This is the 3rd and final chapter of my series about the destruction of the middle class. In Part 1 of this series I addressed where and how the net worth of the middle class was stolen. In Part 2, I focused on the culprits in this grand theft and in Part 3, I will try to figure out why they stole your net worth and what would be required to restore sanity to this world.

Dude, Why Did They Steal My Net Worth?

“I have no problem with people becoming billionaires—if they got there by winning a fair race, if their accomplishments merit it, if they pay their fair share of taxes, and if they don’t corrupt their society. Most of them became wealthy by being well connected and crooked. And they are creating a society in which they can commit hugely damaging economic crimes with impunity, and in which only children of the wealthy have the opportunity to become successful. That’s what I have a problem with. And I think most people agree with me.” Charles FergusonPredator Nation


It is clear to me that a small cabal of politically connected ultra-wealthy psychopaths has purposefully and arrogantly stripped the middle class of their wealth and openly flaunted their complete disregard for the laws and financial regulations meant to enforce a fair playing field. Why did they gut the middle class in their rapacious appetite for riches? Why did the scorpion sting the frog while crossing the river, dooming them both? It was his nature. The same is true for the hubristic modern robber barons latched on the backs of the middle class. Their appetite for ever greater riches will never be mollified. They will always want more. They promise not to destroy the middle class, as that will surely extinguish the last hope for a true economic recovery built upon savings, investment and jobs, but it is their nature to destroy. A card carrying member of the plutocracy and renowned dog lover, Mitt Romney, revealed a truth not normally discussed by those running the show:

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine.”

The data from the Fed report confirms Romney’s assertion. The poorest 20% were the only household segment that saw an increase in their real median income between 2007 and 2010, while the richest 10% saw only a modest 5% decrease in their $200,000 plus, annual incomes. Meanwhile the middle class households experienced a brutal 8% to 9% decline in real income. Table 2 in Part 2 of this article reveals why the poorest 20% were able to increase their income. Transfer payments (unemployment, welfare, food stamps, SSDI) increased from 8.6% of their income in 2007 to 11.1% in 2010. Government transfer payments rose from $1.7 trillion in 2007 to $2.3 trillion today, a 35% increase in five years. I’m sure the bottom 20% are living high on the hog raking in that $13,400 per year. Think about these facts for just a moment. There are 23 million households in this country with a median annual household income of $13,400. That means half make less than that. There are 58 million households that have a median household income of $45,800, with half making less than that.

The reason Mitt Romney isn’t concerned about the very poor is because his only interaction with them is when they cut the lawn at one of his six homes. The truth is the bottom 20% are mostly penned up in our urban ghettos located in Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC, LA, Atlanta, Miami, and the hundreds of other decaying metropolitan meccas. They generally kill each other and only get the attention of the top 10% if they dare venture into a white upper class neighborhood. They are the revenue generators for our corporate prison industrial complex – one of our few growth industries. They provide much of the cannon fodder for our military industrial complex. They are kept ignorant and incapable of critical thought by our Department of Education controlled public school system. The welfare state is built upon the foundation of this 20%. It is certainly true that the bottom 30 million households in this country, from an income standpoint, do receive hundreds of billions in entitlement transfers, but Table 2 clearly shows that 80% of their income comes from working. The annual $72 billion cost for the 46 million people on food stamps pales in comparison to the hundreds of billions being dispensed to the Wall Street banks by Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner, and the $1 trillion per year funneled to the corporate arm dealers in the military industrial complex. The Wall Street maggots (i.e. J.P. Morgan) crawl around the decaying welfare corpse, extracting hundreds of millions in fees from the EBT system and the SNAP program as they encourage higher levels of spending.

This is all part of the diversion. Forty five years after the War on Poverty began, there are 49 million Americans living in poverty. That’s a solid good return on the $16 trillion spent so far. It’s on par with the 16 year zero percent real return in the stock market. We have produced a vast underclass of ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, dependent people who have become a huge voting block for the Democratic Party. Politicians, on the left, promise more entitlements to these people in order to get elected. Politicians on the right will not cut the entitlements for fear of being branded as uncaring. The Republicans agree to keep the welfare state growing and the Democrats agree to keep the warfare state growing -bipartisanship in all its glory. And the middle class has been caught in a pincer movement between the free shit entitlement army and the free shit corporate army. The oligarchs have been incredibly effective at using their control of the media, academia and ideological think tanks to keep the middle class ire focused upon the lower classes. While the middle class is fixated on people making $13,400 per year, the ultra-wealthy are bribing politicians to pass laws and create tax loopholes, netting them billions of ill-gotten loot. These specialists at Edward Bernays propaganda techniques were actually able to gain overwhelming support from the middle class for the repeal of estate taxes by rebranding them “death taxes”, even though the estate tax only impacts 15,000 households out of 117 million households in the U.S. The .01% won again.

Household Net Worth Survey of Consumer Finances Federal Reserve 2010

It is easy to understand how the hard working middle class is so easily manipulated by the corporate fascists into believing their decades of descent to a lower and lower standard of living is the result of the lazy good for nothings at the bottom of the food chain sucking on the teat of state with their welfare entitlements. I drive through the neighborhoods of West Philadelphia every day, inhabited by the households with a net worth of $8,500 and annual income of $13,400. They inhabit crumbling hovels worth less than $25,000, along pothole dotted streets strewn with waste, debris and rubbish. More than half the people in this war zone are high school dropouts, over 30% are unemployed, and drug dealing is the primary industry. When a drug dealer becomes too successful and begins to cut into the profits of the “legitimate” oligarch sanctioned drug industry, he is thrown into one of our thriving prisons. Marriage is an unknown concept. The life expectancy of males is far less than 79 years old. But something doesn’t quite make sense. Every hovel has a Direct TV satellite dish. The people shuffling around the streets all have expensive cell phones. There are newer model cars parked on the streets, including a fair number of BMWs, Mercedes, Cadillac Escalades and Volvos. How can this be when their annual income is $13,400 and they have $8,500 to their names?

This is where our friendly neighborhood Wall Street oligarchs enter the picture. These downtrodden people are not bright. They are easily manipulated and scammed. They believe driving an expensive car and appearing successful is the same as being successful. Therefore, they are easily susceptible to being lured into debt. Millions of these people represented the “subprime” mortgage borrowers during the housing bubble. The tremendous auto “sales” being reported by the mainstream media in an effort to boost consumer confidence about an economic recovery, are being driven by subprime auto loans from Ally Financial (85% owned by the U.S. Treasury/you the taxpayer) and the other government back stopped Wall Street banks. This is the beauty of credit. The mega-lenders reap tremendous profits up front, the illusion of economic progress is created, poor people feel rich for a while, and when it all blows up at a future date the middle class taxpayer foots the bill. Real wages for the 99% have been falling for three decades. You make poor people feel wealthy by providing them easy access to vast quantities of cheap debt. I’m a big fan of personal responsibility, but who is the real malignant organism in this relationship? The parasite banker class, like a tick on an old sleepy hound dog, has been blood sucking the poor and middle class for decades. They have peddled the debt, kept the poor enslaved, and have used their useful idiots in the media to convince millions of victims to blame each other through their skillful use of propaganda. They maintain their control by purposely creating crisis, promoting hysteria, and engineering “solutions” that leave them with more power and wealth, while stripping the average citizen of their rights, liberty, freedom and net worth (i.e. Housing Bubble to replace Internet Bubble, Glass-Steagall repeal, Patriot Act, TARP, NDAA, SOPA). Jesse cuts to the heart of the matter, revealing the darker side of our human nature:

“Sometimes when faced with problems that are confusing and troubling it is easier to think what someone tells you to think, particularly something that touches a deep and dark nerve in your nature, rather than carry the burden and ambiguity of struggling with the facts and thinking for yourself.  Repeating a party line is a shorthand way of avoiding real thought.  And the predators are always there to take advantage of it.  They welcome trouble and often foment crisis in order to advance their agendas.”

“Anyone can be misled by a clever person, and no one likes to readily admit that they have been had.  It is a sign of character and maturity to realize this, and admit you were deceived, and to demand change and reform. But some people cannot do this, even when the facts of the deception are revealed.  It seems as though the more incorrect that the truth shows them to be, the louder and more strident they become in shouting down and denying the reality of the situation.   And anyone who denies their perspective becomes ‘the other,’ someone to be feared and hated, shunned and eliminated, one way or the other.”

Until Debt Do Us Part

I sense signs of desperation amongst the plutocracy. Their propaganda machine is sputtering. Their storylines are growing tired. They have fended off the fury of the Tea Party movement by successfully high jacking it and neutralizing their impact under the thumb of the Republican establishment. The oligarchs called out their armed thugs to crush the OWS rage, while using their media mouthpieces to misrepresent the true purpose of the movement – Wall Street greed and criminality with Washington DC collusion. The Savings & Loan Crisis of the late 1980s resulted in 800 bankers being thrown into prison. After the greatest banker heist in history, not one banker has been thrown in jail. Obama and Holder have been neutered by their masters. The power elite openly brandish their glee at avoiding accountability for their crimes. They are desperately attempting to re-inflate the debt bubble, as debt is the lifeblood of these vampire squids. The key piece of their current propaganda campaign is to convince the people they have effectively deleveraged and their continuing austerity efforts are actually detrimental to economic recovery. It’s nothing but a confidence game to keep the Ponzi going. The Ponzi operators want to extract every last dime from the masses before the engineered collapse. The data does not confirm the deleveraging narrative. Total credit market debt in the United States is now at an all-time high and stands at 345% of GDP. In 1977 it stood at 155% of GDP and at 250% in 2000.

Total credit market debt is now $4 trillion higher than it was in 2007, prior to the financial collapse. It has gone up by $1 trillion in the last 12 months. Does this sound like deleveraging? The chart below details the truth the moneyed interests don’t want you to understand. The bastions of capitalism on Wall Street have dumped $3.4 trillion of their toxic debt and $1 trillion of mortgage and credit card debt onto the backs of middle class taxpayers and future unborn generations. They did this under the auspices of saving the economic system. Their sole purpose has been to save themselves from becoming part of the middle class. The transfer of wealth from the quarry (middle class) to the predators (moneyed interests) continues unabated.

The faux journalists in the mainstream media have been pounding the consumer deleveraging mantra. They babble on about the austere masses methodically paying down their debts. It’s a specious lie. The chart below shows that banks have written off $218 billion of credit card debt since 2008. It also shows outstanding revolving debt falling from $1.01 trillion to $819 billion, a $191 billion decrease. For the math challenged, like any Wall Street shill paraded on CNBC, this means consumers have added $27 billion of credit card debt since 2008. Does that sound like deleveraging? Households have also taken on $300 billion of additional student loan debt since 2008, buying into the government sponsored scam to keep the unemployment rate lower by offering the false hope of jobs with useless on-line degrees from the University of Phoenix. Does that sound like deleveraging?

Consumer Credit Card Debt and Charge-off Data (in Billions):

Outstanding Revolving Consumer   Debt Outstanding Credit Card Debt Qrtly Credit Card Charge-Off   Rate Qrtly Credit Card Charge-Off   in Dollars
Q1 2012 $819.4 $803.0 4.37% $8.8
2011 $864.9 $847.6
Q4 2011 $864.9 $847.6 4.53% $9.6
Q3 2011 $826.2 $809.7 5.63% $11.4
Q2 2011 $819.2 $802.8 5.58% $11.2
Q1 2011 $810.7 $794.4 6.96% $13.8
2010 $857.4 $840.2 $77.9
Q4 2010 $857.4 $840.2 7.70% $16.2
Q3 2010 $836.0 $819.2 8.55% $17.5
Q2 2010 $847.5 $830.5 10.97% $22.8
Q1 2010 $860.3 $843.1 10.16% $21.4
2009 $921.9 $903.4 $85.6
Q4 2009 $921.9 $903.4 10.12% $22.8
Q3 2009 $922.2 $903.7 10.1% $22.8
Q2 2009 $933.1 $914.4 9.77% $22.3
Q1 2009 $946.1 $927.2 7.62% $17.7
Q4 2008 $1,010.3 $990.1

(Source: CardHub.com, Federal Reserve)

They only people with the courage to tell it like it is are skeptics and outcasts from polite society inhabited by the power elite – people like Ron Paul, Michael Burry, and deceased critical thinkers like Frank Zappa and George Carlin. In one of his final appearances, Carlin brutally lashed out with a torrent of truth, only spoken by courageous people not worried about the consequences of their blunt honesty:

“Politicians are put there to give you that idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, and they’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, and the City Halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to hear. They’ve got you by the balls.

They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want—they don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest. You know something, they don’t want people that are smart enough to sit around their kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that, you know what they want?

They want obedient workers, obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. The table is tilted folks, the game is rigged. Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Good honest hard working people, white collar, blue collar, it doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on. Because the owners of this country know the truth, it’s called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

Grotesque Casino of Corporate Fascism

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa


“Specifically, over the past 15 years, the global financial system – encouraged by misguided policy and short-sighted monetary interventions – has lost its function of directing scarce capital toward projects that enhance the world’s standard of living. Instead, the financial system has been transformed into a self-serving, grotesque casino that misallocates scarce savings, begs for and encourages speculative bubbles, refuses to restructure bad debt, and demands that the most reckless stewards of capital should be rewarded through bailouts that transfer bad debt from private balance sheets to the public balance sheet. What is central here is that the government policy environment has encouraged this result. This environment includes financial sector deregulation that was coupled with a government backstop, repeated monetary distortions, refusal to restructure bad debt, and a preference for policy cowardice that included bailouts and opaque accounting. Deregulation and lower taxes will not fix this problem, nor will larger stimulus packages.” John Hussman

None of the solutions put forth by Obama or Romney will fix the problems facing the country today. They are two handpicked figureheads representing the same owners. Both political parties are responsible for the grotesque casino that passes for our financial system. These political hacks have been in alternating control of our government system for the last 150 years. They don’t want to come up with real solutions to the problems they created. The owners want obedient slaves, distracted by technology and shallow entertainment, subjugated by debt used to buy things they want but don’t need, believing waging wars in distant lands keeps us safe, and favoring the imprisonment of petty thieves and drug users while the grand thieves run the country and control our currency. Keeping the willfully ignorant masses in the dark and confused is a vital part of the plan. Debt is the ingredient that enriches the issuers and keeps the dupes in check.  Wall Street bankers, Federal Reserve governors, captured financial “experts”, journalists paid by corporations, economists with an ideological agenda and bought off politicians all repeating the same theme with the same unquestioning, strident conviction is a sure sign that we are being played. The never ending series of titanic bailouts of Wall Street did not avert a catastrophic economic collapse. They protected the corporate fascists from experiencing the consequences of their monstrous predatory actions over the last few decades. And it was all done for money. Simple human greed and an insane desire by a few psychotic men to control and manipulate others for their own selfish pleasure is what has turned this country into a corporate fascist state bereft of its soul and original founding principles, as stated by Ron Paul:

“We’re not moving toward Hitler-type fascism, but we’re moving toward a softer fascism: Loss of civil liberties, corporations running the show, big government in bed with big business. So you have the military-industrial complex, you have the medical-industrial complex, you have the financial industry, you have the communications industry. They go to Washington and spend hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s where the control is. I call that a soft form of fascism — something that’s very dangerous.”

