Luckily, the average American is so bad at math they can’t read this chart and understand the implications. They remain willfully ignorant of their plight. After a lifetime of working, the median Boomer household has managed to accumulate $12,000 of retirement savings. That means that 50% have even less than $12,000 for their retirement. These 55 to 64 year olds are up shits creek without a paddle. No wonder the percentage of over 55 people working is at an all-time high. Every age bracket has been living in a land of delusion. The entire country has bought into the “live for today” mantra. We have trillions in unfunded Social Security obligations that won’t be paid. Cities and States have trillions in unfunded pension and health benefits that won’t be paid. The government and its citizens have lived above their means for decades and haven’t saved for a rainy day or their futures. Wait until the 40% stock market crash does a number on these figures in the next year. There is no possible scenario where this ends well or can be solved by another government solution. It’s too late. We’re fucked. Enjoy the rest of your day.    


  1. [email protected] says:

    Bug, Meet Windshield. Splaaaaatt.


    Or, in this particular case – a Boomer’s FAT BUTT!!!!

    (just for AWD)


    All joking aside, what the hell is going to happen to these people, and the country? Their parents retired with ASSETS, the Boomers are too far in debt to retire, much less survive any period of joblessness.

    Grasshoppers vs Ants – The (Fucked Up) USA version.

  2. This would mean nothing if the dollar becomes worthless. Other things will have a lot more value than paper fiat money.

  3. So the Boomer is ignorant because he doesn’t have his money in the stock market preparing to loose 40% you say or because he is in the stock market?

    Seems biased against boomers, they can’t win either way with you.

  4. Tbessi: you are so right.
    I have a Defined Benefit and a Defined Contribution retirement account and I plan as if I will never see a dime of either account. I pour my money into my little farm and tangible items that I can lay my hands on.

  5. “Luckily, the average American is so bad at math they can’t read this chart and understand the implications.”

    I met a teacher from the Chicago school system while having a beer at a campsite during the Oshkosh Airshow. I was having a conversation with a couple from Illinois about the sad state of their state while also laughing about detroit in my state.

    She stuck her nose into the conversation and said “If “they” would only renegotiate the teachers contract, all would be well.” “How so?” “Well, by lowering the interest rate.” Sure, but what about the debt, how do you propose to reduce the unfunded liabilities of your pension?

    Deer in the headlights look: Well………you see, you lower the interest rate…..Yes, that will help with future obligations, but what do you do about the debt right now?

    This was answered once more by renegotiating the contract and lowering the interest rate.

    At this point I stopped and asked, “May I ask what subject you teach?” Yup, you guessed it, math, and she told me she makes $100k per year.

  6. I em varning you fakking gay bashers here on zee Burning Platform.

    You leave my StuchenStumpher alone!! Or else I schtick my Swantz zo far up your Arsh it vill clean your ear vax.


  7. My taxes are paying salaries of $100K a year to math teachers who cannot figure out that low interest rates are the doom of their pension plans.

    I hope every goddam one of these brainless, overpaid, underworked, and utterly unqualified trolls ends up getting ten cents on every dollar face amount of his or her pension entitlement. In fact, I believe that will happen. The taxpayers are finally beginning to twig that there might be a causal connection between the bloated pension benefits and unfunded liabilities of Chicago’s public workers’ pensions…. and the undermanned and outgunnned police force, the pothole-riddled streets in the neighborhoods, the reduction of civic amenity such as shorter library hours and more unkempt parks, and the rising fees for parking and services in this city.

  8. The U.S. government and the Fed still looking at the chess board in shock, but they lost their queen years ago and now their king is trapped. It’s called checkmate.

    Congress isn’t moving on anything because they’re in check. They still want to move their pieces over and over to see if somehow something is changed. Each time they make a move they hear check.
    Oh ya! That’s right.

    Worldwide checkmate. Game over. When 99% are losing, in the end there won’t be any winners.

  9. I have stopped putting money in my retirement account because I expect the government will lay their hands on it.

    There is a reason why government offers tax break savings, so your hard earn cash is trapped inside their playbook. Then the government has all the time in the world to tap it bit by bit when they want.

  10. I’ve done the same as Joe – no contributions into my IRA or 401k in the last 5 years, initially because of market conditions (2008!) but more recently because I expect some form of confiscation, either outright or de facto. Trying to put savings into something that seems more resilient and less likely to be stolen from me, even though I don’t get that nice upfront tax benefit.

    And yeah, I’m under 40 with a little over six figures in my retirement accounts. Despite all the market turmoil. The people who are poor may have an excuse, but any boomer who made a decent income and failed to save has themselves to blame. And will get no pity from me, or I think from most of my generation.

