The opinion piece below contends that Pizza Hut’s offer of pizza for life to anyone who asks the candidates whether they prefer pepperoni or sausage cheapens the electoral process. I didn’t think that was possible. Our owners are shelling out $2 billion in marketing expenditures to convince us that one pizza is better than the other pizza. The truth is that they are both baked in the same oven, with the same ingredients. They just have a different topping, to give the appearance of choice. I think a marketing gimmick is a perfect analogy for our electoral process. The two pizzas were chosen for us by the people who run the country. They have us fill out questionaires, pretending to care what we think about their products, but they are thrown into the trash. They don’t care what we think. They will tell us what we like. And they will sell us the product.

You will learn more from reading a Pizza Hut box than you will from watching tonight’s presidential debate. You will be treated to marketing slogans that have been approved by focus groups. Sound bites and promises that can’t be fulfilled will be the order of the day. Enjoy the pizzas tonight because you are going to pay the price tomorrow.

Opinion: Pizza Hut debate offer cheapens election process

SOME 67 MILLION people tuned into the first presidential debate on Oct. 3, and that’s the kind of number that makes marketers stand up and salute.

That number is certainly why Pizza Hut wants to give a lifetime of free pizza — or a check for $15,600 — to anyone who asks a really inappropriate question of either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney during their live town hall debate on Tuesday.

Relax. It’s nothing obscene, in the get-you-tape-delayed-on-TV sense.

Pizza Hut just wants to know whether the candidates prefer sausage or pepperoni on their pies.

NOW, SOME of you may remember when MTV got a teenybopper to ask Bill Clinton whether he wore boxers or briefs in 1992. It was a groaner at the time, but most people shrugged it off because it was on MTV, after all, and mostly harmless — aside from making everyone think about Bill Clinton’s underwear.

This issue with Pizza Hut is different. Much different.

This time, we have one of the mega-corporations that already enjoy an inordinate amount of influence on U.S. policy inserting itself into an arena that should remain free from opportunistic profit grasping.

Say what you want about the Clinton question — at least it wasn’t instigated by Fruit of the Loom.

We’re not marketing a consumer product this year.

We’re tryingto elect a president of the United States of America.

And we need relevant information to make good choices amid political campaigns that frequently lie and distort; campaigns run by operatives openly hostile to the notion of truth and fact-checking; post-truth campaigns that rely on a media mostly content to echo the lies and the let the voters sort it out.

One of the reasons people had a problem with the moderation of the Oct. 3 debate is that Jim Lehrer never forced an ‘are you for real?’ follow-up to the statements from either candidate.

It seems unlikely that the “sausage or pepperoni” question will make it through the debate moderation.

WE SUPPOSE Pizza Hut will achieve its goal, to some extent, even if it doesn’t. We suppose we’re helping just by bringing it up.

But it was worth it just to point out the obvious: National political campaigns have already achieved a regrettably sufficient degree of farce and cynicism.

We don’t need naked profiteering piled on top, like so much mozzerella.

— Chambersburg Public Opinion


  1. It seems that Candy Crowley — that fat porker who’s never had a sausage stuffed in her — is going to inject herself into this debate. Seems like SHE wants to be the story.

    I’ll probably watch it though, at least the beginning, as I suspect Ms Freud will be wanting some of my pepperoni.

  2. I wouldn’t watch it if you paid me to do it. Didn’t watch the first one, won’t watch this one or any future debate of two numbnuts that cannot discuss a single thing of importance for the country.

    Politicians i general make me want to barf and these two are as bad as I remember. The subject matter is alway banal and bland, no mention of an exponentially growing debt that will tumble us into depression (and despair for many!) or war avoidance or excessive military spending or excessive Federal salaries and benefits or how there are 5 times as many Federal employees as is needed to do what the Feds should do under the Constitution AND NOTHING ELSE..

    We are doomed to another revolution to solve the disasters growing around us and neither of these two boobs will take the point.

    Besides, they don’t run anything anyway – just follow instructions from the banking cartel and corporate money farms.. Bah.. Not my America anymore.


  3. I don’t think the headline is true, and no real info will likely come from teh debates regardless of Pizza Slut gets it wish or not.
    it doesn’t cheapen it. the election process is a f’n joke, at it’s core it is a cheap fascist sham. this marketing scheme just takes away the gold plated wrapping paper to display the true cheapness of the product inside.

  4. [email protected] says:

    I’m watching in hopeful anticipation of another Obama beat down, followed by a series of exploding heads on MSNBC. I might even give up a new episode of “Restaurant: Impossible”, heh.

    Here’s my prediction: 1) Obama will come out swinging, trying to get in the 47%, the “war on women”, the “I killed Osama”, “recovery”, “tax cuts for millionaires”, blah blah blah. He has to throw some red meat to base to fire it up.

    2) He will have to be aggressive and animated without looking like an angry black man. He will have his Snake Charmer mojo in high gear. Will interrupt Romney more than Biden interrupted Ryan without the moderator stepping in.

