This is freaking awesome. Yojimbo has pulled it off. The Burning Platform is now being advertised on a massive electronic billboard on I-495 just outside Boston. More than 350,000 people per week will see this sign. It will be live for the entire month of January. If there are any new visitors to TBP from this sign, let us know. I’m blown away by this.

Thank You Yojimbo!!!

To the Boston Office of DHS – you know what you can do.


  1. Well damn! They’ll probably shut TBP down. We should all agree to meet up at some neutral place like a forum over on Huffington Post or something. You know, someplace we could keep a low profile. They’ll never think to look for TBP v2.0 over there.

    Seriously, congrats admin! Big thumbs up to Yojimbo for his contribution. Good way to start the year!

  2. I wondered if any of our newbies were a result of the billboard. Hope those that those who visit after seeing it will let us know. Great job, Yojimbo!

  3. Very Nice,

    Especially in Boston, home to more pie-headed liberal-progressive culturally-sensitive politically-correct limo-liberal POS country destroyers than any other city!

  4. What is the monthly lease? Perhaps use lowly peons can come up with enough dough to purchase another month or two?

  5. A pic of Avalon in a string bikini woulda been a crowd pleaser and would have drawn thousands to the site. We know the sheeple do not want economic truth. But hot chicks sell.

    Yojimbo – you are da man. Well done.

  6. Critical Path

    Yojimbo won the month during a silent auction at a charity event. I think the true monthly cost is in the thousands.

  7. Yojimbo, you rock!

    I’m convinced TBP has been scoped for some time; between that great signboard and the current feature, expect more of the same. If this site happened to have a ‘temporary outage’, an alternative point of contact is, indeed, a good idea. I have an idea … will take a little work.

  8. Bernanke and Krugman just had a heart attack, I think they will try to take this sign down at night.

    And great job Yojimbo!

  9. 1) There are not enough Atta Boy’s in the universe to give Yojimbo. But, I’ll try one more … ATTA BOY YOJIMBO!!!!

    2) Prediction: 10,000 Bostonians will log on in the next couple days. Only two, maybe, will stay. They will be denigrated mercilessly. Never expect decent dialogue from a people who repeatedly elect Bawney Fwank. Don’t even get me started on the “Kennedy” thing.

    3) Jim, when the PO-LEECE come a knockin’ on your door …. gimme a call. I specialize in Avoidance Techniques.

  10. Also coulda posted a before and after pic. A pic of Admin by himself before reading TBP, looking all dejected. An after pic with Admin smiling, Avalon on his arm (looking all dejected).

    Every geeky accountant in the country.would be a regular. Every hot woman in the country would be hiding under their beds.

  11. way to go yojimbo! Admin, and to think a while back you were questioning your energy and drive! you should get some mileage out of this! keep up the good work (fight)


  12. “A pic of Admin by himself before reading TBP …” ——-llpoh

    The electronic billboard isn’t W-I-D-E enough for an Admin pic.

  13. I’m happy to see this but I’m disappointed in some of these comments. First, I’m strongly of the opinion that if I can get more people to abandon the idea of the state, the better things will be. With this in mind, it isn’t wise to begin the conversation with insults.

    Should this sign bring in new readers then we should welcome them with intelligent comments and not insults. Finally, I’m confident enough in my beliefs to welcome intelligent comments from people that hold other beliefs.

  14. Yojimbo

    I add my note of appreciation. Well done and thanks.

    “More than 350,000 people per week will see this sign.”

    Ok, I got out my calculator and did some googling. I threw in some wild-ass extrapolation and came up with the following. Pay attention, class.

    1.9 million people in MA voted for Obama, 1.2 million for Romney, and 30,000 for Libertarian Gary Johnson. So, if 350,000 people per week see that sign (assuming, since it’s January, nearly all will be MA residents), that’s 11% of MA voters. Let’s use a conservative rounding error and make it 10%.

    Next step, throw out all Democrat voters because they’re so fucking dense. That’s 190,000 wasted eyeballs on the sign. Now, throw out 95% of the Republican voters because they’re ALMOST just as dense. Even so, that’s 60,000 potential visitors to TBP. Given Gary Johnson’s low vote count, let’s assume only 3,000 Libertarian eyeballs will actually see the sign.

    So, that’s 63,000 people who MIGHT be interested in the message. If we get just 10% of that figure to actually visit the site, that’s 6,300 NEW VISITORS.

