Akron Children’s Hospital KILLS CHILDREN

I am posting this for the following reasons;

1)- Natural News is asking for a Call To Action. I will do so. I’ll be emailing and phoning the Gestapo bastards at ACH all day. We get a lot of readers here. I hope some of you do likewise.

2)- Lord God Almighty …. now a Children’s Hospital is going all Gestapo on us?? Is it just me or does it seem like every fucking institution in America is against freedom and liberty? I want to vomit in my mouth every time I hear jagoffs from Oreofuk to Neoconfuks breathlessly exclaim “We are the free-est nation on earth”. Bull-fucking-shit.

3)- I know firsthand what it feels like for the Fascist State to take your child, and without cause force their will upon them. It makes you, the parent, feel helpless. Angry. Frustrated. Depressed. Hopeless. All horrible feelings, trust me, but perhaps the worst is the Loss Of Control …that it is no longer I or my offspring who is the Master of their Fate … that it is The State, and we are but their Slaves.

4)- Slaves eventually revolt. If you ever read headlines “Austrian Oak Goes Batshit Crazy” it will because of either the Gestapo Health Regime or the Fascist Food Mongers. You can take away a lot of my freedoms, and this old man will probably just take it up the ass. You faggotfuks have conditioned me well. But take away MY choice of what goes in MY body (food and/or medicine) … well, I’m willing to die for that …. and take down as many of you motherfuckers as possible. I’ll be easy to spot … a tall dude doing the Austrian Dick Dance on you corrupted bodies.

Note: Some, especially our docs here, may take offense at his extreme position regarding oncology. Fine. But try to see the bigger picture.



Tuesday, October 08, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Just weeks after an Ohio court ruled that medical authorities could not force chemotherapy upon a 10-year-old Amish girl against the wishes of her parents, an appeals court overturned the rule, allowing the hospital — which profits from chemotherapy treatments — to force this girl to receive chemotherapy against the wishes of her parents.

This is, essentially, chemotherapy at gunpoint or what I call “predatory medicine.” If the parents refuse the court order, they will be arrested at gunpoint and charged with various crimes. The Akron Children’s Hospital, which stands to profit from this decision, is the new medical mafia, poisoning children with mandatory “life sentences” handed down by a corrupt, medically ignorant justice system.

The Akron Children’s Hospital describes their actions in this case as heroic, moral, lifesaving and necessary. So I called the Akron Children’s Hospital to ask whether the hospital would release the names of these “heroic” doctors who spearheaded the lawsuit. I was told the hospital was not releasing any names and that the hospital refused to answer any questions whatsoever. Instead, they had a “statement” they would email me, but nothing more.

How heroic, eh? These “heroes” of medicine are so moral, so ethical and so “in the right” that they won’t even reveal their names. They choose to hide behind anonymity, probably because at some level they realize their actions violate fundamental human rights and parental rights. These are crimes against families.

That’s what I told Akron Children’s Hospital public relations spokeswoman Lori Shuler, even encouraging her to “do something more meaningful with her life” than be a P.R. front woman for a destructive institution. Her answer to this? Literally, she screamed, “What an asshole!” and then slammed the phone down.

That is an on-the-record quote from Akron Children’s Hospital, by the way: “What an asshole!” This is the level of professionalism these people exhibit. They poison children for a living, then scream profanities at honest journalists trying to ask them intelligent questions about the names of the doctors involved in the lawsuit that’s forcing an innocent child to be poisoned with potentially deadly chemicals. For the record, I didn’t raise my voice at all. I was calmly asking questions and offering this person my view on the actions of their hospital.

Her response, like everything else I’m seeing from the world of oncology, was an irrational outburst that completely avoids any actual thinking about the issues at hand. She’s probably the perfect person to work at an irrational institution now engaged in the inexcusable violation of human rights. She would probably be right at home running the human experiment P.R. department for the Nazi regime, where she could scream “Achtung!” before announcing new experiments using chemical weapons agents on Jewish prisoners.

This is not a wildly off-base comparison. The chemotherapy agents used today are, in fact, derived from the research of Nazi scientists and the chemical conglomerate known as IG Farben, which was later broken up into multiple companies, including Bayer, the modern-day pharma company. For example, the chemo drug thalidomide is actually an off-shoot of Nazi chemical weapons research.

Based on my research into all this, it is my opinion that the Akron Children’s Hospital is engaged in heinous crimes against children. Where to even begin in explaining the seriousness of these crimes and human rights violations? Let me attempt to lay out the obvious issues here:

Issue #1) The medical fraud of oncology

Let’s start with the issue of oncology and the entire cancer industry which is based largely on scientific fraud. Here are the facts:

Chemotherapy is a toxic poison. The No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is cancer. Chemotherapy causes permanent damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. This is not a medicine without side effects, it is a medicine with serious side effects that include permanent organ damage and death. Chemotherapy is so toxic that pharmacists contract cancer just from handling chemo drugs.

