I haven’t provided a 30 Blocks of Squalor update in quite a while. I generally don’t like to repeat myself, so I wait until I see something particularly disturbing, stupid, or outrageous. The well is now filled on all accounts and I’m ready to unload. The joys of West Philly are multi-faceted. I’ve been getting off at the Girard Avenue exit of the Schulkill Expressway for six years on my way to work.

The Philadelphia Zoo parking lots are located directly in front of the exit ramp. I then proceed to 34th street and take my little shortcut through the hood. About one year ago, a construction project began on the existing parking lot at 35th and Girard Avenue. I had no idea what they were building and why. Before long it became evident they were building a big ass parking garage. I was stumped. The zoo had multiple existing parking lots that were NEVER filled. As the months went on I realized they were building the Shangri La of parking garages with a majestic glass tower in front. This is the final result.

Images of the Philadelphia Zoo's new parking garage before and after construction.

I began to wonder who came up with the money for this monstrosity, because the Phila zoo is a money losing non-profit that depends on donations for its continued existence. As I was driving down 36th Street a couple weeks ago I noticed a brand new sign telling me I was entering the Centennial District. That’s funny because I thought I was entering the slums of West Philly where no one works and everyone has an iPhone. This would be a more appropriate sign.

It all began to make sense when they installed the enormous signage naming this parking garage the CENTENNIAL INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION CENTER. Orwell must be so proud. Liberal Democratic politicians now give grand flowing names to parking garages.

Site plan for center

Now that I had a name for this unnecessary albatross I was able to do a google search to find out how much this 683 space, union constructed parking palace amidst squalor actually cost. I was flabbergasted to find out it cost $24 million. You can be sure it could have been built for $16 million if it had been built non-union. For some perspective, IKEA builds 300,000 square foot retail stores for $18 million. Now for the best part. YOU paid for 30% of this porkulus project. Your Federal tax dollars funded a major portion of this project. Here is the breakdown:

  • Federal Transit Agency/Federal Highway Administration: $7.18 million
  • Pennsylvania state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program: $8.25 million
  • Philadelphia city capital program: $0.7 million
  • PNC Bank loan: $8.25 million

Pennsylvania taxpayers got a double dose of pork fever. Their Federal taxes paid for 30% and their state taxes paid for another 34% of this project. Of course, the rest of the cost was covered by debt. Think about this craziness for just a minute. The zoo had sufficient parking. The Federal government is running deficits in excess of $1 trillion per year. The State of PA is being bankrupted by government employee pension obligations. The City of Phila is a fiscal disaster. Three bankrupt government entities join forces to spend taxpayer money they haven’t collected on a project that isn’t needed. This is Keynesian idiocy at its finest. They should have named it the Krugman/Obama/Nutter Ultra-Liberal Phallic Center for Union Workers. You’ll also be happy to know they have plans to paint a huge mural of black people doing great things on the side of this waste of taxpayer dollars.

Images of the Philadelphia Zoo's new parking garage before and after construction.

Now for the funny part. I stumbled across the architectural rendering of what this albatross would look like. Please note the beautiful foliage, as if this parking garage was in the middle of Valley Forge National Park. Also note the dozens of white people strolling along Girard Avenue. You also see a portion of a modern trolley in the shot. Having passed this location every morning and evening for the last six years, I can assure you there is no beautiful foliage. There are scraggly diseased trees amidst garbage, debris, needles, and dead bodies.

The picture doesn’t do justice to this West Philly oasis of poverty, squalor and crime. The picture is missing the crazy black dude begging at the off-ramp. The actual trolley smells of urine and was built in 1963. The streets are crumbling. Water mains explode frequently. Every building is covered in graffiti. And 90% of the people on the streets are black, and the other 10% are walking really fast.

The Trayvon hoody wearing populace of West Philly aren’t interested in new parking garages or getting a job at the Phila zoo. They  prefer EBT cards, armed robbery and drug dealing.

This is the reality of Girard Avenue. Gorgeous architectural renderings and gleaming glass encased parking garages paid for by taxpayers will do absolutely nothing to change the dynamic of West Philly. This is just another mal-investment by liberal do-gooders whose policies have created this shithole over decades.


Speaking of mal-investment, this brings me to an update of Mantua Square. It is located two blocks from the zoo parking garage. I’ve written two previous articles about this monument to government pork, false promises, Keynesian idiocy, and your tax dollars:



Mantua Square continues the legacy of the welfare state begun in the 1960s by LBJ and his Great Society programs. There were thousands of low income high rises built in the 1960s and 1970s to provide subsidized housing for poor people. Mantua Hall was an 18 story taxpayer gift to Philadelphia’s poor.

As with most of these tenements, it quickly became a rat infested, crime ridden, drug paradise where even the Philly police would not approach. It became a dangerous crumbling disgrace. It proved that giving ignorant, lazy scumbags free housing with no strings attached and no requirements to work or keep their homes in any semblance of order leads to really bad consequences. So what did the liberal Democrats that run Philly do? They imploded the 18 story drug house in 2008 and started over.

Obama’s 2009 $800 billion porkulus plan spread your money far and wide to his minions in urban shitholes across the land. The Democrats in Philly were rewarded with millions for Keynesian make work projects for their union brethren. Mayor Nutter and  West Philly Congressman Chaka Fattah commandeered $10 million of “stimulus” and another $18 million from HUD to replace Mantua Hall with a 101 luxury townhouse low income housing gated community in the heart of the West Philly slums. These corrupt government politicians never learn, or they don’t want to learn – is more like it. The Feds pay them off and they pay their union cronies off , assuring their re-election. Mantua Square opened in 2011 with balloons, ribbon cutting and promises of  community redevelopment and a retail renaissance. I have to admit that it is a beautiful oasis amidst the squalor. Of course, at a cost of over $250,000 per unit to the U.S. taxpayer, it should be beautiful. How many hard working married American couples can’t afford a $250,000 townhome? I’ll go out on a limb and say, most. Why would a resident of a taxpayer funded $250,000 townhouse have any incentive to get educated and obtain a job that would make them ineligible to live in that townhouse?