    3) The Obama camp has already co-opted Crowley so expect her to be the third debater. If Romney is smart, he will ask her to be the third debater and ask for a new moderator, heh.

    4) Romney will use the closer physical proximity to Obama to intimidate him. Obama hates it when people get in his personal space unless they are about to (fellate) worship him. Obama cannot control his facial expressions when he is mad and Romney will use this to further unsettle Obama. Obama’s big shit eating fake ass smile is also another sign he is getting mad, look for that every time Romney whomps him. Look for the deer in the headlights look of Obama has just given up.

    5) They will both praise the military, encourage expansion of veterans benefits and advocate military involvement in Libya, Syria, Iran.

    6) Neither will have a clue how to cut spending – Obama cuz he thinks it is good, Romney cuz he wants to get elected.

    7) Michelle will climb on the stage after Romney whomps Obama and slap (Obama) Romney around – if she is done with her shopping trips. Gotta put those perfectly tones arms to use, dontcha’ know.

    8) Viewship will likely be >70 million.

    I will try to give my real time analysis cuz I haven’t heard from flash lately and it always makes him mad so it’s worth the effort.

  5. Both candidates are pizza? only different flavors? Is that what you’re trying to say?

    It’s pretty simple who’ll people will vote for:

    Either you work (R) or you get free money, free food, free housing, free healthcare, free meds, free phones (D).

    Obama is going to try and pull a little Joe Biden tonight. I’m sure as hell not going to watch, but I’ll wait for the analysis on TBP in the A.M.

    Joe ‘Malarkey” Biden

  6. The Great Pizza Debate begins….


    I’ll be looking forward to Hope’s analysis – it’s so much better than mainstream!

  7. Trying to make folks believe that Romney is different than Obama

    Only a ProstiTroll would attempt that.

    TPTB are surely concerned the magnificient myth is about to be dashed.

  8. Anyone here surprised that Hillary is “suddenly” taking all the blame for Benghazi?

    Or, like myself, did you think “well, that political cunt whore will stop at absoutely nothing to further her own slimey career and save her skank ass?”.

    Just curious.

  9. Well, what the hell, since I’m posting pics of skanks, how ’bout one more?

    Kirstie Alley was on Dancing With Stars last night …. she finished last.

    AWD Erection Eliminator, Backup

  10. Skank Patrol!

    Sarah Palin watching Dancing With Stars to support her beloved child, Bristol ….. who better not marry some guy named Myer Squibb.

    Say what you will, she still has MILF qualities.

  11. BREAKING News —- literally

    Obama Preparing Military Strike Against Benghazi Terrorists

    Oct 16, 3:36 AM EDT

    “Administration officials say the White House has put special operations strike forces on standby and moved drones into the skies above Africa, ready to hit militant targets from Libya to Mali, if U.S. investigators can find the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the death of the U.S. ambassador in Libya.”

    Yeah, baby! Let’s bomb the fuck out of some Libyan homes and shit. Whoppeee! Obama saves the day!!! …. Anybody seen the movie “Wag the Dog”? You can now watch the real thing … bomb those fuckin’ Libyan asses!!!!


  12. ” ready to hit militant targets from Libya to Mali, if U.S. investigators can find the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the death of the U.S. ambassador in Libya.”

    Ooooh, I bet we can find some hiding in Teheran!!!

    What an obvious attempt to curry votes in the weeks before the election. Shameless and stupid.

  13. I was over at AmCon reading…

    Today, it is the United States under presidents of both parties that has embraced the Trotskyite delusion. The bipartisan policy of the United States has become Permanent Revolution until Total and Perfect Democracy is finally achieved. This can only end the way it ended for Maximilien Robespierre in the French Revolution and for Trotsky in the Bolshevik one.

    It is fitting that so many of the older generation of American neoconservatives started life as communist enthusiasts in the 1930s and ’40s. For today’s neocons are really neo-Trotskyites promoting the old, doomed enthusiasms under a new label.

    By contrast, Russia and China are led by pragmatic governments guided by the concepts of profit and self-interest. They support and want to do business with existing governments and governing systems around the world. This has made them the 21st century’s major global powers of the right. ~Martin Sieff

    Its like Papa Johs versus Pizza Hut

  14. [email protected] says:

    Oooohh, it’s starting!!! I watched MSNBC last time, so I’m going with Fox this time, just to piss off Admin, heh.

    Megyn is whispering in a sexy voice to introduce the debate, I wonder how many pairs of fake eyelashes she is wearing?

    Brett Baier is sooo cute, in a nerdy sort of way. Is that his real hair?

    I think Brit Hume has a broomstick up his ass, he’s so stiff.

    Chris Wallace looks way too serious. The corners of his mouth look like Heath Ledger’s Joker got ahold of them and surgically removed his chin on the way out.

    Gawwwd, look at the chins on Candy Crowley. This will be the first presidential debate in US history to be moderated by Jabba the Hut.

