I guess the choice was stay home and study for tomorrow’s math exam or roam the streets randomly slashing tires. Good choice. It takes a village to raise feral dogs.

Tire-Slasher Hits 56 Cars in W. Philadelphia

Brian Rademaekers,
Tue Jan 8, 3:25 PM UTC

West Philadelphia residents along two blocks woke up Monday morning to find a total of 56 cars with their tires slashed, Philadelphia Police reported.

At least 48 vehicles on Hazel Avenue between 49th Street and 51st Street had tires slashed, and 8 vehicles on the 5300 block of Chancellor Street were also vandalized.

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey announced a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction “of those responsible for this malicious act of violence, courtesy of the Mayor’s Office,” the department said in a news release. “We urge anyone with information about this criminal act to come forward and help us put an end to this senseless and hurtful crime.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the local Fraternal Order of Police are also contributing $5,000 to the reward for an arrest, bringing the total to $10,000.

Anyone with information can call 911 or Southwest Detectives at 215-686-3183, 3184.


  1. If you ask Paul Krugman, he’d say that the tire slasher is generating demand for tires! We need more tire-slashing going on. Heck, destroy the cars completely. Maybe it’ll save a few worthless UAW jobs.

  2. That same thing happened a few months back here in Chattanooga. Someone took an ice pick and flattened over 40 tires.

    Still don’t know who done it.

  3. Converter and copper theft way up in this area. Localities passing all kind of laws such as junk yards now have to pay by check and get an ID. A local gang was hitting outside heat pumps for the copper until one got shot. I look for registration of battery operated chop saws soon.

  4. What feral black males do when they’re not slashing tires:


    Feral Black Males Wreak Havoc at Waffle House Restaurants
    compiled by Lewis Loflin

    The examples below are just a few incidents of the black crime wave hitting Waffle House Restaurants. In my community a feral black male emptied a gun into an innocent women at a Kingsport, Tennessee Waffle House on New Years 2012. So on the complaint that I only report on black crime, I went ahead and Googled “Waffle House shooting.”

    20 Feral Blacks Attack Couple at Waffle House In Georgia

    Fulton County GA: A black male got into an argument with a couple at a local Waffle House, which led to both being shot suffering non-fatal injuries. The man was an off duty police officer. The press calls them “a large group of teenagers” when in fact they are a gang of blacks.

    The off-duty officer, Donald Wallace, of College Park, was shot in the stomach, and his companion, Giovanni Jenkins, of Decatur, was shot in the right foot, according to the incident report. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (March 4, 2012) says the following:

    Witnesses told police that sometime around 1:45 a.m., Wallace was approached in the restaurant by a black male who asked him for change for a $20 bill. “All I carry is $100’s. I don’t carry nothing less than that” said Wallace.

    The black male “was offended” and started carrying on. Wallace walked up on the teen and told him, “You’re going to learn to respect your elders.” Five blacks then surrounded Wallace and he promised to “whoop all their [butts].” Patrons inside the restaurant ran for cover and “heard about eight gunshots outside in the parking lot.” Nobody claimed to have seen anything as usual.

    Feral Black Male Shot Dead at Waffle House

    The Spartanburg County (SC) Sheriff’s Office says a man attempting to rob a local Waffle House at gunpoint was shot and killed by a customer carrying a concealed weapon…two men entered the restaurant early Saturday morning and at least one was carrying a handgun. A customer with a concealed weapons permit drew his gun, and fired when one of the suspects pointed the weapon at him…the dead man as Dante Lamont Williams of Roebuck, who turned 19 years old on Saturday.

    The second suspect Kenneth Jowan Craig, 29, was later charged with armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon during a violent crime, fled the restaurant after Williams was shot. He fled the scene and was captured later. Williams was shot in the head and body.


  5. 1. Feral

    Poorly dressed, spoken and educated people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. (See also Chav,Bogun,Trailer Trash)
    Known for their prowess at stealing cars and their utter disregard of birth control options. In addition to an extremely high swear-word vocabulary, their children have constantly running noses, dirty faces and unkempt hair.
    Those kids are such ferals – I just heard the 5 year old say “F#$k you, man!”

    2. feral

    Female, similar to a puma but still has to refine her tactics. Often watches sex in the City and repeats what they say in real life. The type of girl you don’t bring home to meet your mother, the type gets drunk and asks to sleep over and that leaves scratches on your back just to mess you up with your current girlfriend. Potential puma, or cougar but definitely a future golddigger

    Singling out black males as feral is clearly racist.


  6. JIMSKI says:

    “Converter and copper theft way up in this area. Localities passing all kind of laws such as junk yards now have to pay by check and get an ID.”

    Yet one more way (of thousands) that the criminal scum of all classes steal our freedoms. If I want to recycle some cans, I have to wait to be paid by check? If I need to buy Sudafed, I must fill out forms and allow my drivers license to be photocopied. If I want to fly, I have to be molested.

    Shit is fucked up and bullshit!

  7. [email protected] says:

    You guys are looking at these feral dogs and flash mobs all wrong.

    These people are giving you a great primer in civil disobedience and property destruction which we can turn against the fed.gov and their allies when the upcoming civil war goes hot.

    Study their methods.

    Think about it. They are geting away with murder, mayhem, property destruction right now when (what passes for) law enforcement and the rule of law is (somewhat) extant.

    Just imagine how effective these methods will be when TSHTF.

    ‘Course, we will need to go in blackface and some afro wigs but what the hell, lol.

  8. A feral Hispanic male had a temper tantrum about the bus layover January 2nd and punched a guy in the face here. I hope the cops catch the little Guido. It’s up to 16 years in prison and a $750,000 fine to cause a disruption on public transportation and they have video.

  9. No mention of race, but it sure brought some bigots out into the open!

    No problem! Soon these cars won’t be moving anyway. No gas. I cannot wait! lol.

    Well, the GDP just jumped about $10k. Those 56 tires takes 7 gallons of oil each to make, so, he/she just used up almost 10 barrels of frak oil or gunk from Canada. Not that there is any practical way to recycle tires, but there is a lot of energy going to the dump.

  10. Hmm, tire slashers are always Black/Hispanic but school shooters/bombers/’postal’ killers are mostly white. Interesting!

    Colors take it out on things. Whites take it out on people. I prefer the colored way of releasing steam.

    Oh, and it is just beginning…


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