Well it’s arrived. Armageddon. The Federal Government is officially shutdown. There is chaos in the streets. The Iranian Navy is sailing up the Potomac. Terrorists are pouring across our unprotected borders. Teenagers are smoking pot and getting away with it. The stock market is set to plunge 600 points.

What? None of this is happening? WTF?

MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the propaganda arms of the government have been bloviating about the impending doom of a government shutdown. Just like they bloviated about the dreaded sequester, which has not impacted one American in a negative manner. There are supposedly 1 million government drones being furloughed today. You would think I would get some benefit, with all of these drones off the road, but you would be wrong. The roads to work this morning were jammed. I guess government drones either work from home or they put in a brutal 10 to 4 day and aren’t on the roads at 6:45 am anyway.

I had to deviate my route and go through the 30 Blocks of Squalor this morning. This was a bold choice on my part. Today is the 1st of the month, normally the happiest day on the Squalor. EBT cards are recharged and SSDI transfers for depression hit the bank accounts. Malt liquor and KFC for everyone. Knowing that the government was shutting down because they supposedly no longer have any money, made me worry that the EBT cards might not be recharged and the Squalorites would be looting and burning their fine neighborhoods. But my worry was alleviated when I saw nobody along the 30 Blocks rioting or rushing to their jobs. It was business as usual. For the 150th time in a row, I drove along the 30 Blocks and witnessed zero wheel chair bound West Philly natives utilizing the hundreds of wheel chair ramps installed on every corner with my Federal tax dollars. But at least some government union workers were employed for a few months doing quality work.

I also witnessed zero black men walking their children to school and zero black women with wedding rings on their fingers. I did notice that the old Risque porn video store had been replaced by a brand new liquor store. As soon as the fine folks on the Squalor can sell their EBT cards for cash, the liquor store will have a nice pop in business today.

The stock market is yawning at the fact the government is shutdown. They realize this is just a farce. The 1 million furloughed drones are thrilled to have a few days off while the slimy snakes in Congress and their teleprompter in chief play games and ultimately reach some half assed public relations compromise that does nothing and allows these captured politicians to spend $1 trillion more than they generate. The stock market knows who is calling the shots – Bennie and his Wall Street bosses. The stock market knows that Bennie will be printing $3 billion every day to prop up their HFT computer generated ponzi scheme. They don’t care what the government morons do on a daily basis.

This faux crisis is just another nail in the coffin of the vested interests. The mood of the country is darkening as most realize that government is incompetent, dysfunctional, corrupt and worthless. They aren’t solving problems, protecting us, or making our lives better. The last faux crisis called the sequester was hyped by the MSM propaganda outlets as something that would devastate our lives, kill old people, and end the world as we know it. The sequester was a joke. It kept the annual deficit at $900 billion rather than $950 billion. Wow. And it had zero impact on your life. If this fake crisis lasts a few weeks, the American people will realize they can live without the 1 million ass scratchers. This will be a further delegitimize government as essential to our lives.

Mish provides some facts to counterbalance the shrill rantings of the MSM and Washington slimeballs:

Campers in national parks with entrance gates will have to leave, a zoo panda-cam will be turned off, the airline consumer complaint-line will be shut down (but not air traffic control), routine food inspections will be off (but not meat inspections or high-risk inspections), some SNAP services may be shut down (but not school lunch programs), there will be delays in handing disability claims, and Friday’s jobs report may or may not be delayed. Servicemen will be paid, homeland security personnel will stay on duty, Fannie Mae will keep on issuing mortgages with a full staff, but the FHA which handles about 15% of mortgages will have a reduced staff.


How will we survive with no White House tours, panda-cams and propaganda reports from the BLS? I wonder if this government shutdown will impact Obama’s tee time? Does anyone really fear the government shutting down, other than the control freaks who work in government? The MSM continue to play their part and warn about the economic catastrophe this will cause. They never actually tell you what will cause the catastrophe. Everyone knows the shutdown will be temporary. The furloughed drones will all receive their back pay when the faux crisis is resolved. There will be absolutely no economic impact from this government shutdown. The Wall Street shysters will use the ultimate resolution as another way to flog the muppets when they ramp the stock market and lure in some more mom and pop dupes.