This gated oasis was built with 8 retail stores totaling 7,400 square feet. The government drones were sure that if they built it they would come. It is now two years after opening and I’m sorry to say – NO ONE CAME. All 8 storefronts are empty. Not one West Philly entrepreneur has stepped forward with a fantastic retail idea. Shocking!!!! Maybe someone should have realized that with a median household income of less than $20,000, Mantua will NEVER sustain a single retail store, let alone 8 stores. You have less chance of opening a successful store in Mantua than finding a female with a wedding ring or a male with a school book in West Philly.

Maybe someone should have checked out the available facts before building these 8 retail stores:


Some interesting tidbits:

  • There are 7,854 people living in the area and 90% of them are black
  • The median household income is $19,765 versus $50,000 in the U.S. (this means 50% of the households make less than $19,765)
  • Only 14% of the households are occupied by married couples versus 48% in the U.S.
  • 30% of the households are occupied by single mothers.
  • 36% of the residents did not graduate high school, with another 35% not going further than high school.
  • The average value of the decaying row houses in the neighborhood is less than $40,000.
  • Over 43% of the population is living below the poverty line.
  • The crime rate is three times the national average.
  • The true unemployment rate is above 60%.

The statistics confirm my observations of squalor. I’ve driven past Mantua Square virtually every day since it opened. I can honestly tell you that the neighborhood has not been redeveloped or revitalized. Mantua Square is still surrounded by dilapidated, boarded up, rat infested hovels. There is no new retail. There is no community revival. A row house one block away simply collapsed during Hurricane Sandy. There are brand new union built wheel chair ramps on every corner of West Philly, paid for with the Obama stimulus funds. Of course, the sidewalks between the wheelchair ramps are crumbling, so someone in a wheelchair could never utilize them. But that’s OK. Wheel chairs are old school. I see many West Philly residents tooling around in the streets in their Hoverounds. Their practically free, don’t you know.

The local bar, next to the middle school, seems to be doing good business as there are usually 10 or 15 twenty something black men milling around outside when I pass by at 5:15 pm on my way home from work. They must accept EBT cards. Do you throw trash, garbage and beer bottles on your front lawn? The people in this neighborhood seem to think this is acceptable behavior. Monday is trash day in West Philly. This week I saw a leather couch that was nicer than my living room couch out by the curb. Last week I saw a big screen TV in the trash. I must really be doing something wrong. The amount of trash outside these low income townhouses is two to three times the amount we generate in a week.

It does appear that Obama’s subprime solution is working its magic in West Philly. How else can you explain the 20 something black man driving an $80,000 BMW 750 I saw yesterday in West Philly? I have seen the power gates of Mantua Square open and BMWs, Jaguars, and Cadillac Escalades departing. How can low income occupants afford such vehicles? The neighborhood around Mantua Square is filled with new model Lexuses, Cadillacs, and a particular favorite – Chrysler 300s. The hovels all have satellite dishes. The unemployed peeps all have cell phones.

Everything I’ve noted could not have been accomplished without the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve. The money printing of the Federal Reserve with no anchor to gold has allowed the welfare state to grow to immense proportions. It has allowed politicians to buy votes by spending taxpayer dollars on multi-million dollar Keynesian zero return albatrosses. It has allowed politicians to enslave black people on a welfare plantation of entitlements. Bernanke and his cronies reward mal-investment through their policies. They reward bad behavior (borrowing & spending), while punishing good behavior (saving and investing). West Philly is a testament to failed economic policies, government waste, lack of personal responsibility, corrupt politicians, excessive union costs, and the delusional belief that government can create economic growth. The 30 Blocks of Squalor is descending further into squalor and it will accelerate as Bernanke’s policies further destroy what remains of capitalism in this country.


  1. Well fuck. Another $24 millio shot to shit. Ain’t that special. Keep pouring money down the crapper and hope for the best seems to be modus operandi.

    Seriously, the US is going down. If all of the welfare monies had been invested in infrastructer and R+D and such, and the foreign wars had been avoided, the US would be gold-plated and rolling in tall cotton. Instead it is rolling in cow manure.

    I can see no alternative but a reset. All efforts to make the “rich” pay their “fair share” will simply hasten the re-set. Oh well.

  2. Good thing Bernanke is printing $118 million per hour.

    I think that’s called “trickle down”, hard work to make money, give half to the government, they give half to the unions, mobsters and other campaign contributors and the other half to people that vote for a living instead of work.

    Give a bum a Mercedes, and in 3 months it’s up on blocks. Give a hard working man a 20 year old Volkswagen wreck, and in 3 months it’s a collectors item. The parasites are taking over.

  3. The funny thing is that the enemies of free markets will point to projects/areas like this one and say,”see! Capitalism is a failed notion”!

    Economics is such a simple science (ya, I know a social science) but politicians love to think they are smarter than basic economic principles……..like people always act in their own best interest: if you give people free shit for doing nothing, and reward them for having babies they will continue to do nothing and have babies.

  4. This has been going on since the end of WW2, in every major city, smaller city, and most large towns. The more grandiose the project, the more destruction results. We keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different or better results. The Pruitt Igoe projects in St. Louis were built in 1954, imploded in 1972, and since replaced with Section 8 that ruined the rest of the city, then with more housing projects that cost more and were destroyed even faster than the first. The federal money tossed at this crap has only rendered the construction business uncompetitive- why build a house for me or you for $289K and 30% profit when you can build a housing project for $46 Million and make 50% profit cutting every corner and rigging bids? Nothing has done more to drive up housing costs and make housing unaffordable to the lower middle class than the subsidies for “lower” income housing.

    Worse, the destruction has trickled “up” into our formerly solid lower-middle and middle-classes. Look at all the vacant retail space in your suburb and then look at your property tax bill. No matter how bad the “shitties” are, the burbs are being set up for much worse with the proliferation of tax-funded redundant regional malls and power centers that are now rapidly vacating as retail consolidates to the level that our incomes can actually support. But taxpayers will be paying for these empty malls and big barn stores for decades to come.

