Can the government drones show any more contempt for the American people? Valley Forge Park is a beautiful, expansive 3,500 acre national park in Montgomery County, PA. It consists of grass, walking trails, some log cabins and a bunch of monuments. My family loves to walk the trails. It is a completely passive park. You never see a park ranger. There is no need for government drones to keep you safe as you walk or bike. Closing this park due to the government shutdown is just being spiteful. People can walk or jog without government oversight. I find it fascinating that you NEVER see a park ranger when it is open, but when they close it to purposely annoy the people, there are plenty of rangers to hand out fines to the jogger terrorists who dare to disobey their government masters. Twenty terrorists have been fined thus far by the supposedly furloughed government drones.

I hope the citizens realize the vindictive nature of Obama and his minions in their choice of who to inconvenience. This entire faux shutdown is designed to piss off the public. What it is revealing is that there are hundreds of thousands of non-essential overpaid government drones who have zero impact on our lives. It is revealing the malevolent nature of these drones, as they bar veterans and joggers from enjoying passive monuments and nature.  

I’ve got an idea to save a few bucks. Withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany and Japan. Sell a few cruise missiles on Ebay. Maybe Obama can cancel one of his multi-million dollar vacations. Only allow truly disabled people on SSDI. Stop the billions of Medicare and SNAP fraud.

Or maybe we can just quadruple the fines for jogging in parks.

Runner fined for Valley Forge workout



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  1. Once again I take issue with Administrator. He draws unsupported conclusions about park rangers being spiteful; he criticizes government employees (minions as he insultingly calls them) for doing what their supervisors and the public are paying them for; and he is critical of leaders chosen in elections he surely participated in. Aren’t his just un-American rants?

    Withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, Germany and Japan… that’s what Administrator writes. Can you imagine any more insane suggestion? Militant and aggressive Iran, who fought a million casualty war with Iraq, who supports Syria and Hezbollah, who is racing to develop nuclear weapons, and who vows to wipe our staunchest ally, Israel, off the map, would dominate the Middle East. Emboldened Russia would menace Europe and expansive China would soon dominate and control the Far East and most of Asia. The United States would quickly be on the defensive and in retreat. Our vibrant economy would suffer; a depression would follow. Yet Administrator seems to wants this just so he can disobey the law and taken an occasional walk in some dead-white-European- males park.

    When I was growing up we Americans got all our information from three tv networks, the mainstream media, and the government. Then people believed in the United States and were comfortable with paying taxes, supporting our leaders, and making personal sacrifices for the good of the State. Since the internet has surfaced. Mountebanks like the Administrator, Lew Rockwell, Dave Hodges, Jeff Rense, and those who write Washington’s Blog have conspired to stir up the people and undermine the State. Fortunately, with laws like the Patriot Act and with police/military/NSA/DHS security, it looks like we will soon be returning to stable and tranquil times. And as for Administrator and the others…

  2. Great rant. Obama hates the U.S. and the great unwashed masses. Sometimes I think he’s planned a shutdown and default, has planned for a collapse, so he can assume dictatorial powers. He’s turning park rangers into the gestapo, like the rest of the fascist police state he runs. It’s sickening, but it’s amazing how much shit people are willing to put up with. 37% of this country still think he’s doing a good job. That doesn’t even include all the FSA, maybe they’re turning on him.

    Old faithful is feeling a little bound up these days….


  3. Why hasn’t the pisflap known as irak the doosh been banned here.
    If we never read another one of his comments would we be any dumber

    1. Howie

      Irak is Jackson’s alternate persona. His arguments are designed to sharpen our arguments against his neo-con blatherings.

  4. IraK is not as stupid as he wants us to believe.

    It is very clear to me that he gets his kicks being a shit disturber. He takes the government view as an attempt to make you angry. Quite simply, an internet asshole, who jerks off when he gets enough thumbs down.

    Ignore the troll.

  5. There’s no way IRaK can be that big of a cock-smoking ball licker… got to be an act- he/she speaks almost like a parody.

    “vibrant economy”? LMFAO!!!! Yeah, pretty much an agitating agent provocateur.

    Too bad, really. A good troll can accomplish their goal without being so over-the-top. The truly great ones can make it look effortless and get you to laugh despite such faggotry.

    IRaK is just a wannabe.


  6. T4C says:

    “irak gets off on being the burr in everyone’s ass as all trolls do….but only if you let him. He’s as emotionally and psychologically needy as bb is. Just don’t read anything he writes.”

    if irak and bb are on the same level then I owe bb an apology, I misunderestimated him, but i doubt it.

  7. This is as good a thread as any to post this anecdotal story.

    A guy in my Wednesday discussion group said he went up to the Coronado National Forest near Tucson this past weekend to go hiking. He said all the trails were “barricaded” (you can’t fucking barricade a forest trail, but the dumbasses tried) as closed and all restrooms everywhere were locked.

    Seems the public left a gross message for the Forest Service and feds by taking dumps all around the locked restrooms and leaving a large amount of soiled toilet paper on the ground with their message. My buddy said it was an absolutely disgusting sight, but he AGREED with the message people were sending to the government.

    So do I.

  8. Damnit. I forgot to mention the most important part of that story I told at 12:52 am above. The guy who told it is in his early 80s and is a multi-millionaire who is easily in the top 1%. Easily. He earned his money the old fashioned way, working hard and making stuff.

    I’ve noticed in the past year that he has almost completely shaken loose from his neo-con, RINO tendencies of thinking. One can only hope that many of his wealthy friends across the nation are trending in the same direction.

    THAT’S when the owners can really start to worry.

  9. Obviously some posters should be banned from TBP. Any jerkwater spittle sputterer who spouts stuff that most of us TBP regulars disagree with should be banned. Dooshes, trolls, assholes, and shit disturbers shouldn’t be allowed to comment. Any fucking idiot who limes the lingo of the left to catch a birdbrain of the right should be forced to flee the forum.