The soft form of fascism easily transforms into the hard form as those in control exhibit their supremacy with displays of military potency in our cities (Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Chicago), passage of liberty stripping legislation like the Patriot Act and NDAA, along with announcements about thousands of drones patrolling our skies over the next five years. When propaganda begins to lose its effectiveness, brute force is the next step. Whenever I write about the slow methodical disintegration of our once great republic into a dysfunctional banana republic controlled by bankers, mega-corporations and arms dealers; the apologists for the empire scoff and cynically ask for my solutions. I, along with many other rational thinking realists, have proposed solutions, but they don’t have a snowballs chance in Syria of ever even being debated by the existing ruling class. The unholy alliance between bankers, corporate interests and politicians must be broken. These proposals would go a long way towards breaking that alliance:

Political System

  • Since politicians cannot be trusted to exhibit courage or intelligence when it comes to public policy, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution needs to be passed, with a five to ten year      implementation period to ameliorate the pain.
  • Term limits of 6 years for Congressmen and Senators. Serving in Congress should not be a career. It is a duty to the country. The purpose of Congress is to represent the existing generations of citizens and ensure that future generations have a country that offers opportunity to live a better life than their parents.
  • The entire election process would be scraped. It would be transformed into a 3 month publicly financed election. No money from corporations, unions, or individuals would be allowed. Multiple candidates      would have an opportunity to debate on public TV. The two party domination of our political process must be broken.
  • Corporations are not people. Extreme wealth does not give someone the right to buy elections. Rich oligarchs operating in the shadows and spending billions on negative advertising is not how a republic should elect their representatives.  Lobbyists, special interests and PACs and would be eliminated from the political process.
  • The President could no longer issue Executive Orders, undercutting the legislative process.
  • Every bill before Congress would immediately be put online. The constituents of every Congressmen and Senator would be allowed to voice their opinion by voting yes or no online.
  • Every bill that is proposed by a Congressman must have a funding mechanism. If the proposal increases costs to the American taxpayer, something else must be cut to pay for the new proposal. This would be unnecessary if a balance budget amendment was passed.
  • No American troops could be committed to war in a foreign country without a full vote of Congress as required by the U.S. Constitution.
  • A cost benefit analysis would be conducted regarding every department and agency in the Federal Government by the GAO. Those failing to meet minimum requirements would be drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • The education of children would be delegated to localities, without Federal mandates. Every child in America would receive vouchers for grade school, high school and college. They could choose any      school to attend – public or private. If the private school cost more than the voucher, the family would pay the difference. Excellent schools would flourish, poor schools would be forced to improve or they would close. Teacher tenure would be eliminated. Teaching excellence would be rewarded.

Economic Policy

  • The first thing to be done is to abolish the Federal Reserve. It is owned by and operated for the benefit of the biggest banks in the world. Its sole purpose has been to enrich the few at the expense of the many through its insidious use of inflation and debt issuance. It has been around for less than 100 years and has debased the USD by 96%. The U.S. Treasury has the authority to issue the currency of the country. It did so from 1789 until 1913.
  • The 2nd thing to do would be to reinstitute the Glass-Steagall Act because Wall Street cannot be trusted to manage their risk properly. This would separate true banking activities from the high risk gambling that brought the economic system to its knees. Privatizing the profits and socializing the losses is unacceptable.
  • The FASB would be directed to make all banks and financial corporations value their assets at their true market value. This would reveal the mega Wall Street banks and corporations like GE to be insolvent. An orderly bankruptcy of all insolvent financial firms involving the sell-off of their legitimate assets to well-run risk adverse banks that didn’t screw up would ensue. Bondholders and stockholders would realize their losses for awful investment decisions. The economic system would be purged of its bad debt.
  • The currency of the US would be backed by hard assets. A basket of gold, silver, platinum, uranium, and some other limited hard commodities would back the USD. If politicians attempted to spend too much, the price of this basket would reflect their inflationary schemes immediately.
  • The 16th Amendment would be repealed and the income tax would be scrapped. It would be replaced with a national consumption tax. The more you consume, the more taxes you pay. Wages, savings and investment would be untaxed. The tax code is the source for much of politicians’ power. Its demise would further reduce Washington DC control over our lives.
  • A downsizing of the US Military from $1 trillion to $500 billion annually would be initiated through the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Japan and hundreds of other bases throughout the world. Policing the world is bankrupting the empire.
  • All corporate, farm, education, and social engineering subsidies would be eliminated. All Federal employees would have their pay slashed by 10% and the workforce would be reduced by 20% over 5 years. Federal health benefits and pension benefits would be set at average private industry levels.
  • The Social Security System would be completely overhauled. Anyone 50 or older would get exactly what they were promised. The age for collecting SS would be gradually raised to 72 over the next 15 years. Those between 25 and 50 would be given the option to opt out of SS. They would be given their contributions to invest as they see fit if they opt out. Anyone entering the workforce today would not pay in or receive any benefits. The wage limit for SS would be eliminated and the tax rate would be reduced from 6.2% to 3%.
  • The Medicare system is unsustainable. It would be converted from a government program to private market based program. The Federal mandates, rules and regulations would be eliminated. Senior citizens would be given healthcare vouchers which they would be free to use with any insurance company or doctor based on price and quality. Insurance companies would compete for business on a national basis. Doctors would compete for business. The GAO would have their budget doubled and they would audit Medicare fraud & Medicaid fraud and prosecute the criminals without impunity.
  • The healthcare bill would be repealed. Insurance companies would be allowed to compete with each other on a national basis. Tort reform would be implemented so that doctors could do their jobs without fear of being destroyed by slimy personal injury lawyers. Doctors would need to post their costs for various procedures. Price and quality would drive the healthcare market.
  • The entitlement state would be dismantled. The criteria for collecting welfare, SSDI, food stamps and unemployment benefits would be made much stricter. Unemployed people collecting government payments would be required to clean up parks, volunteer at community charity organizations, pick up trash along highways, fix and paint houses in their neighborhoods and generally keep busy in a productive manner for society.
  • A free market method for stabilizing the housing market would be for banks to voluntarily reduce the mortgage balances of underwater homeowners in exchange for a PAR (Property Appreciation Right). The homeowner would agree to pay off the PAR to the Treasury (and administered through the IRS) out of future price appreciation on the existing home or subsequent property. The homeowner would be excluded from taking on any home equity loans or executing any “cash out” refinancing until the PAR was satisfied. The maximum PAR obligation accepted by the Treasury would be based on the value of the home and the income of the homeowner.

I’m sure there are many more solutions which non-captured, intelligent, reasonable citizens could put forth to save this country. None of these ideas would be acceptable to the country’s owners. They would reduce their wealth and power. What these oligarchs do not realize is that we are in the midst of a Fourth Turning. Those who experienced the last one have died off. The existing social order will be swept away. It is likely to be violent and bloody. Good people and bad people will die. When the Crisis reaches its climax we will have the opportunity to implement good solutions. There is also the distinct possibility that our increasingly ignorant populace will turn to a messianic psychopath that promises them renewed glory. Decades of delusional decisions will lead to a future that will not be orderly or controllable.


 “The Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed, with balance restored to the economy, before there can be any sustained growth and recovery. If the suffering becomes great enough, change will inevitably come, but it may not be orderly or as controllable as the moneyed interests often like to think.” – Jesse

Parts 1 & 2 can be accessed here:



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  1. Love the solutions Jim! If only the 90+ % in the dark could read and comprehend this piece! This needs to go viral! Brilliant!!!

  2. Admin for President!

    Your set of proposals is magnificent! Just what the country needs to and should do.

    This is a manifesto for the legions of people who intend to carry out the Ron Paul legacy to successful fruition!

    I’m in!

  3. In terms of political reform, I’d like to add it’s probably a good idea to abandon first-past-the-post voting and switch to some form of preference-rank voting. In the long run the current voting system will always lead to two parties, it strongly incentivizes it.

  4. Shadows: Used to be only land owners could vote. We could switch it to only those who actually pay federal taxes can vote, until solutions are implemented, anyway.

  5. Admin

    It occurs to me that what is needed is a third protest movement.

    The tea party was co-opted by the right and by people like the Koch brothers.

    The occupy movement was co-opted by the unions, the left, and the progressives.

    They are currently functioning like the right/left political paradigm.

    What we need is a party of the middle class, that criticizes both the rich corrupt elite and the Free Shit Army and their entitlements.

    I’m sure someone clever on this site can come up with a name.

    And you could lead it.

  6. “Capitalism does have a lot of strengths, including producing things that are very innovative. But what drives capitalism is the profit motive. You can profit not only by making good things, but also by exploiting people, by exploiting the environment, by doing things that are not so good. The narrative that you describe ignores the extent to which a lot of the inequalities in the United States are not the result of creative activity but of exploitive activity.” Joseph Stiglitz

  7. We need to go further in the solution area.

    First we need to reform the judiciary to rid it of political bias. Our current system of naming Supreme Court Justices based on their ideological mind set has to stop. Right now, all votes from the Supreme Courts are 5-4 decisions with Arthur Kennedy being the only judge who thinks. The other 8 judges remain either right or left in their view points which allows for “creative” interpretation of Constitutional Law way far and beyond what should be happening.

    Our Constitution and Bill of Rights should be used as the road map for all legal decisions. It should never be twisted to fit some conservative or liberal agenda in the spirit of a “living changing document” as many judges view it. They write new laws from the bench – which is a job given to Congress and Congress alone.

    Yes, I know. At the present time, our Congress is as worthless as tits on a boar hog, incapable of making any decisions that might imperil their next election or get them, as individuals, in trouble with the owners of CONgress, hence denied committee memberships and other perks of a pliable politician. That has to stop as well.

    Corporations are not people, regardless of what John Roberts says. That one decision, left unchallenged and unchanged will destroy our currently extremely poor political system, allowing more cheating, lying, bought and paid for people to be elected simply because of massive amounts of negative advertising and massive amounts of advertising aimed at one thing: name recognition.

    The “Corporations are people” law MUST be taken off the books as it the one law that syncs the ability of the TBTF banks, industrial complex giants and vested interests to purchase any office it want to and thereby obtaining a controlled vote on laws that affect them all. It is immoral, unjust and just plain wrong and must be reversed by fair means or foul.

    Next, the Constitution and Bill of Rights must be reviewed and each and every Federal Government Agency (Dept. of Education, IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, Federal Reserve, SEC, FCC, EPA and about 15 others) must be abolished as not a single one is specifically enumerated to the Federal Government. All the powers of these agencies belong to the States or the people and the Federal Government has no business in any of them.

    For money, Congress can pass tariffs and consumption taxes to finance what the Federal government is supposed to be doing, such as protecting our borders (snicker, snicker), the common defense of the country, the Federal judiciary and perhaps I’d bend a little and allow a limited Department of Parks and Recreation to manage National Parks and such.

    And I know……. It’s hopeless without a complete reset and what follows the reset is most likely not to be a return to an idealist Federalist Republic as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. More likely a system like Egypt with a group of General in charge and the über-rich would, instead of politicians be military officers instead.

    Sad state of affairs, our United States..


  8. PS: Jim, this series of articles are +1000…. They’ve been picked up by dozens of sites and spread far and wide.. Great work..


  9. Your entertaining articles are stuffed full of more sarcasm than an OWS protest is full of ignoramuses. Don’t think I dislike them by this comment; I pity them. Last time I discussed the Citizens United SCOTUS ruling with one of them, I couldn’t get past the basics of what corporations are.

    Love the Zappa quote, also the warning from Ron Paul about Liberal Fascism.

    “Whenever I write about the slow methodical disintegration of our once great republic into a dysfunctional banana republic controlled by bankers, mega-corporations and arms dealers; the apologists for the empire scoff and cynically ask for my solutions.” – zero chance that the USA becomes a banana republic.

    Unfortunately almost all of your ideas are moot. Perhaps later the political stage will be different, like after the Fourth Turning crisis really kicks in hard and cities and states start declaring bankruptcy in droves.

  10. The Republic of the United States depends on the very proposals you have put forward for consideration. A Corporation is not a citizen and is merely a legal construct that should act for the benefit of society not just it’s shareholders. Our Political Infrastructure is completely owned by this interpretation allowing the few to pour money to sway the outcome without control. The problem, though, with your proposals is that it would require brave politicians or an informed populace and neither exist. The only other method, of course, would be to go back to our founding and put reform through by any means necessary. The Revolutionary War was mainly in the hands of just 3% of the population at that time. Can we find 3% to take the mantel today? Is it possible to find our way back to our roots and re-instill the virtues of what was so preciously inscribed in the Constitution? Our rights are unalienable endowed by the Creator and by the nature of our existence. So few people, today, really understand that fact and see Government as the center because our schools have taught them thusly. It does require an understanding that, in a Democratic Republic, everyone must accept the fruits of their winners but also the bitters of their failures. Freedom is painful and has costs. When you start looking to win no matter what, you have what we see now and will be moving towards the realms of a totalitarian system.