  5. ” … the Krugman/Obama/Nutter Ultra-Liberal Phallic Center for Union Workers ..”

    ” … 90% of the people on the streets are black, and the other 10% are walking really fast. …”

    Damn. That’s some funny shit right there!!

    Just for the helluvit, I once thought of doing a similar place on Newark, NJ — the city of my yooth. But, I ‘m too scared to drive there, even with the doors locked, even in day time.

  6. What can you expect? You live in a country where the Ministry of Propaganda aka MSM no longer wants to call illegal aliens what they really are. Yes. Orwell would be amazed.

    BTW, today, in Lost Angeles, I bought a fucking cafe mocha from The Crappy Bean where they proceeded to hold me up for $4.45 (I know , I know, but give a person who has drastically reduced their drinking a break, will ya?), and then proceeded to pay the fucking state of californication FORTY-ONE cents in tax on it. There I go, funding all those underfunded/overpromised state pensions. Where’s my fucking union to negotiate the taxpayers sucking my dick?

  7. Democracy is just the facilitator for Capitalism.

    Capitalism is just a way to go broke equally.

    The next step is dictatorship and servitude.

    We will soon be entering new ‘Dark Age’ in the world.

  8. Me No Likey – you are far too politically correct. You call them illegal aliens, but you need to stop beating around the bush and call them wetbacks. Since when do we need to consider the feelings of a bunch of beaners anyway?

  9. Admin & llpoh-well said. Personally, I am OK with a great reset. I’m set better than a lot of folks, and I am comfortable with a much lower standard of living than I now enjoy. Hell, I lived w/o electricity or running water for many years, and I go camping whenever I can find the time. But I grieve for my kids & grandkids-they don’t deserve to inherit this mess. But then, deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it, right?

  10. ” … 90% of the people on the streets are black, and the other 10% are walking really fast. …”

    In the words of Daniel Tosh, “It’s not a stereotype if it’s always true.”

    Chrysler 300s are fugly

  11. Greetings from a Montco home-boy. As a life-long Philly suburbanite I know first-hand everything you describe. What a joy to live just a few minutes drive up 309 from hardcore, government-funded squalor.

    One minor quibble:

    You wrote:

    “It [fiat money] has allowed politicians to enslave black people on a welfare plantation of entitlements.”

    We should stop speaking of the “welfare plantation.” These people are not slaves. They are parasites. By their thinly-veiled implicit violence (backed up by Detroit, Newark, LA, etc., etc.) they have muscled their way to second in line after the banksters at the Keynesian money spigot. The presto-money they spend still has all of today’s purchasing power with none of the inflation penalty that working savers are hit with.

    Also, the “welfare plantation” image implies that, were it not for EBT, the denizens of Mantua would spontaneously form orderly neighborhoods with busy shops, good schools and clean streets. Doubtful.

    Finally, an actual slave plantation is a productive enterprise and the slaves’ labor covers the cost of their own upkeep. West Philly, by contrast, is a destructive non-enterprise whose residents live at the expense of others.

  12. admin- New urbanists a la’ Kunstler are busying re-creating walk-about village plans and you’re busy tearing ’em down.

    What pro-tards like JHK can’t seem to understand that the growth of suburbia was as much cultural/life preservation thing as a cheap gas/mobility event.

    Suburbanites will not flock back to the liberal shitties ,even if gas goes to ten dollars a gallon, but if they ever do , there will be blood.

    The Congress for the New Urbanism views disinvestment in central cities, the spread of placeless sprawl, increasing separation by race and income, environmental deterioration, loss of agricultural lands and wilderness, and the erosion of society’s built heritage as one interrelated community-building challenge.

  13. Steve Sailer on the source of crime in the vibrancy infested shitholes..


    Guns and Race

    Multiple Pages
    Guns and Race

    With gun control, murder, and race much in the news, it’s worth noting that the Obama Administration has solved its longstanding problem that, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks commit the majority of homicides in the US.

    For years, the press has been explaining that more gun control is necessary to keep white men from killing everybody. For example, last Friday the Washington Post featured an opinion article that began:

    Imagine if African American men and boys were committing mass shootings month after month, year after year. Articles and interviews would flood the media, and we’d have political debates demanding that African Americans be “held accountable.”

  14. “Special interest controls the Democratic party – that is why we have so many smoke-filled backroom deals since Obama became President. The more secretive the legislation, the more it favors special interests. Concerning your B.S. about our children: let’s consider how Democrats treat our children. It is okay to abort a fetus and kill a newborn child. It’s okay to push children into failing schools just to protect the unions. It’s okay to load our young people down with onerous debt so they can be used to funnel monies to the liberal universities. And it’s okay to pile debt upon debt upon our young so the Dems can buy a few votes now. For Democrats, children serve as nothing more than props for their selfish greed. And now Obama wants to take away even their right to self-defense.”

    George Wickham responding to Obama’s gun control vitriol

  15. “Seriously, the US is going down. If all of the welfare monies had been invested in infrastructer and R+D and such, and the foreign wars had been avoided, the US would be gold-plated and rolling in tall cotton. Instead it is rolling in cow manure.”

    I try to make this point over and over, but rarely does it gain much traction.

    People say we need welfare because their grandparents would die without Social Security. The response of course being, “You would stand there and watch your family starve to death?”

    People say we need warfare because without it their friends and cousins would be unemployed. The response of course being, “What, so they are better off killing and dying on foreign soil?”

  16. This is Tabitha Gentry, but she calls herself Abka Re Bey. She’s 33. She has 6 children.

    She moved — err, squated — into this $3m Tennessee mansion … and now claims that it’s hers. She claims she is citizen of the Moorish American National Republic … which does not recognize state or federal law.


    No word yet on the outcome as the trial is ongoing …. but if she wins, I am going to expatriate to this “country”.

