Ignorance is a choice. Having unprotected sex is a choice. Dropping out of high school is a choice. Not getting married is a choice. Our culture has been in downward spiral since the mid 1960s. Is it just a coincidence that the War on Poverty programs began simultaneously with this downward spiral? As a country we decided anything goes. No one was responsible for their actions. The government would create a program to solve every problem created by people not taking responsibility for their lives and accepting the consequences of their bad choices. You get more of what you incentivize. Below is a picture of what government policies and an ignorant population can accomplish.

Marriage Drops the Probability of Child Poverty by 82 Percent

Death of Marriage in the U.S., 1929-2008

Unwed Birth Rates Vary Strongly by Race

71 Percent of Poor Families With Children Are Not Married

Less-Educated Women Are More Likely to Give Birth Outside of Marriage



  1. There is a young man in my community in his late 20s who has 9 children out of wedlock with 7 different women. I am certain that all of his children receive welfare benefits, and probably most of the mothers as well. A vasectomy is ~$700, and if government is going to subsidize anything for this man it should be clipping his over active testicles, instead of subsidizing his numerous children to whom he provides no support. Who knows how many he will have by the time he is 40 – all on the government teat no doubt.

    Another astonishing thing I see throughout my community are single white mothers with black babies. I just don’t understand it, as we are in an area with less than 0.25% black population, and the closest black adult population in the state is 100+ miles away, and blacks make up only 2% of the state population as a whole… But fully 1/4 of the preschool children in this rural community are black with white mothers, and not a black adult male to be found. Where are these girls going to impregnable themselves? It is astounding, and there is no way for me to wrap my mind around it other than to believe that these girls deliberately travelled far out of the area during ovulation with the intent of finding a rare black man to impregnate them. Again, they are all obviously on government support.

    The 3rd trend I see is young white mothers with Hispanic babies. About 1/2 of these seem to be a family unit with involved fathers, although most are illegal aliens and therefore are not married to the mothers and occasionally deported. Again, these children are all obviously on government support.

    So, between the local white guy with 9 children under age 8, the numerous single mothers with black babies, and Hispanic children of illegal aliens – that makes up a majority of the little kids in this area that has traditionally been over 95% white. I’m not sure what the white guys are doing (other than the one with 9 kids) but only a very small minority of them are apparently getting married and having children, although it is not stopping the young white women from living the welfare dream.

  2. Human beings: The only species dumb enough to say, “I can’t afford to feed myself or the kids I already have, so the obvious solution is to have more kids!”

  3. A liberal employes wife works for 211, which in W. Mich is a taxpayer funded program that helps the poor with:

    Food, Housing & Clothing
    Utility Assistance
    Support Groups
    Healthcare Services
    Teen Pregnancy
    Senior Issues
    Prescription Assistance
    Seasonal Programs

    We discuss/argue the merits of this program and whether we are truly helping people or enabling people to continue to avoid responsibility and choices they have made.
    Brian is a very intelligent person, but his liberal heart gets in the way of reality. He has no concept of what self reliance or personal responsibility really is.
    And why should he?
    At his age he has been brought up in a society that will not accept blame for personal choices, and a government that has promised to solve any and all problems encountered in life.

    I don’t think this is an argument that we can win, we are the minority now. We are all going to be fucked over first by boomers, but the fucking we will get by millennials will be epic.

  4. It’s playing out like the movie Idiocracy. The more intelligent, responsible people get out-bred by the wildly irresponsible with the remaining intelligent people researching weight loss, hair growth, and the length of time boner medication works. My question is, at what point does a person’s reproductive rights infringe upon another person’s rights? How many children is “enough”?

  5. For every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance

    For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government.


  6. Why would any rational group of responsible citizen-politicians, who care deeply about the future of this nation, deliberately choose to incentivize failure in the first place?

    What was the motivation?

    1. intj

      Politicians aren’t rational. Politicians desire power, wealth, status, and complete control over our lives. They purposely create problems so they can implement solutions, which cause more problems, and so on. They want a population that is completely dependent upon government for their subsistence. They are almost there.

  7. What? Lack of personal responsibility amongst American citizens is the problem?

    I thought everything wrong with America was the Boomers fault.