    1. A 60 year old Boomer was 27 years old in 1980. A 20 year bull market in stocks and bonds began in 1980 with returns of 10% annually. Since 2000 the stock market is flat and the bond market went even higher. If this person put $2,000 away per year since 2000, they would have at least $200k socked away today. There is no excuse for 50% of ALL Boomer households having less than $12,000 saved today.

  11. Every once in a while I tell myself it must be me, as in ‘it must just be me, I must be the one who is fucked up.’ Today is another one of those times. After looking at the chart above I have to ask myself if maybe I am the one that doesn’t get it, maybe I am the one that has screwed up along the way towards retirement by saving my money and investing in my own family’s future. Maybe all these other ignorant lumps did it right, spent their money on nice vacations, cruises, fancy cars, top shelf booze and nice restaurants four nights a week, while I worked hard and pinched pennies saving.

    Maybe instead of living within my means and within a budget, meeting my financial obligations and providing what the family needed instead of what they wanted, maybe I should have just pissed it all away on things that made me happy, bought a McMansion, the newest Mercedes, a yacht and a weekend house at a ski resort or golf course. Yeah maybe I should have done that because at the end of the day after shit goes upside down with the markets, and the dollar won’t buy you dick any more, guess what all the money I saved for retirement will be worth? That’s right nothing, I’ll be in the same place as all the other irresponsible pecker heads that spent theirs along the way.

    Yup, maybe it is just me that doesn’t get it and they all had the right idea all along…….

  12. You know, my biggest beef with Boomers isn’t that they didn’t save specially for retirement, it is that they are in debt. It would be a completely different story if most boomers didn’t take on a lot of credit card debt, 30 year house loans, brand new car loans. The worst offenders are the ones who did this type of shit within 15 years of their retirement. Previously with the GI and Silent generations they payed off their homes and vehicles before retirement. They spent money to maintain the things they owned. I would have less of a grudge with Boomers had they just payed off their fucking debts before hitting 60. I just hope many have enough compassion for their children and grandchildren to have good life insurance so they aren’t saddled with their debts after they die.

  13. I have not one iota of sympathy for those dumb mofos. Forgot to save for retirement? They can eat their big screen TVs and SUVs and whatever does not get repossessed.

    Fuck ’em. Why should ANYONE worry about them if they did not worry about themselves. To misquote the Russian from Rocky – “If they die, they die”.

  14. Dan, yeah I know. That is probably going to be the last disrespect fuck you as they leave this earth. Not only taking all they can while alive, but making their children pay for their end of life and funeral costs.

  15. I don’t know that ALL the Boomers made great money and then blew it on fun stuff instead of saving money. I suspect there are some of them, just as there are in all generations, who simply never could make that much money to begin with. But I’m with Calamity about the debt part. Even if you never make fabulous big bucks, you can still live within your means.

    Charles Hugh Smith is proposing that we cut SS benefits for people with pension incomes, which would pretty much only be Boomers, since Gen X and Y have never worked for companies that offered pensions.

    I can just hear the howling now, “But that turns Social Security into a welfare program!” Yeah, no shit numbnuts, it’s ALWAYS BEEN a welfare program. Except that if CHS got his way, instead of being a welfare program where young working people get robbed to pay old non-working people, young working people and RICH old non-working people would get robbed to pay POOR old non-working people. This would keep the system alive longer, though, and I can’t say I’m a fan of that idea.

  16. At the rate baby boomers are dropping dead from health issues, I think the problem may solve itself pretty quick. Medicare is making cuts, cuts and more cuts. Pretty soon Medicare will pay less than HMO’s.

    After the collapse happens, and it looks like it’s getting closer every day, it’s gonna be pure Darwinism, the survival of the fittest, ie, the only people that are going to survive are healthy people. People that took care of their health always survive tough times. Your health and spiritual life are the only thing that really matters in life. The most obese generation in history (boomers) and their spawn will not survive. They aren’t surviving now, their dropping dead before they even get a chance to get on SS.

  17. AWD- I don’t doubt you are right. All it takes it drug shortages for blood pressure, diabetes, and anti-psychotics and Boomers will drop quicker or off themselves. With the coming collapse I believe a good amount of our over 50 population would be able to survive. Hell there are plenty of boomers that are only alive because of these drugs.

  18. Its not like people are spending about every dime they make just to get by. It well only get worse considering inflation. I tell people(like I have here) to get an RV of some sort and maybe one or two pieces of dirt to park on. Each lot should be in a different climate so you can move with the weather.
    I’m guessing the author is in an upper tax bracket. Out of touch with most people, like our fearful leaders in Washington.

