It must be those dastardly tea baggers sabotaging the Savior’s glorious, well conceived, well executed, cost saving, life saving healthcare plan for America. Of course a 2,400 page law written by healthcare industry lobbyists, with 11,000 pages of rules and regulations, managed by thousands of government drones, enforced by the IRS, impacting 19% of the U.S. economy, and rolled out on a computer system that doesn’t work, was sure to improve the lives of all Americans. More government in our lives is exactly what we need. Now please bend over and await your Obamacare rectal exam. The $2,500 savings check is in the mail. But be warned, we are depending on another government organization losing $19 billion per year to deliver that check, so it might be awhile.  

…Individuals in most states will end up spending more on the exchanges. It is true that in some states, the experience could be the opposite. This is because those states had already over-regulated insurance markets that led to sharply higher premiums through adverse selection, as is the case of New York. Many states, however, double or nearly triple premiums for young adults. Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, and Vermont see some of the largest increases in premiums.

…The Obama Administration is desperate for younger people to enroll to prevent an adverse selection death spiral.

…Our findings confirm that younger populations see larger percentage increases in premiums. A state that exhibits this clearly is Vermont, where the increase for 27-year-olds is 144 percent and the increase for 50-year-olds is still 60 percent, but far less. All states exhibit this relationship.

Heritage Foundation


“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health-care plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

“For people with insurance, the only impact of the health-care law is that their insurance is stronger, better, and more secure than it was before. Full stop. That’s it. They don’t have to worry about anything else.”

“If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums. That will be less.”

“I want to be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade.”

“Health care reform will cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.”



51 thoughts on “THOSE DAMN FACTS”

  1. It seems the longer the Obamacare fiascso goes on, the worse it gets. Doctors simply won’t accept exchange-purchased insurance. You’ll have to see an ObamaDoctor, of which there are few, if any.

    And for the privilege of having worthless, unusable insurance, you’ll pay a fortune. And be shelling out thousands of dollars more for deductibles before you’ll even be able to start fighting the insurance companies for denial of service and non-payment of your healthcare.

    The health insurance companies and lawyers wrote Obamacare. The government created the website. The health insurance companies are licking their chops, all those massive premium increases listed above, and they not having to pay any claims or reimbursement, because they can blame the bureaucrats. Too bad for them, nothing works. Serves them right. But hey, at least the union government drones have insurance, and 1200 companies and unions.


  2. Overall I can see a lot of people, especially the young preferring to pay the fines than get obamacare.

    Here’s the thing, it’s already expensive and the Demoncrats just jacked it out of sight with insane deductible levels that really don’t make it that attractive.

    My money is on Obamacare circling the drain.

  3. The health insurance companies wrote Obamacare, and everyone’s shocked their premiums are doubling or tripling? Hilarious.

    And don’t forget, Obamacare is the biggest tax increase in the history of this country. And lawyers somehow managed to get in on Obamacare, rolling back 30 years of medical tort reform. Obama has set race relations back 50 years, and has set med-mal and healthcare back 30 years.

    Obama and the government will simply spend more and grow Obamacare ad infinitum, and double or triple the rules, regulations and taxes to “fix” it.

    And this is what will happen to Cynics, un-believers, opponents, and detractors of Obamacare


  4. Take a closer look at that chart

    The only state with significant drops in premiums is Colorado.

    Colorado is the least Obese state in the union. The most obese states are seeing double or triple digit increases in premiums. You are paying for fatties.

  5. Not sure AWD?

    I have to go to the exchange to apply for subside to be able to keep my Blue Cross that I have now. I can’t get grand fathered because I haven’t had this policy 5 years which even though the policy itself has been grand fathered .

    If I claim 12,000 income for next year I will pay only 2% of that or 240 for the year. I’m a little bit suspicious of your claim that I won’t be able to see a Doctor with my existing policy.

  6. Mark

    People have, for decades, mistakenly believed having “health insurance” is the same as “getting healthcare”, that somehow magically having health insurance you will be “covered” if you get sick or have to have surgery, a heart attack. Idiot people who don’t understand this difference will pay almost anything for this illusion. More than 600,000 people a year declare bankruptcy because of medical bills; yet 73% of them HAD HEALTH INSURANCE. Health insurance is the biggest scam in history, just behind social security.

