My server company informed me twice in the last week that TBP had been hacked. I don’t know who or what successfully broke into my site. The server company was able to seal off the intrusion temporarily. This was somewhat annoying to me because I’ve been paying a company aptly named – Stop Hacker – to protect my website from being hacked. After asking them why I was paying them, they offered to patch my site’s weaknesses for a couple hundred bucks. They have supposedly fixed the site. I’m doubtful.

They also made a bunch of recommendations that I should implement, including restricting the crap you people copy into the comments. They say that is why Norton keeps warning everyone about the site. I don’t understand most of their suggestions. I’m not technically savvy and have no interest in becoming so. I now spend way too much of my life monitoring load times and trying to figure out why the site will operate perfectly for hours and then go down or take 20 seconds to load. I can’t stand running a website. My enjoyment level drops by the day. I just wanted to write articles and now I deal with IT glitches, trolls, spam, and assholes.

If these technical issues continue to get worse and more expensive to address, I’ll eventually have to pull the plug. In the meantime, I’ll continue to post articles I find interesting with a brief commentary when I feel it is appropriate. The long articles that I tried to write every week or two will be few and far between. Trying to keep the blog interesting on a daily basis and dealing with the daily technical crap wears me down by the time I reach the weekend. Throw in days like yesterday when I spend three and a half hours commuting to and from work and I’m completely burnt out.

I no longer have the time or stamina to spend 10 hours on my weekend writing an article. I prefer reading to writing, and I have piles of books waiting to be read. I’d rather go for a long walk or workout at the YMCA. I’d rather go to a movie or watch a football game. Life is too short to spend worrying about what might happen 24/7. I am responsible for preparing my family for an uncertain future and trying to find some enjoyment in my daily life. It ain’t easy.

TBP has become more of a chat room of doom, than my personal blog. We’ll keep it going as long as technically possible, but something had to give and that is the in-depth articles. I’m not looking for recommendations on how to better manage my time. So don’t make any. Life is full of choices and this is a minor one in the big picture. I can’t find all the good articles, so post anything that will make readers think or get pissed off.

The goal of this site is to provide an alternative to the propaganda you get on the MSM. My personal goal is to discredit the establishment and contribute to their downfall. I hope to see our efforts come to fruition.

112 thoughts on “HACKED”

  1. “I’m not looking for recommendations on how to better manage my time. So don’t make any.”

    Fuck you! Don’t tell me how to not tell you how to live your life!

    If you would just take epsom salt baths by candlelight with organic cucumbers over your eyes you would feel much better. I recommend 3 times a week.

    Some things that would make this experience better(mix and match as needed):

    1) Porn
    2) Sex with avalon (no particular order here, didn’t I mention that)
    3) watch a movie
    4) music
    5) all of the above, all at the same time

  2. I’ve never understood how you manage to research/produce the prodigious amounts of superb material that you do, run an exemplary blog, hold down a demanding job, being a remarkable family man and standard-bearer of a contemporary extraordinary patriot – in spite of your tortuous commute back-and-forth to work.

    I literally thought you were a real-life Superman.

    Yep… something had to give.

    I no longer believe in organized religion, but if there is in fact a real deity, may God bless you richly.

    You’ve carried the torch for so long; perhaps it’s time to pass it on.

    Enjoy your wonderful family.

  3. 5) all of the above, all at the same time – TPC:

    If you knew WHO (overwhelmingly if not almost exclusively) the (usual culprits) subversives behind the corrosive effects of porn on Western civilization and families are and the hatred that lurks in their hearts for the lowly “Goyim” (one of their “professors” is on the record as boasting of it’s being used “as a weapon to destroy Western civilization and Christianity”), you’d rightly despise it as I do. I don’t have to paste the staggering numbers of links I’ve collected in my own records of their triumph over their “inferiors,” the damning juggernaut it has proven and who the perps are of this crime; you can google it for yourself.

    But our dumbass White men have walked right into their deadly trap. They’ve won. Enjoy your cultural debasement.

  4. TBP has been running for long.
    I bet the “hackers” goal was to piss you off, and not necessary wrecking the site. it worked, so far.
    I can also bet one of my ball that they got a bunch of IP’s in the process, if they aren’t currently collecting them.
    to the government drones, I would say: too late, you’re all fucked. all TBP readers have been piling up gold, silver, ammos and guns worldwide. they spread the news you try to hide. YOU ARE FUCKED

    to admin, I would say thank you regarding the personal investment that we all benefited of. I still think he’s an asshole at 25% regarding some easy juvenile bashing on nationality I witnessed, but overall hat down for the awesome flow of news that have been the norm for years.
    It changed the way I see America. still the empire of evil, but with with iron particules inside such as TBP readers. I’m confident that at some point people will stop this shit. the Russians did it with USSR. if they did it, Americans can do it.

    before TBP, I had poor reserves and no protection. now I can support my familly during 5 years if need be, even if employment is wiped from the face of earth. I can also re-create Monte-Cassino live for those who want to fuck with it. and I’m far to be alone in this case locally.

    thank you admin

  5. It does seem like you have two full-time jobs, which anybody can handle for a season, but as an ongoing lifestyle? I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Your patient wife must be getting a little tired too. Do what you need to do to get your life in balance, because it’s too short to be spent as a burned out blogging accountant.