Do you ever get the feeling you are living within the Truman Show? It seems to me that the American people are just led from one fake crisis to another in order to keep us distracted from the looting operation being conducted by our owners. Everything that has happened since the 2008 financial crisis appears to be a production designed to keep the people fearful and unable to focus on the true culprits in this movie. First we get our first black president, who no one had ever heard of three years before. He runs as the change candidate and changes nothing. He doesn’t prosecute one Wall Street criminal and he ramps up our wars around the globe, exactly as instructed by the producers of this show.

The subplots of popular discontent from the Tea Party and OWS are quickly discarded by the writers of this sitcom. Various terror plots are hatched by the FBI and DHS and then foiled by these geniuses. Osama bin Laden is supposedly killed, but no one is allowed to see his body. The imminent threat from a nuclear bomb wielding Iran is used to bludgeon the American people for months. Libya becomes the next imminent threat. Followed by Syria. Egypt is used as a distraction for many months. North Korea is always good for a few weeks of fear mongering. Saber rattling with China and Russia is always good to distract the masses.

We’ve had numerous domestic distractions designed to keep the masses dazed and confused. We’ve had Obamacare, the first debt ceiling faux crisis, the sequester faux crisis, and now the latest and greatest faux debt ceiling crisis. All of this seems designed to keep us chasing our tails and not realize how badly we’ve been screwed by Bernanke’s purposely created inflation, the debt bubble being created by his QEternity policy, the millions of good jobs lost as the corporatocracy employs slave labor in foreign countries to inflate their profits and pay themselves billions in bonuses, and the looting and pillaging of the national wealth by the Wall Street financial elite.

Truman eventually figures it out. The American people are now slowly figuring out that they are in a bad movie and should be heading for the exits. The unexpected appearance of Edward Snowden was a plot twist the directors didn’t want. The American people now have proof that our government is spying on us. A true analysis of non-government manipulated data proves that the .1% who run this country are accumulating all of the wealth, while the middle class sinks further into poverty. Young people have been lured into a trillion dollars of student loan debt and there are no jobs at the end of the rainbow. The anger, discontent and mistrust of the corporate fascist surveillance state grows by the minute.

Today’s government shutdown is another step in the process of this Fourth Turning. The existing establishment is being discredited. Their lies and propaganda efforts are being revealed. The social order will be swept away in a whirlwind of violence, chaos and ultimately war. So rejoice. We are one step closer to change we can all believe in.


  1. This Is Rush Hour Traffic In DC On Government Shutdown Day

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/01/2013 09:48 -0400

    Spot the ‘essential’ government worker…


  2. [email protected] says:

    I think this shut down will be a huge YAWN, although to listen to the Lefties this morning you would think that the Earth has ceased its turning and the Tea Party Zombie Hordes are about to break out and eat everybody, cue eyeball rolling.

    SultanKnish has a good piece of satire on this this morning that complements this piece.


    Personally, I awoke realizing the Leviathian Cthulhu was, if not closed, then at least ASLEEP, with a GREAT feeling, the best I have felt for months.

    Oh I Have Slipped
    The Surly Bonds of Earth (fed.gov).
    Put Out My Hand
    And Touched the Face of God (Liberty)”

    The HZK take on this wonderful poem.

  3. Great article Admin. Pretty well says it all.

    1 million worthless union government drones got to stay home today, and nobody noticed. It’s 3% of the total of 30 million government drones. The ones that retired at 50 with $100k pension a year are still getting their pensions. Government drones make 60% more, on average, than the people in the private sector.

    How can it be a “government shutdown” when only 3% of the employees aren’t getting paid? That’s more akin to a sick day. Pathetic. I suppose it’s going to take a complete collapse to eliminate the rest of the useless, lazy, imbecilic moron government drone employees. And where are the C, D, and F students going to get jobs if the government isn’t hiring?


  4. I just hope that bitch is shutdown for longer than a couple of days. The only way this shutdown has effected my life at all is that I logged into facebook this morning and saw pictures of the deer my Marine friend killed this morning. He got released out of duty at midnight. I hope he toasts the government’s stupidity for his tasty dinner.