  8. These stats show what just about every thinking person knows, that America is well on the path of cannibalizing itself. It seems the vast, vast majority of Americans don’t see beyond next month, or have thoughts only of how much money, vs. how little effort is required to get it.

    What absolutely historic times we are living in. Whoever would have thought a generation ago that this country would be looking over the precipice that we are now.

  9. Welcome to Fabian Socialism – how a tiny group of elites undermine the founding fathers and eventually make off with the wealth and resources of an entire nation.

  10. “They want a population that is completely dependent upon government for their subsistence.”

    Admin, here you still are, thinking these guys had some kind of plan. There is no grand conspiracy here, no big ideas or collaboration about how great life would be if everyone depended on the government. You’re giving them way too much credit! There was no plan at all, beyond simply getting re-elected.

    INTJ (that’s my Myers-Briggs type, too) asks, “Why would any rational group of responsible citizen-politicians, who care deeply about the future of this nation, deliberately choose to incentivize failure in the first place?”

    Because they weren’t thinking about the future of the nation at all! That would be WAY too far ahead for most people, and you don’t get re-elected by telling people to work hard and save money and delay their gratification. Instead, you promise them a free lunch.

  11. We have half a nation inclined to vote money to subsidize the poor – and another half wanting to vote money to subsidize the MIC war machine and monopoly “job creators”.

    Why – after all the warnings over all the centuries – were we ever allowed to “vote money” in the first place?

    Because the elites – like magicians – kept us distracted throwing shit at each other and with the total control of their puppet politicians ran off with the real wealth of the nation.

    They were never thinking about the future of the nation – they were thinking of themselves and how to skim from the prosperity of the people – certainly not a new thing.

  12. The idea that elites are not capable or willing to plan long term – generational – is absurd.

    Extractive wealth acquisition – rather than productive wealth creation – is as old as civilization and that knowledge and preference is most definitely passed on from generation to generation.

    IMO the founding fathers did all they could to keep the extraction versus production in check but the elites have centuries of perfecting their techniques and perhaps we didn’t stand a chance.

  13. @Admin – Thanks.

    TPC Anecdote time:

    My wife’s boss just recently got off of food stamps despite the fact that he has made double the average take home pay in this area, and just got a raise making it quadruple.

    How? Why by having 7 kids, thats how! Coupled with his wife not working, they qualified for food stamps and other assistance because of their decision to have unlimited kids!

    Why? Religion, they are diehard catholics and refuse to use any form of contraception whatsoever. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

    I respect people’s religious freedoms, but that doesn’t mean that I should be subsidizing it. They made a conscious decision to procreate beyond their ability to provide, capitalism only works when people are allowed to fail. Stupidity must be punished.

    PS: He’s in his mid 30s, and has no intention of stopping. I guess they have about 2 more kids left in them, and given their current pay that would mean he would be eligible for food stamps again despite his generous salary.

  14. Who do you think started “lack of personal responsibility”? Free love, free sex, free drugs, do whatever feels good, fuck the establishment, fuck the rules (have a job and be married before you have kids), do whatever the fuck you want. Then, when they got older, get as much shit as you can, get as much debt as you want, eat as much as you want, get as fat as you want, destroy your health, don’t save for retirement, somebody else will pay.

    The only reason this shit exists is because of welfare. Do you think these chicks would be getting pregnant if there was no welfare? And nobody cares, because they’re on welfare (somebody else is paying). I see it every day. I want to ask the mother of these girls “does she have a job?” “does the dad have a job?” “where is the dad?” “why isn’t she getting married?” I would only get dirty looks and complaints to the medical board. It’s too late, sorry. Society has moved on. We’ve already spent $16 TRILLION on these people, and it’s never going to end.

    1.25 productive people are paying for welfare/government employees. That is a parasitic relationship. To say it’s unsustainable is the understatement of the year. The pathology welfare breeds is beyond imagine. So many people I know are hoping and praying for a collapse, so this shit doesn’t go on anymore; people that are working their asses off at two jobs just to stay solvent, while welfare queens and disability fraudsters are sitting on their asses collecting “checks” every month and getting everything for free.

    Another ten years of mulatto and mexican babies, who will themselves get on welfare and disability for life, and the 100 million on welfare now will swell to 150 million. It’s socialism and/or communism now, what will it be called then? Pray to God it collapses before then.

