Back on December 5th I made the offer posted below and the deadline has arrived. It looks like the one ounce silver round I promised is still going for $70+ on eBay! If admin can let me know how many shit throwing monkeys ponied up a few pennies I can get to fulfilling my offer.

“I’d like to make an offer to the shit throwing denizens of TBP. I typically send a bit of fiat admins way on an irregular basis. My hope is that the money gets spent to offset TBP expenses that admin incurs, however, I give it freely he can spend it however he wishes even if that includes romancing his lovely wife Avalon at the nearest dive bar. (I hear that they are fond of those places.)

Ever since discovering TBP, the place has felt like home and I truly appreciate all the effort admin puts into running it. So, in that spirit I am going to send admin my usual, paltry fiat donation AND I am also going to do something I’ve never, ever done before. I’m going donate an actual ounce of .999 silver in the form of one Silver Bullet Silver Shield round (pictured below) along with a coin holder signed by the designer, Chris Duane himself. The current average selling price of this round on eBay is over $70! Admin can do whatever he wants with it. Sell it. Donate it. Keep it or even wear it on a chain around his neck as he navigates the 30 blocks of squalor!

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-X6E-iGEDWJw/UFh4Hy2WNcI/AAAAAAAADQ8/av3z95df_pM/s640/silver+bullet+coin.png  http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YTe_vAtVj6Q/UFh4IJWjjsI/AAAAAAAADRE/DldKV3A7I_4/s640/silver+bullet+coin1.png

In addition to that, I will donate one dollar for every individual shit throwing monkey that makes a donation to admin, up to $20. Since I’m a bit late getting this out, lets make the deadline January 5th, 2013. So, if twenty different people step up and make a donation of any size by 1-5-2013, I will add $20 to my paltry fiat donation. If only fifteen people donate, I’ll add $15. I’ll trust admin to tell me how many monkeys make a donation. He seems like an honorable guy.”

19 thoughts on “TIME TO PAY UP!”

  1. Trillion dollar coins? The Fed should just print a trillion dollar bill.

    In fact, if it just printed a $20 trillion dollar bill, we could pay off our debts and still get $3.7 trillion back in change!

    No one would never need to work again.

  2. I wondered what happened to this offer.

    Must be nice to feel so loved.

    I vote for John Maynard Keynes on a $1 Trillion dollar coin being ass fucked by the Ikea Monkey.

  3. PJ, our government can’t print paper money; only the Federal Reserve can. We retain the right, however, to mint all the coins we want to.

  4. The loop hole is the law includes gold, silver, copper etc but left out platinum. So the theory is the treasury could mint a platinum coin of any size and give it a face value of $1 Trillion.

    Sure, that works on paper. Reality bites.

  5. Sorry AWD, that is only a $7.5 million dollar coin.

    I think the 2009 Ultra High Relief version is prettier. This was an attempt to use modern technology to mass produce the double eagle as it was originally intended. Pictures do not do it justice. They feel good in your hand too! Best of all, they are four nines pure gold!

    For the most part, coinage is one of the very few things that govt does well. I believe the Mint is probably the only part of the govt that turns a profit via seigniorage. If any of you want to hold a real masterpiece in your hand, purchase a one ounce gold buffalo from your local coin dealer. It is a recreation of old buffalo nickle but larger and in pure gold. The proof one ounce version is the most beautiful coin I have ever seen. They are available in bullion and proof format and in 2008 they made uncirculated and proof fractional sizes in 1/10, 1/4 & 1/2 ounce sizes.

  6. card802 said:
    “I vote for John Maynard Keynes on a $1 Trillion dollar coin being ass fucked by the Ikea Monkey.”

    Poor IKEA monkey. He has rights too ya know!

    How about Keynes and his followers swinging from lamp posts with pitchforks stuck in their gizzards?

  7. IS

    I received 10 very generous donations since December 5. I’d like to thank everyone who donated money in the last year and all of the very nice letters of support I’ve received. It’s nice to know the message I’ve been trying to deliver is appreciated by so many.

  8. I support 100% Swiss bank secrecy. If the United States or any other country can PROVE the money in a Swiss bank account was stolen then prove it and recover 100% of it. I’m sure the Swiss will cooperate in such CRIMINAL investigations. But just because a person is wise enough and capable of moving THEIR money into Switzerland, for whatever reason, that a foreign government should be able to demand to look at their financial records.

    If, when I was working, I could have deposited my paycheck in a Swiss bank account you bet I would have selected that option over Wells Fargo, Bank of America or USB. Why not? The US government cannot look in my wallet or my dresser drawer without a search warrant. Why in the hell should the IRS be allowed to peer into my bank account!

  9. I_S

    Send Admin that 1933 St. Gaudens $20 gold piece that AWD pictured above and sit back and watch the feathers fly when Admin puts it up for sale on eBay.

    And don’t tell Admin why “feathers will fly.” Make him google it to find out why. Heh.

  10. i_s, if we aren’t up to 20 yet, count one buck for me. dropping it in the mail today. a $9 trillion check for admin (and one that will actually be honored, for a somewhat more humble sum).

  11. Sorry Howard, I made it to the post office before they closed so added $12 to my usual plus the one ounce silver round. I’ll add a buck to my next donation for ya!

  12. I hope admin does not mind me posting this but I like the designs on Chris Duane’s silver medallions. His most recent of three designs is called the Slave Queen. The link below will take you to his sales page for the medallion but I’m posting it so you can scroll down and read the story behind the design.


    Near the top of the page click the Past Projects link to see the two previous designs if you have not seen them.

    I wonder how bad he is going to piss people off with his Slave Queen design?


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