The idea that toxic chemotherapy is the ONLY viable treatment for cancer is utterly absurd. That the state would force all children into just one toxic, patented, high-profit treatment is a travesty of justice and a violation of fundamental human rights.

Issue #2) Human rights

Speaking of human rights, the forcing of a child into a poisonous treatment that may kill her — and will undoubtedly cause immense suffering — is a violation of fundamental human rights. How can America claim to be the “land of the free” when you aren’t even free to choose what kind of medicine you prefer as treatment?

The position of this Akron Children’s Hospital is, essentially, “You are all too stupid to know what’s good for you, and therefore we are going to sue you and force you to submit to our high-profit poisons, even against your will.” They don’t describe their actions in such words, of course. They claim they are being “ethical” and “moral” and “saving a child’s life,” etc. But these are just the ramblings of pharma-indoctrinated medical robots who have virtually no knowledge of any systems of medicine other than the pharmaceutical system. So they are unqualified to speak about healing in the first place. Their knowledge of healing cancer is strictly limited.

But they don’t admit to this. Like nearly all other western medical doctors, the people at Akron Children’s Hospital are infested with arrogance and a total disregard for basic human dignity.

In my opinion, every person at Akron Children’s Hospital involved with this decision, including hospital president and CEO William H. Considine, should be arrested at gunpoint right now and charged with “conspiracy to endanger the life of a child.” They are child predators running a system of predatory medicine. This is pure medical evil rising to the surface and ensnaring our children, then sentencing them to possible death.

Issue #3) Parental rights

Don’t parents have the right to determine what treatments their children should undergo? In a free society they would, but in America today, parents are denied nearly all rights. Instead, the state assumes them.

Keep in mind the Hershbergers are a thoughtful, loving, religious family seeking the best possible outcome for their daughter. They are acting out of love and compassion, and they are rightly skeptical of the false claims of the corrupt, criminally-operated cancer industry.

Do parents no longer have the right to be critical thinkers? Can they not question the lies and propaganda of a corrupt, for-profit medical system that offers no real answers for cancer? For the state to take away the rights of these parents is to declare that all children are now the property of the state. Parents, apparently, are only temporary guardians whose job is to give birth to new children which are then turned over to the state for vaccinations, chemotherapy injections, public school indoctrination and imprisonment in the nine-to-five labor pool.

“Obedient workers,” as George Carlin says.

Issue #4) Extreme arrogance of doctors and hospitals

What truly astonishes me about western medicine is its extreme arrogance. There are over a hundred systems of medicine practiced in our world, including western medicine (drugs and surgery), Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine and so on.

Importantly, every one of these systems of medicine offers treatments for cancer. Most of these systems are based on plant-based anti-cancer compounds supported by a mountain of scientific literature that confirms their safety and efficacy. For example, see our sister website SCIENCE.naturalnews.com for research on vitamin D and cancer.

Or check out Broccoli and cancer. Or even resveratrol and cancer.

And if you really want to learn about natural cancer therapies, learn more about polysaccharides from medicinal mushrooms. The anti-cancer potential of medicinal mushrooms will blow your mind. See SCIENCE.naturalnews.com.

Keep in mind that the Akron Children’s Hospital did not give this little Amish girl the option of using medicinal mushrooms as a cancer treatment. She was never given the option of Gerson Therapy, involving juice detoxing and powerful lifestyle changes. She was probably never given any options other than chemotherapy. We’ll never know, of course, because the Akron Children’s Hospital refuses to answer any questions, preferring to scream, “What an asshole!” as their official response.

Keep in mind that western oncology is derived from chemical weapons developed in World War II. These chemotherapy agents are extremely toxic and cause permanent organ damage. You can read about the secret history of medicine in this free downloadable report.

Although such poisons “shrink tumors,” such tumor shrinkage is not a cure, and most cancers come right back. Meanwhile, the immune system is destroyed by the chemo poisons, further compromising the patient’s health and longevity from that point forward.

Yet, despite the fact that western medicine is just one system out of a hundred, and despite the fact that chemotherapy is extremely toxic and causes more cancer, somehow western doctors are so incredibly, inexcusably ignorant that they have convinced themselves — and even many courts — that their way of treating cancer is the ONLY way! Everything else be damned! (Including prayer, fasting, juice feasting, medicinal mushrooms and more…)

Such a position can only come from nauseating arrogance combined with the kind of extreme ignorance of health that you can only learn in medical school, where all common sense is pounded out of your brain and replaced with pharmaceutical propaganda. No wonder tens of thousands of doctors in America routinely receive bribes from drug companies, including chemotherapy manufacturers.

The cancer industry today is, in every way, a murderous scourge on society. It kills more Americans than all modern-day wars and acts of terrorism combined. And yet, even though the body count from oncology keeps increasing by the day, the courts have been so befuddled by “expert” doctor testimony offered by arrogant, control-freak medical profiteers, that they actually condemn children to die via chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is, in other words, just a slow-acting form of lethal injection. This is potentially a court-ordered death penalty for a 10-year-old girl, and as long as the Akron Children’s Hospital is making money from it, they seem to have no moral qualms whatsoever in forcing children into this “treatment” even against the wishes of the parents.

The Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm” has morphed into, “first seize the child!”

The state owns your children

This decision once again reaffirms that the state believes it owns your children. Parents have zero rights. Zip. Nada. And cancer hospitals fully support the state kidnapping children essentially at gunpoint.

Any time the state (i.e. the government) believes it can make a better decision than parents, the parents will be kicked out of the picture and denied any say whatsoever in the wellbeing of their own child. This is the North Korean approach to medicine, by the way: predatory medicine.

As CBC News reports, “The ruling said that while adults can refuse medical treatment regardless of the consequences, children do not have those same rights because of their vulnerability and inability to make critical decisions in a mature manner.”

This excuse intentionally sidesteps the entire issue of parental rights. In fact, it assumes parental rights do not exist at all. This is all being supported by “medical ethicists,” nearly all of whom are brainwashed lapdogs of the pharmaceutical industry. In their minds, the only “ethical” treatment is a patented pharmaceutical treatment.

No hospital has a right to force any treatment on anyone, period!

Let’s get honest about fundamental human rights, parental rights and human dignity here. It should be a foundation of the very fabric of freedom in America that no hospital can force any treatment upon any patient against their wishes, period!

This should be written right into the Bill of Rights. Any person denied this fundamental right should be able to sue the hospital for violating their civil rights.

“Andy Hershberger, the girl’s father, has said the family agreed to begin two years of treatments for Sarah last spring but stopped a second round of chemotherapy in June because it was making her extremely sick,” reports the Detroit Free Press.

“Sarah begged her parents to stop the chemotherapy and they agreed after a great deal of prayer, Hershberger said. The family, members of an insular Amish community, shuns many facets of modern life and is deeply religious. They live on a farm and operate a produce stand near the village of Spencer in Medina County, about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland.”

How on Earth does a group of Big Pharma-indoctrinated oncologists in Akron have any right to order a rural family, essentially at gunpoint, to subject their own daughter to a lethal injection? This is medical insanity. It is a crime against families. It is a violation of medical ethics and human rights.

Even if you don’t agree with the Hershberger’s decision, if you support the court’s ordering their child into treatment, then you support the medical mafia operating at gunpoint in every context. Maybe soon the government will decide that everyone in the nation must take statin drugs. If you don’t, you are arrested or fined. Got a problem with that? You’ll be called “anti-science” and thrown in prison, then force-fed statins until the drug companies collect enough profit off your body. If you happen to die during the “treatment,” don’t worry: there are plenty more bodies to take your place.

Is that really the kind of country you want to live it? Do you believe a doctor has the legal right to force his favorite toxic chemicals into your bloodstream just because he has been indoctrinated by the drug companies into falsely believing such chemicals are “treatment?”

Unbelievably, the Akron Children’s Hospital website actually states that “Akron Children’s Hospital values family-centered care and considers parents as partners in their children’s medical decisions.”

Except, of course, when parents disagree with the hospital’s for-profit chemotherapy demands, in which case the hospital will take extraordinary measures to deny parents the basic human right to choose what’s best for their own children.

Join Natural News in protesting this criminal act against children

With this case, western medicine has reached the point of unbridled criminality. This has crossed the point of sanity and entered a disgusting new realm of lining up children in front of a “chemotherapy firing squad” and subjecting them to potentially lethal injections as some sort of sacrifice to corporate profits. With this, we have now devolved back to the age of the Aztecs and their blood sacrifices of children to their delusional gods.

Today, in America, we sacrifice our children to the false gods of pharmacology. And this sick, animalistic ritual is actually enforced at gunpoint by the court system.

This is worse than what Jerry Sandusky did to little boys at Penn State. This is killing children in the name of pharmacology, a false, corporate-run junk science medical sham that helps almost no one.

Join me in protesting this inexcusable violation of human rights and dignity by contacting the Akron Children’s Hospital:

Phone number:

Facebook page:

[email protected]


If you visit the hospital’s website, by the way, prepare yourself for a wild propaganda ride. The website shows only the pictures of living children, not pictures of all the children who have died under the hospital’s care. A more appropriate website would have imagery of small body bags, Big Pharma patents, deadly chemotherapy drugs and broken families being held at gunpoint while the state kidnaps their children.

What we demand here at Natural News

Here’s the conclusion in all this. Even though I happen to know, from years of research, that chemotherapy is largely a fraud, I do not demand that the government take away the rights of parents who wish to have their children treated with chemo. Even though it is a terrible mistake, it is still their right to make that mistake, and I do not believe that one group in society has the right to take away the freedoms of another group. (In this, I am a “radical thinker” for believing in civil rights, you see.)

Unlike the cancer industry, I believe in human rights and parental rights, and I believe the state has no right whatsoever to interfere with a parent’s right to choose the method or style of medical treatment for their own children.

Hospitals should compete based on voluntary agreement, not mandatory “gunpoint medicine.” Who needs free market competition when hospitals can simply threaten to have people arrested who don’t capitulate to their toxic treatment demands?