  19. Damn, Admin, that is cold hearted – expecting that folks would actually take some responsibility for themselves. Show some compassion.

  20. Thanks T4C, nice to hear a little validation for life choices that I feel were made well and for the right reasons.

    Being labeled a boomer is a little difficult especially on sites like this where it is so easy for folks like Dan and Calamity to stereotype an entire generation of people as being this way or that, and how they rail on about how this segment of the population has fucked up the world. Makes good sport I guess. That being said there are an embarrassing number of boomers that have not been responsible, have carried an hooray for me attitude throughout their whole life and don’t seem to care less about what effect and toll that philosophy has and will continue to have on their children’s and their children’s lives. It is a very sad situation. They are big contributors to how amazingly screwed up this country is, but the boomers are not alone they have had plenty of help along the way.

    If you were to go back and make a list of all the subjects that have been broached and dissected to death on TBP over the last six months, including the size of Stucky’s sclong, it is mind numbing how fucked up every segment of our global society currently is, boomers fault or not, and all of it comes with no good answers or solutions. Sometime soon, it seems, a reset is waiting.

  21. Peaceout

    Right. No boomer ever stereotyped an entire generation. Gen X weren’t called slackers. Millennials weren’t called narcissists. Sorry but all they other people that came before the boomers that added to the problems are dead. Boomers just got holding the blame bag. While Gen X and Mills got holding the bankruptcy bag.

  22. I started investing in fall of 1998, with a couple hundred bucks. I felt smart for somewhat less than 2 years, then the “oh shit” wave started. Somehow I kept investing for 10 years. I guess it’s been “successful” in nominal terms. I wish I had put half as much in gold or silver the whole time, I’d be a rich mofo now. Really rich. Hindsight 20/20.

    Anyway, part of the reason I invested and saved was that I lived on only half my income for my first 4-6 years of real employment, gradually going up to now living on maybe 75-80% of my income (thanks, inflation!). Still saving, just not as much. Still living at what I consider a nice level. But I’ve never bought a luxury car (I have bought several new non-luxury cars, and yes I’m aware that’s not ideal financially), have a home that is not a McMansion, don’t have a vacation home or boat, no Rolex, etc. etc. I’m living better than probably 99% of all humans who’ve ever lived though. It doesn’t exactly feel like poverty.

    There are a few people for whom circumstances have made them poor, and they could not have done much to escape it. But most boomers have had every imaginable opportunity and benefit, and any who haven’t at least tried to save are idiots.

  23. Here’s a laugh for you. Wanna know the best investment I actually did make in the last 20 years? US SAVINGS BONDS, SERIES I. No joke. That was a large part of my investing around 2001-2004 when the stock market was flaky and interest rates, although low, were much higher than now. I’ve been earning 4-6.5% consistently (depending on the exact issue date) with no fluctuations. I know I’m still not making a lot in inflation-adjusted terms, but it has beat most other investments I actually made. Sorry, the Series I door closed several years ago when Congress changed their terms to make them basically worthless as an investment, at least in current inflation and interest rate conditions.

  24. Peaceout – not to be a killjoy but you mention “Stucky’s sclong”.

    Come on – how old are you? You gotta get with the program – we discussed his shortcomings, his poor endowment, his inability to satisfy his missues, his schlong, but never his “sclong”. Unless sclong is the term used for a very, very, very short schlong. In which case, you are correct, and I stand mistaken.

    Nice posts.

  25. You Boomer Bashers are total fucking idiots! The so-called “Greatest Generation” is the only group that has totally sucked at the benefit teat. They have been retired for 30 years and received their full S.S. Benefits, Medicare, Defined Benefit pensions, G.I.Bill education, et al. These assholes have spent 30 years at their vacation homes riding tricycles, go to the doctor once a week and when they get sick enough come home to “be with their family” – yeah right. These people paid almost nothing into the systems that they have been exploiting. The Boomers have paid all the taxes that made this possible.

    Now when we are about to retire suddenly nothing is sustainable. We will have our S.S.benefits cut or eliminated. Our medical care will be rationed and expensive.

    Fuck you Gen – X and Milleniums.

  26. Well, some BOOMERS worked hard, saved and invested for the future only to come into the office one day 20+ years into their careers to be given 10 minutes to clean out their desk. And then because they were ‘invested for the long term’ they sat back and watched in horror as their investment gains and the original capital was ‘vaporized’. NOT ALL BOOMERS ARE NEAR BROKE IN THEIR LATER YEARS BECAUSE THEY ONLY LIVED FOR TODAY ! STOP THE FUCKING STEREOTYPING !