  17. If I am successful in becoming a citizen of the Moorish American National Republic . I will immediately move into the empty mansion formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis / Jackie Kennedy. It’s the Greek Island of Skorpios, in the Ionian Sea.

    I will invite ALL of you TBPers for a Doom and Gloom party. (Please bring a house warming gift).


  18. “I Want A Government That Is Going To Help Me”

    Howard University student to Sen. Rand Paul: “Good afternoon, Senator. My name is Keenan Glover, I’m an administration of justice major from Rochester, New York. A freshman, as well. You say you want to provide a government that leaves us alone. Quite frankly, I don’t want that. I want a government that is going to help me. I want a government that is going to help me fund my college education. I want a government that won’t define me by my FAFSA or by my family’s income. I’m a dollar sign with a heartbeat in this nation. This society is a mirror image of Capitol Hill. Do you, Senator Rand Paul, have a solution to come up with new American values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth of more than dead presidents and Ben Franklin?”

    1. Thinker

      You can’t teach stupidity and ignorance. Obama is helping him and many other morons with $1 trillion in cheap student loan debt. What could go wrong?

      I wonder if his parents started saving for college when he was a baby? Or did they buy BMWs and McMansions. I wonder if they decided to go on nice vacations every year, rather than fund an Education IRA.

  19. Jim,

    It does show how the entitlement mentality is so ingrained in today’s youth, though, doesn’t it? Can you imagine even a generation ago — our generation — someone saying that they wanted the government to pay for their college, for the government to make sure we’re treated as “special persons” instead of people who had to work to make our way in the world?

    I give him the point that all this country cares about is the almighty dollar; hell, even elections are all about which companies buy the votes. But to expect that Uncle Sam is going to care about the little people is just ignorance.

    It’s slave mentality, pure and simple. The government and educational system have succeeded in undoing the Thirteenth Amendment. There isn’t going to be anything left of the Constitution.

  20. Don’t you understand? This parking garage is a new ecosystem for the residents to use and exploit. I’d bet that within a year of the parking garage’s grand opening there will be robberies, rapes, vandalism, car thefts and maybe a murder or two in the garage.

  21. RE: Thinker says:

    “I Want A Government That Is Going To Help Me”

    – Hey Keenan Glover, why don’t you move back to the plantation? Massa will take care of you! Freedom’s for grown men, not snot-nosed girly-boys.

  22. thm_phphJ1mTv.jpg

    This is Keenan Glover. He feels entitled to education, healthcare, a job, and other trappings of the American dream. The government can, should, and must provide all these things, not the free market that actually creates these things. It’s okay that the government forces productive people to pay taxes under threat of imprisonment to pay for Keenan’s life. He’s entitled.

  23. As an Administration of Justice majo Keenan can look forward to these fine careers;

    What Can You Do with a Degree in Administration of Justice?

    An administration of justice degree is normally designed to give students the tools for a career in law enforcement or corrections. Other options for a graduate with an administration of justice degree include careers in forensics or law, but these normally require further education at the master’s or doctoral level.

    View 23 Popular Schools

    Administration of Justice – Law Enforcement Options

    Administration of justice degrees may be offered with a focus in law enforcement. While some positions in the field, such as those of police officers, do not require a degree, formal education can still lead to additional job opportunities and chances for advancement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (www.bls.gov), positions in federal agencies are more likely to require a degree. Law enforcement careers that can benefit a degree in administration of justice include the following:
    •Police officer
    •Sheriff’s deputy
    •State patrol or state police
    •State or local investigative officer
    •Inspector for Customs or the US Postal Service
    •US Marshal deputy
    •Agent for federal organizations such as Border Patrol, FBI, DEA or Secret Service

    An administration of justice program concentrating in law enforcement teaches students about criminal law, criminology, crime control, ethics, evidence processing and communication. Students are taught to understand the process of the justice system from arrest to sentencing. Courses also explore criminal psychology and motivation.

    Administration of Justice – Corrections Options

    The field of corrections is centered on processing, detaining, incarcerating and rehabilitating those who have been convicted of crimes. Careers in corrections that benefit from a degree in administration of justice include the following:
    •Detention or correctional officer
    •Parole officer
    •Probation officer
    •Juvenile justice counselor
    •Pre-release or employment counselor
    •Halfway house manager

    With a focus in corrections, administration of justice students learn about crisis resolution, criminology, corrections procedure, criminal law, ethics, communication and negotiation skills. Students are taught how to deal with inmates, encourage positive growth and reduce recidivism.

    It looks like when he’s done having the government pay for his education, he plans on getting a government job, with a government pension and healthcare. He will probably be able to retire before you Admin.

  24. AWD

    Nice pic.

    But it is one thing to READ about Herr Glover ….. it is another thing to SEE and HEAR this future general of The Free Shit Army.

    Here is the video of the exchange between General Glover and Rand Paul. 2min41sec.

    Warning: You will experience the urge to jump through your computer screen and puch this cockfuk freeshitter in the mouth.

  25. Guess Keenan got his ‘fro cut for his facebook picture.

    The government should start the draft again to teach these lecherous fucks some respect for what it means to work and serve instead of expect the government to provide a free ride through life.

  26. Stucky,
    I was thinking along the same lines. It’s funny how many blacks will scream at the unfairness of the justice system, but will think nothing of collecting a paycheck from it if they can get a quota created position.

  27. This goes on everywhere Jim. In my little County, they bought out a troubled landowner and paid double what his property was worth to put in a dirt lot at the courthouse. All the republican farmers are paid by the fed not to farm. We’re building a replacement airport for 8 or 9 million for a couple private plane owners so our one commissioner can get the electrical work. They’ve put in a puppet treasurer so no one watches the expenses. It’s quite the system.

  28. Me No Likey says:

    “Where’s my fucking union to negotiate the taxpayers sucking my dick?”

    mexican proverb says, scratch yourself with your own nails.

    llpoh, you’re beginning to sound like a hater. first ‘spic’ now ‘wetback’. but who’s counting?