    Let’s see how it all works out.

  15. “Dammit. How fuckin hard is it to LOG OUT before I dopple???”
    —-Stucky, after he invited himself to blow himself

    I’m still laughing. That has to be one of the most spectacular examples of the Circular Firing Squad ever posted on TBP. Damn, that was funny.

  16. Absolutely wonderful Yojimbo. What a great gift.

    Stucky, I have to agree with SSS, this is the frickin funniest thing I’ve seen all year. Well yeah, I know it’s only a few days old, but it was great.


  17. NickelthroweR,
    What you wish for seems reasonable but it ain’t goina fuckin happen.

    If you want to post here just know that you’ll get knifed by your fellow resident retards.

  18. With this in mind, it isn’t wise to begin the conversation with insults. Should this sign bring in new readers then we should welcome them with intelligent comments and not insults. Finally, I’m confident enough in my beliefs to welcome intelligent comments from people that hold other beliefs.”

    I’m one of those on this site who happens to hold “other beliefs” on certain subjects. A) Be ready to defend yourself with facts and figures. You’d better know what the fuck you’re talking about. B) Be ready to take a lot of grief. C) Soldier on. Fight back. People here will cut you to ribbons if they sense you can’t fullfill A) and B). It will get ugly …… fast.

    That’s just how it rolls here.

  19. When SSS says he holds other beliefs, what he means is there are certain subjects where he is clueless and totally wrong, but will not give in nevertheless.

    I admire that in a man.

  20. Yojimbo, the billboard looks great. What an amazing and thoughtful gift!

    Thanks sooooo much…..sending you a cyberhug from the Quinn Family!!!

  21. Nothing much to add here: Yojimbo-you kick ass. Stucky, you suck ass (or blow yourself). Admin-keep an eye on your 6, DHS ain’t gonna like this any more than your last awesome article.

  22. Congrats! I know I’m on the list. I visited Dubai twice in the Iraq war years, and am grilled every time I return from the Philippines and they see the stamps from Dubai.

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  24. IS – these newbies that come along and think they can get the monkeys to wear suits should not act surprised when they get covered in monkey shit. TBP monkeys are wild, and will resist any efforts to tame them.


  25. I’m not sure if the blue bloods of boston can take the truth. Most of my relatives are there and I live in FL for a reason…..reason being the key word. I can always hope but we are talking about the state that has brought us Barney Frank and Elizabeth Warren. I remember the relatives who believe in collectivism in the sense that they like to collect “other peoples” wealth but hands off their own. I suppose if TBP could win over MA liberals I may begin to get that hopeful feeling again but I have my doubts!
    Far as I’m concern there all sucking on the government tit and wont let go!

  26. Way to Go!!!

    I’m sure a lot of people from Boston will drop in because it’s a well known fact that most drivers in Boston are looking at anything besides what is going on in front of them in the highway.

    Did I say that? Yes, I did…

  27. The Burning Platform…..we should form our own political party, where being polite, kind and mature are left at the door and a swift kick in the nuts is our secret handshake.

  28. I am thinking that it would be a good idea to ask Clear Channel to what charities they intend to donate billboard space. If I knew ahead of time, I could go to put in a bid.

    From a financial point of view, I’m sure they do this to get the tax benefits of donating unused space on a billboard. I’m sure they do this to get rid of rotational space on the electronic billboards that they can’t sell.

    If everyone contacted Clear Channel and asked them to tell them when they donate billboard space, perhaps we could just ju-jitsu against the mainstream media and use their power to defeat TPTB.

    In the same vein, I intend to ask how much they might charge if I only purchase space that is not being used, unrestricted to any particular location, and agree to be bumped if a paying customer contracts for the space.

    The very fact that I got approval from LLPOH is worth all the time and effort I put into this.

  29. this is so fucking cool. great work, yojimbo!

    fighting those assholes with an actual gun is how you lose, and how you get dead. that may change down the road, but no time soon.

  30. Just a thought. YoJimbo’s bilboard is up and running. If it is to do any good, people who decide to drop in to TBP should see articles and comments that are interesting and entertaining. Calling a person an ‘idiot’ ( or worse) does not rise to that level. Neither does posting some personal mewling about how horrible Congress is.

    Does not mean people can’t have fun. Fun is good, people like spirited debate. They don’t like being an outsider in a room full of people grousing about how horrible things are.


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