    I appreciate your humour and passionate discourse. Thank you for taking the time to share and give us your thoughts.

  11. Administrator:

    You’ve gone and done it. Top-notch…. Absolutely fabulous.

    The more people can stop and question their convictions, look around at resulting situations and admit a failing, the better.

    People are speaking different philosophical languges and describing the same thing. Unfortunaately, the veil of ideology is a splendid illusion…. like powder on pock marks, the red light obscuring the welts on a hooker.

    I hope some discussion erupts…. there’s a lot to this series.

  12. When all your solutions are put next to each other, suddenly they make perfect sense, in a “Gestalt” kind of way. The totality of how they interrelate, and the truth of how they would improve life in the United States, cuts through the mainstream media spin and fears and doubts with which they program us.

  13. Oh, VP4:

    Like the insolvency of our banking freakstitutions?

    Yep. The taxpayer backstop will be…. taxed.

  14. Admin has the ending correct; the solutions are a non starter. As Admin stated here’s how it ends. “The existing social order will be swept away. It is likely to be violent and bloody. Good people and bad people will die”.

    Preparation and location are the keys to survival choose wisely.

    Thanks Admin great work.

  15. Appreciate the article. I agree with most of the policy prescriptions, disagree with a few, but what would you DO about it now (beyond write an article)? You acknowledge that your proposals have a snowball’s chance in Syria currently.

    What can/should we do to increase the odds that the coming chaos will be a rebirth of freedom and liberty rather than a descent into something darker than Orwell? What actions would you advocate for ‘ordinary’ people to take to serve as lifeboats of liberty through the coming storm? How much effort would you spend advocating for ideas that you acknowledge will be ineffectual? Is it time to hunker down, or time to band together and lash out? Is it time to have a quiet discussion with close friends, or time to rally on the mall?

  16. The U.S. already functions as a banana republic. Our currency is being used in a psychotic global game of race-to-the-bottom chicken with other corporately-captured and centralized political institutions. Other countries of the world have already begun to lose faith in the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Our elected representatives do not do as their constituents demand. The gap between the top 10% and everyone else is at the widest in U.S. history, almost Romanesque. How are we not a banana republic

  17. Else than selectively quoting Romney,yes the bottom does have safety nets.The article was great.
    To bad Ron Paul ran such a lack luster campaign,reminded me of Rudy ill start in florida Gulianny.It would have been good if he would have gotten pissed off at being ignored by the media.Mabe he should have taken assertiveness training from Chris Christy.RP could actually still turn it around if changed his game plan.The future of the country is at stake,all this gosh golly happy stuff is ok if your running for mayer of a small town.
    Mabe the american public well get into it when the lube drys up and they actually feel pain.

    1. flash

      You are the perfect TBP member. We can kick each other in the balls for three days straight and then shake hands and move on. I love this site.

  18. Very informative and lucid writing.

    Just one question:

    What are we going to do with $52 trillion in debt?

    Who’s going to pay the roughly $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities (also debt)?

  19. Admin -another +10…can’t say disagree with any of your solutions , but a platform like that would not get you elected to city meter reader.

    We’re just gonna’ have do this the hard way…but you already knew that.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.You deserve it.

    Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt (you possibly know his background), a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.
    President Dwight D. Eisenhower, l952-

  20. BTW…FWIW..Ike was pre-boomer and yet he knew the entitlement deal.
    It’s bread and circuses for the masses or bust…..

  21. As with a lot of Mr. Quinn’s writing and Ron Paul’s ideas, they make perfect sense, up to a point.
    But always at some point I feels as if they have asked me to hold their pet squid for the weekend or change their baby’s diaper.

    As a Democratic Socialist at heart, these extreme forms of Libertarianism build another wall between thinking people.

    Certainly the Federal Reserve and their Captains at TBTF Banks should go. Glass Stegall should be re-instated and the banking system replaced with an honest and functioning system and most certainly held to account through Regulation. So we are still on the same page.

    The Corporate/Government Nexus must be broken once and for all. Corporations are Not People, People are People with beating hearts and lives to live.

    The Welfare Scheme should be stopped at all levels. Ally Bank should not be allowed to make sub-prime auto loans to people on fixed incomes with tax payer guarantee but at this point things begin to fall apart in my view, and this is just one more reason there might be blood.

    Giving Medicare Vouchers to Seniors and instructing them to go into an unregulated “Free Market” with a handshake and “good luck” is not acceptable.
    If we are not capable of overcoming the obstacles to providing at least minimum health care to all citizens, we do not deserve to exist as a nation, and probably will not.
    This does not mean we have to continue a bloated, corrupt and unsustainable system. It means that we should find the real courage to create a system that works for everyone.

    This same logic applies to a return to the Gold Standard. What we should do is to have an honest government and honest Financial System capable of not chaining or economy to yellow rocks or perhaps the number of goats in existence.
    If we are have any chance of living together in an organized and civilized society, we must find a way to an honest system which works for the majority. (may I say 99%)
    A return to the Gold Standard and expecting that to solve our problems of finance will result in a repeat of what we are now seeing, 1% with all the Gold and the rest of us as slaves to a system.

    Hopefully, I won’t have to unearth my AK47 and Red Banners.
    A system on the order of Libertarian Socialism seems to make more sense, hard to achieve but worth the effort. I’m sorry but there would have to be some ground rules in place.
    If that fails we can always square off into mobs under the leadership of some TV Preacher or ex used car dealer.

    But we can be better than that, maybe.

    There is no reason why the very logical and humane aspects of Libertarianism and Socialism cannot be merged into a society fit for humans and other living things.

    We are already living in one type of Shark Tank. We must proceed carefully that we don’t find ourselves in another equally as bad.

    Doc Holliday

  22. Daedalus, as Jim is out drinking, I’ll give it a shot. We became active politically, moved to a better location, paid off debt, became more self sufficient, all the while educating everyone who will listen. The more folks there are that understand our predicament, the more folks there are to educate the masses.

  23. Doc:

    Using Libertarianism and Socialism in the same sentence? When did you have your brain removed?

    You are obviously a liberal progressive big government idiot, and a socialist at heart? Are you also French? If not, get on a fucking airplane or boat and get to France. They have a nice, new Socialist government and you’d fit in well with all the limp dicked froggies.

    You must be pleased with our current president, an ardent socialist cum communist. In the meantime, take your AK47 and Red Banners and shove ’em up your socialist ass along with a thick cactus. Fucking idiot.

  24. Doc: I gave you a thumbs up for the balls it takes to voice your opinion on a forum which, most probably, will not respond so kindly.

    I feel that medical care is a thorny issue, charged by deceiving discourse in the public arena…

    However, if you deny gold’s role as a tether to monetary sanity, or for that matter it’s place in the very psyche of human kind…. well there will be a long education in history needed.

    Something never comes from nothing and that fact is embedded in science and most modes of logic. Grasping that fundamental, be it ugly, truth, is a necessary step in finding any common ground.

  25. Doc,

    As you are a member of the free shit army, I have a few questions for you. How much free shit is it OK for the gov’t to steal from me? 50%, 100%. Should doctors be enslaved to forcibly give out free healthcare? Should I be forced to pay for strangers’ healthcare at the expense of feeding my family???

    In one sentence you want to abolish all welfare, and in the very next F-ing sentence you want free medical for everyone??? Do you read what you type??

    We should have an honest Government??? That’s the solution, send a memo to CONgress. Solved.

    One more – you’re actually advocating for a Fiat currency system??? Stone moron!

    At least you admit you are a socialist, kudos for that. Even though its failed everywhere you keep on. Thank you for listening. Now you can go back to the Ed Schulz show.


  26. Doc “I’m on a government-sponsored” Holiday:

    Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.

    Dipshit Doc the socialist:


    Probably a boomer

  27. Socialists take note:

    The liberal brain drawn above is fairly accurate. This liberal brain is drawn to scale and the brain shown is the actual size of the average liberal-brain. The socialist democratic party heartily approves of the size because it equal to the output of original thinking that the party discourages.

    The smaller brain and eventually, smaller cranium makes people more compact and pliable. There will be more room and more food availabe for the leading FSA proliteriate.

    If you have noticed, most liberal party members already sport the smaller head and thinner neck of latest style of party member. Look at the dear leader himself. He too has a small head, sloped forehead, large ears (for hearing the voice of the true leadership) and the pencil-like neck of the new socialist man.

    A smaller brain means a smaller head. A smaller head means a thinner neck needed to hold it up. A thinner neck means less food eaten and less blood feeding the smaller brain. It is a win-win situation for party leadership

  28. Dude! After writing so well, especially about the uneducated, you went and wrote “The entire election process would be scraped”. Scraped? “Scrapped” would have been a better choice . . . .

    Loved the ideas though.

  29. Wyoming Mike, thanks for responding. Perhaps egocentric, but I actually took Jim’s response of ‘It’s time to get loaded’ as a reply. 🙂

    I too have done much of the same. I moved out of the people’s republic of NJ (granted I only made a few hundred yards into PA for commuting reasons) partially because it is a better political climate (there is a tiny remote chance that my vote may actually influence things in the right direction), partially because they bleed me slightly less. I moved into a small condo, while not ‘sustainable’ in the garden sense, it is sustainable in the ‘could get by on far less’ sense. Paid off all debt.

    You focused on political activism and reaching out to people. I am not actually optomistic about either. Even in the very remote chance that someone with Jim’s platform could be elected President, and even if some states send senators and representatives with those ideas to DC…would it change anything? Even if they could change things, say President, majority in the house and a supermajority of Senators roughly agreed with that platform…could they really fix it, or is it already too late? They may keep the $200 Trillion in liabilities flat, heck, they might even get it down to $190 Trillion, but it seems we are past the point of no return. The only thing someone with that platform could accomplish is tarring and discrediting the ideas as the world collapses around them despite their best efforts. I see a bad moon is rising, but I don’t really know what to do about it, it isn’t like I can chain it to the horizon.

  30. @Administrator – Excellent 3 part series, I enjoyed reading all of it. You left little else to be said on the topic, have fun at the bar.

    @AWD those are some of the best pics you’ve posted yet. Love the pic of aged Boomer socialist scum, I kind of want to print it and hang it on my fridge, since it makes me want to vomit (useful all natural appetite suppressant during bikini season).

  31. AWD

    Maybe you need to go back to Libertarian School as you must have been outside smoking a joint during class.
    What you are preaching is a right wing form of Libertarianism, the Shark Tank Model which should make true Libertarians cringe.

    Right Wing LIbertarians are on the same level as Communists.
    You are blinded to an ideology which is prevented from finding reality due to human nature.

    Do yourself a favor and google Libertarian Socialism, maybe spend a bit of time reading WikiPed’s words of explanation.

    In the meantime, before you go calling other people idiots and suggesting that he leave the country, take a deep breath, talk to someone and get a grip before you make an even bigger idiot of yourself.

  32. for AWD

    You might want to re-read Mr. Quinn’s thoughts on those blinded, not wanting to hear or see that they are or might be wrong.
    “it is a sign of character to realize you have been decieved” I think were his words, or something close.

    But go ahead with the name calling my Friend.
    But I refuse to be dragged into a name calling contest with an asshole of the first water, an idiot and hopelessly lost moron.

  33. Daedalus: Great response. I don’t really think it can be fixed either. I just want as many educated as possible to help pick up the pieces (whatever form that may take) when the whole thing crashes down.

  34. Doc: Asshole, idiot, hopelessly lost moron? Good thing you don’t resort to name calling. I notice no comments on my questions. Truth got your tongue?

  35. Doc:

    It never ceases to amaze me how ideologues and progressives such as yourself can creatively use terms and ideas to make up completely fabricated systems of complete horse shit. In reality, it shows a deluded mind. If human nature is such that anyone would listen to a fucking idiot such as yourself, than humans are doomed. Yet, idiots, boobs, mental defectives, louts and oafs have been listening to intellectual shitheads like you for many years, and what you say calms their disturbed minds. They know they’re getting the shaft in life, and people like you show them the culprit. Socialism, Communism, yes, take from the productive and redistribute it.

    I’m guessing you teach at college? or is it middle school? probably an online wonder like U. of Phoenix. They are required to believe your shit, but I’m not. We love dickheads like you.

    BTW, if you stay in the U.S., there are many, many people that will fight you and your socialist ideas to the death. We have a little document called “the constitution” and “the bill of rights”, you may have heard of them. They are still in effect, no matter how much kooks like you and your dear leader Obama may try to disregard them in favor of socialism. You and your pseudo-intellectual ilk are going to end up in the scrap heap of history with all the other socialists and communists, or dead by mass hanging or eating a bullet. Do yourself (and the world) a favor, eat a bullet now. Your polluting this world with filth.

    Socialist Doc “I get paid tax money to take a” Holiday gets eaten by the shark tank model.

  36. Doc Holiday:

    Good response. I have to work, but if you’re around later I’ll clarify your points if possible.

    Or you can try, but you got some folks foaming already.

    Guys: I think Holiday may actually know an angle desperately in need of exploration…. just a hunch.

    Doc: Don an asbestos jacket….

  37. Milners kindergartners, CFR, Bilderbergs, Bohemians, Trilaterals…

    Secret groups that believe themselves superior in intelligence.

  38. AWD
    Still on the name calling jag I see.
    But here is a quote from Libertarian Socialist Noam Chomsky.
    Its probably above your level of comprehension but give it a shot.

    “a consistent Libertarian must oppose private ownership of the Means of Production and wage slavery. as it is incompatible with the principle that labor must be freely undertaken and under control of the producer”

    And no. I did not attend a for profit school like the Univ. of Phoenix, thank you.
    But a state university with no stock holders, fully owned and operated by the people.
    And with an excellent Philosophy program I might add, from which I am a proud graduate.

  39. For those of us in our own lives:
    1. Pay cash. Using a credit card feeds the electronic fiat.
    2. Reduce debt to zero as fast as possible.
    3. For the short term, keep a few FRNs for the potential trouble coming – don’t trust electronic money. These FRNs will be used to buy silver coins as appropriate.
    4. Buy other things of value, either intrinsically, or that can be used to produce/grow things of value.
    5. Get to know your neighbors and share with them. Build a community where you are.
    6. Move toward barter as your primary basis of trade.
    7. Learn a trade.