    1. Skinbag

      No one said all boomers lived like assholes. The numbers do not lie. The ONLY way the median retirement balance could be $12,000 is if the majority of Boomers lived like assholes. Facts are facts. Boomers want to deny the facts, but they are there for all to see.

  27. Zack – you whiny bitch. Guess you just figured out the $12k you saved is not going to cut it in retirement. Cry me a fucking river.

    Plus, you are a fucking moron. Let us do the calculations. Let us say you are right, and that there are Greatest Gen folks who have collected bennies for thirty years (making them around mid-ninty years old. Not a lot of themwould make it that long, but whatever).

    2013-30 = 1980. so they retired in 1980. So now lets subtract 1937, when SS taxes first began to be collected, from 1980. 1980-1937 = 42. In other words, they paid in for 42 years. Not bad, huh? But you claim they paid almost nothing. She-it.

    Do yoy get the picture, you innumerate moron? The scenario you put up is bullshit. You couldn’t figure out the answer to two plus two if I spotted you f-o-u.

    Go back to counting your food stamp entitlement.
    Please, don’t post if you are gonna be so friggin’ stupid.

  28. This is probably one of Aesop’s fables:
    A man and his son take old grandpa out to an empty field. The old man’s son wraps grandpa with a worn blanket and leaves him there. As he is leaving, the boy catches up to him with half the blanket.
    What is that for?, asks dad.
    For when it’s your turn, says the boy.

  29. llpoh

    It would really be better if you didn’t post after 9 pm. Hopefully your incoherent rant is a result of your substance abuse problem and not a reflection of your intelligence.

  30. Cheer up! AWD is right – we Boomers will be passively euthanized as medical care will be withheld at some point. It will be called rationing. Maybe if I live long enough they will even put me to sleep like a dog. Stop fretting. We will get our due.

  31. Is that what this is about, we didn’t change your diaper? You had your first sexual encounter at fifteen, got laid on the second date, grew up with video games and auto flush toilets. You can get a marijuana card, and disability without working a day in your life. But you want to cry about your damp diaper? Go get a job, support my ass for 35 years or more and then come tell me how tough you have it. Fucking fuckwit.

  32. Oh, excuse me, I guess I should feel sorry your little honey booboo will have to go without one more helping of KFC. You get tax credits for each little sucker and allowances that childless couples do not get. Yet the first people pissing and moaning are the ones who have paid the least into the tax coffers. My chillens, they cry, they are going to have to work to pay off the boomer debt. No, they are not. China and the Chinese will be working to pay off the debt. Who the hell do you think has been supporting this country for the last 20 years?

  33. Calamity said “Most of my generation is still in high school.” Bullsheet.

    Millennials (Gen Y) began in early 1980s, ended in early 2000s. Subtract 18 from 2013 = 1995. So around 13 years of millennials should have graduated HS by now, and around 7 years of millennials are still below graduation age.

    Unless she meant, of course, that millennials by and large are too dumb to graduate HS by the age of 18. Which is a possibility.

    Zach – I notice you did not address the math. Since my math is correct, and you are innumerate, that is not a surprise. Seems to me that even blind drunk I would be smarter than you.

  34. The kids are going to pay for your social security with their tips bartending and waiting tables? Right now, there’s two people paying for each person on social security. Talk about a ponzi scheme. It’s dead already, another debt laden government program doomed to failure and collapse. The main fact is, they don’t want to pay, and neither do I, because it’s dead already. Dear God, somebody put it out of it’s misery. Soon enough, soon enough indeedy.

    Boomers were the conduit by which the banksters managed to indebt our country to the tune of $56 trillion. Without them, it never would have happened. They took that anvil on their back (debt fueled consumerism) and ran with it, and are still in debt and buying shit they can’t afford. Boomers still driving BMW’s, and especially Lexus’. No savings, expecting SS and Medicare. Hilarious. They’ll delude themselves right into the grave (and our country into insolvency). Bubbles Bennie isn’t going to save you, sorry.

  35. Zack M. says:

    “Milenial Master

    Get back to me with your brilliant theories after you learn to spell Milenials (sic)”

    I thought we were on the same team, Sack

  36. People 55 to 64 with little money saved and who Administrator says are up retirement’s Shit Creek without a paddle, don’t need savings. They’re better off working out their lives; we’re better off if they’re working. Actuarial stats and sociological studies prove that work gives meaning to and adds length to the lives of the common people. Also, a working public adds to the nation’s economic strength and is more likely to support the State.

