I’m really getting tired of the GOP storyline about 50% of Americans paying no Federal Income taxes. The unspoken, but clear message, is that 50% of Americans are lazy good for nothings riding the coattails of the hard working people who pay Federal Income taxes. The MSM and the ruling establishment want to distract the masses from the real culprits in destroying this country – Wall Street, K Street, and Mega-Corporations – by using propaganda to convince the middle class to focus their wrath on the poor. This 50% storyline has been pounded home day after day by the folks at Fox News and other MSM outlets. You hear it at the GOP debates as the ignorant candidates speak of the unemployed and people on food stamps as if they are lepers. 

The beauty of successful propaganda is having a smattering of truth mixed in with a large portion of exaggeration, misinformation and ignorance of a few facts. I happen to be related to one of these low life 50%ers living high on the hog off real working Americans. It’s my widowed mother.

I know she pays no Federal income taxes because I do her tax return. This leech on society doesn’t even pay state income taxes. She rakes in $15,000 per year in Social Security income and makes due with what remains of my Dad’s IRA. Her effective tax rate is zero. The GOP candidates declare that she should pay her fair share. Why should she live off the hard work of real Americans? That is the mantra being shoved down our throats day in and day out.

Well let’s dig a little deeper and maybe find some truth. Let’s try to figure out her EFFECTIVE OVERALL TAX RATE.

My mother still lives in the 900 square foot row home that her and my Dad bought in 1957 for $10,000. Even though they never used the public school system, they have paid real estate taxes for decades. In fact, the annual real estate taxes for her huge estate are $3,600. She also drives a car. The total state and Federal taxes on gasoline comes to 51 cents per gallon. She also uses electricity, phone service and natural gas in her house. Those bills contain approximately 5% taxes from various localities. In addition, she buys stuff to live. PA has a 6% sales tax on stuff you buy in the state.

So lets see what the effective overall tax rate of this “deadbeat” is.

Annual Income                            $15,000

Real Estate Taxes                         $3,600           24%

Gasoline Taxes                               $150                1%

Utility Taxes                                      $150                1%

Sales Taxes                                      $450               3%

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that comes to an effective overall tax rate of 29%. In addition, she hadn’t gotten any increases in her Social Security income for two years because the government said their was no inflation. But her Medicare premiums went up 5% per year. As you can see, the GOP candidates really are focusing on the right problem. Deadbeats like my mom are making out like bandits.

Now let’s look at a theoretical deadbeat based on the median salary of people in the U.S. The median worker salary in the U.S. is $25,000 per year. That means that 50% of Americans make less than $25,000 per year.

Let’s assume we have a married couple in my mom’s neighborhood living in a similar row home. The husband works in Philadelphia and makes $25,000, while the wife works part time because they have one child and brings in $10,000. With the deductions for mortgage, real estate taxes and kid, they would owe zero Federal Income taxes. These are the people scorned and ridiculed by the GOP establishment as worthless pieces of shit. Let’s assess their OVERALL TAX RATE:


Annual Income                            $35,000

State income taxes                       $1,050           3%

Phila & Local taxes                       $1,100           3.1%

Payroll taxes                                   $2,000           5.7%

Real Estate Taxes                         $3,600          10.3%

Gasoline Taxes                               $500            1.4%

Utility Taxes                                      $200               0.6%

Sales Taxes                                    $1,000             2.9%

If my math is correct that comes to a 27% overall effective tax rate for these free loaders.

So these are a couple examples of the dirtbags that are being used by the powers that be to try and convince you that the super rich in this country aren’t really pillaging the national wealth through their complete capture of the economic, financial and governmental apparatus in this country. Mitt Romney made $20 million last year and his effective Federal tax rate was 14%. I don’t know what his overall effective tax rate was, but I will bet you $10,000 it was lower than my mother’s 29% rate. He has 40 tax specialists working to insure he pays as little as possible under the law – which was written by people like him for people like him.

The next time I go to my mom’s estate, I’ll tell her to vote for Romney or Gingrich because people like her need to pay their fair share. That’s what’s wrong with this country.


