Boston here we come. Yojimbo has finalized the design of the Burning Platform electronic sign. It will go live sometime in the next few weeks. I expect DHS to be kicking in my front door shortly thereafter. If our site isn’t already being monitored by the Feds, it certainly will after this sign goes live.

I’d like to thank Yojimbo for all his hard work. I’ll thank him personally and get to meet the rest of you at the TBP FEMA camp in the near future.



21 thoughts on “THANK YOU YOJIMBO”

  1. “About that Camp FEMA meet-up…I call bottom bunk.”

    Piffle. I don’t care what bunk I’m in, as long as I’m in the same building with Hope, TeresaE, SAH, Pirate Jo, Maddie’s Mom, and the rest of the Ladies of TBP. Woot, woot.

  2. Davos – It was donated to a charity silent auction by Clear Channel – the kind where each item simply has a piece of paper on a clipboard, and each “bid” is written beneath the previous bid. Due to the nature of the event, only one other person bid on it – it had very little perceived value to everyone else. I wrote a previous post about it. I bid $70 and won.

  3. “SSS has a new moniker – Dirty old man of TBP”

    Ok, I can live with that, despite the fact I’ve been married for 46 years. But that doesn’t mean that I have to stop enjoying the company of women or appreciate feminine pulchritude. Besides, I ain’t stupid, starting with the fact that Hope is a doctor, which could come in mighty handy in a FEMA camp.

    Speaking of doctors, what the hell happened with AWD?

    1. AWD turned into a pussy and high tailed it off TBP when I applied an epic ass kicking to him on the John Lennon murder thread last weekend.

      We need to get Salma to become a TBP regular so she can share our FEMA fantasyland.

  4. U should provide the members with your new name after the govt
    Shuts this site down. That way we won’t have to go out and find it

  5. Great job yojimbo.
    Now admin when all these new folks pile in looking for the truth are we supposed to slow down the poo flingin? Perhaps give them mild corrections and links to raw data to show where we got our topics and answers or just hit them in the ball$.


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