  29. Oh please, Admin, tell us how you really feel.

    The truth is, failure is fine to the people that have brought you the pork parking garage and the unlivable apartment complex, because it gets them one step closer to their goal… MORE. More is always better, we must always have more, we never have quite enough, and when expectations fall short, THOSE PEOPLE (insert any convenient group or political segment here) are preventing us from giving you the wonderful things you deserve. Failure is the ultimate blame deflector.

    Most people, like the workers who built the monstrosities you describe, are just going along with the status quo. It is hard to blame them for taking their tiny, tiny sliver of the pie, after all, someone else would just take it anyway. It is hard to fight the system, see the 14.8k Dow Jones Industrial. I’m afraid I don’t know whether pointing all of this out time and time again is a helpful stress release mechanism or an exercise in futility.

  30. Rand Paul fielded that Keenan question fairly adroitly. I hope he can continue doing so well.

    I still don’t think he is our Prophet (S&W theory), but we’ll see.

    “I wonder if his parents started saving for college when he was a baby? Or did they buy BMWs and McMansions. I wonder if they decided to go on nice vacations every year, rather than fund an Education IRA.”

    This is a huge sticking point between my wife and her parents. Yearly expensive vacations, gadgets out the wazoo as she grows up, and then in her first year of college both parents buy themselves brand new BMWs. A little over $100k worth of vehicle.

    The sticking point is that they helped her pay for 2 semesters of college (helped, not “paid for”) but then basically said, “sorry, you’re on your own we’ve done enough for you.”

    Occasionally we will make a purchase and catch shit from them about responsibly paying off our student loans first.

    Last time this happened my wife walked to the front of the house and pointed at their drive way “As far as I’m concerned there is my fucking student loans.”

    They have made $125k+ every year for 15 years now, and yet if it wasn’t for their fat pensions they would be 100% reliant on SS for their retirement because they have almost zero savings, no 401k and $2k in the checking account.

    Their retirement plan is that he will die young (smoke/drink a lot, family has low life expectancy) and I will make enough to support my wife and kids as well as my mother-in-law.

    Fucking boomers

    1. The comments are flying fast and furious on ZH.

      Douchebag David Pierre contributed his usual worthless bullshit.

  31. I just wanted to say that some here seem to use every chance they get to make racist comments. True, illegal immigration is a problem but the govt whores allow it to be. If they really wanted to stop it they would. They didn’t have a problem putting a shitload of Japanese in internment camps, or doing anything else they really want to do (see Afganistan, Irak, gun control, etc). Many of these illegals would be happy having a job making 20k (physicaor labor or service sector), instead of being of foodstamps, which is not something many of these other folk are willing to do.

  32. Spinalator says:

    “Many of these illegals would be happy having a job making 20k (physicaor labor or service sector), instead of being of foodstamps”

    a lot of them come here with a dream of working, they are already unemployed where they are. but the other side of this coin is that a lot also want a painfree life. weasels.

  33. Though 10% of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are ….

    25% of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs,
    31% —— State Department,
    37% —— Department of Education
    38% —— Housing and Urban Development
    42% —— Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    44% —— Fannie Mae
    50% —— Freddie Mac
    55% —— Government Printing Office
    82% —— Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

    1. There are 4.7 million black men between the ages of 18 and 34 years old in the entire country. Only 2.7 million of them are employed. This means their true unemployment rate is 42%. In the urban shitholes like West Philly, that number rises to 60%. 50 years of Democratic welfare policies have really done wonders for the black community.


  34. I was watching the news where some guy went nuts because his utilitys were shut off.Then i pictured thousands going bonkers when the usa tanks.
    I also pictured the admin just staying home to avoid the zombies.

  35. i thought my comment was fair and balanced, what’s the thumbs down for? not rabid enough or too harsh? don’t make me get chen up in here.

  36. I have to agree with Spinalator on the immigration issue. If we want to see the face of illegal immigration, look in the mirror. Old white dudes who sold out the country. Those streaming across the bordering are doing EXACTLY what we would do if our families were living on tortillas and warm water. If our look-alikes in Washington wanted a tight border, it would have reswembled Checkpoint Charlie for the last 50 years.

    BTW Stucky: Chuck Roast is Anglo.

  37. roasty, stuck was only being funny because spinyalater was complaining about the racist comments. you want to play in quinn field, you have to strap ’em if you got ’em or tie a couple of kiwis to your belt if you don’t.

  38. TPC,
    I was actually spoiled as my Mom went to work in the 70’s to help pay for my brother and I’s college, in the 80’s. It was much different then, my parents could raise a family of 4 sons just on my father’s salary. Neither one of them has a college degree, but three of their sons do. We all worked throughout college, no spring break trips, we shared a 1972 Chevy Nova That my older brother bough for $200.00. We also graduated with no debt, but state university was about $5-6,000/yr. We had our own apartment that we shared and cooked our own meals watched the Celtics on a 1970 Motorola TV. Honestly we got a great education back then. My son goes to the same school and it is nearly $25,000 per year, more than my entire college education. My wife and I pay cash and we have some savings for him, but try to really accumulate any real savings a college account, it is futile and it is held against you, as well as getting very little interest or worse if you had it in the stock market. We are taking my daughter to see colleges next week and we will have two in college for one year’ I guess we did not plan that well. We drive 8 and 10 year old cars that are paid for and we try our best, but many in the middle class are really getting screwed. We try to save in our 401K, screwed, we try to save for our kids college, screwed. I see the people that seem really well off not worrying about the cost of college for their children I cannot imagine having made so much money that $200,000 in college tuition for one child is not a burden. Others who have very little I see getting enormous aid from schools hand over fist. I have seen friends suspiciously divorce right before the kids go to college, the wife getting the kids and with the reduced income they get an enormous amount of aid. I also have friends just like us who are taking out enormous loans as are their children. This bloated cost going to subsidize much of what is despised here on TBP. There is no easy answer, I just hope I can last until my children get out of college. On the bright side, my Mom is 79 and still works in the same south shore real estate office she started in, in 1972, still selling houses and condos after 40 years, simply amazing.