Besides, if chemotherapy worked so well in the first place, you wouldn’t need to threaten parents with arrest in order to force their children into treatment. That’s a clue about what a sickening failure chemotherapy really is: it’s so bad that people have to be lined up at gunpoint to receive the “treatment” against their own will.

This is truly “concentration camp medicine” because it’s based on the premise of imprisoning patients by force. The Akron Children’s Hospital is actually following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany, and it’s even using derivatives of chemicals originally developed by Nazi scientists. Furthermore, the widespread killing of children with chemotherapy treatments is nothing less than a chemical holocaust against our children.

There is a reason most oncologists don’t choose chemotherapy for themselves, folks. Chemotherapy doesn’t work most of the time. But it causes great harm and suffering, not to mention great financial burden for the families forced to use it.

This isn’t medicine. It’s a medical concentration camp that targets children for victimization, then invokes the power of the state to force parents to comply against their will. Somehow, in a wild, delusional, demonic twisting of logic and ethics, the Akron Children’s Hospital thinks all this is perfectly acceptable.

There are profits to be had, after all.

Bottom line: NEVER take your children to an oncologist

The upshot in all this is simple: NEVER take your children to see an oncologist. Because if you do not agree with his monopolistic, junk science “recommendations” for treatment (often for a false diagnosis, no less), he can simply call the police and have you arrested, have your children kidnapped by the state, and force you to subject your own children to lethal injection.

That’s the reality of the “free” society in which we are living. No wonder millions of Americans are now in a state of revolt against the failed, corrupt, criminal institutions of government and medicine. No wonder the FDA has to keep enforcing a medical monopoly while destroying knowledge of natural cures. No wonder drug companies continue to be engaged in the widespread bribery of doctors. These are the tactics and strategies of a medical mafia, not a system truly based on healing and informed consent.

Western medicine is a failure. It offers no answers to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and a hundred other chronic conditions. It has almost no useful role in society other than mending broken bones and treating acute injuries or emergency surgeries. Western medicine is a failure because it is founded on a set of false beliefs: that everything is mechanistic; that no natural substances can prevent any disease; that the body is a “war zone” to be carpet-bombed with chemicals and antibiotics; that mind-body interactions do not exist; that patients must be forced to pay monopolistic prices for treatment, and so on.

These are false, failed beliefs, and that’s why western medicine is doomed. The only thing propping the whole system up right now is Big Government debt spending, and even that is headed for its own collapse in the very near future. Once Big Government falls, western medicine collapses with it. In a truly free market, almost no one would voluntarily choose western medical treatments. They’re too expensive, too dangerous and mostly ineffective. Given an economic choice, nearly everyone would choose natural treatments for disease: they’re safer, more affordable and even more efficacious (they work better).

The Hershberger family tried to choose a safer treatment, but were forced at gunpoint to capitulate to the demands of the Akron Children’s Hospital. Given an actual free, informed choice, the Hershbergers and countless other families would avoid oncology centers like the plague.

No wonder 80% of the people in the world use plant-based medicine. America’s broken, monopolistic system of failed medicine is an aberrant defect that kills more people each year than any other single cause (by a long shot).

The day predatory medicine collapses is the day we all experience a leap forward for freedom and human rights.

Please join me in praying for the Hershberger daughter, and let us all hope that the parents are well-informed enough to give that child spirulina, medicinal mushrooms, antioxidants, astaxanthin and a heavy course of natural plant nutrients that can protect her body from the toxic chemotherapy the state is forcing upon her.


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  1. I decided some time back that if I get the Big C, and especially if i get prostate cancer, like my old man did, then I’m probably going to opt for the “no treatment” approach. So maybe I’m biased against cancer treatment.

    I have seen a lot of it. I did a year at MD Anderson when I was a pedi dental resident, many years ago. Saw some miracle cures…but did see some repeat customers with tumors that were likely treatment induced. It happens. Everybody knows that.

    I do not agree with forcing patients to comply with treatment. With kids, it’s a hard call, because some parents are clearly negligent in caring for their kids. It’s an epidemic among the SNAP card carrying members of the FSA. I see that all the time, too.

    But if the parents are concerned, and educated about the risks and benefits of treatment, and they opt out…I say let ’em.

  2. The Amish have gotten along just fine without USA-fedfuk interference since the mid 18th century.

    Leave them the fuck alone, or else ….

  3. I am for chemotherapy if it gives a person a better chance of surviving AND they agree to it willingly. I am 100% against the idea that the state can force any treatment of any kind on any person. Anything less than that means we are not soveriegn sentient beings and in fact slaves on. This is the country we live in today, our children are not ours, they are part of the BORG Collective.

    We aren’t talking about a 6 month old baby will almost zero reasoning ability, I would be interested in hearing what the 10yo girl has to say. Does she understand her mortality, the pain the drugs will cause and that it might make things worse or even add years to her life?

