Fascinating info-graphic that reveals much about these two movements. Hysterically, 70% of the OWS have jobs, while only 56% of the Tea Party has jobs. The left wing OWS storyline is blown out of the water by the fact that 70% of the members are registered Independent. It seems the Tea Party is clearly a Republican Party tool. The OWS is also willing to fight the establishment, while the Tea Party is content to elect more Republicans into the corrupt system.

Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party | Accelerated-Degree.com

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  1. I’m intrigued that you find it hilarious that OWs shows 70% employed. Somehow, someone who has worked their entire life and was responsible enough to shift into retirement is discounted? Their opinion doesn’t matter? I find that to be odd, as these are people who have already contributed back to society whereas fully 30% of the OWS movement is not employed vs. only 10% in the Tea Party that aren’t employed WHILE of working age.

    Let’s look at the hilarious stat another way:

    A full 30% of the OWs is not working. i.e. rather than actively seeking employment, they are protesting. by the way, this is even more shocking in that the OWS crowd is allegedly “more educated”. We all know the unemployment rate drops significantly with more education. So, these people are vastly out of proportion with the average American in that the overall unemployment rate is 9.0% nationally and below 5% with college degrees, yet 1/3 of these people aren’t working.

    Evidently, that didn’t make it into the infographic. Which was brought to us by none other than “accelerated-degree.com” – real great source of insightful and objective news…

    Also, Tea Party is a Republican tool and OWS isn’t? Are you kidding? Of course the majority of the movement VOTED for Obama and will vote for him again. Note they didn’t ask who they voted for last (since many “independents” identify as such because it’s trendy to reject labels, yet voted for Obama). Why do Unions, Hollywood and other tradtionally lefty orgs latch on to OWS while the business class and Republicans generally reject the movement? Seems pretty clear to me it’s the left equivalent of the Tea Party in many ways. Sure, they don’t have leader and a political party. But in many ways conceptually, they are the polar opposite. “Release me from my debt obligations”, “extend my unemployment”, “punish the rich” – what happened to personal responsibility?

  2. The Tea Party prove their lack of education by the idiocy of their positions. The great Tea Party movement wants smaller government as long as you don’t touch their Social Security, Medicare, or Military spending. What a crock of shit these people are. They are too stupid to understand basic math. Fox News must be so proud of their dedicated sheep.

    OWS sees the system for what it is – a corrupt system that benefits mega corporations, banks and the uber rich at the expense of the middle class.

    Reality sucks, but the truth is the truth – no matter what Fox News says.

  3. My comment below has NOTHING to do with whether or not I love or hate either OWS or the Tea Party.

    It has to do with data. Specifically, should one unquestionably believe everything or anything posted on the internet?

    The data presented …. albeit pretty and well formatted … is highly suspect, imho.

    In fact, what is the SOURCE? HOW was it gathered? WHO gathered it? We’ll never know, since zero references were given. I guess we’ll just take the author’s word for it.

    As Darwin stated, the charts come from a website named; http://www.accelerated-degree.com/ It is just as it sounds … a website offering degrees at an accelerated pace.

    My guess is that the charts were produced by some student as a homework assignment or project.

    Jim calls what this unknown individual posted as “reality”. I call it someone-with-an-ax-to-grind.

  4. My guess is that if Ron Paul ran in 2012 as an independent candidate he would capture a considerable part of both parties. They could agree to disagree on certain issues, but the underlying fact is that both factions (OWS & TP) know that the system is broke beyond repair and that both parties are frauds. The RNC will never endorse Paul as their candidate. I wish he would run as an independent after they crown Romney. There is no lesser of two evils when comparing Democrats to Republicans in the upcoming 2012 election.

  5. One can clearly see the author’s bias in the “Size of the Protests” pictures.

    1.9 MILLION for OWS !!!!!!!! Yea baby!!!!!!!!

    Compared to a piss ant amount of just 311,000 for the Tea Party. Boooo!!!!!!!

    Conclusion: The Tea Party sucks.

    Nah …. no bias there! lol

    You make the call.

    Tea Party

  6. My understanding was that the Tea Party was originally founded upon the same principles espoused by Ron Paul, but it was co-opted by Republican neocons for their own nefarious purposes. The Dems also liked the fact that it was derailed, so that it would be more easily ridiculed for the consumption of their own constituents.

    The liberal Democrats are now trying to co-opt the OWS movement in the same way.