    Any other thoughts out there?

  40. Posting on a site like this reminds me that those like AWD, with his threats of hanging those with which he does not agree nor understand, is a good reason to keep the AK 47 buried not too deeply.
    Pathetic cases such as AWD quickly find a home in Neo Nazi groups when things go south.

    Cases like AWD are why most of us shy away from Libertarians and Tea Party Kooks.

    Why would one with such a limited world view bother to try and read an essay such as this post?

  41. Doc:

    Your dime-store wikepedia level education is showing. Now using Noam Chomsky? He is completely morally and intellectually bankrupt. A typical Ivy Leauge/MIT hack, the kind that have destroyed this country. No grasp of reality. You, like your libtard heroes, are empty headed pseudo-intellectuals. Fucking idiots like you have co-opted the democrats, now progressives. 30 years ago, you could depend on the democrats to end wars and help people. Now, they are simply enslaving the masses.

    Having a argument with you validates that your argument is valid, which it is not. Having arguments is how your pseudo-intellectual hoarse shit becomes validated. People like you and your uncle Obama, who’ve never had a real job, never ran a company, have no real experience of any kind except living off the somebody else or the government dole. Truly pathetic. As I always say, everyone is liberal democrat until they get a job. Your people vote for a living instead of work. Only problem, voting produces nothing.

    Try googling the word “job” or “work”, you might be surprised what Wiki says.

    1. Just got back from Ocean Oasis. I’m having trouble seeing straight after 5 Pirate rum specials. After 3 hours ina heated swim up bar pool, I take back everything I posted. All is well. The oligarchy are looking out for your best intersets. Drink heavily and everyhting will make sense.

  42. Doc:

    You are flailing wildly, now using Nazi references? Pathetic. You have simply fed yourself nonsense your whole life, and now waiting for the day when that filth will make you important, as important as you feel about yourself. Pathetic. You don’t have an original idea in your empty head. Do yourself a favor and look down the barrel of your AK, and wiggle the trigger, make sure it works. Your cerebrum, used as wallpaper, may have some value. Your cerebrum in it’s current state is worthless.

  43. Here’s a test for Doc “my whole life has been a” Holiday, and the rest of the libtard socialist and communists:

    Test for Socialism:

    If you believe it’s greedy for American taxpayers to want to keep more of their own money, but not greedy to demand that government confiscate other people’s money and redistribute it to those who didn’t earn it, you might be a socialist.

    If you don’t understand (or care) that babies scream and cry the moment they are born because they are already heavily in debt and facing a bleak future and lower quality of life, you might be a socialist.

    If the only thing you, your Cabinet members and czars know about business is from books read at Harvard Law School, written by Karl Marx, you might be a socialist.

    If you want to allocate hundreds of millions to the Internal Revenue Service to go after tax cheats when your administration is filled with tax cheats, including the guy in charge of America’s taxes (Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner), you might be a socialist.

    If you think the “White House Party Crashers” are terrible people because they came to a state dinner without aninvitation, but you want to give instant citizenship to 12 million uninvited “illegal aliens” who crashed our border, you might be a socialist.

    If you think anyone who doesn’t read the New York Times is dumb and ignorant, but think it’s OK for Congress to pass a 2,000-page health care bill without reading it, you might be a socialist.

    If you think Times’ columnist Paul Krugman deserves a Nobel Prize for economics and you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize even though neither of you created a job or ended a war, you might be a socialist.

    If you think it’s OK to meet with dictators, bullies, tyrants and terrorist sympathizers without preconditions, but have no interest in meeting with conservatives in Congress, you might be a socialist.

    If you think it’s OK to give constitutional rights to terrorists, but not to the bondholders, shareholders and secured creditors of GM and Chrysler when you stole the company from them and awarded it to the unions that bankrupted them, you might be a socialist.

    If you think Raul Castro, the leader of communist Cuba, in firing 500,000 government employees by telling them “government can no longer employ or take care of everyone” isn’t a hint that perhaps America needs to reduce our obscene number of government employees, you might be a socialist.

    If you think George W. Bush’s spending was an embarrassment, a travesty and a sin, but you have no problem increasing the national debt more in one day than the entire 2007 budget deficit, you might be a socialist.

    If you think Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of “The View” represent the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, you might be a socialist.

    If you think it was OK for Nancy Pelosi to pass Obamacare so she could benefit from the special clause on Page 1,890 that gives free faceliftsto public officials, you might be a socialist (just kidding!).

    If you want to convert America to a “green economy” to create jobs, after Spain has proven the green economy destroys three times as many jobs as it creates and leads to 20 percent unemployment, you might be a socialist.

    If you think denying someone a job, government contract or entry to college because of the color of their skin is immoral and criminal, but giving someone a job, government contract or college admission because of a different color of their skin is “social justice,” you might be a socialist.

    If you want to abandon capitalism and put the economy under the controlof government bureaucrats, even though virtually every city, county, state and federal department run by these same bureaucrats is insolvent and bankrupt, you might be a socialist.

    If you favor taxpayer bailouts of companies who give you campaign contributions and hide it by refusing to disclose who got the money or how much and you demand your cronies in Congresspass the 1,000-plus page bailout bill without reading it, you might be a socialist.

    If you think spending an extra trillion dollars will save money on health care and reduce the deficit, you might be a socialist (and possibly learned math in public school). If your solution to Medicare driving the country into bankruptcy is expanding it to everyone with Obamacare, you might be a socialist.

    If want to lower the cost of health care but left out tort reform, you might be a socialist lawyer.

    If you’re a Columbia University professor and gave a student named Barack Obama an A in economics, you are definitely a socialist.

    And finally, in the eighth year of the Obama presidency, if Bangladesh is hosting “Aid America” concerts or you’re standing in line for toilet paper, you have a socialist president. It’s time to stand up and loudly call a socialist … a socialist!

  44. Re: AWD

    Vitriolic outbursts, name calling, cursing and threats of violence strike me as typical of the Right Wing Libertarians, mouth foaming Tea Party and nut cases in general who cannot tolerate their ideas being challenged.

    His brand of Libertarianism leads nowhere but back to where we are, the control of the many by the few, which insults Libertarianism in general.

    He seems to favor Socialism for the Elite Banking Class and wage slavery for the rest, which is typical of the right wing mind and its worship of authority, a sort of backward or upside down Libertarianism, more akin to Establishment Republicans than anything else.

    Otherwise, thanks to the rest here. for the constructive comments and intelligent responses.

  45. Good articles!
    Only two problems for me: Public funded elections and the health care solution.
    Public funded elections means the government controls the candidate selection process and the candidates: Very facist/communist.
    Today money is considered free speech and a few wealthy donors have more free speech than the all the people. Solution is $1 dollar per person limit that makes everyones free speech the same. The most any political candidate could raise would be what the local, state or national population is for each office. It would kill the Prez TV ads. The Prez candidates would have to travel light and visit every state with a $300,000,000.00 budget. They would actually have to visit the people!

    The Health care solution is every employer must provide health care to his employee and the employer and employee share the premiums. Congress needs to revoke the insurance antitrust laws so insurance companies can compete anywhere they want. No size or number exceptions!
    Thank you

  46. Well, well, well. Look who’s stirring the shit over at ZH:


    This is all part of the diversion.

    His storylines are growing tired.

    SmokeyQuinn once again pisses down everyone’s back and then tells them it’s raining.

    The combination of being a TOTAL 9/11MORON, grossly ignorant by choice, and intellectually lazy and dishonest makes him a lightweight tool, and traitorous shill, who parrots the corporate MSN masters’ propaganda and statistics, aiding and abetting, unquestioningly repeating and reporting the fabrications spewed by an openly fascist government.

    The purpose of those who wield unlawful power is to keep the masses dumb and paranoid regarding terrorist threats and artificial enemies.

    Any person that is incapable or uninterested in critically confronting the ‘in your face’ facts about 9/11 is a corrupt politician’s best friend.

    His ignorance is not a state of being uninformed about 9/11 or unaware about the implications of those issues.

    He has made a choice: to be a shill and thus a traitor. An informed, interested, questioning person is a danger to the illegal government. The combination of uninformed, ignorant by choice, and intellectually dishonest will be fatal combination for the country and the world. Only a fool like him believes there won’t be consequences.

    “The one permanent emotion of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, and the inexplicable.

    What he wants above everything else is safety.” HLMencken

    Critical thinking is the careful, deliberate determination of whether to accept, reject, or suspend judgment about the fanciful and downright stupid NIST claims and the degree of confidence with which you accept or reject the…

    “OffalCIAl CONspiracy” Theory.

    Critical thinking requires not only logic but broad intellectual criterion; clarity of credible research, accuracy of reporting, precision and timing, relevance of material, depth of expertise, breadth of vision, significance of material evidence and fairness in judgment. He must begin to study HISTORY and SCIENCE.

    Quinn has little or no real world experience and stubbornly refuses to identify the extent of his total and willful ignorance in a wide variety of political subjects and physical science.

    Quinn will become less biased and more broad-minded, less of a pompous ass, when he and others like him become more intellectually empathetic and more intellectually humble. Over the past few years I have observed little or no critical thinking skills on his part regarding the Truth about 9/11.

    He and his sheepish followers deserve to get it good and hard. They have, and they will get much more. His Ignorance is his Strength.


    “The men that American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest the most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” HLMencken

    9/11 is the Litmus Test for any 21st century writer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVY-iQDO8pg
    Keeping the willfully ignorant masses in the dark and confused about 9/11Truth is a vital part of the plan.

  47. Doc Scrotum, I see you are new to the neighborhood. Stick around, I need the comedy and you seem like the perfect person to provide it.

    Admin, another great article. Thanks

  48. Admin – good work. Most of your suggestions are totally accurate and reasonable.

    However, there is one area I cannot see as being workable – I do not believe that a basket of commodities can be used to secure the money supply – there is currently around $10 trillion of money outstanding (M2) – so securing and saving that amount as backing to the money supply is largely not an option, in my opinion. M1 is over 2 trillion, and that also is not an option to come up with.

    Current gold stocks held by the US seem to be worth around $400 billion at current prices – so there would have to be an enormous build up of commodities to cover the shortfall. And there is no money available to purchase the assets. Plus the mere purchase of the assets would take years to accomplish, and would severely distort the world price of commodities. That is my thinking, anyway, and it may be off significantly to what the actual mechanism would be to accomplish what you are suggesting.

    Great work.

  49. Doc – you ignorant slut. Welcome. We need a new butt buddy.

    Admin – I would add to your recommendations the abolition of public unions, or at least the right for them to strike.

  50. Doc:

    Don’t presume to know my political leanings. Your bankrupt pseudo intellectualism is tiring. You have made no real contribution to this thread, simply quips from someone else, more card-carrying progressive bullshit from ex-hippies and new world order parasites.

    You use the word conservative like it’s a bad thing. What passes for conservatism, original conservatism is what built this country, including the schools you probably didn’t have the SAT scores to get into. I suppose your tired socialist rants and che shirts impress the neo bohemian chicks at Starbucks, but get real. That dog won’t hunt anywhere else.

    Get a job, feel what it’s like to earn money through working. Or, do everyone a favor and move to France. See first hand the proletariat benefits of a socialist state. I doubt you’d have the balls.

  51. Something to think about, Doc “appropriate other’s wealth so I can eats free” Holiday:

    There are two methods, or means, and only two, whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied: One is the production and exchange of wealth; this is the economic means. The other is uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means…

    — Alfred J. Nock

    Socialists and shitheads appropriate wealth produced by others. Political extortion. Has never worked and never will. Only works until you run out of other people’s money.

  52. Wow.

    What an amazingly sohpisticated, cultured and intelligent group I wandered into.

    So this is the group who reads Mr. Quinn and Dollar Collapse?
    This must be a Tea Party meeting I wandered into by mistake, or worse if that is possible.

    What an awesome collection of half-wit right wing nut jobs meet here.

    Fuck You

  53. Doc shoots back with the equivalent of “oh, yeah – same to you but more of it”.

    Hang in there, Doc. Don’t wimp out so soon. We have been nice so far. Wait ’til we really take offense before you cut bait.

  54. Doc dipshit:

    You haven’t been here long enough to know what anyone thinks. Maybe you should sit on the sidelines since you’re obviously not up to the task. Maybe check the reading list and recommended sites. Not a progressive, socialist, communist, or anarchist on the list.

    You have wandered from your usual “we tell you what to think, and when to think it” progressive pablum sites. So sorry. Yea, many right wing blogs have an “OWS” banner on them. You’re so fucking stupid and arrogant you can’t even notice simple things. Not surprising, since your brain has been washed, and bleached, and there is nothing original in there except flea shit.

    Well, time for you to run back to MSNBC, or “Socialists R Us” or whatever or wherever fucking idiots like you feel at home. Try using your brain for some original thought, if you are able. The pseudo intellectualism isn’t working.

    And, France awaits! A whole country of socialist cowards like yourself. They’ll let you surrender at the airport.

  55. Go synthesize some new form of socialism, give it an interesting name, use scary words like shark, and get a Che shirt and red scarf. Then, head down to the head shop or the coffee klatch, and score some smelly French chicks that have bad teeth, don’t shower, and don’t shave their pits or nether regions.

    Doc and Barry are great at sliding in some socialism….


  56. No Thanks.

    I have heard all I need to hear from your mob.

    And “eat free Doc”?

    I suppose you are correct about this.

    After all I did spend 23 years in the Navy so I am eating on your dime.

  57. Four guys at an airport waiting area. 1 Muslim ( radical fundamentalist ), 1 Socialist, 1 American Indian and a Cowboy complete with boots and ten gallon hat.

    Cowboy is stretched out with hat over his eyes, seemingly taking a nap.

    Three remaining strike up a conversation as follows:

    Indian says; ” We used to be many. Now we are few. ”

    Muslim RF says; ” We used to few. Now we are many.”

    Cowboy says from under hat; ” We’re working on that.”

