Seven minutes of common sense. Check out this hot 61 year-old babe who used to be a prosecutor and judge.  And in New York, no less.




  1. [email protected] says:

    Smart, accomplished, common sense but NOT a lib prog.

    She will be Sarah Palin’d.

  2. Anyone watch the 2 hour NOVA presentation on PBS this week? It was a response to the Sandy Hook school shooting and school shootings in general and wasn’t at all what one would expect from PBS. It barely mentioned guns rather the focus was on where it should be, identifying young men likely to commit such acts. Nothing really new but the idea that schools need “more people detectors not metal detectors’ must have shocked a lot of PBS viewers.

    It only got into the issue of ‘assault weapons’ and high capacity magazines in passing focusing a lot more on the troubling rise of obviously mentally disturbed young men planning attacks on schools and that many students knew of such plans but said nothing. Apparently over 100 such attacks have been foiled in recent years.

  3. @HZK – Don’t put her in the same category as Palin.

    The news didn’t even need to make that attention whore look bad, she was all too willing to do it herself.

  4. It’s happened again. Argh. I’m guessing the gravatar shows up, though.

    Anyhows. If Jeanine has the SSSseal of approval, she’s not too young for me.


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