  15. [email protected] says:

    Uncommitted voters in the audience, my fat Texas ass, let’s see their bank records for the Axelrod wire cash transfers.

    Obama is swaggering again, eyes look a little empty again, uh oh.

    Romney looks cool, collected, nice tie.

    First time voter, heh, doesn’t look old enough to shave, a young man asking about whether he will join the ranks of Obama’s unemployed college graduates:

    Romney focusing on Obama’s crappy job situation, emphasizing his experience, the 50% unemployed college grads, engaging well with this young man.

    Obama: The left professorial hand coming out, speaking directly to the guy. Saying he wants to build manufacturing jobs – the auto industry is “surging” back. I guess he missed the memo on the billions that GM still owes and all the green jobs/shovel ready jobs that never materialized. Talking about student loans. Now he’s talking about “creating energy” – oh god the GREEN eco loon car crap. Now he wants to spend more money on infrastructure.

    Crawley: Asking Romney for specifics about the long term unemployed. Nails the 23 million figure. Obama looks unhappy. Romney gives the REAL unemployment number – 11.6%. Responding the reason for taking companies through bankruptcy to emerge stronger and nailing Obama for the auto bailouts. Obama lying about the 1 million jobs “saved” and now going into the “tax breaks for the rich” crap. That will play well with the stupid college students where he has been campaigning.

  16. [email protected] says:

    Crawley telling Romney to shut up and not leting him respond — SHOW ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS CRAWLEY!!

    Obama: Increased oil production – guess he forgot the memo that all this fossil fuels development is happening on PRIVATE lands. Coal production is up? I guess that is why all the coal miners are so happy. Our oil imports are LOWER? Yeah asshole because CONSUMPTION IS DOWN!!. Gas prices lower? What a marroon. Gas is twice what we paid in 1/2009!!!

    Green jobs of the future, Obama says! Guess he missed the memo that Spain lost 2.2 jobs for every green job created and is now on the brink of insolvency.

    Romney rebutting Obama well about the reduction in fossil fuels on federal lands. Speaking to the regs. Quoting Obama about making coal companies to bankrupt. Wants NA energy independent in 8 years, hmmm. Yahhh! Mentioned Keystone.

    Crawley to Obama: Are we in the new normal with high gas prices?

    Obama: We are drilling MORE on public lands than previous administration, WTF? What a liar. Oohh, Obama called out Romney standing in front of a coal plant and calling it a killer. Obama says we are producing coal cleaner and smarter, really, where is that happening, because the EPA is about to close 175 of them.

    Obama and Romney going toe to toe about licenses and permits. Obama says his cutting of permits was because the oil/gas leases were terminated because the lands were not be utilized. Romney has just literally put Obama back in his chair, weird.

  17. [email protected] says:

    OOOh, back to prices paying at the pump, yah buddy, $3.79 /gal to fill up the beemer today.

    Yeahh, Keystone again, Anwar, drilling off coast of VA. by Romney – that’s good.

    Obama says price of gas low in 1/2009 due to economy about to collapse, oh good grief. So Obama is equating economic collapse with low gas prices? Good grief.

    Obama blathering about wind farms and ethanol.

    Crawle y #2 telling Romney to shut up, zero for Obama.

  18. “This will be the first presidential debate in US history to be moderated by Jabba the Hut.”


    Where’s the applause icon?

  19. [email protected] says:

    Oohh, a question about tax breaks and closing tax loopholes asked by somebody whose hairstyle looks stuck in 1970 – asking about all the FSA credits – education credits, I think Earned Income tax credits.

    Romney speaking about lower taxes on middle income tax payers – using the Joe Biden “buried” comment. Talking about rise in food, energy, health insurance premiums. Obama looks lost, still sitting in his chair, weird. Refuses to raise rates on the top – notes that the top pays 60% of all federal income tax credits. Very good discussion of his tax plan. No interest on savings, capital gains or dividends -yeah!! That will get him the senior vote. Oooh, the “buried” comment again.

    Obama now says that middle class has been hit for last decade. Says he has dropped their taxes by $3600. Too bad that the MC is now paying $4000 more in gas!! And thousands more for food and insurance premiums, Maroon.

    Ooh, Obama says that wealthy is >$250K. In NY that means you are eating at Jack in the Box. if you live in NYC and make that money.

    Now blaming Repubs in congress for styming his plans. Calliling on the Clinton tax rates and the projected surplus. Obama now confusing tax rates with amounts of tax per the Romney 60 min interview. What a marroon, doesn’t know the difference between capital gains and income.

    Obama basically saying that taking money from the rich grows the economy, really? Well, let’s just confiscate ALL their wealth!!

    Romney explaining why lower taxes on businesses create jobs. Nails the unemployment rate >8% for 43 months, increased of women in poverty. Mentions his 5 point plan again.

    Obama sits in his chair like a trained marmoset.

    Crawley: Redirect to Obama about the top 5% not getting a tax cut. Axelrod must have paid her big to do that.