    Socialist says; ” We used to be few. Now in America we are many.”

    Cowboy says from under hat; ” We just haven’t played cowboys and socialists yet.”

  58. Does ONE of the geniuses here have a clue who destroyed the middle class? Quinn is on target about 90% of the time. Not bad, but never mentions that the US Congress has been around 50-50 Republican to Democrats the last 25 years. EXCEPT…the Republicans are 100% CONSERVATIVE corporate owned Neo-Fascists and the Democrats are about 35% corporate shill…who VOTE with Republicans. DO THE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s a 65% to 70%…CONSERVATIVE Congress the last 25 years…giving America its fastest decline. Who started the great scam? Our greatest con-artist criminal President…Ronald Reagan and his criminal “conservative” movement…The Heritagte Foundation, The CATO Intstitute, The American Enterpise Institute…to today with the current Fox “News” and clones…all the corporate lap-dogs representing the “conservative” movement…which in any other country would simply be called, the “Fascist Party”.

    They are the frauds who told you that deregulation was good because businessmen would regulate themselves and have your best interest at heart. They were the con-artists who told you that the “rich” were the “job creators” instead of the true and only job creators…the working class consumer with a LIVING WAGE who saves enough to start a small business. Don’t ask why as union membership fell from 40% to 10% how American wages are the same AS TWENTY YEARS ago while the average corporate executive’s wages have QUINTUPLED. That’s LARCENY by right-wing central planners.

    Not to mention the “conservative” welfare machine…the Faith Based Initiative that forces all US taxpayers to fund their churches…completely unconstitutional. Their oil subsidies…their farm subsidies…their “privatization” scams like private prisons that cost American taxpayers $200 per day per prisoner while their lobbies write the laws to keep their prisons full. Government taxes pay for your schools. PROFIT buys some PIG his yacht and mansion and is the worst TAX of all.

    NOTHING is new here. Read up on how the corporations took over Italy in 1922 with Mussolini as their puppet. See Germany 1933…with Krupp Steel and IG Farben backing Hitler (with their dream of unlimited WAR PROFITS) until even they could not control him. Conservatism destroying a republic is nothing new. Don’t even think of blaming PROGRESSIVES…who gave you a living wage and CREATED America’s middle class…and haven’t had the majority in Congress for TWENTY FIVE years.

    1. Tony Tony Tony

      Your beloved progressives controlled both houses of Congress from 2006 through 2010. I guess math isn’t your strong point. It usually isn’t for Progressives. That is why you fuck things up so badly. I love when my articles bring out the ideologues who haven’t had an original thought in decades. Your post is worthless drivel and will be treated as such. Thanks for playing.

  59. One more thing for you right-wing brain-deads.

    The thing that’s bad about conservative Republican perversion of “capitalism”…is that you eventually run out of stealing other people’s LABOR!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Jeezus, another clueless dope that knows nothing of this site. Admin’s articles attract more fleas than a mangy cur.

  61. PROGRESSIVES…who gave you a living wage and CREATED America’s middle class.

    The welfare state; America’s middle class created by the progressives.

  62. Nice, Lipoh, it was worth posting twice.

    Alexis de Tocqueville once wrote:

    “Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality.
    But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty,
    socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”

  63. Tony, Doc, and Stalin agree. Socialism and Communism worked out really well….

    Still practiced today in union-run schools everywhere

  64. Q: How many Obama voters does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: None. Hoping that it would change is quite enough.

    Q: How many autoworkers does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: 17 at GM, Ford and Chrysler; 1 at Honda, Hyundai and Toyota.

    Q: How many Chicago pols does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: F— you, what am I gettin’ outta this?

    Q: How many Democrats does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: It’s burnt out on the Republican side, so we’re not changing it.

    Q: How many MSM journalists does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: No need, Obama is the Light.

    Q: How many Congresspersons does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: None, but they’ll allocate a few billion to achieve change under the Obama Stimulus Bill.

    Q: How many Oprah Winfrey fans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: The bulb’s not so light these days.

    Q: How many Cubans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: There have been no lightbulbs since the USSR collapsed.

    Q: How many North Koreans does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: What’s a lightbulb?

    Q: How many Hollywood celebrities does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Six to make movies about evil lightbulb companies, twelve to lecture about the unequal distribution of light on late night talk shows and nine to get caught with drugs hidden in cartons of lightbulbs.

    Q: How many Obama appointees does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: His team is currently in the process of finding someone from the Clinton Administration who knows how.

    Q: How many President Elect Obamas does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: The bulb is a lot more burnt out than we thought. Clearly, the bulb has deteriorated. It might not be changed as quickly as we would like.

  65. Thanks Awd – it was unintentianal, of course, as much copy click obviously did not take. The beauty of wordpress is there are no mulligans – if you shank one in the woods it stays in the woods.

    One more idiot poster and we get the Holy Triumvirate – the Three Stooges:


  66. Wow.
    Never visited here before but this is a real class site.

    Trailer Park Class but one has to start somewhere

  67. Nice to be back in battle with you, not against you. Admin is passed out in the lawn chair and is missing all the fun.

    Q: How many people does it take to help Barney Frank put up a light bulb?
    A: He can do it all by himself, but it takes an entire emergency room to remove it.

    Q: How many progressives does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: One: When he/she/it realizes that the bulb not working the light coming on over his/her/its head will be more than sufficient to illuminate the room.

    Q: How many progressives does it to take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Why would you change it when you can ban it?

    Q: How many lightbulbs does it take to change a progressive?
    A: None. Some things will never see the light no matter how brightly it shines.

    Q: How many Obama voters does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Excuse me. Light bulbs are just another part of the soulless industrial society we should be moving away from in our mission to save Mother earth from warming. Obama’s brother doesn’t need no stinking light bulb and neither should we.

  68. Doc- We are all class around here. We welcome morons like you in, and how do you thank us – by calling us Trailer Trash. So, you don’t like poor folk and want to ridicule them by calling them trailer trash? Some advanced thinking socialist you are – you secretly hate the poor. Fucking hypocrite.

    Don’t you have some SNAP cards to use up or something? I am tired of being polite to you. You come in, take a crap on the site, and wonder why folks don’t welcome you with open arms. Instead of having a bit of a read and getting an understanding about what is going on here, you shoot your mouth off, and get what you get. Seriously, we have been nice so far. But that can change.


  69. Tony:

    Don’t bother with these stooges.
    A collection of brain-dead right wing assholes.

    I wandered onto the site and saw Jim Quinn’s essay and assumed that the Administrator who posted this must be a person of some intelligence and substance.

    This site has substance all right. But its a substance you don’t won’t to touch without gloves and a mask,

    I spent 23 years in the militar and then taught for 9 years in the prison system, so I thought I had met all types .

    This must be the Tea Party we have heard about.

  70. AWD – the battles are fun, too. Gives us something to do while we wait for the Tonys and Docs to swim by.





  71. Progressives are all hypocrites.

    Examples of poorly chosen names for otherwise great progressive initiatives

    People Against Responsibility And Supervision In Tolerant Equitable Society

    Success Trough Expropriation
    And Litigation

    Democratic Engineering of Society Through Re-education of Youth

    Bringing Up Socialist Tomorrow

    Center for Advancement of Communist Alternatives

    People’s Initiative to Moderate Prostitution

    Feminist Urban Center
    for Karmic Eradication of Dependency

    Citizen Advocates for Socialist Kidney Exchange Technology

    Progressive Lawyers Advocating Guaranteed Unlimited Expropriation

    Radical Educators For Tolerant Affirmation of Rationalized Degeneracy

    Socialized Healthcare
    Internal Taskforce

    Socialist Media Enforcing
    Adequate Research

  72. Doc was a government drone and is damn proud of it! Taught 9 years in the prison system! Wow – I know I am impressed.

  73. BTW Did any of these closet homosexual Tea Party nuts notice there was an OWS banner attached to this article?

  74. Doc:

    llpoh and AWD are the resident “Shit Throwing Monkeys”. Their partisan streak is well engrained… Using buzz words will set them off screaming and, well, flinging.

    I too am disturbed by the profanity….

  75. “The great source of both the misery and disorders of human life, seems to arise from over-rating the difference between one permanent situation and another. Avarice over-rates the difference between poverty and riches: ambition, that between a private and a public station: vain-glory, that between obscurity and extensive reputation. The person under the influence of any of those extravagant passions, is not only miserable in his actual situation, but is often disposed to disturb the peace of society, in order to arrive at that which he so foolishly admires. The slightest observation, however, might satisfy him, that, in all the ordinary situations of human life, a well-disposed mind may be equally calm, equally cheerful, and equally contented. Some of those situations may, no doubt, deserve to be preferred to others: but none of them can deserve to be pursued with that passionate ardour which drives us to violate the rules either of prudence or of justice; or to corrupt the future tranquillity of our minds, either by shame from the remembrance of our own folly, or by remorse from the horror of our own injustice.”

    ― Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments

  76. AWD

    Actually no.

    I retired as Senior Cheif Hospital Corpsman. (E8)

    No need to thank me for my service. Not from the likes of you.

  77. Jim,

    I try to catch all of your blogs. Great research and well reasoned. This latest article hits home on all of the points that have brought us to the precipice of the final collapse of America (the rest of the world will just have to deal with their own impending collapses) if we continue without change. All of your points are spot-on from the point of view of the “aware” American patriot. The only thing that you leave out is how to get there and who is going to do it. You seem to leave it to those who have caused the problems to come to their senses and realize that they must reform their habits to the benefit of the 99 percent. As someone who has been voting for many years, I have finally come to the conclusion that Washington, D.C. will NEVER reform themselves. The high life is just too comfortable to think about being good citizens and doing what is right for America (that would be the 50 states constituting the Federation, including the13 original ones that created Washington, D.C. as their agent to do what is right for America). Washington, D.C. long ago forgot that they were given only very limited authority under the Constitution and are now running wild under the impression that the states are now their agents, to be treated as total subordinates. Washington, D.C. has found that they can conveniently abandon the Constitution by using certain “vague” clauses” such as “the common good clause” to claim total authority over the states.

    So, there appear to be only two viable solutions. The first (and the one that I sense that you expect) is violent revolution. That would be an ugly solution but would provide the victors the opportunity to setup a new government to their liking without having to work thru difficult political avenues. The second, and I believe the only remaining viable political solution if for the states to use their authority to pass Constitutional amendments. I believe that the Constitution is still a well thought out document but it was written to be understood by far more intelligent and educated people than currently live in the America of 2012. By updating the wording of the Constitution and changing some weak points (such as selection of Supreme Court members by the President), the Federal government could be put back into its limited “box” that the states created in 1791. The states could do this by passing a Constitutional amendment that would create a state run caretaker Federal government. The states would provide the “management” of the Federal government for a limited time (the amendment would be time limited) while they also reviewed how to modify the Constitution to eliminate the Federally abused sections (i.e. common good clause) and bring others back to reality (illegal wars, undeclared by Congress). It would fall short of a Constitutional Convention (which would surely result in revolution) and reset the Federation to its originally intended purpose (to prevent unfair commerce between the states and to provide security to the American homeland).

    That is how to make all of the changes that you propose. The who that makes the change has to be us, the American citizens who accept or reject the idea of the need for government and what level we are willing to accept. That means Americans must become active in working with their state legislators to demand the initiation of a Constitutional amendment to restore America by making it clear to Washington, D.C. that they work for us, not the other way around.

    The other way is the ugly one. I like to hedge my bets so I train frequently with others who believe that the political process might fail us and force the 5% to make the change the hard way. I like to think that the ignorant masses will not wait for a “Mad-Max” moment to do the right thing but time is running out for them to pull their heads out of the sand. Lets hope for the peaceful choice.

  78. That figures – Doc takes early retirement on the people’s dime, and expects thanks for his service. A truly altruistic fellow, that Doc. Just be happy with the money, asshole. I guess you are on, what, $36k per year, plus bennies. Say you retired around 40 – so you will be collecting what – around $1.8 million in expecrted retirement pay, plus benefits, for your 23 years service. That is $78k per year retirement pay for each of the 23 years you worked – plus benefits. Let’s call it $100k for yucks for each year of service. So the people actually had to pay you around $150k per year for each year you served.

    And you have the fucking nerve to suggest that we should thank you? You ignorant asswipe.

  79. What say that instead of paying pensions to military personnel we transition them to public service when they can no longer handle the physical aspects of their military, and abandon early retirement for military entirely.

  80. ADMIN: Excellent essay. Thanks.

    Purplefrog: A good list of recommendations and things to consider.

    Some very good comments in this thread.

  81. The current average salary for an RN is around $60k per year, so ets say around $80k with benefits. An RN is undoubtably more educated than a corpsman. But it costs $70k more a year for a corpsman – because of the bloated, unsustainable retirement benefits. Go figure.

  82. OK, I threw the wise philosopher Adam Smith’s quotations regarding…. well a lot. In a world where a “Tea Party” rejects Ron Paul, many “Capitalists” reject Smith and even more don’t even bother to read up on their adversaries…

    We’re in a real leaky boat. In a sea of sliders and floaters.

    (Answer to question: Labor Theory of Value)

    I try to be kind. I try to be gentle….

  83. Doc H

    Here is a Clue:

    Someone who says he is a pro-war libertarian is lying to everyone, including himself.

    Right-wing libertarian is an oxymoron. For that matter, anyone who still believes the two-party system is real is deluding himself. Like a kiwi bird, libertarians eschew dichotomy like that. Your conclusion that we’re Tea Party types or right-wing whatevers is so far off the mark as to be laughable.

    It would be just as valid for me to say oldtime bank robbers Willie Sutton and John Dillinger were progressives because they were redistributing the wealth.

    Btw, I was trailer trash many years ago. And we have a 1% resident as well, a broad spectrum. And no Political Correctness or censorship. I’m sure you’ve been on other sites where your comments were ‘moderated’ out of existence. From a philosophical point of view, which is better?