  5. Smile; those wheelchair ramps will get used as people return to the city because government will have to charge the true costs of living in various places and most will return to the lower-cost-to-maintain cities. The neighborhood may look like shit now, but it won’t forever–eventually all that street infrastructure will be put to good use. Here in Miami, the formerly decrepit neighborhoods are hottest now. Sadly, unless protected by historical protection laws, most have become tall condos for the big supply of South Americans who buy condos in cash. In South Beach, the laws protected the old buildings; they just get completely gutted and modernized, the higher costs fortunately returning higher prices.

    You might be surprised to learn–as I was–that all those decrepit buildings are far more productive from a tax base than suburban buildings. See http://www.strongtowns.org for more info. I recommend their podcast too, though not every episode. The 8/29/13 episode, MoneyHall, might be the best of the recent ones to start with.

  6. Say It Often Enough And It’s True

    Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

    Try this experiment.

    Ring up your credit card company at the end of this month. Tell them that you and your spouse can’t seem to reach an agreement about how to allocate your monthly budget.

    So in the meantime, you have been forced to shutdown your household… but you hope to be back on track in a few weeks.

    Chances are, they won’t take you seriously. Yet for some reason, this has been dismissed as commonplace and benign in the Land of the Free.

    Here’s a list of quotes we’ve heard from the telescreen talking heads over the last 24-hours:

    “We’re still the richest most powerful nation in the world.”

    “It doesn’t matter, the bond market is going up.”

    “The United States will never default.”

    The hubris and arrogance here is amazing. And it just goes to show that if you just repeat something over and over again, people will believe it… no matter how absurd.

    This is the basic premise behind propaganda. Start with an idea. Inundate the population through constant repetition. And soon it becomes the unquestionable truth.

    To suggest that the United States is NOT the richest country in the world, or that the government could default, is tantamount to blasphemy.

    It doesn’t matter that every objective scrap of evidence points to the inevitable conclusion that the US government is going to have to default on its obligations.

    They could default on their obligations to foreign creditors– China, Japan, the Gulf states– and risk a total collapse in the dollar’s ‘value’ internationally…

    Or they could default on the Federal Reserve, rendering the central bank insolvent, and risk an epic currency crisis…

    Or they could default on domestic financial institutions and risk an even bigger banking crisis…

    Or they could simply default on their obligations to citizens by curtailing Social Security and debasing the currency.

    The only question is– who gets screwed?

    Having this sort of public discussion, however, is considered ludicrous and irrational. The propaganda is so effective that people continue to believe in this fairy tale that America is the Land of the Free and the richest country in the world.

    Yet it’s this fairy tale that is ludicrous and irrational. Looking at the data objectively, having a candid discussion, and getting your own affairs together to withstand the inevitable fallout– this is the most rational thing that anyone can do.

    1. Millennials Devastated As American Dream Becomes Nightmare For Most

      Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/01/2013 19:08 -0400

      “It seems to me that if you went to college and took on student debt, there used to be greater assurance that you could pay it off with a good job,” sums up one ‘millennial’, adding – sadly – “but now, for people living in this economy and in our age group, it’s a rough deal.” As WSJ reports, only about a third of adults in their early 20s works full-time – the lowest rate in 40 years – as the combination of structural changes and this recession “is devastating for millennial.” Despite think-tanks demanding more of employers in terms of workplace rules and minimum wages, the reality is workers are expected to do more for less and be grateful – “this is a huge problem when think of where demand is going.”

      The young are earnings less and less relative to the average earnings in the US…

      as the younger generation’s participation in the labor force fell more than 3 times as fast in the “lost decade” as in the previous two decades…

      Summing it all up – where the priority is:

      Via WSJ,

      The on-ramp to adulthood is delayed and harder to reach for young people today, a reality that is changing the country’s society and economy, according to a new report.

      More demanding job requirements, coupled with the pressures of the recession, have delayed the transition to adulthood for young people in the past decade and earned them the title of “the new lost generation,” according to the report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, published Monday.

      “It seems to me that if you went to college and took on student debt, there used to be greater assurance that you could pay it off with a good job,” said the Colorado native, who majored in English before dropping out. “But now, for people living in this economy and in our age group, it’s a rough deal.”

      Through analyzing about three decades of census data—from 1980 to 2012—the study found that on average, young workers are now 30 years old when they first earn a median-wage income of about $42,000, a marker of financial independence, up from 26 years old in 1980.

