When Obama loses ultra-liberals like Jon Stewart, than his presidency is finished. He just became a lame duck president. 

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  1. It’s going to be entertaining watching the liberal progressives realize they’ve been blindly following a tyrant.

  2. My blood was starting to boil for the first 30 seconds … then, “God bless Jon Stewart”

    But President Oreo is like Hydra. Cut off one dumfuk Mullatto head, and two morre take its place.

  3. Even better, from Politico:

    D.C. turns on Obama

    The town is turning on President Obama — and this is very bad news for this White House.
    Republicans have waited five years for the moment to put the screws to Obama — and they have one-third of all congressional committees on the case now. Establishment Democrats, never big fans of this president to begin with, are starting to speak out. And reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.

    Buy-in from all three D.C. stakeholders is an essential ingredient for a good old-fashioned Washington pile-on…

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/05/dc-turns-on-obama-91386.html#ixzz2TOE7ut7D

  4. Stucky sayz: “But President Oreo is like Hydra. Cut off one dumfuk Mullatto head, and two more take its place.” or Cerberus….


  5. Impeachment my fat ass! We need to get the ropes out and find a tall oak tree. We should include Hillary, the Bernank, Banksters and many others in the necktie party. But these useful idiots would be a good start.

  6. The Jon Stewart bit is getting huge attention, he has great respect of his watchers and a majority of the media.

    I think Stewart has made it “ok” to go after the prez. Let the floodgates open!

  7. Seems like a new normal..presidents on their second term, like GWB before him, become addled anatidae, and whose popularity duickens like a meteor towards Gaia.

    Question is, can Obummers approval numbers go lower than Botch’s?

    1. Here is the dangerous issue with Obama’s agenda being derailed by his deceptions and criminal acts.

      We all know he is an egomaniacal psychopath. When he realizes that he is becoming inconsequential he is likely to do something desperate and stupid to get this Fourth Turning really moving along.

      Will he start a new war?

      Will he use executive orders to grab guns and go after his enemies?

      Will he use some staged event to declare martial law and assume dictatorial powers?

      We are entering a dangerous period in world history.

  8. Much ado about NOTHING.

    LBJ was among those who had JFK f-ing murdered… and not only did no one go to jail, the “system” circled the wagons and created a Big Lie so pervasive (and laughably impossible) that 50 years later it’c considered “tinfoil hat” to suggest the Warren Commission’s report was pure fiction.

    The people we see on the podiums are FIGUREHEADS. Most of the crushing burden of the FedGov arises not in the White House or CONgress but in the uncountable (and unaccountable) offices of the Permanent Bureaucracy.

    How much shampoo can you carry on a plane?
    What constitutes “manufacturing” a firearm?
    What kinds of ammo are okay and what kinds are forbidden non-employees of Uncle?
    How many airbags must your car have? How fast can they deploy?
    What drugs must you get a permission slip from a government-licensed contractor to purchase?
    What dietary supplements are okay?

    The list is endless. CONgress writes vague fiat legislation, but the details all come from faceless, nameless people in executive office buildings, OFTEN WORKING DIRECTLY WITH THE INDIVIDUALS AND FIRMS WHO PAID THEIR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION BRIBES TO GET A SEAT AT THE TABLE WHERE THE DECISIONS ARE MADE.

    The political system is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION writ large. This is what Western Civilization as devolved to.

    This is what the fat, stupid, and lazy permanent adolescents who make up our society asked for–our parents, our neighbors, our friends, our employers, our customers–through their consent and complacency.

    The path ahead passes through a valley of concentration camps, violent crime, and the ashes of human bodies all courtesy of the one organization large enough and powerful enough to unleash nuclear fire on the land, an organization that no longer even tries to disguise its animating death-cult, even naming its weapons systems with terms like Hellfire, Predatory, and REAPER!!!!

    Some enterprising cartoonist should recast Uncle Sam as a grinning skull, black-robed (like a Supreme Court Justice) whose left hand is a scythe and right hand is a flag.

    Put Uncle Sam in his proper place alongside War, Famine & Pestilence. The USA IS the Evil Empire.

  9. BO was bright enough to get the best insurance policy he could in case of impending impeachment: Joe Biden.

  10. Ragdouche,
    as satisfying as slaughtering our oppressors might seem, history informs us that first only the figureheads are put to the sword.

