It happened again yesterday morning. There was an accident on the Schuykill Expressway so I had the pleasure of navigating through the 30 Blocks of Squalor, again. After having made at least 25 posts about the 30 Blocks of Squalor over the years, I keep thinking I’ve run out of things to say. But it seems to be a never ending treasure trove of insights about our society and the people who live in this country. It was a particularly grey day in Philadelphia with a dreary overcast and intermittent rain. It seemed fitting for this trek through the slowly decaying landscape leading to my workplace in West Philly. I’ve talked previously about the stretch of highway leading to the 30 Blocks of Squalor. It’s called West Chester Pike (Route 3) and it cuts through Delaware County where I grew up. It cuts through Havertown, Haverford, Drexel Hill, and Upper Darby and eventually spits you out at 69th Street, where I’ve previously detailed the flash mob of savages rampaging through the Sears stealing everything in sight (all caught on surveillance cameras to be shown on a future reality TV show). In a shocking turn of events, Sears decided to later close this retail establishment.

The 30 minute excursion along West Chester Pike and then the 30 Blocks of Squalor (Chestnut St from 69th St to 39th St) is like traveling through Dante’s nine circles of hell. Every mile leads you deeper and deeper into the abyss. My observations along this route are of a country in a slow methodical steady decline that has been underway for decades and shows no signs of abating.

The neighborhoods and towns along West Chester Pike were occupied by the rising middle class during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. These towns were where blue collar middle class families built a life and raised their families. The fathers worked in factories, refineries, schools, power plants and thousands of other productive enterprises. Americans made stuff back then. Most wives stayed home and raised the three or four children in the small brick row homes or small detached singles that dotted the landscape. These neighborhoods were entirely white and most were church going. Most of the adults had not graduated college, but they were still able to move up the economic ladder through hard work, saving, and living within their means. Their children were guaranteed an even better life if they studied hard, went to college, and got an office job as an accountant, engineer, marketing executive, or in some other promising profession.

This progression began to transform into regression in the 1980s and the slow steady descent has picked up speed. There is now a grey pallor that seems to engulf this once thriving corridor. The houses that were built in the 1950s and 1960s and kept up by middle class families that took pride in their neighborhoods have been deteriorating for years. The homes are in disrepair. The bricks have grown dingy from years of pollution buildup and lack of power washing. Porches and awnings are sagging. The woodwork hasn’t seen a paint brush since the 1970s. Trash is strewn in the streets. Gardens are no longer tended to. Lawns are overgrown with weeds. The inhabitants of these neighborhoods either don’t care or don’t have the financial wherewithal to maintain their homes. On the current trajectory, these once proud neighborhoods will eventually resemble the 30 Blocks of Squalor.

I believe a country and a community will have a lot of what it values most. Our country has a lot of debt, a lot of vehicles, a lot of bombs, a lot of psychotic criminals running our economic and political systems and a lot of willfully ignorant drones – disguised as citizens. As I drove along West Chester Pike I tried to observe what it is we value today. This route is inundated with automobile repair shops, gas stations and auto dealerships. We cannot live without our cars. I can say without a doubt that I saw not one manufacturing facility along this entire route, but if you want your Japanese car fixed, detailed, or waxed, you’ve hit the jackpot.

We value our cars, purchased with debt or leased, but the roads are crumbling, filled with potholes, traffic lights aren’t timed, and the small towns are too bankrupt to do anything about it. The second most important thing to the zombies that inhabit this wasteland is mass quantities of food. You’ve got donut shops, fast food joints, pizza places, Chinese restaurants, Irish pubs every two blocks, and coffee houses on a mind numbing scale. It is easy to see why we’re the most obese people on earth. There are no farmers markets, produce stands, or even grocery stores. But there are at least six beer distributors. And of course there is one L.A. Fitness Center for the ten people out of ten thousand who want to keep in shape. I expect to see a Space Available sign in front of this place in the not too distant future.

Besides the general decay of the commercial properties, you can’t miss the fact that every block has at least one vacant commercial property. There are far more For Sale, Space Available, For Rent, and Leasing signs dotting the barren wasteland than there are wedding rings on fingers in West Philly. The vacant buildings are antiquated relics from the 1960s. It’s as if time stopped at the end of the 1970s and no one has invested a dime in this stretch of highway in 30 years. It’s like “The Land that Time Forgot”.

The only new buildings along this stretch of highway further emphasize what is seemingly important to our society. There are numerous architecturally grand bank branches dominating this highway. There is a beautiful new building housing the Social Security Administration for this area. This is where the obese, depressed and unemployable flock to sign up for the SSDI gravy train. And lastly there are a few medical facilities that are top notch. It seems that banks, government and medicine are doing just fine. But what do they produce?

I think this is a reflection of why this area has deteriorated over time. Industries that made things left this area and left this country. Small businesses were overwhelmed by mega-corporations who cared only about next quarter earnings. They met these earnings targets, set by Wall Street, by shipping the good paying blue collar jobs that supported these communities overseas. The middle class families living here saw their wages stagnate or decline. Wives were forced into the workforce to just keep their households afloat financially. The family unit suffered, with children raised by strangers or left to fend for themselves.

This is where the Wall Street maggots stepped in and sold these middle class families on the illusion of faux wealth built on a pyramid of credit card debt, auto loans, and mortgage debt. Who got wealthy? Not the families living in these fading neighborhoods. The bankers got rich and continue to flaunt their wealth by paying themselves obscene levels of compensation, buying off politicians, gutting our economy and opening fancy new outlets to prey upon the downtrodden and ignorant. An economy built upon manufacturing, production, and value added work results in rising wages and a thriving community. An economy built upon debt attracts consumer consumption outlets that add no value and result in declining wages, government dependency and a dying community.

These once thriving communities have rapidly aged. As the jobs and wages dried up, these communities have become dependent on the government to provide. Social Security payments are now a primary income source for many. The government controlled healthcare industry is thriving as Medicare and Medicaid pay for an increasing proportion of the care in these neighborhoods. After decades of pretending that debt could replace wages and savings, these communities are collapsing due to lack of income, decent paying jobs, capital investment, and common sense. West Chester Pike is well on its way to becoming a future 30 Blocks of Squalor.

Once you pass through the 69th Street death camp which resembles a scene from Night of the Living Dead, you spill out onto the 30 Blocks of Squalor.

This is where the circle of hell began. The rotting carcasses that pass for homes on this stretch of squalor were once occupied by the white families that moved to Delaware County along West Chester Pike in the 1950s and 1960s. It is now 90% black and 10% Hispanic. The real unemployment rate exceeds 50%, murder is the number one industry, with drugs a close second.

As you drive down the 30 Blocks of Squalor you meet the ghost of Squalor future for West Chester Pike. The population along this corridor is ignorant, dependent, and represents the dregs of our society. There is virtually no legal commerce along the squalor. The Asians, Koreans, and whites that attempted to open stores have all been shot down in cold blood. The once proud homes are in shambles. Bags of garbage dot the landscape. Most of the people who live here are parasites on society. Personal responsibility, work ethic, education and marriage are unknown concepts in this community. Even though more than 50% of the students in West Philly drop out of high school and the SAT scores of West Philly High students are lower than whale shit, the bankrupt school district spent $70 million to build a new high school/prison to babysit derelicts and future prison inmates. The windows do not have steel bars yet, as the architect was smart to put all windows at least eight feet above street level.

The Chestnut Plaza truly represents what is important to this community. This Squalor Center, as opposed to Power Center, includes a video porn store, cash checking/payday loan outlet, smoke shop, donut shop, Laundromat, and liquor store. No need for a wedding ring store or resume writing service. Evidently this community values gorging themselves on fast food, getting high, getting drunk, jerking off to porno, and then having their sheets washed. They wouldn’t want to invest a few hundred dollars of their welfare payments on a washer and dryer, when they can spend it on the Direct TV NBA package. They utilize their 8th grade level education to get payday loans from the check cashing store at 40% interest.

Our entire society is in a downward social and economic spiral. We are just at different levels of decay (Dante’s circles of hell). At the current pace it won’t be long before I’m writing about the 50 States of Squalor. It is virtually impossible to reverse a decline that has been underway for the last three decades. We sold our souls to Wall Street and chose a debt financed illusion of wealth over productive savings and investment which would have led to real wealth. Our choices are reflected in the continued deterioration and decay along West Chester Pike and the squalor that is West Philly. Grey and decay will carry the day.

The words on the Statue of Liberty should be revised from,  “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, to “we have become your indebted, materialistic, obese, aging masses yearning for the government to protect and sustain us as our once great nation decays.”

As a nation, we have chosen this path. We made the choices and now we will suffer the consequences.

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  1. Watch it, Admin. These are voters and the president will not stand for your criticism of his core constituency. More free shit is the answer.

    Combine that fact with the sneering hatred that the administration has for productive americans – mere milk cows to be tapped whenever the FSA has an additional need – and it looks like you’ll be handing over (at gunpoint or via taxes) more of your money in the coming years.

  2. That we’ve been in decline for decades is right. The time is here and has been, to hunker down as best we can.

    I hope this article gets some exposure around the net.

  3. [email protected] says:

    This might be the finest essay you have written Jim. An awesome synthesis of melancholy for days gone by, rage for bad decisions doubled down upon, fear of the dark future that awaits this country – Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!

    When the Roman Empire started to crumble, the Roman citizens noticed declining civic services, increased crime, a crumbling infrastructure, a contracting economy and diminished economic opportunity. Plus their currency was increasingly debased.

    The Roman elites responded with Bread and Circuses, also called “panem et circenses”, to distract the masses from the real truth of their situation. Remember that Panem was the Capitol City of Panem and the Districts were held together with the circuses of The Hunger Games.

    Now, the “panem” is the fastfood frankenfoods and plentiful alcoholic beverages. Our “circuses” are the teevee, the Lexus, the ipod, the video games and all the other essentially valueless distractions of our modern age.

    Rome fell from within, folks, and we are following the exact same path, over decades instead of centuries, but the destination is the same.

    We won’t fall from barbarians at the gates but by the sheer weight of the zombies created by decades of misguided economic and social policies.

    Sorta a zombie barbarian kinda’ thing.


  4. admin – what hope said +10.
    Any corps in need of pure unadulterated market analysis hinging on demographics of a certain area would do well to hire you.

    The dirty little secret pro central plan and command progtards like Kunstler love to ignore and deny is that the urban sprawl is the very product of the same forcing people to act against there better judgment.