  1. Comment on Zero Hedge perfectly describes the situation today:

    Buying just a little more time… Back in 1912 when the Titanic hit an iceberg, in short order everyone was apprised of the dire situation. There were not enough lifeboats to save everyone, but there were enough to save all the women and children and many of the men. Back in those heroic days Captain and crew went down with the ship of course. Today imagine the U.S. is the Titanic, (not to difficult) and it has struck the iceberg. The Captain and crew are telling everyone things are going to be fine. They tell all the passengers to just have another drink while they fix things up so the voyage can continue. Behind the scenes they quietly gather there rich friends and pile into the lifeboats. There are still many boats left, but instead of saving the woman and children, they loot the cabins of all on board and fill the remaining boats with their ill-gotten gains. As the string of boats rows away from the doomed ship some of the passengers notice and shout “where are you all going?” “Just off to get more Champagne of course” they reply “…carry on!”

    Bon Voyage,

  2. My Mother lives on $750 a month in Social Security; that’s it. If she hadn’t bought an extremely cheap house and paid cash a few years ago I don’t know where she’d be today-living with my brother or in a homeless shelter with me.

    HERE’S a list of who doesn’t pay taxes for you: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/03/major-corporations-tax-subsidies_n_1073548.html

    Thirty Of America’s Most Profitable Companies Paid ‘Less Than Zero’ In Income Taxes In Last 3 Years

  3. Admin presents more truth. I personally believe this mass-propaganda effort is simply a ploy to soften people up that massively higher taxes are coming, and nobody will be spared, except, of course, the 1% who have their $17 trillion stashed away offshore where Obama and democrats can’t get their greedy hands on it.

  4. The power of math.

    Seems to be lost in the Republican debates, and in the debates in Congress.

    Problem is, math always wins.

    Just takes time. As said in a previous post, you can learn to cheat, and extend and pretend. But in the end, math wins.

  5. There are no easy answers to the tax problem.
    My neighbor works for the IRS, he told me there are many in Michigan who pay no federal tax, yet receive federal tax credits from the federal government. Along with this they receive other “help” with heat, electricity, mortgage, food, etc.
    Some of these people are “making” $50k per year plus, yet pay no tax on that help, which is income. My neighbor said we should at the very least 10-99 these people so we know who is getting how much.

    Another issue we have here is a lot of companies are changing their workforce from employees to sub contractors. This way a company pays a sub contractor or a consultant a set amount and the new employee is responsible to pay their share of social security, workman’s comp, unemployment, state taxes, etc.
    They of course do not. This is a huge benefit to the company as their charge out rate is reduced, the new employee is pocketing more money, the state is shortchanged, the state does not care, it just knows it has to raise taxes. If the honest taxpayer is the one to get screwed over, the state does not care.

    I’m tired of the tax debate. Everything revolves around who to tax more, how to tax more, and what new way can we tax more.

    It’s the spending stupid.

  6. And on top of all the visible taxes Admin mentioned, the price of every good and service we buy every day includes the taxes paid by the individual or company. Plus more for the cost of regulations. Plus more for the insidious tax of monetary counterfeiting.

    Libertarian writers like L. Neil Smith and Mary Ruwart have estimated that if we got rid of these burdens, we would be 8 times wealthier, and would thus have plenty to pay for alternative services, charities, etc.

  7. Admin – your math is largely correct. As is your general point.

    However you are repeating a myth by saying Romney’s effective tax rate is 14 percent. A lot of his income comes via dividend and so his effective tax rate is actually 45% on his dividend income. I do not know the actual split of his income or I could do the same calc for him as you have done in your examples above. So his effective tax rate is quite possibly far higher depending on his dividend percentage of total income. And let us not forget his charitable giving. I do not know how the Mormons use that money but I expect some of it is used in a worthwhile fashion. It needs tobeconsidered. But I do guarantee one thing – if they increase dividend tax it will have a HUGE negative impact on the economy. Who wants to own a business if the effective tax rateonprofits is higher than 45%? Not me.