    Next, legions of innocents (like us) are marched to their doom.

    In the end, the real powers are NEVER touched. Rarely they slink away, but most often they simply pick another group to back and in no time are behind the NEW facade, calling the shots just like before.

    Violent revolution never works to the benefit of people like us. Even in 1775-1778, a few colonists were the dupes of the French’s proxy war, kicking out England but replacing Parliament’s rule with a new system just as bad (and eventually worse).

    The revolution we need is one of philosophy, belief and attitude. I see no evidence whatsoever that such a change in HEART is ahead.

    We need people to turn their backs on the political system, to admonish their sons and daughters to avoid working for any part of it at all. I see no suggestion that this is in the offing, unfortunately.

  11. Kill Bill,
    Let’s take a page from the 1970’s. Nixon was re-elected in a landslide…and once the markets started down, he was driven from office in disgrace.

    Mr. Market is on a parabolic run higher. We can only marvel at the appearance of good times…but should the market falter (and I still think it is likely) then a solid plunge in stocks will likely coincide with a flood of vitriol unleashed on BHO.

    I don’t expect it to change anything for the better, but watching that smug asshole duck and dodge might merit a bowl of popcorn and a comfortable chair from which to watch.

  12. dc sunsets

    Then move if you truly despise the people of this country and think the country is really evil. Southern Mexico or Belize is fine this time of year.

    Otherwise you’re just another hypocrite who lacks the nerve to practice what they preach.

  13. Jon Stewart’s piece reminds me of the part in V for Vendetta where the talk-show host mocks the High Chancellor. The host ends up dead, but it sets in motion the events leading to the peaceful revolution.

    I don’t anticipate anything as dramatic here, but am hopeful this could be the spark for impeachment proceedings.

  14. Admin, that’s what concerns me as well. What will he do now that the tide is turning against him?

    A mass shooting, a war, something to take the attention off of him. It’s all about him. Fuck him.

  15. To Cynic.

    Come make me. I’ve zero regard for people who think that because I detest the political system that sits atop the land where I was born and where I and my family live that I should pack up and leave. Are you hoping for a good deal on the property of those who follow your advice and abandon their homes because the political rule has gone to the dogs?

    If you’re too blind or stupid to see the difference between place and political system, you’re surely beyond my help.

    I do what is best for me and mine, as I see it. Your view on this matter is worm shit for all I care.

  16. @Jim: all real concerns. This would also be a terrific time for the BRICS to demolish the dollar standard and try to implement whatever they want instead. While that could be done peacefully, chances are excellent that the west will find some way to respond with warfare.

    Interruption of dollar commerce and oil imports would also give an excellent intro for civil unrest here, and Boston-style police state.

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to keep residing in the land of my ancestors.

  17. The singling out of patriot groups for investigation did not originate at the IRS I assure you. The IRS doesn’t even take a dump without permission/direction from higher up. Obama’s list of bad decisions and sundry fuckups continues.

  18. If there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans why does one party try and destroy the other? Why do TPTB allow such dumbass shit to go on? It clearly undermines their cause and sets them back.
    This vid is proof even the left is getting tired of Obamas BS, there is a difference between the two party’s without a doubt.

  19. This is what happens when you let women and minorities run things. Corruption, favoritism, promoting people because they’re women or minorities instead of their ability. Did you see that interview with that stupid bitch at the IRS? ” I’m not good at math” Who cares, I’m a certified liberal woman, and I’ve been promoted and gotten a huge pay grade. This country is being run by incompetent minorities and women. Affirmative action in action, political correctness for thought control, and fascism and corruption as by-product.


  20. Take a close look at this picture. Our entire government is run by women and minorities. Our country was started and built by women and minorities, sorry. In fact, we started going straight into the shitter in the ’60’s (civil rights movement and women’s liberation movement). Too late, we’re screwed now. D.C. Sunsets couldn’t be more correct.


  21. Reverse discrimination and reverse sexism was never so profitable as when it was applied to government employees. Government union drones (women and minorities) make 60% more than the average person in the private sector, and 100% more when you take into account their benefits and gold plated pensions. They get to retire at 50, do you?

    They are all democrats, and they have no idea what they are doing, except creating massive bureaucracies, and more laws and regulations, especially to keep white males OUT of jobs, contracts, and business. Look what a mess they’ve made, it’s catastrophic.