    Obama talking about the “cost of lowering rates” repeats the LIE about this all costing $5 trillion dollars plus 3 additional trillion in something. OOohhh, talks about Romneys rate of 14%.

    Obama is now talking about math and blowing up the deficit, WTF? What a liar!! He is basically saying that Romney is making a “sales pitch” about all this plan!.

    Romney now rebutting about is businesses experience balancing the budgets of the Olympics, MA and businesses. Nailing Obama on $4 trillion dollars of deficits.

  20. [email protected] says:

    ARRRGJH, Romney is using his grandmother, whom it threw under the bus, as his inspiration for this equal pay crappola.

    Obama is making a pitch, saying that women are mainly the breadwinners of the family. Sure as shit asshole because YOU HAVE DESTROYED ALL THE JOBS FOR THE MEN.

    Now blathering about expansion of Pell grants, – yeah, because THERE ARE MORE FUCKING PEOPLE IN POVERTY THAT NOW QUALIFY FOR THEM!!!!

    Romney on pay equity for women – using experience as Mass gov, touting that his cabinent and senior leadership had highest % of women. Recognizes flexibility of working mom schedules. Says women have lost 580,000 jobs in the last 4 years. Obama wincing.

  21. Oh great, the Pizza Party Preznit Debates Has Become A Drinking Game Where No One Can Remember Tomm. What Was Debated Tonite

    WASHINGTON — Americans of all stripes watching Tuesday night’s presidential face-off will be constantly toasting their candidate or drowning their sorrows as debate-related drinking games surge in popularity.

    The election-related fun took off two weeks ago when US President Barack Obama squared off against Republican Mitt Romney in their debut showdown, and the liquor and beer is expected to flow again among watchers of Round 2.

    Several games, each with prominently placed advice to “please drink responsibly,” have popped up on the Internet, including the “Town Hall Showdown” featured on the Washington website Cloture Club, which gives a nod to the town hall format of Tuesday’s debate.

    Its rules are comically straightforward: “Drink if a candidate says “unemployment or economy, single mother or parent, PBS or Big Bird, health care or Obamacare, education, immigration or aliens, social security, Solyndra, 47 percent or 100 percent, or China.”

  22. [email protected] says:

    Obama rebuttal to Romney – implies that Romney is indifferent to women’s concerns. Bringing in the contraceptive coverage issue under Obamacare. Ya buddy, must be the ones that the Catholic Church is suing your ass over, bah. Obama now going for the Planned Parenthood issue as “cancer screening” . What a lying POS. PP makes 85% of its money from ABORTION.

    Obama bringing in his daughters – must be the two he doesn’t want “punished with a baby”.

  23. [email protected] says:

    This audience is totally stacked for questions to bring up the Democratic taking points.

    Now we have a so -called “independent” asking Romney to distinguish himself from Obama.

    Romney again touting 5 point plan, can’t these people read a plan when they hear it? Libtard proglodytes do not get to ask about specifics anymore.

    Romney nailing Obama bout his $tillion dollar deficits. Obama squirming in his seat.

    Romney calling for regulators to be objective not burdensome.

    Romney calling out Obamacare as a small business killer. Obama with the shit eating grin.

  24. [email protected] says:

    O bama talking about the 800K/month job loss when he was elected. Guess he forgot that PELOSIE and RIED were in charge for the preceeding TWO YEARS.

    Oohh, yeah buddy 5.2 million jobs, WTF???? LABOR FORCE PARTICIPATION RATES ARE LOWERS SINCE THE 1970s.

    Obama trying to tie Bain outsourcing to Romney and some Chinese companies. Now saying he has been bringing unfair trade practices law suits. Guess he meant how many times he let Jintao suck his dick.

    Obama saying Romney is more extreme than Bush.

  25. [email protected] says:

    Obama – ooh, Osama is dead and Al Queda is dead. Then who the fuck atttacked FOUR US EMBASSIES in the last month, Obama, you dickwad.

    A black guy is disappointed in the economic progress of the last four years. Obama is going over his campaign talking points. Oooh, he hasn’t suceeded because of the Republicans are so mean.

    More class warfare – the rich aren’t paying their fair share so I can’t create my utopian socialist fantasy, basically, from Obama.

  26. The fellow who mentioned everything he needs to live being “very expensive”; note how Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve somehow escaped mention during the President’s answer.

  27. Didn’t make Romney’s answer either. Funny how insignificant the Federal Reserve and tripling the monetary base over 4 years seems to be…..

  28. [email protected] says:

    Romney’s response to the black guy – hammering the unemployment rate, lack of entitlement reform (or a proposal), lack of immigration plan, doubling the deficits, the rise in health ins premiums by $2500. Obama is squirming in his seat.

    Romney just hit the ****gasp****racist FOOD STAMPS issue and the slow growth of GDP.

    Why does Obama sit between his turn with that goofy expression on his face? He looks like he has gas.

    Romney saying that 5 million jobs doesn’t even keep up with population growth and the UR merely reflects people not even being counted.

