13,000 – 46,500,000 – 22,500,000 – 8,750,000

Four charts that tell you everything you need to know about the American Empire of Dirt are below. While the 1% who run the rigged financial system of this country utilize their high frquency trading super computers to ramp the Dow Jones back up to 13,000 (still 8% below the level of 2007) in an effort to gorge themselves on the carcasses of the middle class, the true picture of our collapsing empire is there to see for anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain. There are 117 million households in this country and 22.3 million of them are on foodstamps. There are only 75 million owner occupied houses in the country and 30% of them have a mortgage loan greater than the home value. That’s 22.5 million households underwater. There are 243 million working age Americans and only 142 million of them working, with 35 million of those only working part-time. At the same time we have 48 million people collecting Social Security retirement and another 8.7 million people collecting Social Security Disability.

We have re-entered recession. Gas and food prices are rising. Europe is about to collapse. China’s fraud of an economy is coming to a halt. Retail sales have imploded. Consumer confidence is in the toilet. New and existing home sales are falling. But CNBC and the Wall Street shills are telling you its the best time to buy.

Are we living in bizarro world?  

121 thoughts on “13,000 – 46,500,000 – 22,500,000 – 8,750,000”

  1. Today we are paying out $812 billion per year to Social Security recipients. We are also spending $1 trillion per year for the War Department and benefits to war veterans. We are paying $500 billion of interest on the national debt.

    The total revenue of the Federal Gov’t is $2.5 trillion per year and 92% of it is spent on these 3 line items in the budget.

    Can you spell – WE’RE FUCKED?

  2. Just wait until interest rates spike. Then we’ll have our Greek moment.

    The alternative is to monetize all the debt, in which case the dollar goes to zero. Tens of millions of FSA cadets will go on a rampage either way.

    I’ve got my place in Belize. It should be fun watching the FSA going ape-shit when their SNAP cards don’t buy anything.

  3. Have I mentioned that I have a crush on Steve Hogan because he is an anarchist?

    I did not even know about the place in Belize, pirate’s honor.

  4. Amazing how both major parties still think they have the answer, problem is, neither side understands the question, because they aint fucking listening.

    Belize eh? My brother in law wants to find his “get away form it all” place in Honduras. Don’t know about that choice.

  5. You left out the cost of Welfare every year.

    Welfare: Tackling the Fastest-Growing Part of Government Spending

    “The public is almost totally unaware of the size and scope of government spending on the poor. This is because Congress and the mainstream media always discuss welfare in a fragmented, piecemeal basis. Each of the 79 programs is debated in isolation as if it were the only program affecting the poor. This piecemeal approach to welfare spending perpetuates the myth that spending on the poor is meager and grows little, if at all.

    In reality, welfare programs are costing taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year. In fiscal year 2011, total welfare costs equaled $927 billion ($717 billion from the federal government and $210 billion from states).

    From a historical perspective, since the War on Poverty began in the 1960s, the government has spent $19.8 trillion (inflation-adjusted) to fund a growing list of welfare programs. As Rector points out, this is nearly three times “the cost of all military wars in U.S. history from the Revolutionary War through the current war in Afghanistan.”

    Yet, despite current annual welfare costs already twice the amount necessary “to lift all Americans out of poverty,” as Rector noted, President Obama plans to increase welfare spending. Welfare costs have already grown by a third since he came to office in 2009. And this isn’t temporary spending due to the recession. President Obama plans to grow welfare such that by 2022 costs will reach $1.56 trillion. Based on President Obama’s plan, in the next decade U.S. taxpayers will fork out roughly $12.7 trillion on welfare.


  6. I can’t speak to what Honduras is like. I chose Belize because of its strict banking privacy and, being a former British colony (formerly British Honduras), the locals speak English and follow British common law traditions.

    It also doesn’t hurt that they have absurdly low property taxes. I’m paying $190 per YEAR on a $325K condo.

    And if you like fabulous diving, snorkeling and fishing, it’s hard to beat.

  7. Any place where you have to spend $325K for a condo is not a “go to” destination for most people, it’s a resort for rich folks. Hence, the “strict banking privacy”. SH has off-shored his cash; well done.

  8. AWD, I’m not rich by any stretch. But I have lived well below my means for years, saved the difference, and invested prudently. All of which is being actively undermined by reckless fiscal and monetary policies.

    I don’t see that changing until the real crisis unfolds and all this nonsense butts up against economic reality. The best case scenario is that we mimic the Japanese and muddle along for decades. The more likely scenario is that they extend and pretend until the dollar loses its reserve currency status, and serious price inflation rears its ugly head.

    The bad news is that Belize currently pegs its currency to the US dollar at 2:1. Whatever inflation America suffers will be felt by all currencies pegged to the dollar. But at least I won’t be watching the FSA rioting outside my house.

  9. card802

    Street crime is sky high in poverty stricken Honduras, particularly Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, and La Ceiba. Last time I was in Honduras’ Roatan Islands, where English is spoken, was 1982. Lots of excellent fishing, diving and snorkeling on the islands, but……they’re islands. Small ones at that. Not a good place to be if there are major disruptions to food, water, and power on the mainland.

    Costa Rica and Panama are much better choices than Honduras, unless you’re really into bananas and sugar cane.

  10. I think it’s a fools errand to beat feet overseas in the hope of “standing on the sideline – looking in” when TSHTF..

    The USA is not my country anymore anyhow – not the country I was born in, served in the military, worked in and somewhere between 1971 and 2008 changed from my country to a country of bought and paid for by banks and corporations. The Supreme’s tied a knot in it by declaring corporations are “people” removing the last restraint on the growing corporatocracy that has now taken over all three segments of our laughingly called government.

