Norton and Symantec software have been telling people that TBP has malicious malware that is attacking their computers. It is a false warning. You can check your website using a Google diagnostic. Below is the result for TBP. If you go to the Norton Safe page and type in my website, you get the safe message below. I need to contact Norton/Symantec to get white listed. No, that isn’t racist. 


Safe Browsing

Diagnostic page for theburningplatform.com

What is the current listing status for theburningplatform.com?

This site is not currently listed as suspicious.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 279 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2013-08-01, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days.

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days, theburningplatform.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.


Safe Web Report for:

theburningplatform.com Web Site Location         United States of America


Norton Safe Web has analyzed theburningplatform.com  for safety and security problems.


Norton Safe Web found no issues with this site.
  • Computer Threats: 0
  • Identity Threats: 0
  • Annoyance factors: 0

Total threats on this site: 0

                            The Norton rating is a result of Symantec’s automated analysis system. Learn more.                 The opinions of our users are reflected separately in the community rating on the right.

50 thoughts on “TBP IS SAFE”

  1. Norton and Symantec are all but worthless. They’re the tech equivalent of AOL. Anyone with any tech savy doesn’t use either one, and doesn’t use internet explorer either. But dumbasses will continue to use IE, Norton and Symantec because they are too stupid and lazy.


  2. I receive the same warning from Avast when I go to TBP. If I had paranoid tendencies I would say the 3 warnings were due to a conspiracy to keep the sheeple ignorant. I’m probably wrong.

  3. @Admin – I thought that was symbolizing that TBP is an open-handed bitch slap wake up call for the ignorant sheeple? Well, it’s a lot better than the yin/yang.

  4. Maybe it was flagging all your crappier articles?

    TBP seems more hit or miss lately. Maybe the author is stressed having to live near so many darker people. Will we see a video of him at a Chesney concert going Riley Cooper?

    Give it a few years in your shitty, 2 party fascist centralized economy & he may be living in the Projects too.

    1. Econman

      Why don’t you regale us with stories of the Jews being the cause of all our problems? You’re nothing but a Jew hating douchebag. I’ve got you pegged, don’t I Doucheman?

  5. i’m not sure but it appeared as though the site was attempting to read my hard drive

    perhaps there is an ad that is checking on past google searches to display pertinent ads

  6. Admin:
    Still getting a Trojan Horse notice from Avast every time I open a link to TBP. Didn’t used to do this.
    Can you get your IT guy to figure out why it’s doing that and fix it. I know that the site is safe, but seeing this pop up every time is annoying. Thanks!

    1. Outtahere

      It has nothing to do with my site. It is Norton and Avast that have the problem. Complain to them, not me.

  7. Admin.

    Others are trying to blame you for there bad computer hygene. The dangerous adds are coming from the history tailored adds that are specific to the persons own pc.

    The other day when my nook was discharged and the wife had her notebook doing some boy scout functions I logged onto TBP with my kids notebook. 20 seconds after connecting a window popped up with a security warning as his puter had downloaded the annoying internet security 2013 malware. The root of this thing is a trojan rootkit that is on his computer not your site. 2 of the adds on the right side of the TBP pane are roving adds based on browser history. I know this as my nook will have book and news related adds, my work pc has auto parts and car adds, and my wifes notebook will have shopping and health adds.

    The folks having problems with your site will fit the following profile. 19 year old youngmen who search for HOT FUCKING GIRLS or AIRSOFT PARTS AND BATTERIES.

    I put his puter in failsafe with networking and downloaded malwerebytes. Logged back on when clean with no problems.

    It ain’t you

  8. It was McAfee that originally warned me, but your new server has stopped all that and is back to normal speed, although yesterday I got some kind of fucking warning from Java Script when I clicked on your site.

    I think the NSA is on your ass big time. Ha Ha.

  9. I’ve noticed the load time for TBP is much longer than before – maybe cause the NSA is diverting us thru their servers?

    I don’t really care – BTW. Just inconvenient at this point.

    I’d like to thank Admin from the bottom of my heart for keeping Who’s Your Lender thread alive for all these months. Admin is a true patriot – in the old fashioned positive meaning of the term.

    The Who’s Your Lender thread is no longer available to many of us who try to log on. It cuts off at July 1st mark – 2,857 comments. A real record – we can all be proud of…

    It may be the size of the thread – or the banks cutting us off. Either way, I have to get going on creating a separate website for the Who’s Your Lender gang – along with all the social media tools. I’ve been lazy and putting it off –

    I’ll be sure to pay for a banner ad on TBP when it’s up and running..

    Thanks so much Admin!

  10. Thank you Mary for all the good things you do. (Like helping my brother.) You are a sweetheart!

    I will gladly contribute $20 towards your banner ad when the time comes. Please let me know!