    The issue isn’t that Romney or your Mom pays too little or pays too much. That would resolve itself if the real issue is addressed: The real issue is that the nation and states spend way too much.

    1. llpoh

      I’m not advocating more taxes for anyone.

      You do not want to understand the point of my post because it is your hot button issue and you refuse to acknowledge what I am saying. Those in power, and in particular the GOP, pound home this message about the 50% of non-taxpayers as if they are blood suckers. It’s a false bullshit propaganda class warfare storyline. Facts are inconvenient to people with an agenda.

      My mother gives money to the Catholic church every week and has been giving money to the Catholic church for 5 decades. I didn’t put that into my calculation either.

      Fuck Mitt Romney. He made $20 million and paid $2.8 million in taxes. That is 14%. I can fucking use a calculator. I don’t care why his rate is 14%.

      1. Only llpoh would call it a myth that $2.8 million/$20 million doesn’t equal 14%.

        Mitt Romney does not own a business like you. He doesn’t work for Bain Capital.

        You go completely apeshit on this issue. My facts are 100% accurate. There are no myths in my post.

        Math is math.

        1. Everyone should figure out their real tax rate. Even with three kids, mortgage deductions, a money losing condo investment, etc. My overall tax rate ends up being 27.3%. And what exactly do I get for having over one-quarter of my income taken from me? Wars in the Middle East, aid to dictators, shitty roads, high gasoline prices, a terrible school system, and $100 trillion of unfunded debt.

          Fed 11%
          State 3%
          Phila 4%
          Real Est 4%
          Gasoline .5%
          Utilities .3%
          Tolls 1.0%
          Sales 3.5%

  8. Admin – your mom is on SS. She makes 15k a year plus health benefits I imagine. That cost is probably equal to her SS in the long run. So she has an effective income far higher than the 15k. Additionally, if she is similar to most SS beneficiaries she will receive dramatically more in SS and benefits than she paid in.

    1. llpoh

      My mother pays thousands per year in premiums for her health insurance.

      Are you saying my calculation is incorrect? Is her effective tax rate not 29%.

      What are you trying to say?

  9. I agree with the math, these scumbags are trying to villify a group to gain votes and gain support for thievery in the future.
    But I prefer RP’s reply on this issue a few weeks ago (I think it was on Leno). When asked what he thinks of 50% of the population not paying federal taxes, he said “we’re halfway there!”

  10. Hey!

    I paid 9% tax on my Cuban Che hat, my cool surplus jacket and my Doc Martens…

    BAM! 20 bucks.

    Add another 10 smackeroos for my awesome sterling silver thumb ring, custom fitted.

    And that cigarette habit… holy shit, that’s like 2 motherfucking dollars A DAY!

    The deferred interest on the student loan I got to pay for that shit ought to cover it as a write-off, but dam I’m taxed to all shit!

  11. Admin – does your mom gwt medicare? If so ypu have dramatically umderstatwd her real income I apologize of it seems I am being in any way disrespectful of her as I am sure she is a fine woman. It is her income only I am refering to.

    Medicare needs to be shown as a benefit – and a significant one at that. It far outways any tax she pays. It makes her effective tax rate negative. Another way to look at it would be to add the value of it to her income, which would take her income to say 25k or more, reducing her tax rate markedly.

    Re the 14%, to ignore the taxes he has paid on that money via corp taxes is misleading in my opinion. Any attempt to raise the tax rates on dividends would be met by a shitstorm of epic proportion, as the consequences would be dire. For instance, the stock market would plummet, privately owned businesses would begin to be run at losses as a rule as there would be enormous incentive to take money as salary and not leave it in the business as profit, capital wpuld be harder to raise as effective returns would plummet, private business would be less likely to hold capital against downturns, tax receipts would plummet as salary replaced dividends.

    The 14% makes a good talking point for those that want to soak the rich. I know that is not you. But it is as equally misleading as the poor pay no taxes bullshit.