  6. Admin, while I TOTALLY understand your frustration, and as a burnt out nurse recognize that you are exhibiting the rumblings of burn-out, my reaction to the potential of TBP going off into the sunset is akin to the reaction to the FSA’s EBT cards not working today in several states as being reported right now over at ZH.

    That being said, I am eternally grateful to you for blessing me, yes “blessing” me with permission to submit my own articles. Thank you from my heart for that.

    And now back to the shitfest happening @ Walmart


    Foodstamp Nation In Turmoil: EBT System Goes Dark, “Glitch” Blamed

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/12/2013 17:03

    In the past five years it has become apparent that America can survive a near-fatal financial system collapse, an economy teetering on the edge and kept ticking only thanks to the Fed’s now perpetual QE, a collapsing standard of living for everyone but the wealthiest 0.1%, declining wages, zero interest rates, surging food, energy, rent, tuition and welfare costs, and pretty much everything else, as long as the welfare state keeps humming along. Any be welfare state we mostly mean providing the daily bread to the nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty and surviving only thanks to the only thing to have exploded to epic record highs under Obama (in addition to the Fed’s balance sheet of course): foodstamp usage. However, the true stability of the US may be tested very soon following reports that due to a “possible computer glitch” the Electronic Benefits Transfer System, aka EBT, ala Foodstamps, is offline. Cue mass panic among the best-weaponized population in the world. Naturally, this latest fiasco involving a country that has grown accustomed to sucking on the government’s teat was immediately blamed on a “glitch” – just like everything else that is slowly but surely breaking in the New Normal.

    In short: Cue panic, because while the Nasdaq may be down for 3 hours and only a few vacuum tubes would notice, take down EBT, and you will have a full-fledged revolution in no time.

  7. Adminstrator, yours is one of the best political/economic blogs on the internet.

    Best are 1) your introductory comments to your posts, and 2) the quality of and variety of articles you post.

    Suggestions: 1) Repost some of your older main articles. Some of yours from a few years ago are worth trotting out every two or three years; 2) Don’t write such long articles. Too much grey matter and too many charts are too hard to focus on; 3) Ask some of your commentors to step in and post articles with introductions, just as you’ve done. If you pick the right TBP people, describe what you want and don’t, and set the length of the contributions, I think you’d get lots of help.

    Does this blog cost you anything out of pocket? If so how much? I’m going to send a few bucks back to Kulpsville. I bet more of us would add 5, 10, 20, 50 or more if we knew what expenses and income were.

    1. Jackson

      If you run into Irak, can you kick his government loving ass?

      I go through ups and downs with my energy level needed to keep this sucker going. Posting old articles doesn’t usually generate much discussion.

      Money is not an issue. I’m not running the blog as a business. Those horrible ads on the right cover all my expenses and many readers have been very generous with donations.

      If I could just blog while I was commuting, all would be well.

  8. sonsabitches!!!!! (hackers)

    Do what makes you happy Admin. We only get one go-around here.

    I read that food stamp cards aren’t working in 17 states?!?

    And does anyone know how that trucker strike is going?

  9. I had to explain to a sister of mine – still sound asleep – that it takes a fair bit of discernment when choosing what blogs to read and I am so glad I found my way to your site.

    So while we disagree on 9/11 we do agree on so much more and I have always appreciated both your own writings and your commentary on the posted articles. I appreciate that your other “lives” as husband/father/home owner/employee take precedent and the hacking episode – while something to be proud off – is not what you signed up for when starting the blog.

    I doubt any of us are surprised that the very instrument of awakening – private citizens sharing information via the internet – has become the object to be controlled.

    Should you find the time and inclination (doubtful) you might find “Another Nineteen” an interesting read.

    Kevin Ryan is a very like-minded individual – an insider trained and working in his field who witnessed firsthand how the data was being manipulated – became motivated enough to take to the internet in an attempt to educate and inform the sheep and potentially put an end to the corruption.