  5. Excellent Post. I grew up in a city much like Philly (Jersey City) It has followed the exact same trajectory. With the exception of the gentrified waterfront, which has become a refuge for people seeking a lower cost of living from Manhattan. The rest of the city is dystopian squalor. My old neighborhood included. One thing for sure when this 4th turning gets into full swing. There will be lots of chaos and violence from the parasites when the checks are reduced or stop coming… or won’t buy the daily ration of malt liquor and fried chicken.

  6. Note to self: You were correct 8 years ago to vow never to drive North on Interstate 95 again.

    Note to self: When next on I75, make careful note of when civilization stops and chaos begins for your next note to yourself.


  7. I always love a good 30 blocks rant, but this was much more, and on ZH also.

    You would think, considering the government has spent more than $16 trillion on the denizens of these shitholes, that they would be gold-plated mansions. But, alas, government dependence has created this situation.

    You forgot to thank your commute, in general, to “white flight”, as anyone and everyone from the 60’s and 70’s moved out and created the suburbs to avoid the violence, decay, depression and racial problems.

    European values built this country, and third-world values are destroying it. Too bad there are no more lands for us of European dissent to inhabit, and it’s going to be all-out war for what’s left.

    Please use your imagination and change the title of this picture to “USA 2020”. Thanks.

  8. I had the opportunity to spend my last 3 years in the States working for a construction company in Upper Darby. I lived about a mile away in a decent apartment off of the Gettysburg Pike, but was glad to move to Manila in the Philippines. When in Philly, I had the job of looking at, and bidding on, many commercial renovation jobs in the city of Philly so I got into most of the areas of the city. You would notice much of the same in the Northeastern section also. Indeed, turn off of any of the main streets in the north and you were suddenly in the 3rd world. Now I live in Makati, the upper middle class area of Metro Manila. I see worse everyday, but, I am afraid that the US is only a few years from the same conditions. I remember seeing tar paper shacks in the southern states when I was a kid traveling with my family to Virginia and the Carolinas. Have we come full circle in only 60 years? Great article!

  9. Nice! A great reminder why I live here. Move to a small town hundreds of miles from any major cities, then work your ass off to make sure the local populace is educated and informed. You’ll need them when TSHTF.

  10. Those damn raciss Jews , don’t they know that African crime mongering is just a natural reaction to centuries of slavery suffered at the hands those of North African Arabs..sheesh….don’t they have a ACLU in Israel?

    Netanyahu warns of infiltrators ‘flooding’ Israel
    05/21/2012 02:55
    Interior minister Yishai says African migrants should be jailed or expelled; Aharonovich to request emergency meeting.

    Also on Sunday, Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) repeated his call to jail illegal African migrants, most of whom he said were involved in crime.

    Aharonovitch: Forget stats, public feels unsafe
    ‘Eritrean migrants rape girl, assault boyfriend’

    “I repeat what I said – we must jail all of them or deport them with a stipend. The moment they are put in jail – others won’t want to come here anymore,” Yishai said, in an interview with Army Radio.

    1. Love this comment on ZH


      I love the $65,000, 13 mpg Lincoln Navigator with 8,000$ chrome 20’s parked illegally outside the check cashing place.

      Pretty much sums up why a lot of “them” are in the financial shape they are in. I’ll continue banking with a credit union that doesn’t charge me fees, and being happy with my civic.

  11. Yeh, good article. But seems you put a bit too much blame on the common middle-class citizen. Of course, the Wal Mart shopper has plenty of responsibility for our jobs being shipped overseas. But our wages have stagnated, fallen or halted completely since the departure of the dollar from any sort of commodity backing whatsoever during the Nixon administration. So the fact that we’ve all had to live on credit since then is not all that surprising. If you don’t make enough money to meet basic human needs, you charge those items on a credit card. I live in Denver, have a one bedroom half duplex, a shitty 82 Mercedes, never take vacations, don’t do drugs or drink excessively, make nearly 50k a year, and still my credit card balance increases year after year just to eat, clothe myself and keep my car running.

    any suggestions?


  12. I’m a fat-assed, raciss POS boomer. I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about that combination of attributes. I have never been the recipient of “white privilege”, nor have I suffered from “white guilt”. I avoid blacks whenever possible. I don’t want to see ’em, hear ’em, or smell ’em. Hopefully they feel the same way about me. This weekend is “Urban Beach Weekend” or some such rot on Miami Beach. I wonder how many of our Soul Brothers and Sisters will be killed, raped, or just plain beaten up? A sorrier bunch of worthless fuckers have never graced God’s green earf. Admin: incredible article!

  13. word to the unwise…
    If you’re at in the drive-thru line at McDonalds and witness some people in the car in front of you doing some quick car cleaning, don’t say a word.
    They might be African Americans still suffering from 150 year old slave complex and just need some understanding and love…and possibly your cell phone, watch ,wallet and car….just show the love and look the other way.
    For the sake of your health ,please don’t diss.
    Crime ‘This is For You, White B–ch’: Woman Allegedly Attacked While Ordering Lunch at Colo. McDonald’s
    A Colorado woman was reportedly attacked by three African-Americans while ordering lunch at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Colorado recently, after she asked one of the alleged attackers not to leave her trash in the parking lot.

    “I witnessed this young lady throwing trash out of her car and all I said was that it wasn’t cool,” Shannon, the woman who was seemingly assaulted, explained.

    Before she knew it, she said, the woman and her female friend lunged at her, punching her face and pulling her hair through the car’s open window. Then, in the midst of the confusion, a man interjected himself into the fight, throwing a soda at her.

    “This is for you, you white b–ch! This is a grape soda,” he reportedly said before taking off.

  14. “More than 30 blocks..” is perhaps one of the saddest commentaries on the direction of the fate of the US that I have read recently. When we no longer have a sense of community, we are not far away from losing a sense of country. Those who strive to turn neighbor against neighbor will have little effort in turning state against (the red against the blue), our country against another. The failed European social experiment is upon our shores. Societal giveaways has surely begot social unrest.
    “America is great, because America is good”; DeToqueville. As our goodness is swallowed up, the loss of our greatness shall soon follow.So sad too that so many of you have not seen nor felt the greatness. You all must be far younger than I. Though I tend to the cynical, your comments leave me far in the dust!
    “We have seen the enemy..and he is us.”

  15. Maybe it’s about time the US govt looked after the welfare of the 99%, rather than running a welfare state for billionaires via the Pentagon? Ever noticed how the threat level from Iranian mullahs, and other folk devils, tracks the needs of corporate America? People are raised on the myth of free markets and competition, but the US has always been a protectionist, mercantalist economy. We’;ve been living in a welfare state for the rich for decades, yet the howls of anguish only begin when the poor get a place at the table.

  16. Dora the Explora

    It isn’t one or the other. It’s both. We spend more on welfare than the military. The people in West Philly have had a place at the table for decades and they keep consuming more. Storylines don’t work on TBP. We deal with facts.


  17. Dora…..You’ve got it half right, the elite are a big part of the problem. From what I’ve seen on this site, the PTB get attacked with the same vigor as any perceived parasite of this country. But they’re just a part of the culture of moral decay in it’s various forms that’s bringing this country down.

  18. When it comes to cash flow, every dollar the fed gov receives in taxes goes out the door for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Those three programs make up 60% of spending, and the gov is borrowing the other 40% it spends on everything else.

    As ‘The Clash of Generations’ is making abundantly clear, it’s not about spending money on the poor vs. rich, it’s about spending money on old vs. young, and the old are winning by a landslide. And although there are some poor old people, as a whole they are the richest people in the USA.

    So in a way Dora is right – it’s poor people having to bail out rich people, but not in the way she imagines. It’s young poor people trying to shoulder the burden of rich old people’s entitlements.

    Pirate Jo in 2016 – running on the campaign ‘Pull the Plug’

  19. bugeater

    I appreciate it when others can confirm that I’m not exaggerating. Look forward to your LA Fitness story.

  20. LBJ and the “great society”, liberal white guilt, and more than $16 trillion spent.

    Not much return on investment, however.


  21. The story is actually about that closed down movie rental joint…I think it was a hollywood video. I had one of those unlimited game rental subscriptions kinda like netflix where you pay a monthly fee and can keep the titles as long as you want. About two weeks after picking up a new title the store closed down leaving me no way to return it.

    A couple months later I started getting collection letters from hollywood video that I owed them over $150 in fees (mind you the title sold at $49 new) for an overdue rental. I battled with them for several weeks over it, and they never actually rescinded the fees, they passed it off to a collection agency, then that agency to another, then another. I just ignored the collection notices and they eventually stopped coming. All of this after they had actually charged me an additional monthly fee AFTER the store had closed up. Is it any wonder their stores are closing down when they do business this way?

    I guess it’s not really very funny….sorry

  22. What gets better with blacks and browns..? ..Nothing.
    …even pro sports sucks when there are too many blacks..!
    …you cannot build a 1st world country with 2nd and 3rd world DNA.

    Good-bye America …you pissed it all away because you where afraid to be called racist..!

  23. I believe SSDI, SNAP, and 99 weeks of unemployment are at 0% interest.

    There are too many one-trick ponies who can only see one culprit to blame.

  24. John Rommel,
    Hockey is the best game you can watch ( KINGS!!!) and you can call me a racist if you think that makes any difference.

  25. Not a lot of daylight between us on this one Quinny. When the government creates a client state, this is the result. The change in Upper Darby in the last 10 years is nothing short of astonishing and should be a wake-up call to those that think the 30 blocks is a problem limited to the cities. If decay can come to Upper Darby, and come in a hurry, it can come anywhere. The problem is that we actively support squalor and decadence through massive government transfer payments and government intervention into every aspect of the lives of the client state. The only time there was any significant change in the trajectory of the squalor rate was during the late 90’s when serious welfare reform was attempted. Those days are long gone only to be replaced by the era of compassion as marked by 99 week unemployment checks (why work if you get paid not to), record food stamp enrollment (now called EBT complete with a debit card so to remove any stigma), and unheard of SSDI rolls (obesity and laziness are now classified as disabilities.) The resulting squalor should come as a surprise to no one. Change the incentives and you’ll change the behavior. Unfortunately the current administration and the one vying to replace it have no intention of changing any aspect of the client state. Ron Paul got it, along with less than 10% of national support; Rick Santorum got it as far as it related to a moral issue and didn’t do much better. I’m naturally an optimist but optimism is fast retreat.

    1. Skinny

      We need to figure this out over a few Guinesses at Britingham’s. You around on Friday?

