Why can’t liberal idiots like Jon Stewart, Krugman, and every dyke on MSNBC use a calculator and realize their beloved entitlement state is unsustainable? Not only is the existing structure unsustainable, but these boneheads think they can insure tens of millions more Americans through Obamacare with no financial implications. So it goes.

5 Alarming Facts about Entitlement Spending

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  1. Now throw in our defense spending, oh yeah, let us not forget about Federal retirements and health care (which DWARFS “entitlements”).

    And you soon see, that even without the ACA, we are BROKE.

    Why can’t liberals (conservatives too) do the math to find that out?

    The only people that don’t think we are broke are those that continue to suck the tit.

    Reality is proving to be a bitch, but luckily, I think the Red vs. Blue team got together and banned that shit.

  2. Liberals and the Free Shit Army are idiots for sure but one cannot forget George W added 20 trillion of unfunded liabilities when he installed Medicare part D.

    Best chance we have is Rand Paul 2016, the Libertarian movement has a chance to establish itself as a major contender.


  3. Certainly ,the continuation of debt issued to cover entitlement spending or for that matter government jobs( including the military) in general, is unsustainable .That which cannot go one forever ,won’t .

    That said, there is no other option ,other than discontinuing the funding of entitlements and eventually hundreds of thousands of other welfare benefits masquerading as government jobs.

    But, the day that money spigot is turned off will be the beginning of the great leap forward. for all Americans , regardless your station in life.No one will escape unscathed.

    The corporate controlled Congress that allowed the blue collar jobs to be shipped out of this country should have had the foresight to understand the consequences associated with stranding an entire class of people in consumer land with no readily available source of maintaining a decent standard of living, but the didn’t. Their minds were clouded with greed and ambitions and they were drunk on their own power.

    Well, the bankster party bill has finally come due.
    The jobs are gone and they are never coming back.
    So realistically speaking , the only choice left is feed the people as long as we can, by any means possible and in the meantime prepare for the inevitable day when the fiat money well runs dry.That will be the day when smoke appears on every horizon.
    Bet on it.

    1. “If we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs now, how can we afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs, in addition to a new federal bureaucracy to administer a government-run medical system?”

      Thomas Sowell

      1. “Economics and politics confront the same fundamental problem: What everyone wants adds up to more than there is. Market economies deal with this problem by confronting individuals with the costs of producing what they want, and letting those individuals make their own trade-offs when presented with prices that convey those costs. That leads to self-rationing, in the light of each individual’s own circumstances and preferences.

        Politics deals with the same problem by making promises that cannot be kept, or which can be kept only by creating other problems that cannot be acknowledged when the promises are made.”

        Thomas Sowell

  4. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

    Thomas Sowell

  5. Let me ask a simple question? Why is the attack on entitlement programs the focus of conservatives when the real problem is the massive growth and funding of arbitrarily created federal agencies like the Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, the EPA, and many more useless functions?

    Entitlement programs and their massive expense is the direct result of the massive growth of government with its body of over regulation that has caused the unemployment problems we see in the private sector today.

    Entitlement programs are the direct result of the intervention of government in the free market.

    Why is there no talk about cutting the size of government to save money? Why do you think the majority in congress does not want to live under a budget and continuously wants to raise the debt ceiling? It is because they want to expand the government.

    The present growth in government relates to the creation of the police state. Homeland security and the spying network created by the NSA on Americans is nothing more than expanding the powers of the police state. This is what the congress wants the money for.

    We are headed down the slippery slope of communism and fascism. But communism will surely overcome fascism and the corporations will eventually be taken over and run by the government as the economy continues to deteriorate due to our abandonment of free market principles.

    The depression is expanding and people continue to lose purchasing power which in turn will cause the giant retail corporations to contract until such time the government will step in and take them over like they did General Motors.

    This will bring us fully into communism.

    This is what the American people are bringing to themselves by their tacit agreement to allow the congress to raise the debt ceiling without a budget that involves decreasing the size of government.

    When the free market is restored in this country and the government is brought to its correct size and function (to serve the people),then entitlement programs will not be needed; nor will they be desired by the people. Until then they are sorely needed to serve the mass of people being denied employment opportunities due to government interference into the free market system.

    Entitlement programs are not the problem but a result created by the government to “keep quiet” the masses; that suffer from their interference and manipulation of the market place in favor of the large monopoly corporations, to shut down their small business competitors.