    Yahh menationes drop in famly median income by $4000, Obama still looks star struck.

    Crawley cut him off, good for her.

    Did Lorraine Osario just call Romney “president”? OOOh.

    Need more split screen cuz Obama can’t control his poker face and that was so effect last time.

    Uh oh, , Romne will not grant amnesty, Highspanics just stampeded for the exits. Wants a pathway for the kids, a la the Dreamers. Make the parents get their green cards. Wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration – that gets my vote right now.

  29. [email protected] says:

    Obama bloviating about how great immigrants are to US. He has said he can’t get it down because Congress is obstructing him, WTF when he had a full 2 years of both houses.

    Oooh, Obama says the flow of illegals loweest in 4 years. Yeah, dumbfuck because the Mexicans realize what a POS the economy is and aren’t coming adn are, in fact, are going home.

    Now he’s going to idealize the DREAMERS kids. Those must be the kids waving Mexican flags and rioting in La Raza rallies.

    Obama bashing the AZ law – another Dem talking point. LYING THAT THAT LAW MEANS CHECKING SOMEBODY’S PAPERS – WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT TRUE. What a fucking liar.

  30. [email protected] says:

    Romney now speaking to “correct” the President’s points – basically called Obama a liar.

    Joe Wilson must be basking in the glow of total vindication tonight about all the lying Obama is doing tonight.

    OOOHH, they are about to fight about Romney’s blind trust. He’s asking Obama about his pension syaing it is not as big as Romney’s and that he has investments in another country.

    Obama is talking about Romney’s advisor being the architect of the AZ law – Obama must have forgotten how popular the AZ law was to the majority of the country, so he won’t get much traction there.

    Crawly is trying to shut up Obama, Obama as the shit eating grin, that means he’s nervous.

  31. [email protected] says:

    OOOHH, a Libya question – about the refusal for extra security and the subsequent deaths.

    Obama is now trying to praise the ambassador corps. He is sOOOOOO concerned about the Libya attack that he FUCKING WENT TO BED THEN FLEW OFF TO A FUND RAISER IN LAS VEGAS.

    My head needs more duct tape.

    Obama is criticizing Romney’s response to the Libya attack – saying it was a polticial play.

    Bringing up the National Security stuff and how he takes it soooo seriously- Oh Lord, this from the man THAT ATTENDS <50% OF HIS NSA briefings!!!!

    Ronney speaking now to the total lies about the video tapes inciting the riot.

  32. [email protected] says:

    Romney bringing up the debacle in Egypt, Iran’s nuclear ambition, the 30K deaths in Syria, the “daylight” between US and Israel. Pounding the policy of “leading from behind”.

    Crawely bringing in Hillary falling on her sword today. Oooh, he reminds us that he is the president, like we didn’t know. Obama must have some real dirt on Hilliary for her to do that.

    Obama did not call it an act of terror, Crawley is lying, Romney is saying that this Libya thing was in a reaction to a video tape NOT an act of terror.

    Crawley is moving them along.

  33. [email protected] says:

    Oooh, a question about assault weapons, AK 47s. WTF??

    Obama says he believes in the 2nd Amendment, about hunting. Will he mention the complete carnage occuring in all the gun free zones? In his fucking HOMETOWN of Chicago?

    Wants more “enforcement”. Does not want weapons designed for war NOT on our streets, okay, I guess we will ban base ball bats also cuz they kill people.

    Tying gun control to opportunities to kids and better schools – ie MORE nanny state crap.

    Wants automatic weapons out of hands of criminals and the mentally ill – that must include the DHS and the TSA!!!

  34. [email protected] says:

    Romney bringing in the social pathologies that lead to our current culture of violence, especially TWO PARENT FAMILIES. That will get the conservative and evangelical vote.

    Wham. Romney just dropped the Fast and Furious bomb. No split screen on Obama, too bad, F & F is Watergate with a toe tag.

    Kaboom. The executive privilege bomb dropped on Obama. Romney called out by Crawley about the change in assault ban – great explanation.

    Obama still looks tired, stting on his chair, now creeping up on Romney.

    Obama now saying Romney changed his mind to get NRA endorsement – great move smart boy. All gun owners will now vote ROmney.

    Obama now tying gun violence to education and intact families – yeah, from the party that pushes single motherhood. More education feel good nonsense.

  35. [email protected] says:

    Crawley just caved to let Obama distort Romney’s record on teachers, but really tried to get him to shut up, might as well as the tides to receed King Canute Obama.

  36. [email protected] says:

    @Stuck: thanks, heh, heh, by their thumbs down we shall know them.

    Romney is going after China and their currency manipulation. Romney pledging to label China a manipulator and put in tariffs to protect our manufacturers. Says we have lost 500K manufacturing jobs. Where is llpoh on this?

    Talks again about bringing down corporate tax rates to 20%. Talking about Obama’s quadrupuling of regulations. Mentions the job killing of Obamacare.

