This is what passes for journalism on ultra-liberal websites like Salon and Huffington Post. These are the stories that reveal the true nature of liberals, Keynesians, and low-life politicians. Let me take you back to early 2009. Obama and his minions proclaimed that the world was going to end. The country had to get behind his shovel ready $800 billion ONE TIME STIMULUS PLAN. We were told by the Keynesian economists, Obama, and the Democrats in Congress that this TEMPORARY injection into the economy would pull us out of recesssion and all would be well.

This is how liberals grow government to epic proportions. They threw $250 billion at states to pay union teachers, rather than have the states make the tough choices to balance their budgets. When this money ran out two years later, the liberals SCREAMED about these spending CUTS. How could we do this to the children. They were not fucking cuts. They sold this porkulus plan as one time stimulus. It ran out. It wasn’t a cut. Can liberals get that through their thick skulls?

When an economy goes into recession, more people sign up for food stamps. It has always happened that way. When the economy recovers, the number of people on food stamps drops. It always happened this way. Not this time. Obama took a huge chunk of that ONE TIME STIMULUS money and pumped up the SNAP program. His minions then went about recruiting people to join the program. The recession has been over for four years and the number of people on SNAP has continued to rise by 7 million. 

Well guess what? The stimulus money runs out in two days. The $5 billion reduction in the SNAP program is NOT a fucking cut. The liberal douchebags want it both ways. First the money is one-time stimulus. Now it is a dreadful CUT that will lead to riots. Complete and utter bullshit. People in West Philly will have to cut back on KFC and Taco Bell. Maybe they can hold off buying that new iPhone or pair of Jordans. No one will be going hungry because the STIMULUS money ran out. Have you seen the people on SNAP. One look and you realize they ain’t starving.


Monday, Oct 28, 2013 12:45 PM EDT

“Riots always begin typically the same way”: Food stamp shutdown looms Friday 

The head of the largest food bank says the $5 billion annual cut will take a week of meals off millions’ plates



  1. Yeah, well some Spermbag was interviewing some NutSack on FuxBizNewzz today … both breathlessly orgasmic in their belief that housing is damn-near in full recovery. If that’s not funny enough for ya, here is one of the main reasons …. “income is up across the board”.

    Anyway, my troubled son gets SNAP. Can I send Weiner Schnitzel and Apple Pie via USMail?

  2. I hear people bash Libertarianism all the time but Libertarianism offers many solutions to our problems:

    1. Take away all rules regarding the cooking and selling of food. Low income people can still make some good food. They COULD sell it to their neighbors if it wasn’t illegal. Why is it illegal? Well apparently we are so concerned about people eating bad food yet instead they eat fast food. Is that really better?

    2. Legalize all drugs. Drug dealers and gangs could become legitimate and sell drugs to people that want them. What right do you or me have to tell others what they can and can’t do with their own bodies? Successful drug dealers are good businesspeople they just sell an illegal substance. Legalize it and let them run their businesses.

    3. Change the food stamp program to only allow purchases of beans, rice, etc. Anyone caught selling food stamps for money is off the program. No need to incarcerate them that costs me and you money.

    4. Encourage people to grow their own food. They are going to have to learn to do it soon anyways, might as well start now.

    5. End the Federal Reserve and inflationary policies. This one change would change our entire econcomy. Why are people complaining about $7 an hour not being enough money? Inflationary policies that have eroded the wealth of everyone substantially over the past 30 years. In the 1800’s no central bank, no inflationary policies and when you got a raise it was truly a raise not just keeping up with the loss of purchasing power.

    6. Allow any small business to start up and not have to pay ANY taxes or have any licensing requirements for the first three years of operation. The current economic environment is not conducive to starting a small business, which is why there are no more jobs.

    These are just a couple of examples offhand of how if we just got the govt out of the way and let people be free to make their own choices we could flourish.

    But no instead I have to read mainstream article after mainstream article attacking Libertarians as selfish racists and sexists.

    As Ron Paul says, “Freedom is popular.”

    Any other ideas on how freedom could help lead to prosperity? Please list them below.

  3. SNAP program cost $37 billion in 2008

    SNAP program cost $76 billion in 2013

    The dreadful CUTS will allow SNAP to spend $71 billion in 2014.

    People will die in the streets because SNAP is spending at the same level as 2012. The horror!!!!

