In Part 1 of this article I documented the insane remedies prescribed by the mad banker scientists presiding over this preposterous fiat experiment since they blew up the lab in 2008. In Part 2 I tried to articulate why the country has allowed itself to be brought to the brink of catastrophe. There is no turning back time. The choices we’ve made and avoided making over the last one hundred years are going to come home to roost over the next fifteen years. We are in the midst of a great Crisis that will not be resolved until the mid-2020s. The propagandists supporting the vested interests continue to assure the voluntarily oblivious populace the economy is improving, jobs are plentiful, inflation is under control, and housing is recovering. Bernanke and his band of merry money manipulators, Obama and his gaggle of government apparatchiks, and their mendacious mainstream media mouthpieces have enacted radical measures in the last five years that reek of desperation in their effort to give the appearance of revival to a failing economic system. Stimulating the net worth of bankers and connected corporate cronies through engineered stock market gains has not trickled down to the peasants. Our owners try to convince us it’s raining, but we know they’re pissing down our backs. Our Crisis mood is congealing.

“But as the Crisis mood congeals, people will come to the jarring realization that they have grown helplessly dependent on a teetering edifice of anonymous transactions and paper guarantees. Many Americans won’t know where their savings are, who their employer is, what their pension is, or how their government works. The era will have left the financial world arbitraged and tentacled: Debtors won’t know who holds their notes, homeowners who owns their mortgages, and shareholders who runs their equities – and vice versa.” The Fourth Turning – Strauss & Howe – 1997

The core elements of this Crisis have been discernible for decades. The accumulation of private and public debt; the civic, moral, and intellectual decay of our society; the growing power of the corrupt corporate fascist surveillance state; growing wealth inequality created by crony capitalist skullduggery; the peak in cheap easily accessible oil; and global disorder caused by overpopulation, scarce resources, religious zealotry, and war; combine in a toxic brew of unimaginable pain, anguish and tragedy. The Crisis began in September 2008 and the sole purpose of the deceitful establishment has been to avert a catastrophe that is destined to extinguish the wealth, power and control they’ve treacherously procured over the last few decades.

The appearance of stability is illusory, as the civic fabric of the country continues to tear asunder. Record high stock markets do not trickle down. The debt engineered stock market gains enrich the .1% at the expense of the working class. Bernanke’s “wealth effect” theory is a charade. He has backed the country into a corner with no escape for the prisoners of his QE prison (he’ll escape to collect his Wall Street paycheck in January). He knows that without the combined $300 billion per month being pumped into the veins of zombie U.S., European and Japanese insolvent zombie banks by central bankers, the worldwide financial system will implode. He blathers on about tapering while awaiting the next government manufactured crisis to give him an excuse to continue or increase his money printing exercise. Control P is the only key on Bennie’s laptop. To think dropping trillions of dollars into the laps of Wall Street will somehow stimulate Main Street is beyond laughable. Some ideas are so ridiculous that only intellectuals and academics could possibly believe them.

The masters of propaganda seem baffled that their standard operating procedures are not generating the expected response from the serfs. They have failed to take into account the generational mood changes that occur during Fourth Turnings. Propaganda loses its effectiveness in proportion to the pain and distress being experienced by the citizenry. Goebbels’ propaganda enthused and motivated the German people during the 1930s as Hitler re-armed, scrapped the Versailles Treaty and took over countries, as well as when he was conquering Poland and France in the early phase of World War II. Propaganda didn’t work so well when the U.S. Air Force was obliterating Dresden, Hitler was hunkered down in his bunker about to put a bullet in his skull, and the Russians were on the outskirts of a burning Berlin. Propaganda works when the people want to believe the falsehoods. When the cold harsh reality slaps them in the face, propaganda no longer works.

    Propaganda Working Well                   Propaganda Not Working So Well


The American Empire propaganda machine continues to gyrate but the gears are getting clogged with the gunk of mistruths revealed. Even the willfully ignorant masses are beginning to realize they have been screwed by those running the show. After five years of debt bankrolled “no Wall Street banker left behind solutions” and Keynesian crony capitalist handouts, real median household income is 8% lower, there are 5 million less full-time jobs, there are 19 million more Americans on food stamps, gasoline prices hover near all-time high levels, health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, local, state and Federal taxes relentlessly rise, and the national debt has gone hyperbolic – up by $6.7 trillion in five years.

This 67% increase is more debt than the country accumulated in the 214 years from its founding in 1789 through 2003. The $6.7 trillion of new debt, along with Bernanke printing almost $3 trillion of new fiat dollars and handed to his puppet masters on Wall Street, have generated a pitiful $1.8 trillion of GDP growth. We know Main Street has not benefitted from this insane expansion of our empire of debt. But, someone benefitted.

Shockingly, those who profited from the actions of Bernanke, Obama, Congress, and the U.S. Treasury are the very same malevolent predators that created the financial disaster and prompted the emergency response in the first place. QE to infinity has not been a failure. It has done exactly what it was designed to do. In September 2008 every major Wall Street bank was insolvent. Orderly bankruptcy under existing law was the solution. The richest, most powerful men in the world would have seen vast amounts of their illicitly acquired wealth vaporized. Hundreds of billions in bad debt would have been written off, with no lasting impact on the average American. A brief violent depression would have ensued, but with the bad debt purged from the system and only prudent sensible bankers left, the economy would have rapidly recovered. Instead, a small cadre of financial elite hatched a plan to preserve their ill-gotten gains through accounting fraud, and manipulation of monetary and fiscal policy.

Bernanke and Paulson compelled the pocket protector wearing accounting weenies at the FASB to allow Wall Street banks to mark their assets to make believe rather than market. Bernanke then proceeded to buy up toxic assets from the Wall Street banks, providing a never ending flow of QE heroin injected directly into the veins of Wall Street bankers, and paying .25% on all deposits made by the Wall Street banks. Bernanke didn’t do this so the banks could make loans to John and Susie Q Public and small time entrepreneurs with great business ideas. He did it so Wall Street could repair their insolvent balance sheets on the backs of American taxpayers. The $2 trillion of excess reserves parked at the Federal Reserve by Wall Street banks is “earning” $5 billion of risk free profits for the Too Big to Trust autocrats. Wall Street has generated billions of additional accounting entry “profits” by pretending their future losses on worthless loans will be minimal. Lastly, the “Bernanke Put” allows the Wall Street traders to use their HFT supercomputers and advanced notice of economic data to front run the muppets and syphon billions of risk free trading profits from the real economy. The chart below reveals all you need to know about the true purpose of Bernanke’s QEfinity.

You’d have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not realize who Bernanke is really working for. But it seems the majority of people in this country don’t care, don’t understand or don’t want to know the truth, as long as the ATM keeps spitting out twenty dollar bills, there are still Cool Ranch Doritos on the shelf at the Piggly Wiggly, and the EBT card gets recharged on the first of the month.

“The mischief springs from the power which the monied interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privileges which they have succeeded in obtaining…and unless you become more watchful in your states and check this spirit of monopoly and thirst for exclusive privileges you will in the end find that the most important powers of government have been given or bartered away….” ― Andrew Jackson

Parasite on a Parasite on a Parasite


“This is by no means a new idea, nor is it the least bit radical; it is deeply conservative and highly traditional. It was Aristotle who first defined the economy as an exchange of goods and services for money, commerce as a parasite on the economy (where those who create nothing extract a share by trading) and finance a parasite on commerce (which extracts a share by switching money from hand to hand – a parasite on a parasite). A typical US politician, such as the president, who counts financial companies such as Goldman Sachs among his top campaign donors, could be characterized as a parasite on a parasite on a parasite – a worm infesting the gut of a tick that is sucking blood from a vampire bat, if you like.” – Dimitri Orlov – The Five Stages of Collapse

The bastardized form of capitalism that passes for our economic system today is based upon a parasitic relationship between Too Big To Trust Wall Street banks, powerful mega-corporations, connected wealthy cronies, and bloodsucking politicians, with the American people as the debt bloated host. The parasites have put the host on life support in critical condition. It took forty years, since Nixon unleashed immoral bankers and devious politicians by decoupling our currency from gold, but the financialization and gutting of America through the false promises of globalization is almost complete. The quaint days of the 1950s and 1960s, when the country was supported by an economy that produced goods, invested in productive assets and citizens who saved money to buy things they desired, are long gone. The insane concepts espoused in the mid-1960s that created our current day welfare/warfare state required Americans to stop using their brains and start using their credit cards. The degenerate Wall Street banking cabal were thrilled to oblige by providing vast sums of debt to the government and the masses. Constant  war, uncontrolled materialism, and an ever expanding welfare state is the triple crown of profits for unscrupulous bankers and corporate CEOs. Once the inconveniant anchor of gold was cut loose by Nixon, the bankers and politicians were free to guide the U.S. Titanic towards its ultimate destination.

The decades long shift from a productive manufacturing society based on savings and investing in productive capital assets to a predatory consumption society based on borrowing and spending has enriched the Wall Street financial elite and destroyed the working middle class. An economy where 25% of its GDP was produced by manufacturing products allowed all boats to rise. A hard working middle class family had a chance to move up the social ladder. An economy where more than 20% of its GDP is dependent upon parasitical financial intermediaries that produce nothing and add no value creates the extreme wealth inequality we have in our society today. Only the yachts rise in such a society. The shift has been slow and methodical and we’ve crossed the point of no return. The propaganda being spewed by the mainstream corporate media and the connected crony capitalists like Jeffrey Immelt about a U.S. based manufacturing revival is designed to pacify the distracted masses. The pillaging by the FIRE sector will continue until the host is deceased.

