I meant to discuss one more thing on my 30 Blocks of Squalor post that has been sticking in my craw. Last year I did a post about wheel chair ramps being installed along the 30 Blocks of Squalor using Obama stimulus money. It seems the government drones believe this a fantastic way to waste your tax dollars. In the last few months there have been construction crews all over West Philly digging up sidewalks and replacing them with wheelchair ramps like the one in the picture below. 

 We all know it is essential for the disabled to get where they need to go.

Over the last few months I’ve seen this picture all over West Philly. There have been literally hundreds of wheel chair accessible ramps built by union construction crews on the corner of streets in the heart of Squalor. After reading my recent 30 Blocks article you know that the average home value in these neighborhoods is $25,000 or lower. At least 25% of the houses are vacant. They are all dilapidated and disintegrating. A heavy rainstorm has the potential to cause a collapse of most of these hovels.

I don’t know why this program makes me so mad, but I think it is because I see it as a microcosm for everything that is wrong with this country. I have nothing against people in wheelchairs being able to cross streets. I actually find it hysterical that these ramps are being built in 2012 when the Americans With Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. It only took 22 years before the government got around to helping the disabled. Here is my real problem. The wheelchair ramps are beautiful and smooth. The government did nothing about the sidewalks between the ramps. The picture below doesn’t serve justice to the actual condition of the sidewalks in West Philly.

This is more like it.

I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. Someone in a wheelchair would be unable to maneuver along ANY sidewalk in West Philly to reach one of these brand new ramps. I can honestly state that in the 5 years that I’ve been riding through these neighborhoods I have not witnessed one person in a wheel chair on these streets or sidewalks. You either fix all the sidewalks or you don’t install the wheelchair ramps. Simple. But not for government drones who believe in Keynesianism. When I was trying to find some pictures for this post, I stumbled across another blog discussing the same idiocy of these projects across the country. Here is the link:

Surprise, Surprise!!!! Guess which other city has been spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on worthless wheelchair ramps? Our friends in the Squalorville of Detroit. Below is a picture of wheelchair ramps built on a corner where the sidewalk ends three feet after the ramp. These morons spent $156,000 to install 13 blocks of wheelchair ramps along this decaying, drug ridden, shambles of a street. They did it because a 2008 ordance declared that it must be done. Meanwhile, Detroit is broke. These are the kinds of decisions inflicted upon the public by politicians even at the local level. When you add the State and Federal government drones, you have a recipe for societal collapse. 

How about a wheelchair ramp that leads directly into a retaining wall? The picture below is from Reading, PA , another dying town in my neck of the woods. This country has overdosed on stupid pills. Does anyone have an ounce of common sense left in their bodies?


Based on the figures from the article about Detroit, it costs about $12,000 per block for these useless wheelchair ramps. Based on my observations, government drones have spent at least $1 million in West Philly alone. I’m sure this is happening across the country. I wouldn’t doubt that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on similar make work, Keynesian crap projects since Obama came to power. People like Obama and Krugman actually believe that any spending is good spending. They believe that since these ramps were built by construction workers who got paid and then spent that money on goods, they’ve created additional benefits to society and our economy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. According to government drones, these projects increased GDP. That is true, but it was the worst kind of malinvestment. Government doesn’t create anything. They take from one person and give to another, while skimming 40% off the top. These ramps add nothing productive to society. They don’t make the lives of anyone better. They do not create long-term jobs or increase the productivity of the country. The money to pay for these ramps was either confiscated from taxpayers or borrowed from the Chinese. The construction workers could have been building a manufacturing plant which could have employed hundreds of workers and been an ongoing benefit to the country. Below the streets of West Philly are hundred year old decaying water and sewer pipes. They are continually bursting and devastating businesses and homeowners with floods. These construction workers could be proactively replacing these pipes rather than waiting for disaster to strike.

Government bureaucrats think they can pull levers and make our economy function in a way they dictate. All they do is piss away our tax dollars on worthless make work projects, redirecting funds that could be utilized for productive purposes by taxpayers and business people. I can’t wait to see Obama’ s new proposal for a wheelchair X games park in every city.

Meanwhile, if you want to get around in your wheelchair or hoverround in West Philly, you’ll have to use the street. With predictable consequences.

This country is on a Road to Nowhere.

