“We have two American flags always: one for the rich and one for the poor. When the rich fly it means that things are under control; when the poor fly it means danger, revolution, anarchy.”Henry Miller


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With each passing week it seems this country spirals further into the depths of a frightening dystopian fantasy reminiscent of Huxley and Orwell’s dark world of isolation, fear and government brutality portrayed in their masterpieces Brave New World and 1984. I keep speculating whether it’s me that’s crazy and not the things I’m witnessing on a daily basis. The President signs the National Defense Authorization Act, passed by an overwhelming majority of Congress, which allows the government to imprison American citizens indefinitely without charge. And there is barely a squeak from the docile masses as they are soothed by Obama promising to never use that part of the law. I bet you $10,000 a President will invoke that portion of the NDAA in the very near future.

Jon Corzine, a card carrying member of the ruling elite .01%, remains free to roam one of his five palatial estates after stealing $1.6 billion from the accounts of farmers, widows, and thousands of other “clients” of MF Global. In his spare time he raises money for Obama’s re-election campaign. The Federal government, Federal courts and Wall Street banking cabal have circled the wagons and declared the money just vaporized, even though it sits in Jamie Dimon’s vaults at J.P. Morgan. No one is being prosecuted for this deliberate thievery. The psychopathic Wall Street criminals have been getting away with murder for so long they act invulnerable to societal mores and scoff at our laws, rules and regulations. Those are for the 99%. When you control the politicians, regulators, courts, and mainstream media, it’s easy to get away with murder. The jackals and hyenas are laughing in their NYC penthouse suites as they continue to collect $20 million bonuses for a job well done.


After this past week I’m apoplectic with rage and fury as the rule of law has been discarded and the Constitution trampled upon by a wealthy connected oligarchy bent upon using their absolute power to further enrich themselves. The Wall Street banks that committed the largest financial crime in history, including: fraud in the inducement, forgery, fabricating documents, bribing rating agencies to rate toxic mortgages as AAA, selling fraudulent derivatives to customers, shorting the derivatives they sold to their customers, throwing millions of Americans out of their homes, charging inflated and bogus fees during the foreclosure process, and conducting a colossal cover-up, were slapped on the wrist and made to pay a miniscule $5 billion to the millions of victims of their crimes. Not one banker has been prosecuted. Not one person has gone to jail. Justice in this country is a putrid joke. There has been no outrage from the general public. The propaganda spewed by the corporate media instructs the masses to rejoice at this fair and just verdict. The truth is that 95% of the population didn’t know or didn’t care about the 50 state foreclosure-gate settlement. They were engrossed by the huge controversy over M.I.A. flipping the bird during the Super Bowl halftime show and whether Madonna was upset about the incident.

“Free” Healthcare

While this travesty of justice was playing out, we were treated to a glimpse into the future of healthcare in America administered by politicians and bureaucrats based upon vote count expediency. The government drones at DHHS mandated from on high that every woman in America would receive “free” contraceptives from their employers. Obama had made this decision and instructed his minions to implement his visionary dictate. The outrage and anger from religious groups and employers was instantaneous. Obama saw the 2012 election slipping away and reversed course within a day. He is quite the man of principle. His “solution” was to force insurance companies to provide “free” contraception to any employee of a religious employer that didn’t provide that coverage in their insurance plan. When I hear these sociopathic politicians use the word “free” when describing healthcare or any of their thousands of bankrupt government programs, I have an overpowering impulse to smash something. Insurance companies will not provide “free” contraceptives to women. Insurance premiums will rise for everyone.

Remember Obama’s assertion about his government takeover of healthcare:

“As a consequence of the Affordable Care Act, premiums are going to be lower than they would be otherwise; health care costs overall are going to be lower than they would be otherwise.”

The next government program that reduces costs, provides better service, and is more efficient than the private market will be the first government program to do so. Examples of government ineptitude, corruption and waste include: Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, the Energy Dept., the Education Dept., and the Dept. of War. Jonathan Gruber, MIT economist and chief architect of Obamacare and Romneycare, recently admitted the truth about Obamacare:

“After the application of tax subsidies, 59% of the individual market will experience an average premium increase of 31%. My findings reflect the high cost of folding state high risk pools into the [federal government’s] exchange — without using the money the state was already spending to subsidize those high risk pools.”

Based on what Obamacare has done for the American people before its full implementation in 2014, you’ll be begging for a death panel to put you out of your misery. The following “free” healthcare services were required to be covered by insurance companies in 2010:

  • Cover preventive care without co-pays or deductibles.
  • Allow adult children to stay on parents’ policies until age 26.
  • Increase annual coverage limits.
  • Cover children without regard for preexisting conditions.

Obama’s promise that families would save $2,500 per year in the future might come up a tad short, as insurance premiums skyrocketed by 9% in 2011. Not only have premiums soared, but many companies have increased co-pays from $10 to $25 for doctor visits.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

Only a deceitful government busybody do-gooder would actually argue that forcing insurance companies to cover millions more Americans and cover pre-existing conditions would result in lower costs for the average family. I wonder what will happen in 2014 when 30 million more Americans are guaranteed “free” healthcare under Obamacare. The saddest part of this oncoming train wreck is that millions of willfully ignorant people actually believed the blatant lies and false storyline fed to them by sociopathic politicians who desire to control every aspect of their lives. These people believe they know what is best for you. They believe they are smarter than you. They do not care what means are required to achieve their ends of absolute domination over your life. Personal freedom, individual liberty and a critical thinking populace are the antithesis to the desires of the governing elite.

Home Sweet Home

The central planners within government and inhabiting the Federal Reserve are never in doubt that their theories, programs, solutions, mandates and schemes will achieve their desired outcome. The trouble for the American people is the desired result is not designed or planned to actually benefit them. The psychopaths drawn to politics, regulatory agencies, and government bureaucracies have no remorse or qualms about lying, utilizing propaganda, and instilling fear to achieve the ends that endorse their self serving agenda. Every dime of government spending is seized from the people by force or created out of thin air by an all knowing self-proclaimed Great Depression expert named Ben Bernanke. This Ivy League professor who has spent his entire life in academia and government thinks he knows which levers to pull to revive an economy that he destroyed. His wisdom is borne out in his prescient assessment of the U.S. housing market as it was imploding:

“We’ve never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize, might slow consumption spending a bit. I don’t think it’s gonna drive the economy too far from its full employment path, though.” – July 2005

“House prices have risen by nearly 25 percent over the past two years. Although speculative activity has increased in some areas, at a national level these price increases largely reflect strong economic fundamentals.” – October 2005

“Housing markets are cooling a bit. Our expectation is that the decline in activity or the slowing in activity will be moderate, that house prices will probably continue to rise.” – February 2006

“All that said, given the fundamental factors in place that should support the demand for housing, we believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will likely be limited, and we do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system.  The vast majority of mortgages, including even subprime mortgages, continue to perform well.  Past gains in house prices have left most homeowners with significant amounts of home equity, and growth in jobs and incomes should help keep the financial obligations of most households manageable.” – May 2007

It should be clear to everyone that Ben is a goddamn genius. You can see why the mainstream corporate media hangs on his every utterance. He has accepted no responsibility for his part in producing an epic housing collapse and the subsequent recession that continues to this day. His lack of conscience comes in handy as he has destroyed the finances of millions of senior citizens dependent upon interest income to make ends meet. Having no guiding principles or ethics allows him to declare with a straight face that inflation is well contained as gas prices approach $4.00 per gallon, food prices surge 10%, and his inflationary policies contribute to revolutions around the globe.