The growth as a percentage of our GDP in business & professional services from 5% of GDP in 1970 to 12% today provides further evidence of a country in a downward spiral. The country wastes billions hiring “experts” (lawyers, accountants, consultants) to interpret the millions of pages of indecipherable laws, regulations and tax codes created by politicians used to control, monitor, tax and bilk the masses. The 3,300% increase in spending on healthcare and education since 1970 has created tens of millions of sickly functional illiterates. The corporate food conglomerates mass produce processed poison, Madison Avenue maggots peddle the poison to the masses through relentless Bernaysian propaganda marketing, creating nauseatingly obese human beings, and then the corporate healthcare conglomerates treat the dozens of diseases created by this insane process with their drugs, while corporate profits soar ever higher. We all know that superstar corporate CEOs like Jack Welch, Jamie Dimon, Angelo Mozillo, and Mark Zuckerberg deserve hundreds of millions in compensation for adding so much value to our everyday lives. How would we survive without a Best Buy credit card through GE Capital at 21% interest, or a JP Morgan created credit default swap sold to customers and then shorted, or a subprime negative amortization liar loan used to purchase a $750,000 McMansion, or having a place to post every inane thought we have so employers and the NSA can keep up to date on our status.


The corpulent populace have been so dumbed down by the public educational system run by social engineers and union teachers, along with the 24/7 corporate media propaganda inundating them since childhood, they are content to stare into their boob tubes, play with their iGadgets, or read what a friend of a distant relative ate for breakfast, on Facebook. The government provides enough welfare handouts to keep the increasingly larger lower classes from rioting by borrowing $1 trillion per year from future unborn generations. When the middle class shows signs of discontent regarding their declining wages and lack of jobs, the government and the military industrial complex use the bogeyman of impending terror threats and evil foreign dictators to wage undeclared wars and distract the willfully ignorant masses. Plus, there are always fantasy football leagues, paying $300 to take your family to watch drug enhanced millionaire baseball players not run out a ground ball at a $1 billion taxpayer financed stadium, shopping at a suburban ghost mall with one of your nine credit cards to dull the pain of a meaningless pathetic life, or watch eight year old Honey Boo Boo dress like whore and parade before adult judges on the Discovery Channel. Our choice to ignore the basic mathematics of our lives has resulted in creating a nation of sub-humans wandering through life like zombies in a bad horror movie.

“Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best, he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear his shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

And we owe it all to the bankers and politicians that have procured undue influence over the political, economic, and financial mechanisms that control the country. The 2008 financial collapse, systematically created by the pathologically egomaniacal financial elite who are programmed to thrust their vampire squid blood funnels into every potential pot of untapped wealth in the world, should have led the American people to tear down their criminal enterprise and throw the treacherous predators into prison. Instead, the fearful masses begged the Wall Street bankers and the pandering politician flunkies in Washington D.C. to steal more of their money. The bankers won again.

“They have been able to pay off politicians with political campaign funds and have been granted informal and unspoken yet complete immunity from prosecution, setting the scene for even bigger confiscations of investor capital. With the risk of legal repercussions so small and the temptation to steal so large, why would any of them not take advantage? What do they have to do to stop people from entrusting them with their savings? Put up neon signs that say, “We steal your money”?” – Dimitri Orlov – The Five Stages of Collapse

This capturing of unwarranted power by an unelected group of rich powerful men through deceitful means has left the country at the mercy of these psychopaths as their increasingly desperate measures insure the ultimate destruction of wealth across the planet. There are four central bankers (U.S., EU, Japan, China) who are the front men for the oligarchs. They are empowered with control over 70% of all the money on the planet. Do you think they have your best interests at heart? The financial crisis was caused by excessive levels of debt, created to benefit the issuers of the debt and the politicians who used the debt to promise voters more goodies than they could ever possibly deliver. Those politicians would be long gone before the IOUs came due, but the promises got them re-elected and made them rich. The “solutions” put forth by our owners since 2008 to solve our debt crisis have been to create debt at an even more rapid pace. Total credit market debt in the U.S. has surged by $6 trillion since 2007 to $57 trillion, 345% of GDP (it was 150% in 1970). The entire world is awash in un-payable levels of debt as reckless central bankers and gutless politicians know only one response to every crisis they cause – PRINT!!!

The decline in U.S. household debt has been solely due to write-offs, as the bad debt was shifted from reckless households and gluttonous bankers to the government books, where those who prudently abstained from the debt orgy are now on the hook for trillions of newly created unfunded obligations. Despite a moribund economy, with the lowest percentage of the population employed since 1983, consumer spending tanking, interest rates rising, gas prices near record highs, and poverty levels at all-time highs, corporate profits are off the charts. It seems the “solutions” implemented by the Ivy League MBA financial elite bankers and bureaucrats have had the desired result – enrichment of the criminal class who financialized the nation. The establishment and their media propaganda machine have somehow convinced a vast swath of Americans to believe that record profits accruing to the largest corporations in the world and stock market gains accruing to the 1% are beneficial to their lives. It’s a testament to the power of propaganda that people can be convinced to cheer on their own downfall as they are dehumanized and enslaved by the plantation owners who run this country.

“Crime follows money like a shadow. The more money there is within a society, the greater are its social inequalities. Financialization dehumanizes human relationships by reducing them to a question of numbers printed on pieces of paper, and a blind calculus for manipulating these numbers mechanically; those who take part in this abstract dance of numbers dehumanizes others and, in turn, lose their own humanity and can go on to perform other dehumanizing acts. Money is, in short, a socially toxic substance.” – Dimitri Orlov – The Five Stages of Collapse

There is no more revealing statistic than real median household income to gauge the winners and losers from the financialization and dehumanization of America. The real median household income of $52,100 is still 8% below the early 2008 level of $56,600. It is still 5% lower than it was in 1999, before the Federal Reserve/Wall Street bubble blowing wealth destruction machine really got going. In fact, real median household income has only risen 9% in the last 35 years. Prior to that, most families could live comfortably with only one spouse working. I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that these calculations are based on the fraudulently manipulated CPI figures which are understated by at least 3% per year. Using a true measure of inflation would reveal median household income to be lower today than it was in the mid-1960s. The bottom 80% have seen a decline in their standard of living since the mid-1960s as inflation has robbed them of purchasing power and the financial elite have skimmed the cream off the top of our economic system. The economic gains have accrued to the top 5%, with astronomical gains being amassed by the .1% ruling elite, who have rigged the game in their favor through laws written by their lobbyists, regulatory shenanigans, tax code manipulation, and buying off politicians. Thank you Bob Rubin, Larry Summers, and Phil Gramm for repealing Glass Steagall and stopping any regulation of financial derivatives. Where would the country be without those two courageous acts on your part?

Those in control of the system have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams as 72% of all the wealth in the US is held in the hands of 5% of the population, with 42% of this in the hands of the top 1%. The top 1% now “earn” over 20% of all the income in the U.S., a level exceeded only once before in the 1920s prior to the Great Crash of 1929 and ensuing Depression. During the heyday of middle class upward mobility, from 1950 through 1970, the top 1% earned 10% of all income. Today, the top 1% is dominated by debt peddling bankers creating derivatives of mass destruction, hedge fund egomaniacs in collusion with bankers to syphon capital away from productive ventures, mega-corporation job destroying executives, entertainment personalities, and shyster lawyers preying on the weak and feeble minded. Our insane society heaps accolades on these rich and famous narcissists, who add no value, produce nothing, create economic havoc, and drain the lifeblood from the dying carcass of a once great nation. The nearly extinct middle class owes their fate to the malevolent men that turned the country into a gambling casino of debt, derivatives, delusion and dreams of jackpots that will never materialize. The bankers and their cronies run the casino and the house always wins, as the chart below confirms.


It is mind boggling that we have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by the ruling class about the tremendous benefits of globalization, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. When academia, the mass media, and government leaders use their power and influence to convince the masses that ever higher mega-corporation profits benefit the well-being of the country, you end up where we are today. Globalization was nothing more than a scheme by our biggest corporations to use labor arbitrage as a way to increase profits. As American jobs were disappeared overseas to countries that allow slave labor conditions and wages, median household income declined.

The banking cabal stepped to the plate and convinced the increasingly poorer middle class to replace that lost income with easily accessible debt. Just whip out that credit card and use your house as an ATM and you still give the appearance of increasing wealth. You might be in debt up to your eyeballs but, by God, at least the neighbors would think you were doing great. Until the foreclosure sign went up in front of your house in 2009. The marriage of corporations outsourcing American jobs to China with consumer debt peddled by the predator banks was a match made in heaven until the country ran out of decent paying jobs, one in six people was on food stamps, and the average middle class family was drowning in debt. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that corporate efficiency and productivity means firing American workers, cutting benefits, and bigger bonuses for corporate executives as their stock price is boosted by the announcement of more layoffs. The country has been gutted by the predator class in their unquenchable thirst for more. Human nature never changes. Greed, desire, avarice and stupidity will always rear their heads, leading to predictable outcomes.

“Indeed, it had not – not when the nation’s most sophisticated corporate financiers and their accountants were constantly at work finding new instruments of deception barely within the law; not when supposedly cool-headed fund managers had become fanatical votaries at the altar of instant performance; not when brokers’ devotion to their customers interest was constantly being compromised by private professional deals or the pressure to produce commissions; and not when the style-setting leaders of professional investing were plunging as greedily and recklessly as any amateur.” – John Brooks

The psychopaths controlling this country have fashioned untenable financial conditions by further weakening an already structurally deficient economic structure that will result in an epic flood of financial destruction destined to destroy the lives of millions in the U.S. and around the globe. Those who put their faith in financialization and interconnected globalization will reap what they have sowed. We will all feast at a banquet of consequences. Encouraging central bankers across the world to print trillions of fiat currency out of thin air as the solution to our debt problem is the ultimate in idiocracy. The unsustainability of this scheme should be evident to even an Ivy League economist. But the dimwitted government apparatchiks, overeducated economists, greedy corporate executives, vacuous media talking heads, and intellectually dishonest journalists cheer on Ben Bernanke and his central banker brethren.

