Below is an article about Americans not being able to feed themselves in 2011. According to the study 18.6% are struggling to put food on the table. The data on food stamp usage supports this contention. When the Wall Street created financial meltdown occurred in 2008 there were 30.8 million Americans on food stamps. When the government announced the recession was over in December 2009, there were 39 million Americans on food stamps. We are now supposedly over two years into an economic recovery (Obama & CNBC tell me so) and the number of Americans on food stamps is 46.3 million – and still rising. Anecdotal evidence is everywhere as the food bank near my house had to move to a building three times as large as their old facility. Senior citizens have barely gotten an increase in their Social Security payments for the last three years, while the price of food is up 20% to 30%. Anyone who shops at a grocery store knows this is true (except for Ben Bernanke).

But, the stock market is soaring. The MSM is proclaiming good times are back. Even though millions of Americans have given up looking for a job, the unemployment rate keeps falling. Bernanke and the BLS tells us there is no inflation. When I drive through West Philly I see brand new luxury automobiles surrounding low income housing and broken down hovels. The wheels on some of these luxury autos cost more than my Honda Insight. There is no one starving in West Philly. The inhabitants of this squalor are generally obese. Their hovels have Direct TV satellite dishes on their roofs. Every supposedly poor person I see has a cell phone to their ear. The average household income in this neighborhood is $16,000. The median home value is $25,000. The true unemployment rate exceeds 50%.

You can see why this shit makes my head hurt. Nothing makes sense anymore. My belief is that there are millions of good proud people who are having a very difficult time feeding themselves. They are the people in the formerly working middle class. They never took a handout from the government like the parasites living in West Philly. They worked blue collar jobs and lived within their means. Their jobs got shipped off to China by Harvard MBA efficiency experts. They are dying a slow painful death. The 99 weeks of unemployment has run out. Despite the government propaganda, there are no new jobs being created. The entitlement class knows how to play the system. They are not starving. Obama will keep them happy in order to get re-elected. It’s the once proud working middle class (the backbone of the country) that are suffering the most.

Even though I think I understand what is going on, this shit still makes my head hurt.

Growing Number Of Americans Can’t Afford Food, Study Finds

Afford Food

The Huffington Post     

Here in the United States, growing numbers of people can’t afford that most basic of necessities: food.

More Americans said they struggled to buy food in 2011 than in any year since the financial crisis, according to a recent report from the Food Research and Action Center, a nonprofit research group. About 18.6 percent of people — almost one out of every five — told Gallup pollsters that they couldn’t always afford to feed everyone in their family in 2011.

One might assume that number got smaller wrapped up with the national unemployment rate falling for several consecutive months. In actuality, the reverse proved true: the number of people who said they couldn’t afford food just kept rising and rising.

The findings from FRAC highlight what many people already know: The economic recovery, in theory now more than two years old, has done little to keep millions of Americans out of poverty and deprivation. Incomes for many haven’t kept pace with the cost of living, and for a large swath of the country, things today are as bad as ever, or worse.

Forty-six million people lived below the poverty line as of 2010, a record number, according to the Census Bureau, and one that’s not even as high as some other estimates would have it. Take a further step back and the situation appears even more dire. About 45 percent of people in the U.S. have reported not being able to cover their basic living expenses, including food, shelter and transportation, according to the group Wider Opportunities for Women.

The official poverty rate is about 15 percent, but over two-fifths of Americans have so little saved that one financial emergency is all it would take to put them in poverty, according to the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

These high rates of financial insecurity — a consequence of the weak job market, and the prevalence of jobs that don’t pay very well — are making themselves felt at the level of everyday spending.

Recently, for example, a Center for Housing Policy study found that a growing number of middle-income owners and renters are paying more than half their earnings just to keep a roof over their heads. And as of 2009, almost one in five Americans over 50 years old were skipping on doctor visits, switching to cheaper medications or forgoing some medicines entirely out of financial necessity, according to a recently published study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a think tank.

As for widespread hunger of the kind recorded by FRAC, research shows that the entire country ends up paying one way or another. While the people who can’t afford food are obviously suffering the worst, the social costs incurred — from the money spent to keep food pantries open to the lifelong diminished earning power of impoverished children — come to about $167 billion a year, or $542 for every man, woman and child in the country.


  1. The video by the NWO soldier was right – the government will use food in the crisis when it comes to get most people to submit.

  2. A long awaited Trader Joe’s will soon be opening in my area. Yesterday I saw a sign go up in front, “Now Accepting Applications”.

    By 6PM our local blog had reported this news, the post had garnered 25 comments, and one poster spoke of organizing transportation for a local tent camp of homeless so that they could go apply for jobs.

    I’m sure that Trader Joe’s was absolutely mobbed with applications.

    It’s a food market and not a very big one. America is desperate for jobs.

    I spent yesterday in the unemployment office in a resume writing class. I get laid off every winter, I am 59 years old. Of the twenty people in the resume writing class, 90% of us were over 40, laid off. All of us have been working all our lives. Till now…..

    I live in an area usually described by the media and government as being less affected by the recession than many other cities in America. Oh really? Of course the people telling us this are people WITH JOBS.