  7. WTF do they put that fat piece of shit Michael Moore with actual politicians? He’s a hack filmmaker, it’s a free country, let the POS express his socialist opinions, but why the fuck list him as a representative of anything except being an obese piece of garbage?

    Your crapping on the Tea Party is misguided and spurious. We need smaller government desperately, the government is killing us. Lower taxes helps everyone who actually works for a living. Since about 1/2 the country pays nothing in taxes, the Tea Party is working people getting raped at the expense of the FSA. By ridiculing the Tea Party, are you saying you’re for bigger government and more taxes?

    What exactly has OWS accomplished? We’re going on, what, two months now? Has anything changed? No, it’s getting worse. Although I support OWS, I’m waiting for something to happen, for them to illicit change in some way, shape, or form. They aren’t even calling out the criminal politicians, something at least the Tea Party is willing to do. When’s it going to happen? Or are they just taking up oxygen? Something obviously needs to be done, changed in this country. Don’t they deserve something for their efforts?

  8. I love Obama’s comment.

    The sociopath can’t seem to understand he’s the worst president in the history of the U.S.A., no, it’s because of racism.

    He got elected because of racism, people didn’t want to be racist, so they voted for him. It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he continues to grow government, spend $1.5 trillion we don’t have every year, oversaw the credit downgrade of this country, has more people on Welfare, food stamps, disability, and every other GD entitlement program (so he’ll get more votes). No, it’s about racism; what a clueless fucking idiot. GOD please don’t let that POS get elected again. Fucking race-card playing psychopathic asshole.

  9. AWD

    Which Tea Party are you talking about? The Fox News Sarah Palin Tea Party is a parity of itself. The Tea Party is the FSA. They will cling to their Social Security and Medicare free shit like grim death.

    I’ll ridicule anyone who deserves ridicule. The Tea Party is a joke. Putting your faith in these people to get our budgets back under control is a fool’s game.

  10. Maybe so.

    Politics and politicians are all criminals. The Tea Party is the FSA? WTF?

    Direct democracy is the only thing that’s going to work. Who is advocating it? Nobody. We’re doomed.

    1. AWD

      Its the anger of the Tea Party and OWS that is actually hopeful. Both groups may not have the answers, but they know who the enemy is. It is the politicians of both parties and the bankers who pull their strings. We need to tear down the existing structure before we have a chance to rebuild something better.

  11. All of you are being played. The game is almost up for the dollar. Who knows where the new power will be established by the rich bankers in control of the world. The chaos that is bigining to occur is planned. This is about to be an ugly place to live, get out of the urban areas. The anger is being fostered on both sides. Lucky the tea party is a bunch of old folks, To old to fight for very long. May have already shot their load. The powers thar beknow the people have every right to be angry. Jsut use the idealogy divide to create the violence. Hold on it wil get wild.

  12. A serious question. If 70% of OWS are employed, how do they find all this time to occupy and protest? When are they working? Or is this their job? Really. How do they do it?

    Maybe I need to get off the farm and check this out for myself.


  13. “The sources for the info are listed at the bottom of the infographic, hidden under the term SOURCES.” —— Admin

    Fuckity fuck.

    Nov. 14, 2011. The day I realized my mom was correct. Masturbation does cause blindness!!

  14. Ya know, I’ve made a decision not to argue with people whose minds are closed.

    And I’m not going to refute the Tea Party has been co-opted by Neo Con Republicans – it’s a lie. It’s the Big Lie, that is being repeated – over and over and over again.

    The negative comments about the Tea Party are simply regurgitation of the MSM/Progressive Media talking points. These shills are in the tank for Obama and are spewing lies, half-truths and innuendo to their dwindling audiences with impunity.

    It has been wildly effective. Even most of you believe it.

    Again, can’t speak for all Tea Party but here’s the rub – we don’t have a spokesperson. Nobody from our movement is fighting the smears and innuendo. We’ve chosen to take the high road – which is a very lonely path in America – and are working within the system to effect change.

    How are we doing?

    Well, let’s see…
    Was anybody, I mean anybody other than Ron Paul talking about cutting government spending before the Tea Party rose up and demonstrated in DC and state capitals?

    The answer to that question is, “No”.

    Did we manage to stop the Obama Marxist freight train in Congress by working our asses off to elect people who promised to hold the line, until we could take the White House and Senate?

    Answer to that question is,”Yes”.