Last week this sage spoke to the Home Builders Association and left no doubt that he has no interest in what is best for the American people. His economic remedies are the exact opposite of what is needed to cure the disease of a debt ravaged society. Dr. Bernake’s prescription is more debt fueled spending by consumers to refill the coffers on Wall Street. This is not surprising considering he is nothing but a puppet of Dimon, Pandit, Blankfein and the rest of the Wall Street cabal. His speech revealed his allegiances:

“One of the effects of declines in housing wealth is to reduce the ability and willingness of households to spend. It appears that recent declines in housing wealth may be reducing consumer spending between $200 billion and $375 billion per year. That reduction corresponds to lower living standards for many Americans. And, importantly, lower sales of goods and services also reduce the incentives of firms to invest and hire, thereby slowing the recovery. Low or negative equity creates additional problems for households. It reduces financial flexibility: Homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages cannot tap home equity to pay for emergency health expenses or their children’s college educations.”

Whenever I read Bernanke’s words, I’m reminded of George Orwell’s quote about intelligent people:

“There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.”

This is a man who believes he knows better than the market. He’s an economics professor that doesn’t believe in the law of supply and demand as taught in Econ 101. He thinks he can control home prices. He thinks he knows the ideal interest rate. He thinks he knows just how much money printing will revive the economy. He believes a healthy economy is driven by artificially propping up home prices, encouraging people to spend money they don’t have, recommending that homeowners borrow against their homes ($3 trillion borrowed and pissed away from 2003 through 2008), and forcing banks to make loans to subprime borrowers – again. His solution to the millions of bank owned homes is to use the taxpayer owned Fannie and Freddie to initiate bulk discount sales of these homes to his friends in the .01% so they can turn around and rent them to their former owners. I wish someone could explain to me how this helps the 99%. It is another backdoor bailout of Wall Street on the straining backs of the American taxpayer.

Obama’s housing solutions in 2009-2010 included multiple home buyer tax credits, loan modification programs, and a myriad of other Keynesian claptrap spending schemes. Bernanke supported all of those measures. They spent $30 billion of your tax dollars in an effort to artificially prop up home prices. Home prices have fallen 10% since they threw your money down the rat hole where all government programs reside, and they continue to fall. These central government planners don’t like to publicize the fact they continue to operate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the FHA as a way to shift losses from Wall Street to Main Street. Fannie and Freddie have lost $160 billion of your tax dollars since 2008, but amazingly the losses don’t show up in the Federal budget because reality has no place in politics or governmental accounting. The FHA just announced they will require a taxpayer bailout for the first time in their 78 year existence, as they lose $5 billion of your money per year on behalf of the Wall Street banking cartel. The toxic mortgages that don’t reside on the books of Fannie, Freddie and the FHA are sitting on Ben’s balance sheet. They reside, hidden from public view, in the “Other Assets” section of the chart below. His tripling of the Federal Reserve balance sheet was done for one reason only – to save the Wall Street bankers, their shareholders, and their bondholders. His actions have in no way benefitted the American people or the American economy.

It is mind boggling the degree to which central planners like Bernanke, Geithner, Obama and Congress will inflict their vision of how the economy and world in general should operate upon the trusting masses. The American people want to believe their leaders are doing what is best for them. They like dwelling in a land of delusion, security and luxury, where government guarantees to protect them from: terrorists; Iranian invasion; saving for retirement; looking out for their own health; educating themselves; and accepting the consequences of living above their means. Their ability to distinguish between truth and propaganda has been thoroughly degraded by years of government proscribed education. We have chosen to become a knowingly ignorant nation of true believers. There is no time for critical thinking while we anticipate our next tweet about the death of drug addicted pop singer. We have been taught to love our servitude.

“…most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution.”Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

The fallacy of government protecting you, taking care of you and providing you “free” benefits is so ingrained in the American psyche that it is virtually impossible to voluntarily reverse the trend. The truth that Americans refuse to acknowledge is that nothing is free in this life. We are not entitled to own a home, a free education, free healthcare, or a comfy privileged existence. Everything government provides is taken by force from someone else. Everything government does has a cost. Americans have traded freedom and liberty for the appearance of safety and security.The cost is constant war, getting groped by TSA perverts, surveillance by government agencies, threat of imprisonment without charges and a $1 trillion price tag per year. The cost of “free” healthcare is mind numbingly ludicrous rules and regulations for doctors and patients, massive fraud, outrageously expensive procedures and medications, and a $100 trillion unfunded liability left for future generations. The ultimate cost of an overbearing, all controlling government will be economic collapse and revolution.

Who Decides?

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

The concluding act during this bad week for freedom occurred on Saturday in the great state of Maine. When it became clear that Ron Paul was going to win the Maine caucuses, the GOP establishment, that has already anointed Mitt Romney the Republican nominee, decided the people of Maine would be told who won. Using the excuse of an impending snowstorm (less than 1 inch), the powers that be cancelled the caucuses in Washington County where a large contingent of youthful Ron Paul supporters dominated. The Girl Scouts didn’t cancel their event in the same county that day. The men who cancelled the caucus are strong Romney supporters. This was a blatant Stalinist act of voter disenfranchisement. The GOP leaders declared those votes would not count in the totals. Despite this despicable act of rigging an election, Ron Paul doubled his vote percentage from 2008. His message of freedom, liberty, non-interventionism, sound money and self-reliance is reverberating across the land among young people who have not been programmed by the governing elite and the corporate mass media. The establishment will do everything in their power, including vote fraud, to prevent Ron Paul’s anti-establishment message from being heard.