  26. I want to see your ex-Flyers skating around with the rest of the Kings holding the Cup up highly. That is a safe bet. Your 30 blocks of diversity becoming prosperous without govt. funding, not a good bet at all. When TSHTF, maybe the Military will close the highways out of all 30 block toilets, every city has them, and just pull the plug. Think of New Orleans after Katrina times 1,000.

  27. I posted in early January that my son’s car had been stolen by a “disadvantaged youth” on Dec. 26th. The car was recovered ,replete with bullet holes and drugs hidden inside. Fortunately, my son’s insurance company paid for the damages. But…that is not the point. The area my son lives in is divided. One half is middle class. The other is the *ahem* disadvantaged citizens that we, the white racists, have kept down. His area use to be all middle class. Here is the question. Why is one half still keeping their homes in a nice condition and the other half living in squalor? Is it an ethnic problem? Did the homes on that side of town sell for less that the ones on the middle class side.?No!.These homes were sold to the “disadvantaged” citizens on the other side of the town with one difference They were sold during the Clinton administration when “everyone should be able to own a home” era. Why do they live in squalor? The answer is simple..THEY WANT TO! They don’t want to make the effort to keep up their homes, their property or their lives in a decent manner! It’s easier to obtain a SNAP card and use it in any other way than it was intended to be used. And who pays for that SNAP card? We do! The very people that live in those nice homes on the other side but are racist because we don’t support the president or his league of marxists. What is the answer? There is no answer. We can not change the nature of people. Liberals can throw money at them but it won’t make them moral or productive. It will only help to entrench them deeper into their own particular lifestyle. And they like it that way. What are we, the proud home owners suppose to do? That is a tough question. If you can’t afford to live in a rich community and continually move as the squalor moves in, you’re stuck. Or…maybe..find another home in a nicer neighborhood and apply for public and federal assistance. What the hell? If you can’t beat’em, join’em


      Romney faces tough questions from black leaders

      PHILADELPHIA — Mitt Romney is facing tough questions about how his education proposals would affect black communities.

      The Republican presidential candidate visited a West Philadelphia charter school on Thursday, a day after declaring education is the “civil rights issue of our era.”

      Romney repeated that declaration during the school visit, but struggled to defend his view that class sizes aren’t a major factor in educational success. Local African-American leaders also said his push for more two-parent families isn’t realistic in their community.

      The charter school’s founder also said he’s not sure whether Romney understands the needs of the African-American community.

      A recent poll found that 90 percent of blacks would vote for President Barack Obama, the first black U.S. president.

  28. Oh..silly Romney. He entirely missed the point because (forgive him) Romney hasn’t had exposure to the black community and their standards of living. Their standard of living goes like this.. mom and dad don’t live together. But..they have kids together. Many kids. Mom collects welfare for every kid she has. She receives money for rent, food, complete medical, clothing. transportation (did you know the gov’t pays for cab service?) and they receive FREE cell phones! Gosh! I must have missed some other free entitlement, but I know another blogger will fill me in.
    Meanwhile, DAD, applies for welfare under some BS qualification, and receives it. Oh happy day! Now he can have his “momma’s babies” (that’s how they always refer to them) free of any encumbrance and still access to his “momma’s babies”. Ain’t life grand?
    Romney..get with the program! They have theirs. And it’s not education, not in the traditional sense.

  29. Matt,

    That is another of the reasons we want to move further west from the city. When TSHTF I am basically within 3 miles of the 30 blocks and when those fine folks start pouring out of the city looking for food we are in the second community that will be overrun, likely with little warning. If TSHTF the military will be too overwhelmed to be relied upon for our safety. At least further west we stand a chance of hearing that the mob is coming with ample time to respond (clack-clack).


    “Why do they live in squalor? The answer is simple..THEY WANT TO! ”

    I have to agree for the simple fact that if the residents of those areas cared about their homes you wouldn’t see $70,000+ cars parked in front of these delapidated residences. They would sink that money into a lawnmower and paint instead… Usually though, there is one home among several blocks of row homes that is well maintained. They always make me think of that old Sesame Street ‘One of these things doesn’t belong here’ bit. I feel sorta bad for those folks because they obviously do care but clearly don’t have the means to GTFO.

    Side note: I can’t frikken believe that Richards and Carter are going to win the cup together the year after they were shipped out. I guess Homer can take credit for straigthening them out and getting them back on track LOL.

    …which segues nicely into this monkey pic:

  30. Another beautifully written chronicle of America’s decay.

    Thank you.

    Sorrowful, sarcastic and funny all at once. You’re Irish Ancestors are proud.

    Enjoy the Guinness.

  31. Bugeater,
    great pic of Shane Doan, I bet the monkey has a better memory. Richards and Carter are great additions to the Kings. Quick, Brown, Kopitar, Doughty, Stoll, etc.. it’s a long list of talent. Funny thing about L.A. though, most of these goons out here wouldn’t know what a hockey puck was if it smashed through the windshield of their lowererd Civic or Tahoe. Lakers or Raiders, that’s it.

  32. Don’t worry Admin, you’re not a TOTAL racist douchebag… I know you’re a level-headed man who realizes how associating race and nationality with poverty has been around forever. Wouldn’t it really suck if the people smart enough to get the fuck out were consistently associated with the ghetto, no matter what they did?


    It was just harder to red-line districts for issuing mortgages in the good ol’ days when you could blend in with the upstanding Anglos. Hey… that ginger gene is everywhere. There’s some albedo in that dark too!


    I wonder why concentrating a race in an area and then gutting manufacturing created a ghetto…


    No offense, just sayin’. I never mind someone calling it like they see it.

    Geese and ganders…


    I’m with you on the welfare clusterfuck, so don’t get too pipin’ mad.

    Geese and ganders…. or as I must question: “Is what’s good for the goose-stepper good for the ganderer?”

  33. What a miserable, mean-spirited, unempathic, racist git you are. If you’re the best the US has got to offer then no wonder your country’s screwed. You pour scorn, blame and race-hate upon the victims of your society even though you know full well what has put them in the gutter in the first place. HIlarious.

    1. Andy

      What is hilarious is your spelling ability. Glad to see one of you rotted teeth Brits telling me how screwed our country is, while Europe and your fucked up country go down the tube. Now that is hysterical. The British public school system evidently doesn’t teach reading comprehension. No wonder your socialist Muslim paradise is so fucked up.

      1. Andy

        Your email address is incorrect. Your are an idiot.

        You are just another one-trick pony with your elite super rich are to blame bullshit. Narrow minded liberal pricks like yourself are too fucking blinded by your ideology to see the truth. I rail against anyone who commits criminal acts, doesn’t take personal responsibility for their lives and actions, and games the system at the expense of others.

        You, on the other hand, blame a bogeyman called the elite for all ills in society. You’re a douchebag. Thank God the UK is stuck with you and your pea brain.

  34. Hey Andy:

    Your bitch called AGAIN the other night, looking to suckle another shot of man juice…

    Can you tell her to erase my number? It’s really getting annoying and I’ve long slept off that mistake.

    Thanks buddy.

  35. Andy says: you know full well what has put them in the gutter in the first place.

    I don’t know what put them in the gutter will you enlighten me.

  36. Andy…… a little more explicit, show us where this article is in error.

    The author laid it out as he see’s it, and all you can do is respond with the same old boring racist BS.
    Any old nobody can throw out personal assaults with no substance. Go for it, make your case.

  37. The answer is they can’t help it. I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent.
    I could also obviously be convinced that by controlling for the right variables, we would see that they are, in fact, as intelligent as white people under the same circumstances. The fact is, some things are genetic. African Americans tend to have darker skin. Irish people are more likely to have red hair. (Now on to the more controversial:) Women tend to perform less well in math due at least in part to prenatal levels of testosterone, which also account for variations in mathematics performance within genders. This suggests to me that some part of intelligence is genetic, just like identical twins raised apart tend to have very similar IQs and just like I think my babies will be geniuses and beautiful individuals whether I raise them or give them to an orphanage in Nigeria. I don’t think it is that controversial of an opinion to say I think it is at least possible that African Americans are less intelligent on a genetic level, and I didn’t mean to shy away from that opinion at dinner.

  38. ..just a few African -Brits out on town for a little fun , when ancient roots of oppression reached from the depths of their narrowed psyches to force vengeance upon an heir of their fair skinned oppressors.
    Sure, that’s the ticket.
    Mob of Teenage Blacks Commit Random Act of Murder
    May 22, 2012
    By michaelsuede

    A young man was recently stabbed to death in a random mob attack for no apparent reason.

    The Daily Mail reports:

    A gang of 20 hooded youths stormed a pub after the Champions League final before dragging away a 25-year old man and stabbing him to death in scenes ‘like a horror film’, friends said today.

    ‘True gent’ Luke Fitzpatrick was killed and his father Bernard, who threw himself on top of his son in a desperate attempt to shield him, remains in a critical condition in hospital after being stabbed four times.

    The pair were attacked when a gang armed with bats and knives stormed the north London pub after father and son had watched Chelsea win the cup together at on Saturday.


    Could you imagine just sitting around having a drink with your dad at a bar,when suddenly an armed mob shows up, drags you outside, and then stabs you to death? I can’t even wrap my head around this. This didn’t even make the front page.

    1. jayman

      I’m talking about both. Route 3 ends at 69th Street and then the 30 Blocks of Squalor starts.

  39. Amazing. You know that the elite, the super-rich, Wall Street and the US Government have brought America low but you just can’t resist railing on black people.

    What is it with you people? Why are you such cowards?

  40. Andy,

    90% of Admin’s posts are about the rich stealing the country blind and you rail on him for being ticked that part of his city is a cesspool?

    Let me help you out here. Your kids won’t be genius material. You’ve got your sights set way too high.


  41. Throwing taxpayer money at crime/poverty and placing blacks in the permanent status of “above equal” has had a bitter harvest after fifty years. There is a distinct difference between a HAND OUT and a HAND UP. Eventually the problem will resolve itself when the government no longer has the money to piss away on social experiments. The unproductive in America will perish due to lack of skills after our society endures years of pain during the “transition” back to the basic law of nature which is: Survival of the fittest. If you are not intelligent enough or industrious enough to compete, you die. Simple application of animal nature you see. Not rocket science. The real problem is not poverty but rather lack of integrity and character. Giving away money to people who didn’t earn it is a bad investment and it always has been.