    Did we beat the crap out of Obama and deliver him a series of blows during the debt ceiling debacle?

    Yes, and we wounded him – fatally. His numbers dropped consistently from that point on and have never recovered.

    Did we get get the largest number of conservative republicans elected to state houses since the reconstruction?

    Answer, once again is “Yes.”

    Did we retire Speaker Pelosi?


    Did we get America talking about the public pension system and elect state representatives who are getting concessions and restoring economic health?

    Yup, we did.

    Do we skew older, more affluent than OWS?

    Once again, answer is, “Yes – so what?”

    Let me ask everyone on this board who is denigrating Tea Party – Did you get off the sofa and vote on Tuesday? Did you even bother to learn about the candidates, determine who had the record and experience to cut spending and waste? To restore our freedom? Did you run for office yourself, or help select a candidate that reflects your values?

    In NJ, only 15% of the voters showed up. That’s it. 85% stayed home, and probably did what all of you are doing – talked trash about our political system – But didn’t do one damn thing to change it.

    I don’t want to hear anyone’s opinion if they didn’t have the decency to vote.

    You may have all given up, but we haven’t.

    Our efforts may give Americans enough time to prepare for the coming economic collapse – or they won’t.

    Our efforts may help restore the Rule of Law – or not.

    We may be able to get a Tea Party Presidential candidate nominated and elected – or we won’t.

    But we are at least making an effort – how about you?

  15. I doubt that the tea party has ben co-opted, but by the look of the OWS website I just viewed, OWS has certainly been co-opted by the union/socialist/communist movement. The professional protesters have seemingly taken over. Surprise surprise surprise.

  16. llpoh, not sure who the real OWS is comprised of, since the “official OWS” by all appearance looks like Union/Marxist cabal.

    But here’s the thing…none of us can trust what we see, and hear anymore.

    It’s like the entire world has been cast in The Truman Show. All images are being packaged to fit a pre-determined story line. The script was written by the Progressive Elites aka Crony Capitalists.

    They just select the images and create a news package to advance THEIR story line.

    They’re doing to OWS what they have done to Tea Party…create a negative story line and find activists to fit the bill. If they can’t find anyone who fits their description, no problem.

    They just call central casting and hire a Union member to play the role..

    I don’t believe anything I see on TV or read in MSM anymore. They’ve jumped the shark.

    We’re on our own.

  17. Mary – Admin posted the OWS site I refer to above and labelled it the official OWS site. I do not know what the truth is, but if that is anything approximating the official site, that movement is at a minimum a “Union/Marxist” cabal. I was disgusted by what I saw on that site. I have never been disgusted by what I have about the Tea PArty – quite the contrary. I have to admit, though, that Palin and the Palin-ites are dumb as a sack of rocks and come up with some stupid-ass comments.

  18. Great post MM …. the one listing Tea Party achievements.

    Now if only you would embed the words with pretty charts and pretty pictures …. well, that would give it much more credibility. End, sarcasm.

    Then again, I don’t know what OWS is all about. I don’t really know what the TP is all about, And as you said, one can hardly believe anything anymore. Basically, I don’t know shit.

  19. Stucky: ” I don’t really know what the TP is all about,”

    You checked out OWS – why not mosey on into a Tea Party meeting too?

    The only way any of us are going to uncover the truth is to investigate an issue, group ourselves.

    They’re doing this on purpose, you know. The idea is to confuse Americans to the point where we won’t know if up is down or down is up. They are changing our reality. Big Media is their partner.

    It’s all an elaborate ruse designed to discourage Americans from fighting for their country. It is. They’re very open about it. Have you read, “Rules for Radicals?” Or “The Coming Insurrection?”

    This is not about parties. They are pitting Americans against one another. Red vs Blue. Black against whites. Old against young. Rich v poor. Public worker against private sector. Big Business against Small Biz. OWS against Tea Party.

    This is what Marxists do. And they do it quite well. They get everyone fighting with one another, meanwhile, they take over more and more control until you wake up one day, and the country is gone.

    The time is quickly approaching when they won’t even pretend to abide by the law, or give the impression that we are a free nation.

    Marxists are in power. They are prepared to do whatever it takes to steal America right out from under us.

    Are we going to let them?