    BUT – BIG BUT.. The USA still has more wealth per square idiot than almost anywhere else in the world. When (and it is “when”, not “if”) we hit the wall and begin the more rapid slide into credit default, deflation, depression, runaway inflation and final crash to a smaller world, the rest of the world is already going to be ahead of us in the process.

    Including all the “hiding places” (like Casey’s Argentina Grape Grope – what a laugh!), Steve’s Belize, SSS’s Costa Rica and Panama); they are all going to be in the soup before we take a dive and a foreigner with any assets that can be found is going to be fair game for the local politicians to rob, steal from and otherwise make really poor (or kill).

    Me? I’d rather be right here, prepped as far as possible considering age and health, panic assets concealed and protected the best we can and work with a tightly organized community to make the best of whatever comes down the pike.

    There will be no place to hide this time, guys. Credit defaults and 40 years of political, banking and corporate shenanigans will hit us where we live and worldwide, we are all going to be a lot poorer by and by.

    I’d rather be poorer and at risk with my friends and neighbors than in a foreign country (and I don’t give a shit if they do speak English) where you will forever be a stranger (and a target).


  11. SSS,

    I asked the same questions but my brother in law fancies himself as an all knowing type, you can ask questions, but they are all stupid questions to him and he will talk down to you. He also knows God, and he will tell you what’s on God’s mind.

    He can do what he wants, I just feel sorry for my brainwashed sister. Apparently they have a house picked out to purchase in the middle of the country and ready to move within a year. I asked why in the middle, why not on the coast. What a stupid question……

    I wonder if he has looked into the cost of being an expatriate yet?

  12. “they are all going to be in the soup before we take a dive and a foreigner with any assets that can be found is going to be fair game for the local politicians to rob, steal from and otherwise make really poor (or kill).”

    Bullshit. Fear Monger. How the hell do you KNOW? You don’t. So go ahead and stay here and get ass raped by the gubmint. Your choice. You’re seem afraid of your own shadow.

    “There will be no place to hide this time.” More bullshit. The WORLD does not revolve around the USA. Coconuts, papaya, and every kind of vegetable will STILL grow year round in Belize when the USA goes down. Lobsters and every kind of fish will still be there. Pure fresh tropical drinking water will still flow. No, life around the world will not stop with USAs demise.


    Brand new 1840 sq ft home, $199,000, 1% property tax. No ass raping. No Mucks allowed.


  13. Muck,

    I agree, I have a friend with farmland, with lots of guns and ammo. And where better to see the melt down then right in the pot? As long as the Detroiters can’t make it across the state we’ll be fine. It will be a living hell over on the East side of the state, what with all the Muslims and street dwellers.
    Yes, east Michigan, home to the largest population of Muslims outside the middle east. Gonna be a living hell. Good thing the prevailing winds are out of the West, blow the stench of burning flesh away from us and into Canada.

  14. MA, I see your argument, but I respectfully disagree. The people in Belize are already poor. It’s what they know. There’s no welfare, because the government can’t loot other poor people to buy elections.

    In other words, when things implode, they will get by. They aren’t dependent on hand-outs and government-run ponzi schemes to survive. Compare that to any major metropolitan area in the US.

    I’m glad you’re prepared, because living in America will require it.

  15. @FBD: I’ve lived and worked all over the world (the exception being the Far East) and I know how governments react when the shit hits the fan. It WILL hit the fan in most other places before it does so here. The old saw, “When the United States catches cold, the rest of the World catches pneumonia!” still applies (not as much as in 1960 but it still applies). Bite me..

    @Steve: We will agree to disagree. Good luck..

    @card802: Consider the Muslims the enemy even if everything else is hunky dory. Their religion is one of conquest, not integration (just like Christianity way back when)….

    I’d move to a State where the climate won’t kill you. MIchigan does not qualify.


  16. @MA
    I agree with your assessment. This is a global issue and the impacts will be felt globally. Everyone will be impacted, but luck will favor the prepared. Of all the items on a prepper list, community is at the top. Without that, the other items will be looted. It’s why mankind has formed tribes since the dawn of recorded history.

    Don’t be so hard on Casey though – he’s built quite a community in Argentina (I know some residents) and has a knack for navigating local systems around the globe.

  17. Card, so very true. But don’t discount the ‘urban’ inner cities that the West side has: Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kzoo, Battle Creek, plus dozens of small towns where minorities are the majorities. I’m trying to remember the one town my ex-father-in-law ( I miss him) had a kid fly down a hill on a skateboard and plow into his camper. He and Gram literally thought they were going to be pulled from the RV and beaten to death for the crime of being white and being in the way of an idiot kid with no supervision.

    West and Northern Lower, won’t be as spared as you think.

    Thankfully I have lay low spots close. If need be we hide out until the rest of the world burns itself out.

    And having the Muslims close is strangely comforting. They won’t shit in their own backyard and if they bomb, it won’t be where their brethren live.

    May we live in interesting times.

  18. Muck About

    No, you bite me.

    I’m no expert on Belize. I’ve learned more about that country in the last hour than my previous 50 years.

    Look, when SHTF what you really need is food, water, shelter as the minimum for survival.

    It never freezes in Belize. Year round temp averages 73 degrees. Not have cold weather solves a shitload of problems. Food and water are plentiful year-round It appears to be the size of NJ, but with only 300k inhabitants. They have no history of killing their citizens.

    Belize seems like it COULD be one of those places where when TSHTF, the chances of survival there may be better than elsewhere. That’s all.

    BTW, if I were to agree to bite you, where would you prefer?

  19. #FBD: That’s why I live in Central Florida. Not too hot, not too cold, plenty of water and a lovely close nit community that will pull together when the roads get rough.