  10. Some weeks are rougher than others in the Collapse Blogging Biz.

    Don’t give up the ship quite yet though Jimbo, things are just starting to get good. It’s not a good week to quit sniffing glue.



  11. Several times in the past month when I tried going to your website at work (during lunch of course – smile!), we had security software immediately start running with an assortment of viruses/malware detected including “child porn.” Doubtless, your website is under attack. This had never happened before in the 2+ years I’ve been reading your invaluable website. We use the latest version of Windows at work. I’m a technical retard, but I know subversion when I see it being a long-time student of our cementing police state by the Bolsheviks’ within. At home, I use Safari and have never encountered any problems.

    You are a powerful weapon in the alternative media; never underestimate the vast power and control of our enemies and their infinite monetary resources.

    If you should throw in the towel or merely require a hiatus from the unfurling nightmare, ALL the best to you, Jim. I wish you and your fortunate family well.

    I hope everyone has preserved the invaluable information to be found here. It’s like drinking fresh water from a discovered oasis in a barren desert for those who are starved and thirst for truth every time I visit. And I especially enjoy AWD’s sharp commentaries too even though I’m seldom able to respond, but kudos to ALL who were smart enough to stumble upon or ferret you out. They’re unique in being amongst the smartest ones in this fast-crumbling civilization.



  12. Admin, looks like you need some help from a knowledgeable person with no dog in the fight. Depending on the volume of traffic to TBP you might need “load balancing”. Probably need to screen out the IP’s that are hacking your site or displaying suspicious behavior. Let me know if I can help.

  13. I am being selfish but as the village idiot where I am going to go ? I will be homeless all lonely and lost.Might as well put a gun to my head.Damn ,I never dreamed it would end like this.I am sad…….nothing left but doomsday.

  14. Jim, you absolutely need help. Sounds like I am not the only one offering technical advice/help. If you are not running a VM, then you aren’t running a proper website. And the anti-hacking/IP filtering should be done on the ISP end, not at your server.

    I do understand the technical details involved, but would likely need to reach out to my contacts depending on what you need done. One of my old friends from high school literally helps admin the internet backbone for this part of the world.

    I also have friends all over the world.

    TheOilDrum wasn’t run by one person, even they ended up needing behind the scenes IT help (the IT guy never posted articles ever).

    You should have access to my email. I’m sure its required for a reason, even if it isn’t published. You must have records of those.

    Willing to offer any advice/suggestions you might need (but details are required).

  15. “They also made a bunch of recommendations that I should implement, including restricting the crap you people copy into the comments.”

    perhaps the videos (doubtful), but definitely the gifs slow my computer down.

  16. juan: its more the ads (esp the flash ones) that are the culprit in slowing your PC down. I tend to keep 50+ tabs open in the “nightly” version of Firefox, run addons to block most flash/ads. This on a 2007/2008 vintage PC with 4gb of mem.

    On a 64 bit version of Win7 atm, but next time I go to reinstall, switching back to linux. Concerned about the NSA.

  17. Hey Jim,
    Please take the advice of your IT Guys, I know some will be all butt-hurt about not being able to post pics…..so my advice to them is to start their own site to post all of their “original content” they’ve taken from other people.

    I could never figure out how you found the time in the day to make this site as up to the minute relevant as you have. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done so far for all of us, and will continue to be so even if your posts drop down to one or two every one or two weeks.

    Thanks for everything!

    PS…..please, just don’t stop the Friday Fail…….

  18. The good thing about Admin’s hissy fits is that after a while he regroups and comes back stronger than ever.

    If everyone will just ignore his pleas for release from bondage, he will ramp up again. It usually takes a bit, but the man is a little quirky.


  19. Jim needs IT advice, and not from someone who is trying to make a buck from him. If his fanbase can’t pull this together, then yes, he should shut down.

  20. Admin, we both know what the problem is. Since I have been on vacation, you have not had a worthy adversary, and so your blood has ceased to boil.

    Who but me is brave enough to tell you that you have your head up your ass re Ron Paul winning the presidency? Of OWS being a game changer? Or an of your other saviors du jour (Pope whatizname ain’t gonna cut it either).

    You are a true optimist, and I admire that. But you need an asshole like me to keep the fire in your belly alight. Nothing pisses you off more than someone disagreeing with you. And you need that.

    I will be back in a few weeks. Rest, recharge, and we will carry the torch again then. Just do not expect to ever win!

    Thanks for everything! You are indeed the man.