  15. Good article, admin. Really good.

    On some level doesn’t it just make you really WANT a collapse, so these parasites will die off? That’s how it makes me feel. Because I can see that there is no road back…no way out of this mess except waiting fot the wheels to fall off.

    As much as I want more time to get ready, it just chaps my ass to see the politicians on both sides of the aisle gearing up for another assault on my wallet…and for what? So people who should never have even been born can eat processed crap that isn’t fit to eat, and live in houses that should have never been built. What a great fucking country.

  16. Eddie

    Remember how happy and carefree you were before finding TBP?

    We’ve crushed your spirit in a matter of two months.

  17. TPC –

    That’s what I’m on about, when does a person’s right to reproduce infringe upon another person’s right to their life and labor? Apparently there is no limit. It is probably safe to assume that people like your wife’s boss go on foodstamps so they can still enjoy their lavish creature comforts.

  18. In poker it’s called raising the ante.

    In times of shortage it’s called rationing, one per customer. One per customer will work to stem gluts.

    One birth and/or abortion per person at taxpayer expenes, its called hysterectomy.

    Exactly zero women have been impregnated by eunochs. DNA profiling works.

    Hoover, Truman and Eisenhaur deported illegal alians, Ike deported 13 million (google Operation wetback). RFI chips and open season will deter repeaters..

    We do it or let Darwin do it. The US government has never had a problem with genocide (Indians) or killing civilians.

    Spell check inop, again. Roy

  19. Admin left this graph out. It show how welfare recipients have more disposable income.


    Exactly two years ago, some of the more politically biased progressive media outlets (who are quite adept at creating and taking down their own strawmen arguments, if not quite as adept at using an abacus, let alone a calculator) took offense at our article “In Entitlement America, The Head Of A Household Of Four Making Minimum Wage Has More Disposable Income Than A Family Making $60,000 A Year.” In it we merely explained what has become the painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work. This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantitied, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

  20. @AWD – That graph is a mess. I don’t doubt that its accurate (and depressing as hell, if unsurprising) I just think they would have done a better job of conveying their message.

    Sometimes less is more (also proved by the graph!)

  21. “You get more of what you incentivize.”

    This is the part that gets me the most. Everything the government does is like a Field of Fucking Dreams. If you fund it, they will come.

  22. admin

    Nah, I was aleady really depressed. But you have a way of cutting throught the BS and laying it on the line…makes it easy for even a dumbass Southern redneck to understand… I salute your clarity.

  23. I’ll post this again, just for fun…

    #11 One university study estimates that child poverty costs the U.S. economy 500 billion dollars each year.

    #12 Households that are led by a single mother have a 31.6 percent poverty rate.

    #13 In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.

    #14 According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 36.4 percent of all children in Philadelphia are living in poverty, 40.1 percent of all children in Atlanta are living in poverty, 52.6 percent of all children in Cleveland are living in poverty and 53.6 percent of all children in Detroit are living in poverty.

  24. On some level doesn’t it just make you really WANT a collapse, so these parasites will die off? -Eddie

    We are a Christian nation we break the bread and multiply the fish and feed the masses. We give billions to other nations and sell them weapons and provide them with food. We subsidize the farmers, the banksters and the oil producers and big box grocery.

    We are humanitarians, you see.

  25. TPC

    I had a similar experience back in the 60s. This good Catholic was whining he wasn’t even making it on food stamps. Hmmm. We started the same week and thus on the same pay grade at AT&T.

    But he had six kids, and only in his 26th year of life. Sheesh.

  26. We should make single women wear burkas, yes? One with kids? Yes.

    Married women with 5 kids? No.

    I am pro-life after all

  27. You guys fret a lot over free shit, welfare give aways, too many social programs (Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP etc., etc.)..

    Don’t worry about those old things because, before long, we’ll roll ever closer to the Crises phase of the Fourth Turning (I seem to be seeing more parallels this week) and they will all wither away. In fact, by shutting off the free shit, we may kick the crises off with a bang!

    Public sentiment will shift from “Gimmie my Free Shit” to self-responsibility, living standards across the board (top to bottom) will drop, social values (i.e marriage) will become more popular and slowly, as instead of “Free Shit”, the shit hits the fan, all those trends represented above will turn around and go the other way! Count on it.