  20. now here is a pro-labor marxist. and the tea party’s fav, despite his ‘smearing’ by the usual suspects. looks like he agrees with OWS on the ohio vote. oh, i apologize in advance for the left-wing rag source:



    Cain backs public employee collective bargaining
    byJoel Gehrke

    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, during an interview in Wisconsin, supported the principle of collective-bargaining for public employees while opposing “collective hijacking” in an answer that might give his opponents an opportunity to drive a wedge between Cain and Republican primary voters.

    “Yes,” Cain told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel when asked if he supports collective bargaining for public employees. “But not collective hijacking,” he added, explaining that “if they have gotten so much for so many years and it’s going to bankrupt the state, I don’t think that’s good. It appears that in some instances, they really don’t care.”

    Wisconsin passed collective bargaining legislation that sparked a tumultuous state Supreme Court election and a wave of state Senate recall campaigns, which ultimately resulted in Republicans retaining a narrow state Senate majority, despite losing three seats.

    Cain also offered mild criticism of the legislation passed by Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, which was recently rejected by Ohio voters on a referendum. “I think in that particular case, maybe they tried to get too much and as a result it failed, but I do support collective bargaining,” he said when asked about the referendum. He reiterated, “In this case, they may have tried to get too much in one bill.”

    Though hardly a ringing denunciation of Kasich’s bill, Cain’s assessment of the Ohio referendum reflects his weakness in campaign messaging because it has a substantive likeness to the criticism levelled by liberals against Kasich’s “overreach.”

  21. “They are pitting Americans against one another. Red vs Blue. Black against whites. Old against young. Rich v poor. Public worker against private sector. Big Business against Small Biz. OWS against Tea Party.” —- Mary Malone


    The truest statement ever spoken here.

    You even see it carried forward here on TBP …. i.e.; Boomers eat shit, Boomers vs. Millennials, etc etc, fat fucks vs non fat fucks, etc. ….. and those at the higest level of power delight in ALL of it.

    We who do this are tools, and we don’t even know it.

  22. Stucky: “We who do this are tools, and we don’t even know it.”


    But I do think the robust debate on TBP helps to clarify how we deal with the enormous issues we face.

    Also good to blow off steam – which we really can’t do anymore in America I’m afraid. We’re not allowed to freely express our opinions, yell at a jerk, or throw a punch.

    Duking it out on TBP is the last frontier….

  23. Howard, Cain is just acting like a politician, straddling both sides of an issue.

    It will be his downfall.

    Obama and his cronies are not just politicians. They are Marxists. He and his cronies ushered in corporatism, a major element of the Marxist philosophy.

    Their tax the rich mantra is a hallmark of Marxism. Pitting Americans against one another is a tactic they have used successfully in other countries.

    Flatly dismissing Congress and governing by Executive Order are tells too.

    Controlling the energy and healthcare sectors are key to gaining Marxist control.

    But please don’t dismiss this as a Tea Party theory.

    Go into any Cuban, South American, Soviet block NYC neighborhood bar and talk to people who have escaped Marxist/Communist governments. They will give you an earful on how Obama and his minions are following the same script as Chavez, Castro, et al.

    Marxist leaders speak in a code that these people quickly recognize. Many have joined local Tea Parties and speak movingly about what freedom is and how easily it was lost. They are the canary in the coal mine.

    You owe it to yourself to check this out – in person…which is very easy to do in NYC.

  24. mary~

    it ain’t marxism.

    it is corporate-ism. government of, by and for the big money corporations and banks.

    marxism is specifically anti-corporation and anti-bank.

    you are correct that the control of the people is the common end point. hitler, mussolini, stalin, mao; the ideology matters not, the tools and methods of control.

    but when you mislabel the current situation as marxist, you lose people. and this is not a matter of different interpretations, it is the correct and proper meaning of what karl marx actually wrote. and what people did in his name.

    the wrong name makes enemies of people who actually agree with you. which feeds into the system.

    the people who criticize obama for being a ‘socialist’ or ‘marxist’ help obama unwittingly.

  25. Stucky – Your Tea Party photo is incorrect. The photo is of the protests in Madison Wi last winter during the anti union/anti Gov.Walker dispute. The people at this protests are no fans of the Tea Party.

  26. Both parties are responses to the repulsive, gluttonous blob that is the United States Federal government and it’s immoral destruction of it’s citizens wealth via fascism.

  27. My understanding was that the Tea Party was originally founded upon the same principles espoused by Ron Paul, but it was co-opted by Republican neocons for their own nefarious purposes. The Dems also liked the fact that it was derailed,


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