  21. Admin,

    You are probably pissed off right now and would love to kick the shit out of the servers and/or technical support staff, so of course I strongly advise you do so. After you have done that, and should you decide to try again in your Sisyphean task to educated the Great Unwashed, I strongly recommend two ideas that could offload some of your security and any performance / capacity issues at little or no cost:

    1) To prevent any attacks via comments, move the discussion threads to Disqus
    2) To prevent any more sophisticated attacks via cross-site scripting or WP vulnerabilities, you can try Cloudflare — performance and load capacity could actually improve as they perform a lot of caching of the content at their CDN endpoints, ie. more page views at less cost

    If you’ve already considered these options and found them unworkable for some reason, then no worries, I will promptly STFU now. In any case, thank you for all your efforts with the blog.

  22. Fuck off Llpoh. For that comment alone I hope Jim shuts this motherfucker down. I was extending a hand, and you tell me I’m the one full of shit.

  23. Llpoh says:

    “Varnelius – what part of him not wanting advice do you not understand? Dipshit.”

    Varn, (and anyone else) it has been relatively quiet on tbp for a couple of weeks. do not be dismayed when LLPOH comes back, he has been threatening to kick the living shit out of many of us when he comes back. it gets rowdy but it gets fun also. stick around.

  24. There are no words. You are simply the go to site.
    I don’t get here as much these days and am much happier for it. Sorry for that.
    As you stated, all that gloom just takes too much time. When it is time for
    It to be done you will be missed by many.
    You should get work closer to home or move closer to work. That’s at least a full day back for JQ to waste all on his own. There’s gotta be a cost benefit to that. Take care.

  25. Varn, I believe you have struck him lightly on the cheek with your velvet glove, an insult to a gentleman such as LLPOH. Apology greatly recommended. Did I say ‘greatly’? I meant greatly.

  26. Thing is, this is either the 3rd or 4th “I’m gonna quit” post by Jim since I started following this website. This particular occasion, I completely understand. He’s being tasked by something that he does not understand; and the people/companies he has reached out to only just want more money to take care of said problem.

    This post is more or less a plea for help from those of use who do actually understand the internet.

    Now, as far as I know, Llpoh has been around as long as I have been reading comments around here (tho I have been reading Jim’s articles for far longer). If Llpoh has his head so far up his ass that he wants to see Jim struggle, and in the end fail, Then I have no choice but to call him a troll and from henceforth treat him as such.

    IIRC, Lloph has posted articles. I have to ask you dipshit… What are you doing to help Jim with this IT issue?

  27. I should add that before tonight, Llpoh was on the shortlist of people around here that I respected. Just from my lurking. No longer.

  28. Varneliass – I could cook your sorry ass with one sentence. You are a loser, so best keep your trap shut. Your weaknesses are known to me, and I am being kind so far.

    Your response was to tell the Admin to shut the site. You are a real asshole.

  29. My one little comment sends v foaming at the mouth. Toughen up, V. That was a love tap. Just meant to stir you up. Chill, baby. Way too sensitive. Plus you really are outgunned.

  30. Actually, I want to know what these guns are. Are you quietly packing a .50 cal over there Llpoh? Are you the one shooting up Apple iPhones on youtube? What do you have to bring?

  31. V – don’t you have something childish to do? After you finish watching the Simpsons maybe you can go outside and play with matches or something. Careful you don’t hurt yourself.

  32. I don’t think I’ve watched the Simpsons in 20 years. But reading the shit you spew forth on the internet, I could only think of that bully from the Simpsons, who would say “Ha ha!”

    While it was my neighbor, I was already credited with burning 40 acres. I won’t need molotovs when it comes time to resist. Why don’t you go stick your head back in your ass where it came from?

  33. V’s favorite songs :

    Come on baby light my fire
    Burning down the house
    Burning ring of fire
    Fire down below

    Nothing I like more than a whiny pussy. V has gad it so hard. Poor family. Sick father. He is so smart, with his 140 IQ, but life has dealt him a shit hand. Cannot get laid – now there is a surprise. Not his fault his life sucks, it is just fate. He has an excuse for everything.

    Poor V. What a loser.

  34. Trollin, trollin trollin
    Keep that baby trollin
    Troll hard!

    Keep proving the asshole that you are Llpoh. I’ll get out of the shitties when the SHTF, will you?

  35. Unlike you V, I am not considering an exit in a blaze of glory. I am well advanced on my exit plan. Next year will see it fully implemented. Amazing what hard work and planning can accomplish.

    Catchy tune.

  36. So let me guess, you are going fully armed with a pallet of solar panels, and the whole 9. Well then good for you. Whats going to happen when you hit road blocks? Oh that’s right your magically going to exit before then. And be able to travel freely.

    My bail out plan does not require my vehicle (It would help, but its not needed). I would say more, but I decline from letting the NSA know what I have in store.

  37. It is my firm belief sites like TBP are on a list of sites that will be hacked to go dark as things get worse. History has shown when SHTF, leaders silence those who offer alternative information detrimental TPTB.