    I sincerely meant no offense. I do get your basic message and agree. However the 14% comment wasn’t value-adding in my opinion, as it is being used by the left to suggest that people earning dividends are not paying enough. 45% is way more than enough.

    1. llpoh

      There are automatic withdrawals from every recipient of SS. That is what I was referring to.

      My mother has private insurance with Blue Cross for which she pays very high premiums every month.

      Got it yet. Or do you need me to spell it out again?

    2. llpoh

      Romney does not own the business from which he is getting dividends. His tax rate is 14%.

      My mother could be getting dividend income too. The corporation has nothing to do with an individual’s tax rate.

      You are clouding the issue with your own circumstances of owning a business and paying yourself dividends. In that case, both rates would apply.

      I’m not taking a left wing position at all. The extreme RIGHT wing position is shitting all over the 50%. You have also used that line.

      All I have done is added some inconvenient facts to the discussion which paint a whole different picture of the supposed blood sucking 50%.

      It’s what I do.

  12. Admin – math ain’t math. Reporting only some of the facts is not math. He owns pieces of companies that have made profits that he has already paid taxes on. 14% is being intentionally used by the media to suggest he isn’t paying enough. It is totally misleading to report the number but not report the source of the income and acknowledge that it has already been taxed.

    BTW – this is not apeshit. But it is a pet peeve.

  13. When I make a profit in my business I pay a tax. When I take that profit and give it to my employees as a bonus, it is taxed again.

    If I take some of my taxed profit and invest it, and that investment makes a profit, I am taxed again.

    llpoh has a point, Admin has a point, mom has a point, what does it all keep coming back to?

    Who can we tax more, how can we tax more, and what new taxes can we come up with.

    Or we argue that more taxes on anybody but me are not the solution.

    1. card802

      I agree with you 100%. I have not advocated more taxes on anyone.

      The GOP storyline of 50% of Americans not paying taxes is a setup for increasing their taxes and/or cutting social welfare spending.

      You won’t see the GOP advocating cutting the military, Wall Street bailouts, aid to our favorite dictators, or any of their agenda items.

  14. Admin, I know you are not advocating higher taxes.

    Both sides will set us up by using two different stories. This is all they have left, stories to get us pissed off at each other.

    So we fight each other, keeps us off balance, keeps our eyes off of what both sides are doing to us and what both sides will continue to do to us.

    We have an entire administration who is delinquent on their taxes, we have a tax cheating treasury secretary who claims he doesn’t understand the tax code. They have their reasons for not paying their taxes.
    If we don’t pay our taxes, who goes to jail?

  15. From the Washington Post:

    “While GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich release their 2010 tax returns, nearly 100,000 federal workers owe more than $1 billion in unpaid taxes in 2010. Congressional staffers owed $10.6 million in 2010, adding to a growing portion of the approximate $1 billion total owed by all civilian federal employees, which include military, postal service, executive branch, and congressional workers.

    While the number of tax delinquent federal employees has gradually declined since 2004, the total dollar amount of delinquencies has surged: In 2004, there were 102,794 tax delinquent employees, owing a total of $599.8 million; in 2010, the number of employees shrank to 98,291, but the amount owed spiked to $1.03 billion. The Washington Post elaborated:

    … on Capitol Hill, 684 employees, or almost 4 percent, of the 18,000 congressional staffers owed taxes in 2010 — a jump of 46 workers from 2009. Four percent of House staffers owed $8.5 million and 3 percent of Senate employees owed $2.1 million, the IRS said.

    At the Executive Office of the President — encompassing 1,800 employees of the West Wing, the Office of Management and Budget, the National Security Council and the Office of U.S. Trade Representative, among others — 36 staffers, or 2 percent, owed a $833,970. The amount owed increased by almost $3,000 from the previous year.

    According to Internal Revenue Service data, four percent of U.S. Postal Service workers, or 25,640 employees, owe $269.6 million; three percent, or about 2,000 employees, at the Social Security Administration owe approximately $20.1 million in back taxes. However:

    Civilian employees of the Defense Department — the federal government’s largest employer — fared the worst. More than 25,600 workers at the departments of the Army, Air Force and Navy owed a combined $225.7 million, while another 4,600 civilian Pentagon employees owed $39.4 million.”