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  1. Admin – you are missing some of the other benefits of government boneheadedness. What about the government drones who had to approve the projects? Let’s use a conservative 10-to1 factor in our analysis – that is, it takes 10 government drones to do what 1 private sector person could do in any given period of time. So, if it would take 1 private sector worker a week to approve of these moronic government programs, that means that 10 government drones were kept busy on this project. Of course the net-net analysis is zero benefit to the taxpayer, but at least these government drones weren’t sleeping on the job. Well, at least for a week, anyway.

  2. Not exactly on a “road to nowhere”, we’re on the “highway to hell”

    The government is insane, run by criminals, and is so far beyond control it can only be overthrown and started from scratch again. Drones get paid $100,000 per year to make decisions and spend money on wheelchair ramps, get to retire when their 50 (in Illinois), and get gold platted benefits. It’s communism, without the poverty.

    The stupid socialists here built this highway around our town, cost $14 million, that has taken more than 2 years as the contractor milks millions more out of the government that is $15 billion in debt. Plus, they put up stop lights where this highway to nowhere intersects with streets people actually use, so everyone is slowed down every time they drive through town. Nobody uses the highway except coal trucks. Our town is dying from Wal Mart poisoning, and then these fucking idiots build a highway around the town, nailing the last nails in the coffin.

    Meanwhile, there are two intersections in town that are deadly. There are crashes and deaths there every year, but they remain intact and deadly. Not a dime spent to actually save lives and property.

  3. The picture w/Andre belongs in the TBP hall of fame, it’s a classic. That’s exactly right for government drones with ridiculous salaries that do nothing of any value. Drones or parasites, I prefer parasites.

    Or vultures


  4. Admin: have you no compassion for the neediest among us? Obviously, the ramps were installed so the FSA could justify increased “benefits” based on ambulatory disability. With the ramps, the FSA in their Hoverrounds and wheelchairs can demonstrate proficiency in navigating the streets and curbs of Philly, thus qualifying them for more FS.

  5. with all the gang violence , wheelchair ramps are a vital part of the infrastructure of da hood..

    DeShawn was drinking at the club all night.
    When he got up to leave, he fell flat on his face. He tried to stand again, but to no luck ,fell flat on his face,again.
    He decided to crawl outside and get some fresh air to see whether that would sober him up. Once outside, he stood up and, sure enough, fell flat on his face. So, being a practical gansta, he crawled all the way to da crib.

    When he got to the door, he stood up yet again, but fell flat on his face. He crawled through the door into his bedroom. When he reached his bed, he tried once more to stand upright. This time he managed to pull himself to his feet but fell into bed. He was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
    He woke the next morning to his bitch shaking him and shouting, “So, you been to da club drinkin’ as usual!”
    “Why you say that?” he complained innocently.
    “Because the club called an said you done left yer wheelchair there again!”

  6. Sounds like the military needs to be in detroit and philly.
    Id move away You would have to be into abuse to want to live in a crap hole like that.
    The punks with the low ride jeans,it just makes me want to knock them down.The pierceing thing makes me want to grab and pull them out.Makes me grouchy.Future of america?

  7. [email protected] says:

    You guys are missing the entire point about these ramps. It has nothing to do with helping the mobility handicapped at all. Get with the program.

    It has everything to do with the following:

    1) Employ union workers and thus swell Democrat campaign coffers.

    2) Justify the existence of whatever agency funded this project.

    3) Make the bleeding heart liberal advocates for the handicapped poor feel all warm and fuzzy about providing these ramps.

    4) Provide a great photo-op for the relevant politicians and “community leaders”.

    I fucking guarantee it that NONE of the people involved in these projects has so much as driven down these streets. The FACT that these are ramps to nowhere in cities that have devolved into savagery and will never be of any use whatsoever is just one of those racist/hater/redneck ideas spewed by the Koch brother Tea Party mouth breathers.

    Same thing happened in my old ‘hood in Houston. The ramps were put to immediate use for stealing the shopping carts from the grocery store by the denizens of the local 30 Blocks. Of course, there was so much stolen goods in the stolen shopping carts that the grocery store, the dollar store and the drug store all went out of business in short order. The ‘hood was only saved when the low income housing was torn down, sorry to say, and the 30 Blockers went on to destroy some other ‘hood.



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