    I fully expect to wake up some day and only Progressive sites friendly to the government will be up and running.

  38. After seeing Admin on the road twice, I can say that I know what Superman looks like as Clark Kent.

    Hang in there Jim. If you are getting flak, then you are over the target.

  39. Admin,
    I now learned this comment you will have to ‘un-spam’ – it. It is rather an suggestion for a product I like and use. I use the standard desktop platform, but for servers …. , out of my range. IMH… , ok, IMVHO, you should try what Varnelius proposed.
    http://www.bitdefender.com . Take a look at their proposal.
    If Stucky can bring up so many useful comments about Mg then the blog supporting it should get even more support.
    I`m in the same boat with KaD and Ecliptix, so no moolah from me.. . The richy-richy me.

  40. Jim

    Not having TBP would be one of the most depressing things ever.

    My suggestion is that this does not have to be a 7-day a week job.

    My 2nd favorite site is an IU basketball blog. They don’t post articles on the weekend. It hasn’t hurt readership one iota.

    Weekends are slow here anyway. So why don’t you just step away during the weekend? Make it reader-submitted articles only. Give it a shot.

  41. “To prevent any attacks via comments, move the discussion threads to Disqus” —- mabuk

    FWIW …. I think that’s worthy of strong consideration.

    The IU website I have visited daily FOR YEARS … http://www.insidethehall.com ….. uses Disqus …. and, I have never, never, never ever even once had one problem posting comments, issues with load time, or ANY of the problems that have plagued TBP. Not, once.

  42. What part of Admin not wanting advice did you guys not understand? He said very clearly he wants no recommendations on how to manage his time. You guys should respect that. Seriously.

  43. This site is hacked because there is too much truth here. I like to think that I have contributed in a small way, which also means I am partly to blame.

    Carry on.

  44. Llpoh, what the hell is your dysfunction? If I were telling admin that he needs to spend 4 hrs a day brushing up on his IT skills, that would involve how he spends his time. Telling him he needs to take a break/take weekends off/whatever, involves again, his time allotments.

    Offering IT advice does not effect his life in a significant way.

    Stop trashing those who were simply trying to help.

  45. V – if you think that implementing an IT solution will not take time, you have a screw loose. Which we already know is the case, but what the hell, it bears repeating.

    I read it thusly – he is tired. I have put a few serious IT systems in in my time – probably was doing so before you could spell IT. Admin could hire someone to do it for him – you going to foot the bill? Did not think so. Or he could do it himself – maybe. At a huge time investment.

  46. Lipoh ,Var……both of you had better stop bitching at each other and find a solution to the problem.Personally I think it just laziness on part of admin.He’s getting old and doesn’t want the headaches of running a site like this.You need tell he is great writer and a par excellent intellectual.He will like that coming from you Lipoh and may even believe it.This should keep him happy for a while.

  47. llpoh

    True …. Admin didn’t want advice …… nevertheless, this thread has some GREAT advice ….. Admin can read it (advisable) or ignore it. No need for a hissy fit.

  48. Stucky ,who ask you for advice?If Lipoh pays admin a few complements he will be just find.He will believe it and think he is the MAN the world can’t live without.That will keep him going for the rest of the year.

  49. Glad to hear you’re exercising. I can’t imagine how much that commute must suck ass. Your articles are excellent, but let that monkey off your back. I get more enjoyment out of 30 block posts anyway. Hundreds of people are documenting the collapse of this country, and it still amounts to a hill of beans. Until people are willing to “do or die” not much is going to change. I try to enjoy what time I have left, while keeping an eye out for what’s coming. Doesn’t look good from any angle. I’d sure be bummed without TBP.

  50. bb says:

    “Stucky ,who ask you for advice?”

    hey beebs, where are your ‘thousand points of light’ to illuminate me? i ask for a little info from you and you send me to the library. i think you are projecting, you are the one who doesn’t know what he believes in but i’ll never know because your faith is cloaked under a shroud of darkness. it seems when the heat is on, you scurry off with a weak, “I know what I believe” load of horseshit. then you sniffed that i ignorantly called you a racist. look up the history of the kkk, you suggested. is that your way of countering an assault, by assigning homework?

    don’t you know hate is the easiest thing to spread among the great ignorami? you were making anti-Semitic statements supported by a historical event in stalinist russia, making it sound like jon stewart is waiting for the opportunity to go postal on our asses.

    you’re a putz.

  51. I’m staying out of this one, except to say that I’ve read every comment above, and sure enough, a shitstorm erupted between two LOYAL AND REGULAR visitors to the site. Both of whom would staunchly defend this site’s educational value to anyone and everyone within shouting distance.