    Things like this are why I shudder when I hear bullshit like “Land of the free and home of the brave”. the people who say that in anything but jest have no idea where they live or what those words actually mean.

    Mike Adams has hammered on the cancer treatment racket quite a bit and most of the time I am with him. A few months back i was annoyed about his position on Angelie Jolie having her breasts removed because she had tests done showing she had a high likelihood of breast cancer. She lost her mother to breast cancer just as my wife did when she was 15 years old, i can’t think of anything my wife wouldn’t do to avoid that happening to her and missing out on a ton of our son’s life. But that was case was different than this one, Jolie wasn’t forced to do anything, she made the decision for herself. The govt we live under today does not afford that right to this girl and her family.

  4. There’s forcing shit on you, and then there’s doing shit to you without letting you know.

    Whistleblower Terminated from Northwestern for Revealing Human Experimentation

    By NRajamannan  |  Posted October 6, 2013  |  Baltimore, Maryland 
    The denial of tenure is the path to the truth
    Statement from Nalini M. Rajamannan, MD, FACC, FAHA
    Why would a bright and promising cardiologist be fired from the University hospital that she had practiced at since 2000?
    Apparently, protecting her patients is grounds for dismissal. At least, that is the case at Northwestern University in Illinois.
    Despite being promoted to Valve Director in 2006, Dr. Nalini M. Rajamannan was terminated in 2008 after reporting the use of non-FDA approved, experimental medical devices being implanted in patients without their knowledge.


    The doctor conducting these human experiments, Dr. Patrick McCarthy, was testing his own inventions, an IMR annuloplasty device and a Myxo annuloplasty device manufactured by Edwards Lifescience.


    These devices had not been approved by the FDA and even now, many patients have no idea that they have these experimental devices in their bodies.
    One Patient’s Experience
    Dr. Rajamannan first discovered this deception in July 2007 when one of her patients, Antonitsa Vlahoulis, required a second surgery to replace the Myxo annuloplasty device less than a year after it was implanted.
    Ms. Vlahoulis questioned why the device she had was not the one listed on her pre-op brochure.
    Discussing her experience, Ms. Vlahoulis stated:
    “When I had my consult with Dr. McCarthy, he told me that I had severe Mitral valve prolapse. He said with the severity of my valve, he would most likely have to replace the valve with a pig valve or prosthetic. He explained the difference between the two. He also stated that his specialty was saving the valve by repairing it with a mitral valve ring. He never mentioned what type of ring, or that he was an inventor and he had designed a ring for this purpose.”

    She went on to say:
    “He told me I would feel like a new person immediately after my surgery. I knew as soon as I woke up from the surgery that I was in trouble. I did not feel like a new person. My breathing felt a lot worse. I had a lot of complications only to find out he had implanted a device he had just invented and start implanting in patients one month before me.
    I was never asked to sign an informed consent, nor was I advised that I was part of an experimental trial.”
    Ms. Vlahoulis said that by the time she had the device removed, the experimental ring had caused stenosis. She also needed her tricuspid valve repaired and now has a permanent pacemaker. She says she continues to have shortness of breath upon exertion as well as other heart issues. Her question remains unanswered:
    “How can you place a non FDA device in a patient without their consent and knowledge? What century are we living in?”
    Dr. Rajamannan Seeks Answers
    Dr. Rajamannan informed Chief of Cardiology Dr. Robert Bonow, The Dean of Medical School Dean Jameson, the Institutional Review Board and the NMFF general counsel that there was a human clinical trial testing experimental devices without informed consent in July 2007.
    Her report fell on deaf ears, as the University backed Dr. McCarthy and informed Dr. Rajamannan that she would no longer be seeing McCarthy’s patients.
    To make matters worse, Dr. Rajamannan discovered evidence that negative outcomes of the experimental trials were not reported in the process obtaining safety approval for Dr. McCarthy’s inventions.
    One patient, Ms. Maureen Obermeier, had a heart attack during surgery, and the event wasn’t reported until five years later.
    Dr. McCarthy had previously stated that no one had suffered a heart attack. Sadly, this isn’t the only case of safety issues relating to the experimental devices.
    Dr. Rajamannan states:
    “I am trying to get the FDA and Congress to open a Congressional investigation to discuss the fact that the company and the surgeons did not provide the outcomes to the FDA until recently. The numbers were only a few hundred prior to the Fall of 2009, now the numbers are over 4,000 adverse events on the MAUDE database and the total number of deaths are 645. Patients are suffering from these human experiments and no one has stepped up to help these patients to date.”
    Money Above Human Life
    Sadly, this isn’t the only case of human experimentation by Dr. McCarthy.
    According to Dr. Rajamannan, Dr. McCarthy has conducted at least four other human experiments, two at Northwestern and two at Cleveland Clinic.