    Were is the fucking split screen???? They are only showing it on Romney and this is fucking Fox for the love of pete.

    Obama trying to rebut in 2 minutes. Oooh, he just said he should lower tax rates by closing loopholes and going after off shore profits. WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT THE 9 BILLION BUCKS HIS BUTT BUDDY JEFF IMMELT BROUGHT IN FOR GE THAT PAID NO FUCKING TAX ON.

    Obama says we are doubling exports – yeah, because the dollar is cheap!!!!

    Obama is calling Bain a “job outsourcing pioneer” – saying it’s what journalist’s called it, yeah the lickspittles and toadies that suck his dick, right.

    Romney is calling out China’s currency manipulation, computer hacking, patent fraud and slave labor.

    Obama has shit eating grin.

    Obama just said some jobs won’t come back, ooh, then says those are the low wage low skilled ones. HE SHOULD KNOW BECAUSE THAT IS ALL THAT HAS BEEN CREATED IN THE LAST 4 YEARS.

    More Obama blather about investments in education, GMAFB.

  37. Stuck – I am giving thumbs up for sure to hope. But I feel obliged to point out the abuse you heaped on AWD threads/posts at every turn (I really do not know what was behind all of the animosity, as frankly I didn’t read it, as I skipped his fat stuff and any responses to it). I agreed – and agree with you – that the fat stuff etc grew old, and would rather see it curtailed, but he was, and hopefully still is, doing his part for the greater good. This is the lawless old west, and doing a public service is not always thanked. You know that, of course.

  38. Stucky…yes!

    He needed to lower his voice.

    I watched about 15 mins and I thought he was gonna have a stroke.

    I had to leave the room.

    Besides, he was pissing me off!

  39. [email protected] says:

    Romney asked to debunk the “misperceptions” about him. Wants to say that he carea about 100% of America (to counter the 47%).

    He believes in God – good, bout time, he’s gonna have most of the church goes with that, black and white. Touting experience in Mass and the Olympics.

    Oohh, another jab at the high unemployemnt, food stamps, high gas prices, need to reform entitlement. Reminds us he has done these things.

    Obama now saying that government does not create jobs – THEN WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE STIMULUS.

    Obama now says he belives “every body gets a fair shot”.

    Is there a single Obama answer that isn’t straight off the campaign stump?

    I am looking on Obama’s back for the pull string.

    Ooohh, Obama is going after the 47% comment – playing on the heart strings. Very effective, he may win the class war here. Oops, he says he wants to fight for the 47%. Guess we will have to drag him off the golf course and out of Martha’s Vineyard first.

    Jabba the Hut has spoken.

    Michelle in pink gives Obama a fakey hug. ROmney surrounded by his family.

  40. [email protected] says:

    I am too tired to deal with the spin.

    I think this went to Romney but Obama at least wasn’t asleep at the wheel, just lying and mistating and his water carriers in the media will reinforce the Dem talking points.

  41. Pepperoni or sausage….SHIT! What about these poor saps who weren’t even asked to attend the debate! Instead let’s arrest possible Presidential candidates!!!

    Green Party Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates arrested infront of debate location this evening!!!

  42. How did a F—— N—– ever get to be president?

    And, as Stucky asks and demands, “WHO ARE THE 2 or 3 FUCKING ASSHOLES VOTING THUMBS DOWN ON HZK’s post(s)?… You pussy motherfuckers. Identify yourselves, you goddamned cowards.”

    Go to it Stucky. Anyone who can’t think, talk, and post like us should be squashed under one of AWD’s fat mountain freaks. Let’s purge the “pussy motherfuckers.”

    (By the way, Sho boy idol is and angram for —— —– .)

  43. I watched about 20 minutes and thought I would hurl. Everything I need to know about this election I learned from Southpark. Well, almost: Which one is Turd Sandwich and which is Giant Douche?

    Thanks to Hope for the play by play-much more palatable, and entertaining, than Candy’s show.

  44. [email protected] says:

    @Muck: Thanks, Mr. HZK is off killing elk in CO so I am all by myself and it’s better to blog than to scream at the TV, lol.

    It is amazingly presumptuous for me to assume that ya’ all want to hear my ramblings, but those of you that gave me a thumbs down can kiss my big Texas ass.

    flash and Admin will be posting anti-romney tirades in the am, hee hee, I can hear their furious keyboard tapping from Texas.

    Gotta go, I have to calculate how big a deep freeze I need for the two 400+ pound elks Mr. HZK is bringing home this weekend, gah, and where the hell I’m going to put it, already have 3 deep freezers full of God knows what at this point and deer season hasn’t even started.

    Anybody know any good elk recipes????


  45. I don’t know about elk, but moose soup/stew was pretty good for dinner tonight. And moose pot roast-yesterday’s lunch-yummy.

  46. Romney layed out a lot of facts.Like that matters to anyone.Obama,what could he say?he layed out some good ideas,to bad he didnt do any of them when he first came into office and had the majority.
    Its time for fresh blood.And adults to be running things.