  16. We should probably just abolish the income tax completely and move to a progressive consumption tax. That would eliminate the tendency of the income tax to punish wealth creation while punishing wealth destruction. (i.e. consumption) As individuals under my plan would be taxed based on their personal spending, with your rate determined by last years spending, this would create an incentive for everyone to save.

  17. Brilliant shadows.

    An even better idea than us bickering over whose mommy pays more tax would be; WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY ANY TAX AT ALL WHEN THE GOOBERMENT PRINTS WHAT THEY NEED WHEN THEY NEED IT?

    When enough sheeples wake the fuck up to that fact, they’re screwed.

  18. Admin – I disagree with you re dividends received from large corps or medium corps. Your graph of corp taxes as a percent of GDP, although interesting, is neither here nor there for this discussion. To receive a dividend tax had to be paid on it. There is no alternative to that.

    Romney made approximately an after tax income of $17 million mor or less. To generate this income $20 million in tax was paid in total. The tax paid was more than 100% of the after tax income.

    That sounds like just a bit more than 14% of his pre-tax net income, now doesn’t it?

    Math isn’t always math. It can be spun lots of ways.

    Card – I appreciate the support. Generally I getl little in these discussions on tax the”rich” pay as most do not understand how dividents, capital gains etc are really taxed.

    1. llpoh

      You are fucking amazing. I don’t give a fuck how much in taxes were paid by a corporation not related to Mitt Romney. You should really get yourself hired as a Fox News tax analyst. You are so consumed by your own storyline that you will never concede that you are wrong when everyone can see that you are.

      Mitt Romney paid $2.8 million in taxes. His tax return showed $20 million of income. HIS tax rate is 14% no matter how you try to spin it.

      Would you like me to send you my mother’s insurance bills or do you want to tell me she actually made much more in income? I guess her and my Dad didn’t pay the Medicare tax when they were working. Or was that really the corporations paying that tax?

      Try again. Your 50% of Americans being lazy pieces of shit sucking off the teat of state has been revealed as a bullshit GOP storyline.

  19. Thanks for poking a pin in the bullshit, Admin. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

    Everything done to the tax code since 1986 should be wiped away. Last time there was any sensible reform.

  20. So you do not believe that he actually owns the companies paying him dividends? Seriously? How about if he owned just one company all by himself that paid the corp taxes pand the divs? Would it be different then? His investments pay around twenty million in tax. You are trying to say that the income from his possessions are different from his personal income. That is laughable and naive. They are one and the same and the 14% argument is absurd and attempts to obscure the real amount of tax Romney pays. His business interests pay about 15 million per year tax. He owns those so in fact he pays that tax. What is so hard to understand?

    In some other nations a person’s personal income is the sum of his wages, divs, tax paid on divs. etc. and a credit for tax already paid is given. This is done to prevent the confusion that exists in the US and to keep any confusion at bay that to tax divs at personal rates is severe double taxation.

    In those countries he would show income of forty million or whatever with tax already paid of 17 million and a further liability of four.

    Sure the 14 reflects the system of reporting in the US but it in no way notes the 15 million he already paid. Which is why the lefty media grasps at it so hard.

    Obama’s plan to tax divs an additional 15% to thirty total will never happen. Count on it. He knows it is a catastrophe.

    But here is an idea – given corp tax take is so low in general why not eliminate it and tax divs at full marginal rates? Investment would zoom ahead, money would come back from overseas, hiring and investment would take off. And the cost in the end would be negligible. And this whole 14 percwnt issue would disappear. Divs would be taced at 35%.

  21. Admin – If a corp is unrelated to Mitt why do they give him money? Because he owns some of the fucker, that is why. Unrelated my ass. Do you understand the concept of ownership?

    1. Buying shares in a corporation does not make the company related to you. It’s a fucking investment. The corporation pays the taxes they owe. As we all know, they don’t pay 35%. They pay 18%.