    Only on TBP. You simply can’t make this stuff up.

    (My guess is that Admin will soldier on. Just a guess. I hope I’m right.)

  52. Juan ,but am right and you need to be in library.I told you
    1.Westminster confession of faith.
    2.5 points of Calvinism.
    3.Romans and Galatians
    A. This what I believe about God ,the world system and human nature.
    B.now get your ass to library and read.Jews have been some of the biggest mass murders the world has ever seen.now one more time get your lazy ass to library.troll boy

  53. bb, let’s agree to disagree, I can’t get a straight answer from you.
    I did not say I want to know what romans and galatians says and I am not a predestination guy to go read calvin. I guess you’re right, you (and you alone) know what you believe. I am amazed that people follow you with such a weak cv but then, some people fall in love in less light than what you shed on the entire subject.

  54. bb reminded me of a dream I had once, it was quite dark, much like his gospel, for he has hidden his light under a bushel. do not question me on this, bb, for I know what I believe about you.

  55. @Llpoh “I read it thusly – he is tired. I have put a few serious IT systems in in my time – probably was doing so before you could spell IT. Admin could hire someone to do it for him – you going to foot the bill? Did not think so. Or he could do it himself – maybe. At a huge time investment.”

    One thing I have is time. (Don’t they say that time is money?). I also have friends and connections. What I don’t specifically know (or research in short order), I have friends who have been doing it professionally for years (and in a case like this, would readily give me free advice).

    As for comment about your installing IT systems before me? HA. Its possible, but I doubt it. I’ve been building Intel/AMD based PCs since I was 8 years old. I’ve been on the internet since 1994.

    “Serious time investment.” — Not for someone who already has a good idea of the playing field.

    “Do it himself” — I doubt that. It is a steep learning curve.

    “Admin could hire someone to do it for him ” — He’s already doing that, and look at the results. Its not a volunteer that is as passionate about his site as admin is (and doing research and R&D for free).

    I’m sure you didn’t like me calling you a troll Llpoh, but its what you were doing for most of this thread. You were on vaca apparently, but I made a comment a week or so back calling all TBPers out on the carpet for judging others. Just stop doing it. God will sort that shit out. Try to start being nice to total strangers (and not judging them), you may be surprised by the kind souls you meet.

  56. I should note that I was about 16 when I helped install a computerized multi-Till/Server solution for a local liquor store (novell server). One of the days we popped in, with zero training on Novell, within an hour or so I had the whatever was current problem fixed. Its a good thing that dad was around, cuz when the owner asked what I wanted for pay, I asked for a singular pack of smokes. He handed it to dad so he wouldn’t be in a legal grey area to hand it to a under-age (can you technically sell smokes if no currency changes hands?).

    If you’re such an expert Llpoh, why aren’t you offering to volunteer your time to help Admin? Or are you so busy trying to help you and your own that you don’t give a damn about the wider TPB community?

  57. Hacked again (still) btw. Only thing that explains Database connection errors @ 3am CST. (unless there were serious server backup events taking place that minute).

  58. @Llpoh. I finally started to rate this thread. Originally, I treated it like ZH, If I didn’t get an immediate kick out of it, it got nothing (and if i did, it got a +1). I noticed that damn near all of my comments now have a singular -1. I’m calling you out on the carpet for that. (I did notice that not all got that, perhaps you changed your mind part way thru).

    The way this website is setup, I don’t need to be limited to a singular vote. A change of the IP is enough to start voting all over. That’s relativity trivial to circumvent. Do you want war? Perhaps I should remind you that you don’t declare a war that you are not certain you can win? Want to start this one?

  59. V – you ignoramus – I was installing IT systems in the early eighties. Dinosaurs by today’s standards, but serious systems nonetheless.

    Re the thumbs down – not my style. I think I hit one early before you started chest-bumping, but not since.

  60. V – you seriously cannot be as stupid as your comments, can you? Why do I not install Admin’s IT system? For fuck sake, get a clue.

    And your comment re it not costing much if someone knows what they are doing – easy to say if it is not your money. Anything related to IT has a way of blowing out. Hours cost money. So what are we talking – a day? A week? Whatever, it would not be $200, and it would not be your money.

    People are always good at giving advice on how others should spend their money, with assurances it “will not cost much”. And that advice always comes from folks without any money. Such as you, V.

    I could hook the Admin up with someone to work on this stuff. But I would advise him the cost would likely be thousands not hundreds. I am just a teensy bit more reliable than you when it comes to money.


  61. Yeah, and you were so smart you were able to start both twitter and facebook no sweat (I still believe both were started by spy budget financing, but regardless).