A small delegation of authoritative, rich men continues to pull the strings in this country. The examples I’ve sited in the last week prove we are moving ever more rapidly towards what Friedrich Hayek described as a‘dictatorship of the proletariat’. The actions of the governing class point to no other conclusion as described by Simon Black:

  • Hundreds of thousands of mortgage contracts abrogated by the Federal government;
  • Suspension of gun rights by several local governments;
  • The continued criminalization of protest and free assembly;
  • Increased surveillance and police state tactics;
  • Authorization of military force and detention against the citizens;
  • Seizing and/or voiding pension systems into which workers have paid lifelong contributions;
  • Rejection of long-standing senior debt positions in favor of labor unions;
  • Executive and police agencies ruling by regulation and policy, not by legislative process;

When you pose the possibility of a dictatorship in America, the defender of freedom and democracy, old timers scoff and laugh off the possibility. We are the bright shining light on the mountaintop – that preemptively invades other countries; murders suspected foes with predator drones; imprisons and tortures foreigners in secret prisons; and plans to have 30,000 spy drones patrolling the skies over U.S. cities within the next few years. The government now has the authority to imprison U.S. citizens without cause for as long as they see fit. The government plans to lock down and control the internet. How could we possibly descend toward dictatorial rule? The conditions are perfect for sociopaths dwelling in government bureaucracies to make their move, as elucidated by Doug Casey:

“You may be thinking that what happened in places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and scores of other countries in recent history could not, for some reason, happen in the US. Actually, there’s no reason it won’t at this point. All the institutions that made America exceptional – including a belief in capitalism, individualism, self-reliance and the restraints of the Constitution – are now only historical artifacts.On the other hand, the distribution of sociopaths is completely uniform across both space and time. Per capita, there were no more evil people in Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Amin’s Uganda, Ceausescu’s Romania or Pol Pot’s Cambodia than there are today in the US. All you need is favorable conditions for them to bloom, much as mushrooms do after a rainstorm.”- Casey Report

Call me a raging optimist, but I see positive signs that an irate tireless minority of Americans are coming to their senses and preparing for a showdown with the ruling oligarchy. The tremendous support for Ron Paul’s message among those under the age of 30 is inspiring. His devoted followers have incredible enthusiasm and will be a force to be reckoned with. The upcoming election will be won or lost based upon whether Ron Paul decides to run as a 3rd Party candidate, spreading his inspirational message. The Occupy Movement is also being driven by people under the age of 30. Their courage and audacity in standing up to brutal establishment military tactics and focusing the attention of the world on the greed, avarice and corruption rampant throughout our economic and political system has given me hope that the good guys can win. Every day the Millenial generation gains strength as the power of the older generations slowly wanes.

The internet has proven to be the best weapon in the fight against the governing elite. It offers people the freedom to ignore government sponsored propaganda being blasted by the corporate media. Critical thinkers can connect with other critical thinkers, while seeking the truth and spreading ideas. You can examine websites like Zero Hedge, Jesse’s Café Americain, Of Two Minds, and Mish to comprehend what is really happening in your world. The tumult and outrage exhibited by millions when the despotic Congressional jackals attempted to pass SOPA and PIPA was inspirational. The people’s voice was heard loud and clear. The politicians ruling over our lives have no guiding principles or moral code. They peddle their votes to the highest bidder. They conduct polls to determine what their constituents want to hear and then shockingly tailor a message that voters find to be exactly what they think. These sociopaths only respond to one thing – being exposed as liars and thieves. When they are confronted by an irate citizenry they scatter like roaches in a West Philly row house kitchen when you turn the light on. Yes votes on SOPA turned to No votes quicker than the Federal government can spend a billion of your tax dollars (10 hours). Obama showed how principled his positions are by backtracking on his “free” contraception mandate in less than 24 hours. If we speak loud enough they will listen, or else.

The “or else” is reflected in the chart below showing gun purchases over the last ten years. Millions of good law abiding Americans are armed. The accelerating trend is a hopeful sign that we will not allow a small contingent of corrupt politicians backed by shadowy rich men (22 men have contributed 67% of all the Super Pac money in the GOP primaries), hiding from public view, to treat this country as their personal playground.

It was a bad week for freedom loving people, but I believe there are enough patriots left in this country to change our course. We are being buried under a blizzard of lies on a daily basis. We have a choice. We can support the existing corrupt crony capitalist establishment (Obama & Romney) or we can declare war on lies, deceit and misinformation by rallying behind the only person who would truly attempt to reverse decades of corruption, sleaze, incompetence, bloat, debt accumulation, and a warped version of free market capitalism – Ron Paul. He is the only public figure willing to level with the American people and tell them the truth. Will we let the concept of truth fade out of the world? The choice is ours.

“In our age there is no such thing as ‘keeping out of politics.’ All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” –   George Orwell


“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.”Ron Paul

104 thoughts on “BAD WEEK FOR FREEDOM”

  1. A good piece. Depressing, but good.

    It’s pretty clear to anyone not fixated on the latest television craze that America and most of the developed world is hopelessly screwed. The policies being pursued are positively insane.

    Although I encourage everyone I meet to be prepared for the onslaught, I think the only rational solution for those with the means to do so is to get the hell out of Dodge. I’m not talking about building bunkers in the countryside. I’m talking about leaving. Expatriating. Hanging one’s hat far from the epicenter of the blast point. It’s going to be a shit storm. Best to be hunkered down far from the FSA when they go ape-shit.

    While I love my country, my country has lost its way. Time to git’ while the “gittens” good.

  2. Im just waiting for an Iran war.I really think its the black swan event. Or something out of revelations.
    The theater going on right now is incredible.The article was good.

  3. Keep up the good work, Jim. Long time reader first time poster. The first article of your’s I came across was your “21st century breakdown”, nearly 2 years ago, I have been visiting your site ever since. Thanks for trying to wake the masses up and thanks for helping me see through the shit.

  4. I highly recommend something that I watched on NPR last night. “Slavery by any other name”, also a book. It is about the sytem of peonage that existed in this country for about 70 years where innocent people were sold into bondage by the courts, roughly 800,000 people if I got the numbers right. Many of them were whipped to death. Was finally stopped by FDR. This was how the mines and steel mills and conglomerate farms made their fortunes. Perhaps after reading or watching this work, one might have a different view of unbridled “free” capitalism and how this country came to be great. Nothing new under the sun folks.

  5. @ Steve Hogan:

    I’ve thought about getting out of Dodge a lot, but in the end decided against it. I’d rather stick around and duke it out. Better people than me did the same thing for a country they once believed in. It’s the least I can do.

  6. An excellent article. Getting out of Dodge might be good advice for younger dudes. For us older farts it’s an impossibility, unless one is willing to unload property by actually giving it away. We’re stuck here, and together with a huge underclass (see Katrina) will be a burden for any industrious individuals still living in the USA. Now would be a good time for a second coming.

  7. Typical rhetoric for the masses, promising them the moon while pilfering their pockets. Many of us knew he healthcare plan would bankrupt the country. Many of us spoke out against it and told we were the liars and racists. The people bought it hook line and sinker and the Supreme Court will uphold the mandate and we will all become wards of the state. This was the whole plan to begin with. Get it passed and start implementing it so it cannot be dismantled.

    We are screwed and my insurances has gone up 33%. This is just going to get worse. My boss was a big supporter of this and oh no wonder once fully implemented she can drops us like flies and we will have to use the new governement plan as the fines are cheaper. This is ocming to all as we move more and more into a fascist state without a shoit fired. Your guns are next hide them well.