    I’d rather not just “survive”, if it’s alright with you. I’m aiming higher.

    I have no problem with Belize or anywhere else you want to go to. Just go and good luck.

    Cancel the “bite me”. My old skinny ass is too bony to chew.


  20. Muck

    I was just making a suggestion for card802’s brother-in-law, who appears to be trying to pick out a rural spot in Honduras. That’ll work out well when TSHTF and the local campesinos find out there’s a well-off gringo living among them. Yikes! Those folks may not be all that well armed, although some do have guns, but I’ve read some pretty nasty stories concerning machetes. And they all have a machete.

    I’m with you. I’m staying put right here in my own country.

  21. FBD – I am taking a dislike to your postsas you do not know wisdom when you see it. If you think rich folk will be safe in poverty stricken nations when tshtf then you are even stupider than you at first appear. Muck is wise and has lived long with good life experience.

  22. Knothing like sticking out in a foreign country.Good luck. I cant handle the humidity,bugs.
    I think small towns are best,big citys well be the killing grounds.

  23. I’m w/ Muck & llpoh, at least in general. 1) A rich foreigner seems unlikely to ever really mesh w/ or blend into local society abroad. 2) Big cities (shitties, as someone used to call them) are fucking doomed. Ironic that my choice is the furthest extreme (nearly) from Muck, and yes, the climate here CAN kill you-in a heartbeat. Keeps out the riffraff. Community is key, and mine is pretty good. Plus lots of wild open space, and not easy to access.

  24. The number one question Americans should be asking Obamney , the Fed and a host of worthless, bankster butt sniffing Congressional curs..

  25. Anyone have any idea how we the US are going to feed , clothe and house 100 million poor people outside of entitlements?

    100 Million Poor People In America And 39 Other Facts About Poverty That Will Blow Your Mind

    Just for the record I am anti -FSA , but when the Federal government aids and albeits American corporations to out-source major manufacturing industries to Asian slave labor camps and then pens regulation that are so strict as to be prohibitive for most small shop start-ups then that government owes a restitution to the people for the depressed economy which is their own doing.
    And then there the inflation aspect that is to considered as well.

    No jobs and climbing inflation will only increase the desperation felt by many and make no mistake the desperate will look for an outlet in which to express their malcontent.

    Being that it’s too late to revive the country via increased manufacturing jobs, there are only two choices available to the myopic morons that make up our legislative and executive bodies and on whose shoulders this entire economical maelstrom rests.

    One, the Federal government can increase entitlements to feed , clothe and house a increasing number of despondent American , which being bankrupt they can no longer afford sans further printing and the inevitable destruction of the dollar or they can institute austerity measures, sit back and watch the cities burn.

    In any event the first choice will inevitable yield the results of the second choice.
    Between rock and a hard place is an understatement.

  26. I’ve been watching the diversionary “you didn’t build that ” meme internet bloom with my typical abhorrence for nonsensical bullshit that spews out of the limited intellect of demagogic dunces on the right.(and the left )

    While it’s irrefutable that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others self-styled entrepreneurs built business that grew into empires, the 800 pound fact , often ignored is that once these titans of industry built their empire , they went balls to the wall in their overly successful lobbying efforts to bribe congress into passing strict regulation to barricade the playing field in order to prohibit competition from gaining access.

    Regardless the empty rhetoric spewed by beltway social libertarians(eg Cato) or dim-witted team playing Republicrats ,the spectre of free trade is mostly myth.

    What we have is full blown fascism , which due to extreme consequences of global corruption caused by corporate control of government at all levels , our form of government is on track to transit from fascism to feudalism complete with our own homegrown aristocracy.

    Can anyone really argue that a neo- aristocracy isn’t in near bloom when we have for decades the same elites and their family passing back and forth between government and government influencing corporations?

    310 million voters and we see the same faces leading the same elite gravy election cycle after election cycle.

    Nowadays, one must be born into political influence, to wield it.

    To quote George Carlin, it;s a big ole’ club and you ain’t in it.
    Sure, your get to vote.Your choices are vanilla or vanilla bean.

    As Jesse succinctly point put, all the hero builders worshiped by Republicpuke party believed in the free markets when they were free for them and now that they’ve arrived,…meh…not so much for you.


    27 July 2012
    Bill Gates: China Has Created a New Form Of Capitalism

    “But what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.”

    This is an old story from 2005. It is getting harder to find on the web, and so I wanted to copy it here for future reference.

    I remember vividly when this came out, because only a month or two before Mr. Gates had reportedly condemned the Opensource software movement in the west as the work of ‘communists.’

    Irony is like candy to the restlessly cynical mind.

    Now we must keep in mind that this story was written before the suicides at the factories like Foxconn in China, that exposed the horrific working condition in those cheerless and faceless manufacturing combines where people live and work like indentured servants or serfs. And we do not know what Bill Gates was shown or told during his official visit to China.

    I imagine it was also before the Chinese provoked him for the serial violation of his copyrights. Funny how regulation and good government protects property from unbridled, unprincipled greed for the same people who abhor the protections it might also provide for their workers and customers.

    And he was certainly not alone in his opinion at that time. Walmart was actually requiring their key suppliers to shift manufacturing to China to break the back of US labor for their stores, and engage a spiral of lower costs for a competitive advantage.

    In the technology sector there was a mass migration to the big box factories with their wonderfully ‘low medical and legal overheads.’

    And I question how really ‘new’ this ‘new capitalism’ might be. It sounds quite a bit like the old British East India company to me, without the gin and tonics.

    The neo-liberals economists were gung ho for this, and Clinton and his administration was smoothing the way for them, even before the arrival of Bush II on the scene, who delivered the coup de grace. By the way, remember that scandal involving large campaign contributions from official Chinese sources?