    With Obamacare and the exchanges, health insurance companies have unlimited clout to charge whatever they want, quintuple deductibles, and deny any and all care to the insured.

    And people like you who demand other people pay and subsidize their healthcare. Doctors aren’t going to take “exchange insurance”, especially specialists. Exchange insurance is more worthless than Medicaid, and costs a fortune. Obamacare is designed to give people “health insurance” while not paying a dime for actual “healthcare”. You’ll be paying that out of your own pocket after fighting for months with the government or the HMO, to collect on your policy. The only thing I can say is don’t get sick.

  7. Mark, you’ll pay in premiums, maybe, I wouldn’t count those chickens quite yet. Low income and I assume a part time worker and young, you are going to be the golden goose that they will come after when the premiums have to be increased – again and again. Which is EXACTLY what has been happening to small biz coverage for well over 15 years.

    And, you’ll be responsible for up to 100% of your medical expenses until you meet the deductible, which if you are young and healthy won’t mean much, but it will to the pill poppers and fat asses amongst us. Or if you get hurt, or severely ill.

    There is no free lunch sweetie, good luck with your mental health when the truth hits you and you get to reconcile reality with hopes, dreams and political promises.

    BTW, in my lifetime I’ve been promised that I’d never be pulled over for failure to wear a seatbelt, nor would I ever be subjected to being pulled over because it is late at night, nor would I ever have to inject toxins into my child against my informed opinion and wishes.

    Yet all those things are now true. Keep it in mind as the bills for your (currently) great deal become apparent, and due.

  8. Hey bitches – just found out me and my peeps are not covered by the mandate! Woohoo! Real injuns are exempt. Read it and weep!

  9. AWD ,what is your advice( besides not getting sick) for a guy like me who has insurance now but probably will not come January.Single,age 51, overall good health and have my own small business.Non smoker.How do I get around this mess ?Is there a way ?

  10. My insurance is going up 179% or almost triple. If I claim the minum amount in next years expected earnings in the state of North Carolina of 12,000 I according to the new health care law will only pay $240.

    I would rather have just kept on with a cost similar to today with a high deductible policy that will protect some of my assets in case catastrophe. Should the government come back and say no no. And I lose the subside. I will be done with this ass rape after next year.

    Don’t know what else to do? Hopefully, they’ll postpone for a year and my rates will stay the same as this year.

  11. this is the problem. it used to be that poor people could not get insurance. No one cares about poor people.
    So how Obama got re-elected?

    Now middle class people grasping to maintian there lifestyle can not get insurance. I think i should be clear. so i am saying middle class people are grasping for solutions. Obama came around at a very opportune time.

    When did the rascally replublican’s ever seriously attempt to find a solution? Lord know’s they had plenty of time to do it before the voters gave up on them.

    Not all republican’s are self serving. Many of them are dedicated to helping other’s.

    However a whole bunch of them are conniving theiving liar’s that a psycho government can be proud of. So, who do you think is on your side?

  12. Obamacare woes widen as insurers get wrong data

    By Christopher Weaver and Louise Radnofsky

    Insurers say the federal health-care marketplace is generating flawed data that is straining their ability to handle even the trickle of enrollees who have gotten through so far, in a sign that technological problems extend further than the website traffic and software issues already identified.

    Emerging errors include duplicate enrollments, spouses reported as children, missing data fields and suspect eligibility determinations, say executives at more than a dozen health plans. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska said it had to hire temporary workers to contact new customers directly to resolve inaccuracies in submissions. Medical Mutual of Ohio said one customer had successfully signed up for three of its plans

    The flaws could do lasting damage to the law if customers are deterred from signing up or mistakenly believe they have obtained coverage.

    “The longer this takes to resolve . . . the harder it will be to get people to [come back and] sign up,” said Aetna Inc. AET -0.04% Chief Executive Mark Bertolini. “It’s not off to a great start,” he said, though he believes the marketplaces are “here to stay.”

  13. Premiums for young healthy people will jump in 45 states under Obamacare


    Young people in 45 states will see their health insurance premiums increase under Obamacare because the law relies on the money they pay into the system to offset the cost of caring for older enrollees, according to a new study.