  8. Very good article, but not entirely correct on two points: 1) The older generation is at least as dedicated to the principles espoused by Ron Paul as the under 30 crowd, and 2) the Occupy movement is being manipulated by those “rich” few. It’s hardly an example to follow.

    1. Davey Jones

      The older generation wants to keep their free shit. There are individuals who will support Ron Paul, but the ACTUAL vote counts from the primaries PROVE I am correct.

      You don’t know shit about the Occupy Movement.

      Your comment is a reflection of the propaganda you have swallowed.

  9. “The truth is that 95% of the population didn’t know or didn’t care about the 50 state foreclosure-gate settlement.”

    Fuck! I used 85% last week and got buried for being so fucking outrageously above 58%

  10. Admin, another beautifully written essay that summarizes full-on assault of our liberty.

    Than you.

    I know you’ve heard this before – but think your series of essays (which capture the mood in realtime)

  11. …would make an exceptional book. (sorry about the break).

    You could self-publish and/or create an ebook and sell it on Amazon.

    The ebook could be really awesome because you could feature videos, pictures that illustrate/bolster your commentary.

    You are the Thomas Paine of our time. Why not compile your work in an electronic format that will serve as a record of the lead-up to the revolution/restoration?

    If you haven’t already, please consider the idea.

  12. Also one last thought…

    My friend has a home in Maine. When she learned votes were not counted in Washington County (her home base) she called the Republican State Chairman.

    He called her back and said they cancelled the caucus because:
    -A teenage boy was killed earlier in the day in a traffic accident
    -There was about 8 inches of snow
    -RP only got 8 votes in the 2008 caucus
    -Maine Chair is friends with RP – they talked – RP agreed

    Not sure what is really true. But his man called my friend back and gave that explanation.

    So, maybe decision was based on these facts and not really evil.

  13. Brilliant Jim! I agree 100%, frustrated but hopeful. I see shockingly amazing levels of dumbassedness from mostly people being spoonfed by the tube, but see great things coming from many of our young people.

    I guarantee there will be NO voter fraud in my County caucus next week as I am following Stalin’s advise!

  14. Their whole ball of wax is now falling apart at the seams. I think they are in the “lets get as much as we possibly can before they come to tar and feather us” stage. I’m Canadian, and our government too is full of crazies who unfortunately now have a majority government. Will be very interesting to see how the idealogues of the banking cabal deal with the anger in the streets of Athens today, Madrid tomorrow, and eventually Paris and even London When the reality of mobs with knives and guns confront the pin-stripe suits. It seems the guillotine didn’t care too much about the cost of their clothing.

  15. That Hyena is a menacing figure… Did you know what the bite-force of one of those things is…?

    What intrigues me on the ‘healthcare’ issue, is that the key question regarding this monstrosity was never asked. What was the real intent behind it?

    First & foremost, it wasn’t about providing for the betterment of society, and it most certainly wasn’t about ‘health care’. Was it about buying votes? Was it about a dragnet of ultimate control over the populace? Was it a backdoor method of paying down national debts? What we do know is that there was careful consideration in crafting the legislation – for the purposes intended. I would simply like to know what the Real purposes were.

  16. I think the Obama Regime pushed the envelope too far this time.

    Soccer/Helicopter Moms are going to mobilize against Big Gov.

    You can pass draconian legislation that imprisons, assassinate Americans without a trial, but never, ever, mess with a Mom’s lunch for her darlin.–favour-chicken-nuggets.html

    Trust me when I tell you this will get American suburban Mom’s attention…and mobilize them against Big Gov….

  17. I believe we need a new political party — I would call it The Constitutional Party. It’s agenda and pledge would be based on the Bill of Rights.

    I believe that one or both of the two current political parties will collapse and cease to exist in its present form sometime between 2012 and 2016. Political parties have died before, and Lord knows these two both deserve it! The one most likely to die is whoever ‘wins’ in November 2012 — the following years of hell will be blamed mostly on them…

    I say Republicans have no heart, Democrats have no soul and the process is now completely corrupt. Away with it all!

    God bless Ron Paul for trying to participate in the mainstream process in order to be heard — but the time for patience is past. It’s time to stand up and defend the Constituion by any means necessary!

  18. “…After this past week I’m apoplectic with rage and fury as the rule of law has been discarded and the Constitution trampled upon by a wealthy connected oligarchy bent upon using their absolute power to further enrich themselves…”

    Funny, I used to be mad, spitting mad. But long term anger eventually turns inward when nothing changes (or things continue to get worse).

    The sheep won’t awaken, the propaganda won’t stop, the descent into hell is all but assured at this point.

    I’m just really, really sad. Sad to see the writing on the wall knowing that barring a miracle – or the Kardashians telling America something is wrong – the sheeple won’t do a damn thing. Hell, they will gleefully count their 20 pieces of silver (or sell your house) when they are paid off for removing you from society.

    The people that COULD do something, just don’t care or are too scared to care. Instead of standing up and risking their own livelihoods to tell the truth, they pray for a buyout or just close it all down and live on what (if any) savings they have left. Those still in business are too buried under trying to keep the lights on and regulations that they don’t have the time, nor do they have the fortitude to stand up and protest.

    ‘Cause look around and be honest, we know we have nothing to gain. If over 50% of my industry could disappear from our shores without ONE negative PMI report, nor investigation by the MSM, is there really any hope that the few left will be heard?

    Thank you Jim.

  19. TeresaE says: “The people that COULD do something, just don’t care or are too scared to care. Instead of standing up and risking their own livelihoods to tell the truth, they pray for a buyout or just close it all down and live on what (if any) savings they have left.”

    And I’ll say it again. 85% of the working population(not the working age population) are just trying to salvage their lives, and they won’t get involved, or don’t know what’s going on, or don’t care. And if the OWS people threaten their livlihood or their lives, as they want their lives to be, they will call for a response. Just an observation.

  20. Wonderful article Jim, as always your research and presentation of the “Real Status” of our country is excellent.

    I have always been in the group that realizes that nothing will stop or change until a crisis occurs. People never move out of their balywick/comfort zone until they until they simply get the shit kicked out of the from the blindside. Simply put, the clueless 95% are not going to wake up until their freight train of illusion hits a brick wall at 90 mph and it hasn’t yet. Until the masses here in America really feel pain or fear, they are not going to wake up. As the quote goes, the masses will continue to just vote for their living instead of work for it. It is obvious that the pain of massive foreclosures, high unemployment and gestapo security tactics in their daily life is not doing the trick of waking them up. It will be the pain of $10 a gallon gas and empty grocery store shelves or government gun squads in the streets actually shooting innocent people to really get their attention. In reality, I don’t think that the govt and corporate elite want this to happen yet because at that point, all taxation and consumer borrowing and spending halts causing immediate crash to the system and more problems for the elite. Catch 22 yes, but that doesn’t stop us from still being on a strait road to ruin.

    I feel we must all embrace a huge and final collapse as it will be the only way to move into new and better beginning.