      Mitt Romney’s income has nothing to do with the corporation’s tax situation. If the company pays $1.00 per share in dividends and Romney owns 1 million shares, he will get $1 million. The corporation might have made $20 billion and paid $5 billion in taxes or it might have lost $20 billion and paid $0 taxes. It doesn’t matter to Mitt Romney. He will get his $1 million.

      It is completely meaningless to Mitt Romney’s tax rate. His tax rate is 14%.

      Try again.

      1. That will teach you to try and be civil.

        The fact is that poor widows and young families barely getting by in life pay a higher effective overall tax rate than pricks making $20 million per year. Then the pricks making $20 million per year use their power, wealth and capture of the MSM to shit on the little people as blood sucking leaches.

        Not everyone is willing to stand by and allow the propaganda from the .01% to be spread without being contested with some truth.

        I’m sorry the truth is so upsetting to you. False storylines are so much more comforting.

  22. Admin – you are an insulting motherfucker. I was civil. I even apologized if I gave offence as it was not intended. Go fuck yourself. You hate big corps and cannot see anything through your veil of hatred.

    Adios asshole.

  23. Apologies for the last post. What I meant to say is : Good luck going forward. Thank you for the experience and education. I think my time here is done.

    That is what I meant to say. Somehow it came out different. See you, everyone. Keep up the good work.

  24. “You won’t see the GOP advocating cutting the military, Wall Street bailouts, aid to our favorite dictators, or any of their agenda items.”

    Except Ron Paul and a few other GOPers. The Democrats are all AWOL.

    Anyway, I’m disappointed that Admin and LLPOH have not taken into consideration in their animated discussion on taxes the cold, hard fact of longevity. I know nothing of LLPOH’s situation, but Admin’s mother may be a HUGE player in HIS financial future, regardless of what percent of taxes she pays on her social security income, her property taxes, sales taxes, or her supplemental health insurance.

    Unless you are super secure upon retirement, and I’m talking complete home ownership and a fat 6-figure retirement account in ADDITION TO Social Security, longevity guarantees that someone else is going is going to pick up the tab to keep you alive and comfortable. Sooner or later, it will happen. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

    1. llpoh shows up as Anonymous with a link to nowhere as his pitiful attempt to refute my facts grows ever more pathetic.

      After saying he was exiting, he crawls back from underneath his rock in a desperate attempt to to use multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s opinion as the basis for his weak pathetic contention that $2.8 million divided by $20 million doesn’t really equal 14%. I guess those Ivy League schools teach different math.

  25. SSS,

    Someone’s going to pay? No they won’t. When the gooberment has no way to fake it any more and is only backed by goons with automatic rifles who are ecstatic to have three squares a day and some good boots, the people who work are massively 3rd world style destitute, and whats left of business is flattened under the Chinese siege no one will be able to pay. The FSA will be standing in a stupor with their mouths open, their hands out and getting nothing while clinging to hope and broken IThings. As for everyone else……….Get sick, too bad. Get old, can’t work, so sorry. Hungry, no food, tough shit. Make a fuss about it and it’s FEMA camp and a spot in a mass grave. Well, maybe things won’t really be that bad but they will still suck at lot more than they do right now. We are doomed.

    1. Mary

      He just exited this thread after getting his ass handed to him by Admin.

      Only llpoh could take a thread that laid out in complete detail the actual tax burden of the supposedly deadbeat 50% and turn it into a thread about the poor overburdened .01%.

  26. Admin, it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for your mother when she wastes money on the Catlick church, which is already richer than God himself. What do they need her money for? Oh right – hiring defense attorneys. Do they do anything to help her out when she needs it?

    1. PJ

      You waste your money the way you want to waste it and my mother can waste it the way she chooses.

      You don’t need to feel sorry for my mother. That wasn’t the fucking point.

      Christ you people are thick.

  27. If you considered that a “fee” levied by a gov a tax as well, you’d be buried in taxes.

    If you consider that doing business in general for the poorer, through other private fees, you may consider that being poor is inescapable.

