bonuses.”

  25. Administrator,

    Let me ask you something.

    If Charles Manson makes such a screamingly obvious statement as the above made by Soros, are you going to print it ?

    I mean, why bother to post something so goddamn obvious? George Soros single-handedly BROKE the Bank of England in the early nineties, everybody knows it, and that sanctimonious duplicitous cocksucker weighs in on this situation? THAT cocksucker is commenting on why this system is broken???

    1. I’m sure a statement from Charles Manson would be much more credible than one of your ideological screeds.

      What is difference between Soros recognizing that the Pound was overvalued and betting against it and your beloved butt brother Kyle Bass using derivatives to bet that the housing market would collapse?

      Your logic is warped, as usual.

    2. Charles Manson quotes that make more sense than Smokey’s hyperventilating ideological bullshit. I think his last quote refers to Smokey:

      “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”
      ― Charles Manson

      “I can’t judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.”
      ― Charles Manson

      “Total paranoia is just total awareness.”
      ― Charles Manson

      “Do you feel blame? Are you mad? Uh, do you feel like wolf kabob Roth vantage? Gefrannis booj pooch boo jujube; bear-ramage. Jigiji geeji geeja geeble Google. Begep flagaggle vaggle veditch-waggle bagga?”
      ― Charles Manson

  26. Simple.

    Kyle Bass isn’t a duplicitous cocksucker.

    Kyle Bass isn’t a hypocrite who spends hundreds of millions of dollars funding socialism while he exploits capital markets.

    George Soros does exactly that. George Soros has spent more money advancing liberal causes in this country than any other individual in the past twenty years.

    And that fucking douchebag is weighing in on why the system is broken? LOL

    It would be every bit as legitimate to quote from Bernie Madoff about how to fix the system as it is to quote George Soros.

    1. Smokey

      Thanks for proving that Charles Manson makes more sense than you.

      You criticize Soros for doing EXACTLY what Kyle Bass did to become a billionaire.

      How pathetic.

      Quote from Bernie about the internet bubble:

      “I don’t like to see this type of activity. Eventually, if this bubble bursts, I think that people will be left holding the bag. I don’t want to be around when that happens.” – Wall Street Journal, Jan 14, 1999.

      At the time, Smokey called Madoff a douchebag and declared that Pets.com was a stone cold lock to make you rich.

  27. Jim says: “As usual, rather than addressing the actual article, the weak minded ideologues attack the messenger. Classic attack method of ideologues.’

    Is that anything like calling me a dumb ass or old fart?

  28. Dave,


    Anyone eight years older than him is an old man.

    Anyone who doesn’t buy into Ron Paul as savior is an ideologue.

    Baby Boomers suck, although by most definitions he is a charter member.

    Anyone independently wealthy doesn’t deserve their wealth.

    I have an idea. Maybe we can get Soros to run with Ron Paul.

    Paul / Soros 2012

  29. Smokey said “I have an idea. Maybe we can get Soros to run with Ron Paul.

    Paul / Soros 2012”

    That is so wrong, on so many levels. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes than see that “dream” ticket.

  30. AK Anon,

    It would be the PERFECT ticket.

    Do you not see the Administrator using Soros to validate his ideology ? He’s 100% behind Soros this entire thread.

    The fact that Soros has a richly deserved reputation as a piece of steaming dog shit is irrelevant to the Administrator. Administrator admits that he and Soros speak the same language.

    And the Administrator’s ideology consists of Ron Paul.

    Come on now and back a Paul / Soros 2012 ticket.

  31. Smokey – good IQ estimates. Admin obviously comes from the AWD school of mathematics. Just goes to show you do not need to count to be able to be an accoutant. But I guess we all knew that after the Arthur Andersen debacle.

    Novista – and here we have been playing nice of late. First off, I pointed out – after due fucking diligence – that all of the sources used in the article were steaming piles of shit (an acupuncturist/ an amway dealer/ and fucking Soros). So I didn’t just zero in on the stinking turd – but may well have even if the other sources were credible, given what a bag of smegma Soros is.

    Next time, consider the whole post, instead of being selectively blind. It will not then appear that you are a Soros apologist.

  32. AWD

    Thumbs up on photo, LOL.

    Admin, crikey, where did you find the photo of me (on the left)??? If that’s the older Charles Manson, he looks better than me.

    el Smoko

    I apologize. I forgot to add a coda to the song — declaring you the winnah in word jousting. I knew you would apply linear thinking and trot out some more tired and wan cliches — it would have saved you the time. What I predicted to AWD, you confirmed. IQ pissing is such a pointless exercise but, since you insist, I was tested at 147, but that was many years ago. FWIW. A big number does not necessarily indicate the capacity for critical thinking as you confirmed so adroitly.

    Note that I asked admin the source. It was obvious from the tone what it was. Applying critical thinking, I pulled out the one statement that mattered — and it was nothing to do with Soros. It’s easy to ignore the spin, well, for some. And maybe it was a plant! Never crossed your mind?

    llpoh: “and here we have been playing nice of late.”

    Are we not having fun yet? I did note Smokey’s comment about how TBP had been ‘too nice’ without him. So this was a good opportunity for more robust repartee.

    Thank you for playing and proving my prediction to AWD.

    P.S. Are you still mad at David Nolan?

  33. Novista – I played just to see if you would respond. Nolan is dead a year now. Had to google him to find out who he was.

    Yes, we probably played too nice. Since we slayed RE, there were fewer real targets left, save the odd newbie that starts off with some total TBP blasphemy and so gets persecuted immediately.

    I am happy to watch you and Smokey go at it for the time being. I will be Popcorn LLPOH for that.

  34. Novista,

    Quit whining. You were the one defending the communist douchebag, and you got your shit packed, as you would have expected if your real IQ was above room temperature.

    The IQ pissing match was brought on by the Administrator, right after he removed his hands from the back of your head and zipped up so he could type freely on his computer.

    When you jump on board to defend George Soros, that reveals a depth of cluelessness that boggles the mind. I’m sure there are other nuggets of wisdom out there on the internet that eagerly await your embrace—-quotes from Albert Fish, Dan Quayle,Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer come to mind.

    Just be careful you don’t short circuit your computer when your tiny appendage erupts onto your keyboard after your furious pumping.

    Tell you what cocksucker. The same thing I told you a year ago.

    When you drop by and motherfuck me in an attempt to impress, expect to have your shit packed.

  35. popLLPOH

    It’s been a fun morning, one more message and I go visit with my son and his partner who arrived.

    Oh, will save time.

    El Smoko

    Like I said in advance, you would declare yourself the winner. I would not have it any other way. Just one point, I’m not much of a motherfucker, more a father raper that sat on the Group W bench. Here,
    have a laurel wreath. (Why would I try to impress someone who hasn’t come up with any new and original insults from the day her arrived? Again … )

    Have a nice day.

  36. AWD, thanks for taking the bait.

    Teila is an amazon, 6’2″ and definitely female original equipment. Just to satisfy el smoked who made another foolish assumption. He likes to leap about. Leap leap leap. Ah, reminiscing.


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