    Think about it… what do the plebs and lesser breeds do with their time when their lives aren’t planned and directed by their betters. The hoi polloi watches porn and tv shows, eats too much, wastes time being otherwise entertained, and heavily draws on State services. Retirement only increases the emptiness of their lives and their demand on the State’s coffers. As I said above, it’s better for us and them if the cart horse public works in their traces for the State until they drop.

    Despite what Administrator, a Chicken Little analyst, says, there is a government solution to this situation. Keep squeezing the lower and middle classes while favoring the best people and the power elite.

    With a strong military, an aggressive police force, and resolute leadership, any social brush fires can be maintained.

    Don’t get misled by Administrator’s hand-wringing and charts. The people will be managed and maintained. The best people know what’s best for the rest and the government does too

  37. AWD – There is not a generation that has not bought in. Boomers went debt-crazy. Kids grew up entitled and spoiled and lazy (average study time at college has fallen from around 30 hours per week to 12. Gee, I wonder if a degree still has any value).

    But not everyone in any group. There are still hard-working, responsible folk in every age bracket. They are just brutally outnumbered.

  38. Admin – by memory, I think the mean is around $70k saved up or somesuch. But that may include housing assets. In any event, that 50% of boomers have saved under $12k is an astonishing indictment of the whole country.

  39. Irak,

    If we work until we drop, the milenial fucks will bitch because we don’t quit working so they can get a job.

  40. Irak – wrong answer. Just where are the jobs going to come from? And fact is, the participation rate for folks aged 55 and older is currently around 40%. So, for the approx. 70 millions of folks over this age, we would need to generate jobs – say 70 * .6 = 42 million jobs. Less some for the number of folks capable of supporting themselves, so lets say 30 million jobs need to be created just for older folks to keep on working.

    Bwahahahahahahaha! Walmart does not need that many greeters.

  41. llpoh

    There are sometimes differences when you use average versus median. The average retirement balance is usually higher because it is skewed by those with large retirement savings. Median gets you a more realistic number.

    Boomers should have a huge amount of home equity. They would have bought a house in the 1975 through 1985 time frame and would have paid off their mortgages by now. Instead they kept trading up and then took out home equity loans to buy cars, take vacations and live above their means. Home equity is near all time lows.

    Anyone who is 60 years old and has been working for 40 years and has $12,000 of retirement savings has no one to blame but themselves. But that won’t stop them for blaming someone else for their idiocy. Zach M is proof of this.

  42. Admin

    How stupid are you. You know absolutely nothing about me. I have owned a number of businesses
    and am quite comfortably retired. Your idiotic assumptions with no possible basis reveal a biased and juvenile mind.

  43. I doubt we see much more of old Zach. It has become way too easy to run off the delusional. It is getting a bit mundane, but it is a job that just has to be done to keep the streets safe at night.

  44. Zack M. says:


    Not Bad.”

    Zach shows some character and sportsmanship and he gets 2 thumbs down. There are some real mofos on this site. Cool.

  45. There is nothing more satisfying than reviewing the posts first thing in the morning …. and seeing “Stucky’s schlong” being discussed.

    Carry on!!

  46. To be fair, the chart reveals Gen X to be almost as delusional as the Boomers. The amount of savings is pitiful. They have no excuse either.

    Saving money is very simple. It doesn’t require investment prowess and brilliant financial acumen.

    Listen closely and I’ll reveal the secret.

    Spend less than you make.

    If you make $20k, then keep your spending at $18k.

    If you make $100k, keep your spending at $80k.

    Amazingly, you will begin saving money.

    TBP financial tip of the day.

  47. @Admin – To be fair, all of America is delusional. Stupid fucking Boomers/Xers putting no money away for retirement. Stupid fucking millennials signing up for college courses with a guaranteed negative ROI.

    Even worse, that college debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, so for the rest of your life you either have to bounce from college to college, or pay off an increasingly insurmountable debt.

    As for the Millennial hate, suck on the fattest part of Stucky’s sclong*. Blaming society’s current problems on the crop that just graduated is fucktarded.

    @LLPOH – “So around 13 years of millennials should have graduated HS by now, and around 7 years of millennials are still below graduation age.”

    True, the “the millenials are zero fault” thing kind of died out after the first time Obama won the presidency. Sure, he got 75% of the millenial vote, but 75% of a small number is still a small number. Its been 5 years since then, and a LOT of kids have come of age.

    The load has shifted to us at this point. The preceding generations either accelerated (Boomers) or ignored (GenX) the problems. If the Millennials do the same, you can rest assured this country will devolve into a civil war sometime during our lives.