    As I recall a certain number of venture capital firms made quite a bit of money encouraging that trend. And that has not stopped some of them from running for President. So one might not be hard at all on Bill.

    But I did not appreciate his reported remarks about Opensource which I think is a marvelously capitalist free market force for the busting up of inefficient, overpriced, and underachieving software monopolies, which are too often only challenged by other would be monopolies.

    This article struck a chord in me at the time, and I wanted to preserve it, and share it with you.

    China has created brand-new form of capitalism: Bill Gates
    Sat Jan 29, 2005 3:49 AM ET

    DAVOS, Switzerland, (AFP) – US software giant Bill Gates (news – web sites) has high praise for China, which he says has created a brand-new form of capitalism that benefits consumers more than anything has in the past.

    “It is a brand-new form of capitalism, and as a consumer its the best thing that ever happened,” Gates told an informal meeting late Friday at the World Economic Forum (news – web sites) in this ski resort.

    He characterised the Chinese model in terms of “willingness to work hard and not having quite the same medical overhead or legal overhead”.

    Manufacturers have created “scale economies that are just phenomenal”, in part owing to companies there and elsewhere on the planet designing good products, Gates said.

    Looking ahead, he added: “You know they haven’t run out of labor yet, the portion that can come out of the agriculture sector” was still considerable.

    “It’s not like Korea, Korea got to a point where, boom, the wages went up a lot,” he said, adding “that’s good, you know, they got rich and now they have to add value at a different level.

    “They’re closer to the United States in that sense than they are to where China is right now.”

    Gates continued by heaping praise on the current generation of Chinese leaders.

    “They’re smart,” he said with emphasis.

    “They have this mericratic way of picking people for these government posts where you rotate into the university and really think about state allocation of resources and the welfare of the country and then you rotate back into some bureaucratic position.”

    That rotation continued, Gates explained, and leaders were constantly subjected to various kinds of ratings.

    “This generation of leaders is so smart, so capable, from the top down, particularly from the top down,” he concluded.

    Posted by Jesse at 3:34 PM
    Category: globalization, Opensource, outsourcing

  27. I truly enjoyed reading this post by Amins, and the following comments. Very funny stuff, those insightful debates- “bite me” ” no, you bite me”

    Guys, you must learn how to debate. When you give your honest opinion and someone trashes it by saying ” Bite me” you need not whimp out!! You need not become a wet pussy. Here now is what to say:

    “LOOK MOTHERFUCKER!! Fuck you! I will come to your crib and drag you outside and bitch slap you silly! I will molest your wife, spank your kids, kick your dog and burn your house!! I will drink all your liquor and smoke your weed. I will make you wish you had never been born you dumb ass peckerhead!! Fuck you and yo mama! Eat shit and die bitch!! Tell me where you live and if you are gonna be there all day you stupid bastard”

    Now that is how to debate on line. See, you are hid behind a computer, nobody will ever know where you are or that you actually live in your moms basement, have never had a job, never even sniffed pussy, don’t have a drivers license, ect. You can be what you want to be online.

    So next debate, man up!!


  28. By the way, admin. said ” We are FUCKED”
    That is so true. All these charts and stats are gonna get worse and worse. Within a few years it will take 100% of tax revenue just to service the huge debt we have. We continue to add to the debt by over 3 billion a DAY!! It is incredible and hard to believe. As a matter of fact, many people don’t believe it simply because it is so hard to grasp, that a country could be this fiscally irresponsible. It is hard to believe, its unbelievable! 15 trillion is more money than we can even imagine, yet we owe at least that much.
    Yes, we are screwed. we as a nation will never pay off that debt, it is impossible. Can’t be done. The stupid and foolish countries who continue to enable us by buying out debt are worse than us. Would you keep loaning your dough to someone who could never pay it back. The Chinese are stupid as hell. OR ARE THEY??? Perhaps they are giving us just enough rope to hang ourselves. Crazy like a fox?

    Anyway, you may think I am crazy but I am 100% for Obama in this coming election. He is the one who will get us to where we need to be. That is a total collapse of the house of cards and a pile of ashes. Maybe after much pain we can start over. If you go to the polls and vote for Romney– either because you think he is better than Obama or that he is the better of 2 evils, then you are just silly. Romney would indeed delay the collapse, but it is coming. The reason he would delay it is that he would have in the back of his evil mind getting re-elected in 4 years. Obama will not have that thought. He will be able to do anything without ever facing voters again.
    Gun Control. Total Queer rights. Abortions even AFTER the baby is born. Total police state. Taxes out the yang. Obamacare. Illegals having full citizens rights. Wars everywhere. Spying. Food control. Muslims up to your eyeballs. Food stamps and welfare and unemployment for all.

    Bring it on!! I say bring it on. The sooner we destroy this rotten facade the better. And in the mean time, you can buy all you can on credit, cause you will NEVER pay it back.

    Bite me.

  29. Stan

    You do make some good points on debating style.

    However, Muck About is an old man. With a skinny ass. Dyslectic. And possibly, dementia. One must be kind to such folk.

    Also, I am trying to get him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior in the “Bullshit” thread. How would it look if I called him a “motherfucker”? I’ll save that for after his conversion.

  30. Stan-.. you actually live in your moms basement, have never had a job, never even sniffed pussy, don’t have a drivers license, ect.

    …been getting your ass kicked in the comment section lately?

    We get it Stan ,you think basement dwellers, non-pussy sniffers and those who choose not to drive are not worthy of being allowed to enter into any intellectual conversation as these attributes somehow quantify one’s intellect.

    Since one mark of intellectual prowess as you so crudely put it is pussy sniffing , then obviously the pussy sniffer linked below is not only in possession of an intellect equal to yours , but likely far surpasses your intellect by 5 or 6 inches.