    Virginia leads the pack, as individuals aged 27 and under will see their health insurance premiums jump by 252.5 percent — $416.55 — according to the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.

    Virginians under the age of 50 will see their premiums jump by an even greater percentage, rising from $228 to $991.03.

  14. Lipoh , no response .Are you telling me all you injuns are racist.I demand to be a member so I can get some free shit.You suppose to be some hot shit rich injun ,so make it possible.Are you telling me you want help because I am jewish white with white jew blood.? I thought all of us minorities were going to stick it to the MAN.You sell out racist pig.I demand my free shit.

  15. bb,

    I stumbled across this website by accident the other day. The article says that a religious organization lobbied out of O’Care and they have (and offer) their own healthcare service – Samaritan Ministries. I think this healthcare is available to anyone “of faith”, which includes Injuns, Christians, Jews, everybody. I think you will find also that the good Lord is flexible on the subject of “faith”.

    It might be bogus, but here is the website if you want to read about it and possibly contact them:

    The linking article:


  16. BB

    Remember Elizabeth Warren? She made up the claim and rode it all the way to the senate. Along the way, it opened up a lot of doors and promotions to her that are otherwise closed to white folk.

    You can do the same. It just takes brass balls.

    I’ve personally known plenty of fat, white, balding “indians”. You just have to like 1/10th to 1/30th. Indian blood to get on the gravy train.

  17. But really folks. With Obama and the Democrats putting the peddle to the metal on debt creation and even Jamie Dimon warning people this is going to blow up. This situation isn’t going to go on for much longer maybe 2-5 years.

    The fact is, when Dimon basically states that the Obama administration is pursuing a course that will wreck the country and no one pays attention is damn scary.

    Look I know Dimon is a scum bag, but sometimes these guys are honest. He knows how the sausage is made and it’s going to end.

  18. Cynic has a point. The biggest criminal organization on the planet, JPM and Dimon, warning about a coming collapse means it’s coming. In the meantime, they’re paying out some pocket change for their criminally seizing millions of homes.

    JPMorgan Said to Have Reached $13 Billion U.S. Accord
    By Tom Schoenberg & Dawn Kopecki – Oct 19, 201

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) has reached a tentative resolution of all civil mortgage-bond related matters with the U.S. Department of Justice under which the nation’s largest bank will pay a record $13 billion, a person familiar with the settlement talks said.

    The amount increased from $11 billion during negotiations last night, the person said. The deal includes $4 billion for unspecified consumer relief and $9 billion in fines and other payments, another person familiar with the matter said. The $9 billion includes a $4 billion accord with the Federal Housing Finance Agency over the bank’s sale of mortgage-backed securities.

  19. Two weeks into health insurance marketplace, companies in holding pattern

    October 15, 2013 5:30 pm • By Hannah Johnson

    It’s been two weeks since the health insurance marketplaces — the way to shop for insurance from the Affordable Care Act — went live Oct. 1, and health care companies are mostly just waiting.

    The federal website, which is running the marketplace for 19 states including North Dakota, has been criticized for technical glitches and bugs since its debut.

    There are three companies providing health insurance plans for North Dakota residents — Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica and Sanford Health Plan.

    As of now, Blue Cross Blue Shield has only received a couple of enrollments from the marketplace, said J.D. Nichol, the manager of consumer sales.

    Greg Bury, a spokesman for Medica, said his company hasn’t received any.

    They are not worried, however, Bury said. It’s only been a short time and the delays are not yet concerning. There is still enough time for people to be enrolled, he said.

    This sentiment was echoed by Emily Bormann, a spokeswoman for Sanford Health. The Sanford Health Plan has not yet received any enrollments from North Dakota, she said, but it’s still early.

    Nichol said he has been advising consumers to wait until Nov. 1 to try enrolling through Hopefully by that time, the technical issues will be worked out, he said.

    Individuals who qualify for insurance through the marketplace — mainly those who are not offered insurance through their employer and who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare — have until Dec. 15 to enroll in order to have insurance coverage by Jan. 1, 2014.