  39. llpoh, i was getting there. as i was explaining yesterday, i have lived with people like you who wrap themselves in the american flag and want me to do the immigrant dance, ‘what a country’ like i just got off the boat. true i did emigrate from texas to california but i didn’t need a green card. these jerks have been setting the standard higher for me than for themselves for years. omg, i do not have time to list all the bs people want to put you through to test your faith in the american way. but they don’t even know the american way themselves. judaizers.

  40. TPC says:

    “Rand Paul fielded that Keenan question fairly adroitly. I hope he can continue doing so well.”

    I agree. Reminds of of a neat sign that was in the service station I worked in 26 years ago. It read: “DIPLOMACY is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a nice way that they look forward to the trip.”

    Mr. Keenan Glover does not inspire much confidence that the utes of today are going to handle reality very well. He makes me think that many of the utes will feel angry enough to attempt bodily harm on those they are told are responsible for their troubles. There’s probably no need to worry though. I’m sure their college professors will set them straight.

  41. One update my mistake,
    Umass tuition, room and board 1982-83 $3847.00, even cheaper than I thought, So for about $32,000 I got a Business degree in Management and minors in history and music and my brother got a degree in interior design and minors in Latin and Art History. Quite a bargain for 1980-1986.

  42. I’ve been kicking the living shit out of some libtard asshole on Zero Hedge. Liberals only have one response to anyone who reports reality: RACIST!!!!!

  43. llpoh, when i was in basic back in texas, a kid asked me if i was tribal, i said, huh? he said what tribe are you from? i said i am not indian.
    then i was in hondoland and some guy said, you look indian, mayan. hmm. us brown people are indian in fact.
    we are the inverse of north americans who claim to be 1/16 cherokee, we might admit to being 1/16 spanish.
    anywhoo, us brown hispanics call ourselves ‘raza’ meaning people, there is no nationality involved there.

  44. And yet, Jim, if you’d written about white middle-class consumers with the same loss of family values and mindless consumption / needless debt, they’d be just fine with it.

  45. TBPers have a keen sense of hypocrisy and will fight it to the ends of the earth. at least i have seen them go rabid at the slightest provocation with regard to doublespeak vs the truth

  46. The label “racist” was originally used by Communists to shut down criticism against them. Libtards also use also use it blackmail and extort White people into either shutting up or supporting their agendas/politiicans like Obama. Remember the way they threw the “racist” label at anyone who criticized Obama during the 2004 election?

    These closet totalitarians also have other discussion killing words like “nativist”, “xenophobe”, “Neo-Nazi”, “Islamaphobe”.

    They don’t like articles like this and certainly don’t like people having a discussion about it. .

    They certainly don’t want people questioning what decades of Democratic rule does to cities and states across the country. Ever notice the biggist s**tholes are all run by Democrats?

    And they don’t like it when people question why they are only targeting law abiding citizens with gun control measures while giving criminals a automatic pass.

    It’s all about controlling the message. Freedom of opinion and freedom of thought are enemies of the Libtard agenda.

  47. I am truly amazed at the insane and hypocrital comments
    That is flying off this website concerning the 30 block.
    I often wonder if many you all are really human. Mr Jim Quinn
    Your fixation on this issue tell me you’re a staunch bigot
    And closeted Ku Klux Klan member. You’re too ignorance
    to be a racist because you’re not rich enough for that. You
    Folks need to get a life and look mirror in the and realized who
    Created that mess…I mean come on people 101 million out
    Work! Many with college degrees, work experience etc.
    you have many 30 blocks squalor across America many
    White, Asians,Mexican,Chinese and a good bulk of them
    Are white! As matter of fact there are more whites getting
    Federal entitlements than any ethnic group in this country!
    So Mr. Quinn you should be ashamed of yourself especially
    You being a so-called educated person. This is disturbing
    In this day in age. America is a very saaad place. 🙁

    1. After reading the drivel from morons like Azariah Yisrael, I really should require an IQ test for posters to weed out idiots with sub 85 IQs like this dumbass.

    2. Azariah

      Your IP address happens to be the same IP address previously used by regular commentor Card802. You wouldn’t be posting using an alias because you don’t have the balls to say what you mean under your normal name?

  48. Yisrael

    That’s for visiting dumb fuck. Mr. Quinn calls ’em as he sees ’em, the tells the truth, which doesn’t fit into your worldview, whatever the fuck that might be. Anybody that criticizes black people or black culture is a KKK member? Not hardly. White people having been living under the yoke of being called racist every time they question the obvious bad decisions of people or race. Well tough shit, since it’s people that work for a living that have to pay for it all asshole. Don’t spend $1 trillion on welfare every year and let the 100 million people fend for themselves, and they can finally live with the consequences of their behavior. But that’s not ever going to happen, since imbeciles like you will keep blaming white people for the shortcomings of others.

    We’ve spent $17 trillion dollars on the boondoggles and supporting people that won’t work for living and continue to have children without having a job or being married. We’re breeding entire generations of government dependent slaves. You should be ashamed of yourself dipshit. With people like you around we can all rest assured these problems will never be solved, because, hey, it’s just not polite to talk about it. Don’t try to censure me or anybody else, and fuck off back to whatever liberal progressive rock you crawled out from under, or whatever country you came here to avoid.

  49. Dear Mr. Yisrael:

    More than a few of those homeless americans are that way because of the billions of dollars wasted on a bunch of shitneck ingrates who live in a nasty little apartheid state called Israel (and its’ wars). I assume you agree with me that we should excise that parasite post haste.

  50. “I really should require an IQ test for posters to weed out idiots with sub 85 IQs ” — Admin

    Dahum. I sure would hate to lose llpoh and AWD.

    1. Stuck

      I worked a commenter into such a frenzy on ZH that he threatened to come to my office and beat me up.

      Deja vu all over again.


    Student killed, 2 young men shot near Overbrook High

    An Overbrook High School student was killed and two other young men were wounded during a gunfight Thursday afternoon at a playground across from the school, authorities said.