  47. “I am too tired to deal with the spin.” -hope

    Regardless, THAT was the best- play by play- since “Who’s on First?”

    Much fun was to be had tonight reading your interpretation of the debate. The debate ended, and after a few minutes of after clutter, I turned off the TV and see what might be going on TBP.

    It took me 45 minutes to work through your thoughts, after just watching the fucker

    You [email protected] belowfreazing have got talent of a beyond a normal type.

  48. Another stunning performance, Hope. You have a rare talent. Thanks.

    For you other TBP visitors, I had one of my sources send me a recent photo of Hope. This is what she looks like when she first wakes up in the morning.


  49. The first clue Romney was a big government liberal was when the college kid asked him how would he and Jug ears improve his chances of getting a job out of college and Rummy retorted with his record of government assistance for education he has supported in Taxxachusetts in the form of grants. loans and Pell grants and promised as POTUS to keep the education sugar teat flush with debt.

    Mittens then hysterically declared that he personally was going to make sure the kid got a job,instead of telling the kid the truth which is is not up to government to provide you a job or an education .

    The funny thing was the look of disgust on the college doughboys face when Obama mentioned he was going to bring back mfg jobs. Obviously mfg jobs weren’t in college boys game plan.

    Denninger was also not impressed with Mittens lack of conservative principle.
    The back-and-forth was mostly a good excuse to get drunk — right up until near the end. But then Romney did himself some serious damage, and it was self-inflicted. The issue turned to guns and Obama, as a Democrat, actually came off as more-moderate than Romney did on the 2nd Amendment!

    Mitt got hit square in the face with his Massachusetts record as governor; he was reminded that as Governor he said:

    “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts”, Romney said, at a bill signing ceremony on July 1 with legislators, sportsmen’s groups and gun safety advocates. “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” – July 1st, 2004 — Mitt Romney

    He had every opportunity to repudiate that position and take a strong position of defense of the 2nd Amendment and instead he not only confirmed his previous statement he doubled down and used it as a good example of working across the aisle to find consensus!

    In doing so he disqualified himself for the office of President of the United States as he said, in plain language, that he would if elected ignore the Constitution in favor of “consensus.”

    The Constitution is not about consensus; it is about unalienable rights. Consensus is about two wolves and a sheep holding vote on what’s for dinner; unalienable rights are about demanding that the wolves not eat the sheep.

    What Mitt Romney said tonight is that if he can find consensus on any issue The Constitution is damned to Hell.

    Down this road you are left with a demand to turn over your guns to the government and your only option is whether you are going to do so with them nicely cool at room temperature or smoking hot (and empty.)

    Neither man defended unalienable rights this evening. But those who believe that Mittens will somehow effort to defend the 2nd Amendment got a rude awakening this evening, and under a Romney administration you’ll have a President seeking consensus on how to take your guns away.

    Thanks for telling the people the truth Mittens.

    I wonder how many Americans were listening.

    The short version from tonight? Our nation is screwed with either of these clowns.

  50. Was it just me or are there no good looking people on Long Island? That was the homliest bunch of people I’ve ever laid eyes on. And did they put those two 400 pound dudes in the front row to make Candy Crowley look thin?

    As a neutral observer, I would call it a draw. The MSM is declaring Obama the winner because he didn’t get his ass kicked like he did in the 1st debate.

    They were equally good liars last night. Neither one of them has any plan to fix what is broke in this country. The national debt will exceed $20 trillion in 2016 no matter which pizza we choose.

    Based on both of their horrific lies about American energy independence, I would conclude that our energy situation is much worse than even I thought. When the two representatives of our owners both tell extreme lies about our dire energy situation, you know it is really bad. They are desperately trying to convince the sheeple that everything will be fine.

    Romney missed a chance to pound Obama on the reason our oil imports have declined. An economy that has been in recession doesn’t need as much oil. If our economy really was recovering, energy usage would be rising.

  51. Due to extremes nausea, I didn’t watch the entire debate, so I am wondering did it end with this song playing in the background?

    1. Fact Check: Debate Filled With Half-Truths, Distortions, Outright Lies

      If you did not particularly care for what the President and Mitt Romney had to say in the debate, perhaps it’s because the entire debate was filled with half-truths, distortions, and outright lies.

      Then again, perhaps you liked what your candidate had to say for the precise reason that it was filled with half-truths, distortions, and outright lies.

      Regardless, Bloomberg offers this Political Fact-Finding Reality Check. What follows is my summation of the Bloomberg article.

      Romney misstated his position on auto bailouts.

      Both candidates made “partially correct” statements on Libya.

      Romney made misleading statements on contraceptives. Obama stated Romney’s position accurately.

      Obama understated a tax savings proposal of Romney.

      Romney says his tax math adds up. Obama says it doesn’t. The fact of the matter is no one knows because Romney has not provided any details.
      Romney cited some energy figures correctly (but those were for 2010 and 2011). He exaggerated the decline in permits and ignored the fact total oil production on federal lands and offshore has increased 12 percent during Obama’s term.