    Peacefully? Probably not. Maybe an all out war to scare the shit out everybody? Probably so, at least at the peak of the Crises.. Something will happen that causes public sentiment to switch on a dime about a lot of things. For the good? Maybe not.. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    I suspect we’ll be flat busted and fighting a war somewhere – just barely below the nuke level if we’re lucky and using nukes if we’re not – before we start climbing up the other side with a new view of things. If we use nukes, the odds are heavily in favor of a bad outcome for everyone involved. But I don’t know how an all out war to the finish can be fought these days without the use of weapons we’ve invented and used before. I suppose it depends upon whether or not they are used on us.. Scary thoughts.


  28. Great article admin. Also great comments from AWD, Stuckey, SAH, and ThePessimisticChemist. Right on the money as usual. Why do the mexican and black guys want the white women, but the white guys don’t want the mexican and black women?

  29. I like the recent headline where one town had to do away with the traditional Father-Daughter dance (whatever that is) because it wasn’t “fair” to girls who didn’t have a dad. Aside from that fact that not having had a male ancestor at some point is anatomically impossible, it’s just another screw everyone else for the sake of the one-off.

    Reminds me of my workplace where the company used to give out a token $50 award for a year of perfect attendance. While $50 isn’t a ton of money and the people that were sick 10-20 days per year would surely trade having those days off over 50 bucks, I used to price myself on never missing a day of work. So, I got my little award but it was more the principle. Well, fast forward a few years and employees complained that it’s not “fair” to people with FMLA-related medical issues, since they were absent beyond their control and they didn’t have the same “opportunity”. I shit you not. So, they did away with the program. I’ve still maintained my near-perfect record just because of, well, ya know, a work ethic (I did leave work early once when I almost shit my pants form a stomach virus), but what a silly society we’ve become where we have to accommodate everyone.

  30. Your just racist. Well a newcomer would think that. Its like you all dont get it.Offer people something than get upset that someone takes you up on it?Make it a racial issue?
    The sad part is it shows how many people are without any moral compass.Then i think of all the anti christian comments i read here.Ann Barnharts thinking is right on a lot of stuff.
    You have a society that is obsessed with wealth and things and then expect people to live a moral life?
    I think the average person well kill for money(or a favorite here,Gold) Congress has no soul and most are right there with them.So its not just scumbag poor people with no morals,it seems like dam near everyone.
    I tell people to dig deep and find the thing thats much more important than things.Make it right with God.
    Its your right to bitch,but thinking a large percentage of society is any better than the folks portrayed in the article.Your kidding yourself. Sorry to ramble.

  31. Darwin – I give bonuses to folks that do not miss work. I get the same complaints. I just tell them it is a bonus – I give it to whoever I want for whatever reason I want. Tough titty to those that do not like it. I do not try to do what my employees consider fair – I do what I consider fair.

    I even have favorite employees – imagine that! They are the ones that work hard, don’t miss too much work, have a positive outlook with regard to work, and help me make money. I occassionally get the complaint that goes something like “but you let Joe have the day off to go golfing” – to which I happily respond that Joe does a better job, and if the person wants to enjoy a bit of those perks, he/she needs to improve their performance. And you know what – hardly anyone ever improves their performance. They always want something for nothing. And they always want something for nothing that someone else has earned. But they do not get it from me directly – they get it from me only when the govt rips it off me and gives it to them. That happens all the time, of course.

  32. Muck, the war WILL come to America’s shores this time. No ‘maybe’. It will be fought between real countries with real militarys and real weapons, not 3rd world sand piles. And, if the Empire appears to be losing, the nukes WILL come out. Guaranteed. Game over.

    All of this about welfare when it is a very small part of the budget, whereas the military is 40%+ of the budget.

    As for white women and black guys…lol. White guys are too into techno shit, NASCAR, beer, and having more ‘stuff’. After the first few years of marriage, that woman next to you doesn’t turn you on like she did on your honeymoon. Black guys, from my observations, actually have more interest in their sexual partners and are more able to give them what they want, love and good sex.