    After that, the open enrollment period extends through March 2014. If a person enrolls by the 15th of the month, coverage will begin the first of the next month. If a person enrolls after the 15th, the coverage will begin the month after next.

    Anyone who does not have health insurance by 2014 will have to pay a penalty, $95 per adult for the first year. The penalties go up exponentially the next two years and by 2016 and after, the penalty will be $685 per adult.

  20. I am posting this for 2 reasons;

    1) I think it’s waaay cool that there is a REAL Stuckey out there

    2) You gold-pushing sheeple need to invest in …………. trailer parks!

    ================= =

    “Earlier this month, I highlighted the fact that the Carlyle Group was the latest in a series of “smart money” private equity firms to decide it was time to exit the suddenly extremely crowded “buy-to rent” residential real estate trade. At the time I noted that:

    “As it sells apartments, Carlyle is focusing investments in areas such as senior housing, self-storage units and manufactured homes, where demand tends to be driven by life changes such as retirement or marriages, and isn’t so closely tied to changes in employment and gross domestic product, Stuckey said.”

  21. I hate the government
    I refuse to be governed by murderers thieves and thugs
    I will resist the government
    I will fight the government
    I am an enemy of the government

  22. My Mother in law was near tears today. She got a letter from the State of Texas today explaining that Medicare plans will change and what parts are no longer covered. Also due to the increased costs SS check amounts will be reduced by nearly $500 between her and my father in law. No mention was made of Obamacare but I’m sure it is the reason for these changes. I plan to see them tomorrow and read the notice myself. They may have something mixed up especially on the SS reductions. Anybody hear about anything like this going on?

    My father in law is ready to go to war over this. If what they say turns out to be accurate and affects numerous SS recipients there will be a huge, loud and unrelenting backlash. The torches and pitch forks will roll out. Even if they’re old the seniors probably have more balls than the middle aged and young people and not near as much of their lives to lose.

    Something like this could lead to the end of Obamacare and the Democrats being parted from their heads. What a great thing that would be. So there could be a silver lining to the cloud. But it also might mean the Republicans completely taking over government, Then we will get it in the ass with a red spiked pole instead of a blue one.

  23. Bruce SS and Medicare will collapse under its own weight. We have made commitments to 77million baby boomers that we can’t pay.

  24. Hundreds of thousands get health insurance cancellation notices

    Anna Gorman and Julie Appleby Kaiser Health News
    Oct. 18, 2013 at 2:55 PM ET

    Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more costly policies.

    The main reason insurers offer is that the policies fall short of what the Affordable Care Act requires starting Jan. 1. Most are ending policies sold after the law passed in March 2010. At least a few are canceling plans sold to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

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  26. this is the month a lot of homos dip their toe in the water by cross dressing at the end of this month. we should call that day, tranny day instead of Halloween. no hate intended, just sayin’ that we should quit pretending and call it what it is: gay day.

  27. juan, accusing bb of merely being “gay” would be a vast improvement regarding what he really is …. a diseased donkey dick posing as a human.

  28. it would explain his hatred of women, tho he denies it. we had a loner like bb at work, old sarge didn’t know what else to do for him, he said, maybe I should give him a hand job?

  29. The Obamacare “Glitch” Explained In 25 Quotes

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/20/2013 20:39 -0400

    While some have proclaimed the 36,000 enrollment in The Affordable Care Act “a good start,” the online marketplaces that Obamacare has become more infamous for have been plagued with problems in the brief two weeks since launch. Politico provides 25 of the most telling and colorful comments made about the “glitches” the online exchanges have faced…

    1. “I hope they are working day and night to get this done. When they get it fixed, I hope they fire some people that were in charge of making sure that this thing was supposed to work.” — former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner,” Oct. 14

    2. “A thousand Social Security numbers being sent to the wrong people is not a glitch!” — CNBC contributor Carol Roth on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Oct. 12

    3. “How can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?” — House Speaker John Boehner, Oct. 10

    4. “Despite the widespread belief that the administration was not ready for the health law’s Oct. 1 launch, top officials and lead IT contractors looked us in the eye and assured us all systems were a go. Instead, here we are 10 days later, and delays and technical failures have reached epidemic proportions.” — Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) in a statement, Oct. 10