    Bust up the giant corporations into smaller ones and employment would increase dramatically. That is a self evident fact. It takes more employees to run many local companies than to run a few global giants.

  6. Liberals cannot spend other people’s money fast enough. They’ve made promises nobody will ever be able to keep. A huge chunk of Medicare spending goes to health insurance companies and drug companies. The government needs to get out of healthcare, but instead Obamacare is a government and HMO takeover of healthcare. United Healthcare, a middle-man health insurance criminal organization, just fired thousands of doctors. The take-over is almost complete now.

    The Social Security ponzi scheme has to end. It was never intended to be a pension fund for crissakes. It will end, willingly and controlled, or in collapse. The criminals in Washington will never do anything but increase spending for these programs.

    The fucking government can’t even run a website, and we trust these criminals with our money?

  7. Rand Paul won’t be able to do shit. This barrel is rolling and no force will stop it. The best hope for liberty and a decent future is the peaceful dissolution of the Union into smaller, culturally homogenous (as best as can be done) countries. We no longer have a representative republic and dare say we haven’t had one in my lifetime. Self-determination can be our future. Why surrender the right to life and liberty to coastal populations (Cali, NY, Florida). As it stands a lot of regions are little more than vassal states of the American Empire.

    1860-1865 is all the proof we need. They will burn the country and slaughter millions for the right p your labor.

  8. T-bird , government is a jobs program.The manufacturing/industrial sector has been exported.If those living off entitlements were to suddenly lose them, there are no jobs for which to replace the lost income.And the majority of those living off entitlements do not have the skill set to qualify for work in any sector outside fast food service.
    Desperate people will do some extreme shit.
    Bet on it,
    Humpty Dumpty has hit the pavement with tremendous force and there’s no putting him back together again.

  9. AWD, the boomers should be the l least of your worries.The most dangerous creature on earth is an angry, unemployed 19 year old male…most boomers will go quietly into the night.

  10. AWD: with all due respect, we do not “trust” the govt with our money. They steal it at the point of a gun. I just started receiving SS. It will take me 10yrs to simply get back what was extorted from me and my employers. And I get to pay taxes AGAIN on my SS. Thanks Bill Clinton, you worthless fucker!

  11. Admin:

    With all due respect, how can you show me a chart like that and expect me to believe it when the government has not had a budget for five years?

    This chart does not reflect facts but only serves to obscure the facts.

    For example: Where is spending on homeland security or the NSA put? There are 235,000 Homeland Security jobs that have been created along with the cost of server capacity to support them; not to mention the cost of all their equipment.

    The pie says nothing about the waste of arbitrary government programs attached to Social Security, Unemployment & Labor 34%, Medicare & Health 24%, and Military 18% for a supposed 76% of the budget. An accountant would look at that pie and make no assumptions at all. He would want to see the books which the congress does not want to show to the public.

    Where does the money come from to run many of the government secret or pet programs is hidden in that pie chart?

    What we need to see is an income and expense statement; not a pie chart.

    1. Thunderbird

      Just because you are intellectually disinterested in gathering facts, doesn’t make them not so. Your bullshit about conservatives was obliterated by my facts about entitlements. People with storylines to sell hate facts.

      It is very simple to find out EXACTLY how the $3.8 TRILLION of federal government spending is spent, by line item.

      Here is a link to a non-government controlled website with all the gory details going back to the start of the country.

      I’m sure you will have some storyline about how actual spending is meaningless.

  12. Sensetti says, “…but one cannot forget George W added 20 trillion of unfunded liabilities when he installed Medicare part D. ”

    Liberals like to point that out to denigrate Bush, and then look the other way when you point out to them that the ACA closed the donut hole and will add billions more to the unfunded liabilities.

  13. “The majority of those living off entitlements do not have the skill set to quality for work in any sector outside fast food service.”

    Flash: consider this: If it were 1960 or even 1970 most of these people would be able to work in many industries that were around at the time. What has changed is the introduction of the computer and the internet that has allowed for centralized control of how the workforce is managed by the government and the giant corporations that own most everything.

    In my understanding, the main job of the Federal Reserve when it was created is to make sure employment remains high in this country,by making sure business has plenty of money to expand.