    Which is what runs through my head every time I catch hell for being in my 20s.

  48. Ilpoh and Stucky care about the thumbs up/down. What an egotistical, pitiful lives you must have.
    People with pride and self-confidence who voice opinions don’t give a shit about what other people think.

  49. WOW!

    How easily the mud-slinging begins when supposedly ‘like-minded’ (i.e. you are at this site) people refuse to acknowledge personal responsibility.

    We will not recover until we ALL recognize it IS OUR FAULT – we have been deceived. Next we move on to FORGIVENESS of each other. Minus these simple acts, we continue to be distracted from the essence of FREE-WILL (not free stuff!)

    The following, I believe, is true for us all:


    “It is my fault, please forgive me.” Try it, you’ll like it.

  50. Dumb asses.

    “Retirement savings.”

    All this chart shows is 401(k) and IRA balances, i.e., what Fidelity gets to manage (sarcasm).

    Not everyone who has low ERISA balances is poor. I hit the company match on my 401(k) because when my job ends (again) I can pay all the taxes and pre-59 1/2 year old penalties and still pull out 100% of my paycheck deduction.

    Otherwise, I save AFTER-TAX money because I can do with it immediately whatever I damn well please.

    As to “savings” in general, 99.9% of people’s “savings” is just piles of IOU-dollars, not actual money. 81 years of continual inflation has taught people to NEVER keep cash-money, always trade it to the Banksters for an IOU-money that pays a below-inflation, barely positive yield.

    Sooner or later, that’s going to be a Roach Motel for “everyone’s savings.”

  51. Pulse, it’s not “my fault.”

    I do not consent to this idiotic paradigm. I am one tiny atom in this perverted universe and if most of my fellow citizens insist on “jumping in a lake,” they also insist on dragging me in with them.

    The only thing I can do is wear a life vest.

  52. Hubby and I have been married almost 36 years. We have no debt.

    He was having lunch recently with a couple of young co-workers. The young, single male had just purchased a 3700 sq. ft. home. Yep. For one person. The young, single female had recently purchased a home of approx. 2000 sq. ft. For one person.

    They asked dh what interest rate we have on our mortgage. He said “I don’t have a mortgage.” They were surprised, I guess you could say.

    Then the conversation turned to travel. Hawaii, in particular. And how expensive that is.

    They were flabbergasted that, at his age, hubby had never been to Hawaii. They asked why not.

    He said to the young woman, “Well Grace, how do you think we paid for that house???”

    People just don’t get it.

    The boomers, the millenials, no one. (except monkeys;))

    You really can’t do it all.

  53. @pulse – “We will not recover until we ALL recognize it IS OUR FAULT”

    My fault? I give you permission to clean my ball hair with your tongue. (as any good little dog would)

  54. @pulse: welcome to TBP. You seem to have a good heart, though you also seem a bit naive and perhaps even willing to use other people’s money to give to still other people who you somehow deem more worthy. (I am speculating on that last bit.) Hang around, enjoy the shitstorm, don’t expect much admiration whatever you say.

    In other words – you should have ducked.

  55. dc.sunsets

    I respectfully disagree, it is your fault.

    Perhaps you have been fortunate to stay dry (as have I) yet all the tools of statism continue to expand beyond any mathematical sustainability. We have failed to change this.

    I have been re-educated with truth these last 8 years and watched as people continue to look at the many available avenues of blame, studiously avoiding all shiny surfaces which may allow them to view their own participation in the numerous frauds (all equating to getting something for nothing.) Strangely, no-one wants to acknowledge the unlimited personal desires or the impossible task of ‘security.’ This immediately removes us from lasting pleasure and safety in neighbours.

    Limitless desire will meet with blind disruption. Libra laughs
    Fear is winning, stealing life while fate observes our stubborn refusal to accept mortality, and create a level playing field for those who would follow.

    dc, there are so many determined to jump in the lake, there will be lots of space for those who, by example, will leave a legacy of truth and free-will on the plains. Just stop standing near those who insist on jumping…..


  56. Helmet is on…

    TPC… I suspect, evidenced by your tone, it would be very difficult to locate supposed scrotal content.

    Persnickety.. been kicked out of sites before, just can’t shut up. Thank you for the welcome (warning not required) I believe in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, while respecting the contributions and sacrifice of those who came before me.

    Flail away!

  57. A reflection of your poor vision I’m afraid, although I should known you would have trouble completing even this simple task.

    Get Zach M’s help, LLPOH assures me he’s an excellent ball handler.