  3. I’d posted this once before, but it bears repeating. The poor of this country are not the ones getting government handouts; it’s the former middle class. And the elderly. It’s gotten that bad.

    NYT: Who Benefits From the Safety Net

    A new analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities underscores that the poor are no longer the primary beneficiaries of the government safety net.

    Terms like entitlements, government benefits and safety net often conjure images of tax dollars sliding from the hands of the wealthy into the pockets of the poor. But as we reported Sunday, that image is badly outdated. Benefits now flow primarily to the middle class.

    The center’s study found that the poorest American households, the bottom fifth, received just 32 cents of every dollar of government benefits distributed in 2010.

    The finding is broadly consistent with the data we reported Sunday that the poorest households received 36 percent of benefits in 2007, down from 54 percent in 1979, numbers that came from a study published last year by the Congressional Budget Office.

  4. [email protected] says:

    Your head hurts because you are trying to make sense of a purposefully nonsensical narrative.

    Stop. Before you lose your sanity and good humor.

    HZK’s Rules for Sanity Preservation:

    1) Ignore the MSM/Fox/CNBC. They are full of liars and hypocrites and shills. Their only power is if you tune in so TURN THEM OFF. Boycott their sponsors.

    2) Ignore the statistics. They are completely bogus numbers spun by corrupt political douchbags meant to manipulate you. Shave your taxes to the sticking point, go cash, go Galt.

    3) Keep on writing your great articles, link to the other internet economic sites that are truth telling, keep up the fight. We are with you. (And come on you TBPers, pony up and contribute to the site.)

    4) Laugh, laugh, laugh and laugh again if you are feeling masochistic enough to listen to these asshats as you prepare for the economic collapse because these dipshits and the people that follow them are gonna be having a real bad day while you and the prepared will be okay.

    5) Drink some Black Box cabernet, it is really good and cheap and probably has a shelf life of 5+ years so is a good prep, LOL.

    There ya go! Hope you are feeling better already because if you let these people mindfuck you, well, you’re already lost. Only read them so you can keep on writing these great articles.

  5. Best of all, since HZK has prescribed you some Cabernet, it can be paid for out of your health savings account.

  6. HZK

    Good advice. I think I need a drink. But not tonight. I’ve got homework duty.

    Avalon set off to NYC with her friends to go to the Jon Stewart Show. Keep an eye out for her in the audience tonight.


  7. Marissa,
    good luck to you, and the many more like you.

    those millions of people who can’t feed themselves will run Obama out of office in November, along with the other millions of people who want their Country back.

    Also, there are millions of Americans who can feed themselves, and are buying firearms, ammo and silver at shocking levels.

    Israel will attack Iran, gas will be $6.00 a gallon and you will remember a time when you thought the President getting a bj in the oval office was unsettling.

    Cash, silver and ammo in safe at home. Provisions-check, firearms-check, deadbolts-check. My kids have always wanted a dog, that’s next.

  8. Admin – I feel your pain. It doesn’t make sense.

    People’s perceptions have changed so much that they no longer are in touch with reality. People no longer understand that affluence is not a birthright but rather is something that must be earned. They no longer understand that feeding your kids comes before your flash car and big TV. They have come to believe that children must be ferried to and fro everywhere instead of letting them walk or ride down to the local sports parks. They have come to believe that the government should take care of them rather than vice versa. That debt is ok and that living within your means is something for someone else to do. That small and medium business can bear any amounnt of regulation put in place for the general good, as defined by left-wing beaurocrats. That the issue is too little tax when it is actually too much spending.

    All I ask is for a chance to run a business unencumbered by the government. If they will only stop helping me, I can provide jobs to a lot of people. And millions will join me in this. The people I employ will and do need different perceptions than most. They need to understand about work, responsibility, attendance and effort. If the government stays out of my way I will develop folks with these attributes. TeresaE will too, and Wilddogz, et al. But it is almost impossible to do when at every step the ideas and perceptions that I and my fellow businesspeople are portrayed as untrustworthy and that our workers need to be protected from us. What a joke. I provide jobs to them – yet they need protection from me. The reality is just opposite – I pay my workers to protect me.

    Everything is twisted. My head hurts too. I do not know how it got this way. But it will end badly.

  9. Sorry, but I just don’t see it. All I see is morbidly obese people, hundreds and hundreds of them a week out in public, whipping out their SNAP cards to buy cokes and doritos. Then they whip out a $20 or two, and buy cigarettes. Then they waddle out of the store, and my head feels like exploding. I get pissed every time I fill up the tank and grab a couple of red bulls, because I know it’s going to happen again and again.

    Even people that have jobs are using SNAP cards. You can get SNAP if you make less than $1 million (they just closed out the millionaires).

    Some people will not take government handouts, as you said. God love ’em. They are look like idiots compared to the SNAP army.