  21. Great article. Full of steam and fury. The politicians are criminals, as are the bankers and the Federal Reserve.

    I have to believe the, Wall Street, the banksters, and the 1% are going to choke on the debt, and very soon. The criminals are spending $1.3 trillion a year we don’t have, and $500 billion is going out the back-end of the economy every year in the trade deficit. That can’t last very long and won’t last. The 1% have their $17 trillion off-shored, and will escape to their islands and estates in other countries.

    Do you ever wonder that the reason the government bailed the banks, and continue to give them free passes is because the banks are going to return the favor and be complicit when Obama seizes all assets in banks, the stock market, pensions, and nationalizes everything. After martial law is declared, after all protestors and “enemies” are safely tucked away in FEMA camps where they can’t organize more protests? They have a plan. Everyone knows what is coming.

    I like your point; Obamacare will be the end. Or the loss of the dollar as reserve currency. The government has made people completely dependent, nobody has personal responsibility for anything anymore.

    The FSA, all 65 million of them, are going to go ape-shit when they can’t EBT cheetos and cokes anymore, when no more money is put into their account electronically, and they might have to get a job in order to survive. Expatriate indeed.

    It’s good to get your anger out.

  22. BTW,

    Just got an M-4 carbine today, with a 60 round clip. And a Ruger 9mm, hollow-point ammo, and boxes and boxes of 12 gauge shells, the slug and hollow point variety. Next, it’s off to Sam’s club to stock up on bulk-quantity food items for storage.

  23. Obama has to take away our freedom, make everyone slaves, so he can finish destroying this country. This picture gets closer and closer every fucking day….


    The anti-christ is carrying out his plan to the letter. When is God going to show up?

  24. Great charactorization of what has happend to our once free country. Every morning
    a new scheam or lie is carried by the STATE RUN MEDIA. pushing their Marxist agenda.
    Tell the big lie long enough and the majority will believe it. We have been warned by one
    of our founders??. (Give up liberty for security and you will have neither)
    When the drons start flying overhead. When Obama care summons up their Death Pannels
    to kill of you’r loved one. When the TSA drives down the street to arrest your neibour for
    expressing once a Constitutional privlage then will you understand?

  25. I found you on zerohedge. This is one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time. It’s depressing, infuriating and inspiring all at once; not to mention, very well written.

    Thank you!

  26. Admin says,….” I don’t know shit about the occupy movement.”

    Soooooo that’s why you had a banner on your site supporting them.



    Great missive, as usual.

  27. There are NOT enough people in the Government to do anything to 250 Million gun owners!
    MOLON LABE……”come and take them” !

  28. Thank you! Thank you! Amazing work you do Jim. Really inspirational to those of us seeking the truth. Please keep them coming.

  29. Stuck

    We’re warning you. We have a predator drone on order with DHS. The first missile will have your name on it if you keep saying fuck the police.

  30. Stuck

    Watch this video closely. You are under surveillance. Don’t try to throw us off your trail with that fancy new car.

  31. @ Bob, there is a Constitutional party, they almost won a congressional seat in NY-23 during the Dede Skozzafava mess.

  32. Admin – very nice. Thank you.

    I am reasonably convinced that the problem is no longer fixable. There will bhe a total crash and reset – much as I am predicting for Greece. The US can continue to kick the can down the road awhile, as the Euro mess/China issues/etc. mean that the dollar is still the safe haven, and that the US will be able to borrow for some time yet. The US is the last man standing (actually staggering, but you get the point), and so continues to survive – just. But the end draws ever nearer. There are things that could be done – but there is no will, and the momentum will carry the herd over the cliff. It is really quite sad.

  33. I find it hard to believe somebody, a rancher, farmer, or a working class stiff has not wiped the frigging smirk off Corzine’s face. I find this guy absolutely disgusting. I hate a frigging thief. The federal government legally steals everday from hard working Americans. The day of street justice grows nigh. Libery and Justice soon follow!

  34. I’ve been warning people about all this crap (i.e. ”America’s spiraling downfall”), since the early 80’s (1983 to be exact).

    Everyone insisted I was nuts.

    In February 2007 I began sending everyone emails warning them about the existence of things called ”Subprime Mortgages” and ”CDO’s”. I told them to sell their investments while they were at all time highs, and to sell investment real estate while it was absurdly high, and put aside money for several months of expenses, etc…

    Everyone said I was nuts.

    2010 came and went without me fulfilling a personal vow I had made in 1996, which was to let everyone know the real truth about 2012 (that ”Mayan” stuff). The reason I broke my vow was because although I was prepared to not be believed in 2007, I was not prepared for the level of outright _resentment_ I received for my 2007-2008 financial warnings. I learned that people _really_ don’t want to know. (Hence my ”screen name”).

    There are many ”cycles” that occur both with regard to nature and with regard to mankind’s interaction with each other (i.e. ”life-cycles” of empires, financial regimes, monetary units, etc, etc, etc…).

    As an example, each planet’s ”yearly” cycle around the sun is based on how much time any given planet takes to complete one full ”cycle” (which is that particular planet’s ”year”). Each has it’s own individual ”cycle.” However, any given set of cycles all lumped together will take ”how long?” for all of them to occur (”complete”) at exactly the same time.

    Restated: How long does it take for all of the planets to line up perfectly, one behind the other in a straight line?

    The answer is 10,000 (Earth) years. And it just happened in 2003, which means absolutely nothing. I am merely using that as an example of many different cycles all eventually happening at the same time.

    If you are sitting at a red light, in a left turn only lane, and everyone has their directional signal on, all blinking at different rates of time… If you keep a close watch, at some point (quite briefly) they will all blink at the exact same time.

    The average ”life cycle” of a political system is 244 years. It just so happens that if you (properly) date the ”beginning” of the United States at the signing of the ”Articles Of Confederation”, and then count 244 years forward in time… it brings you to 2008. I dunno, but it sure seems to me America died in 2008.

    The Sun has an 11 year cycle, a 50 year cycle (worse solar flare activity), and an approximate 100 year cycle (absolute worst solar activity). We are _right now_ entering the ”next” 100 year cycle.

    December 21st 2012 is just the Mayan ”New Year”. It is the date (every year) when the Sun reaches it’s lowest point in the southern (”Southeastern”) sky (i.e. the ”Winter Solstice”). The day after December 21st 2012 is the very first day of the ”next age” of the earth. Each ”age” (there have supposedly been 4 previous ages in mankind’s history), lasts about 5125 years. So what is significant about that many years that it ”defines” the lifetime of an ”age?”

    Every 5125 years ALL of the major cycles in nature,and in mankind’s society, etc, etc, (in other words all of the major cycles we are familiar with and have significant effect), all happen at the same time (relatively speaking). They will NOT all happen on Dec 21st 2012. As a matter of fact, the biggest tragedy about that date is that everyone will say ”You see, another failed doomsday prophecy!!!”