    5. “We’re going to do a challenge. I’m going to try and download every movie ever made and you are going to try to sign up for Obamacare — and we’ll see which happens first.” — Jon Stewart to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on “The Daily Show,” Oct. 7

    6. “It’s a new rule: If something doesn’t work, you get rid of it! If the post office is late today, let’s get rid of the post office! If the plane is late an hour, get rid of airplanes! It’s ridiculous!” — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Oct. 12

    7. “There’s so much wrong, you just don’t know what’s broken until you get a lot more of it fixed.” — Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, Oct. 14

    8. “They had three years to get this ready. If they weren’t fully ready, they should accept the advice Republicans are giving them: Delay it for a year, get it ready and make sure it works.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Oct. 9

    9. “I heard that [the website] had over 8 million hits — people that have tried to sign up — and so far they have people in the single digits that have signed up.” — Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.), Oct. 9

    10. “The shutdown has completely gotten in the way of the message of Obamacare not working. If there were no government shutdown, Republicans could train all their fire on the failures of the exchanges in a ‘See, I told you so’ approach.” — Republican strategist Ron Bonjean, Oct. 1

    11. “The fact that there is any disruption in the website is inexcusable. But I think the attention is being diverted from the slowness of the website to the fact that we’re in this financial crisis.” — Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), Oct. 10.

    12. “Basically, HHS has screwed this whole thing up.” — Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Oct. 9

    13. “Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don’t remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn’t.” — President Barack Obama, Oct. 1

    14. “If Apple launched a major new product that functioned as badly as Obamacare’s online insurance marketplace, the tech world would be calling for Tim Cook’s head.” — Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas in The Washington Post Wonkblog, Oct. 4

    15. “It’s bad enough that Sebelius and Co. produced a terrible taxpayer-funded product. It’s even worse that they didn’t heed the warnings or spot the red flags. They put on a smile, flipped the switch and sat by as it crashed…[T]he first person fired should be Secretary Sebelius.” — RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Oct. 15

    16. “The secretary does have the full confidence of the president. She, like everyone else in this effort, is focused on our No. 1 priority, which is making the implementation of the Affordable Care Act work well. People are working 24/7 to address the problems and isolate them and fix them, when it comes to the website and enrollment issues.” — Press secretary Jay Carney, Oct. 15

    17. “If the problems persist another three or four weeks, those at the back of the line will not have coverage.” — Dan Schuyler, consultant who helped design a health insurance exchange in Utah, Oct. 11

    18. “If we are already running into issues at the user account stage, we’re going to run into a lot more issues when we get to the more complex operations at the [subsidy] eligibility determination.” — Dan Schuyler, consultant who helped design a health insurance exchange in Utah, Oct. 11

    19. “The volume obviously is a factor: For the first day or two, it worked. A week and a half later, it’s no longer an adequate explanation.” — Washington and Lee University School of Law professor Tim Jost, Oct. 12

    20. “In retrospect, they should have said to the public before Oct. 1, ‘This is going to take a while; give us some time and wait.’” — John Rother, president of the National Coalition on Health Care, Oct. 12

    21. “It is not unique that when you have a very large, new software program come out that people work to clean it up.” — Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Oct. 6

    22. “[It’s] pretty clear that they’re working on the glitches in Obamacare, and it’s pretty clear that we need a geek squad for the website, not a firing squad for the entire bill.” — Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Oct. 10

    23. “In eight weeks, we will find out what the cause was and work it out with the help of HHS and the Small Business Administration, to make it easier to enroll.” — Rep. Rubén Hinojosa (D-Texas), Oct. 10

    24. “This week, Sebelius continued wasting taxpayer dollars on advertising and promotional tours. This included failed rallies at NFL stadiums and appearances on comedy shows to promote enrollment while at the same time, Americans were unable to sign up for health care plans as promised. Even Jon Stewart didn’t think it was a laughing matter.” — Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), Oct. 11

    25. “[It’s] like trying to repair a car while someone is driving it.” — George Edwards, computer scientist, to, Oct. 10

    We are sure this will all end well with the administration declaring some kind of “victory”… though that last quote seems to ring extremely true of every government plan we have seen in the last decade or 10…


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