  58. Pulse – there are folks around here whose fault it is not. Not everyone has done the wrong thing. Until you know that, you maybe should be a bit more careful of your words.

    Get a life – Stuck and I have collected more thumbs down than any save Smokey and SSS (Smokey is the benchmark). You are a clueless dolt.

  59. As a 1943 entrant into this sorry world, and the widow of a self-employed man, let me tell you how hard it was to save over our 45 years of marriage.

    We paid twice the amount (SS, etc) that those working for companies, school districts, and the government did. We had to pay our own health insurance, and the tax laws kept changing over the years, never to our benefit, might I add.

    It is true that many of the boomer generation were unable to save enough for their retirement

  60. but, I propose that you take a cold hard look at how the standard of living has declined since WW2 before blaming them for the economic mess we are in.

    Back then, a middle class family, with one breadwinner, a SAHM, and a few kids could live a pleasant life. Not so today.

    The dollar has lost most of it’s purchasing power, and a modest small car that cost us, brand-new, in 1967 was $1,600. (vw bug, in which we hauled around 4 kids before they demanded we strap them all in.

    And, just so you know, we managed to save a modest amount – just over 6 figures, but did it by torturing our children with only one car for the entire family, lots of beans and rice, lentil soup, home canning, and no vacays. (Someone was always weeping into their plate at dinner time)

    We had only 1 tiny b&w tv, which we all crowded around. We lived in a modest house, with kids sharing bedrooms and only one bath for all. Made getting ready for school in the teens years a challenge, with all the fighting over the mirror and hairdryer.

    All that said, I feel so scared for my adult children and my grandchildren, but let’s place the blame where it belongs – all those 60s liberals who got tired of radical politics, of calling police “pigs”, blowing up buildings, and having sit-ins at their universities, who then decided to infiltrate our institutions, and ruin our free market system.

    Rant over – too spset to type more, because I know what is coming, and it isn’t good for any of us. Ross Perot was right, and so is Ron Paul.

  61. ZH picked this up as their top of the page post. Over 20,000 reads and over 250 comments.

    Everyone loves a good Boomer post.

  62. Wonderer – what you describe is the lot of the business owner. Employees do not understand what is involved in owning/running a business.

  63. One thing that all you youngsters are forgetting is this:

    For their entire work span, the government has confiscated 3.5 to 6 percent of the Boomers’ earnings in order to “invest” them in Social Security.

    Social Security is not an entitlement, it is supposedly the return on our decades long “investment” that the government extracted from us.

    That money might well have been the little bit each month to go into a bank account for retirement for those who did not have high paying jobs, and that $12,000 might well be the end result of responsibly saving what little they had left over.


    Not everybody is so foolish as to pour money month after month into investments that are going to get clipped 20% every few years, sure as spring follows winter, by a contrived “crash” that somehow leaves the brokerages and banksters a little more flush and the investors a little slimmer in the portfolio.

    Not everybody was so selfish as to run up debt in their later years. In fact, I dont know anybody of my age who did, but I know a lot of them who snivel every few years about how their portfolio was hit by a down in the market.

    SS was promised to be a retirement fund for every working American. Well, it appears that the government has squandered the $$ they were supposed to guard, sort of like Corazine in DC, so a lot of oldsters will be out in the cold.

    The young people, being historically illiterate, think that SS is an entitlement out of their pockets, so screw the old people. No, it was our money and the government stole it. Now they are blaming us and you dummies are buying their lies.

    Some Boomers made more and invested it in the market, but when all is said and done, let’s see what they end up with.

    And let’s see how those 401Ks of yours pay out when the govenment is through raiding them like they raided the SS funds. That’s what’s happening right now, so get ready to rapidly readjust YOUR retirement plans.

    I guarantee you, you ill tempered young people will not have the last laugh on this one.

    1. ditzy

      Your name fits. If you are a Boomer, you will get every dime you put in, plus plenty more than you put in. Don’t cry poor to millenials who will never see a dime of their SS contributions. It’s a Ponzi scheme and the early members will get their fair share.

      You don’t know any Boomers who ran up debt????

      You need to get out more. How do you explain this?

  64. ditzy says:

    “For their entire work span, the government has confiscated 3.5 to 6 percent of the Boomers’ earnings in order to “invest” them in Social Security.”

    agree, but you won’t get any sympathy here. the fuckwits are running the farm now.

  65. Ditzy – SS was originally set up to be an insurance fund, and it morphed into something grotesque. By law, there is no entitlement to SS upon retirement. Also, if the money taken from workers via SS deductions had been invested and saved for them upon retirement, it would have been quite insufficient to pay them the amounts that are currently being paid.