    Admin: Thank you for this truthful essay of what you have seen and what you believe. It is greatly appreciated. I will look forward to your next commentary.

  42. Andy,

    I think you are right, that different races have evolved differently. Strengths to match their environment and such. The rub comes from being forced to provide for those that won’t/can’t/not smart enough to provide for themselves. It’s a struggle these days just to provide for ones own, not to mention that the lion’s share of this cost is being placed immorally on the backs of the young and yet unborn.

    And it’s not about race, as other posters have stated, it’s about ALL who have latched onto the wealth created by others for a free ride. Helping those that are truly needy is one thing, but succumbing to predatory and parasitic cultures is completely different.

  43. But but but Jim, the 30BOS has murals and will help you live longer and reduce internal stress caused by surekill hwy.

  44. Interesting take, especially having worked in (and with) these communities, and much worse ones nearby that were not mentioned. I think he makes some good points, some that, though a bit crass, are pretty hard to deny. I think he has a great grasp of the broader causes, and I agree that without local action and community stewardship, there can be no real change (not that kind of change, calm down). Aside from what was said about the cars and the prioirities, loss industry, the debt and denial – I think it is a gross oversimplification of the problem.

    Disinvestment in a community doesnt start from the ground up, quite the opposite. If he wants to play the blame game, I think its fair to do a little finger pointing at the people that took place in “white flight” (the ones with the $ and means to choose where they live) for not sticking their ground and preserving and reinvesting in their “beloved communities.” They left and followed the jobs (who could blame them, I guess) and as those houses they left became cheaper and more readily available, those without the means relocated to those areas, despite the lack of amenities, employment, education, healthcare, etc. Its not a black issue (necessarily) its a poor issue. I would put money on the fact that the white to black ratio in the corporate fat cat world (the ones whose greed has driven this dilemma from day one) is much higher than the black (minority) to white ratio of these poor communities, the ones who ultimately got the shit end of the stick as the problems are deffered on down the line to the lowest man on the totem pole. Theres a reason why shit runs down hill, people. Just wait until your beloved Burbs reach their tipping point, then all the honkies will flock back into the city, driving up the property values and pushing the poor into a further, more isolated area with even less access to amenites. Its a vicious, though from a Darwinian perspective, very natural cycle. Its part and parcel to human nature.

    The tipping point is fast approaching. I guess I am going on a bit of a rant here, I apologize, but I also dont think this issue is unique to the area (look at any, particularly large, rust belt city, Detroit, Cleveland, Atlantic City, – Coatesville, Chester and PA for other SEPA examples. Someone is always going to be left in the dust when the dynamics shift. Philadelphia, given its age, density, and industrial and as a result, Delaware County (arguably the first suburban political machine in the nation) have just experienced them first and with a greater intensity. I love how many commentors post on here boasting about their desire to leave it all behind and move away to join the Jones’ in the sprawling shit suburbs, all the while perpetuating the denial and false pretenses of a broken system.

    Id also like to point out that he didnt offer a single solution, much less a good one based in reality.

    1. Z

      I’d like to point out that after blathering on, you also did not offer a single solution, you long winded fuckwad.

      Did you have a fucking point to make?

      We all breathlessly await your list of solutions.

      Sound of crickets.

  45. “I think its fair to do a little finger pointing at the people that took place in “white flight” (the ones with the $ and means to choose where they live) for not sticking their ground and preserving and reinvesting in their “beloved communities.”

    ……….You mean like the Sears store mentioned in the article?

  46. Whats worse Admin: one person posting an admittedly long-winded response and at least trying to be objective, or (whats your precious tally up to now, 90 minus a few level-headed exceptions?) and an Admin smearing bigotry and misinformation. And what the fuck kind of blog administrator complains about people responding to their posts, isn’t that kind of the point of having a comment box?

    I may not have offered a solution to this complex problem (which Id like to think we can talk about as adults…apparently not) but I am also not claiming to have all the answers here, nor did I start a blog under the guise of someone who gives 2 shits about his/or her community in order to rant on about how much better things used to be, because you were there, right? But hey, its nothing a few borrowed, racist one-liners and animated memes can’t fix right? Way to lend credibility to this farse of a blog.

    Sorry if what I said offended anyone, on either side of the issue, who was trying to make a valid point and have a discussion.

    “long winded fuckwad”

    1. Z

      I love when newbie douchebags come onto this site that has been running for three years and addresses problems across the board, including solutions out the fucking yazoo, and lectures me about an article. I respond to morons, ideologues and fuckwads like yourself. It’s my blog. Why wouldn’t I respond?

      Secondly, this article is 80% about the decaying WHITE communities along West Chester Pike. I have about three paragraphs about West Philly that are 100% accurate and you liberal douchebags swarm onto the site and declare racism. Go fuck yourself.

      If you have some solutions, offer them up.

      Or go crawl back into your hole.


    ADMIN….why don’t you move to Alabama or Georgia. They need a hand on the now vacant, Anglo farms. Maybe here, far away from cities of filth and despair, you can find solitude in working on the farm. (Oh sorry, you don’t work on farms because you realized how much that sucked. So you devised a plan to bring in outsiders(filthy minorities) to farm it for you because you still like to eat food. Instead, now you will have white farmers lose their livelihoods (farms) to bankruptcy. The government will end up owning the farms, and (long behold) transform it back to a working farm with these people you call filthy and full of squalor. As much as you want a pure (white) America, you’re a hypocrite who sits behind a computer, ranting about shit you won’t personally go out and fix. Continue to go nowhere with your online rants. It provides a much needed means of daily entertainment.

    1. Tommy Jefferson

      WTF are you blabbering on about? Your raging case of syphilis is making you post drivel, disguised as deep thought.

      Looks like the wide distribution of my article has gotten under the skin of liberal do-gooder Obama lovers across the land.

      Amazing how these douchebags ignore 80% of the article dealing with Wall Street and corporate greed and the deterioration of the WHITE neighborhoods along Route 3 and focus on the reality I describe and see in West Philly every single day. They are furious because my observations are true and reflect the failure of their beloved welfare state that has destroyed the black communities across America.

      Their only tactic is to lash out and declare racism. That is because they have no facts. Classic liberal tactic – just pull the racism card and scream it loudly.

      My site provides much needed truth that infuriates douchebags like yourself.

  48. [email protected] says:

    Z: Let me tell you something about “white flight” and why it happens from someone who lived through it.

    My family was one of those that fled Pomona, California in the 1970s when it started its descent into the ghetto it is now. My parents located to Pomona in the mid 1950s. It was a beautiful little town right on the most eastern edge of LA County. Their suburb was surrounded by orange trees, strawberry fields and vineyards. Crime was low, schools were good and there was a brand new library. This was all paid for by the property taxes of the solidly middle class homeowners, a thriving small business communitty and several large manufacturing plants on the edge of town. It was probably 95% white as I recall.

    Here’s a few things that killed it and why the white (productive) folks fled.

    Black kids were bused into the local schools from the hell-holes of inner city LA schools. They brought their dysfunctional habits, and familes, with them. However, they were NEVER held to the same standard of performance and behaviour of the white kids, for fear of being called racist, lol, and the long slide of the public school system was assured. As well of their communities which promptly turned into the same shit-hole ghetto from whence they came.

    The city leaders decided Pomona should also be a santuary city, so a ton of illegals flocked to Pomona, lowering wages overall, and bringing their third world values with them. Since the illegals didn’t pay taxes and 3 families lived in the same house, the tax base was eroded as the social benefits were increased. Taxes began to rise for the law-abiding taxpayers who were getting less and less for their tax dollars. (Again, leaving aside the illegality of them even being there in the first place, these people, under the banner of multiculturalism, were never held to the same standards of behaviour and performance as the white folks.)

    Crime began to rise, the tax base continued to erode, businesses were either robbed or taxed out of existence. The original city dwellers, mainly white I grant you, went to the city leaders for redress and were basically told they were heartless, greedy, uncaring racists – just STFU and pay up.

    So they left, in droves, my family among them.

    It was never about black or white or brown. It was about VALUES and STANDARDS and the RULE OF LAW. All of which went down the shitter when the multiculturalists, the liberals, the progressives got in charge.

    I was last there in 2008, drove through the old neighborhood and down Gary Avenue, the main drag. Few new homes, fewer new businesses, lots of pawn shops and liquor stores. Everything very run down and tired looking. Very sad. But hey! The weather was great and when the smog lifted I got a glimpse of the mountains where I used to ride my horse as a young girl.

  49. [email protected] says:

    Oh, almost forgot.

    It did not help race relations when we saw people of color get special dispensations AT OUR EXPENSE while watching them trash our city in “gratitude”.

  50. Admin: Can you remove that asshole TJ’s name? He doesn’t deserve to be Thomas Jefferson’s pissboy.

    1. Wyoming Mike

      TJ and Z are going to form their own blog and offer liberal Keynesian Obama solutions. We always get solutions from these ideologues. We’ve been getting them for 60 years in Philly.

  51. Any supporter here move to Alaska? Possibly the western Appalachia region in west virginia, north carolina, or the sort? You know where they are homogenously white?…cricket cricket….Ok because for decades, these places show little signs of population growth according to the US Census. So again, stop complaining here and move there to make these people, and me, proud. Hey, I’ll believe everything on this site the moment someone shows me Alabama can be a productive, rich state after outlawing immigration. It is a clean slate for pure America to make its point. If it happens, hell I’ll pack up and move out of the country because I’ve been defeated. Until then, I’ll let this still functioning “melting-pot” concept continue.

    ADMIN and ADW……Please for the love of christ, put up new, fresh racist pictures. I mean this is for my entertainment and this shit doesn’t make laugh as hard because its so old. Like the yeloow, black, brown, and normal pic…..that shits like 6 years old. Possibly more. You need to be fresh or I will have to leave a read a more original racist blog. You know like the “Nth” million ones that exist. Collectively doing nothing but slowing down internet speeds.

    1. Douchebag Thomas Jefferson has been reading this blog for three years and he hasn’t seen any solutions. Geez, our public school system is even worse than I thought. He loves the anti-Wall Street part of the blog but as an ideologue he believes the poor and disadvantaged have no responsibility for their plight. He doesn’t believe personal responsibility is a solution. He doesn’t believe getting married instead of impregnating 5 different women isn’t a solution. He doesn’t believe saving money versus borrowing for igadgets, leasing Cadillacs, and eating out 5 nights a week is a solution. He doesn’t believe working versus faking your way onto SSDI is a solution.