  11. I use Internet Explorer. One of the many benefits is that I’ve become over the years pretty skilled at removing trojans and other viruses.

  12. Administrator says:

    “What your saying is that most of these Boomer TBPers are porn addicts.”

    mary malone says:

    “I’ve noticed the load time for TBP is much longer than before”

    sorry mary, it just sounded dirty to this addict.

  13. Warning. TBP is NOT safe. It is a dangerous site. Beware, all ye who enter here.

    Actual photo of SSS after many a TBP conflict


  14. Llpoh says:

    “TBP is safe, unless you are a newbie, bb, economan, RE and his sidekick Dumbfuck, etc etc.”

    dumfuc flushed himself and bb has taken to beating up women. he hasn’t dared mess with SAH who most likely would kick a forty yard field goal with his leathery nutsack. eConman seems to have shot his wad or he dare not come back after admin sent him packing.

  15. Admin says: “What your saying is that most of these Boomer TBPers are porn addicts. That explains a lot.” Well, duh!

  16. To Econman

    Go fuck yourself asshole.


    Same to U.


  17. Jews? 1 of my best friends is an Orthodox Jew. What the F?

    It’s not Jews, whites, blacks, or anyone in particular. It’s a mindset. That mindset is destroying the USA. The villains are in DC and are the 2 party dictatorship. Don’t get mad @ me pal. I didn’t fuck up the world’s greatest economy.

    Anyway, if the government doesn’t like your sight, I have to. Keep on fighting the fight douchnozzle.

    1. Oh boy. Econdouche has a Jew friend. Do you chat about your Zionist conspiracy theories with your one Jew friend?

      Tell us all about the Zionists Econdouche. I love those stories.

  18. eConman trying to backfill the hole he dug for himself. it’s always quietest before the dawn, er, the storm. it’s always darkest before the light goes on in eConman’s head.

  19. Econman says:

    “eConman. That’s very clever. The Bard must be jealous.”

    patronizing, good tactic. you must have missed the post on creating new words by changing a letter.

    Econdom Economan Econolingus Echochamberman Emybestfriendisajewconman Ecoconman Ecocolovesiceman Ecolocation Ecolocution eConma eColma

  20. “Norton and Symantec software have been telling people that TBP has malicious malware that is attacking their computers. It is a false warning”-Admin

    The Diner is being hit the same way.

    I am working on a solution.

    Updates as we get it running.

    The Database Cavalry from California is Saddling Up!



  21. Do you chat about your Zionist conspiracy theories with your one Jew friend?

    Yes Madame Admin. He’s not a Zionist. Zionism is not Talmudic in nature, just Wahabiism isn’t Islamic.

  22. My Norton software has stopped blocking TBP today. Has anyone else seen the same development?

    Maybe because you’ve started putting up good stories?

  23. Econodouche – are you really as stupid as you sound? Seriously, give it a fucking break. Is your only contribution going to be as resident douchebag, assuming the mantle previously held by a host of others, or are you going to actually add some value?

  24. Sound? You’re reading things idiot. IIpoh?
    How do U know how I sound? By my typing skills?
    Are U the Admin’s blog bodyguard or girlfriend?

  25. Econodickhead – seriously, that is all you got? You are a nobody. When you actually post enough where I can figure out where you stand and what you really are, I will then waste a bit of time on you. all I know for now is that you are a dickhead. You appear to be just a shallow wannabe and we have seen hundreds like you come and go. You are either too stupid to actually post anything of substance, which means you will not last, or you are just hanging around to be annoying, and we will run you off soon enough.

  26. Econcretin

    “TBP seems more hit or miss lately. Maybe the author is stressed … ” Yes, I do look at hidden comments.

    And, mor erecent reply to admin: “Maybe because you’ve started putting up good stories?”

    Obviously you are so busy sniping, you have not noticed that not all the posts are authored by admin. There are quite a few contributors here and you never even noticed you implicitly slimed them all.

    I wonder if Ghostbusters handle trolls? Probably not — they wouldn’t make the effort to deal with ineptitude.

  27. Econman says:

    “Sound? You’re reading things idiot. IIpoh? How do U know how I sound?”

    dr pangloss said that you can tell the texture of things just by looking, even if we are only looking at a picture, we know a rose petal is soft and we know that asphalt is rough. llpoh is using common figures of speech that would be confusing to you if English is not your first language. he does not really mean he has seen you when he says you appear shallow. he does not mean your head is round when he calls you a dickhead, his picturesque language is all meant to convey his impression of you as someone writing like a sophomoric asswipe. you’ll get the hang of it, see how far Calamity has come?


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