When you see a Bloomberg bimbo interviewing an Ivy League Wall Street economist about the tremendous merits of QE to infinity, you have a millionaire interviewing a multi-millionaire, with both working for corporations owned by billionaires. Their jobs depend upon the sustenance and further enrichment of the establishment. Therefore, they will lie, obfuscate and mislead their audience about the criminality of their bosses and the true consequences of these crimes against humanity. The existing hierarchy will not willingly surrender their control, power and illegitimately acquired wealth. Only the process of economic collapse, war and revolution will end their reign of terror.

We’ve seen it all before. The cycles of human history have provided us with centuries of proof that a few evil men can gain control over a civilization and procure an inordinate amount of wealth and power before ultimately relinquishing it due to their myopic pathological desire to acquire more. Powerful wealthy narcissists are never satisfied with what they have. Their arrogance and hubris will always be their downfall. Their foolish belief in their own omniscience reveals their true ignorance. Their enormous egos and confidence in the linearity of history blind them to their impending demise. Time is no longer on their side. A reckoning will happen within the next decade. Their gated communities and penthouse doormen will not keep them safe.

The American people cannot shirk their responsibility for this ongoing tragedy. The evil men could only pull off this bank heist with the silent consent of the governed. And that is exactly what has happened. The American people have been gradually persuaded through propaganda and fear to willingly give up freedom, liberty and self-responsibility for safety, security and government provided succor. Over the last forty years the Americans people have allowed themselves to be enslaved in debt by bankers, corporations and politicians, who realized all the riches, while binding the citizens in chains made of credit cards and mortgages. Now that the system has reached its breaking point and the further issuance of debt no longer generates the appearance of growth, the ruling class have resorted to more authoritarian measures, all done in the name of protecting us from phantom terrorists and evil dictators. It’s for the children.

Decisions about our economy are made in secret meetings by unelected officials and with sparse details announced with great fanfare by the corporate media. The President, with the full support of the military industrial complex, chooses which dictators are evil and which are good, with each being interchangeable depending upon the circumstances. The iron fist of American democracy attacks countries at will, without a declaration of war as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Twenty five hundred page laws, indecipherable reams of regulations, and 60,000 pages of tax code are rammed down the throats of Americans without the benefit of even a debate. Each crisis caused by the previous government solution is met with more laws and regulations, designed and written by the very entities they were supposed to control. The farce of party politics is used to give people the appearance of choice, when there is not an iota of policy difference when the opposing party assumes power.

The people are told every situation is too complicated for them to understand and they should let the “experts” solve the problems. Every authoritarian measure used to control dissent among those capable of thinking is done in the name of national security. Edward Snowden is declared a traitor for revealing the traitorous actions of our own government, and the people silently consent. The head of the NSA is caught lying to Congress, and no one cares. The Department of Homeland Security locks down one of the biggest cities in America looking for a teenager and the people cower and beg Big Brother for more protection. The NSA and other secretive government agencies treat the 4th Amendment like toilet paper, and the people feebly respond by breathlessly texting, twittering and facebooking about Anthony Weiner’s cock. The U.S. military desensitizes the masses by conducting live fire exercises in American cities, and the people just change the channel to Bridezillas or I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

Each new economic “surprise”; each new foreign “threat”; each new government “solution” is met with secrecy, spin, and no avenue for the people to impact the decisions made by our owners. The people no longer matter. They can’t change the course of the country through legal means or the ballot box because the system has been captured. It has happened before. The American people are under the mistaken impression we are free. That boat has sailed. Our economic, financial and political systems have been usurped by malicious men posing as gangsters in this saga. We have allowed this to happen. We mistakenly put our trust in bankers, academics and politicians and will suffer the consequences of our choices, just as the German people experienced during the last Fourth Turning.

“What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security.

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’… must someday lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing…. Each act… is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow.” – Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans 1933-45

In the fourth and final installment of this seemingly never ending treatise on a world gone insane, I’ll address how the disintegration of trust will ultimately lead to a collapse of the worldwide Ponzi scheme and how the collapse could lead to a rebirth of a society built upon family, community, cooperation, local commerce, compassion, freedom and liberty. I can dream, can’t I?



  1. In his book “Economics and he Public Welfare, A Finacial and Economic History of the United States, 1914-46” Benjamin M Anderson noted “We can not return to sound banking because there are not enough people left that know how.” Anderson was chief economist for Chase Manhatten Bank and a non supporter of Kenyesian economics.

    There is no way out other than collapse and a reboot.

  2. One day historians will discuss our current financial condition, and the run up that led to it, dating to the 90s and rooted in the early 70s, with puzzled curiosity. Bankers, the financial leaches on the body Americana, have been placed to cure our ills, but bled the patient dry.

    Taking a further step back, the American empire began not with Obama, Bush, Reagan, FDR, or Wilson, but with Lincoln. Until we have a union again of 50 independent states with the checks and balances in between them, fostering a healthy atmosphere of competition, we’ll all sink as “Americans” under a system the founding fathers never intended. More like, fought hard to prevent.

  3. Jim

    Another powerful and well-written article, as usual. You’ve covered nearly all the bases, as usual, in explaining the decline of our country and its economy.

    But I’m wondering. Just what “percentage” can one place on the PTB versus the American populace itself? There is no precise or even imprecise answer, of course, but it is my view that a great percentage of the blame lies with the people who look themselves in the mirror everyday.

    Sure, poor education, easy credit, and the like have sucked tens of millions into this cesspool of an economy. But this is not a problem of just the Big Shitties. It’s a problem trickling down to smaller cities and towns.

    Despite dwindling (tax) revenue, people in these places vote for increasing debt bonds year after year. They lobby AGAINST and shut down any job-producing project with which they disagree. From a neighborhood Wal-Mart to an area mining proposal (in the middle of nowhere). And on and on it goes.

    How do you stop this self-destructive, locally-based insanity? I submit …. you can’t.

  4. Nicely written. How you can get to your last sentence for part 4 without a big pile of skulls will be interesting.

  5. Admin

    I have a serious question: how do you find time to work full time, read blogs and other economic/political material, find interesting articles and quotes to post on TBP, engage in conversations with the Monkeys, write well-researched, cogent, creative, and informative essays, and otherwise stay on top of the chaos of the fourth turning? Oh yeah, there’s the matter of family, both nuclear and extended, that also requires your attention. Really, how do you do it? Let us all in on your time management strategies. I’m in awe, actually.

    1. Gayle

      I’ve now been working on this article on and off for the better part of six weeks. I can only get sufficient time on the weekends to write. I wrote all day on Saturday, finished up this portion by early Sunday afternoon and then the family took off to Valley Forge National Park for a 5 mile hike.

      When I started this blog I was writing an article per week because I thought I needed to produce stuff. Now I treat every article like a college essay and see where it takes me. I have no schedule or time limits.

      This article was supposed to be one part. I was sure Part 3 would be the end. But, I just write what pops into my mind and I’m now up to 54 pages on this sucker.

      1. Don’t worry. The Prez says we don’t have a debt crisis. Then why does Bennie have to print $85 billion per month to keep the country afloat?

  6. I’ve never read anything I agree with more. You nailed it. However, when you describe your solutions, then we’ll talk money. What would you like to see after the collapse?

  7. “We are in the midst of a great Crisis that will not be resolved until the mid-2020s.”-JQ

    What would be the Resolution in the mid-2020s? Inquiring minds want to know Jim.

    Dropping this one on the Diner as I keyboard here (multi-tasking! lol)

    Coming Soon on the Diner to a Laptop Near You: Collapse Blogger Video Conferences. Watch for it.

    The NSA got nothing on me and the Database Cavalry from California. 🙂


  8. In my first comment I cited B M Andersons book which was an economic History of the US from 1914 to 1946 or from the start of the Federal Reserve to Breton Woods in1944. The book has a chapter written by von Mises débuting Keynes and was highly recommended by Ayn Rand. It was not well received by our owners. It well describes the first 30 years of our trip down the rabbit hole. Jim is a good tour guide of our continuing trip.

    I believe 1971 was the apex of the American Empire as crude oil production peaked and we abandon Breton Woods, as Anderson predicted, by Nixon abandoning the gold standard and in effect declaring bankruptcy.

    Now we have the regulation/deregulation debate. What we have courtesy of our owners is selective deregulation removing any roadblocks to their control. What we need is complete deregulation. An Act of Congress is a law (regulation), think Federal Reserve Act and Legal Tender Laws. We may be too far down the rabbit hole and it will take a Revolution or collapse to undo the pure evil that now encumbers us.

  9. “When I started this blog I was writing an article per week because I thought I needed to produce stuff. Now I treat every article like a college essay and see where it takes me. I have no schedule or time limits.”-JQ

    Time gets thin to actually do any writing these days.


  10. Excellent article and easy to follow.

    also worth reading.

    The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide

    by Martha Rose Crow, M.S.

    1. Decision.
    2. Classification.
    3. Symbolization.
    4. Dehumanization.
    5. Organization.
    6. Polarization
    7. Preparation.
    8. Extermination.
    9. Denial.
    Why Autogenocide?

  11. Part 3 was the first thing I read this morning… then, the next thing is:

    … a compete opposite.

    Which one is true depends are where you are on the economic scale. Those who’ve adapted to the new normal of infinite debt are doing just fine. For a while. The rest of us face a future of an ever declining standard of living. The real crisis will come when China is strong enough militarily to defeat us. A war need not occur, it won’t have too, we’ll just surrender our power and call it a victory. The lumpen american will be so drained of any value by that time he’ll believe whatever he’s told. The elite much prefer the Chinese model anyway.