      Guys like Douchebag Thomas Jefferson don’t see any solutions that don’t include their beloved government dictating to the people while borrowing the money. They want a boogeyman to blame for all the ills of society. They don’t want solutions. They would rather troll a blog calling everyone a racist. It’s a tired old tactic, but Douchebag Thomas Jefferson will utilize it to the fullest.

  52. TJ: How do you know a person’s racist? They’re white! Otherwise, it’s okay and socially acceptable, especially if your a liberal!

    Liberals Create Ad Campaign Declaring All White People Racist

    Liberals can’t get much lower than this. Racism is a deplorable thing in which a person or group of people declare that a certain race of human beings have certain attributes simply because of the color of their skin. Ironically, liberals in Duluth, Minnesota’s are doing just that: declaring that all white people are racist, based solely on the color of their skin.

    The new campaign, called “Unfair Campaign,” has purchased several billboards throughout the city. Here is just one example:


  53. ADMIN….I have been reading your wall street posts. I enjoy them just as much. This story though is a combination of issues (race, poverty, declining industry) that made me comment on it here. Again, three years running and not much in terms of good ideas being generated on this site. And I could be TJ’s pissboy. He had slaves remember. Geez what happened to American History classes.

  54. Z,

    What you seem to forget is that you cannot have a logical discussion on the internet. Blogger 1 presents point A, commenter presents point B, Blogger 1 calls commenter a “long-winded fuckwad.”

    What a douchebag!

    1. J

      You cannot have a logical discussion without logic. As soon as one of you douchebags has anything to say other than I’m a racist, then we’ll have a discussion. I love to poke the beehive of liberalism to see you idiots trying to sting anything in sight with your racist bullshit response.

  55. TJ:

    I don’t post or comment for your benefit, sorry douchebag. If you have something to say or post, other than your mother and brother had sex in Alabama, and you were born, then please do so. It’s too bad the coat hanger she used to try to dislodge you from her pelvis wasn’t long enough.

    Go ahead and find a racist blog, fuckwad, or just go back to the tween chatrooms on Yahoo, they are probably missing you by now.


  56. ummmm….im definitely republican…..not even liberal. I support making money because stagnation leads to decline. Ride the wave of the market my friend. And im not irate at all. Im enjoying myself before this memorial day weekend. Reminds me what to be proud about this weekend.

  57. ADW…were all racist. Please I’m a little racist myself. But that is a new picture. SO congrats we are getting “fresh”-er material on this site

  58. ADMIN, why didn’t you move to nicer areas of DELCO, away from the squalor….Radnor Township, Newtown Square, Kenneth Square, Chadds Ford?

    1. Douchebag Tommy Jefferson provides proof of his complete lack of reading comprehension by thinking I live in DELCO. The dumbfuck doesn’t have a clue about where I live or what context I have for writing the article, but he says he’s been reading the site for 3 years. I really need to attract less readers with IQs under 75. The dumbass doesn’t even know the difference between Delaware County and Chester County. He appears to be in a frenzy as he posts under multiple names in a pitiful attempt to make people think he isn’t really as dumb as he appears.

  59. Shit, I take it back. The “war of poverty” was a catastrophic mistake. It’s made government slaves and imbeciles of millions of people. I had no idea my corrupt and morally bankrupt fellow politicians would spend more than $16 trillion dollars. It seemed like a good idea at the time, you know, the kids, I think they call ’em “baby boomers”, the summer of love, the drugs, free sex. If I get reincarnated, I’ll repeal it, I promise. Holy shit, what a class-A fuck-up. I bankrupted the country!

  60. Thomas Jefferson, I attended Western Carolina University in western appalchia (North Carolina if people don’t know). I thought it was a beautiful area and I loved it. I wish more jobs existed there, its an area with huge potential and upside.

  61. “My observations along this route are of a country in a slow methodical steady decline that has been underway for decades and shows no signs of abating.”

    Couldn’t have said it better…the country is all about sex, drugs and rock n roll.

    kiss it goodbye sheeple

  62. LBJ:

    Nice to know to see the error of your ways. Since we are repenting, I take back “the war on drugs”, it costs about $200 billion per year, has increased the number of police 800%, and has put more people in jail than any other country in the world. Now, those police hit squads are turning the U.S. into a police state. My god, I was just trying to fix the problem of all those long-haired trashy smelly kids flaunting their drug use, and look what happened.

    While I’m at it, I take back my decision to take the U.S. off the gold standard. I should have known what would happen, if I was smart enough, but I wasn’t. The bribes I got weren’t worth it.

  63. @TJ

    You bring up the search for solutions, and that’s the point. There are no solutions in your context because the trajectory of this country is set in stone.

    But there will be a solution, out of the ashes, in a time frame measured in generations.

  64. Z: white flight takes place because of the desire to protect oneself and family from blacks. Protection from, crime, shitty schools, loud and disgusting “music” played all hours of the night, filthy people in filthy houses…I think you get the picture. Protection means leaving, period end. If you’re so fucking enamored with African, third world living, buy a house in Detroit and move there. They cost about $50. That way you can live amongst the denizens of the American jungle and experience diversity first hand.

  65. TJ:

    You are obviously fond of nut sacks, and smoking pole, and baby batter. Too bad you you can’t spell so well. It’s probably the syphilis (that’s now progressed to neurosyphilis) you got from taking your sister from behind, trying to create another brother you can diddle.


  66. Man this thread has legs!

    Men are not created equally, mentally or physically. I can’t dunk a basketball and I don’t demand someone lower the hoop so I can. FDR was a fucking lunatic thinking wealth re-distribution and white guilt would fix jack shit. This country is more divided than ever, ask yourself why that is.

    I suggest this book for anyone who has not read it: Pat Buchanon “Suicide of a Superpower”

    Not even the FSA or Chris Matthews can save Obama now.

  67. I know you’re not a racist, Admin. You’ve told me about how some of your best friends are black and how you hated working for those vicious Scandinavian pasty-faced fuckers. You’re just like Colbert – people have to tell you you’re white since you don’t even see color!

    1. Those Nazi Swedes are a menace to civil society. I’ve got to run. I’m having dinner with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. We’re planning the Trayvon Skittles & Hoodie Concert for Racial Harmony.

  68. When I grew up in that area, the only time we locked our doors was the two weeks that we went on vacation (Usually Wildwood or Atlantic City). There was literally no crime. If an unknown car was parked on the street, the telephones would start ringing with the chatter of house wives.

    Even back then Upper Darby high School had, what seemed to me, a high dropout rate: 977 students were in my 10th grade — 806 graduated. I moved a half mile away to Lansdowne because of the big houses. The scandals that the Republican controlled government profited from the radio active houses caused them to get thrown out of office. That is when titanic hit the iceberg. Every year it got more difficult to stay there. Finally I gave up and moved to real suburbia.

    They sell the centralization saying that it will be more efficient. Once the centralization occurs, the people in power are corrupted which causes more problems which leads to more centralization. It’s best to get out of there and let the zombies watch “Dancing with the Millionaires”.

    1. henryD

      I grew up in Collingdale and went to Bonner. There was no crime in our towns. The two week vacation to Wildwood was it for us lower middle class families raised by parents that actually spent less than they made. It’s an unknown concept to the people of West Philly. It’s not fair that they don’t have everything that us white folks have in our suburban paradise.

      You will now be branded a racist because you moved from Lansdowne instead of sticking it out like Tommy Jefferson, Z, J, and the rest of the douchebag liberal Obama worshippers think you should have done.

      People like them think they know what’s best for you. They always know what needs to be done to make life better for everyone.

  69. Sunday, May 20, 2012 by Common Dreams

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Quiet Drama in Philadelphia – by Ellen Brown

    “You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
    You will not be able to skip out for beer during commercials,
    Because the revolution will not be televised. . . .
    The revolution will be live.”

    –From the 1970 hit song by Gil Scott-Heron

    Last week, the city of Philadelphia’s school system announced that it expects to close 40 public schools next year, and 64 schools by 2017. The school district expects to lose 40% of its current enrollment, and thousands of experienced, qualified teachers.

    But corporate media in other cities made no mention of these massive school closings — nor of those in Chicago, Atlanta, or New York City. Even in the Philadelphia media, the voices of the parents, students and teachers who will suffer were omitted from most accounts.

    It’s all about balancing the budgets of cities that have lost revenues from the economic downturn. Supposedly, there is simply no money for the luxury of providing an education for the people.

    Where will those children find an education? Where will the teachers find work? Almost certainly in an explosion of private sector “charter schools,” where the quality of education — from the curriculum to books to the food served at lunch — will be sacrificed to the lowest bidder, and teachers’ salaries and benefits will be sacrificed to the profits of the new private owners, who will also eat up many millions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies.

    Why does there always seem to be enough money for military expansion, prisons, bank bailouts and tax cuts for the wealthy, but not enough for education—or for jobs, housing, healthcare, or old age pensions? These are not “welfare” but are part of the social contract for which we pay taxes and make social security payments.

    In an article reprinted on Truthout on May 10th titled “Why Isn’t Closing 40 Philadelphia Public Schools National News?,” Bruce Dixon posed this answer:

    The city has a lot of poor and black children. Our ruling classes don’t want to invest in educating these young people, preferring instead to track into lifetimes of insecure, low-wage labor and/or prison. Our elites don’t need a populace educated in critical thinking. So low-cost holding tanks that deliver standardized lessons and tests, via computer if possible, operated by profit-making “educational entrepreneurs” are the way to go.

    “Lifetimes of insecure, low-wage labor or prison”—this is very close to the “indentured servitude” that was abolished along with slavery by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1865. The freed slaves are being recaptured by debt, beginning with the debt of school loans, followed by credit card debt, mortgage debt, and healthcare costs.

    As was cynically observed in a document called the Hazard Circular, allegedly circulated by British banking interests among their American banking counterparts in July 1862:

    [S]lavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money. The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used as a means to control the volume of money. . . . It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that. [Quoted in Charles Lindburgh, Banking and Currency and the Money Trust (Washington D.C.: National Capital Press, 1913), page 102.]

    The quotation may be apocryphal, but it graphically conveys the fate of our burgeoning indentured class. It also suggests the way out: we must recapture the control of our money and banking systems, including the issuance of debt-free money (“greenbacks”) by the government.

    Rest of article by Helen Brown:

    1. Philadelphia spends over $12,000 per student per year. 50% of the morons drop out and the remaining 50% get SAT scores that put them in the retarded category. Catholic schools spend $8,000 per student and 95% of the students go onto college. Hmm. It must be racism.