    Desmond Hatchett: Man With 30 Kids Requests Child-Support Break


    Are there any other qualities that you deem hallmarks of low intellect that you care to share…..vulgarity maybe?

  31. stan

    All good points except … kicking the dog. Someone does that needs killin’ … just saying.


    Well, hmm, I’m a couple months older than Muck I think and I reckon he’s FITH in his anti-Muslim attitude.

    Muck, you’ve been around a lot, so have I. I note you don’t mention the middle east so I wonder what bad experience you had there, since you had no experience in the Far East.

    As for me, I was in Saudi Arabia as a contractor, 1969-1970, and I didn’t find any jihadi types. The only extremists were the matawah and Faisal mostly kept them on a leash. A few evaded his advice to let the foreigners be — and they paid for it with their lives.

    All the locals I worked with were reasonable people, and in the suqs, if you wanted to buy something at evening prayer time, the shopkeepers usually hid with you in the back room.

    I spent a lot of time in Lebanon, too, and religious mania was not a feature in either of those places.

    But I’ve known Christians with the light of fanaticism in their eyes that I wouldn’t trust any farther than I could throw a fit.

    Btw, my ass isn’t bony …

  32. “Anyway, you may think I am crazy but I am 100% for Obama in this coming election. He is the one who will get us to where we need to be. That is a total collapse of the house of cards and a pile of ashes.” by Stan

    Stan, if you want the house of cards to crash (a noble goal) then perhaps Romney is your man.

    Just found this; Romney says, “Russia Is Without Question Our Number One Geopolitical Foe”. Fuckin nuts, eh?


    The British alreaqdy hate his guts. The article below is good …. the comments from the Brits are even better.

    Yeah, I’m thinking Romney will fuck up things even worse than Obama.

  33. @FDB: or is it DBF?? Drop the conversion attempt. Makes you look stupid running into a brick wall of non-belief over and over. Have a great weekend..


  34. Dear God in Heaven,

    Please forgive your servant Muck,
    concerning You, he does not give a fuck.
    His heart is hardened with doubt,
    he knows not what he’s talking about.
    Please Lord work a miracle in his heart,
    before you kill that fucking old fart,

  35. FDB – give it a fucking rest. Muck has earned respect around here. So far you, on the other hand, are just stinking up the place. Your contribution to date has been to take a shit on the site. Maybe you have something to offer, but it seems doubtful. Contribute something meaningful for a while before you shoot your mouth off.

  36. FBD – I was reasonably polite in my first post to you. You are just an ignorant troll intent on annoying the regulars around here. I shit bigger than you. Add something of worth or fuck off.

  37. You’ve been “reasonably polite”? Hahaha. You’ve been an asshole. A.S.S.H.O.L.E.

    In your very 1st post ever addressed directly to me you said — “you are even stupider than you at first appear. Oh yeah, that;s reasonable. lol

    And why do feel necessary to butt in and defend Muck About? Are you sucking him off? Is he your butt buddy? How ’bout you mind your own damn business?

    You’re a faggot piece of shit who gets pissed off merely because someone haas a differeing opinion that you. Seriously. You’re pissed off because I think maybe (MAYBE!!) Belize would be a safe haven when TSHTF?? Really?? Man, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    You know what you need? A good old ass whuppin. Goddamn, I’d love to shove my boot up your old ass and teach you a lesson about manners. Gimme your address punk.

  38. llpoh

    Where are you, pussy boy? I’m tired of waiting. I got stuff to do. I’ll check back in the morning.

    Meanwhile …

    …. llpoh contemplates a comeback

  39. FBD – you certainly have a high opinion of yourself. First, I defend any long term members of this site against ant douchebagslike you that show up. Muck has established himself as worthy of respect and we all know where he stands and what he believes. You on the other hand have shown nothing of substance, except that you seemingly just fling shit just to fling it. It is indeed doubtful you have any true substance at all.

    Second, you aren’t smart enough to piss me off. I gave you some sound advice, and didn’t resort to the foulness that is your be your only weapon. What a joke you are. You are an idiot, pure and simple. What credentials do you have? What life experience? Been successful at anything? You are a wannabe tough guy. As I said, I shit bigger than you. People here know me and what I stand for, but you are just a low-life piece of shit that bursts onto the site and takes a big crap on every thread. Manners? You should talk.

    The few thoughts that you have posted show you have no experience, no ability for logical thought, a low IQ, and a willingness to involve yourself even when you are totally clueless – which is every time, best I can tell.

    And you even comment on wanting my address and showing up at my door? Damn, now that would be a mistake. You really think that is an appropriate comment to make, even behind the veil of the Internet? You really are an ignoramus. I suspect you have committed a crime with that threat. No kidding.

    Admin – you got a policy re folks making threats of violence? That is a step too far, even around here.

    1. llpoh

      I haven’t finalized my TBP policies and procedures manual yet.

      I think FBD is just pulling your chain. I know he is harmless.

  40. FBD

    We’ve had previous reports of violent threats on this anarchistic blog. Some douchebag named Stuck was disappeared. We can do the same to you. We’re watching.

  41. Admin – I suspect you are right. But I always assume threats of violence are meant seriously. I have had too many violent encounters in my life to assume otherwise.

  42. Something’s fishy here.

    FBD shows up in one thread as a fire and brimestone sectarian, then turns around in other multiple threads as a profanity laden commentator. Hmmmm.

  43. We have SSS’ observations: Fire and Brimstone one minute, laying pipe the next…

    Another clue: FBD says “Fabulous Big Dick”… either Smokey or Her Stuch. Not Smokey… could be A-Dubs but I doubt it… Though he’s trying a new moniker.