  12. What a GREAT morning!

    Yet another amazingly wonderful article by Admin.

    I just bought some stock in Raytheon, maker of Tomahawk missiles. Have we attacked Syria yet?

    There’s a commercial on CNN-teevee …. a 70 foot garden hose they only weighs 5 pounds, and never kinks. Never kinks!! Imagine that.

    My parents may be arrested soon for growing their own tomatoes.

    What a GREAT country!

  13. [email protected] says:

    Another tour de force, Admin.

    This whole economic/societal collapse thingey is just so darn complicated, here’e my redneck visualization of it.

    I liken it to the days when I drove a stick shift (back in the day when they were $2500 cheaper than an automatic).

    I was an inveterate “clutch rider”, going through a new clutch about every 30K miles. The harder I tried to “do it right”, the faster I wore it down. The faster the clutch wore down, the less well it engaged the fly wheel and thus the less well overall the car performed. It caused all kinds of collateral damage as well if my auto shop repair bills were any judge.

    By the time my car limped into the shop, I was going in and out of first gear, barely making any headway, with my hazard lights flashing. Don’t make me draw you a picture.

    But the engine was rev’ving just fine!!!!! And the car “looked” okay!! My 8 track stereo system worked great!!!!!

    There, that is the redneck version of our economic collapse.

    The Murikkan Economy, soon up on blocks, coming to a neighborhood near you, soon.

  14. I urge TBP readers to check out this interview with Greg Palast, a great investigator with some very interesting documents that reinforce and add detail to the story Jim Q so eloquently chronicles. One specific memo reveals how the top banksters have through their glove puppets in Washington implemented a global extortion scheme through the World Trade Agreement and infused the global economy with trillions of dollars of derivatives crap. Palast also explains who put Obama in power in spite of his evidently well deserved unpopularity with black voters in Chicago. Of course much of this activity was illegal, but as Dylan once wrote, “Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you king.”

  15. Great comments, Roy.

    The foundation for all of this is a religious awe of the state (and central banking). People clearly embraced the Progressive urge to create heaven on Earth via empowering a vast organization of naked power to compel “heavenly behavior.”

    Trends are nearly always capped by continuation against weakening internal measures.

    If 1971 was apogee, or an admission that the game was over, then the credit-bubble-driven rise since the low of 1974/1982 was an economic rally built on counterfeit (credit).

    If 2007 signaled the end of the private economy’s ability to add debt (due to payment service burden), then the rally since then has been entirely built on religious faith in the Central (Central Banking and Central Planning via the Central State).

    This time, when the markets roll over (and the bond markets rolled over A FULL YEAR AGO) there will be NOWHERE for that faith to move.

    Faith in the CENTRAL is coasting to apogee on two-degrees-of-trend weakening internals. Absent little green men from Mars landing in NYC, this pig is about out of rocket fuel.

    We will then see what happens when 81 years of credit growth (the literal embodiment of trust) goes out the window.

  16. Reform is impossible.

    What is coming is (figuratively) Martin Luther nailing his Theses to the church door.

    The Protestant Reformation came with a century of continuous warfare and slaughter, of neighbor against neighbor, a veritable horror show of murder and misery.

    We face a reversal in religion (today’s dominant Western religion is statism) every bit as wrenching as that.

  17. trickle-up-poverty.jpg

    Another great article. We’ve gone from a productive society with a middle class to a socialist society where 50% of the population is getting money from a bankrupt government. When the criminals in Washington can’t borrow or steal anybody else’s money, the whole thing goes belly up and the FSA is stranded, after which will be civil unrest like this country has never seen.

    Obama and the liberal progressive socialists are going to have quite a situation on their hands, their masters the banksters, Wall Street and the corporations are losing control of the whole mess. We’re seeing a slow collapse now, soon to be accelerated with the taper and rising interest rates.

    We’re living on borrowed time (and money). The people that loaned us the money are cashing in their chips, and bubbles Bernanke is the only one buying our debt now (with printed money). It’s the very definition of insanity. We’re going to lose reserve currency status, and the entire global economy will go down along with our financially, morally, ethically, and spiritually bankrupt nation.

    And the criminals in Washington are doing what they always do when crisis approaches, they are going to get us into yet another pointless war (Syria) that might well end in WW3. Enjoy the last days of the Amerikan empire while you still can.

  18. The Eurozone’s collapse definitely proves that you cannot have shared wealth without shared fiscal policy.

    The Germans produce, and the Italians consume.

    Here in the US, we have the same thing, with states acting the part of sovereign nations.

    All social programs should be reneged. If states want them in place, then let them vote them for themselves.

    My hard-won dollars in Missouri shouldn’t go to pay for people to rebuild their villas on the East Coast after a hurricane, or to California to pay for a family of 12 to live for free while I consider it normal to work 6 days a week.

  19. dc – Martin Luther nailed his Thesis to the Church door about 100 years after Gothenburg invented the printing press and made the Bible available to the masses. People no longer had to believe the Church was the sole purveyor of the word of God, they could read for them selves. This was a crushing blow to the Church’s control of the Masses. The Treaty of Westphalia transferred control of the masses from the Church to the State.

    The advent of the internet is an equivalent of the invention of the printing press. Left alone the masses will connect the dots much faster than 100 years and the “truth could set them free” from the State. Loss of control would be devastating to our owners; they might have to produce something to be able to consume (Say’s Law). As exhibited by the persecution of Manning, Snowden and others they will go to extremes to prevent the truth from setting us free.

  20. @Roy – Good comparison, I’m going to steal that for use later. Don’t worry though, in conversation I’ll say “Roy says…” so you get the credit!

    Everybody knows a Roy. By your good work, they will all now be thought of in a positive light.

    They’ll say, “That Roy is one smart mother fucker!”

  21. Roy,

    Don’t you think this experience will be driven by bankruptcy as much as by knowledge? Or that bankruptcy will drive a search for truth behind the walls of propaganda and illusion?

    I see a lot of parallel between the selling of indulgences (then) and the selling of legal favoritism today.

  22. Another great essay – thank you.

    While I see more people “waking up” I sometimes wonder if it’s all for nothing – I wonder if “Ponzi scheme” is an adequate description and that perhaps “Matrix” better defines what we live in.

    While one can hope that a Ponzi scheme will eventually collapse – a Matrix concept is more like a fabric or medium of existence – all encompassing. They have given us an illusion of democracy and free markets and we pretend to play along because really – what are our choices?

    Seeing the blatant lies and theft, the senseless, banker-driven wars, the crushing hypocrisy and psychopathy in the “rulers” of the day, and the absolute refusal of the government to allow Peace and Prosperity to our Nation is soul killing.

    I don’t know if what remains of the citizenry has what it takes to throw out the government that is ruining our Country and create an actual free market.

  23. FABULOUS work sir!.
    I urge all to read Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin posted at regularly.
    Puts it up Friday night.
    The past popping of credit / DEBT bubbles occurred in isolated relatively small instances. Argentina for $160 Mill., Russia for a mere $40 Mill, Japan was much alrger, but totally contained on the tiny island. Now the PIIGS, following Iceland, Cyprus et al, is amazingly still being contained, just like here in the USA by changing the rules, and manioulating share markets, which is THE most important boat to keep floating. The FASB rule changes to allow banksters to mark balance sheets to fantasy will go down in history as a monster crime, but is almost totally ignored these days.

    The default destruction cannot be avoided. Reverse unempoyment declines in any country in the world? Prevent the Chinese debt bubble from popping by building more empty cities and empty malls?

    For those that have an interest in more history, please take the time to dig out “The Money Masters” on you tube several hour treatise on central banking.

    Someone asked if getting Summers or Yellen to run the FED would be a choice for change. When the head of a Mafia crime family retires or dies will there be any change?
    Afterthought to highly recommend Matt Taibbi’s lay out of the student loan debacle.

  24. “some men rob you with a six gun, some with a fountain pen”; Youtube: “Joan Baez – Pretty Boy Floyd”. The NYC bankster’s modus operandi is the same; only the names and date changed. However this time, TPTB not wanting a good crisis to go to waste or to leave a penny on the table or a potential enemy standing, have a detailed plan to enslave US. With 51% of people living in America (not 51% of American citizens) supporting the program as long as TPTB send them monthly “checks”, I don’t think there will be a wake-up event until after the 400% inflation hits (due to Hussein quadrupling the Money Supply since 2008). We’re riding that Long Black Train to Hell, Hussein is the engineer and 51% of the passengers are holding the rest of US at gunpoint.

  25. Admin,

    Embarrassed not to have seen the earlier post of Palast, but I suppose there’s no harm in re-posting. Some time back I picked up an old copy of the University of Pennsylvania magazine, and there were some excerpts from a speech Larry Summers had given there. I think it was when my daughter was a student there, but I remember the speech preceded the last big bail out “crisis”. I was astonished at how completely wrong everything he said was, so profoundly, comically, impossibly wrong, all about deregulation ushering in some golden age for EVERYBODY. Palast’s research nicely confirms the suspicions I’ve held ever since: He must be a lying sack of shit. He can’t possibly be that stupid.

  26. I will join the bad wagon of accolades for another great piece of thought provocation by Admin, have really enjoyed this series, it is more of the great writing you voluminously produce such as ‘Bad Moon Rising’ which originally brought me to this site. I agree with Gayle, I don’t know how you find the time, but I’m glad that you do.