  70. Ellen Brown’s radical solution to the above problem!

    Meanwhile, in Other Unreported News . . .

    That alternative vision was put before a conference in Philadelphia in late April that drew delegates from all over the United States. The theme of the first Public Banking in America conference, held at the Quaker Friends Center on April 28-29th, was that to fix the economy, we first need to take back the “money power”—the power to create currency and credit.

    Led by keynote speakers Gar Alperovitz and Hazel Henderson and highlighted in an electric speech by twelve-year-old Victoria Grant, the conference was all about solutions. As summarized by OpEdNews editor Josh Mitteldorf:

    There were two visions expressed . . . . The first is the very practical idea that states and cities around America could be rescued from insolvency if they had their own banks, instead of relying on commercial banks to borrow money through bonds. Tax-exempt bond issues supply money to states and municipal governments typically at 5 or 6% interest, while banks these days are able to borrow from the Fed at 1/4% per year.

    The second vision is . . . the radically-subversive idea that the system we have for introducing money into the economy is a boon for the banks, but perhaps a major drag on our economy. Perhaps a simple, direct system of money creation by the Treasury Dept instead of the Fed would put an end to cycles of recession, and create a foundation for long-term prosperity.

    Banking is a huge leech on our economy. 40% of every dollar we spend on goods and services — 40% of all that we create and all we consume — is siphoned off the top as bank interest in one form or another. (Calculations of Margrit Kennedy) The US Government is in the absurd position of paying interest to a private bank for every dollar that is put into circulation. The Federal Reserve system has privatized the power to create money, which, according to the Constitution, ought to belong to Congress alone. Presently, interest on the national debt costs the Federal government $500 billion in 2011, and (because of structural deficit spending) it is the fastest-growing portion of the Federal budget.

    Five hundred billion dollars could be saved annually just by refinancing the federal debt through our own central bank, interest-free. This is not an off-the-wall idea but has actually been done, very successfully. Among other instances, it was done in Canada from 1939 to 1974, as was detailed by the youngest and oldest speakers at the conference, 12-year-old Victoria Grant and former defense minister Paul Hellyer, founder of the Canadian Action Party. Another Canadian at the conference, Toronto Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, has proposed that the Toronto city council could improve its finances by forming its own bank.

    The direct solution to the economic crisis, urged by veteran money reformer Bill Still, would be for the federal government to simply create the money it needs, as the American colonists did by printing paper scrip and Abraham Lincoln did by printing greenbacks.

    But cities and states don’t need to wait for a deadlocked federal Congress to act. As Wong-Tam has proposed for Toronto, they can divest their public revenues from the too-big-to-fail banks and put them in their own publicly-owned banks. These banks could then do what all banks do: leverage capital, backed by deposits, into money in the form of bank credit.

    This newly-created bank money would then be available for the use of the local government interest-free (since the government would own the bank and would get the interest back as dividends). Among other possibilities, the money could be used to restore the schools. This would not be an expenditure but an investment, as illustrated by the G.I. Bill, which provided education and low-interest loans for returning servicemen after World War II. Economists have determined that for every 1944 dollar invested in the G.I. Bill, the country received approximately $7 in return, through increased economic productivity, consumer spending, and tax revenues.

    Legislation for public banks has now been introduced in 18 U.S. states, on the model of the highly successful Bank of North Dakota (BND). Elaborated on at the Public Banking conference by Ed Sather and Rozanne Junker, the BND is currently the country’s only state-owned bank and has been a major factor in allowing the state to escape the recent credit crisis. North Dakota is the only state to boast a significant budget surplus every year since the economic downturn of 2008.

    Ellen Brown noted that 40% of banks globally are also publicly-owned. These are largely in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), which also escaped the credit crisis, largely because their public banks did not rely on derivatives and, unlike private banks, lent counter-cyclically to cushion their economies from the downturn.

    Conference speaker Samuel Giles proposed that even public universities could set up their own banks, which could then leverage university monies for the university’s own use, rather than giving those assets away to Wall Street to be speculated with and lent back at much higher interest rates.

    Innovative Solutions for Pennsylvania

    Speakers Michael Sauvante and Mike Krauss noted that efforts are underway in several Pennsylvania and Ohio municipalities to create public banks. One possibility is for public banks to take an aggressive role in ending the foreclosure crisis by acquiring abandoned and foreclosed homes by eminent domain. These homes could be added to the asset base of the bank, which could extend credit to restore them and then sell or rent them at reasonable rates.

    Krauss noted that Philadelphia already has a strong effort underway to create a “land bank”—a bank to acquire, rehabilitate and create productive uses for the city’s more than 40,000 vacant properties—and legislation (HB 1682) has been introduced in the state legislature to enable this effort. But the land bank proposed is not designed to function as a depository bank that leverages funds into credit. Rather, it would simply work with appropriated funds or bond revenue. This is a positive step toward addressing a real need, but it could be enhanced by turning the land bank into a public bank—a chartered bank having the power to create money as credit on its books.

    The efforts for developing public banks in Pennsylvania are being led by the Pennsylvania Project, which was a co-sponsor of the Philadelphia conference and is supported in its work by the Public Banking Institute and the Center for State Innovation. The Pennsylvania Project is creating partnerships with other Pennsylvania public policy organizations to introduce legislation for a state Bank of Pennsylvania in 2013, after elections are held and a strong foundation of support has been laid.

    Revolution Without Bloodshed or War

    We live under a tyranny today that is just as intolerable and unjust as that in 1776, but violent revolution is no longer an option. Our oppressors own the military and the media, and their FEMA camps are waiting for us.

    If change is to come, it must be peaceful and legal, beginning with a revolution in the minds and hearts of the people. The message of the Public Banking in America Conference was that we can throw off the yoke of the financial elite by making money and credit a public utility; and the most feasible place to start is at the local level, with publicly-owned banks.

    For videos of some of the speakers, see More to come. The Victoria Grant video has gone viral, approaching half a million hits, including copies.

  71. Admin is not a racist.

    Despite having a trophy wife everyone ogles, and lives through vicariously,

    Despite his rants of the 30 blocks,

    It time to let the cat out of the bag,

    He has a mistress (but don’t tell anyone)

    Here’s her picture:

  72. FTL

    First Ellen and then the next with this:

    “The direct solution to the economic crisis, urged by veteran money reformer Bill Still, would be for the federal government to simply create the money it needs, as the American colonists did by printing paper scrip and Abraham Lincoln did by printing greenbacks.”

    Very droll. Some money reformer — two bad examples as a template?

    I’m surprised he didn’t call for ‘an elastic currency’. Common pipe dreams from progressives who can’t do arithmetic.

  73. Jim:
    Your excellent description of the squalor you passed while driving is alarming and scary.
    What has happened to our fellow citizens and our ‘do nothing, spend everything politicians’?
    My concern, like yours, is that things ARE NOT getting better. You see what’s happened to the past dominant countries of the world such as Greece, Italy, Spain, England, and you can’t help but think that the U.S. is close behind. Why does the current administration want us to be more like Europe considering the problems they’re having? What a pity for our children and grandchildren.
    We must vote all of the bums out of office once the hangover and drug lethargy pass. It won’t happen because so many are receiving entitlements and won’t vote against those who give them out. That’s the grand plan!

  74. Admin-Your finest 30 Blocks entry to date. Humor, truth and insight, and damn well written. Thanks.

    TJ, Z, Andy, et al.: Read this blog, for comprehension, for a while before commenting. You are making asses of yourselves (I guess that is redundant). Differing opinions are welcome here (if adequately supported), but there is no tolerance for diarrhea of idealogy.

  75. Well written Admin. Can take your writing and substitute Australian locations for the ones you describe and we have the same situation here. Keep up these wonderful articles. PS to all you sad sacks of virulent pus who scream racist, go and root your boot because there is a big cunt in it. Racism is the call of the weak who hasn’t got the guts to stand up and say it like it is.

  76. This is the society we have created. We are constantly focusing on the money earning and spending, while we forget to deal with the social problems. People living on those corners are the mirror of our societies. Their building are not even good for Adaptive Reuse. You can go from the West coast to the East coast, from Mexican border to Canada and you will find the same type of people all around. It is sad that their numbers are just raising..

    I think your criticism is quite useless because you won´t change anything. The problems included in the educational, social and law system are the core. These people are just a symptom of a much deeper disease.
    Our government cares more about Israel then about it´s own citizens. What a surprise. Or is it really a surprise?

  77. But hey, the Greatest Generation’s scheme to spark the bonfires of multicultural diversity by forced busing worked out great.

    A lot of developers did quite well capitalizing on white flight to the suburbs.

    Bet the greatest morons didn’t see that one coming.

  78. SSS
    I guess your government funded gold club status makes you a General in the free shit army…eh?
    Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits

    By Phil Izzo

    49.1%: Percent of the population that lives in a household where at least one member received some type of government benefit in the first quarter of 2011.

    Cutting government spending is no easy task, and it’s made more complicated by recent Census Bureau data showing that nearly half of the people in the U.S. live in a household that receives at least one government benefit, and many likely received more than one.

  79. Nah, Greybush…. like the Anglos to your forefathers, they spared some barbarian women to take as wives. After all, ethnocentrism didn’t include “whiteness” when a nice piece of ass was concerned.

    My family hid it quite well… you know, put the grandmas in the trailer out back to drink themselves to death while the more upstanding of us, whose germanic traits provided a better front, donned pillowcases to chase them injuns, coloreds and catholics off…

    My uncle swore his ginger ass was because he was “norse” until the day he died… Suprise when we found the geneology papers from that newfangled internets showing what we knew all along.

    So it goes, history is written, and the cries of “revisionist!” Seem as pick and choose as the victor’s books.

  80. Like skin color has anything to do with anything …. the people doing the most damage to the country are white highly educated whites … living in mansions in the hamptons.

    1. Randy enters the fray proving he has the reading comprehension abilities of a pregnant West Philly High School cheerleader.

  81. Colma, you’re on a roll …

    and yeah, despite the ‘cone of silence’ in my family, I too found proof on the Sioux woman a ways back. There were whispers of a Cherokee on the other side but I have not pinned that one down. Yet.

  82. I love this debate!!!

    1. Admin isn’t racist (well no more raciss than the next bloke).
    2. Perhaps the problem is a multitude of things combined.