    It is to the advantage to young people today to NOT get married. I have a daughter who is NOT married, has one child and has been with his father for 17 years. Why? Financial benefits from the arrangement. How is that different from the tax benefits given to corporations or the wealthy that you do not enjoy? And remember, YOU voted for the people who put them there. ^_^

    Oh, and before you ‘assume’ the wrong things…I was married for 28 years and raised 4 kids, NOT on welfare, but we DID use unemployment many times, when I was out of work, and we did use ALL of the legal tax deductions on our income. Which was significant in those years. Thanks!

  33. Darwin – I own a “small” company – generally I employ around 100 – 120 people, depending on the economic cycle. Mine is bigger than most small companies but it is not large by large, or even medium, standards.

  34. Diveresity and sensitivity are king? That is most unfortunate for you. It smells like bad management. And the world is full of bad managers. Almost all managers are bad managers. They lack courage, and they lack commitment, and they lack an understanding of why they are there.

    The company exists for the benefit of its owners, and for no other reason. Employees, as people, are entitled to be treated honestly and with due respect. They are entitled to a safe workplace (fact is, though, they are very ingenious with respect to how they manage to hurt themselves). They are entitled to be paid on time. And they have many various other entitlements granted under law. And in return they owe the business their diligent labor, the full, total and generally exclusive use of their skill and knowledge, particularly during work hours, and loyalty to the business so long as they are in its employ (in other words, they are not to bad-mouth the business publicly or do it any harm.), and are responsible for working in the best interests of the owners of the business.

    That is essentially the contract that businesses and employees enter into. Unfortunately, employees understand what they are entitled to, but often, and I mean very often, fail to provide those things the business is entitled to.

    It is a manager’s job, among other things, to ensure that employees uphold their end of the bargain. Most are incapable of so doing. The manager is responsible for the care and survival of the business, and is ethically, and legally in many instances, responsible for working in the interests of the owners of the business – the manager has a fiduciary requirement to do so. That is his primary responsibility. Truth be told, it is the primary responsibility of all employees.

    The concept is very simple – the business contracts to pay, the employee contracts to work. Businesses almost always pay (until they go broke). Employees often do not provide the level of work promised.

    I require the level of work promised. If it is not provided, the employee is in breach of his terms of employment and will find himself soon to be looking for other employment.

    Many here have considered, or do consider, me to be a very hard-hearted employer. Fact is, my employees are very long-term, and turnover is very, very small for those that manage to work even a few months for my business, and my employees have a chance to earn a middle-class or higher standard of living. Turnover is very high within the first few months as most new employees do not understand that they really have to uphold their end of the contract. They think that part is optional, but my part is mandatory.

  35. I knew you preferred asskissers. I’ve suspected as much all along. You know, when the pink slips start flying later next year after you shut down, those pets of yours will get shanked in the parking lot if they’re not the first ones out the door.

  36. Hey E – you still got a job? Got the feeling you may have got canned again. Damn, that would suck, being unable to hold a job. Is it incompetence or is it attitude? I figure a combination of the two.

    By the way, I have no time for asskissers. I am only interested in who can do the job. Some of the folks that are my favorites are assholes I cannot stand. No matter – they do the job and they get preferential treatment when push comes to shove.

  37. E – you know you are way overmatched. I will have you crying like a little girl soon enough. Israel would not take a pussy like you. Try the Girl Scouts instead.

  38. My employees used to bitch to my manager about when I took the afternoon to go golfing. And I quote “The bald headed bastard has gone golfing again while we are stuck here doing all the work”. Apparently the fact that the bald headed bastard often worked 7 days a week and frequently came into work late at night after golf didn’t register with the dumbfucks.

    Now they are having difficulty finding and keeping new jobs while I am golfing nearly every day.

  39. Leo – Funny how that works. Congrats! You deserve the rewards for the effort.

    Nothing registers with dumbfucks. Ecliptix is example number one – I post the truth about employer/employee contracts, and he abuses me. And no doubt does not understand why he is unemployed all the time.

  40. The best boss I ever had was the richest boss I ever had. He treated all employees with respect – all of them.

    Did anyone slack off? Nooooooooo. Reason? We respected him back. No one ever missed a day, and not because we wanted some bonus or because we were afraid we’d be fired, but because we respected him that much.

    But then, it was evident he never looked at us as “stupid” or “scum”, but valuable people with something to offer his company. Funny how that works, isn’t it? When you look on people as worthy individuals, don’t be surprised when they show you they are.

