I’ll be pretty much out of touch until Sunday afternoon. Avalon & I are headed to NYC tomorrow for a couple days. We’ll be rubbing elbows with some of the 1% tomorrow night at the annual Minyanville Festivus shindig at the Hill Country Barbecue Market at 30 West 26th Street.

I’ve been to this annual charity event two out of the last three years. It benefits Todd Harrison’s Ruby Peck Foundation for children – https://rpfoundation.org/donate.asp

I get to attend for free since I’m an occasional contributor to their Minyanville website. It’s a laid back country and western themed party. Free beer and grub from 7:00 until 3:00 am. There will definitely be some 1%ers at this party. I’ve met John Mauldin at a previous party. They have cover bands playing rock and roll all night long. It should be fun.

We’ll be checking out Zucotti Park on Saturday. I think they plan a protest in Times Square on Saturday. Hopefully it gets out of hand. If they fire tear gas, I’ll be sure to duck.

Maybe we’ll replay our engagement by taking a carriage ride in Central Park just like we did in December 1989 when I proposed to Avalon. She said yes the last time.

NYC is really fun to visit at this time of year. Hopefully seeing the Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center will get me in the Christmas spirit.

And of course we’ll have to get the won ton  soup at Ruby Foos.

Hopefully, some people can step up and make some posts in the next few days. We might have sporadic internet access and can release the posts that people want to make.


  1. [email protected] says:

    Have a good time, seriously, even if you are a total traitor by rubbing elbows with the 1%.

    Ingratiate yourself with them and strike once you have gained their trust, that’s my advice.


  2. Tell the OWS to get a job!!!!!!!

    Oh wait, there aren’t any jobs.

    Minyanville is a great guy, always enjoy hearing from him. Your lucky to see him in person. He actually gives a shit about the 99% that aren’t stinking rich. Be nice, we don’t have enough for NYC bail money.

  3. [email protected] says:

    @Admin: Tell them to get cleaned up, remove the criminals from their midst and get back on message.

    Be sure to take plenty of hand sanitizer, a face mask and make sure your immunizations are up to date.

  4. [email protected] says:

    Oh, and wear your seatbelt and don’t speed, and don’t eat excess salt, lest the Nanny State of New York gives you a ticket.

    Other than that, have a nice time!

  5. NYC eats shit. I hate Broadway, I hate Rockefeller Square, I hate 5th Avenue, and I hate the pretentious life 90% of those dickheads lead. Fuck those Manhattan zombies.

    I’ll take the wide open spaces and the Mom and Pop cafes in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming any day of the week.

    Have a nice weekend, Jim.

    1. SSS

      I’m going to get in the Christmas spirit by giving the finger to every NYPD/CIA security camera we come across.

  6. Admin.

    Welcome to our great city. Please spends lots of $$$ and have a great time.

    But, remember, we’ve got our eyes on you.


    Big Brother

  7. “I’m going to get in the Christmas spirit by giving the finger to every NYPD/CIA security camera we come across.”

    Give ’em one for me, Admin.!

    And have a great time!!!

  8. [email protected] says:

    Last thing and we’ll let you go:

    Just how much bail money will we need to raise after you flip the bird to all the cops and piss on the Wall Street bull?

    Poisoning the 1% might be counted as a public service so I wouldn’t worry about that…..

  9. Matt:

    I’ve still a good portion of a jug of Makers…. have you tried “Simpler Times” beer? 2.99 a six pack, has the palate of pabst with 5.5% alcohol. Trader Joes.

    Now I went and kicked my roomate’s sister’s friends out last Friday gassed on that combo, but with good reason… they were making fun of my girlfriend for dropping a wine glass.

    I was like “Fuck you bitches, we’ll put wine wherever we want in our own kitchen!”

    They were like: “Blah blah blah”

    I said to my girl:”Do YOU know these people?”

    She shook her head “No”

    I said to them all with a ZZ Top finger wave: “Get the fuck out. Bye bye.”

    They were flabbegasted.

    I pretended to feel bad the next morning, just for Roomie’s sister, but roomie herself assured me that she was about to do the same.

    Makers+Beer=Short fuse for Biznatches.

  10. Better make sure you keep pulling out Colma, as BC, you really want to be tied to these people? Biznatches indeed.

    Admin’s gonna get sloppy drunk and piss on some cop.

    Unless he ends up in a urinal…or is that Colma…


  11. Matt:

    What you said equals about 8 bucks w/CRV, a beer that isn’t too dark (is it warm there too? Santa Anas have it gorgeous up here) THAT WILL GET YOU TOSSED I PROMISE

  12. the answer is = pounding headache, but your math skills are spot on. It is very nice down here, I live about two miles from the Reagan Library as the cxrow flies. I put up x-mas lights and rode my Harley in a tank-top and shorts last weekend, but hey, global warming is all bs.

  13. Some would find the thought sexist, AWD, but I disagree.

    I find the thought to be apreciative.

    It’s a simple matter of better dishes. I make the quesadillas… shirtless and shit-faced at night… do I complain? No. I make better quesadilla, that’s all there is to it.

    I NEVER took pictures of women doing chores when I was between relationships! Never!

  14. Ok, Colma Rising, the only motherfucker on the board, will break down the concept I now champion:


    No, no, no, no, no…. not chauvanism. Not any of that “Men are superior” bullshit. Actually, Neo-Chauvanism simply means that women have a HUGE edge on men…

    College graduates? Yes. More women. Good. Hate to break it to you, but they’re actually smarter than us…

    Management? Yes. More women. Good. Hate to break it to you, but they’re actually more assertive than us…

    Civically Inclined? Yes. Good. Hate to break it to you, but they’re actually more inclined to give a shit about others…

    Beauty? Yes. Good. Ask even a church-lady… though I cling to the fact that men are like wine, better and better until the point when, out of no where, they turn to vinegar. No less, women are beautiful.

    Tough? Uh, duh motherfucker…. two words: Child Birth.

    Am I a feminist? Oh hells no. I’m a Neo-Chauvanist. I want equality. I want more than brute strength an taking out the garbage… I want security. I want equal consideration for employment. Most of all, I want bacon and eggs if I have to do the damned dishes.

    I do not appreciate being exploited for warfare, either.


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