      About a third of adults in their early 20s work full time, a proportion that rises to about half of adults in their late 20s. The labor-force participation rate for young people last year declined to its lowest point in about 40 years, according to the report.

      In recent decades, the U.S. has seen a gradual outward shift in people’s professional lives: Americans today tend to start work later and continue working longer than in past generations. A decade ago, a boy in his late teens was twice as likely as a man his grandfather’s age to hold a job; today, the teen is actually less likely to be working.

      “The combination of structural change plus this particular recession has been devastating for millennials,” … “It has really knocked them back, and some of these losses are permanent.”

      “The millennial generation was the generation to confront this structural change first,” said Mr. Carnevale. “It has sorted them out in ways that have made them more unequal than any generation before. For those who didn’t get the traction [for a job], it’s not clear that they will get the traction.”

  7. [email protected] says:


    I will definitely try that approach with my chemo drug vendor. I am just sure that they will MORE than happy to let $500K of a drug invoice go unpaid, heh.

    My car mechanic and I were chatting about his latest trip to his doctor. He was pissed off because he had a $35 copay and still had to pay 20% of the office visit, even though he had health insurance. He could not understand why the doctor would not take “insurance only”. I asked him if he would be willing to take $35 and then 20% off his bill to repair my car and be happy with that.


  8. Admin,

    This is why I believe we are headed the route of an American Spring. The youth unemployment isn’t our only problem. Student Loan debt is the only debt in the entire country that cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy. There is not enough money in the real economy for young people to pay off their debts, buy houses, get married, and have children. Being 27 year old, I can say not being able to be in the position to get married and start a family is the most depressing situation I could have ever encountered. When there is high unemployment and high debt amongst young men they will push back marriage. When women are not able to take care of children with high debt and having to work 2-3 part time jobs they will not have children. Yes, there are quite of few women and men that will pop out children and adopt the baby mama/daddy culture. But no self respecting college graduate would choose that route. Even making the situation worse is our parents aren’t doing well either. My mother is 50 and has been unemployed for the past year. Though she has no medical problems, worked the past 14 years at a job she got laid off from, and is 15 years away from retirement. She is seen as a liability amongst employers due to Obamacare.

    My facebook was filled with friends shaming the government. Rarely do I see political topics amongst my friends on facebook outside of an election. The level of pissed off towards both political parties were eye opening. Few people were posting about joining a protest in D.C. Their agenda is to instill direct voting amongst the peolple like Iceland’s system. I think we may have found our catalyst. This may be the last straw of Americans tolerating the grid lock in D.C. It doesn’t help to point out that they are bickering about shit most Americans either don’t want or don’t care about. The longer government is shutdown the more people are will to do away with them. Our government has done so much damage and people are getting tired of it staying in the way. They cannot solve the problems and they won’t shove off. I saw a lot of seething today.

  9. In the dark of night some fucking government drones erected barriers to the WWII Veterans Memorial. This morning a group of WWII veterans who flew in from IOWA to visit the Memorial, removed the barriers and visited the memorial. God bless them.
    The government response?

    “We’re looking about how to deal with this in the future,” a Park Police spokeswoman said.

    Maybe you could call up DHS and ask for some of the 1.5 billion bullets they purchased and shoot those veterans that show up, you ignorant zunt! There aren’t that many WWII veterans left in this country, so I’m sure you can get enough ammo from Janet.

  10. daveL,
    thanks for posting about that.

    i was listening to the radio driving into work and a tw-untacular deejay on the air was talking about the “shutdown” and said that a few govt officials recognized that the WW2 vets travelled a far distance and arranged for them to tour the monument. I was screaming at the stereo, blatant fucking lie, i had already read that they kicked over the barriers. i almost called in but then came to my senses realizing that i wouldn’t get on the air.

  11. Obamacare’s bumpy beginning

    Officials say millions tried to enroll, but it’s unclear how many did

    By Jen Wieczner

    In New York City, people were lining up for pizza but not health insurance on Oct. 1, the opening day of the Affordable Care Act’s health exchanges.