    Using your SNAP card allows more for cigarettes:


  10. It adds $542 per person in national costs, huh? Is that in addition to the $500k EACH or so we already owe, or that already rolled in? I can’t keep it straight anymore…

  11. You may qualify for a free government cell phone and minutes
    The government’s Lifeline Assistance Program gives out free cell phones and monthly service to Americans in need of financial help.
    WTF goggle this up

  12. So move to the lucky country. The land of milk and sunshine. Yes Australia (now 80% owned by the chinese)

    Where petrol is WAY more expensive, where record floods are prevalent, where house insurance now costs up to $30,000/year, where hospital queues are just ridiculous and the public health system on the brink, where essential services public sector job cuts are going ballistic, where retail sales are the worst in six decades, where record numbers are now totally dependent on government assistance to survive, where unemployment/underemployment sits at 19%, where politicians fuck up everything they touch (as usual) and award themselves pay rises more than most people make in a year, where 1 in 3 go hungry :

    Ahh, Australia…how the fuck do I get out of here before it looks like Greece ? LOL…

  13. The cheap food is crap food, and makes you fat. It is primarily poor people who are fat, for this reason.

    Eat no (higher cost) meat or fresh veggies. Eat lots of (cheap) starches, sugar, bread, corn, and corn syrup and see if you get fat too. You will save a lot of money, but you will be too fat to run from zombies.

  14. llpoh

    That is probably the best manifesto you’ve written.


    MSM can’t affect you if you don’t let it. I watch a little to laugh. Not much Fox, those shrill bitches (both sexes) talk faster than I want to hear. Really, it’s a “know your enemy” approach, just like tracking down the legislative stupidities of the Washington clowns. I remember going through the text of the John Warner 2006 Defense Appropriation, a first for me, and an eye-opener.


    When the collapse comes, it will suck Canberra into the black hole it deserves — and some of us will be better off. I wouldn’t go back stateside if I wanted to, probably would be met at LAX by a SWAT team.

  15. Novista – thanks. It is incredible how business people have come to be vilified. I know there are some horrid bosses out there. But on the whole that is not the case. Business folks want to run. Their business, have a chance at a profit, and raise a family. They are much like anyone else. But instead we are treated like criminals. It really sucks.

    1. llpoh

      I don’t think small business owners are being vilified. It’s the CEOs of multi-billion dollar conglomerates who use their power to crush small business owners like yourself by buying off politicians to write laws and regulations and tax code in their favor.

  16. I work for a non-profit retirement community. There is a CEO and a Board of directors. The CEO is The Boss, the idiot board rubber stamps his every idea.

    In 2007 The Boss decided it would be a great idea to buy some adjacent residential properties, with an unformed future plan of expanding the retirement community. Nobody bothered to check on the zoning after he unleashed this bright idea, they bought the residentials. Without further ado they announced they were going to float some kind of bond for over $800 million, tear down the residential housing they’d purchased, and build a bunch of new apartments hither and yon throughout the neighborhood; all of the proposed buildings exceeded local height restriction, flew in the face of the zoning, and the imaginary project blundered on with architects and designers and sundry expensive experts on retainer.

    Until it didn’t.

    Nobody wanted to invest $800 million in this crackpot scheme. The city refused to change the zoning. The entire neighborhood rose in public hearing rage against the entire plot. The whole scheme cratered.

    Five years later the residentials were sold at a 40% loss over purchase price, hundreds of thousands of non-profit dollars down the shitter.

    They could have paid me to work full time year round till I retire, for a tiny fraction of the money they lost on that pie-in-the-sky madness, the Ode to the meglomaniac CEO.

    Employees of all kinds have been cut back. Resident activities have been reduced. I am out of a job. But the CEO lives on, still hatching all kinds wacko marketing schemes and bleeding the place dry. Raising the rent every year on 90 and 100 year old people living on fixed incomes.

    There are bosses and there are bosses. Most of them are greedy bastards looking to exploit other people’s hard work and scrimped dollars, and then scoot off into the sunset leaving an ungodly mess to be fixed.

    1. Marissa

      I’m with you on this one. When it’s other people’s money CEOs don’t care about gambling it.

      llpoh, on the other hand, has all his money tied up in his business. He would never make such horrific decisions.

      When Wall Street Investment firms were partnerships, they did not take world destroying risks. The partners would have been personally liable for the losses. When they became public companies they could gamble with shareholder money, pay themselves millions, and not worry about the consequences of their risk taking.

  17. Another wordpress blooper. In the even that anybody wants to rage against my above anonymous post, please direct your anger in my direction.

  18. Zombie Dawg – You want out of The Land of Oz, eh? I’ll trade you my spot in Florida. It’s kind of like Australia here, ‘cept it sucks. I’ll trade you my wildfire season for your monsoons. I’ll trade your ridiculous hospital queues for my unaffordable insurance. I’ll definitely trade my chances of obesity for your chances of skin cancer – they’re both fatal in the end, but I’d rather die with a wicked tan than be a 600-pound blob of gelatinous shit (with crunchy bits inside) being lifted out of my house by a backhoe when I croak. And, best of all, I’ll trade you my US dollars one-for-one with your AUS dollars.

    So – what do ya think? Wouldn’t you like to be here in the original land of fat fucks and surveillance drones?


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