    In the article you state “When the middle class shows signs of discontent regarding their declining wages and lack of jobs, the government and the military industrial complex use the bogeyman of impending terror threats and evil foreign dictators to wage undeclared wars and distract the willfully ignorant masses. Plus, there are always fantasy football leagues, paying $300 to take your family to watch drug enhanced millionaire baseball players not run out a ground ball at a $1 billion taxpayer financed stadium, shopping at a suburban ghost mall with one of your nine credit cards to dull the pain of a meaningless pathetic life, or watch eight year old Honey Boo Boo dress like whore and parade before adult judges on the Discovery Channel. Our choice to ignore the basic mathematics of our lives has resulted in creating a nation of sub-humans wandering through life like zombies in a bad horror movie.” This kind of sums up the resounding fact that we are living in a fear based society, with the source of fear emitting from our political leaders. Think of everything the government has rammed down the populations throats and core reason for the public’s acceptance of new policy or discovery of ongoing actions, is fear. TSA, NSA, Homeland Security, Patriot Act all of these new drains on the public coffers are the result of politicians convincing the population to fear the ‘bogeyman’ as you suggest. At some point soon the public will have an epiphany and realize that our own government was the ‘bogeyman’ all along. Until then people will be content to escape reality and immerse themselves into the worlds of the Honey Bo Bo’s and the freaking Kardashian’s and hope all their problems will just go away.

  27. first rate piece. thank you. for me, the only way to stay sane is to turn off the television and radio, rife with all kinds of rubbish, read classic literature, play with dogs (and hence minimize contact with human drones), and drink a shitload of booze.

  28. Excellent article, full of great quotes Too bad, so sad, that it is correct, and therefore, can only conclude with irrational hopes that one can dream about some series of political miracles, which may emerge after we go through the social storms which will be caused by too much triumphant fraud, for too long …

  29. I agree with most of the points in your article with a few exceptions.

    The people of the United States can prevent the impending collapse by returning to it’s roots!

    A Christian society based upon the roots of the 10 commandment….

    I am the Lord thy God ,
    who have brought thee out of the land of Egypt (Mizrahim), out of the house of bondage.
    Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
    Thou shalt not make for thyself any graven image
    (carved idol) or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; thou shalt not bow down to them or serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, punishing the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those that hate me; but showing mercy to thousands of generations of those that love me, and keep my commandments.

    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain ;
    for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain.

    Remember to keep holy the sabbath day ;
    six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work; but the seventh day is a sabbath, that is, the rest of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not do any work therein, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy ox, nor thy ass, nor any of thy beasts, nor the stranger that is within thy gates; that thy manservant and thy maidservant may rest, even as thyself. Remember that thou also didst serve in Egypt, and the Lord thy God brought thee out from thence with a strong hand, and a stretched out arm. Therefore hath he commanded thee that thou shouldst observe the sabbath day.

    Honour thy father and mother
    that thy days be long in the land which the Lord gives thee.

    Thou shalt not kill.

    Thou shalt not commit adultery.

    Thou shalt not steal.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s (goods)
    house or fields, nor his male or female slaves, nor his ox or ass, or anything that belongs to him.
    Deuteronomy 5:6-21

    A society that is based upon these principles will succeed…..A society based upon corporate greed…….Taking what I do not earn ot deserve……imoorality of all levels will fail

  30. This is article is a classic for the ages. Inept politicians like Nancy Pelosi peddle dribble that welfare payments stimulate the economy. Obama-ites declare the recession over and Ben the Chairsatan prepares for retirement and multi-million dollar speaking engagement revenue.
    And America watches the Bachelor, America’s Got Talent and ESPN channel drinking Budweiser bought on LINK cards.

  31. Great article….all very sad but true…I’m new to this site and at the point where I’m prepping for the impending disaster…hope you will write about the way(s) we can survive the collapse…

  32. Duping the masses by enslaving them with debt and scaring the hell out of them is not socialism. This country we live in is a state owned by corporations and the “deciders” who sit on the board of directors. Obama is one of the good-old boys just like Romney. He’s good at playing the part of the guy you think is causing so much trouble. The puppet-masters own him. He’s a Harvard lawyer – need I say more? Ideology is used to control us — don’t be fooled by the blame game. Re-read JQ’s excellent piece again if you missed the point. Remember this if nothing else: follow the money to see where the evil lives.

  33. WOW!!! What a Rant! Nothing was said that I hadn’t learned over the last dozens of years. I was somewhat disappointed in that it departed from the theme of the two earlier posts: insanity and it’s avoidance. However, it needed to be said again and again and again. I have never seen a more complete capsulation of the causes of our current economic woes in such a short piece. Kudos

    Why does it need to be said again and again when it is redundant to many readers? I am reminded of the movie “Erin Brockovich”, when Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich is talking to Marg Helgenberger as Donna Jensen about PG&E contaminating the water with hexavalent chromium and how it caused all of their sicknesses. Donna Jensen’s resistance and rationalizations to what Erin Brockovich was saying about PG&E suddenly changed to fear and apprehension as she began to realize what PG&E was saying about the health effects of hexavalent chromium was fraudulent.

    That’s the way it is with belief structures. We all have’m. They stand in between us and reality (Whatever that is). We will defend our belief structures to the bitter end. An attack on our belief structures is an attack on us. Rationalizations and excuses to preserve our beliefs are the order of the day. Belief structures change when the inconsistencies between what is and what we believe become too painful to bear. This happens over time as as we compartmentalize these stored inconsistencies in our mind until it can no longer be ignored and it burst forth in sudden revelation. Think Paul on the road to Damascus.

    Administrator is planting seeds in the readers mind (making aware). Some will fall on fertile soil some on rocky ground. Fertile soil is soil (mind) that has been prepared through education and awareness. Like seeds it takes time to reach the harvest. Seeds need constant fertilization to come to fruition as does the mind through thoughtful articles like this.

    Soon, enough minds will “see”, “their eyes will be opened” to tip the balance. A new paradigm will be born. It’s the “hundredth monkey” thing.

    Propaganda, colloquially speaking, is to convince you that what isn’t, is. How do you know when you are being propagandized? When what is being said is inconsistent with actions. Ever hear “actions speak louder than words”? “You shall know them by their actions”. This is why so much effort is concentrated to conceal actions and punish those who bring them to light.

    Be very careful what you believe, be very careful and be very careful about revealing “the emperor has no clothes”..

  34. In fact, real median household income has only risen 9% in the last 35 years. Prior to that, most families could live comfortably with only one spouse working. – Admin

    Each act… is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow.” – Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans 1933-45

    These two quotes from the Admin’s brilliant post sum up my thoughts on “The Collapse” quite well. There isn’t going to be some defining event, a singularity, on which the other side will exist post-collapse America. We are already experiencing The Collapse and have been for decades, as the Admin shows with his charts. The combination of Big Government and Big Business has been systematically choking the middle class out of existence. Those of you waiting for that mythical future event will be waiting forever.

  35. ” Knowledge is first heard , secondly understood , but only in time , is it realized. ”

    Anon author

    Thank you Admin 🙂

  36. Admin – Finally an essay a person craving the truth can sink their teeth into! You’re a force to be reckoned with against TPTB. You’ve blown it out of the park by eloquently articulating the truth on a higher level than ever before. (I’ve got to re-read and make a list of vocabulary words to study.)

    You’re a knight in shining armor. Possibly unbeknownst to them, you’ve put TPTB on guard by sparring against them. Now that’s romantic! What’s not to ♥?

  37. “The people no longer matter. They can’t change the course of the country through legal means or the ballot box because the system has been captured. It has happened before. The American people are under the mistaken impression we are free. That boat has sailed. Our economic, financial and political systems have been usurped by malicious men posing as gangsters in this saga. We have allowed this to happen. We mistakenly put our trust in bankers, academics and politicians and will suffer the consequences of our choices, just as the German people experienced during the last Fourth Turning.”

    Worldwide doom will ensue because unfortunately the people no longer matter anywhere.

  38. Time to get rid of rascally banker’s. If they go to trial they try to baffle you with bullshit. If assasin’s took out banker’s instead of various public figure’s there might be a little bit of reform. I said a little bit. there is no limit to the greed of a banker until he realize’s his ass is on the line.
    after that, it’s all about covering his ass.

  39. Just one more thing, these parasite’s really are superb parasite’s . They don’t care what happens to you. They don’t care what happens to the whole country. they don’t even care about being banker’s. they only care about preserving their lifestyle, even if everyone else in the world die’s poor and starving. lol! Thank God we live in a country that issue’s food stamps.

    1. “The major western democracies are moving towards corporatism. Democracy has become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now devoted to the same economic policies — socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor — and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is not democracy.”

      John Pilger

  40. Admin: Another fine article. But —- I thought we agreed that using Orlov’s quotes and material was out of bounds for TBP! Way too doomy and gloomy for TBP normal cheerful and happy outlook!


  41. Really love this thorough treatment of where we’ve been and the status of our on-going crisis. Thanks for bringing so much information together “under one roof”. I’m a relative newbie to the site, having learned of it through you interview with Kunstler (hoping there might be more of those).

    My first reaction upon reading your analyses, particularly awesome summaries like the “Trying To Stay Sane” – series, is that i just want to share it with others in my circle of family and friends. But I pretty quickly realize that there are few people left in this country capable of reading, comprehending, and analyzing the information you present.

    They are much too busy to pay attention to all this stuff that always just impacts “someone else” and that’s a lot of words to read and the charts don’t make sense (“the maths are hard”). One co-worker who loves to discuss these matters with me in an apparently abstract fashion will currently be distracted by the new pick-up he just bought. Guess I wasn’t convincing enough regarding our current path to disaster.

    I just don’t think most in my circle have the tools or inclination to read something like this and really admit to the picture they are seeing in the pre-connected dots. And the thing that scares me is that this is a subset of people who probably COULD do it if they wanted to – I wouldn’t categorize them with the vast quantity of totally clueless “sub-humans” who never even give this kind of thing half a thought.

    Certainly not a commentary or critique on the the quality of the entry / series just a long-winded way of saying “How to stay sane, indeed…” My current prescription – as someone said above – minimize contact with the idiots (trying to inform them is futile), go into the mountains whenever possible, and (also as someone previously recommended) drink a lot.