    Along a route of locations listed by the New York exchange as sites providing in-person enrollment assistance, some proprietors were caught off-guard when people actually showed up for insurance. At Dragon Land Bakery in Manhattan’s Chinatown, an inquiry for Obamacare was misunderstood. “Bubble tea?” a server responded. (The navigator organization providing those services, according to the list, did not return calls for comment.) Meanwhile, the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, which educates often-uninsured restaurant workers, was booking appointments for later in the week and accepting walk-ins for health insurance enrollment, but no one had showed up by midday. “Obviously it’s not a flood,” said executive director Daisy Chung, gesturing to the empty waiting room. The organization is planning outreach events to increase awareness about health insurance in restaurants and neighborhood centers.

    Of course, people don’t need to sign up for health insurance in person: They can enroll online on their own, or with assistance from the exchanges’ customer service hotlines. But Americans across the country reported trouble logging on to exchange websites soon after they opened Tuesday—from glitches creating online accounts to sites that crashed under heavy traffic and refused to load, locking people out altogether. Hawaii residents could not enroll through their exchange because of technical issues, health officials said. Visitors to New York’s exchange website reported that the site, which opened at 8 a.m., went down before 11 a.m. At the end of the day, they were still greeted with an error message blaming “overwhelming interest” including 2 million visits within two hours of the site launch: “We encourage users who are unable to log in to come back to the site later when these issues will be resolved.”

    Alse see: The 50 states of Obamacare

    Nearly 3 million people visited the central exchange site healthcare.gov between midnight and 4 p.m. Tuesday, with 81,000 people calling the helpline and 60,000 requesting live chats, Marilyn Tavenner, administrator for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said at a press conference. But she declined to say how many people actually enrolled. “People tend to check out their options before they actually sign up for coverage,” Tavenner said. “An important fact that keeps getting missed is that this is day one of a six-month process. We’re in a marathon, not a sprint.”

    Still, some organizations charged with helping people through the enrollment process—known as “navigators,” hired with $67 million in government grants nationally—ushered in the grand-opening with some fanfare, including signs on storefront windows announcing “Today’s the day” above an image of a couple embracing each other. But inside, the offices were mostly empty, and quiet—often because enrollment staff were still going through the training process, and therefore weren’t booking appointments yet or logging on to the exchange websites. At the headquarters of Brooklyn Perinatal Network, not far from the Barclays Center, the home of the Brooklyn Nets, deputy executive director Denise West was still waiting for the government to issue her navigator account credentials so she could log onto the exchange. She was glad she had not scheduled enrollment appointments—expected to last 45 minutes to an hour—on the first day of the exchanges, she said, and had just started booking some for a few days later: “We just got trained in the last two to three weeks, so we’re hoping we’re all intelligent enough to do all of this.” Two of her four employees were still training as navigators and in-person assisters, since the training program filled up quickly and was experiencing a backlog. “We’re starting kind of slow,” West said, adding that some people mistakenly believe that the government shutdown also shut down the insurance exchanges. “What’s going on in Washington might have delayed people.”

    Also see: First-day batting average for online Obamacare applications: .000

    At the headquarters of the Retail Action Project, near the Empire State Building, a former retail worker showed up at 9 a.m. before the staff had taken their morning coffee. They told her to come back later: The New York exchange website was down, and RAP wasn’t scheduling appointments till the following week, starting Oct. 7, when the rest of four out of five navigators would be done training. “It’s early, it just started,” said Flor Ramirez, currently RAP’s sole navigator and director of its health care access program, which will also operate in Westchester and Long Island. “The appointments are filling up really quickly at all locations,” with about 30 booked across their sites, she added.

    Also see: 10 things Obamacare won’t tell you

    Indeed, all groups were fielding a flurry of phone calls inquiring about enrollment, and encouraging people to get assistance in person, as navigators can’t help people sign up over the phone, Ramirez said. “They’re really confused, and they want to know more about it, so we’re inviting them to come in for an appointment.” But everything still depends on whether the exchange websites are running. “That’s why it’s better we’re waiting,” she said.

  12. Government Shutdown Silver Lining – Good For Personal Privacy

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/02/2013 10:29 -0400

    The nation’s top intelligence officer, James Clapper, is worried:

    and so is Senator Grassley:

    But – for those who care about personal privacy rights, there is a silver lining:



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