    Limpy, you get what you give. I’m sure every employee sees the contempt you hold them in from a mile away.

  41. Peeps. MA’s right.
    Stop worrying about Dashonte’s baby momma FSA checks or his super freak for da fat white hos and do something constructive like learning the proper urban yout grip and how to respond for when youse down in the hood and some mofo grabs his junk and start throwing bullets and insults at youse.

  42. Call me whatever you wish. It really doesn’t matter since both you and your paradigm will be dead soon enough. I pity you for being so closed-minded as to consider the only worthwhile pursuit for humanity is to amass money and property, and serve the corporation.

  43. By the 90s I saw the lack of personal responsibility was becoming engrained and passed on. I marched a neighbor kid back to his house because the little bastard (literally) had stolen pop from my fridge on my back porch. I caught him red-handed and saw it with my own eyes.

    “My kid wouldn’t do that!” his mom yells.
    “I saw him do it and took the soda pop out of his hand.”
    “Nobody calls my kid a thief!”
    “So you chose to call me a liar? Keep your fucking kid in your own yard, he is no longer welcome in mine.”

    My kid would have picking his butt up off the ground if I had ever had a visit like that.

    Things are so much worse now. All you have to do is visit a busy grocery store, or drive anywhere, and you are assaulted by people vying for the top spot and taking no responsibility for the accidents they cause.

    Final thought, many people wonder about the allure of the fat white woman on minority males. My sister has had a long love affair with, well, let’s just say, exotic races (in context of a hick town with no/few minorities in white-bread, bible-belt, farmerville, USA). I was able to get to know lots about other cultures as I got to know the different boyfriends.

    Her married (to someone else) Mexican lover wanted to knock her up badly, he also liked to smack her around and weighed 500 pounds. Then she had a black guy that wanted her pregnant and liked to smack her around too. I asked both of them why they wanted to populate with a woman they had on the side? (my sis tried to keep me away from them, but sometimes it was unavoidable) They said it keeps the door to the relationship open, and that it is “cultural,” I wouldn’t understand.

    After I moved to the metro area and made friends/co-workers of all nationalities, I learned the truth.

    Fat white girls are desperately insecure. They will allow nearly any treatment of themselves to have a man in their lives. Fat black and Hispanic girls don’t take shit as easily. Guess it is a huge turn-on to dominate and hurt others. And getting your own way all the time is the cherry on top. All a man has to do is threaten to leave – or sleep with someone else – and many fat women will say, “thank you sir, may I have another. Just don’t LEAVE ME!”

    As for procreation with them, it is cultural, they are culturally driven to take the white out of us. Instead of striving to be more Western-European in their work habits, they want us to come down and lie in apathy with them. I’ve heard this from more than one guy, from more than one culture, and even from many of the women. Though lawd knows that I’ll be called racist for stating what I’ve been told and what I see.

    And black women (especially big, beautiful, black women) don’t take shit from their men. Nor do many shave their legs. Which is why you don’t see them dating white guys very often. It is also why they have multiple babies with multiple daddies. Their culture entices them to procreate and their men aren’t worth keeping around. So they keep trying. White girls are finally starting to do this too.

    Equal opportunity and political correctness helped feed the demise of personal responsibility. People won’t change until they realize there is a problem. We aren’t allowed to talk about problems, nor point fingers, nor demand anything from anyone.

    Well, from almost anyone. We sure as hell love demanding that small biz owners and “rich” guys take “responsibility” for government insanity. Other than that though…

    …it ain’t our fault.

  44. Ecliptix – you are truly bitter. Employers are not stupid and can see you despise them. You do not want to help them, but are happy to take their wages. You cannot brIng yourself to work in their interests. So you will struggle to be employed.

    Your problem can be seen clearly in a mirror. But you will not change your attitude, and will continue to suffer the consequences. It is a bed you have made for yourself.

    As for me, I have no problems sleeping. Directly and indirectly I support perhaps thousands of people via my business. I generate literally millions of dollars of tax revenue for society. I manufacture a product, as opposed to simply shuffling money like a Bain Capital.

    Just what is it you do? Draw unemployment? Beautiful. You are a real winner and a benefit to society. You must be so proud. .


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