      On defense spending Obama said Romney “wants to spend $2 trillion on additional military programs, even though the military’s not asking for them.” The problem is the military did not weigh in.

      Romney claimed to support Pell grants while backing the Ryan Budget that makes it harder to qualify for them.

      Romney claimed “I’m going to get us to a balanced budget”, arguably the biggest lie in the entire debate. Ryan’s budget will not balance until 2040 by CBO estimates, and never by Mish estimates. Rand Paul offered a reasonable way to balance the budget in 5 years but it received a total of 7 votes in the senate.

      On coal jobs, Romney and Obama were each half-right.

      On payroll tax cuts, Obama made the second biggest lie of the debate, claiming to continue $3,600 in middle-class tax cuts. After the debate, a White House spokesman confirmed the president has not yet said if he supports continuing those tax cuts.

      Romney made misleading statements on job creation.

      Obama overstated findings of a report on Romney’s international corporate tax proposal.

      Question of the Day

      Still feeling good about what your candidate had to say? I am sticking with my position stated earlier in Debate II: Did Obama Right a Sinking Ship? Call It a “Spirited” Tie

      Over half the time I did not particularly care for statements made by either candidate.

      Both candidates scored some points and it is likely that supporters of each candidate thought their candidate won. On some points I agreed with the president, on others I agreed with Romney.

      However, my view is not what is important. What the average undecided voter wanted to hear in the debate does matter. Yet, I do not know what that is, or whether the voters heard what they wanted.
      Even if voters did hear what they wanted, they now need to ask “Was it accurate?”

      Then again, perhaps the voters do not care. Voters certainly act as if they like being lied to, seldom holding politicians accountable for anything the politicians say or do.

      Mike “Mish” Shedlock


  52. “ARRRGJH, Romney is using his grandmother, whom it threw under the bus, as his inspiration for this equal pay crappola.” —– HZK

    You meant Obama, right?

  53. “Obama did not call it an act of terror, Crawley is lying, “ ——– HZK
    Hope, that all depends. Todd posted the Rose Garden transcript. Below is the relevant portion.


    Of course, yesterday was already a painful day for our nation as we marked the solemn memory of the 9/11 attacks. We mourn with the families who were lost on that day. I visited the graves of troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery, and had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some of our wounded warriors at Walter Reed. And then last night we learned the news of this attack in Benghazi.

    As Americans let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it, and in some cases lay down their lives for it. Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those, both civilian and military, who represent us around the globe.

    NO ACTS OF TERROR will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.


    Fact is, Obama DID mention terror.

    The big question: Does his “no acts of terror” comment refer to Benghazi, or to 9-11 he just mentioned previously? Obama and his supporters want us to believe it was about Benghazi. But, I think a good case can be made that he was talking about 9-11 ….. but it’s not ironclad.

    Regardless …. The ACTUAL act is OF COURSE terrorism!! Was it an act of love?? The REAL question – and I think Romney missed out on it — is what was the CAUSE of this terroristic act? A movie? Or terrorists? Romney mistakenly focused on Obama’s use of the word “terror”, when he should have focused on Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the cause.

    Double Regardless —- I don’t understand how Candy “Jabba” Crowley can keep her credibility.

  54. One thing I have not seen discussed anywhere.

    Obama’s response to why gas prices are high today compared to when he took office. He said gas prices were low when he took office because the economy was a mess!!

    WTF???? Why is NO ONE jumping all over this??

    By Obama’s logic, if a crumbling economy was the reason for low gas prices in 2008 ….. then today’s gas prices should be about .95 cents.

  55. Jim says: “Was it just me or are there no good looking people on Long Island.”

    There are some good looking people on Long Island. They’re called tourists.

    Also, all I saw last night was 90 fucking minutes of negative soundbite campaign ads that I’ve seen already. I give Obama the edge. His bullshit was 3 minutes longer than Romney’s.

  56. It’s funny how Romney tries so hard (way too hard) to draw a contrast with Obama on every single statement—until Obama proudly drops his biggest whopper of all, that “we reigned in the excesses of Wall Street”.

    This is the biggest slam dunk of all, Mittens—a toothless Dodd-Frank which was practically written by the banks, a “mortgage settlement” that Obama’s DOJ strongarmed the state Attorneys General into that doesn’t even amount to a slap on the wrist, and in particular Jon Corzine’s $1.2 billion heist at MF Global. And yet, Mittens just lets that statement go, every time. Tells you all you need to know.

    If I were running against him, I’d be practically making Corzine Obama’s running mate every single day. And you can do that without having to mention The Fed, imagine that.

  57. FT

    I wonder why Romney never mentions that in the S&L scam back in the 80’s over 1,000 banksters were prosectued …. but the mortgage/financial trillion dollar bailout resulted in not even one fucking indictment, no less a a guilty verdict??!!

    Mittens needs better coaching.


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