    About 3:45 p.m., several males fighting on the field at Tustin Playground, 59th Street and Lancaster Avenue, started shooting at one another, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

    A driver on 59th saw a teenager bent over with a gunshot wound to the stomach and drove him to Lankenau Medical Center, where he was admitted in critical condition, police said. He died about 8 p.m., police said.

    Fernando Gallard, spokesman for the Philadelphia School District, said the teen was a 10th grader at Overbrook. Police gave his age as 17.

    Minutes earlier, officers had found a 17-year-old boy outside a pizza shop on Lancaster with a gunshot wound to the buttocks, police said.

    Police took that teen to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was listed in critical condition.

    Officers at 61st and Jefferson Streets stopped a 21-year-old man who fit the description of one of the shooters, Walker said.

    It turned out that the man also had been shot, and police took him to the Penn hospital with a graze wound to the back, Walker said.

    Police also had a second suspect in custody.

    Overbrook High was placed on lockdown until about 5 p.m., Gallard said.

    He said about seven varsity baseball players were on the field getting ready to practice when the gun battle broke out. None was hurt.

    Detectives were trying to piece together the events leading to the gunfire. “We’re not sure what sparked the fight,” Walker said. “We know it was a fistfight that turned into a gun fight.”

    Shots were fired on the field and in an alleyway on the western end of the playground, he said.

  52. Don’t like it when somebody turn the mirror the on your
    Ingnorant asses hahahaha I expected this type reaction
    From bigots such as yourself but that alright I said what
    Needed to be said. Hahaha oh man! People go do research
    Find out what real deal is. Like I said America is a saad place.
    Enjoy america while still here because she will be
    Destroyed soon. For your information I’m not Jewish.
    may Yah bless your damned soul.

  53. “The comments are flying fast and furious on ZH.

    Douchebag David Pierre contributed his usual worthless bullshit.”

    Yeah, I gave it a shout out for ya over there. He makes it too easy.

    Nice rehash and rant on the 30 blocks of shitholia. Thanks.

  54. Azariah – weren’t you taken by a dingo when you were a baby? By the sound of it, it damaged your brain during the attack.

    Best I can, reading through your pidgin English, you object to us as we are racist. We aren’t racist, we hate all morons equally, especially dumbfuck camel jockeys like you.

    Stuck – I ain’t so stupid as to join Amway. If prtrbd hadn’t screwed up, you would already be down $25.

  55. For your information I’m not Jewish. -Yis

    Dint say you were. You wanted people to think you were, As I typed above you are a poor troll.

    BTW the word negra, as in Spanish, means black. And also in the early American venacular it meant poor or trashy person. IE anyone could be that. Even you.

  56. llpoh, Thanks. Fighting the tax thugs that want more than their fair share for more bullshit like Jimmy’s garage. Getting the crops ready to plant. Trying to find some ammo. Any ammo. Getting the beer out in bottles to three more states. You know, the usual day-to-day bullshit that one must wade through.

    How are tricks with you? When are you going to retire and move to the fucking hills already? Geeeze!

  57. “Azariah Yisrael”

    Hey Look everybody, Joe Biden decided to start posting…dumb fuck, I knew you weren’t Jewish because of your horrific Muhammadian syntax, go piss up a rope!

  58. Hahaha you all on this site is just
    To funny and reading all these
    Reactionary comments lets me
    Know I’m dead on the money.:-]
    As matter of fact this is one my
    favorite websites to read to get
    Good economic information.
    Mr. Quinn kudos for that.
    Y’all cool Y’all fly take care. 🙂

  59. Tampa, funny you should ask. I have bought 80 acres out yonder and am making prep every day. Within two years I expect to be replanted. Seems a long way away, but unfortunately I cannot simply cut and run this very instant, much as I would like.

    You touched on several of my favorite things all in a few sentences – guns, ammo, beer, crops covered my pet hates too – taxes, thugs, bullshit.

    Please do not be a stranger. We need continuity round here. All the best.

  60. Coorect me if I’m wrong , but Azariah Yisrael just is the dullest troll ever to the flail about in the TBP commnet section…Geez.. the poor witless sap is pathetic.Someone should start a troll school to teach wannabe trolls how to troll effectively..

    BTW, I’m surprised SSS didn’t evoke the “no nips” rule on Stuck’s 9:19 pm post.

    Old geezer probably had his warm milk and was fast asleep dreaming about the golden triangle glory daze.

  61. Azariah Yisrael/Card

    Fucking pussy, hiding behind an alias.

    Flash, that’s the funniest picture I’ve seen in a long time.

  62. “Azariah, Your IP address happens to be the same …. [as] Card802” — Admin

    Wow! Azariah = Card802.

    Fooled me. That’s almost a Stucky-Class level of doppleganging. I’m impressed.

    Question: Was Card802 just trolling, or was Azariah revealing his true feelings?

  63. Juan el americano says:

    “a lot of them come here with a dream of working, they are already unemployed where they are. but the other side of this coin is that a lot also want a painfree life. weasels.”

    I never said that was not the case. I know some immigrants come here and use social services that they should no be allowed to use bc they don’t have previous tax contributions, legal status, etc. Like “anchor babies” and shit like that. That is bs. Again, the govt is to blame for not enforcing laws, and being too busy creating financial crises and stealing. My point was that many of these people have more in common with how many americans used to be about work and entitlement issues than current americans are. The entitlement mentality is widespread.

  64. and i was agreeing with you spinner, but i added that there are some who have darker motives for coming to the great pumpkin. i added later that you should not be discouraged to comment here since you seem fairly intelligent. admin doesn’t require and iq test yet but if you are above 85 iq, you’re well above llpoh and flash and they are still here. hahahaha.
    strap em if ya got em.