    In the case of one of these experiments, Atricure Inc. was ordered to pay $3.76 million in civil claims for its promotion of surgical ablation devices that were not FDA approved.
    What would motivate doctors, who make the oath to do no harm, to play the part of a mad scientist and actually conduct secret experiments on human beings?
    Simply stated, the motivator is money.
    Doctors receive royalties for medical devices that are tested and approved. The added ego boost of being published in prestigious medical journals may make doctors forget that their first loyalty should be the well-being of their patients and not their bank accounts.
    So while Dr. McCarthy continues to practice medicine on unsuspecting patients, apparently with an encouraging pat on the back from Northwestern, Dr. Nalini Rajamannan continues to fight for her patients and their right to know what was done to them.
    When asked what she will do now that she has been terminated, Dr. Rajamannan responded:
    “My hope is that Northwestern University Board of Trustees will review this situation and restore everything that was terminated for my career and provide a path for helping my patients who are suffering and restore the integrity of the University.”

    Top Secret Writers wish Dr. Rajamannan the best of luck.
    (Note: Top Secret Writers contacted Dr. McCarthy for his side of the story. He declined to comment.)

  5. Sure, no forced treatment. Totally wrong.

    But I went through the cancer thing ten years ago. Have a 12″ zipper up my middle. Broccoli vs. cancer? Spare me the BS. For whatever reason, broccoli was almost a staple veggie in my diet. Same for Vitamin D; as a desert dweller, I’d have to say I got beaucoup more than anybody but a beach bum. Not to mention the one-a-day pills.

    Outstanding, superb treatment at the oncology clinic of Archbold Hospital in Thomasville, GA.

  6. Nice rant, Stuck

    This is what happens when you let bureaucrats, do-gooder liberal progressive fuckwads and lawyers run the system (any system). Doctors do not force care on people, sorry, they present options and treatment, and the person needing it can decide if they want it.

    But the do-gooder liberal fucks think they know what’s best for you, and they are going to make damn sure it’s done, whether you want it or not. From our fascist president down to the cop on the street, they think they know what’s best for you, and worse, have the power to force their will on you.

    Taking the choice out of the hands of the parents is a criminal act, is immoral, unethical, and a sin. But that’s what our country is all about: criminal behavior on Wall Street, the banksters, and the arch criminals in Washington. We live in a fascist socialist state, in case you haven’t figured it out yet. The government and criminals have taken over healthcare, like they’ve taken over almost everything else. If you don’t like it, you’ll have to move to a different country.

  7. “We live in a fascist socialist state, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.” ——-AWD



    The Latest Step in the Evolution of America’s Police State


    “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.”

    So say many Americans. And many Germans as well.

    But one German, Ilija Trojanow, would disagree. He has lent his name to published documents denouncing the National Security Agency (NSA), and was one of several prominent German authors who signed a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel urging her to take a firm stance against the mass online surveillance conducted by the NSA. Trojanow and the other authors had nothing to hide, which is why the letter was published for the public to read. What happened after that, however, was that Trojanow was refused permission to board a flight from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, to Miami on Monday, September 30. Without any explanation.

    Trojanow, who was on his way to speak at a literary conference in Denver, told the Spiegel magazine online website that the denial of entry might be linked to his criticism of the NSA. Germany’s Foreign Ministry says it has contacted US authorities “to resolve this issue”.

    In an article published in a German newspaper, Trojanow voiced his frustration with the incident: “It is more than ironic if an author who raises his voice against the dangers of surveillance and the secret state within a state for years, will be denied entry into the ‘land of the brave and the free’.”

    Further irony can be found in the title of a book by Trojanow: “Attack on freedom. Obsession with security, the surveillance state and the dismantling of civil rights.”

    Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., who oversees the NSA and other intelligence agencies, said recently that the intelligence community “is only interested in communication related to valid foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.”

    It’s difficult in the extreme to see how this criterion would apply in any way to Ilija Trojanow.

    The story is a poignant caveat on how fragile is Americans’ freedom to criticize their Security State. If a foreigner can be barred from boarding a flight merely for peaceful, intellectual criticism of America’s Big Brother (nay, Giant Brother), who amongst us does not need to pay careful attention to anything they say or write.

    Very few Americans, however, will even be aware of this story. A thorough search of the Lexis-Nexis media database revealed a single mention in an American daily newspaper (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch), out of 1400 daily papers in the US. No mention on any broadcast media. A single one-time mention in a news agency (Associated Press), and one mention in a foreign English-language newspaper (New Zealand Herald.)


  8. This is a bunch of bullshit. You know what the #1 cause of ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) is? Side effect of chemotherapy for another cancer. So, they might cure you from some sort of tumor only to give you blood cancer with your “cure” so that you can go through maybe 8-9 more rounds of chemo, get your bone marrow radiated and then get donor stem cells or bone marrow and be on anti-rejection medications for life. Whoops, the foreign bone marrow decided to start attacking you anyway, now you are sick from organ rejection…. And on, and on, and on it goes. Even if this poor girl survives chemo she will be sterile, and have permanent cognitive damage and stunted growth. She will forever be prone to other cancers (from the chemo poisoning/radiation).