    I was going to say more but it all got the delete. You wouldn’t get it. And the NSA would be listening.

    If we ever met in person, you would like me, I am 99.5% sure of that.

  62. Thinking about this deeper, let me propose this. If Admin’s solutions are not working (and clearly they aren’t) then why not let him pick a bunch of us to get quotes from. I’m willing to work for free, and know admins that I would trust (again people I’ve known for a decade+). Put out feelers for info, then make a choice.

    This isn’t rocket science. Don’t make it sound that way.

  63. Juan ,are you that dumb?I have told you 3 times what I believe and where to find it.
    I will make it real easy for you
    .Try 1 Corinthians 15:3-50 .It has a good summary.Last chance Juan,not going to waste anymore time.

  64. that chapter discusses the nonsense that people held two beliefs at one time, how could they pretend to believe in the gospel yet still doubt in the afterlife?
    and as for your calvin reference, I already said before, I am not a predestination dude. but this comes to mind: I shall have mercy on him whom I shall have mercy on. of course certain things are already known to god. he is not limited as you and I are. but in your predestination gospel, you seek to limit god according to your view of what he can and cannot do.

  65. V – in person I love everyone. I am just a real lovable people person! In truth, I am all bite and no bark. And I rarely bite. My experience is that there are almost no biters in the world, but it is full of barkers.

    By the way, you now have two thumbs down on your posts. I did it to show the first ones were not me. As I said, that is not my style. I could give not a shit about thumbs.

  66. I was wondering, why would anyone want to hack TBP?

    I can’t believe anyone still uses Facebook.

    Facebook, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NSA


  67. Admin – Don’t close the website, just delegate your duties. I’d offer to help with the site but I’m afraid it would be more of a disservice. If you can find some way to have a person or number of persons share the duty then by all means please do. It’s quite obvious lots of us have enough time to post on every article so it shouldn’t be a stretch that some of us could help ease your burden. You write very well and hopefully you can continue.

  68. how to interpret a permanent thumbs down:
    -1. I know you slept with my sister
    -2. I know you slept with my sister and she is now preggers
    -3. I know you slept with my sister, she’s preggers and I hate your guts

  69. Juan – you lying bastard, your sister is probably butt ugly and you would give a medal to anyone brave enough to sleep with her, out of shear gratitude. What we would call a mercy bang in my old neighborhood.

    Preggers would be an added bonus!

  70. while you were away, I acquired a permanent -1 and at times a -2. they follow me like a tail on a kite.
    btw, your sister’s fine like aged wine, she looks like a young rita coolidge. glad to see your back at it, first day back and already scalped pore varny.

  71. @Llpoh, while I listen to the Wall…..

    If you think that having that early 80s IT experience buys you anything in the modern IT work, then you are so full of shit, I’m surprised you can tell it is daylight.

    Do you have any clue what Virtual Machines are?

    The best part of Jim’s story was the anti-hacker people wanting extra $$ for patching his server when that’s technically what he’s been paying for all along. And you claim costs are going to skyrocket?

    Llpoh, I guess you used to rip off your customers back in the day. That’s fine. There’s a new generation of people coming up. Ignore us at your pearl.

  72. Varnelius – yep, I am scared shitless of folk like you. Tell me again how well you are doing – I really enjoy that. Too poor to get medical treatment, been laid once in your entire life, contemplating self-harm because your life sucks so bad, how you are so smart but life has dealt you a shit hand, etc etc etc. From what I can see life dealt you four aces compared to the hand I started with, but you parlayed them into a bucket of shit. Good job. Yep, tell me how you are the future. Hell, I am losing sleep over folks like you.

    V, I graduated from doing the work to supervising it. Even today, when I hire young IT specialists, I find they are near enough worthless without someone with experience watching over them. They know all the new tech stuff, but they are clueless as to how to get real world value from it. They do not understand what a business needs, they do not understand even what a computer is and what it really does, but they sure are up to speed on how to run an igizmo. When the folks with real understanding die off or retire, then the shit is going to hit the fan. IT folks still comes to me when they are stuck, because I know how to visualize and lay out the plans. I cannot program shit anymore, but I know how to lay out the framework..

    And I sure as hell know more than you about the cost and risks associated with implementing IT.

  73. Llpoh sed:

    “V, I graduated from doing the work to supervising it. Even today, when I hire young IT specialists, I find they are near enough worthless without someone with experience watching over them. They know all the new tech stuff, but they are clueless as to how to get real world value from it. They do not understand what a business needs, they do not understand even what a computer is and what it really does, but they sure are up to speed on how to run an igizmo. When the folks with real understanding die off or retire, then the shit is going to hit the fan. IT folks still comes to me when they are stuck, because I know how to visualize and lay out the plans. I cannot program shit anymore, but I know how to lay out the framework.. ”


    Slow down, I gotta write this down. Now that I am a ‘tech professional’ charged with managing these types of kids.