  65. Admin, love your site. What a lot of people forget is that this destroying America is all planned. Alinsky an shit. Clower and Piven. Every one thought I was a reactionary everytime i bitched about Uncle Fuck intruding on my miserable little ol’ life. I live in Maryland and now OWE-Malley is double Fucking me. He chased over $1 BILLION worth of tax paying business out of here and now expects us to pick up the slack. My property value is 60% of the high water mark, but my property tax has not budged.
    Why do the dumb-fucks, an i ain’t jus talkin bout the West Philly-ites, keep voting for Free-America hating assholes? I am not a Repub, but fuck the Moving Forward shit. Next they will start rounding up everyone that wears glasses and moving us to the—oh wait that was Cambodia.
    These Mother-fuckers admire Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin and shit on Hitler. They don’t realize they are all the same, and are responsible for killing more people than every asshole like Ceasar, Alexander the Great, the inquisitors, etc that existed before 1900 COMBINED.

  66. ” . . . slums of West Philly where no one works and everyone has an iPhone. ”
    so that just about sums up your blatant racism. why didn’t you call them obama the anti christ muslim iphone? you are pathetic and a dinosaur on his way to extinction.

  67. oops, now i realize i’m stumbled into a huge right wing lynching or circle jerk. can’t tell because the glare of the burning cross makes hard to tell where i am.

    1. Do you wax your nub while watching Chris Matthews get a tingle up his leg while watching the Savior read his teleprompter? Only three more weeks until your EBT card gets recharged.

  68. Wow Nub why don’t you click your heels twice, you might still be in Kansas. This isn’t a right wing left wing thing just people who work and are tired paying for everyone elses free shit. You Libtards will always pull out race card when confronted with cold hard facts. Doesn’t it bother you that perfectly healthy able bodied men and women choose not to work. Where I live the local restaurants have to get people from Phillipines to come and work because the locals won’t. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in Country and still people refuse to work. It’s easier to sit on ass and do nothing. As for the crosses be careful the glare may burn you back.

  69. When I was young I lived in Indianapolis in what was in those days called the slums; the black part of town of course. In my last year of high school my family moved to a rather new low-income housing project. It was a very nice clean safe place. We had block parties, came & went as we pleased at any time of the day or night. The point here being, this “project” was 99% white. The problem was not, at least not at the time, government spending or doling out free stuff that was not worked for, but, as usual, the race of the inhabitants.
    Jack’s War

  70. just this once I will tell you what OB stands for.
    i’m depressed now. I just listened to the EBT song and then read the yes Virginia post. admin really should space them out for us old folks that like to live in our world of denial. but I guess if you live up north, you can’t have the same luxury.

    telling the truth won’t make you many friends. I watched a woman who cleans our bldgs. she did the immigrant dance and the white folks loved her, you know the routine – what a country, the best country in the world, blah, blah blah…the fuckers threw her a birthday party and sent her on a trip to florida to watch the shuttle launch, amazing, a janitor merits something we as supporting employees never got. she had the gall to drum up for education, it’s your ticket…
    I looked at my buddy mike and he looked at me, I only have a couple of degrees, I said. he said no one needed to tell him about the importance of an education since he was already enrolled in a nursing program.

    perhaps her best routine, the coup de grace was when she trashed her own country, fuck mexico she said, mexico gave me nothing…

    I dare to criticize government policy and everybody looks at me with suspicion. like i just came to this country and i don’t have a right to criticise. maybe llpoh can hook me up with one of his company indoctrination seminars so I can finally be 100% ASSimilated. I can finally learn to love big brother.

  71. Another cherished gem from one of the best chroniclers of our preciptous decline to be found anywhere. Immense thanks as ever to an extraordinary patriot.

    Predictable behavior of feral subjects in such an FSA entitlement-climate (no mention of the race of the victim, but I’ll put myself out on a limb and deduce he was White):


  72. Can anyone explain to me why subsidized housing is built with parking? I mean seriously, if you need subsidized housing, how on God’s earth can you afford a car? (I recognize that much of America is inaccessible without a car, but don’t build public housing there.)

    They just dropped a big housing project here in Miami, right next to a Metrorail (elevated rail) station. Nice place, but not exactly what I’d call “cheap” rents $750 for a 1-bedroom. Oddly enough, no studios for the poor who could use a cheaper price. Now, you’d think that being next to a Metrorail station enabling THE most ideal way to get on public transit, there would be no parking at this new housing development. But there it sits, a big parking garage thanks to parking minimums imposed by the suburban style building code. They should at least charge $100+ per parking spot per month.

    Another big mistake is large public housing projects. That’s more about getting the poor out of the more affluent neighborhoods than it is about “helping the poor”. The poor need to be next door to the more affluent because that’s how they find jobs that pay more than minimum wage and don’t require a 3 hour back and forth bus ride. (You’re more likely to hire your neighbor.) And many can hobble together working a few hours for this neighbor, walking 100 feet to work a few hours for another into a decent job. And don’t get me started about all the bogus local laws that make it nearly impossible for the poor to create their own jobs in the legal economy (why else would they resort to the low reward/high risk unlicensed pharmacy trade? High pay in that only goes to the top guys; the runners on the street would make 2x as much working for minimum wage at the local drive through peddling toxic items mislabeled “food”).

  73. I see this is a congregation of bigoted cowards who predictably find strength in numbers and anonymity. I too am in agreement with regards to the government tit being the downfall of every community it foolishly suckles. But what I find astounding in a city painfully absent of the educated and sophisticated, the spot light always seems to veer off into the black community. It’s as if the meth heads in Kensington and Port Richmond suckling the same government tit don’t exist. This city is littered with white trash. Don’t Northeast much…I digress.

    I suspect most of you are underachievers who consider yourselves the authority on the plight of black people, but in realty are just looking for someone else to blame for your own short comings. I suppose this communal of hate masquerading as journalism is cathartic, like lying in the sun, if only you could tolerate it of course.

  74. It looks like another liberal douchebag who doesn’t like facts and reality stumbles across TBP and responds with the only thing a liberal has in their arsenal of idiocy – RACIST!!!!!

    It never gets old when some idiot presents no facts, no counterpoint, and no sense other than to scream racism.

    Go back to Huffington Post and supporting Nutter and Obama.

    Let me guess. You are all for the cigarette tax on the poor to fund the union teachers.


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