    What happened? As you see the money flows to business but now is used to employ foreign cheap labor, buy up all the assets of the country, and put small business (the biggest creator of jobs) out of business.

    This has resulted in the opposite intent of the creation of the Federal Reserve.

    You have to look at the dimension of time as past, present, and future; not just the present; as past. present. future, are all a series of events along a line; that can and is revisited. It is not impossible to have old ways working along new ways but when we cut off the old ways by our laws we are going against the laws nature and human nature.

    Our leaders have caused this mess by their stupidity and their thinking they can “do” when all they do is cause massive problems and unintended consequences.

    And it seems you fall into that trap by believing all these people are unemployable because they cannot operate a computer;or yet, adopt to the new forced working environment. The world ran fine for thousands of years without the computer or the internet. What makes you think most of these people are unemployable? Could it be you are drinking the cool aid given out by the controlling government and their partners the giant corporations?

  14. Admin:

    I am not trying to argue with you or spew hate. All I am trying to do is point out that entitlements are part of the economy as an offset to the bad economy caused by the government and their friends the large corporations.

    Liberals, conservatives…. they are both causing the problem with expanding government. And expanding government means expanding spending. Our government is trying to micromanage everything and this is not their original function.

    You can’t cut entitlements without causing widespread suffering in the population. I don’t like the idea of entitlements but at the same time I don’t like the idea of expanding government.

    When treating an infection; antibiotics are given, until the infection subsides or goes away. Entitlements can be considered in the same way. Jobs have to be created before entitlements can stop. And it seems, the right path to me for job creation to develop, is to cut government regulation and break up the giant corporations into smaller companies; thus breaking up their monopoly.

    I am not trying to disagree with you. And I am not into the yes/ no resolution that our digital thinking mind wants to create. I am into the resolution of yes/no into yes and no by a neutralizing force. The law of 3 in nature.

    1. Thunderbird

      The government maintains their control and power through entitlements. It isn’t a matter of wanting to cut entitlements or not. They are on automatic pilot and will expand exponentially as 10,000 people per day turn 65 for the next 17 years. It is mathematically impossible to honor the entitlement promises. Detroit is your canary in the coal mine.

      Your proposal is a non-starter. Corporations and mega banks control the government. They create the government regulations to squash the small business owners. They will not volunteer to break themselves up into smaller companies. The corporations and banks want an expansion of entitlements because they reap the profits from the spending by the free shit army. The banks get multiple pieces as they run the programs (JP Morgan runs the SNAP program), control the deposits, and make the subprime loans to enslave the lower classes in debt.

      It will all come crashing down in a heap. There is no ballot box solution.

  15. Math is hard. Look at this debt clock, SS. Medicare part D, and Medicare 124 trillion underfunded. Tell me those programs won’t get cut. Better put back a few cans of Alpo if you rely on a Government check to buy your next meal.


  16. Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator’ Under Obama

    By Noel Sheppard | October 11, 2013

    SEAN HANNITY, HOST: My last question to you. You often do these seminars with the state of black America. I’ve watched them on C-Span and different channels, right?

    TAVIS SMILEY: Right.

    HANNITY: Are black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?

    SMILEY: Let me answer your question very forthrightly. No, they are not. The data is going to indicate sadly that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. On that regard, the president ought to be held responsible.

    But here’s the other side. I respect the president. I will protect the president. And I will correct the president. He’s right on this government shutdown. Republicans are thwarting the rule of law with the Constitution. If they let this debt go into default, they’re trampling again on the Constitution.

  17. Cash,silver,gold ,guns and lots of ammo.That’s what we all will need more of as this system destroys itself.
    Thomas Sowell ,one of my favorite authors.I have five of his books.Wish more blacks had his worldview.

  18. Admin:

    I checked out your link. I don’t doubt the numbers shown but there is more to the deception.

    How do you think the spending issue will get resolved; a default? A stealth tax like Obamacare?

    What I can’t seem to find is where the budget for Homeland Security or NSA is stashed in the breakdown. I don’t believe Homeland Security or the NSA budget for building a police state monitoring system for the American people are part of the Defense budget. So where is it recorded?

    One thing in the budget that you must agree with is the right to the boomers to receive Social Security and Medicare. The boomers have paid in all their working life and are only now starting to collect. Where did all the money go that they paid in?