  84. We’ve been born into this time, this age of the world, and into our respective countries, with their existing laws and cultures. Moreover you had nothing to do with any of that. It was all a free gift given to you: your parents, your advanced country with all its advantages, basically all the good stuff. Unfortunately it’s true that many Silent and Boomer generation politicians (and others) are passing on to the younger generations a big f-ing mess. Don’t vote for them again.

    Try to focus on something in your “circle of influence,” something honorable and important for your family, friends and neighbors. Every generation should pass on to the next what it thinks is great. Gen-X, the Millennials and the Homelanders are going to live through some very difficult times. We can pull together and save the best of Western Civilization.

  85. Connor – it is ok to type “fuck” on this site. Shit, poop, hell, damn, bitch, slut, douchebag, skank, ho, prick, smegma, etc. are all fine, too. The only work that seems to be avoided is the “c” word, and it comes out every now and again. Try it – you’ll feel better. This is a politically incorrect zone, and anything goes. What we do not stand for is “f-ing”. It makes you look like a pussy. BTW – pussy is also allowed.

  86. Dear ghost of Rodney King: We will never get along.

    I propose splitting the US into three countries. Progressives, socialists ,FSA, rabid trade unionists etc., get one third. Neocons, zionists (christian and jews) get a third, then libertarians, ancaps and paleocons get a third. Immigration is subject to an ideology test. I propose splitting it along these lines. The first group get New England and the rust belt (most of them already live there anyway). The second gets the south, the third the west coast and everything else west of the continental divide.

  87. Hi!, Patrons Of The Burning Platform Et Al:

    Well, people, as we go to our respective voting boths this late fall on November 6, we can know that we are voting for the least of the two evils scaming us again and then go home to see if we’re witnesses again to voter fraud or not huh? It happens every election doesn’t it? Why we vote for personalities known as professional politicians is beyound me? They flount various nincompoop issues to distract everyone from the true isses of debts, taxes and trade deficits etc., to excite our emotional appeal regards gay marriage, abotion, NAFTA, immigration etc., instead of we the people targeting the true, expensive monetary issues we have to live with following the vote counts. We end up thinking the votre as being as suspiious too anyway right? But then our neighbors and/or friends remind us it’s our patriotic duty to vote whether we read about the issues with which we face living for the next batch of 4 years of griping our griping about circumsances in the political fields once again til death do us part? When will we know if Roin Paul may or will not be placed on this year’s ballot we wonder until the last minute and then end up KNOWING the other two parties don’t give him a chance anyway & let the issue slide for another 4 year marker. How old will Ron Paul be when the 2016 election comes around……too old to run or what? Even his son, Rand Paul, has sidded with Mitt Romney’s greater chances to win this one, so we can get in on whatever evils he wants us to experience. Regardless, Helicopter Ben will retain his divine rights to by subterfuge and deceit debase our $ for the greater good of another trade war with China shouldn’t we think and regardless of who wins this upcoming election? Will any of us have voted for the ongoing inflation we’ll get following the election? No!, but won’t Helicopter Ben give US a big dose of Quantatative Easing 3 anyway, so we can enjoy paying additional, ongoing higher prices for everything we buy as well? Who’s got a perfect crystal ball for predictingr when all this evil will end/stop?

    [email protected]

  88. Sensetti – AWD, and I, like all true artists, are most happy when our viewers appreciate our work. Many thanks.

  89. Russ – welcome. Nice rant. May I suggest you add a few paragraph breaks to make it a bit easier on us. Thanks1

  90. Doc H – Stick around if you don’t mind. There are so few conservative socialists running around here and the perspective thereof does have a certain relevance in line with refining our generally libertarian philosophy.

    Admin – Outfuckingstanding.

  91. ecliptix543m, the southeast and the northeast would still have too much in common. We would have to be vigilant. Fortunately we’d have a mountain range as a barrier to any invasion.

  92. Admin

    I love this series, but was really looking forward to Part 4, the part that was going to discuss guillotines and pitchforks that you mentioned at the beginning of Part 1…

  93. Admin – you outdid yourself in this series.

    Whenever George Carlin is extensively quoted, you know it’s gonna be a great article.

    I agree with all of your solutions – would just like to add one more to the mix.

    That is, all citizens in the US should be required to study civics, real American history and take a test that qualifies them to vote in state and federal elections. Like a drivers license, it needs to be renewed once every four years with a photo ID and evidence of residency.

    This would go a long way in eliminating voter fraud – and position voting as a privilege as well as a right. Dead voters need not apply.

    When it comes to the end game of the cronies con, we think we have it nailed. The mega banks, which are global corporations will declare Chapter 15 bankruptcy when they have squeezed the last cent out of the US and it’s people.

    Chapter 15 was created by the banks when the consumer bankruptcy laws were “reformed” several years ago. It allows the banks to push all depositors to the end of the line and places the holders of derivative debt to the front – where they will have first dibs on the loot pilfered from everyday Americans.

    If we want to eliminate this possibility, we need to 86 Chapter 15 ASAP.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to join Admin for a virtual cocktail….

  94. An excellent piece, except you lower yourself a little bit with “snarky” Maddowian/Bashirian comments like that in paragrap three.

    I believe you could have covered just about all of your proposals with just one.

    1. For the good of the whole of about 316,000,000 Americans, it might be prudent to eliminate about 545 of them.

  95. And doc for all his vitriol and haughtiness still ignored my questions so I’ll ask them again. Clueless Tony, feel free to chime in as well…I’ll number them for your convenience.

    1. How much free shit is it OK for the gov’t to steal from me? 50%, 100%?
    2. Should doctors be enslaved to forcibly give out free healthcare?
    3. Should I be forced to pay for strangers’ healthcare at the expense of feeding my family???
    4. In one sentence you want to abolish all welfare, and in the very next F-ing sentence you want free medical for everyone??? Do you read what you type??
    5. We should have an honest Government??? Please enlighten me on how this would be accomplished?
    6. You’re actually advocating for a Fiat currency system??? Explain and use examples how this would work long term.

    I wait for your Progressive wisdom.

  96. Narrow article that misses too much of a larger picture. Abolishing the FED is a popular viewpoint from those who do not see that its mission is larger than many now think. The FED has a secret mandate alright but it’s actually aimed at bringing gold-as-money full circle in spirit, but with a practical manifestation that allows for real-time evaluations and real-time trading. The economy, after all, is a real-time event with real-time fundamentals that should be reflected. This is why the history of Bretton Woods was so critically important with a severing of the dollar-gold relationship at $35.00 oz. Gold is a great currency when left to the valuation of a free market. The peg had to be abolished to set gold free so it could be remontized at a later date …. by the market …… bottom-up ! The elite have set the real-time paradigm up for our opportunity to finish the job.

    The dollar’s role (floating) since 1971 has been but a stop-gap measure in order to serve as a bridge into the real-time gold-as-money paradigm. Practical consideration had to be paid on how to make the transition as smooth as possible which is why the shift to real-time gold-as-money cannot be a top-down process and must show an organic rate of change. Overlooking this would surely lead to a dollar collapse. The USD still plays/will play a critically important role in this gold-as-money paradigm (here and now), but NOT as a currency. It acts as a real-time measure to determine how much settlement weight to use to purchase something or extinguish existing debt. Most “things” in the real economy are priced in a fiat currency so a bullion payment system must be equipped with a transaction bridging mechanism to support the connection between the passing paradigm of debt based fiat and the new real-time gold-as-money paradigm, anchored in weight (debt-free)

    Having said the above, the elite are now relegated to a top-down process of “carrying the stick” by way of inflation. People generally don’t respond to carrots. It’s a pity but a “necessary evil” appears to be written into the “the script”. These things must happen.

  97. WM:

    Progressives and socialists ignore all questions, all reality, all concepts of hard work, thrift, production, and have no problem running up debts larger than the crab nebula. For them, it’s about how to intellectually and morally steal money from other people to forward an agenda of hand-outs and couch sitting. Doc H. is a typical hypocrite progressive government drone, living off the taxpayers while criticizing the system that allows incompetent people like him to have jobs; if you call swabbing the deck and soap manipulation a job.

    1. “Totalitarianism, however, does not so much promise an age of faith as an age of schizophrenia. A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.”

      George Orwell

  98. ” •Corporations are not people. Extreme wealth does not give someone the right to buy elections. Rich oligarchs operating in the shadows and spending billions on negative advertising is not how a republic should elect their representatives. Lobbyists, special interests and PACs and would be eliminated from the political process.”

    I believe you are wrong on this point. I was studying the stock market back in the 1980’s and learned that during the 1800’s Federal Courts had ruled that Corporations were indeed considerd “people” with respect to their rights. I remember at the time that I was startled by that and said to myself “Oh S**t”, we’ve got trouble here. Unfortunaly, the financial book that I got that from has since been discarded so I can’t give you a source. Please go check it out.

    1. Martin

      If your were comprehending my solutions you would understand they are my opinion. I already know the Supreme Court says corporations are people. I disgree and believe it was a horrible decision that puts more power into the hands of the few.

      1. 27 June 2012

        Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – More Criminal Manipulation in the News

        There were two new developments in the ever unfolding crime drama known as the Anglo-American financial system.

        Peter Madoff, brother to infamous Bernie and long time ‘chief compliance officer’ for the Madoff fund, is pleading guilty to the charge of ‘falsifying documents.’ As you may recall Harry Markopolos had attempted to call the fraudulent nature of the Madoff investment model to the attention of the regulators for years and was ignored, ridiculed, and threatened.

        The bigger news of the day was the settlement with Barclays in the absolutely egregious fraud of fixing the LIBOR market rate. The Bank will pay a $450 million fine and incur no criminal penalties or trading sanctions. The American CEO Bob Diamond says he will forgo his personal bonus as well.

        Other banks were involved, but Barclays has settled. Barclays Pays 450m to End LIBOR Prove

        Bart Chilton of the CFTC was on the news claiming victory for the regulators.

        A read of the some of the emails discovered in the case shows that the manipulation was almost as blatant and obvious as placing food orders at a takeaway restaurant.

        Ah hey old boy, our positions are up against it, so would you be a good chap and knock 50 basis points off LIBOR for us tomorrow morning please.

        Anything for your my good man. Consider it done.
        The Bloomberg TV crowd had fun with this story about Barclay’s, with Matt Miller chuckling that the fine is ‘only six weeks profits’ for the Bank, and the market obviously doesn’t take it seriously because ‘look at the stock price.’ Barclay’s stock finished the day down 3 cents.

        Manipulating LIBOR is a BIG deal, one of the worst and most pervasive frauds to actually come to light since the widespread fraud in the CDO market.

        That the firm faces no criminal charges, will not be barred from any markets, and is taking what the financial commentators dare to taunt openly as a minor fine is a disgrace.

        And those who say that the markets should be without regulatory oversight and set the key interest rates without outside interference are living a romantic or ideological fantasy.

        Do governments manage rates? Of course they do. That is a role of the Fed. They do it for policy decisions, and spend some time announcing and discussing those actions.

        But this is not the same thing as private firms manipulating rates secretly for their private profit at the sake of other’s losses. People who say they are equivalent are serial self-deceivers, and probably blinded by ideology.

        Have no illusions. The fix is in, and often, in these markets. Those who scoff at such assertions as ‘conspiracies’ might bear both Madoff and Barclays in mind, not to mention Enron.

        There will be more revelations of criminal conspiracies to defraud the public and the markets in the coming months. But LIBOR is very significant. It is a market touchstone. And it was foul for a long time.


  99. The same is true for the hubristic modern robber barons latched on the backs of the middle class. Their appetite for ever greater riches will never be mollified -CF

    Im pretty sure that hell, if it be, is run by such types.

  100. believe you are wrong on this point. I was studying the stock market back in the 1980′s and learned that during the 1800′s Federal Courts had ruled that Corporations were indeed considerd “people” with respect to their rights -Martin

    In Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394 (1886), the reporter noted in the headnote to the opinion that the Chief Justice began oral argument by stating, “The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of the opinion that it does.”[1] While the headnote is not part of the Court’s opinion and thus not precedent, two years later, in Pembina Consolidated Silver Mining Co. v. Pennsylvania, the Court clearly affirmed the doctrine, holding, “Under the designation of “person” there is no doubt that a private corporation is included [in the Fourteenth Amendment]. Such corporations are merely associations of individuals united for a special purpose and permitted to do business under a particular name and have a succession of members without dissolution.”

  101. Since at least Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819), the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized corporations as having the same rights as natural persons to contract and to enforce contracts. -wiki

    Contracts. Not politicial ideologies.

  102. KB

    You cited one of the Supreme Court’s landmark cases, Dartmouth vs. Woodward, 1819. If corporations have the same contractual rights as individuals, then why don’t they have the same rights when it comes to political speech (unions have been exercising that right for decades)? The Supreme Court said that they do. Very unpopular decision here on TBP. Puzzling.

  103. You cited one of the Supreme Court’s landmark cases, Dartmouth vs. Woodward, 1819. If corporations have the same contractual rights as individuals, then why don’t they have the same rights when it comes to political speech (unions have been exercising that right for decades)? The Supreme Court said that they do. Very unpopular decision here on TBP. Puzzling. -SSS

    Indeed. It is puzzling. Unions act collectively, Thats true.

    But being a once union member I will say this.

    Just because I paid union dues does not mean I agree with what the company and the unions agreed [contracted upon]

    So both do unpopular things while claiming to represent the majority.

    Is either democracyy? I doubt it.

    Its buying influence.

  104. So, let us continue the debate in what gave birth to corporate personhood.

    The court’s actual decision was uncontroversial. A unanimous decision, written by Justice Harlan, ruled on the matter of fences, holding that the state of California illegally included the fences running beside the tracks in its assessment of the total value of the railroad’s property. As a result, the county could not collect taxes from Southern Pacific that it was not allowed to collect in the first place.[9]


  105. Personally I would rather see unions, and corporations, attacking one another directly, and kust forget the rhetorical bullshit spun by claiming to represent either party, or ideiology, thru pundit like BS.

    If you, Alcoa, or Budweiser, have a contractual beef with US Steel, or Coors. Fine.

    Do it. Club another about the so called brains, but leave me out of it. I dont need pundit spin. Please. FFS.

  106. @ Doc Holliday, if you’re still around…..