    I just sat with my dad through induction chemo. It is bullshit, and broke my heart. This is a personal, individual decision. My dad is a Christian and he has decided for himself he is done with the chemo. He is in a first remission (they want to do 8 more rounds consolidation chemo) and he says he is thankful the induction (1st round) put him in remission so he has a little more time on earth. But 8 more rounds is not worth it to him when he can just die naturally and “go home to Jesus” his mother, father, grandparents, etc.

    Look, I am a miserable, godless agnostic. Maybe would choose to fight for every additional day on earth no matter how hopeless, miserable, and sickening. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t just from being a rational person (I would really weigh all of the statistical probabilities on outcomes to see if it would be worth the suffering). Maybe I would request a Dr assisted suicide? Chemo is that fucking shitty. For sure if someone believes in God, in God’s will, and in a positive afterlife experience — to me this is a pure issue of religious freedom. The government cannot “force” someone to go through torture here on earth when they would die of natural causes and “go home to Jesus et al” if left alone with palatative care only.

    What the fuck is wrong with this country? The Government can force tax payers (including Catholics and others who believe abortion is murder) to fund abortions. The Government can also force you to torture your child in the name of “life”? I hate this fucking country.

  9. My father in law was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away within a year of being diagnosed, the real tragedy of the situation is that it was not the cancer that killed him, it was his oncologist and the medical quackery known as chemotherapy.

  10. I live in fear that my child will get cancer. I fear the cure as much (or more) than the disease.

    In the past couple years I’ve had the supreme displeasure of watching four people I love fight cancer. Two are dead, one is in remission and the teenager is in the middle of a two-year schedule of “maintenance.”

    One of the two that died was a return of “beaten” cancer.

    None are over the age of 50.

    Scary, scary, shit.

    Then these evil do-gooders think they should be the ones to determine how I, or my child, approach this life.

    If it “saves one child,” usually has killed many, many, more.

    The hypocrisy of this new world is a site to see.

  11. Guilt is such a bitch.You all remind me of women who have 5 or 6 abortions and then want to save all children because they just love children.Just not their own.Guilt is such a bitch.

  12. One more thing. 99% of doctors have their patient’s best interests in mind. The one’s educated in the U.S. anyway, now roughly only 1/2 of doctors, take an oath. The other 50% were educated in India or the Middle East. They don’t give a fuck about anything but cash, and milk the system for all it’s worth (like most immigrants). They don’t give a fuck if you live or die, they come from countries were life is cheap.

    The other issue is the making of medical decisions is being removed from doctors. There are “administrative staff” everywhere now, bureaucrats and “case managers” and other parasites that decide what care you’ll get, what treatment you (won’t) get, and how long you can stay in the hospital. Case managers for the health insurance companies and the hospitals. They are the ones that decided this kid needed treatment. They send sick people home, it’s not up to the doctors anymore. Some asshole decides your fate based on how much profit they can make off you, or how much they can save the insurance company. Healthcare is destroyed, and Obamacare is going to make it infinitely worse.

  13. Well, as far as Old Muck is concerned, Florida Waterman has managed to keep me on the right side of the sod for a solid 12 years. The last two was particularly stressful when I moved from radiation (I had single organ involvement at the time) to chemo (9 cycles in the past 12 months) which pretty much took the last quarter of 2012 and the first 3 quarters of 2013 and turned them into “lost time”…

    But now I’m on a two year maintenance program using a monoclonal anti-body treatment (not a chemo treatment) every two months..

    If, for some reason, the maintenance fails of I relapse after the “maintenance” (likely – but not for sure), I have made the decision not to undergo further chemo of the “normal kind”..

    Now I agree that no one should be forced to undertake treatment they do not want. The case of ten year old rests squarely on whether she is mature enough and smart enough to be the judge of her own health and treatment options. If she is not, then, regardless of the knowledge possessed by her parents, their judgement stands. The court, in this case, is dead wrong and profit potential has nothing to do with it.

    It is settled law that unless the parents are incompetent, they are first in line to determine medical (or any other) treatment for their minor children. Period. Were these parents, being Amish, so uninformed that they were unable to competently judge the appropriate treatment for their daughter? If so, it had best be ruled so by a judge before giving anyone “rights” to exclude them from choosing the treatment or lack thereof of their daughter.

    If the judge acted without declaring the parents incompetent (and allowing them time to appeal), it’s shotgun, tar and feathers time….


  14. @AWD: Don’t limit the problem to India and ME.. I’ve seen two physicians from Eastern Europe (each one only once and I wouldn’t let them touch me) who were just as uncaring as any two shitheads I’ve ever met.

    That’s why I am very careful to insure I can pick and choose the “professional” I see for health services.


  15. Damn AWD you’re being a little hard on me in that last post. My Doctors see me has a tool to help them get paid, I help them justify their admissions.
    But all you stated is 100% factual.

  16. bb says:

    “Guilt is such a bitch.You all remind me of women who have 5 or 6 abortions and then want to save all children because they just love children.Just not their own.Guilt is such a bitch.”

    bb, I’ve met quite a few women-haters, usually they are divorced or never married types who live alone. they pick fights with cashiers, waitresses, any woman who crosses their path.