    I think the clues point to the Seven Foot Tall Tuetonic Mustachio

    None of it is my style, so rest easy llpoh. I’ve been on hiatus chillin’ like a Cuban.

    1. I had an email exchange with Smokey last week. He is having difficult health issues but he’s hanging in there. He vows to return in the near future and add some civility to our fine site.

  44. FBD

    Are you going to stand by and let a Big Dog like LLPOH treat you like that?

    Any response to that mangy cur Colma?

  45. I’ve been engaged in heavy battle in the “I did no more ….” thread.

    Regarding Colma, he makes no sense to me, and hasn’t for the past month or so that I’ve been observing. Who the hell is ‘Her Stuch’? Her what?? Is ‘Stuch’ some kind of code word for ‘snatch’? Her Snatch? Is he calling me a pussy in a roundabout way? And how does he know I’m into Austrian economics? Or, considering the reference to “Mustachio”, is he calling me a Hitler? I don’t know if he’s insulting me, or not. Until that becomes clearer, he gets a pass.

    Regarding llpoh, he gets no pass! I will deal with him shortly.

  46. llpoh

    You accuse me of flinging shit. That’s rich. I have seen you rip folks a new asshole here. I have seen you scare of newbies. I have seen your own use of profanity laced tirades. This is all well and good.

    You can dish it out. You’re not so good at taking it. You run to Admin over some bullshit internet tough talk?? bwaaahahahaha! Would you agree that you are a pussy? Aren’t you the one with all kinds of firearms and munitions? Haven’t you said you’re stocking up on even more and that you’ll blow the shit out of anyone who fucks with you?? And yet, you’re afraid of some random bullshit talk from some random internet poster who is OBVIOUSLY — (too most) — merely trying to yank your chain?? Well, consider your chain yanked, punk. I’m done with you.

    Oh … it’s weird that you have so much interest in me. My life experience, accomplishments, etc. What? You got a man-crush on me now?? Bite me.

    Have a nice and wonderful day.

  47. “FBD shows up in one thread as a fire and brimestone sectarian, then turns around in other multiple threads as a profanity laden commentator.”

    So, SSS, what exactly is the problem with that? I can be a Christian and swear at the same time. Show me where there is a command not to swear. The bible is full of swearing … often by god .. but the English translations always sanitize it. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It’s just a word with four letters. What’s the big fucking deal?

  48. Help me. I’m in a prison cell being held without charges. I’ve managed to steal a cell phone and type this message. My location is

  49. I make perfect sense, FBD: Unless you’re a cum-guzzling knee-jerk hack.

    In which case, don the knee-pads, kneel in the shadow of my big dick with hopefull eyes await a milk wash.

    Until further notice you WILL refer to me as “Jefe”…. though if in casual conversation you can occasionally use “Pappa C” or “Daddy”.

  50. Not me Colmes. Not Stuck. Definitely not Smokey.

    I suspect Flash, who changes monikers as many times as he changes personalities, FBD’s posts are irrational and inconsistent, jumps topics, cut and paste, and Flash disappears and this guy shows up, acting like he’s been here for awhile. Just a hunch..

  51. AWD, you booger eating, bed wetting, piece of lip wrested, cum swilling, demented white trash.
    I only post as flash….don’t need no cover like the closet dwelling neo-con jelly baby you are.

    BTW, caught you on Tosh Friday.You were awesome……..
    ly stupid.

  52. Flash is out of the state mental hospital again. Flash, you’re so fucking crazy it’s amazing, and one of these days they’re not going to let you out. And how many shock treatments can you get before your brain in turned into oatmeal? Based on what you post, and cut and paste, and link, link, link, it’s pretty much oatmeal now. Go fuck off back to your straight jacket you schizophrenic fuck.


  53. In another manic phase of his bipolar schizoaffective disorder, Flash flails uselessly, wildly, trying to clear his head, trying to get the memory of his last electroconvulsive treatment out of his stir-fried brain. Good thing they you’re accepted at the bath houses you frequent to pick up some spending cash.

    Flash headin’ back to the padded wagon and padded room


  54. Flash says, “AWD, you booger eating……….”

    Hey, what’s going on here, flash? I thought you reserved the epithet “booger eating” just for me, as in the first time way back when you called me a “booger eating spook.” Is nothing sacred on this site?

  55. SSS, OK.I cheated , but just this once,honestly. i won’t let it happen again.

    AWD, a serious question ,so think hard, you answer could land you a new gig with one of the hundred of new national security agencies springing from Bennie’s magic printing press.

    Were you a lecherous piece of greased palmed shit before or after you went into medical practice and do parents really trust you to examine their prepubescent daughters?
    Well that was two questions , but how you answer will determine your fit with the national security agency of your choice or not.

    I eagerly await your witless reply.

  56. flash says:

    “Anyone have any idea how we the US are going to feed , clothe and house 100 million poor people outside of entitlements?”

    The govt will not continue to support the FSA once the fiat system collapses. I suspect many of them will perish while waiting for da gubmint to help. Many more will perish attempting to take things from others. More will perish by their own hand. The majority of them will, with a lot of teaching and coaxing, eventually learn to stand on their own two feet. I for one would be glad to help any former FSA member cross over to the side of reality.

    The above applies only if we manage to avoid civil war. If that cannot be avoided, then the majority of the FSA will likely die of lead poisoning.

  57. I/S ,In the event of total economic collaspe , I lean toward the uncivil war scenario.

    Ever region is different , but in my area , there are very few people with any useful collapse scenario skills worthy of mention.

    That said, I fully expect a major bloodbath over food , housing and natural resources with strongholds being carved out by the most aggressive and brutal majority.