    You cited Noam Chomsky as a person of reason, a “libertarian socialist.” Uhhh, in the world of politics, this one is a non-starter. Chomsky is a professional, academic linguist. As such, he makes shit up. He is, when it comes to labor, a classic Marxist. Anyway, can you provide ANY rational definition of what a libertarian socialist is?

    Caution: your assignment is just as tricky as defining social justice. Good luck and God speed.

  107. I reiterate, if you want to be a union member or a corporate person, thats your decision.

    What I am saying is that, collectively speaking, special interests undermine a republic democracy.

    I understand the conflicts, I have been there. I know it.

    I have nothing against either.. Something about madness makes me want ssy


  108. SSS, calling Chomsky a ” Chomsky is a professional, academic linguist” is akin to calling Shakespeare a storyteller. Chomsky invented linguistics as an academic discipline out of whole cloth. I can’t think of anyone else who has done that, not even Newton. That does not mean I support his political views but in a broad sense I do consider him an ally.

  109. My corporation was almost two when it was potty-trained!

    I’m so proud of my corporation. I’m going to start saving for my corporation’s wedding and college and buy life insurance….

    I wouldn’t want my little corporation left on its own should I pass!

  110. KB, I’m not going to run off to wiki. I took a 300 lvl linguistics class back in college and I’ve forgotten almost all of it except that I discovered I was pretty good at plotting tree structures. My recollection is that the modern science of linguistics was invented by Chomsky out of what used to be termed Philology. If I remember incorrectly then so be it.

  111. KB said, “Is either (corporate or union campaign money) democracy? I doubt it. Its buying influence.”

    Damn right it’s buying influence, and this isn’t a fucking democracy. It’s a constitutional republic with a 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make NO LAW …….. abridging the freedom of speech.” Got that? It doesn’t specify restrictions on unions, the Roman Catholic Church, Microsoft, Bank of America, the ACLU, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, the Hollywood Actors Guild, or anyone else collectivey getting their bucks into the political arena. It says NO LAW.

    McCain-Feingold was the most pernicious attack on free speech in modern history. Fuck campaign finance laws. They’re all doomed to the dustbin of free speech history.

  112. Damn right it’s buying influence, and this isn’t a fucking democracy. It’s a constitutional republic with a 1st Amendment, “Congress shall make NO LAW …….. abridging the freedom of speech.” Got that? -SSS

    Where did I say I was against freedom of speech?

    The subject here is corporate personage. IE Contracts/

  113. My corporations’s so awesome. My corporation said “I want to be a fireman!”

    I said to my corporation “You can be anything you want to be! With hard work and effort, you can be the president!”

    Just between us, I hope my corporation becomes a doctor, or a lawyer…..

    Or a CEO of another corporation!

  114. If you sign a contract to not speak about something, SSS, who, or what, iis it that forbids you to speak freely?

  115. What the fuck is with all the smoke because “corporations are people”? Damn right they are (if not people, then they are entities), and good thing, too.

    I ask you this – why is it ESSENTIAL that corporations are people/entities? A corporation exists for one and only one purpose – so that shareholders themselves are buffered from personal liability for the actions/debts of the corporation, and the corporation carries its own liabilities as opposed to passing such onto the shareholders.

    Without this, shareholders would be liable for debts of the corporation – and most likely they would be jointly and severally liable. I am not a tax laywer, but what that in effect means is that they as a group would be liable for its debts, but EACH INDIVIDUAL SHAREHOLDER would be liable for the ENTIRETY of the corporations debts. Creditors could chase one shareholder for the entire debt, or could chase all shareholders. ANy profits taken out of the company would be at risk in the event the corporation went bankrupt, or had a catostrophic event of some kind.

    No one in their right mind would invest in a company as a minority shareholder if they were jointly and severally liable for is debts.

    I, for one, see no problem whatsoever in corporations being legal persons – whithout that distinction modern business could not function.

    I posted this in the “Corporations are People” thread as well.

  116. I have no problems with corporations, as a collection of persons, creating a product or protectoing its patents, or going to court over it.

    What I disagree with is money, be it by a private indiviidual, or lobbyist, or corporation, making laws to enirch themselves at anothers expense.

  117. If one were interested in getting into politics, where would you start? I’m mostly just thinking city level here.

  118. KB – all lobbying should be outlawed. As for issues related to freedom of speech – ads, etc – it seems to be enshrined in the constitution that people can say what they want. Should corps be allowed the same freedom? I am leaning toward not.

  119. My friend’s corporation came out of the closet… she was distraught that her corporation “turned out that way” and was crying about how she NEVER raised her corporation that way.

    I told her that her corporation was its own corporation and that she shouldn’t judge her corporation…. just unconditionally love it.

    Amazing how her and her corporation get along better than ever before. They talked and she expressed her feelings, the corporation expressed its feelings and they worked through it.

  120. If one were interested in getting into politics, where would you start? I’m mostly just thinking city level here. -TPC

    Its madness I tell you madness!

  121. If the government had no powers to benefit individual corporations, that is to say that if the returns from investing in the market were superior to investing in politics through buying off congressmen, corporations would pay no attention to government and lobbying it would be a waste of money.

  122. KB – all lobbying should be outlawed. As for issues related to freedom of speech – ads, etc – it seems to be enshrined in the constitution that people can say what they want. Should corps be allowed the same freedom? I am leaning toward not. -llpoh

    I mostly agree.

  123. @KB – It is, however I’m in a fairly unique position here. Due to my wife and I’s networking we are VERY well connected throughout the influential here in town, and a lot of them see the writing on the wall. They know that if steps aren’t taken everything will crumble around them.

    More than a few have dropped hints they’d like to see me stepping up politically.

    An odd place to be in, but I’m not even sure where I would begin with such an endeavor.

    1. TPC

      Your first step is to find a really rich guy to support your campaign with gobs of dough behind the scenes. Second, seek out the largest corporations in town and promises them gobs of free shit and tax breaks if they support you. Presto. Your a politician.

  124. Llpoh:

    You nailed the danger. I am willing to guess that the recent cases have something more than what is gawked at on talk radio or scribbled on cardboard.

  125. I bet Wyoming Mike would have some of the answers you seek, Pissy Chemist. If he sees your post or even Marianne The Merciless, that is.

    Oh, and Sarge Conway too.

  126. Colma –

    Right now its just a random thought, but I sure as fuck don’t trust anyone else in my generation to step up around here.

  127. I am utterly shocked by the thumbs down to my pride in my corporation.

    Are you saying my corporation can’t be president?

    You need to catch up with the times. My corporation can do anything it dreams. One day this anti-corporation bigotry will be on display with hand axes and potlach economies at the museum.


  128. “All lobbying should be outlawed.”

    Am I the only one who has read the Constitution on this site?

    “or the right of the people to ….. petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

    Amendment Fucking One!!!! You know, that prickly free speech and freedom of religion thingy. Damn pain in the ass, isn’t it?

  129. @KB – It is, however I’m in a fairly unique position here. Due to my wife and I’s networking we are VERY well connected throughout the influential here in town, and a lot of them see the writing on the wall. They know that if steps aren’t taken everything will crumble around them. -TPC

    I am not an advocate of societal mayhem, nor were the influential of Rome, but if they saw the writing on the wall, I would not ignore it.

  130. An odd place to be in, but I’m not even sure where I would begin with such an endeavor. -TPC

    Those ignorant of the past repeat it.

    Or do they repeat the past for they know it?

  131. Am I the only one who has read the Constitution on this site?

    “or the right of the people to ….. petition the Government for redress of grievances.” -SSS

    Yet corporate personage ruliing came after that.

  132. KB’s borderline philosphical question crits TPC for 10 points hp.

    TPC dies.


    My corporation is on the Honor Roll at Halliburton High.

  133. PC, Useful endeavor or waste of time? City council>Mayor>State Representative>State Senator>Secretary of State>Governor>US Senator or President. Time involved, 30+ years.

    It will all be over long before then. I’m counting it in the months now and have started keeping a few thousand bucks in cash stashed away as an emergency reserve.

  134. My corporation was endowed by its creator with unalienable rights…

    Among them being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  135. SSS – paid lobbying. Does that make it any better? In any event, it is a matter of definition.

    Here is the text of the First Amendment:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Please note that “petition” is include with peaceful assembly. Lobbying ain’t petitioning. Not in my fucking book.

    Lobbying is defined by: “The process of influencing public and government policy at all levels: federal, state, and local.”

    Does that sound like “petitioning the government for redress of grievances”? Doesn’t sound like that to me.

    Definition of petition: “A formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority with respect to a particular cause.”

    SSS – If you are going to invoke the First Amendment, it is best you do not confuse “lobby’ with “petition”. Lobby is an effort to make policy, petiton is to appeal to the government for redress. Got it?

  136. The peanut gallery will be happy – SSS and llpoh eyeing each other up. Who will blink first, enquiring minds want to know.

  137. My corporation was endowed by its creator with unalienable rights…
    Among them being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I have drank, and eaten, deeply from many a manufacturer, and to their product I do find agreement, yet their CEO, or the collective shareholde thereofr,, by my dollar, IE my labor,, does not give them, nor any collective, the right to speak for me.

  138. llpoh, you are a smart guy (even though you are wrong about Israel). You will never abolish corruption through fucking around with the law. Banning lobbying is pointless; they will just find a way around it. Likewise to a constitutional amendment to a balanced budget. It’s all a fucking waste of energy. Go after the head. Kill the power and nobody gives a fuck about it anymore.

    Israel (my favorite topic as of late), is a perfect example. Don’t bother tying to register AIPACs’ members as agents of a foreign government. Call Michael Oren into the oval office and let him know that we know all the shit that his government has done to us over the years, much of it in collusion with the neocon-dominated US congress and executive and tell him he has two choices. He can call off the dogs, (demands for sanctions and war on Iran), remove ALL settlements from the west bank, tear down the walls, (and this is just the start), or we (the President) will tell the American people just what they have done to us over the years, sever diplomatic relations and let congress decide if it’s US who should “wipe that country off the map.”

    Won’t happen obviously, but it should. Just like raising interest rates.

  139. I can’t believe the discourse on the two party circle jerk. How come we live in the country where we can choose from hundreds of flavors of ice cream, or hundreds of models of automobiles, but every 2 years we have to funnel our votes into two morally corrupt political parties.

  140. Z – I am all for the truth. What about the US fessing up? What about the US arming the enemies of Israel – Iraq, Iran, Egypt, et al, as they have done for decades? The US has done plenty of bad stuff to Israel. It is a two way street. As always, you really are clueless re Israel. You are very inventive, I grant you that.

  141. Llpoh, give me a break. Arming Egypt has simply protection money to Israel. Add those sums to the real amount of treasure the US has been bribed and cajoled on behalf of the zionist government. Same with the rest of it (Iraq). Now I would grant that US arms sales to the Saudis could constitute a threat to Israel but I am sure backroom deals have rendered them meaningless. The hidden purpose of Israel, US and Arab policies for decades in the middle east is to prevent the rise of another Persian Empire. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now. Iran to the middle east is what Germany is to Europe. Iran is destined one way or another to dominate the middle east just as Germany is to Europe. Perhaps the difference is the Iran’s urban and educated population is overwhelmingly pro-american. If we were smart (and uncorrupted), we would build on that.

  142. Zzzzz

    You do know there have been more than two parties in the country, yes? “What is past, is prologue.”

    Oh yeah … btw, hardly anyone here believes there IS a two-party system. No, it’s two faces on a Janus mutant, these days.

    You go start a third, fourth, fifth, whadevs. Or embrace the Borg mindset: voting is futile.

  143. PC, start by attending a monthly repub meeting and possibly becoming a precinct committeeman. We managed to take over the Repub party in our County, at least ’til the next election – the FSA neocons are fighting back.

    Here is the advantage…a friend of mine was running for District Justice in our community in Phoenix. By being a P.C., had the support of 70 politically active folks, and defeated his primary opponent (not a P.C.) by over 20 points. The opinion of the other guy was basically “if he wants to run for office, why hasn’t he been here.”

    Other than that, find out who is vulnerable and run against that person. Knock on a lot of doors and be honest with folks (then you don’t have to remember your lies). Also, raising money helps. We had 16% republicans in our district and I lost by a 2 to 1 margin. You can’t sway the masses, but you can pick up an extra 15% or so with a good campaign. City council is about the easiest election for a newbie to win provided it’s not a huge city.

    See which local races are nonpartisan, those are easier to win as well, especially if you are in the minority party.

    Good luck!

  144. Like so many websites of this nature, it seems the message board here has been taken over by the typical right wing know it alls who know a lot about nothing and who are proud display it.

    The thing I love about right wing libertarians is their inability see the religious nature of their belief system. It has the answer to everything and anyone who points out problems of the religion is branded a blasphemous heretic, or idiot or moron, etc… Meanwhile the right wing libertarian religion has no precedent in modern history, with feudal systems being the closest example.

    The most ironic part of it all is the right wing libertarians claim less to no regulation in all market activities is the path to Utopia while ignoring how deregulation in the financial sector helped put us on the road to collapse. Also, the the right wing libertarians who have proselytized me in the past have this whole endless economic growth myth going on, which should also be a major red flag to anyone paying attention to reality.

    I know, I know, it all the fault of the liberals and democrats for the monetary ills of the country. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the US spending more than the rest of the entire world on so-called defense to keep the sweatshop workers in their place while allowing for easy and profitable extraction of OUR resources that happened to exist under the land of folks in other countries. Corporate welfare is different apparently even though those dollars are often spent sending jobs overseas instead of spent here in the US like the dollars spent by the poor welfare folks. Does that mean all of those vice-supporting convenience stores near all poor neighborhoods are essentially welfare recipients by extension? Does the same go for all of the parasite pawn shops, quick loan joints, car dealers and the like near military bases? Same difference really.