  17. back in the 70’s, it was a standard joke that hispanics did not get cancer because they couldn’t spell ‘carcinoma’. now we are up here in ‘el norte’ enjoying pharaoh’s food and getting all types of cancers and diabetes.

  18. Part of the strategy of the industry is making sure people are always confused as to what is “good nutrition”. Since most people have no interest in finding out for themselves, this works great. So they go on believing that their diet is “healthy’ when in fact it isn’t. Or that there is only a minor connection between cancer and the environment. Maybe that is why there is no emphasis on this knowledge in government dictated education. Otherwise, people would find out that nutrition is biochemistry. The same biochemistry they use to sell the drugs.

  19. You wonder why the hell healthcare costs so much?

    Thanks to the government and health insurance companies:

    You gotta pay “case workers”, administration departments, and bureaucrats.
    You gotta pay for a massive IT department, for electronic medical records, so the government and insurance companies can spy on you.
    You gotta pay for a “billing department” staffed by people trying to get money from the insurance company and government. This department grows bigger every year, as insurance companies and the government make it harder and harder to get paid for work you already did “on good faith”.
    You gotta pay for for “ancillary services” that have nothing to do with patients recovery or health.

    Over the years, the parasites have all attached themselves to healthcare, the middle-men, the business majors, and other bean counters and pencil pushers. It’s sickening.

  20. AWD
    Don’t forget I work directly for and answer to the Chief Medical Officer. A Doctor gives me my marching orders. The changes I make everyday equals big money. The CMO seems to think I am vital staff, and he pays me very well.

  21. AWD says:

    “You gotta pay for for “ancillary services” that have nothing to do with patients recovery or health.”

    “Ancillary services” means additional or supporting services provided by a hospital to a patient during the patient’s hospital stay. These services include, but are not limited to, laboratory, radiology, drugs, delivery room, operating room, postoperative recovery rooms, and other special items and services.

    Ancillary services: Auxiliary or supplemental services, such as diagnostic services, home health services, physical therapy and occupational therapy, used to support diagnosis and treatment of a patient’s condition.

    Come on AWD. You know what it takes for a hospital to function. I would add to ‘ancillary services’ :

    – Food Service Dept.: who’s going to cook the patient’s meals…..Nurses?

    – Housekeeping: who’s going to mop up the blood, vomit, urine, poop and all other gag-producing bodily fluids….Nurses?, and who’s going to clean a patient’s room upon discharge or transfer (God forbid it’s an Isolation Room i.e. uber special cleaning)…

    – Unit Secretaries: who’s going to answer and make the gazillion phone calls from and to physicians, multiple departments, and fuck….family members!…the bane of a Nurses existence, who is to do that too….Nurses?

    – Transporters: have you ever seen what a Nurse has to deal with when she has to take her vented, multiple-drips, multiple chest tubes, multiple lines, and let’s throw in an IABP, patient to fucking CT, or shit, Interventional Radiology? That is a ‘road trip’ to hell and she sure as shit ain’t doin’ it alone. She needs the ancillary services of the RT, and at the very least, 2 Transporters.

    There absolutely can be ‘fat’ lipo’ed from Administrative Departments but hands off on the ancillary services.

  22. Juan ,no one understands .I love women .Especially my mother.Hell I still care about my x wife and pay her bills when she is out of work.A lot of people on this site have a lot of guilt and I find it odd the way they express their regrets.that’s all.

  23. bb says:
    “A lot of people on this site have a lot of guilt”

    guilt is its own reward if peeps don’t feel guilt then they owe nothing, remember, your thoughts convict you. you can go to hell by accusing and judging others.

    it’s nice to hear your treating your wimmenfolk kindly. post more of that and less attacking others.

  24. My uncle die of cancer last year .The chemotherapy help prolong his llfe for5 years.He got sick at times but he told me several times he was greatful to have more time with family.So maybe you people don’t know what you are talking about.Maybe this time the state is doing the right thing.None of you know what is right for this kid.Your just all feels and emotion including you AWD.

  25. @T4C —

    i’m glad my nurse had time to spend feeding me through my nose and suctioning out my throat (after the technician had left it up to me to do that while i was drugged and very much out of it) and standing up for me when the student doctors came by, she told them they’d had me on nothing but saline for at least 2 days. she had interrupted her vacation, and had just arrived when she started tending to me and who knows how many other lucky patients.

  26. To miserable, godless Agnostic,
    So unhappy,so sad ,so mad at the world and stuck in it.You were hard on old Abe a few days ago.He says godless(most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.)Abraham Lincoln.

  27. Godless agnostic,it was the War for southern Independence or war of northern aggression.
    Sah don’t you understand how many men have die fighting for this country and you say (you hate this fucking country)shame on you.

  28. bb says:

    “Godless agnostic…”

    someone who is godless is an atheist and, despite what flash says, an agnostic is someone who requires further information.

    bb, have you tried manual release? your fluids seem to be backing up and making your corpus callosum a little mooshy.


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