    I think Thomas Chittum pretty much nailed it in his book Civil War II.

    Whites populations in many areas of the south are pretty much cowed down and dominated by an equally powerful and extremely aggressive black population.
    I can easily see the cotton belt being a slaughter house for the FSA.
    Many say that don’t have the administration skills to manage an independent state, but that never stopped them in Rhodesia did it?
    Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia , Florida and South Carolina are roiling kettles one entitlement check away from boiling over.
    Read it and see if you agree with Chittum’s analysis of the democgraphics..

  58. SSS “I think it’s the Austrian”

    I been around quite awhile and I never heard of no Austrian, do tell….

    Booger jokes make his fellow paranoid schizophrenics in the day room at the state mental hospital laugh every time. We have our share of nutjobs with 2nd grade intelligence and humor levels, but schizo flash is in a class all by himself.

  59. Please, dear God, let me cut and paste, and link, link, and rant my crazy fucking rants that make no sense, my brain is burning up, I gotta get to a computer and google. Please let me out of here,


  60. FBD – as I said I was civil to you, within my normal parameters. Now show yourself, as Admin has outed you as someone we know.

    Admin – by failing to out this low life bottom feeder, you have incurred my wrath and have burned up all of your brownie points and then some. By stirring shit, you further have dug into a pile of poo, and i have no option but to obliterate you at the earliest opportunity. Quiver in fear, and await my vengeance. Just what kind of site are you running here – no rules at all it seems. Just the way I like it.

    FBD – I let you off easy at first as you showed a spark of promise. Unfortunately that was just you lighting a fart in the dark.

    1. llpoh

      I didn’t know I had accumulated brownie points. I must be doing something wrong. Look at my hand. It’s quivering with fear.

  61. AWD says:

    SSS “I think it’s the Austrian”

    I been around quite awhile and I never heard of no Austrian, do tell….

    Slowest mofo on the board.Is anyone surprised?

  62. AWD, llpoh

    “The Austrian” is indeed a native of Austria, stands 6′ 8″ tall, and used to be a regular on this site. Oh, he’s also extremely knowledgeable of the Bible and has been known to frequently dopplegang and use a bunch of alias sceen names.

    Colma said it first, not me. But I agree with him. It’s the Austrian.

  63. My parents think my rectal discharge is a major problem , but I tell them to STFU.
    I have a life , you know.

  64. Flash trying to dopple again. Stucky was only about 100,000 times more cogent, relevant, intelligent, funny, amusing, and sane.

  65. And The Austrian may have doppleganged llpoh, AWD. Unlike me, he’s a big troublemaker. I deserve my image as a sea of serenity, peace maker, and all around good guy.

  66. I once had a hamster my friends called the Austrian, but he died after having to be extracted from a an extremely stressful situation. I felt his pain.

  67. AWD, why do you disgust people ?
    FYI, this question will get you points which may lead to employment with the FBI and possibly a job alongside child raper apologist Graham Spanier turned adviser on rational security.

  68. I vote we slap shit out of the only person who knows ( other than the dirty imposter himself) – the Admin,- until he squeals and tells us who it is. Aiding and abetting a no good imposter is high treason. I appreciate a good doppler now and then, but hiding your identity just to stir shit is, well, it is just WRONG.

    When we find out who it is, then we make his life a living hell. Sounds like fun.

  69. I disgust you, Flash, and that is a good thing. I don’t read the insane drivel you post. Your paranoia is showing again, better double up your meds and get a few more electroshock treatments you crazy fuck.


  70. Admin has a sacred duty to protect the anonymity of all who post here. I do not believe he should be coerced to reveal the identity of posters. If the yellow-belly chicken shit has to hide behind a dopple, or simply enjoys doppling, it is admin’s sworn duty to protect them. All hail admin!

  71. The FBD mystery…

    The clues say our old wily Austrian gigantor….

    Yet they have an A-Dubya tone, though that is replicable with gross monkey pics.

    A-dubs adamantly and matter-of-factly states “It is not Her StuchenSearchin”…. casting more suspicion on A-dubs.

    I still lean towards the gigantor.

  72. I’m hoping it’s Stuckenfritters. Maybe he’s got a new squeeze with a computer and a mi-fi, or he’s hanging out at McShit’s again for the free internet. He usually de-dopples fairly quickly, and I don’t remember him having a grudge against Lipoh.

  73. Hi, AWD here.
    As most of you know I used to be a fat pig of a young man , and as result I was heinously unappealing to the opposite sex , so to indugle my enormous sexual appetite , I would seek out and indulge in allley-way sex with the most hideous of man -infestations of deviant sex.

    But,now that I’ve weened myself from my nighty indulgence in my high sperm count diet , I’ve lost over 200 pounds and suddenly find myself strangely attracted to the opposite sex.
    My question to the board is how can I convince someone of the opposite sex that a tryst with me won’t end in their bodies being discovered in a landfill some 14 day later?
    And please ,don’t think of me as weird , just different.

  74. I do not know who to slap on this thread. Flash is always a good target, I really do not want to address FBD as he is an illusion, AWD tells doppel LLPOH to blow him, but he is mostly forgiven (even calling out a doppel LLPOH can generate a reply, as I do have a reputation to protect), Admin is stirring shit, and contrary to AWD, hiding an imposter must be a crime (hiding dopplers is ok, tho), and Colma is Colma, and must NEVER be trusted in these matters.

    I is confused.

  75. Herr Stuckenboomer sayz:

    Yo Yea, ah been traveling all ova. gots me another beotch off da mail order bride service. muh motha fuckin diet ain’t going so well know. ah wear uh sports bra, eases da pain in muh motha fuckin back. ah sho gots missed TBP. brothas out dere is uh bunch o’ ignorant baboons. ah just thought ah’d drop by ta watch da fireworks as da world implodes. Maybe we’s can all hunker down in Smokey’s bunker. awww yea, ah mah fuckin hate Smokey an’ he hates me. Well, dere’s always FEMA camps what the fuck sup now?