    Then about 3 months later (+ or -) we get slammed with a solar flare that takes out the electric grid… that causes our entire ”just in time” delivery system to fail, which causes our already failing monetary system to collapse, which causes our already failing political systems to fail, which causes… (i.e. ”dominoes”)

    Now you know the real truth of 2012.

    All the above is actually really not ”off topic.” The specific topic being discussed is in reality a single aspect of just _one_ cycle currently in the process of completion (i.e. ”collapse”). My point is that _ALL_ of the important natural and human cycles are in the process of completion _right now_.

    Which I am saying happens every 5125 years.

    I can absolutely, positively, promise you that 5 years from now (whatever happens), you will look back and say: ”Wow, life as we knew it really did all change right around 2012.”

    I wish you all the very best. And, in closing, I wish to quite literally beg you to look up the concept of ”normalcy bias”, and then have an honest discussion with yourselves.

  35. “Using the excuse of an impending snowstorm (less than 1 inch), the powers that be cancelled the caucuses in Washington County where a large contingent of youthful Ron Paul supporters dominated. The Girl Scouts didn’t cancel their event in the same county that day”

    Girl scouts in Maine:

    Seriously, the weather in Maine sucks. Virtually everything that happens in the winter is known in advance to have an “Inclement weather” clause. Shit gets canceled or postponed all the time. Its just something you come to expect.

    I don’t think the caucus was cancelled because of the large amount of Ron Paul supporters, though that is certainly why they were never rescheduled or are not going to count if they are…

  36. I hate it when I’m reading a thread and some jerky (Agent P in this case) throws out a question that piques my curiousity and sends me off to Google land just because he or she is too fucking lazy to look it up and answer it for the reading audience. Here’s what Agent P said, “That Hyena is a menacing figure… Did you know what the bite-force of one of those things is…?”

    Answer your own fucking question, dickweed!!!! It would have taken you all of 30 seconds to Google it and do a cut and paste. Here’s the answer from Wiki, shit-for-brains.

    A spotted hyena has a powerful bite which can exert a pressure of 800 kgf/cm2 (11,400 lbf/in²), which is 40% more force than a leopard can generate. The jaws of the spotted hyena outmatch those of the brown bear in bonecrushing ability, and free ranging hyenas have been observed to crack open the long bones of giraffes measuring 7 cm in diameter.

  37. I also understand that natives fear hyenas because of their tendency to creep up on them at night, bite their nuts off and run away. They are really very similar to our politicians in that regard.

  38. Ah the health care!

    I’m beginning to see what a real ruse it all was and is.

    “Ooooh Socialized Medicine” cried the medicated, bulbous-headed talk jocks.

    “B-b-b-but those evil people will let people DIE” cried the medicated, pencil-necked pundits.

    Well, folks, there will be people denied their ration and we’ll all pay out of the ass anyway.

    Admin: I have a strong feeling this is still an unravelling.

  39. Ken Brodeur:

    You’re gonna catch the shit because you’re the latest poster to agree or espouse that nonsense.

    Look at the demographics… the data. A leviathan of voters came out…. like a Moral Majority sans the Billy Graham…. and it was certainly…. definitively…. undeniably NOT people over 30.

    You’re a kling-on. Not the one that Captain Kirk slaps around… more akin to the old joke which I will repeat only upon request.

    You would like to think that the future has your interests in mind… that your own achievment somehow earns your boasting.


    Hurry up and get over yourself.

    EVERYTHING in the political and social arena is built on hollow footing, and that means it was built to collapse. So solly… you don’t get the soup.

  40. Bad week? Where have you been the last 170 weeks since November, 2008. Except for one week in November, 2010, they have all been bad weeks for freedom and just about everything else. Deficits, unemployment, gas prices, food stamps, and every other measure of misery is up while income, personal responsibility, GDP and every measure of success is down. The Republican answer is to limit debt ceiling increases to a mere $2 trillion and to appear as miserly Scrooges while actually increasing federal spending.

    Unfortunately, I don’t share your optimism about the millennial generation. Occupy Wall Street was a narcissistic bust; a failed experiment in fecal excess. Whining that some mythical 1% has taken something that you never had in the first place is not the sort of wind in the sail stuff of serious movements. I’m having a hard time imagining John Adams loafing in lower Manhattan while trying to convince his fellow loafers of the urgency of establishing a sanitary commission. And try as I might, I also can’t get behind Ron Paul and his vision, or lack thereof, regarding foreign policy. While I agree its past time to get out of Afghanistan (it was time to go 6 weeks after we went in) but in a Paul Administration there never would have been a going in to begin with. 3,000 dead in NY, Arlington, and Pennsylvania and all we would have had was navel gazing over why they don’t like us. “I’m just trying to suggest that respect for other nations’ sovereignty…” With Iran closing in on the bomb and with it the entire remaking of the Middle East, I can’t get all on board with respecting other nations’ sovereignty. And a Ron Paul presidency will not make us any less the Great Satan, it will just make us a less respected, more inviting target. If we refuse to engage over there, they will engage us over here. To paraphrase Trotsky, just because you’re not interested in the rest of the world, doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t interested in you. For a country of 300 million, isolationism isn’t an option.

    I’d rather not start on the rest, or lack thereof (there it goes again), of the remaining Republican candidates who are more concerned with what they did circa 1984 than what they are going to do circa 2013. Well what do you know, I did start; but I won’t finish. The finish will occur in a couple years when China passes us as the world’s leading economy, the dollar is pushed aside as the world’s reserve currency, and the realization comes home that lending additional dollars to a country already $17 or $18 trillion in debt is not a good investment strategy. From then on, we will be nostalgic for what is currently going on in Greece.

  41. Skinny

    Corrections to your statements.

    “While I agree its past time to get out of Afghanistan (it was time to go 6 weeks after we went in) but in a Paul Administration there never would have been a going in to begin with.” Ron Paul voted to authorize Bush to go into Afghanistan. He voted against Iraq.

    “And a Ron Paul presidency will not make us any less the Great Satan, it will just make us a less respected, more inviting target. If we refuse to engage over there, they will engage us over here. To paraphrase Trotsky, just because you’re not interested in the rest of the world, doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t interested in you. For a country of 300 million, isolationism isn’t an option.” You sound like a true, blue neocon. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is based on non-intervention, not isolationalism. Do you understand the difference? As for engaging over there, aren’t you getting just a little bit sick and tired of engaging over there? Is Syria on your to-do list for engaging over there?

    “And try as I might, I also can’t get behind Ron Paul and his vision, or lack thereof, regarding foreign policy.” Well, no fucking wonder. That’s because you don’t understand what the man is saying. See above.

  42. Here’s the “Skinny”

    “Bad week? Where have you been the last 170 weeks since November, 2008.”

    (Can’t get dopier than that. Along the same line of logic, insert 1913)

    “I’m having a hard time imagining John Adams loafing in lower Manhattan while trying to convince his fellow loafers of the urgency of establishing a sanitary commission.”