    What about Federal pensions to the tune of .9 Trillion? Should they be cut in half? What about cutting the Federal work force in half? Would that be a way to cut the enforcement of excessive Federal Regulations? How much would the 50 States save in spending by closing down the Department of Education? No expensive School Administrators to pay and enforcing all the Federal Regulations on schools building, teachers, and the way students are taught and tested.

    We have a tendency to believe that the mandatory spending can’t be cut because the law says so. This is not true; it is fiction created by arbitrary law that wants to fix people’s opinion. I believe in the law of the pendulum which administrative laws want to go against. In the law of the pendulum there are two opposite force that represents the swing in both directions that represent the yes or the no. But there is also a point in the swing of the pendulum where there is neither yes or no but rather yes and no; and that is when the pendulum is at the lowest point in its swing. That is when a new direction is formed.

    This is where we need to go for solutions. What if the congress was closed down for a year? Wouldn’t the machine that is the government go into full limit and no more? Then spending would be held at that limit?

    1. Thundebird

      The DHS budget is public. Just google it. It’s $60 billion. They divide it up into its 20 or 30 departmental pieces within Other. That is chump change in comparison to the trillions in entitlements.

      Your solutions are impossible. They are just fantasy wishes. Reality crushes your solutions.

      There are no solutions until collapse.

  19. Llpoh; your mind seems to be closed in the negative state.

    I think in an earlier thread you said that the wage for labor was over valued by a third. Would it be overvalued by that if government add on was not increasing the amount businesses have to factor in for wages?

    You run your business by following government regulations. What would you say if you found some business ignoring government regulations and competing with you. I am not talking about global corporations going abroad to manufacture their products with slave labor, but rather a local competitor that found a way to pay his employees cash without having to pay government add-ons?

    Would this bother you enough to report them?

  20. T-bird- Flash: consider this: If it were 1960 or even 1970 most of these people would be able to work in many industries that were around at the time. What has changed is the introduction of the computer and the internet that has allowed for centralized control of how the workforce is managed by the government and the giant corporations that own most everything.

    They’re not coming back and the internet has nothing to do with it. Manufacturing jobs where leaving this country enmasse long before whistledick Joe ‘Merica’ even had an inkling of an idea of an internet.

    You can’t reanimate the dead..and manufacturing is dead. Even if there were those willing to enter the viper pit and strike a manufacturing match, there would be infrastructure , training , culture barriers , supply issues and most impregnable of all , Asian slave labor competition to overcome.And, the industry would need about 30 to 50 years to mature.
    American don’t have that much time.
    The egg is cracked now.

    The wheel will most surely be reamed , but not in our lifetime.

  21. Anonymous

    I don’t know how you can say that when history proves we always default back to the past. 22 civilizations have done it in the course of known history. Why are we different?

    Never say never.

  22. @T-bird, revert to what? There has never been a mass of people, living in a civilized society on the modern scale in all the annul of history..

    We’re reverting all right….straight back into an Aristocracy, where living the serf life is about all most could ever hope to achieve…some say slavery was worse, but then that’s according to how much value your master puts in his property.

    Measured In Gold, The Story Of American Wages Is An Ugly One
    Yet as fewer labor hours go into producing goods, workers work longer to buy the goods. Using the hour as a measure of costs, we can calculate how much more work a wage earner must produce to buy milk today. But it’s harder to measure the reduction of work that goes into production. We know that it’s less by empirical evidence, but we only get a sense of it.

    By switching to gold, we can measure both wages and prices on an absolute scale—in ounces—and we can make precise comparisons. To convert the price of anything to gold, just divide the price by the current gold price. For example, in 2011 if a big-screen TV was $785, then divide that by the gold price of that year; the television set cost half an ounce of gold.

    The bottom line is that, in terms of gold, wages have fallen by about 87 percent. To get a stronger sense of what that means, consider that back in 1965, the minimum wage was 71 ounces of gold per year. In 2011, the senior engineer earned the equivalent of 63 ounces in gold. So, measured in gold, we see that senior engineers now earn less than what unskilled laborers earned back in 1965.

    That’s right: today’s highly skilled professional is making less in real, comparative terms than yesterday’s unskilled worker.

  23. Admin: “There are no solutions until collapse”

    Well then let the entitlements continue. The sooner the collapse comes the better. At least with the collapse those that have incentive and drive will be the ones to put the economy back together. While this warped situation of government control stays in place no one can do anything.