  28. Admin sauys:

    “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that comes to an effective overall tax rate of 29%. In addition, she hadn’t gotten any increases in her Social Security income for two years because the government said their was no inflation. But her Medicare premiums went up 5% per year”

    Bullshit. Her Medicare premiums didn’t go up a dime during those two years. It’s the law. If there is no COLA in SS there can be no increase in the Medicare premium.

    This whole class warfare/who’s paying their “fair share” shit is fucking bogus. Just spin by one side or another, including the respondees here.

    And Admin says:

    Annual Income $35,000

    State income taxes $1,050 3%

    Phila & Local taxes $1,100 3.1%

    Payroll taxes $2,000 5.7%

    Real Estate Taxes $3,600 10.3%

    Gasoline Taxes $500 1.4%

    Utility Taxes $200 0.6%

    Sales Taxes $1,000 2.9%

    If my math is correct that comes to a 27% overall effective tax rate for these free loaders.

    What? And the rich people don’t pay any of these taxes? Get the fuck away from MSNBC, Al Sharpton and Lawrence O’Donnell are turning your brain to mush.

    1. DaveL our school teacher is too dull to understand the concept of effective tax rate.

      Here’s an example for even a dullard like yourself.

      The guy making $25,000 has an effective payroll tax rate of 5.7%

      Mitt Romney has an effective payroll tax rate of .03%

      Do you want me to do the calculation for all the dumbfucks out there?

  29. Pirate Jo,
    I’m no “Cat lick” , but in the church’s defense ,, throughout the centuries, the church has provided a superb education to innumerable
    poor ,rich and orphaned kids alike, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of destitute and homeless people they have served all thanks to kind charitable souls like JQ’s mother.

    God knows where your heart is…concerning affairs of the soul, no other judgement matters

    1. flash

      The contributions my parents made were applied towards the low tuition we had to pay to go to Catholic school back in the 1970s. Twelve years of Catholic school education was better than the public school crap.

  30. I don’t believe in God, flash, or any other supernatural, imaginary creatures. I don’t even think there is such a thing as “souls.”

    In my city the only people who go to the Catholic school are the ones who are already rich. It has great snob appeal. When I see a group that sucks so much money out of people and only uses it for its own self-aggrandizement, I think those people are wasting their money.

    That said, I know there are people of the Catholic religion, and many others, who use their churches as vehicles to actually get out and help people who need it. And they do a far better job of that than the government, so I am not totally down on religion.

  31. DaveL:

    I’m certain that those sales taxes on Mitt’s grocery bills hit him like the ton of bricks a lady working two jobs or a granny scraping by does.

    I’m sure he pauses at the end of the month and says “Dam, I suppose I ought to switch from Kobei beef to free-range beef” with a sweaty palm to his furled brow.

  32. Well, I assumed Mitt shopped in California where it seems half of the bill is taxed some how. I forgot he can hop in a jet and buy whatever, whenever.

    Must be nice to be Mitt.

    Because if you think for a second he doesn’t loophole out of common goods and excises, you’re smoking the finest of digity dank.

  33. [email protected] says:

    Well well well, it looks like there are 36 Obama aides who are remiss in their federal income taxes to the tune of $$833,970 for 2010.


    This is in addition to the 98,000 federal workers that owe more than $ 1 BILLION dollars in back taxes.


    Of course, since our insane governement spends FOUR BILLION dollars daily, you could confiscate the wealth of the entire 1% and it would last about 6 months.

    Face it, it doesn’t matter if you taxed every single person in this country at 100% of their income, it will never never never ever ever ever be enough to pay off our debts, ever.

    The technical term for that is “bankruptcy” and it is approaching ever faster, printing presses or no.

  34. Last note: This thread wasn’t about the “tax the rich” theme of class warfare, it was about the childish and sniveling of “tax the poor” class warfare.

    It is bullshit.

    We all know it’s a ploy and a sham.

    It’s shameful conduct for candidates of any stripe.

    1. Colma

      I’m glad someone got it.