    My business partner, who is in his late 40s, is the least ‘techy’, most grounded, common sense tech guy I have ever met, so I said yes when he invited me to join his venture. Well, five months of working with him I’ve realize he is much more ‘techy’ in his way of thinking and operating than I realized.

    But it is all good. Some epic battles and arguments, but we’ve been close friends for 20 years, with deep mutual trust, respect and love. Any problems we are working through will instantly evaporate just by me making some more frigging sales, signing up some big clients. Mo income = fewer problems.

    And we have a third partner, who is the young genius at 28yo. Great kid, but what a geek! Loves the gizmos.

  74. I got to adding up the pile of taxes Uncle Sam pulls in from us drones and couldn’t help but wonder…why in the world would you start a legal business in this day and age?

    While I would love nothing more than to start my own company, the reality is that this country has made it abundantly clear that business owners are the enemy, and treats them as such.

  75. Good question, TPC. I prob should have my head examined.

    But, the answer is it beats the alternatives, and I am blessed with good ones. And I am blessed with flexibility–very limited obligations.

    Practicing medicine requires more and more compromises, as I am less and less inclined to make them. If I had family and/or other obligations, I would suck it up and earn a nice living as a doctor. Or more likely, I would’ve quit medicine long ago and taken an easier compromise (drug company whore, insurance or hospital company whore, or something further up the food chain than simple doctor).

    So, because I can; and because it beats working for someone else. I guess. Lemme schedule myself a cranial MRI.

  76. varnelius says:

    “Scalped? Nah, but its on. I’m part indian, and I refuse to stand for this shit.”

    scalped is a figurative term, shit, llpoh has scalped just about every newbie on tbp. and I may claim to be part indian and I have heard many folks have black or indian blood or both in their genes somewhere but unless you are on the national register, you get no points from llpoh who is 100% (if not more) Native Americano.

  77. @juan Fuck Llpoh. I don’t give a shit what he is, he acts like an entitled white motherfucker. He has no clue who I am, writes me off like I am a clueless millennial.

    No I am not one of those. Yes I thought my self C++, took a Pascal class in Highschool, and proceeded to be the teacher for years after (the real teacher knew less then 1/2 of what I did, even considering the 3 months it took to change languages). Knew DOS like the back of my hand, and still use those skills from time to time in the command line–how one can defeat spyware without knowing that crap, I dunno. Even spent years using (daily) linux on an alternate computer, since back then I still demanded to be able to “game” with my main PC. No longer. Other then solitaire, I cannot count the last time I played an honest game.

    I declared war, but I am only just starting to gear up for it. He’ll know when it truly gets started.

  78. Should I mention Overclocking and Watercooling? It’s less so needed these days, PC’s have gotten so powerful without the following software killer that demanded more. In the early days, just getting +20% out of your hardware made the difference in a huge way. You also saw very quickly how fast was too fast (and what it broke).

    Soldering on brand new motherboards & processors? Been there done that. Hell I think I was playing with 555 timers at age 5.

    As I said, Llpoh is thinking I’m one of those clueless Millennials, when truly, I’ve been around the block, and then some.

  79. Oh and if you didn’t notice in the past 15 min, Jim’s still hacked. Despite whatever efforts he’s made being totally IT inept. Should this continue (and worse yet start getting complaints from the targets that are getting hit by the hackers in command), the site will go down.

    I hope you are happy. You again and again trashed those of us who were only trying to help out of our love for the site.

  80. varnelius says:

    “@juan Fuck Llpoh. I don’t give a shit what he is, he acts like an entitled white motherfucker.”

    I have no interest in watching this match, LLPOH treats every match like the battle of Little Bighorn. I have yet to see him pull a punch but he’s real nice once you surrender.
    I will not take sides here, bro.

  81. Never asked you to juan. But between my indian and my stubborn sweed side, I’m not going to back down or apologize to a troll.

    I got VMware running earlier. Need to slap some modifications on it, and I’ll be ready.

    I declared war, and I wasn’t kidding.

  82. What Jim needs to do, is move to a VM. Stop running a physical server at all, and move it to the cloud. Separate the blog database from the virtual OS. Make sure the OS (whatever is picked) is getting patched regularly.

    That’s the final word on this subject.

    As per Llpoh, he’ll feel the pain eventually. I’m not so childish to involve the TBP server in that effort. I value this community much more then he apparently does, which is why the day is coming.


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