  22. Obamey , the Vacation president is doing fine. It’s We the US who are fucked.

    Federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.


  23. I hope, as Admin (bless the hairs on his toes) says above that Obama does really get the 4th Turning going. I’m quite tired of living in this fantasy world. I want to wake up one morning and the the legions of sleepwalkers suddenly wetting themselves.

  24. I’m afraid that The One is not done.

    The press and Obama regime are partners – they will never throw the tyrant under the bus. The republican “leaders” are so incredibly stupid that they never put Hillary UNDER OATH during her Bengazi testimony, so she could lie with impunity.

    The entire US Congress is far too self-involved, cowardly and lazy to do the work required to impeach. Not going to happen people.

    Anyone who thinks Bengazi, IRS and AP scandals will impact Obama long-term is stuck in their normalcy bias.

  25. I went ballistic when I heard this today from Holder’s testimony before congress…“I can assure you and the American people that we will take a dispassionate view of this,” Holder said. “This will not be about parties, this will not be about ideological persuasions. Anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable.”

    This is when I wish I was on the Hill…my retort would’ve been…”Assure me?!! Mr. Attorney General…do you see the word Dumbfuck written across my forehead?! Can you assure me that YOU didn’t know a damn thing about gun running to Mexico?! Can you assure me you had NO idea about the IRS being used for political purposes and that POTUS learned the samed thing via the news, like I did?! Can YOU assure me you had no clue about phones being tapped at major new sources?! Can you assure me that you and POTUS have had no discussions about the political implications of the fuckup known as Benghazi?!! Has the word Dumbfuck disappeared from my forehead yet???!!!”

  26. Not sure if Mary M or Admin have this nailed, but I think one or the other does. My usual, sceptical sense goes w/ MM-the MSM is joined at the hip w/ BO’s administration. Who else can make Chris Matthews’ leg tingle so? The Reps could make a bigger issue, but they are quite ineffective. Maybe this will all blow over. Cover ups, distractions and follow up contradictions are nothing new here.

    On the other hand, IF TSHTF for BO big time, the MSM, other Dems, etc. are likely to throw him under the bus big time, to try to distance themselves (and so try to save themselves and their agendas). This MIGHT be happening now. My first reaction is great, about fucking time. On second thought, what is that saying about people with nothing to lose? Dangerous times indeed. A mega-distraction might seem like the logical course for a failing BO administration. Or maybe he is so psychopathic that if he can’t have it, no one gets to. I do not put him past that. A level of lunacy historically reserved for North Korean and ME dictators.

  27. It is probably beginning to dawn on his majesty’s media cheerleaders about his real character — so what?

    They are key influencers of the liberal establishment, but they are running dogs, nipping and tumbling around Obama’s heels. All of their (Stewart, Matthews, Maddow, et al) collective influence doesn’t amount to a thimble of spittle dumped into the great turgid Niagara known as the FSA. That river is what buoys Obama. That river is slow but powerful, it is overflowing with sewage and spilling over its banks, eroding everything in its path. That river does not bend. That river is unstoppable.

    Fuck John Stewart and the rest of his fellow travelers for the damage they did in defending this disaster for so long. They wanted it, they got it. Don’t expect them to lean too far away from their savior or for too long — they will realize that there is no stopping the river and will cling to him in hopes of salvation from the very floods they helped him to create. History just loves irony.

  28. sensetti says:

    “If there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans why does one party try and destroy the other? Why do TPTB allow such dumbass shit to go on? It clearly undermines their cause and sets them back.”

    TPTB don’t give a shit who runs what or what kind of bullshit they pull. The TPTB only care about controlling the currency and debt enslavement. They have everyone by the balls that way no mater what kind of morons they are. TPTB is not one small group in a conspiracy to rule the world. TPTB are made up of a number of different competing groups that each conspire to rule over various nations money to the greatest degree they can. I’m sure they must work together quite a bit to keep all their schemes a float but I’ll bet they’d cut each other throats in a heart beat if they could.

    As as for the democrats and republicans they are two different crime organizations that want to control the same turf. The democrats if given absolute power will lead us to authoritarian tyranny under plain old fashion communism and the republicans if given absolute power would lead us to authoritarian tyranny under a corporate form of national socialism. The TPTB will be happy either way as long as they control the currency.