  42. Quinn writes: “It took forty years, since Nixon unleashed immoral bankers and devious politicians by decoupling our currency from gold”

    Can someone please explain to me what other choice Nixon had? If he did not end convertibility of the dollar into gold then by 1980, if not a lot sooner, there would be no gold left anywhere in government hands, and convertibility would have come to an end anyway. I keep hearing about how this started the demise of the dollar and our economy, but all that was happening well before 1971.

    From Wikipedia:

    By 1971, America’s gold stock had fallen to $10 billion, half its 1960 level. Foreign banks held many more dollars than the U.S. held gold, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to a run on its gold.



    1. Andy

      Nixon and LBJ before him had a choice to not create a welfare/warfare state that ran perpetual deficits. The run on its gold was caused by their bad fiscal policy. It’s that simple.

      Gold forces governments to live within their means.

      Your welcome

  43. That doesn’t answer the question. We don’t have access to a time machine, and neither did Nixon.

    Its 1971. There is a run on the gold in Fort Knox and elsewhere. 50% loss since 1960, likely that the rest would be gone in a few years.

    So if Nixon did not shut the window the gold is GONE. What then?

    Everyone I talk to sidesteps this issue. Is there anyone out there who can give me a rational explanation of what would have happened differently?



    1. Andy

      I’m telling you that choices have consequences. Implementing LBJ’s Great Society programs and fighting a war of choice in Vietnam caused the gold to leave the country.

      You naively trust the storyline of all the gold would be gone. So what if the gold was gone. That would have forced the U.S. government to suffer a massive devaluation of its currency and suffer a Depression. Was the 1970’s inflation much better? Is the $57 trillion of credit market debt we have today better?

      Losing all your gold would have FORCED the politicians to balance the budget. They could have run surpluses and bought back the gold.

      You don’t want to hear the answer because you don’t like it.

      Terrible policy has consequences.

      Your welcome again

  44. You are stubborn! And I’m thinking you must also be a Republican. I used to be a card carrying Republican myself, until I woke up during the Bush II years. My background is very heavy Ayn Rand, Objectivist Newsletter, silver banking in the Caribbean in the 70’s, etc.

    I’m not questioning the very bad policy decisions that Nixon, et al made prior to 1971.

    What I’m ASKING is its 1971, a few days before Nixon shut the window.

    Are you saying at that moment in time Nixon could have reversed all the policies that got us into this mess in the first place instead of shutting the gold window?

    WHAT were the alternatives available to Nixon a few days before he shut the window?

    WHAT is the REALITY that would have ensued if he did not shut the window?

    And more important is the really obvious question of why gold even matters at all in fiat currency system in the first place. There was never going to be enough gold to back the currency no matter what Nixon did.

    I’m not looking for a fantasy answer, but something REAL that he could have done at the time.

    Thank you,



    1. Andy

      You’re thinking I’m a Republican. I’m thinking you’re an idiot.

      I answered your fucking question. He didn’t have to do anything. He chose to close the gold window so his government could continue to spend more than it brought in.

      I love the not enough gold idiocy spewed by people like you. There was enough gold from 1913 until 1971. Why was there suddenly not enough in 1971?

      The alternatives in 1971 were to experience a Depression and get the fiscal policy of the country back on course. That was the reality if he didn’t roll over to the statists who wanted to fight wars and sprinkle new entitlements on the masses. Can you get it through your thick skull?

      Idiots like you are incapable of hearing what you don’t want to hear.

      You want no pain answers to your problems.

      The pain has arrived. I hope you enjoy it.

  45. @Andy – Actually, he could have started undoing the damage. Instead he wanted to maintain his power. As did the rest of Congress.

    As do the current crop of politicians. When they go to DC they all get with the program sooner or later.

  46. Andy

    Here is a quote for you to ponder:

    “under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy’s stability and balanced growth… The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of credit… In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation”

    ― Alan Greenspan – 1966

  47. Admin:

    Got news for you. Once the banks shoved the FED and the Income Tax down our throats in 1913 gold ceased to matter. The FED is ALL about a fiat currency system, so gold was going to play a lesser and lesser role until it didn’t matter anymore.

    I cannot believe you don’t know this, unless you prefer to hold onto the mythology that we ever stood a chance of recovering from this fiasco after 1913, failing a complete smashup so we can start over. I think we are going to get this within this decade.

    Doesn’t matter who is in charge or what they do, we are long past the point of no return.

    For a very good understanding of where we are today and how we got here read this:

    My question about Nixon was an academic one: “What else could he have done with the deck stacked against him?”

    Instead of calmly answering my question you went off the deep end, finally getting very angry.

    That and your assumption that you know who I am and how I think very clearly labels you as a Republican, because that is what Republicans do. The other thing Republicans do is avoid seeing the truth.

    I’ve been reading what you publish on MarketOracle for a good long time, and I mostly agree with you. But I’m no longer a Republican. so I take issue with the assertion that our troubles started with Nixon closing the gold window in 1971.

    Our demise was written into stone in 1913, long before Nixon could even think about the problem.


    1. Andy

      Your contention is proven false by this chart. Have a 3rd grader explain it to you, if you can’t see what happened after 1971. I can smell a liberal Democrat douchebag from a mile away. Facts are of no interest to ideologues like yourself. I answered your question. You didn’t like my answer, so you pretended I didn’t answer it. You should go over to Huffington Post where morons won’t contest your blathering.

  48. The debt bomb got started long before Nixon came onto the scene. Early 50’s and each year it rose faster than GDP, relatively speaking.


    Your chart starts where mine stops, but its obvious that debt was accelerating long before 1971.


    1. Andy old boy. Where’s the GDP on your chart?

      So our debt went up by $1.25 trillion over 20 years, while GDP was growing by $900 billion. That is a sustainable level of debt. You will notice that it started to rise rapidly after 1965 when the LBJ/Nixon welfare warfare state was instituted. Thanks for proving my point with your chart. The debt went up by $400 billion from 1952 until 1965. The GDP was also up by $400 billion.

      Since 1971 the debt is up by $55 trillion and the GDP is up by $15.5 trillion. Hmm. I wonder why? Maybe it was Nixon closing the gold window.

      Facts are very inconvenient to ideologues who believe rather than think.

      Keep trying.

  49. There is nothing new here.

    Mesopotamian economic thought c. 2000 BC rested on a more realistic mathematical foundation than does today’s orthodoxy. At least the Babylonians appear to have recognized that over time the debt overhead became more and more intrusive as it tended to exceed the ability to pay, culminating in a concentration of property ownership in the hands of creditors.

    Babylonians recognized that while debts grew exponentially, the rest of the economy (what today is called the “real” economy) grows less rapidly.

    Every economist who has looked at the mathematics of compound interest has pointed out that in the end, debts cannot be paid. Every rate of interest can be viewed in terms of the time that it takes for a debt to double. At 5%, a debt doubles in 14½ years; at 7 percent, in 10 years; at 10 percent, in 7 years. As early as 2000 BC in Babylonia, scribal accountants were trained to calculate how loans principal doubled in five years at the then-current equivalent of 20% annually (1/60th per month for 60 months). “How long does it take a debt to multiply 64 times?” a student exercise asked. The answer is, 30 years – 6 doubling times.

    No economy ever has been able to keep on doubling on a steady basis. Debts grow by purely mathematical principles, but “real” economies taper off in S-curves. This too was known in Babylonia, whose economic models calculated the growth of herds, which normally taper off. A major reason why national economic growth slows in today’s economies is that more and more income must be paid to carry the debt burden that mounts up. By leaving less revenue available for direct investment in capital formation and to fuel rising living standards, interest payments end up plunging economies into recession. For the past century or so, it usually has taken 18 years for the typical real estate cycle to run its course.

  50. Admin

    I hate to say this but, old Andy is demolishing you with his extensive knowledge of Babylonian debt.

    Your only chance at this point is to get out God’s Word and point to the lessons of the Jebusites. Maybe even the Hittites … that will show him who’s da real boss!!

  51. Its amazing how you paint me. I happen to agree with you 100% on what is happening today and in the future, and I’m anything but a liberal when it comes to the economy, but like all TRUE Republicans what I think doesn’t matter. Its what you think that counts. Right from the start you concluded who I was and how I thought without even bothering to ask.

    That’s why I left the Republican party. They got hijacked by a bunch of Creationists.

    And the anger and name calling.

    I look forward to your publications on MarketOracle and often quote you to others.

    The debt growth in the 50’s and 60’s set the stage for the rest of the century. It was the whole idea of the FED that allowed such shenanigans to take place. We were not going to get stable growth in debt and the economy as long as we had the FED and other institutions operating, so even if Nixon had not closed the gold window nothing would have changed.

    GDP in 1971 was about 1.1 trillion dollars, the total value of the remaining gold was about 10 billion dollars, or less than 1% of GDP. How is that even noticable?


    1. Andy

      Stay focused dude. WTF do creationists have to do with you getting your ass handed to you regarding closing the gold window leading to an exponential skyrocketing in our debt? You need to take your ADD medicine. What party did you join after leaving the Republican Party? Inquiring minds are dying to know.

      I’m not angry. I’m being myself. Why are you so obtuse?

      You again are wrong on the facts. Do you ever tire of being wrong? The debt grew at the exact same rate as GDP from 1952 until 1965. Guess what happened in 1965? The Great Society welfare programs and the war in Vietnam. I know you don’t want to think because you have a storyline about everything going downhill in 1913, but the FACTS show otherwise.

      When the politicians began to spend more than they collected, the gold began to leave, signaling that our fiscal policy was fucked up. A courageous leader would have taken his lumps and cut spending or increased taxes. Nixon did neither. He cut all ties with our USD being anchored to anything. No more consequences for mismanaging the economy. And the debt soared, as I have proven.

