Star Parker assesses the problem in this country accurately. It matches up perfectly with my 30 Blocks of Squalor observations. But, if she thinks Mitt Romney has plans to reduce the size of government, she’s living in a fantasy world. The guy wants to double the size of the military. He wants to increase the minimum wage. He has no intention of tackling Social Security or Medicare. He wants those old people votes. Obama = Romney. Change We Can’t Believe In.

Memo to Romney: We’re all on the government plantation now

By: Star Parker | 02/04/12 8:05 PM
Examiner Columnist

Here’s free advice for Mitt Romney. Before bringing up the poor again, read my book “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.”Romney has been taking a drubbing about his remarks in a CNN interview that he is “not worried about the very poor … we have a safety net there…. If it needs a repair, I will fix it.” And then going on to say it is “… middle income Americans … that are really struggling…” that are his concern.What the now Republican presidential front-runner missed in his off-the-cuff economic analysis of American class is that the cause driving the struggle among both low and middle income Americans is the same: Economic stagnation and social breakdown caused by welfare state socialism.

As I explain in “Uncle Sam’s Plantation,” America’s inner cities offer laboratory results for what is wrong today with the whole country.

If you want to know why America is failing, look at why our inner cities are failing.

Romney is incorrect to label as a safety net welfare state programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Job Opportunities and Basic Skills Training, Emergency Assistance to Needy Families with Children, Section 8 Housing, and Food Stamps.

A safety net is what is provided when a free person, acting on his or her own initiative, falls and we offer assistance to help them get back up and start again.

The welfare state amounts to wholesale takeover of individual lives. As opposed to government stepping in to soften the blow, the welfare state assumes from the start that individuals won’t make it without government managing their lives.

It is not an accident that despite some $10 trillion spent on anti-poverty programs since the 1960s, there is little discernable change in our poverty rate.

The problem was made worse because the broken families and broken spirits resulting from government-plantation dependence have institutionalized inner-city poverty.

If America is going to get back on track, we must appreciate that we are doing to our whole country what we did to America’s poor.

Seventy percent of government spending today consists of transfer payments — government redistributing funds from one set of individuals to others.

Even before the Obamacare government takeover, our health care market was already dominated by government. About 10 percent of our health care expenditures today are out-of-pocket expenditures by individuals. About half of health care expenditures in 1960 were individual out-of-pocket expenditures.

Despite the central role that government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played in the recent housing collapse, their role in the housing market today has become even greater.

In 2011, 95 percent of all new mortgages were bought or guaranteed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the Federal Housing Administration.

And, of course, just about every working American is part of Social Security and Medicare, both of which are now fiscally untenable.

Now layer on to all this Obamacare, a trillion dollars in spending on stimulus programs, and bailouts of banks and auto companies. And $5 trillion in new debt, a 45 percent increase, over the last four years as a down payment on it all.

The bigger role government plays in our lives, the more America resembles the Postal Service rather than FedEx.

And the bigger role government plays, the harder it is to fix the problem because individuals become used to these programs and fear fundamental change.

Romney touts his business experience as his qualification for the presidency.

That business experience amounted to turning companies around, improving their performance by making more efficient use of their assets.

This is exactly what our country needs today. A reallocation of our assets from government to private sector efficiency.

Getting off Uncle Sam’s Plantation is no longer a problem limited to our poor. It is a problem and challenge for the whole country.

Examiner Columnist Star Parker is an author, and president of CURE, the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education ( She is syndicated nationally by Scripps Howard News Service.



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  1. [email protected] says:

    Star Parker joins the rest of the self-hating black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and Larry Elder – a more wretched collection of deluded Uncle Toms you will not find outside of an insane asylum.

    She has oh so well adopted her master’s lingo in her diatribe against social justice, fairness and government help for the poor. The notion that poor, primarily black, people can act in their own enlightened self interest, embrace personal responsibility and true acheivement, without the wise intervention of government programs has been disproved by decades of successful programs that have lifted millions of these people out of dependency.

    Thinking that private business is the true engine of job creation and economic expansion just flies in the face of decades of successful Keynesian economic policies. Larry Krugman, who a Nobel Prize for economics, has written convincingly of this.

    There is simply NO evidence that the War on Poverty has trapped millions on some kind of federal government “Plantation”, with generations of people living entirely dependent on government handouts. How racist to use a term like “plantation” in this context!!! Like most limosine conservatives, Star can’t see all the suffering of poor people clamoring for food just outside the locked gates of her exclusive community, obviously. Probably fist bumping with Mitt as they exchange jars of Grey Poupon for their Kobe beef sandwiches, huh.

    Star obviously thinks that the trillions of dollars spent in helping people out of poverty is not money well spent – better to spend on the military and war?? Doesn’t she believe that government is there to insure an equal outcome? Don’t blame President Obama for this horrid economy!!! He inherited a disaster from Bush and simply hasn’t spent enought money!!!

    Capitalism, free markets and Judeo-Christain ideals have been the engines of suppression against people of color ever since they have been in existence in Amerika. Socialism and communism offers the ONLY way forward to lift people out of poverty and provide true equality for all. Places like Venazula, Cuba, Viet Nam, Russia are leading beacons of hope for the globe!!!

    How can anybody doubt the wisdom and compassion of President Obama in expanding and enriching the levels of government assistance to the poor?? You can if you hate the poor and minorities and want to keep them under your lash.

    I just do not understand black conservatives like Star Parker. She obviously isn’t down for the struggle. What an oreo!!

    (Early morning satire brought to you by HZK, who has been channeling the far left progressives lately. Go ahead, go to their websites, this is what they believe.)

  2. I like the term reservation better,hey who knows mabe a buisness man would trim the fat.There may actually be a point where a president decides to do something so the country well continue onward,rich folks need a functioning society to make more money.

  3. Hope,

    Sorry about the thumbs down. Didn’t see the onion disclaimer on the end there and was getting sort of hot while reading and kind of got ahead of myself and kind of lost my mind.

    Have a nice day.


  4. Dragline

    I don’t get your negative focus on The Washington Examiner just because it published Starr Parker’s opinion column. Your posted Wiki link to the Examiner provided the information that it was started as a conservative counterweight to the very liberal Washington Post, which has endorsed every single Democrat running for president since 1956. At least the Post is consistent. Snark. Anyway, since you stated that The Examiner is “just another part of the Romney machine,” is the Post “just another part of the Democrat machine”?

    I subscribed to the Post for 20 years and knew where the paper was coming from on the Op-Ed page, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have excellent coverage of the political scene in DC. It does, and if an elected federal official steps in a bucket of shit, the Post will be all over the story, regardless of the official’s party. Same thing goes for federal executive departments spending money foolishly, regardless of which party controls the Oval Office.

  5. Funny shit, HZK is the master of sarcasm. The plantation is about bankrupt, then 45 million people will get nothing. Cue riots and mass murder and hayhem.

  6. My point was simply that the Examiner is owned by one guy who dictates its editorial policies and it already had endorsed Romney over all the other Republican candidates even before the primary season began.

    I agree with Admin’s intro comment at the top.


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