I’ve bitched about how every street corner in all of West Philly has been outfitted with state of the art wheel chair ramps using the Obama stimulus money. It doesn’t matter to politicians or liberal wingnuts that the sidewalks between the state of the art wheelchair ramps are crumbling and in such disrepair that a wheel chair could never navigate them. This is how Keynesianism works. Any spending is good spending. I noticed one of these wheel chair ramps at 59th and Chestnut Street on the 30 Blocks of Squalor having a stop light directly in the middle of it.

Below is an even worse case of government idiocy in action. Not only does this wheelchair ramp have a stop light in the middle of it, but there is no sidewalk leading to the ramp. Lastly, the same government drones that decided to construct the wheelchair ramp also put up a sign saying pedestrians were not allowed to cross there.

Do you think the union construction drones had a second thought as they were pouring the concrete for this job?

Is there any liberal minded douchebag out there who would like to defend this waste of my money besides the NYT retard – Paul Krugman?

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8 thoughts on “YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK”

  1. Now take this small example of government idiocy and multiply it times 10,000 and you understand why this country is fucked beyond all repair.

    Turtle crossings, parking garages, low income housing estates, determining if cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in sexually risky behavior and studying methane gas emissions from dairy cows among thousands of other ridiculous waste of your money is how they roll in Washington DC.

  2. They are putting ramps in on our hill, the damned thing is too steep to roll up/down safely. I’m going to write in suggesting they lower the grade of the hill through successive drone strikes so wheelchair bound folk can also enjoy hills.

    1. Stu Bykofsky: Stupid ramp tricks: Curb your enthusiasm

      Posted: November 02, 2012

      LAST MONTH’S column on rehabbing handicapped ramps throughout the city was followed by howls of outrage about the cost, hilarity at the placement of some of them and photos from citizens showing some really questionable ramps.

      Because of changes in federal regulation, Philadelphia (and every other city, town and hamlet in the nation) must install upgraded handicapped ramps meeting new guidelines, including plates with truncated domes that look like bumps the size of elevator call buttons. Also called “tactile warning strips,” they are supposed to let visually impaired people “feel” that they are approaching an intersection. I would think the ramp’s incline is enough warning, but apparently not.

      About 1.3 million Americans are legally blind, with others having vision problems of varying severity, according to the American Foundation for the Blind.

      Curbs were cut starting in the ’90s to make life easier for people in wheelchairs. While costly, they were clearly necessary. Since 1995, the city has installed 4,958 ramps at 826 intersections, according to Streets Department Deputy Commissioner David Perri. The cost of upgrading all of Philly’s ramps will be $858 million. At the current rate, that project will take 40 years.

      That’s just Philly, where it costs an average of $7,500 to do one ramp in Center City, and each intersection must have eight ramps, two on each corner, for a $60,000 total. Multiply that by every U.S. intersection and the cost turns into trillions.

      Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective – and humane – to give every sight-impaired American a seeing-eye guide dog?

      Training a guide dog costs $42,000, according to Guide Dogs of America. So, one guide dog costs less than the cost of redoing one Center City intersection.

      But, Perri notes, the ramps would still have to be replaced for those in wheelchairs.

      Repaving the ramps – a far more complex job than you might imagine – soaks up 65 percent of Philadelphia’s $20 million annual paving budget.

      This seems like a bitter joke

  3. Thank ADA-the Americans with Disabilities Act, a well intentioned (I’m still naively generous) but absurdly implemented law. Common sense is a distant second to policy, and the rabid advocates routinely persecute even those helping their cause if they don’t meet the (poorly defined and ill-conceived) letter of the law.

    As an aside, $7K for an ADA ramp sounds pretty cheap to me, and darn near inconsequential in the scheme of a multi-million dollar urban project. I’m not making excuses-stupid is stupid, but in the big scheme of things, there are much bigger wastes of your tax dollars. Lloyd Blankfein & Jamie Dimon spend more of your tax dollars wiping after a big shit.


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