  76. “Chatham Police says:


    We’ve had previous reports of violent threats on this anarchistic blog. Some douchebag named Stuck was disappeared. We can do the same to you. We’re watching.”

    Nice try, Stucky. Wasn’t “Chatham Police” on the list of screen aliases you used and you yourself posted once upon a time? At least you didn’t trip yourself up when Colma thought it might be “Her Stuch” and you responded “Who’s Her Stuch?” It’s not “Her,” is it Stucky? It’s Herr.

  77. llpoh

    That Flash and AWD are really going at it. All that vulgar name calling! This is a most uncivil forum. What I can not yet tell, is whether or nor people here are REALLY serious when they go at it. Whatever, it’s pretty funny.

    I am going to do something I have never done on the Internet. Apologize. Apparently, I really freaked you out. My only intent was to rattle your chain … not to scare you. I am a middle aged man with a family. I don’t have time nor the inclination to ever actually beat somebody up. Nevertheless, we do live in fucked up times so, how can anyone ever know for sure. So, please accept my apologies. And whoever the Chatham Police are, they can go fuck themselves.

  78. SSS

    I take it doppleganging is signing on as someone else? What in the goddamn hell does that accomplish?? Look, if I have something to say I’ll say it under my own name. What’s the point otherwise? Seriously.

    I chose a moniker that I can remember. FBD. The initials to my name. I memorized it several years ago. It’s no more nor no less than that. I am enjoying all the tin foil conspiracy theories, however.

  79. FBD

    Give it a rest. Game’s over. What’s my prize? I’m picking Door #5. You do remember the number 5 and the tutorial I gave you on counting, don’t you?

  80. Also, IF I were to log on as someone else I would not choose something as retarded as “Stuchenboomer”, whatever the hell that is.

  81. Guys, Pulllleeeeze, tone down the humor , I beg you.
    I recently had an unfortunate accident requiring over 35 stitches to my anus and laughing is very painful in my current situation.
    I enjoy an good joke as well as the next male thong enthusiast, but I’ve had a hard time adjusting to facing my utmost pleasure face first,
    So , if you will , tone down the humor , because laughing causes my diaper to need a change.

  82. Ha, Ha, keeping you guessing. Multiple dopples going at the same time is an art form most of you yaewho’s haven’t quite figured out yet.

  83. FBD realized he had made a serious error in judgement. I suspect it may be Stuck, as he may have realized that after his previous run in with the constabulary, perhaps he may be better served to not make any threats, even in jest.

  84. Welcome back, Stucky. Quite an entrance you made, I must admit. Hope you’re doing fine. I really do.

    Now then, what’s behind Door #5? More importantly, what’s FBD stand for? Franz Bach Dickweed, perhaps?

  85. llpoh — I didn’t make any error in judgment. I try to judge no one. In a moment of clarity I merely felt bad for freaking out another human being. There is no need for that. That is all.

    SSS, once you make up your mind on something, you really stick with it, don’t you? I’ll bet when you get lost you just keep driving and driving. Ask for directions? Change course? Fuck that! Keep driving!!! Funny.

  86. Let me introduce myself, I’m a psychiatrist. I can’t use my real name, or the name of the patient I’m monitoring, but you know him as “flash”.

    Here at the state hospital, we’ve had to monitor his online activity as it is the direct result of him landing in our padded rooms so many times. He has bipolar disorder superimposed on paranoid schizophrenia. That is the technical term, but we usually just say “he’s crazy”, it saves explanation.

    He devolves into manic episodes after cutting and pasting, and making links, and doing google searches. It make him think he is important, he get attention, but it does all sorts of frightful things to his ego and what’s left of his mind.

    As we’ve been monitoring his activity on your blog, we’ve noticed people can clearly see he is insane, and recommend quite often that he needs to take medication. Let me assure you, he is prescribed very strong medication. But, as we monitor his activity on your blog, we can tell he does not take his medication. He’s had too many electro-shock treatments to count. The techs have a nickname for him “AC/DC” since he’s had so much electricity passed through his cranium.

    I’ve published a number of studies on “flash”, as an example of what the internet can do to paranoid schizophrenics. I’ve used actual passages of what he’s posted in Psychiatric medical journals. He is a case study of a new type of mental pathology/insanity; that caused by blogging.

    As state funding for psychiatric illnesses has been cut and cut again, we are forced to release “flash” out in public, but he doesn’t last very long, and we are called to put him in a straight jacket and put him back into solitary confinement until the lithium and ECT treatment kick in.

    If I may, I hope that people on this blog will not encourage “flash” or buy into his insane ravings. You run the risk of becoming insane yourself, as his illness may rub off on you.

    Well, I thought it was time to let you all how we’ve been monitoring the activity of “flash”, and the resultant insanity that is percolating through his brain. He is what we call “incurable”. None of our interventions have seemed to help. When we release him, he’s right back at it again, despite having burn marks on his temples from all the electroconvulsive treatments. Some people are so insane that they are beyond help. “flash” is such a case. Hopefully, we will get a Republican back in office and restore our funding, so we can keep him locked up forever. We can only hope.

    I remain,
    Dr. Chicago

  87. Flash always logs in with his name in lower case, ie. flash. The person who posted that lewd photo did it using the upper case Flash. Whoever you are, knock it off. No nudity!!!!

  88. SSS, I think the pervert pic would be AWD displaying his lack decorum as is his trademark. Woe is the the unsuspecting clientele of this total degenerate .


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