      The post had absolutely nothing to do with taxing the rich more.

      It was written to reveal the lies being spouted about the poor not paying taxes.

      The vitriolic responses reveal how people like to cling to their perceptions of reality. They don’t like it when their perceptions are shattered with facts.

      Chalk another one up for Edward Bernays.

  35. Pirate Jo

    I recognize and appreciate the no-holds-barred format of TBP. But sometimes it’s just better to refrain from certain language, such as referring to Roman Catholics as Catlicks. I’ve said, and read, some pretty outrageous and profane things on this site, but that one made me whince.

    And for the record, I’m not a Catlick.

  36. Colma: Just like the other spin doctors here. The fucking argument isn’t whether Mitt Romney feels the pain of paying sales taxes and real estate taxes and gas taxes, or any other fucking taxes as much as the guy making $25K a year. It’s simply that he pays those fucking taxes too. You fucking people sound like any fucking MSNBC show. Sleightt of words instead of hands.

  37. “Administrator says:


    Looks like that Arizona sun is fucking up that pea brain of yours.”

    And your response to the Medicare premium lie?

    1. DaveL

      My mother’s health insurance premiums have been skyrocketing. So go fuck yourself. I guess all the senile people eventually end up in Arizona to die.

  38. Dave: That’s why I made the last comment… the whole argument is degenerate and appeals to the darker, reactionary side of the public psyche.

    It inflames class warfare, and that’s what the post is about.

    Another sham for all to bicker about while the Ivory Tower’s high chambers remain un-spoken of.

  39. Administrator says: all the senile people eventually end up in Arizona to die

    And I thought all the crazy old bats went to Sarasota, Fla or commonly known as God’s Waiting Room to expire….very nice in the winter, but hotter’n Hades in the summer.

  40. It really matters little what rate corporations are taxed , it’s what they pay that matters …which for many is often zilch.
    Poor ,poor corporate paupers…. it’s no wonder they’ve moved operations offshore. Between the facade of high taxation and having to pay stupid and lazy Americans to work , they simply can’t make it here anymore.


    Over Two-Thirds Of Corporations Pay No Federal Corporate Income Tax

    According to a recent analysis of nearly 300 Fortune 500 companies by the Citizens for Tax Justice, the average company was paying just 18.3 percent in taxes — a little more than half the official rate. And by using techniques like industry subsidies, stock option packages, and moving assets overseas where they can’t be taxed, 30 companies mentioned in the report — including Wells Fargo, Verizon, Boeing and General Electric — didn’t pay a cent in federal taxes in 2008, 2009 or 2010, the report found.

    The phenomenon affects state income taxes as well as federal. Last month, another study from the Center for Tax Justice found that corporate tax avoidance had cost states a combined $42.7 billion between 2008 and 2010 — a period when budget shortfalls forced states to cut spending for health care, public schools and care for the elderly and disabled.

  41. Why is someone that does not pay federal income taxes, a scumbag? The Internal Revenue Code in section 6001 and 6011 which is mentioned by the IRS as their right to ask for information, the two sections say every person made liable……..You must be made liable for the income tax in order to owe it. However in subtitle A of Title 26, the only subtitle on income taxes, fails to provide just one section that makes anyone liable for the tax. Only a federal employee at section 3401(c) of Title 26, can make him/herself liable for the income tax by making a voluntary agreement with the employer to withhold the tax at section 3402(p).

    Since I’m not federally employed, I do not pay federal income taxes on wages of my private employment.

    Anyone that is not federally employed and pays the income tax, commits perjury. If a private employer withholds without your consent, the employer commits extortion and conversion of funds.

    All liens and levies of Title 26 that are sent out by the IRS for unpaid income taxes, is a criminal act by the IRS to commit fraud and all IRS employees are subject to prosecution at section 7214 of Title 26. The liens and levies of Title 26, only apply to unpaid ATF taxes (alcohol, tobacco, and firearms)

    Knowledge can make you tax free from the federal income tax. You can be a slave if you wish though and pay your fair share.


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