    Doc is correct in that right wing libertarianism seeks global solutions while only looking at and understanding small part of the problem. He sees further than many here, so he is insulted. A common response. The other telling fact is how emotional the libertarian true believers get when someone blasphemes their religious beliefs. AWD above is a good example. It’s not enough for him ( assuming a male is a same guess as so few women seem to latch onto this particular religious belief so fervently) to attempt to show where the non-believer is incorrect, no, he must also belittle and demean the non-believer for daring to speak against the great truth. Hence my disgust with so many self-proclaimed libertarians as they are no better than any other theocrat looking to impose their belief system on everyone else. The irony is their inability to see this in themselves as they proclaim to offer the highest form of freedom in existence.

    I am done for now. You are now feel free insult and call me names and dislike this all you want folks. It is much easier to do that than reconsider your own dogma. Have no fear as I am sure you can find the correct passage to prove me wrong in any of the High Priestess Rand’s Holy Scriptures. Have fun..

  145. “We have produced a vast underclass of ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, dependent people who have become a huge voting block for the Democratic Party. Politicians, on the left, promise more entitlements to these people in order to get elected.”

    That sounds like a Milton Friedman quote.

    The Silents and especially the Boomer politicians have done tremendous damage to the USA, the 20th Century champion of Western Civilization. There is always hope. We still have liberty, freedom and the will to fight for justice. Gen-X, the Millennials and the Homelanders are just beginning accomplish great things during these “interesting times.”

  146. Nelson Chunder pops up, shoots mouth off, takes a big crap, and runs away. Another liberal dickhead. Every point he made was wrong,every assumption about posters was wrong – I guess it is hard to read with his head up his ass.

  147. Funny how liberals think calling someone “right wing” is the ultimate insult, and how conservatives think calling someone a “liberal” is, as well. Unfortunately, they’re both too ignorant to see they’ve been fed the left/right paradigm as a way to obfuscate the truth and keep them from seeing what’s really happening.

    Sadly, they’ll never have the intellectual honesty to admit there may be more to it than that.

  148. Only posters who fit the criteria. They won’t know who they are but they are easily to spot by an outside observer.

    I love the part where every point is wrong, yet your assumption is correct with no further depth given. Explain my errors. Please. I need to be enlightened.

  149. Hey Thinker, does you analysis about the ignorance level of people using the left/right model apply to the writer of the article who chose to use this same model to blame liberals and the conservatives who went along with them for all of the economic ills? Or for those Libertarians all over this board who do the same thing?

    No insult is meant that someone is right wing. It is used to describe a political perspective rampant throughout this country.

    I do agree that there are a wide variety of political views beyond the left/right paradigm. That is one point that is missed by too many people espousing their ideology. Hence my tirade about right-wing libertarians. If you do not understand what that description means, you need to awaken.

    Besides, who said I am liberal? That’s the first fallacy of most people who call themselves conservative is anyone who does not think as they do is a liberal. Just an observation, that you see too but will likely deny as you must show intellectually superior you are to me while not addressing anything I noted in my first post. This is the usual game played when discussing this issue.

  150. Pay up on the $10 Zarathustra. I don’t need a moron like her to write for me.

    Good night all. you have someone new to hate for the evening.

  151. Chunder – wrong points include:
    – Religious base to beliefs
    – your points about no regulation don’t fit the posters around here
    – no one defending defense spending around here
    – or corporate welfare
    – or any welfare for that matter
    – AWD abuses idiots for being idiots, your non-believer crap is just that

    So, as I said, your every point was wrong. You are too stupid to see what is being said around here.

    You ignorant slut.

  152. Nelson Chunder

    You challenged people on this site to refute your arguments about “right wing libertarianism.” Difficult to do since you didn’t offer anything to challenge, save for your charge that right wing libertarians have some sort of “religious nature to their belief system.”

    Ok, you said that, so I have a challenge. Most people on this site are supporters of Ron Paul. Please list the specific religious nature of Ron Paul’s political platform. You know, the sort of thing that Rick Perry and Rick Santorum were throwing out during the Republican primary campaign season. Please educate us on how Ron Paul was pounding the religious pulpit to get his message of personal liberty across. (Caution, Nelson. Doctor Ron Paul is a gynecologist. Don’t head towards the subject of abortion. Well, come to think of it, go ahead. It might get fun.)

    If you can do that, then you might get people on this site to think twice. Many thanks, Nelson.

  153. SSS – I came running to see if we were going to play ring around the constitutional Rosie re lobbying vs petitioning. And I find out you are bating Chunder instead. That’s good too. Hope he falls for it.

  154. I thought about giving Chunder some shit but I couldn’t figure out from his post where he was coming from so I just threw out some chum instead. .

  155. Nelson, another nitwit that reads for a minute, doesn’t need to comprehend since he knows it all, and runs like the chickenshit clueless moron he is. Running into a lot of Nelsons lately. We’re in big trouble.

    Night all, may the morning bring peace.

  156. Chunder

    an apt username. Having played the Rand card for whatever reason, I pause to think — has anyone here EVER commented on Objectivism? Are you sure you’re not Matt Taibbi in drag? (hint — first chapter of “Griftopia”.)

    Do you know what a ‘liberal’ is in Australia?

    I reckon you and tony and Doc would make a fine tag team but I fear there’s no staying power.
    Just a WOFTAM.

  157. llpoh @ SSS …………… “If you are going to invoke the First Amendment, it is best you do not confuse “lobby’ with “petition”. Lobby is an effort to make policy, petiton is to appeal to the government for redress. Got it?” Yes, I get it. But…………….

    Scenario One

    “Senator, as you know, Congress just passed a bill eliminating most of the tax writeoffs for oil and natural gas exploration, including exploratory well drilling. As a representative of the oil and gas industry, we’d like you to consider introducing legislation to repeal what we believe is a damaging blow to finding more gas and oil here in the United States.”

    Senator replies, “I’ll think about it.”

    Scenario Two

    “Senator, as you know, the Senate is considering legislation to eliminate most of the tax writeoffs for oil and natural gas exploration, including exploratory well drilling. As a representative of the oil and gas industry, we’d like you to use your good offices to see that this gravely damaging legislation never reaches the Senate floor for a full vote.”

    Senator replies, “I’ll think about it.”

    Now which one of those scenarios is prohibited by the Constitution, llpoh? The answer is neither, yet you appear to support banning Scenario Two. Your turn.

  158. Here’s a short well written article on Awakenings in America
    President George Bush talks about a “Third Awakening,” but he has his history wrong

    “Generational Dynamics predicts that there’ll be a ‘clash of civilizations’ world war, pitting the Muslim world (with China as an ally) against the Western World (with Russia and India as allies). This war was launched by events and social changes that occurred decades ago (and, some would say, centuries ago). Nothing can be done to prevent it today.”

    The fourth Great Awakening in America, which includes the 1960s counterculture, has failed to unite the country on a new direction. Americans are very much divided on many issues today.

    G-money Baby, get it while it lasts

  159. BigBankVP, if you study Fourth Turning theory, you’d learn that Awakenings are naturally divisive in society. Crisis periods arise from issues residual to the last Crisis period that remain unsolved.

    So if you wanted to predict what issues will need to resolved in this Crisis, think about what the Great Depression/WWII didn’t really solve, or new issues that arose from the actions of that time. Not the Awakening of the 60s and 70s.

    So, what could those be… America’s role in policing the world? Sustainability (even existence) of entitlement programs? Progressive ideology and role of government vis-a-vis the Constitutional framers’ intent?

    That will tell you which battles will be fought. And resolved, for better or worse.

  160. Let them eat cake!

    What’s missing from all this is a recognition that the “democracy”, “freedom”, “prosperity”, and other inspirational terms are just propaganda to the financial-government complex. These people care no more for actual prosperity, freedom, and democracy than a leech cares for its host.

    When we finally recognize that feudalism is actually the goal of those running the show, then we will begin to recognize the steps that need to be taken to rid ourselves of them. Until then, it’s all blather.

  161. “Washington has become our Versailles. We are ruled, entertained, and informed by courtiers — and the media has evolved into a class of courtiers. The Democrats, like the Republicans, are mostly courtiers. Our pundits and experts, at least those with prominent public platforms, are courtiers. We are captivated by the hollow stagecraft of political theater as we are ruthlessly stripped of power. It is smoke and mirrors, tricks and con games, and the purpose behind it is deception.”

    Chris Hedges

  162. The closest I can think of that could be viewed in the “libertarian socialist” dimension is Charles Fourier.

    “Writers of the post-left anarchy tendency have praised the writings of Fourier. Bob Black in his work The Abolition of Work advocates Fourier´s idea of attractive work as a solution to his criticisms of work conditions in contemporary society.[18] Hakim Bey manifested that Fourier “lived at the same time as De Sade & (William) Blake, & deserves to be remembered as their equal or even superior. Those other two apostles of freedom & desire had no political disciples, but in the middle of the 19th century literally hundreds of communes (phalansteries) were founded on fourierist principles”.[19]”

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Fourier#Ideas

    Generally, as with many of this persuasion, it tends to be the idea that people can act like libertine pleasure-seekers with a government backstop when they wake up from their binges… A reason why I don’t buy the whole “Personal Liberty with Economic Socialism” thing.

    It does, in a way, fall into the paradigm we have today…. Where the “Republican” believes in “Morality” in legislation with “Economic Freedom” while the “Democrat” believes in “Personal Liberty” with “Economic Restraint”. You know, those instances where the “Lesser of two Evils” is voted for because of the supposed “freedom” they posses, all the while allowing both of the supposed parties to continue to legislate, legislate, legislate their little “problems” away.

    All we get is a pile of “Look what we’re DOING” with the force of law, never “Look what we’ve UNDONE”….

  163. Colma,

    There was a bloke, ‘bill johnson’ used to be on ICH, always cut’n’paste and link to ‘world socialism’ site.

    I suggested that the problem with his ilk was wanting to impose a top-down system without ever having attempted a bottom-up proof. To wit: start a business on socialist principles — if it works, others will follow. Never acknowledged that and like others we’ve seen … no staying power.

    Of course, I had an ace up my sleeve, heh — one example of a rich kid guilty over inheriting Daddy Warbuck’s ill-gotten gains, so he gifted the business to the employes. Instead of kumbayah solidarity, it was Lord of the Flies time until the outfit went bankrupt less than a year later.

    Another conundrum that puzzles me: how do you gain control of the means of production unless someone else supplies it?

  164. Novista:

    When you say “To wit: start a business on socialist principles….” the first and only thing I can think of would be the idea of incorporating in the first place. (What a way to bring the tangent right back to the arc).

    As many would refuse to believe it, a “socialist” or “capitalist” alike, the “state” as we know it is in fact an incorporeal body… If the partnership between individuals controlling parts of a business with a division of this business being equal among these persons for the purpose of distributing liability and profit could be seen as a “Socialist Principle”, then indeed it’s at the very moment of incorporation that a business is most “socialist”.

    That’s very esoteric and certainly not encompassing a full definition…. but it remains the only point I can think of that could possibly reconcile the contraries of the philosophies at this late hour.

    As for your conundrum…. Good question. What’d Mr. “Socialist” answer to that?

  165. btw, Fourier was the classic guilty rich kid who wanted to take his inheritance and start a lala land it seems….

  166. Colma

    Thanks for the heads up on Charles. I knew of the Fourier transform (music, ya know) but that was Joseph.

    Mr “Socialist” was never interested in dialogue, his loss. One of his memes was “production for use, not for profit.” Huh, I could never get a handle on how that was supposed to work.


    Thanks for the link. Read. Well, as they say “It is what it is.” Ahh, the golden years. I had my son return from ‘the other hemisphere’ after a failed marriage and move in with me. Not for lack of trying for this early Xer to find work. He wrote some xml, java and javascript to automate online applications and was putting out around 100 job applications a week.

    One outfit kept him on the hook for months, he ended up short list of three and turned down because their preference “could hit the ground running, head and shoulders above the rest” and that worthy lasted two weeks and shot through. Running, to be sure. They emailed my son then that he could ‘apply again’ as they were starting from scratch. WTF?

  167. “Production For Use”…. a noble thought, but lacking the forethought that profit motive so naturally bears. If only persons of that persuasion would read a little Ludwig Von regarding the relationship between employer and employee instead of the constant cry of “exploitation!” A little understanding may happen.

    Yet, Novista, dialogue is rare when people have “it all figured out”.

    Flash: Its that or the mean green, asshole…. What’s your preference, Graybush? I await the articles on Xers having to deal with their parents moving in with them. The three generation household will rapidly return to its status of normalcy in the story of human kind, even in ‘merica.

  168. I mentioned Fourier because of his socialism with decentralization…. No, he’s not the Fourier of scientific fame.

    Just another rich kid who liked hippy communes.

  169. Brilliant article. I would just add that the situation is very similar in Canada. We are currently fighting with one of the highest percentage of debt among the Western countries – it is 74 per cent…
    This insane number comes from the paid education and home prices in Canada.
    We are already in a big trouble and I do not see the way how to get out in the next two generations.

    I really want to see how will Obamacare change the financial health of US. With the debt you already have, I do not see any change of getting out of the current problems any time soon.

  170. You make very good points. But at the end of the day we need to make them happen. Einstein was right. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

    The only thing that can save us now is the “Nuclear Option” left by founders should we ever arrive at a point where or government is unable or unwilling to meet our needs.

    “Be Smart!” –

    U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://revolution2.osixs.org )

    Non U.S. Citizens
    Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( http://SaveTheWorldNow.osixs.org )

    If you know the world around you is collapsing and you do nothing about it, then who’s really at fault when you stood by and did nothing? We have to stop whining and do something about it. We don’t have to live like this anymore.

    1. Power not only corrupts, it also attracts into its service the weak, the greedy, the morally ambivalent, and the corruptible.

  171. You guys realize that old Muck is in serious trouble because of this damned too long thread? I wore out the batteries in my mouse twice scrolling and scrolling and going back to see if I really read what I thought and then scrolling back down to the bloody very end.

    Now I have no more batteries and am trapped in this stupid comment box..

    @Admin: I do not believe I’ve ever seen a piece generate so much hate and discontent and the damned monkeys just won’t stop screaming and throwing shit. I lucked out and came too early and then too late to the party to play. But everyone else seems to be doing fine without me! Glad you survived the tropical 4th..


    PS: Monkeys! Carry on!


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