    The government has indeed stole the money, as you point out. But the fact is, the amount paid in was never going to support the amount paid out. Three thousand or so a year going in for for forty years simply will not match thirty thousand a year coming out for thirty years. Do the math.

  66. at the low end it would be $7200 per year for 10 to 15 years which is a lot less than the average payout you assume.

  67. Boomers are a bunch of fat fuck, junk food eating, cigarette smoking slogs. And I mean that with the utmost respect. Here’s the sad facts.

    It’s easy to pick a boomer out at a great distance most of them are round, they look like a bowling ball with four appendages

    Boomer Lungs

  68. llpoh says:

    “thirty thousand a year coming out for thirty years. Do the math.”

    early retirement at 62 + 30 = 92 years old, only in your dreams will they live that long.
    early retirees are penalized so they might see $1000 per month if they’re lucky, = $12,000/yr.

    if they retire at the full retirement age (66) do you really believe the fatfucks will live to age 96?
    the normal life expectancy is 72 so they will collect for 6 to 10 years tops and they will collect about 1200 to 1500. $180K tops.

    minimum wage earners will get a lot less

  69. Social Security was started in 1883 by Otto von Bismarck in Germany. It is the most brilliant scheme to bribe the voters with their own money ever devised. The young support it because it relieves them of the responsibility of caring for their parents. It is a classic Ponzi scheme about to run its course.

    I was born in 1936. I retired from the military in 1978 and have been collecting retirement for 35 years and SS for 15 years. I plan to live another 20 years when I will be shot by a jealous husband at the age of 97. The beauty of a Ponzi scheme is being an early entrant and having a plan for the collapse.

    I sat down 45 years ago and did the math and concluded the system is not sustainable and started planning and preparing to be able to live like my ancestors who were Mennonites. I am surprised it has held together this long.

  70. MM – you dolt. The chance of a person making it to ninety from 60 or 65 is much higher than you think. The odds of a retired woman making it to 90 is around half, the odds of a man not quite so good, the odds of one or the other making it exceeds 50% fairly substantially. And surprisingly, the odds for a 64 year old man making it to ninety is better than for a 65 year old man, etc.

  71. Administrator says:

    ZH picked this up as their top of the page post. Over 20,000 reads and over 250 comments.

    Everyone loves a good Boomer post.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: 5 0

    20th August 2013 at 7:42 pm

    Presently at: COMMENTS: 400 READS: 41,303

  72. llpoh says:

    “And surprisingly, the odds for a 64 year old man making it to ninety is better than for a 65 year old man, etc.”

    I thought your chances of making it to a ripe old age improved the older you got, at least that is what I believe I read.

  73. Boomers bought into the SS scam…..Mills et al bought into the student loan scam. I call it even.

    It took some Boomers 40 years to figure that out, some it took less, but some are still in denial. How long will it take Mills to realize that about student loans? Maybe just as long, the standards for getting accepted into college and graduating are much lower.

  74. @MM – Fails to mention the number of people who aren’t of retirement age drawing on SS. Children, “early” retirees (GenXers/millenials who don’t want to work).

    Not to mention his mortality rate for Americans is woefully underestimated. 72? You can’t just point to a person and say “probably going to die at 72” that number includes children, bums and illegal aliens. People who never pay into the system, and never draw out of it.

    Not part of my argument, I just thought it would add to the conversation:



  75. MM needs to go back 40 years, check the average salary the, average it to the average salary now, and then figure out what the average SS contribution would be over the forty years.It ain’t $7k. Here, let me help – a + b /2 *40, where a is salary forty years ago times Ss rate, b is current salary times SS rate. That will give you a rough approximation. I won’t go into real rates of return, etc, as that would take me years to explain to old MM.


  76. Oh please do explain real rates of return to me LLPOH.

    I made the mistake of not considering you make ultra bucks, you think all people who retire will collect $30K+ per year and live for 30 years after retiring.

    You came back and conceded that, not all, but quite a few retirees would live that long.

    I did not argue when you said SS taxes would not cover the payouts expected. No shit.

    I said that retirees on the low end might only get around $7000 per year (where do you get the idea that they paid $7000 over 40 years?) although there is no minimum payout.

    You made it seem like every one of us fat fuck boomers would be collecting $30K per year. That is what I was complaining about.

    Thanks for only calling me a dolt, that’s almost friendly coming from you.

  77. MM – sorry – thought you meant that the average amount being put in was $7k per year ($50k average salary times 14% and all that.). My bad.

    Dolt is nearly a term of endearment from me. I luvs ya. If I didn’t I would get all mean and nasty like.


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