    Idiots, birdbrains… hey, I like reading what you all write. You help make TBP The Best Place To Bray, Post , and comment. on the internet.

    Administrator’s a great moderator… but I’ve had more than a bottle, I’m getting maudlin….

    And so to bed…

  10. Greetings,

    I’ve been an Anarcho Capitalist most of my adult life. I advocate for a society that is entirely free of the State. As you can well imagine, people are terrified by the suggestion that the State should be eliminated so I’ve learned to keep my thoughts about that to myself. Get this, I’m also an Atheist and a Vegetarian. So, how many people do you think I meet than in any way resemble me?

    Atheists are the most hated people and win every hate poll. Americans hate Atheists more than they do Muslims. As an Atheist, I’ve learned that it is an argument that I can never win so I do not even bother to go there. I edit myself while in public. Not only that, as someone that really has to edit himself or appear to the greater public as “madman”, I have a good idea as to boundaries and limits to any conversation. Now to the point.

    I’m hyper aware of any Cheer-leading for the State. I have to be but, guess what? I’m not hearing the Cheer-leading anymore. Better still, I hear people in public places expressing unhappy sentiments with regards to their omnipotent government. People are really starting to get pissed off.

    People are now angry enough that what I have to say doesn’t sound all that crazy anymore. Here is an example: Random guy walks into the steam room at the gym tonight. He sits down and announces to a room full of strangers that his vacation to some National Park had to be cancelled and that he was pissed about it. Seriously, this guy was mad. I immediately took note of the fact that everyone agreed with him and began sharing what they knew about the government shut down.

    I casually mentioned that NPR reported just today that Congress has a 5% approval rating. That didn’t surprise anyone. I then asked if there was anyone present that felt like their representatives had their best interests in mind when legislating. It seemed like everyone was in agreement on the fact that congress held nothing but self serving thieves.

    I next asked if anyone thought it possible to reform government and if so, how? The room bantered that around for a bit and came to the conclusion (without my input) that it can not be reformed. That left me with one final question: What are you going to do about it?

    One guy looked at me and said, “Maybe it is time for an ‘American Spring'” Another said, “I was in the Army for 22 years, I know exactly what to do.”

    I now find myself in one or more of these random conversations daily. I hear people speaking in a manner that was taboo. I also hear people make stupid mistakes like describing the weapons they have or making terrorist threats towards government officials. Note: do not do that.

    Still, it feels like Revolution.

  11. “Seems the public left a gross message for the Forest Service and feds by taking dumps all around the locked restrooms and leaving a large amount of soiled toilet paper on the ground with their message. My buddy said it was an absolutely disgusting sight, but he AGREED with the message people were sending to the government.

    So do I.”

    Thanks for “Forest Service” story, SSS. Knee-slapping funny! I guess putting up trail barricades in the Arizona desert wasn’t such a good idea.

  12. now I suddenly get it
    since ramseys farm hiking trails were declared a park by Obama, that is why none of the parking aREAS ARE OPEN, EVEN THOUGH THE FARM IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. MOTHERFUCK.

    ramseys farm is in Delaware close to the pa. line
    all the parking areas have locked barricades

  13. I go out to eat lunch with the guys in the plant a couple times a week.

    News was on, and the closing of national parks was rolling across the ticker, and someone exclaimed “now how in the fuck is that saving money?”

    Reply: Its not, its meant to stir shit up and whip us into a frenzy vs the republicans. That way when this shit-hold of a country slides off the deep we can blame the Repub’s and the Dem’s skate free.

    Then we had a 40 minuted conversation about how dicked this country is. When I first started at this company, there was very clear dividing lines. You voted straight ticket R, and that was that.

    Now though? The millionaire at the top of the company is pissed, and hates both parties. As does just about everyone down to the janitor.

    I work in a no-name company in a no-name town in middle-America, and the people are angry. I cannot imagine this is an anomaly.

  14. NickelthroweR, what you shared suggests we’re fast approaching a Regeneracy, as Admin has been pointing out. If it includes reforming/reducing government, I’m all for it.

  15. Interesting how the park ranger can go from nice to Stalin’s little helper with a phone call from above.

    The fact is they didn’t need to be total dicks and copfucks about it, but they did.

    They really made some enemies with this. Ain’t smart when you alone in the forest and people don’t see you as a ranger anymore but a thug with a gun and a bad attitude.

  16. One thing is clear, No one can afford to get sick under Obamacare. Therefore everyone needs to keep fit uncluding the park rangers. Here is what I propose. We need the fitness buffs to protest in Valley Forge. We need to stage 5,000 fit runners and have them run randomly through various roads, trails, and fields throughout the park. Then the park rangers can work on their conditioning by trying to catch them. We would send the sub 3 hour marathoners out first. What great sport seeing how the rangers do.

  17. “one Ranger spoke anonymously and said they had orders to make life as difficult as possible for tourists.”

    And their true character comes out. Decent people given those orders would lazily put up the cones/barricades and then acquire severe blindness to the presence of visitors for the duration of the stupidity. That’s what ANY DECENT PERSON WOULD DO.

    Shiteating slimebags would follow their orders to a T, being petty nazis based on orders from above. Sounds like most of the “rangers” are scum. I will remember that. I’ll remember it not only when I’m dealing with them at their work setting, but also when I’m telling my Congressman if I want any more national parks, if I want to dissolve existing national parks, if I want to fund the cost of national parks, when I’m sitting on a jury hearing a case of visitor vs. ranger, when I see a ranger in a normal commercial setting where I can be nice or a jerk to them, etc. etc. And I encourage all of you to do the same.


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