      You have proven absolutely nothing. You ask what else could Nixon have done. Your brilliant historical knowledge should have taken you back to the time of Andrew Jackson. We had a central bank then. They were looting the country. He disbanded the bank. That took courage. The country ran surpluses during his administration.

      If you don’t have the chops to make a cogent argument then stop whining about getting shit on.

  52. Andy thinks Nixon should have just let the world take our silly old gold, like Hussein has just done (fait acompli); what Nixon wouldn’t allow (empty Ft Knox et all, so your gold is now belong to us, Amerika fools), Hussein has done. Sure, Nixon (R) stupidly created 100% fiat dollars 41 years ago but Hussein (D) spends and budgets like Louis XVl on crack in a whorehouse and will have a similar sooner end. Nixon tried to freeze prices instead of balancing his budget; Hussein the Marxist god stopped the debt clock (ref Cnut the Great stopping the tide). Very soon Amerika will experience 400% plus inflation (Hussein has quadrupled the money supply since 2008; do Zimbabwe or Weimar mean anything to him). SHTF will be an answer even a useful idiot will understand. At least Hussein has a gold Nobel peace prize to hock (if they don’t recall it for starting WWlll in Syria next week).

  53. Have gander at this chart, economically-challenged Andy.


    This is what happens when you leave the gold standard, turn to debt and socialism, and spend more on the welfare state than anything else.

  54. As I see it, people didn’t want to get “back on track” in 1971. They would have tossed out of office any rascal who stopped giving them their bread and circuses (and that includes the Middle Class whose jobs came to depend almost entirely on FedGov spending).

    Your doctor? Welfare (medicare) recipient.
    Your wife, the nurse? Welfare recipient.
    Your brother, the University Professor? Welfare recipient.
    Your cousin who works for Lockheed-Martin? Welfare recipient.
    Your nephew who attends the Air Force Academy? Welfare recipient.
    Your uncle who works for a road-paving company? Welfare recipient.

    People are just as addicted to FedGov debasement of the currency and spending as are European Welfare State citizens.

    Every nation’s rulers on Earth have issued oceans of promises (to pay, to deliver medical services, to give away free Obamaphones, etc.) all of which are coming due.

    All of those promises are claims on resources, but there are many multiple claims for each unit of resource.

    Most of those claims will be extinguished.

  55. you know, one thing i really like about this site is when someone gets in the grill of the admin. i won’t post often because i rarely have anything to say. (i do read it though.) but this latest round made me laugh quite a bit. so here i am.

    warning: if you want to challenge the admin with some cockeyed nonsense, you will get your head handed to you. then he’ll go to work on you. the pugilistic style of the admin almost makes this outhouse of lies and fraud coming from our masters in washington and new york bearable.

    ok, back to the bar…

  56. Damn. Haven’t had time to visit this article to the extent it deserves. Notice Admin bitch-slapping Andy. Andy should feel fortunate he has not made the Admin angry. But, as a rule, I am the only one who can really piss him off, since Smokey retired stage left.

    Andy – here is a hint. If you want to get on Admin’s good side, talk about how IKEA is a well-run, ethical company. Admin LOVES that. Really.

  57. Good to see you, archie. Please post more. You seem like a sensible soul with a good head on your shoulders. And you appreciate the humor in these things.

  58. Epic, JQ…..simply epic..
    I believe you named every demon bedeviling our once prosperous and free nation, but then freedom begets prosperity and once freedom is in short supply , it stands to reason that a deficit in prosperity will exist as well.

    I don’t know that cynicism towards all things political is healthy, but faced with reality, what other doctrine is there?

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    ― Carl Sagan,

    1. flash

      I was getting worried about you. Avalon and I were talking about you not being around when we were walking the other day.

  59. Other than Andrew Jackson, when was the last time a politician or president made a gut wrenching decision to do what was best for the country?

    Especially post 1913 when the banks and politicians took control away from the rest of us, and introduced fictional reserve banking, setting the stage for what happened in 1971.

    WHO owns the “central bank” today?

    WHO made the most money from the explosion of debt from the 1970’s on?

    WHO encouraged us to buy now and pay later?

    WHO is making the most money from QE today?

    Hint: It sure as hell isn’t the middle class!

    I keep hearing how the politicians can do this or that but in my 62 years of watching them I cannot remember when any of them has made the RIGHT decision, so how did anyone expect Nixon to do otherwise? Only someone living in a magical universe would expect Nixon or anyone else to make the right decision.

    So the question is why don’t they?


  60. Admin,Thanks, I’m touched you two were thinking of me.

    My younger brother (47) , who was in hospice care passed on Aug.19 and his funeral , plus spending time with my parents, both of whom are in poor health has occupied my front and center.

    The reunions were both sweet and painful, and the memories as well.

    …maybe not so much in the next week or so, but I still have a lot to say, so I’ll be around.

    Thanks again for TBP.

  61. admin,
    Life is way too short.
    When I I reflect on kids I’ve known who’ve passed away in the early bloom of their life, I think, but for the grace of God ….we who’ve lived long into adulthood are truly blessed.

  62. flash

    It’s not much I know but, let me add my condolences for you and your family. I am so saddened that you are going through difficult times. My thoughts, and Ms Freud’s , are with you. Peace.

  63. Flash, I missed your tete-a-tete too and wondered what happened; very sorry about your brother. We are all always about three heartbeats from God…

  64. I know that what I am about to say is going to make me a target of the psycopathic, those who are hearing voice’s in their head’s, and the foul mouthed who try to shock people with potty talk. But I just have to go on anyway.

    Administrator, you posted this, and I am not saying it is not true, I just wan’t to know

    Where did you get it?

  65. I see the world is winding down. I look for answer. Are you the answer?, I don’t know unless you explain where you got the information that is causing you to come to bizarre conclusion’s. You say_

    this and that

    you wan’t to be credible because I really, really, know – you have something to say (so don’t hate me, I am on your side)

    What I am trying to say is that the American People aren ‘t going to listen to you unless you really, really, have your ducks in a row. It may not be fair but it is the way it is

    I am willing to bet the president and congress do not have their ducks in a row but whatever solution they come up with will prevail because they are supposed to be our leader’s All we can do now is hope that God is watching over us- I do not think this will end in war but i’ve been wrong before

    So, Mr. administrator, let us get our duck’s in a row and see if people are going to listen to the like’s of us. I mean, if you come to a certain conclusion that you think Is important to the survival of the human race, be they videogame addicts or fan’s of Honey BoBo, you have to dumb it down. STOP!!! I am not being insulting to those who live in their world and don’t notice much.

    You, Mr. Administrator, need to keep it simple. You need to present fact’s and figure’s last. You need to start out with, “Why is my son brain-dead.

    Today’s people are so numbed by headline’s that they really don’t give a fuck. You need to present fact’s and figure’s last and a few people are going to notice.

    1. s. petersen

      I have no fucking idea what the fuck you just said.

      Based on your blathering, I understand why you don’t want any facts or figures. They make your head hurt.

  66. s. petersen – The people will not listen to those who have their ducks in a row. They do not want calmness, logic, or numbers.

    They seek comfort, ease and lack of accountability. The truth offers them none of these things.

    So, let us assume that the shit does indeed hit the fan, and the bread and circuses does indeed falter.

    Those lemmings still do not want calmness, logic, or numbers.

    They want fire. They want passion. They want passion, and most importantly, they want someone who will do the thinking for them.

    We can only hope that whoever grabs the reigns after TSHTF is benevolent, else-wise we are well and truly fucked.

  67. Thanks all, and FWIW, the only sane people I know or feel like I know are members of TBP.
    It really is a crazier world than most can ever imagine.
    God bless you all.

  68. Pretty F-d Up, right? You can not just give these homeless suffering hungry delusional people a –

    My neighbors grow beautiful, sweet, tasty, hydroponic tomatoes in huge greenhouse’s. I have many time’s been the beneficiary of these intoxicating tomatoe’s.

    One time I went over for a visit and the owner of the farm noticed me looking at rotting piles of tomatoes.

    She said”I’ll bet you are wondering why we do not give these tomatoes to the impoverished and homeless. I wasn’t, actually, but her question sparked my interest.

    She said that if random homeless or indigent got sick after eating a random tomatoe her and her husband would lose their business. It seems to me that what she was really saying is that you can not give things away for free if you do not have substantial liability insurance.

  69. Anomyous says:

    “This happens over time as as we compartmentalize these stored inconsistencies in our mind until it can no longer be ignored and it burst forth in sudden revelation. Think Paul on the road to Damascus…….Soon, enough minds will “see”, “their eyes will be opened” to tip the balance. A new paradigm will be born. It’s the “hundredth monkey” thing……Propaganda, colloquially speaking, is to convince you that what isn’t, is. How do you know when you are being propagandized? When what is being said is inconsistent with actions. Ever hear “actions speak louder than words”? “You shall know them by their actions”. This is why so much effort is concentrated to conceal actions and punish those who bring them to light……Be very careful what you believe, be very careful and be very careful about revealing “the emperor has no clothes”..”

    Paul said everyone should be convinced in their own mind, he never mentioned that he had doubts before his conversion.

    I don’t know whose comments are more fucked up, Anonymous or s. petersen

  70. Here’s my two cents worth, which is worth a nickle in today’s economy.

    Good job, Admin, you can sure stir the pot and get people commenting. Here are some of the things I think about.

    On Knowledge And The Universe

    1) Everyone has limited knowledge. The Universe is just too vast for anyone to grasp.