    Now I don’t real’y care for the whole, “Catholic Schools have 90% awesomeness because of the culture” or “white flighters” should have stuck around or really most of the polarizing and unproveable arguments, a lot of the arguments here I can’t debate or really say that I know better than anyone else. But my experience is this:

    I’ve seen a similar decline in the community I grew up in and it wasn’t due to an influx or third world values/immigrants or really anything else besides that the entrenched white community (census data shows my area is 98% white) stuck to social welfare and staying put as a means to better themselves, I use better loosely. Once manufacturing dried up, the service/medical industry took hold (nearly all of the jobs in this area are the service industry) and navigating/exploiting social services took root heavily as a means of subsistence.

    What was left is an uneducated shell of a populace unwilling or unable to better themselves, their children as adept at manipulation and they continue the cycle. Anything other than this subsistence isn’t paid any amount of attention and the community goes into a death spiral as everyone of worth moves and leave the stragglers/those with no means to move and the horrible “drain-on-society” people.

    What my community was left with is a generation of skilless useless assholes. This goes for the so-called “rich” in my community. They were just as slimy just better looking and just as equally entitled and willing to accept any “welfare”.

    Our decline is in interesting one….I wish I had the answers but debate is always good.

  83. You americans are beyond words, stop impregnating your siblings, turn off the nascar and start working. You are never going anywhere with that twisted way of thinking. Call Europe communists or whatever, the fact is that the rest of the world is moving past the US and we are so tired of you xenophobic blaming others type of attitude. To the rest of the world you are just a laughingstock. This has btw nothing to do with the “black” or “brown” people, the people are laughing at you caucasians because some of you are just simply dumb. What I´ve read on this page just confirms it. You are all descendants of immigrants to north-america.
    And a little to you uneducated Americans, Europe is having problems, well at least some parts, due to corruption in the government very much like your republican party. But in the end, we have a union here, so we back each other up, whether we want it or not. You will never have help because of your attitudes. Serves you right to suffer now so you get off your high horses. Many European countries have been able to get through this economic crisis much better than the USA and are still on the rise, so are various Asian and South-american countries. The fact is that you will never understand how our countries work because you are not willing to learn from others and change your attitudes. I sure hope republicans win the game and you start your holy war against other religious terrorists and that you two level down both your countries because the rest of the world can do without you. I used to love America but I am so sick and tired of hearing all the nonsense. You guys go take out science from schools and teach fairytales, like you aren´t dumb enough already. Well there is no point in writing this really because your level of ignorance is impossible to breach.America-according-to-Europeans.jpg

    1. Someone with their head up their ass

      I love it when a European comes on and lectures us about how to run a country. You are so fucked, you don’t even know it. When you aholes start another war with each other, don’t expect us to ride to the rescue again. Blow yourselves the fuck up. You’ve already destroyed the European economy with your socialist bullshit. You’ve run out of money and now the fun begins as you devour each other.

      Long live the European Free Shit Army.

  84. If it weren´t for the europeans you guys wouldn´t be in the USA to begin with. I am not lecturing anyone I am just pointing it out that you guys are so full of yourselves. We over here learn and grow and you go on with the same crap. Silly of you mentioning the wars here when we finished and you still go over to so many countries and start new ones. Have you not wondered why people get so sick and tired of americans, it isn´t even the number one country people go to anymore. Even your Canadian neighbours are more pleasant than yourselves. All you guys do is fk up the economy of the rest of the world, while we could manage ourselves, your stupid attitudes is what pulls us down.
    Stop complaining about others and do something yourselves other than corruption and racism and sht you guys pull.
    You are extremists that is the problem, here there is no only black or white but all the shades in between. It is so extremely funny how uneducated you are for calling us socialists here where there are many countries that have a right-wing party ruling, so honestly I don´t know where you get your ignorance from. Would you however stay a year in Europe I doubt you´d ever want to go back to the USA, I doubt you have even been here on vacation but then on the other hand we don´t like banjo music over here.

    1. Someone that doesn’t have a clue

      Enjoy your 10 week summer vacation. How’s that influx of Muslims working out for you? How’s issuing more debt to pay off old debt working out for you? Your little socialist paradise is imploding and you have the balls to lecture America. Guess what? 16 weeks vacation and retiring at 50 years old with a full pension isn’t sustainable. It’s a shame they didn’t teach you Europeans math in school. I guess you were too busy taking classes on how to game the system for more free shit.

      Your free shit paradise is toast. Keep lecturing.

  85. Ok there, but in the majority of countries the age is 65 and even 67, only in Greece is it 50. So learn your facts. I by the way am taking my medical degree next year, I already have a degree in biomedical science, I speak 6 languages and I have been working during my summer…like I said, keep on living in your ignorance. 🙂

    1. You know a douchebag has lost a debate when they resort to stating their qualifications and their education. It goes to prove that the most educated are usually the most ignorant.

      A dumbass prick is a dumbass prick.

      Thanks for playing.

  86. LOL …another Scien-toaday someone fades of into blathering narcissism with a steel toed boot hanging from his ass..

  87. I went to Yale and passed with a 4.0 grade point average…I believe I win the argument lol

    /delusional /sarcasm

    Not the way to ‘win’ an argument.

  88. Admin,

    You’ve done such a wonderful job pointing out the obvious. I can’t wait to read your next article where you explain how you’ve volunteered your time, shared your insight, poured out your wisdom, and unleashed your vast resources to breathe new life into a dying community. Surely you wouldn’t just criticize and not offer any solutions for change and renewal. I mean, that would put you on the same plateau as those vacuous “morons” and “derelicts” chillin outside the payday waitin for dem dirty drawls to get dey shine on – wouldn’t it?? Surely you’re better than them. After all, your civic is paid off- right??

    1. RaZor

      My solution is to accept personal responsibility for my life, make sure my children are educated, stay married, work hard at a job, spend less than I make, and not depend on the Federal Government for anything. I also donate my money to Manna on Mainstreet in my community to help the truly down on their luck. My children volunteer at this food shelter. What’s your solution douchebag?

      I love when dumbfucks like yourself drop in and pollute my site with drivel, acting like they know me or what I’m about. Go fuck yourself you worthless piece of shit.

  89. So you mean you actually do care about the “derelicts” and “morons.” I was just checking, your article gave me reason to believe otherwise. – Classy

    1. I don’t care much for dumbfucks like yourself, but that’s just me. I’m sure your brilliant insights really impress them down at the home for slow witted douchebags.

  90. What happened to West Philly, Detroit, etc., is a dramatic picture of what will happen to smaller cities, rural areas and suburbs across the nation. The net is spread starting at the bottom of the great economic food powered make work pyramid and gradually, slowly rises to capture the middle class (happening now). It’s the frog boiling slowly syndrome. Look how successfully the starvation programs implemented by Stalin, Mao, in the Ukraine, Ethiopia, the former USSR worked. Don’t think for one moment poverty can’t be planned in this country. Dangle the golden carrot offered by people who wear government hats, people fall for it everytime to their utter doom. They call themselves benefactors. Hey, we need poor people to provide jobs for all those government benefactor “workers” who service them. Its not a black or white thing. Europe’s Dark Ages and the age of Dickens had plenty of squalor and filth to share; and just about every African nation is run by greedy, corrupt men who take no thought for the poverty conditions and child slavery that seem to be rampant in their countries. Truthfully, it’s not even a rich vs. poor problem. When you get to the root of it all it’s a morality issue. Coveting the fruits of someone elses labor is WRONG, even if you appeal to a government who steal it by brute force and call it legal. No amount of voting can cure laziness. Poor or not, there’s just no excuse for filth. The Creature from Jekyll Island was an eye opener.

  91. Personal responsibility which is self government – not dependence on the state and federal governments – is the only soluton. No one is free until he sets his fellow man free.

  92. He’s about half right. His diatribe against Wall Street is absurd. Wall Street didn’t cause all of this. The truth is that we quit producing because that is hard work and the greenies don’t want factories and pollution. The government has given us trade policies that allow countries that use slave labor to sell here without tariffs while allowing those same countries to erect tariff barriers to our products. Naturally the jobs will migrate overseas with that policy. We have a policy of sky high energy prices. Cheap and plentiful energy is always the key to manufacturing. While we have been doing all this and driving down the standard of living we have been using debt to preserve the illusion of prosperity. But NONE of it is the fault of Wall Street. It is ALL the fault of the politicians. Wall Street will find a way to make money. If the government takes away the ability to do it through manufacturing then they will find another way.

  93. “My solution is to accept personal responsibility for my life, make sure my children are educated, stay married, work hard at a job, spend less than I make, and not depend on the Federal Government for anything.”

    Amen, Brudda. I remember seeing a black woman delegate to the 1980 Republican convention being interviewed on TV and she said “the best thing I can do for the poor is to not be one of them”. At the time, I though that was heartless – because I was young and ignorant (redundant, I know). Now I know exACTLY what she meant. If you take care of your family, your “people” will take care if itself. Look at Asian Americans. They take care of themselves and their family, and as a result, they are disproportionately high-earning and wealthy. They don’t hold marches. They don’t do sit-ins. They don’t produce a lot of “community organizers”. Asians don’t worry about helping “their people”. They also don’t feel compelled to live in “the community”. They pick their suburb based upon its school district and only worry about their own offspring. Programs to help specific communities are destined to fail, just as a “program” to fight obesity is destined to fail. Fat people just need to decide to eat less and eat more healthily. They don’t need a billboard or a public service announcement or a complex Health Department website. Everyone know what it takes not not be a fat slob. They just need to do it. Everyone knows that education, family stability & a strong work ethic are the keys to financial success. They just need to do it. It all comes down to discipline, and government cannot inculcate discipline.

    1. It looks like the Economic Collapse Blog has linked to my tribute to West Philly as one of the worst hell holes in the country. I’m so proud.

  94. I’m not racist. I just hate stupid, ignorant, lazy people.

    So, ya know, most Americans. I’m equal opportunity that way.

  95. This deserves to be back on the list, or re-posted, or whatever it is that admin does. It’s a high honor to be on the economiccollapseblog.

  96. A couple features of our 30 Blocks of Squalor you may have missed:
    -10+ Community farms
    -Organic food Co-op
    -Volunteer-run Tool Library
    -Local credit union (usually a bit busier than the check cashing places)
    -Countless community associations

    A simple drive-through is rarely sufficient to understand what makes a place and it’s people tick. William James’ “On a Certain Blindness” is a great examination of this great void in our typical perceptual abilities. When I drive through the suburbs, for example, I see what looks like a very boring, homogeneous community organized around activities that seem meaningless to me. But I have to remind myself that I am only seeing the surface, and that inside every one of those suburban homes are hearts and minds on fire with their own loves, worries, and moral commitments.