    (John Adams would do everything he could to assure a civil society, no matter how small, and volunteer to do what he proposed… Again. Dopey.)

    “If we refuse to engage over there, they will engage us over here…”

    (I would just love to hear a view on “free trade” along with this sentence.)

    “With Iran closing in on the bomb and with it the entire remaking of the Middle East, I can’t get all on board with respecting other nations’ sovereignty.”

    (Ever heard of Pakistan? Non-proliferation, I agree, is an endeavor of human survival. That being said, that statement is Globalist in nature and dopey when viewed through the very, very real lense of current situations and events.)

    “While I agree its past time to get out of Afghanistan (it was time to go 6 weeks after we went in) but in a Paul Administration there never would have been a going in to begin with. 3,000 dead in NY, Arlington, and Pennsylvania and all we would have had was navel gazing over why they don’t like us.”

    (Conjecture… and perhaps a closer look at the situation in it’s entirety would reveal that even on a clandestine level, sacking mountainous shepherds in the place of filthy-rich sheiks would have been avoided with a little more thought for a future beyond a 5 year timeline.)

    “The finish will occur in a couple years when China passes us as the world’s leading economy, the dollar is pushed aside as the world’s reserve currency, and the realization comes home that lending additional dollars to a country already $17 or $18 trillion in debt is not a good investment strategy. From then on, we will be nostalgic for what is currently going on in Greece.”

    (How profound… and presumptive. World Population= 7B+. So if you love fucking China so much, why don’t you marry it…. wait…. you probably already did. Makes me wonder if you should be heeded or if you should just move there. I’m sure your offspring will be swimming in “rights” and “capital” there… good luck, lo-fan.)

    What a jackass.

  43. @AWD…

    I’m sure it won’t have any affect on your loathing of President Obama, but I just thought you should know that he did not bail out the banks… the bailout was approved by congress and signed by President Bush before Obama was elected.

    And just to save you the time and effort of a scathing reply, don’t bother… this place scares me and I will not be back. Clearly America has no chance.

  44. SRV:

    I said the government bailed the banks. Read for comprehension.

    This place is scary?

    Oh, the humanity.. You ain’t seen nothing man.

    SRV heading back to Yahoo teen chat rooms….


  45. SRV:

    For your unyielding, chivalrous input: You will not be missed.

    For your clarity of view and argument: You will not be missed.

    For being “scared”: You will not be missed.

    You will not be missed.

  46. Skinny

    Did you have too many Guinesses at Britinghams when you wrote that screed?

    Too bad your rhetoric doesn’t match the facts.

    Ron Paul voted to go into Afghanistan and get Bin Laden. So your entire premise is complete bullshit.

    He voted not to go into Iraq. He warned of huge costs and a quagmire. Was he right?

    You actually support bankrupting the country in order to police the world? Really? $1 trillion per year isn’t enough?

    You actually think our problems started on the day Obama took office? Bush doubled our National Debt in 8 years. Job well done.

    You better sober up and vote for Ron Paul or you’ll be working for the DHS looking for new FEMA sites instead of BJ’s stores.

  47. Good points in the article, saw it on ZH.

    Since this is an open forum, I would like to say while I like RP on constitutional issues, I am concerned with his definition of “sound money”

    This is based on my reading of the History of the Gold Standard

    I am also concerned with the libertarian philosophy on the role of the government, that is regulation. While I think there are way too many nanny state regs, and unneeded complexity, I believe we still need some, especially in the area of financial regulation which I feel should be simplified, but enforced on the important violations such as fraud and manipulation.

    I also believe that the “trusts” in business need to be busted – Antitrust – Anti-Monopoly.

    Regarding taxes I like the below philosophy.

  48. I am curious why you conclude that wall street is pathological and served by govt, but with insurance, you view the industry essentially as innocent victims of socialist meddling. Have you tried analyzing obamacare instead through the same lense as wall street? You might find that the corporate capture is not limited to banking. I have a hard time reconciling the fascist/corporatist obama in banking with the alleged socialist/nanny obama in health care. Which is he?

    1. McMike

      He’s both. The best of both worlds. It’s called corporate fascism. Government, mega-corporations, bankers and the corporate MSM all working together to make your life better.

  49. Hey, don’t take my word for it, research it yourself, below is a fresh post on zero hedge.

    I didn’t write it.

    Wed, 02/15/2012 – 23:23 | 2164854 jomama
    Vote up!1
    Vote down!0
    so i was wondering how much gold had been ‘cursed’ through all the shadiness of mankind throughout the centuries, and i stumbled upon this.

    In the past three hundred years, those that control the vast majority of gold have undertaken two specific campaigns – to remove private citizen ownership of gold and to remove public gold reserves as competition.

    Gold is then withdrawn after an appropriate time, replaced by liens, and paper based underwriting to paper based currency.

    As debt has become unmanageable, gold is then returned under a different guise, using the poor intellectual and “truth and enlightenment” class to promote its validity.

    This is precisely the plan being successfully executed by the descendents of the Menes water pirates and the Khazar land pirates now as bankers and merchants.

    The strongest promoters of “lawful money” today is not the business class, historians or politicians, but the truth movement, unwittingly manipulated by the bankers as they were every seventy years like clockwork in the 1930’s globally and the 1860’s in America , in 1790’s in France and in 1720’s in Amsterdam and Germany.

    Despite the fact that the Parasite Banker/Merchant families have used the “lawful money” trick of gold repeatedly and despite the fact of the overwhelming evidence that such acceptance only strengthens their control on commerce, the truth movement of today is completely and utterly entranced, ignorant and spellbound as it was every other time since the days of the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar – hence the curse power of gold.

    BPers, we have much in common regarding the desire for liberty, but how to get there is the tricky part, especially in light of our long human history of repeating mistakes.


  50. I can’t believe some people still see things through the lens of Red vs. Blue, especially middle aged to older folks. I am young and I can see through all of this bullshit.

  51. Drillingdeeper, does infinite credit in a finite world make sense? In order to keep up, the working class can’t rely on their savings since the interest payments are shitty so instead they would have to risk it in dividend stocks. Most likely they will not do this because they are fearful of the markets so they continually fall behind and use debt as a cover.

    Gold as an anchor on credit helps the working class as prices stay in check and provides needed trust to the system.

  52. Petey,

    Petey says:

    Drillingdeeper, does infinite credit in a finite world make sense?


    I agree with your credit supply points, did you read my links?

    Regarding gold as an automatic “anchor”, the supply of this gold – and as money – credit – is what concerns me. Do we need some in reserve for confidence reasons? – perhaps yes for now.

    Could it have a down – deflationary side – history says yes on many occasions.

    Can it be inflationary, yes sometimes.

    It it a rock steady un-moving anchor? Hmmm.

    It needs to be able grow a bit to stay above deflation that is a little inflation as a natural outgrowth of a healthy economy, not a sick one like today.

    Gold supply growth is the issue.