    TPTB aren’t hiding behind a curtain. They are not all that mysterious. Some of them are very well known. They are the Bankers. And that is why to truly fix most of the serious problems in the world the Bankers must be killed and their bloodlines erased from the face of the earth.

  29. John Stewart reminds me a lot of Glen Beck. Both are showboats on the opposite ends of the political spectrum.

  30. Bruce: very well put. Unfortunately, the real PTB will skate. If the caca really hits the oscillator the PTB will already be on their G5s with enough kerosene in the wings to take ’em far, far away from the Great Unwashed.

  31. Chris Matthews sours on Obama

    (Video at the link)

    President Obama “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch,” Chris Matthews said tonight.

    Yes, you read that right: The MSNBC host who in 2008 felt a “thrill going up my leg” after hearing Obama speak has grown disenchanted. Tonight’s episode of Hardball saw Matthews delivering a rare, unforgiving grilling of the president as severe as anything that might appear on Fox News.

  32. MSNBC: If you oppose Obama, there’s a good chance you’re a white supremacist
    Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday May 16th, 2013

    By ROBERT LAURIE – Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton double down on the crazy

    Poor Chris Matthews. Obama’s multiple scandals – all of which continue to increase in severity – have him so discombobulated. On the one hand, his normally empty eyes seem to betray a flicker of realization that something is wrong with the Obama administration. Yet, he still can’t quite wrap his addled mind around it. This internal conflict may just have caused him to snap.

    It can’t be that Obama’s a bad President. It just can’t. There’s got to be another explanation.

    For Matthews, there’s only one alternative that makes sense. Something like 20% of the country is made up of white supremacists who hate Obama because he’s black, so they’re making his scandal-ridden tenure into something it’s not.

    Never mind that virtually EVERY major media outlet recognizes the serious nature of the IRS and AP wiretapping stories. They’re probably all in on it together…with Donald Trump! Yeah….Trump. …And the birthers too!

    Hey wait a minute…the other day Chris Matthews himself admitted that these were serious issues, and he accused the President of failing to take control of his administration.

    Does that mean Matthews is a white supremacist too?

  33. Chris Matthews Denounced for Racism

    The Commissar for Media Supervision and Guidance under the Directorate of Racial Equality Enforcement of the Socialist Democratic Party has denounced Citizen Chris Matthews for racism and reactionary bigotry in his criticism of Comrade Party Chairman and Future President Barack Barackovich Obama.

    Citizen Matthews is a licensed presenter for American Media Collective Office #37 (also known as MSNBC), and had been tasked with the education of the workers and peasants in Socialist theory, particularly Dialectical Progressivism. His duties entailed the proper interpretation of news for the Masses in accordance with the directives the American Media Collective receives from the Party.

    Citizen Matthew’s recent outbursts during a live broadcast violate the fair usage of bandwidth as regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, in addition to betraying the Proletariat by insulting their collective wisdom in appointing Comrade B. B. Obama as Future President. As mentioned previously, Comrade Barack has not yet assumed the full Presidency of the USSA as a truly Socialist State, and until he does he cannot be held accountable for the occasional problems that arise in the implementation of Socialism in the USSA.

    Therefore, Citizen Matthews has violated the very basic principle of appropriate commentary, when he has criticized Comrade Barack when the Party’s authority has not yet been consolidated and reactionary forces are still at work in the People’s Congress. Until all Capitalists and Kulaks have been purged from the State administrative organs, there can be no room for deviant opinions like Matthews’. Dissent of any kind undermines the progress of the State and oppresses the Masses.

    The Directorate has sent a congratulatory telegram to Comrade Chris Matthews for making this denunciation of himself through his previous broadcasts prior to his criminal outburst. The Party welcomes pre-crime denunciations that make the work of investigators much easier. Matthews’ previous broadcasts will be used as part of his trial, which can only be avoided if he agrees to renounce his previous non-conformist statements and undergoes a thorough Internal Revenue Service audit and body cavity examination.

    Citizen Matthews must be punished for betraying the Party! Comrades, agitate for Matthews removal from MSNBC, and replace him with a loyal Socialist!


  34. Don’t pop the cork in your bottle of bubbly just yet.
    It turns out the trio of mega scandals currently in the news have not made in a small dent in Obama’s popularity rating.

    You can’t fix stupid or crazy.


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