    1. Peterson

      LOL. Community farm my fat ass. Three tomato plants growing in pots with cigarette butts put out in the dirt is not a community farm.

      I’ve worked in West Philly for 6 years.

      I went to college in West Philly for 5 years and lived there for three years.

      My description of West Philly is accurate and doesn’t even scratch the surface of how bad it really is.

  97. -10+ Community farms
    -Organic food Co-op
    -Volunteer-run Tool Library
    -Local credit union (usually a bit busier than the check cashing places)
    -Countless community associations

    All, undoubtedly, supported and funded by millions of tax dollars, after they trickle down through the democrats and bureaucrats in Philly.

  98. The Left, (Democ RAT Party) under the Kennedy, but MOSTLY Johnson, administration, (GREAT SOCIETY) created this America. Oh yes they did. While democrat politicians babble on about jobs, they support illegal immigration of millions of foreegn nationals. While they babble about jobs, they have abandoned the UNION MOVEMENT. While they babble about jobs, Democrats, including Obama, have supported Wall Street outsourcing of jobs, while trying to blame it all on the opposing party. Nope. The first order of business the prez had was to bail out Wall Street, not Main Street. You know, the Main Street of the above pictures. The Democrat Party and all of its programs are a complete FAILURE. Does this mean I believe the Repubicans are the answer? Of course not. They are just as corrupt. What I take issue with is this notion that the Democrat Party must deal with all of this poverty because someone else created it. WRONG!! They created it. They created the broken black families, lifetime welfare poverty, and broken spirits.

  99. Without maintenance money homes will fall apart eventually. Without the extra money to pay for watering the yard, yards go to waste in the summer, things die. In the area I live, there are no gangs, no city ghettos like you mention in Philly. But unemployment is high, there are plenty of empty homes for sale new and old, and empty business buildings too. When money is tight people tend to not spend it. Yet there are tons of McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger Kings, Taco Bells, Arbys, KFC’s, Dairy Queens and more, and Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican restaurants, trucks & drive throughs. The fast food places always have customers, as do many restaurants. The local Walmart always has fat people carting out hundreds of $ worth of junk canned premade garbage, and beer, wine, hard liquor. The car wash, and cars that are restored costing thousands, Honda’s with specialized rims and tires, paint jobs galore! Next to walmart, the local Costco always has people carting away cart loads of junk food, soda. And people here find pride in their flat screen TV’s, walk and drive dazed while texting or talking on the phone.There are plenty of check cashing places, and some porn places, tons of bars too. You really should find out just how much the WELFARE payment is to buy be able to buy a washer and dryer, yet Direct TV? Stop using the old worn out Welfare riches theme to stereotype people judge and put them out to dry! If you knew anything about the welfare system you would know that by federal law these people are looking for work 5 days a week, walking into their local office every day, documenting their contact, which are audited, creating resumes, honing job interviewing and search techniques, with a minimal required time spent in their local Workfirst office. The laws are more strict than the rules for collecting unemployment, with a 5 year limit many states have stopped helping single people and will give barely basic financial help to parents with children under a certain age. And those kids must by law be in school, K to 12 to get any benefits for them. If these people are spending money like you claim (and assuming is not factual) it’s not from Welfare. Spreading ignorance hate because of poverty and some times race is pretty counterproductive and hateful. (most won’t be racist to rich blacks etc…people at least in public) If you don’t think we are all connected just watch as the white middle class continue fall into real poverty, it’s will not be pretty! Hopeless people stop caring about appearances and social etiquette, they give up, at best become jaded cynical and live in the mind set of Dog eat Dog, survival of the fittest, etc.It’s true that when you have nothing, you’ve got nothing to loose. Who do you think will fare better the people who have had practice in this mind set or the newbies. Even the money for bullets for protection will end in long term poverty. The article writer, probably wouldn’t be any more civilized, honest, full of integrity values morals if he were faced with the same long term circumstances. Pray it doesn’t happen to you, your town. No I am not black, on welfare, a democrat, or anything that I am sure some who don’t like what I have said will label me. Labels and stereotyping of others are nothing more than a technique (of emotional manipulation) not to look at yourself, justify your hate, scapegoating, skirting the core issues and problems. Wake up it’s not about them, it’s all about you.

  100. Your post was one of the most honest, well said descriptions of what wrong with this country. I grew up in Delaware County, studied hard in the integrated school system to get good grades, and later went on to college, medical school, internship and residency in Philadelphia. After being told by my mentors, “don’t make the same mistake I did by practicing here…”, I fled the area and moved out west. It never ceased to amaze me how much we waste our borrowed money and destroy our children’s futures on the type of healthcare we provide people who don’t deserve it (and could give a crap less what you do for them). To make matters worse, a failing government has taken control of healthcare to make its failures magnify at unprecedented levels. Add to that a Federal Reserve that makes our dollar a peso and our Treasury Bonds a joke, a flood of illegal immigration who’s mind’s are hard wired for welfare and Obama-ism, and a liberal media that brainwashes the public… how much time do we have left before the Federal government makes a move on our 2nd amendment rights? How much time do we have left before the nation spirals into Civil War?

  101. If there’s no update to Thirty Blocks of Squalor, we’re going to have to assume that West Philly has been transformed into a Wirtschaftswunder through the delayed workings of the Obama Stimulus.

  102. I’m sorry but I suggest you actually get a clue about that area. You may have grown up in Delco but I highly doubt it was anywhere near there. None of those houses were built in the 50s, 60s, or 70s, except for maybe parts of Havertown. The entire stretch of West Chester Pike is full of homes built at the latest in the early 50s but more commonly in the 30s, 40s, or even before then. Those rowhomes the closer you get to 69th Street are from the 1920s at the very latest. Especially in Philly, the only parts of that area that were built in the 50s, 60s, or 70s are places that the RDA “redeveloped” during the urban renewal era.

    Places like Cardington, Llanerch, and Stonehurst in Upper Darby have never had money, and Cobbs Creek (the part of West Philly you’re talking about) was decimated by the MOVE bombing in 1985. The only even remotely post-war part of West Chester Pike is Havertown.

    The fact that you’re a guy yet you write like a girl is pretty sad, too.

  103. Oh and by the way, your description of West Chester Pike leading up to 69th Street is just so hilariously sheltered. For real, get a clue about the area before you spout your mouth off about its “history” or “trajectory”. Yeah, those immigrants stabilizing the schools and opening up businesses and forming communities are really making that area “go down”. Please. Also, I love how you completely left out how that section of Upper Darby has been diverse for twenty years now, and used to be extremely Greek in the 80s and early 90s, when people like (Statima)Tina Fey and a current Philadelphia Inquirer writer were growing up there. Maybe you should tell your readers about the 69th Street Gang of the early 20th Century, too. It’s funny how you seemed to miss all of the independent shops and immigrant businesses and restaurants along that stretch, too.

    What’s the most amusing thing though is that you think your suburbanite ass is more in shape or more likely to be in shape than people who grow up walking, running around, and doing real work that your soft, sheltered ass could never do. Your ass is more likely to be in shape than people in an area with a boxing tradition older than whatever suburban joke you grew up in? For real? I’ll tell you flat out that you couldn’t have lasted a week growing up with those “out of shape” people, because that area eats soft people like you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late-night snack.

    Who in the hell do you think you are, kid?

    You’re the zombie, you idiot. You’ll never wake up and see that though. “Zombies” like me will continue to just laugh at you because you think you know everything but in reality you know nothing.

  104. After reading the rest, you really are just a delusional little shit. You seriously think a bitch-made little suburban cupcake like you is superior to people who grow up in shit you only see on TV? I’m sorry but who subsidized your little suburbs again? Oh, that’s right. Where did the funding for your “excellent” suburban school come from again? Oh, that’s right.

    You grew up in and still live in a government subsidized fairyland and you have the nerve to judge people who deal with reality you never could, a reality that is largely caused and is intensified by your little suburban fairytale, that sucks money out of neighborhoods like the “30 blocks of Squalor” as you so delusionally put it. Chestnut St up into the 40s is all University City, hell up to 52nd Street, actually. Get a clue.

    I really have to laugh at your ignorance and how pathetic you are though. What a fucking sad little suburbanite bitch you are.

  105. Kid I would fucking destroy you. Talk tough online all you want but we both know you can’t back it up you whiney little pasty fuck.

    1. Oh boy we have a tough guy Upper Darby high school dropout who wasn’t able to comprehend the article because he has an IQ of 75. He’s gonna beat me up.

      Why don’t you tell us more about the history of Upper Darby, you fuckwad. We’ve learned so much.

      I take shits with more substance than you.

      Thanks for dropping by and letting everyone experience how ignorant the masses really are.

      1. Hey UD Resident Dumbass

        Did you know you can use your EBT card at KFC now?

        Did your mother have any kids that lived?

  106. You’re right, I am an asshole, unlike you who is just a loudmouth suburbanite pretending to be an asshole online like you all do.

  107. What a clueless fuck. The UD Resident Fuckwad must be a Boomer. Only a Boomer could be such a delusional asshole.

    Upper Darby is a shithole. You live in a slum. Upper Darby deserves people like you.

    This shit for brains ignorant puke actually thinks Chestnut Street has been revitalized all the way up to 52nd street. You don’t get out much, do you dumbass?

    I suggest you take your dog for a walk at 52nd and Chestnut at midnight, you dullard.

    Tough guy UDasshole thinks I don’t know about his little neck of the woods. I went to Bonner and grew up in Collingdale you moron. I know exactly what Upper Darby was like in the 70s and 80s.

    Of course, I wasn’t on the short bus like you, so I’m sure you know best.

    Do you want me to stop by your house on the way home tonight so I can kick your fat Boomer ass?

  108. Administrator,

    I love it… your posts on the 30 blocks are among your best posts. Friends of mine – all only MSM readers and WSJ followers – coo and comment whenever they get a 30 blocks article forwarded from me.

    Hey, for a few bucks on the side, what about running a Summer or Fall tour through West Philly. Pawn shops, massage parlors, check cashing spots, boarded up housing, and so forth. It’s Americana and more real than Civil War battlefields or other outdated places. I think you could get many of us and others to sign up to see Ms KFC, *R*O*D*N*E*Y* and his girls, wall art and graffiti, and the potholes you’ve become so well acquainted with.


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