    I think philisophically we are in agreement Petey, our difference in on the “how”

    We need a mechanism for “sound money” that works especially for the point that you make..

  53. Petey says:

    And your nonsense about Khazars, Jews, etc.. is laughable.

    Like or Dislike: 1 0

    That was not my writing Petey, it was from a ZH post I cut and pasted.

    I really don’t care if there is an identifiable “they” I just know that we have gone down the gold standard road before with very questionable results.

  54. What do you call it when someone steals someone else’s money secretly? Theft. What do you call it when someone takes someone else’s money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else’s money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice. – Thomas Sowell

  55. drillingdeeper

    Be careful with the history you read, especially the deflationist kind. Too many economists have no idea of the real world — the latter part of the 19th C is considered deflationist because “prices were falling, oh god” … conveniently ignoring the rise of the industrial revolution in America along with the greater productivity in agriculture.

    As for gold itself, the anchor is not automatic when banks violate their charter. Inflated paper money, runs on banks, failure — it was not gold that failed but men. Just as with regulations.

    Where were the regulators before the S&L crisis? Oops. But a few good men who did their jobs brought over a thousand criminal referrals for fraud. Good old common law works.

    Funny thing about Rule of Law, it is respected even in the libertarian philosophy.

    Of course, there’s always Hayek’s approach to ‘no legal tender’, let the people decide which money to use. That even worked in the Weimar hyperinflation — so did gold. Heh.

    Note how many times in American history that the governments allowed no deeming paper money for gold. Or maybe your reading of history is colored by Great Britain in 1925. Going off gold is always a way to pay for war. It worked for Lincoln, it worked for jolly old England (and they had a lot of help in WW1 from the U.S.) So their gold standard they talked up for five years turned out to be a gold-exchange standard (but not for people) based on inflationary policies.

    “A little inflation” is a trap, code for inflationary policies that always blow up. The other favorite phrase over the decades has been “an elastic currency”. What happens when you stretch a rubber band too far? Just ask Gideon Gono.

  56. Im worried that Obama is the next Chavez. Iran war and the resulting chaos from energy prices.
    Equals martial law and Obama forever,that well never happen,right?
    Admin. you ever send your articles to other sites? Try to spread the info to all the folks that are asleep?

  57. Admin said “We have chosen to become a knowingly ignorant nation of true believers.”

    Exactly! Like admin, I’m hopeful that more Americans are waking up to reality every day. We’re not there yet but well on our way. Shit will necessarily have to get much worse before we reach a tipping point.

  58. “And a Ron Paul presidency will not make us any less the Great Satan, it will just make us a less respected, more inviting target.” —- Skinny

    Really? We have TEN THOUSAND PLUS nukes. Yeah …we’re an inviting target. LOL

    Now, listen close. Get the fuck outta here. If you come back I will track you down and beat the shit out of you. (Hey Chattham guys … fuckoff.)

  59. Her Stuchenstein needs only to karaoke some Hasselhof, wiggling between a couple of hot ladies of the isle of lesbos to let the world hear him roar.

    Then Her Stuchenmeister will find inner peace.

  60. I am taking the liberty to post Josh’s graphic (above) and explanation since;
    —– 1) people don’t always click on links,
    —– 2) change the subect from the shameful boomer bashing
    —– 3) I enjoy WTF moments, and this “stock Pick” tip is a doozy



    We all know that when the stock market bottomed in March 2009 the S&P 500 hit an intraday low of 666, one of the most symbolically charged numbers in the Western world. 7 is another such number, as is the number 13. The number 911 also fits into this category.

    The day before the one year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center the S&P 500 closed at exactly 911.00. So as the Dow Jones Industrial average celebrates its return to the 13K level, astute students of the market are compelled to ask themselves, does this mark the top in the same way that 666 marked the bottom? Time will tell…


    Charles Hugh Smith (link above) has some useful suggestions as to how to improve things.

    Here’s a summary:

    1.1 Change tax code to favor production of tangible goods and services.
    1.2 Tax financial churning for both corporations and individuals 0% up to first $100,000; then 50% from $100,001–1,000,000; and finally 75% for annual amounts over 1 million.
    1.3 If Corporations give up their “personhood” and stay out of politics, tax them at 0% since revenue can be had from the taxations of the dividends and profits earned by shareholders, management, and labor.
    1.4 If Corporations choose to keep their “personhood” then tax them as persons.
    1.5 Ban health insurance…resetting healthcare to the cash basis existing in 1965.
    1.6 Accepting the realities of bureaucracy, waits, limitations, etc. expand the Veterans Administration hospital system into a nationwide system available to every citizen so that the corrupt sickcare cartels no longer have political leverage to suck an undeserving extra 10% of GDP out of the pockets of Americans as compared to other industrialized countries.
    1.7 Eliminate the now uneccessary Medicaid and Medicare programs.

  62. casa

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I can see that in an honest system, it might work. I. myself. had no idea how fucked the U.S. ‘health’ system was before 2002. All I knew, when I’d learned my aged mother collapsed on the kitchen floor in her small condo was that she was still alive when I left Australia.

    By the time I arrived, two days later in Florida, she was in a nursing home? :Why, who, how? No answer. So I went to the hospital where she’d been taken. Only direct surviving relation and … “We can’t tell you canything because of privacy regulations!” With a smirk. Fortunately, my Australian wife was with me then, and saw me raise my fist and said, “Go out.” Just as well …

    All I got from the hospital later was a bill for $14,xxx , most from elsewhere with a co-pay. The Itemization: Tests. Which? Results? You gotta be kidding, fuck orf.

    Back at the nursing home, the HR person told me, “Your mother needs physiotherapy and her private benefits have run out.” Eh? Paid coverage for years and minimal involvement, mainly high blood pressure medication, WTF? Oh, and, “We see from her application … you might need to spend some of her excess funds to get below the threshold.” Or some shit.

    I mean, we’re talking about a young woman hauled out of high school in the 10th grade to “help support the family in the Great Depression.” And who got her GED in Clinton’s administration! Oldest woman in Florida at that time to do so. Wau! And now, it’s ‘fuck you!’

    But we got her into another and better home in ‘Daytona’ where she died peacefully. Probably coked to the eyeballs, but wot the hell.

    Gotta laugh, I’d had to get a lawyer to process my claim as son and only living relative
    to formally apply to the fucking court to be her guardian, whoohoo. But mom died the day of that hearing. I only knew when, months later, back in the land of oz, I had a contempt of court citation for not appearing at the hearing no longer necessary. And then, my lawyer tried to stiff me for the $1k advance I’d left to tie up loose ends. What advance?

    Sorry, this is way off on a tangent, and I respect CHS but I’m not sure he’s experienced in the Real World. This is where the fuckwits in charge can fuck up a wet dream.

  63. That was some comment, and unfortuntely based on reality.

    If you want to see one possible future on how this plays out, Read ther novel “Operation Phoenix” (Free read for a limited time) go to

    This coming crap ain’t gonna be pretty



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