    If you stop the entitlements it will only increase the suffering of the unemployed while the ones that continue to benefit from this rigged economy will live like kings.

    Stopping the entitlements will not cause people to suddenly find work in a contracting economy. It only drags out the collapse of a rotten system. A rotten fruit is a rotten fruit just like a rotten system is a rotten system.

    I have to agree with you. There are no man made solutions until collapse. Even God would not step in to save this rotten system. Mother nature will most likely serve the final blow. All the tuna being tested on the west coast are showing radioactive contamination because of Fukashima. Fukashima will probably be our undoing as this is affecting the entire northern hemisphere.

    1. Thunderbird

      I didn’t call for an end to entitlements in my post. I pointed out that it is mathematically impossible to honor the promised entitlements. The entitlements, along with military overreach, Obamacare, and destruction of the middle class will lead to collapse. The masses will never vote to cut their benefits.

  24. Admin vd T-bird


    Weakest shitfest in the annals of TBP.

    Step it up a notch,boys.


    Just got my Trader Joe flyer in the mail Listen to this …..

    “Creamy Toscano Cheese soaked in Syrah begins with a Wisconsin-crafted cheese that seamlessly blends the nutty flavor of an aged Parmesan with the creamy texture of a farmstead Cheddar. In a twist that’s exclusive to Trader Joe’s, each wheel is soaked in our very own Coastal Syrah. The wine imparts subtle blackberry and plum jam flavors to the cheese creating a marriage of flavors that’s destined to make you say “I do,” over and over again.”

    Wow!! Can that person write beautiful prose, or what??!!

  25. flash:

    “The bottom line is that, in terms of gold, wages have fallen by about 87 percent. To get a stronger sense of what that means, consider back in 1965, the minimum wage was 71 ounces of gold per year. In 2011, the senior engineer earned the equivalent of 63 ounces in gold. So, measured in gold, we see that senior engineers now earn less than what unskilled laborers earned back in 1965.”

    You bring up a good point in the consideration of how population increase has been the major factor in the lowering of the standard of living and the quality of the products we buy. In 1965 the minimum wage was $1.25 per hour and I carried silver coins in my pocket. Today the coins are made out of trash metal. In 1965 our clothing was made of cotton and our shoes were made out of leather. Today these items are made from oil based cheap materials. In 1965 our meat, poultry, and dairy products came from farms, where today it comes from large commercial operations using hormones for fast growth. Steel that used to be used in the fabrication of many durable goods has been replaced by cheap plastics.

    It is the same with the quality of education. In 1965 people had to work a separate job to fund their education. It was high quality.Today with government loans given to every Tom, Dick, and Harry the quality of education has gone down. It is the same in our K to 12 school system. Government involvement and vast amounts of money to include computers and political requirements has lowered the quality of instruction and now we have people coming out of the high schools that can’t even read or write.

    Homes and automobiles are built with a much lower quality of materials in 2013 than in 1965 resulting in a much shorter utility lifetime.

    So what seems to you that we are reverting back into an Aristocracy with serfs really isn’t that at all; but really a general dumbing down of the quality of our consciousness due to population. No one has any real control of what is happening. There are too many people to control. We have computers trying to control the population but more and more people are becoming to illiterate to control.

    Our civilization is showing terminal signs of dis-function due to as you say, there has never been a mass of people this size living in a civilized society in the known history of man. Well we are seeing the result of this…. and it is frightening.

    Humanity is living in uncharted territory. It seems that we are experiencing the effects of too large a population. Look at China and India to see where we are going.

    It is not a positive sight.

  26. Admin

    “The masses will never vote to cut their benefits.”

    This is the result of democracy. We were warned not to go down this road; with plenty of history to back up the warning, but our poorly educated leaders in history took us down this road anyway.

    Time is not a straight line; but rather a curved one, that leads us back to the past. Man does not evolve but rather travels in a circle repeating his errors and having to relive the pain of his mistakes. It is called recurrence. This is why some call this planet a prison.

    Albert Pike in the third lecture of his book, “Morals and Dogma” talks about the downside of Democracy and he accurately describes the situation of a democracy when it is on its deathbed. His description is shockingly exactly what is going on in our democracy today.


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