    On Politicians

    2) Everyone acts in their own self interest, even Mother Teresa. So anyone foolish enough to think that politicians are looking after your interests and representing you are deluded and need to remove themselves from the gene pool. Politicians represent themselves, first and foremost. You do the same. So, why would you think that politicians would be different? You look at a politician as “my man in Washington”. “He’s taking care of me”. Hahaha! What a joke! I can’t contain my laughter. Hahahaha. Am I cynical ? Watching my country dragged into war after war, the middle class decimated, inflation and more inflation, 50 million people on food stamps, propaganda and more propaganda from the Main Stream Media, police becoming embolden and aggressive, cameras on every intersection in America, financial community stealing billions of dollars with impunity from retirees, savers, and investors, schools becoming baby sitters and teaching nothing of substance, politicians dividing the country along every line and lie after lie after lie, a President that thinks that the Constitution is meaningless that Congress is meaningless, and that the People are meaningless, etc, etc, etc. You tell me. I don’t believe what any politician says without conclusive proof, Here we are going into another war in Syria and kill a lot of men women and children because it’s for the children or democracy. Hahahah. I’s so funny , I think I goin’a cry.

    On Nixon

    3) Richard “I’m not a crook” Nixon. Yes he was. RMN could have revalued the dollar to gold and the country could have gone through a recession and higher prices, but he took the “low road”. After all he had a place in history to preserve. (see 2) No one talks about Hoover with any great relish. Nixon will go down in history as a feeble attempt.

    On The American People

    4) The American people, like people everywhere, are generally a good people. They’re generous and want to be helpful, but, unfortunately, in a framework of ignorance and gullibility. ” Pareto Rule”. the 80-20 rule, I think suggests that 80% of the people are emotionally motivated and 20% are rationally motivated, 80% are feelers and 20% are thinkers. This is why the Dems appeal so much to emotions, “I feel your pain”, “It’s for the children”, “you deserve it”, “Americans are exceptional” We’re nearer to God, we’re not, the emotions of political racial division (stirring racial archetypes), etc. This appeal to emotion works, they get reelected. OB got elected on feelings. We have public education to thank for that. While the politicians are altruistically lending us a helping hand their other hand is in our back pocket. (see 2) — S. Petersen—-the American people won’t listen at all, they think ‘My opinion trumps your opinion”, unless your opinion is the same as my opinion, in which case, we’re the best of friends. (see 2) The SHTF moments changes opinions tho. Feelings aren’t just another form of thinking. Both are good and make life worth living.

    On The Good Ole ioUSA

    4) Napoleon Hill said, ” If you want honey, you don’t kick over the beehive”. In other words, co-operation is better than violence. As a nation we have been engaging in violence much too long and like all actions it has consequences. We are probably the most hated nation in the world, today. If Karma is the rule, you experience what you create in the lives of others, then we are in for a big stinging.

    On The Economy

    5) Everything that I ever really needed to know about the Economy, I learned in Kindergarten. Truly!

  71. A brown gringo—I said inconsistencies not doubts. Inconsistency—lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory. Doubt—to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe. Mr Gringo are you a product of our government’s educational system?

    Revelation—something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized. Of course, you must be convinced in your own mind or else it wouldn’t be a part of your belief structure. You would dismiss it . Rationalize it away. So, nothing new with what Paul said. Paul said a lot of things, but there are more things he didn’t say. So, who knows? Lemont Cranston?

    I’ve had several revelations in my life, as has others, and they are like a black swan events. They come out of the blue and your never the same. You change; it changes you.

  72. anonymous says:

    “A brown gringo—I said inconsistencies not doubts. Inconsistency—lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory.”

    it was a slow night, fridays usually are because the bars are open early.

    I was only picking on your choice of examples: paul was a man so far removed from inconsistency or illogic that his conversion can only be divinely inspired, to use your analogy, picture llpoh suddenly doing an about face on the application of tax law; he suddenly relaxed his views on tax evasion. you could not say that the change of heart was due to any prior internal inconsistency in his mind.

    I find your comments interesting and since you got 9 thumbs up, you are doing good.

  73. juan—How is it that you are so well informed about Paul that you can say, “Paul was a man so far removed from inconsistency or illogic that his conversion can only be divinely inspired”…? So you are saying that God changed Paul’s mind (divinely inspired). What’s all this stuff about “Free Will”?

    Paul was a human being, just like you and me, Juan. Subject to the same mental constructs and frailties. Changes in belief structures was the same for Paul as it is for you and me. I extrapolated that nature of mankind was the same today as yesterday and you extrapolated that he was so removed from inconsistencies based on your own feelings. Paul was not a special creation just as Jesus was not a special creation. Jesus was fully human, if not, He was a sham. If he was different than you, you could never achieve what He was.. It would be a cruel hoax on mankind.

    “Divine inspiration”, if the early writers of the bible correctly recorded the event and didn’t extrapolate based on their biases, may come in many forms. Why not a ‘sudden revelation’ ( I know, I’m redundant): a synthesis of mental incongruities. What really happened to Paul, I don’t know, you don’t know, and the early writers of the bible didn’t know. Sorry, I challenged your belief structure.

  74. anonymous says:

    “Sorry, I challenged your belief structure.”

    no you didn’t. and i used as an example a man that is fully human as well, called llpoh, but i guess you missed that part of my comparison.

    it was a nice try when you threw in “free will” but you did not follow through. too bad.

    but come back tomorrow because pastor Stuck has promised a bible lesson from on high, from the top of the tower of babel,

    it should be good, he will be playing your tune. I get to play the part of doubting thomas this time.

  75. Mr. James Quinn – your articles ‘Trying to stay sane in an insane world’ are TOP SHELF and hit the nail on the head as to what is really going on here in this fucked up country, and indeed the entire world. I have been searching for the truth since 2007. I spend time each day, seven days a week looking for the truth in order to justify that I am not the only person who sees things in this way and to justify that no, I am not really going insane. In my nearly seven years of searching I have found you to be the MASTER for putting the truth into words and for your GREAT skill and finesse. I do not know how you maintain this tireless effort of yours, but I am very grateful that you do.

  76. Flash,

    Sorry to hear about your brother, my thoughts are with you and your family.

    Don’t know how close you were, but I will tell you grief is an odd duck. After losing my wife sometimes I felt like the one up above.


  77. Another great read. Thanks for all your efforts. I can appreciate the time constraints you are under.

    I really hope that you address more forcefully what I believe to be the true motive behind this crisis — an intentional herd thinning and final solution control of the masses, as opposed to simply riches and profit.

    People have been propagandized to accept extreme and immoral wealth as normal and are not that alarmed by it or threatened by those who have it (the Xtrevilists spend billions convincing us all it is OK to be piggishly wealthy and to adore and aspire to be like them and that we too could be rich in an instant) but if people are alerted to the real motive; that this is an intentional “Full Spectrum Dominance” herd thinning and they are the target of that dominance they would be a hell of a lot less accepting of what is going on more roused to action. I think a lot more discussion of the elite Noble Lie that is coupled with the corporatism and control of media (propaganda) is required.


    “You reap what you sow…
    Full Spectrum Dominance!
    Does It Include Domestic Dominance?
    You Decide…
    The stated goal of Xtrēvilism is “Full Spectrum Dominance” with a two tier ruler and ruled world… Welcome to the future. Its the CEO and employee corporate structure on steroids. Only you won’t get benefits or a vacation. Instead you will be replaced by robots and you won’t even have a job. You will become a member of the ruled masses and discarded into the intentionally created perpetual conflict with everyone else; you have been suckered by the propaganda and used and now you will be intentionally thrown into the trash heap of history. Xtrēvilism has a stated goal. That stated goal is Full Spectrum Dominance. That goal, ironically, includes decimating the same Western middle class that has created Xtrēvilism’s wealth for them and given them their tremendous power. In creating that vast wealth for themselves the Xtrēvilism controllers misdirected the use of the planet’s resources and created an unsustainable global society — a bubble society!

    Not everyone on the planet can drive a Ferrari, live in a ten thousand square foot home and make a million dollars a year. You have been societally pumped and now you will be dumped as Xtrēvilism, having intentionally screwed things up, herd thins and strips the global population of assets through a manufactured, carefully and incrementally orchestrated, financial crisis. The end goal is to have a two tier planet wide societal structure of ruler and ruled, with the ruled class [Yes! That’s you sucker!] pitted one against the other in a divisive ‘perpetual conflict’ and worked and starved to extinction. The high resource consuming middle class is fast being replaced by a cheaper to maintain, sell out, technocratic law enforcement class. Corporate Xtrēvilism’s Predator drones are already patrolling over American soil spying on American citizens. It won’t be long before the overly dangerous and stupid high speed law enforcement automobile chase that kills many innocent bystanders is replaced with drone bombing cars in traffic. These intentionally over glamorized on TV immoral troops and cops, who sell their morality for a paycheck and provide the subservient muscle for your oppression, are not your friends and neighbors! Shun them!

    Is it an intentional top down orchestration? Or bumbling ineptitude? You decide… If you think the global financial crisis and what is going on in the world today is mere happenstance I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. Make no mistake about it, events unfolding in the world today are all part of a well planned and implemented top down orchestration. There will be no debt jubilees or resetting of the playing field. Math and reason have been replaced by heinous and evil immoral deception. This is a mean spirited, vicious, and hard nosed attack on global morality, trying to hide itself in phony righteousness and a pretend morality, with elimination and subjugation as its real goal. ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ means just that — the full spectrum. Those of you that have looked the other way thinking that the full spectrum dominance program of terror breeding terror was only for foreign populations (those brown people over there) need to wake up and smell the oppression — it is you that is the target — the terror breeding terror, hate breeding hate program, is alive and well here in America and we are intentionally being divided as our wealth is extracted. Much of that wealth is already gone! The ‘fog of war’, masking the domestic atrocities is a ‘fog of propaganda’. And yes, you reap what you sow…”
    More here…

    Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.

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