  4. Yesterday, was a milestone day for my son, SJ.

    A few weeks ago we (his mother and I) filed a formal complaint with the State of Michigan against SJ’s psychiatrist … a female psychobitch along the lines of Nurse Rachet. We provided extensive documentation on what we considered abuse, if not outright malpractice, along with a promise that we will take legal action if it is allowed to continue.

    Last evening we were informed that, 1) effective immediately, SJ would no longer be forced to take psychotropic drugs (he was scheduled for a shot later this week) and, 2) the psychiatrist will be terminated when her current contract expires.

    Moral of the story: One CAN still defeat the Fascist Nazifuks in charge.

    I can breathe again.

  5. I just love how the generals of the FSA threaten riots if their free shit is reduced. It’s tantamount to extortion. And they can get away with it thanks to the liberal MSM. One can only hope some hacker in a country that hates the U.S. (who doesn’t anymore?) will fire a virus into the SNAP system, destroying it forever. People should be given a 5 pound bag of beans, a 10 pound bag of rice, a wheel of government cheese, and powdered milk. The liberals obviously have never actually seen the people that get SNAP benefits. They a diet, not more crappy food.

  6. Bring it! I just picked up an Armalite 7.62X39 wif an Aimpoint Micro T1 red dot and 10 30rnd mags. What a wonderful way to sight it in! Onliest kidding. The last fucking thing we need is a race war.

  7. There are more people than ever before on SNAP cards. To keep the benefits per capita the same, you have to spend more money. The reason there are more people on SNAP cards is because of the failure of the Capitalist system to create jobs, instead it creates debt and depletes resources. The SNAP card system is the direct outcome of the failure of Capitalism. Conservatard ideologues fail to understand these basic economic concepts.


  8. I sincerely hope that they quadruple SNAP, EBT, unemployment and every other form of govt wealth transfer. I already know the whole shootin’ match is going to collapse and the end result will be the same whether it happens next week or five years from now. Fuck it! Let’s get on with it already! The ankle is getting better by the day and I’m ready dammit!

  9. The stimulus was a half-dollar crushed flat on the unstoppable tracks into the firmament of the abyss by the .gov locomotive traveling mach 1.

  10. stucky, for what it’s worth, i wanted to share with you a teensy story about my brother. for all his worldly success, he had been on prescription meds of the serious kind his entire adult life. if you can think of it he’s been on it. well, last year he hit a wall and wanted to kill himself. on his own volition and with some financial help from our family, he was checked into a mental institute (they call it a hospital but i know better) for 6 weeks. after a multi-month low dose drug transition period, he is now free of all drugs, and as a consequence i actually like him now. he is the brother i have missed for 2 decades now. (true he is still a liberal retard, but there is no cure for that.) i wish you and your son well.

  11. archie

    Thank you VERY much for your TOUCHING story. (My sis is a libtard also, but blood is thicker than politics … so, I love her also.)

    My son’s story is somewhat different. Don’t know if you know the details … I will be VERY brief.

    A few years back my son moved from MI to WA, for about 6 months. He smoked pot in high school some. But in WA he got heavily involved in drugs. One day, took some bad shit. Hallucinated. Took off all his clothes … started running down the highway. Cops come. Take him to the looney hospital. Psychiatrist “evaluates” him for no more than 20 minutes. Labels my son, SJ, as a “paranoid schizophrenic”. That label has stuck with him for 2+ years … even when he moved back to MI, drug free … and when the Fascist State of MI found out, they decided to force him to be injected with psychotropic drugs as a precautionary measure “just in case he hurts himself or others”.

    That ended last night.

  12. Stuck~

    I’m very happy to hear this good news. You are absolutely correct; the fascist Nazifucks can be beat. It takes a brain, a strong will and most important never giving up or giving in. So, against you they never had a chance.

    Best wishes for your son.

  13. “effective immediately, SJ would no longer be forced to take psychotropic drugs (he was scheduled for a shot later this week)”
    —-Stucky, commenting on his son’s mental difficulties

    Stay in close touch, Stucky. Close touch. I know you will. Good luck to your son.

  14. SSS

    We fight … we call each other names …. we post ACTUAL pics of each other …… but, at the end of the day … when it really counts ….. you’re a swell guy. Thank you.

  15. Thanks, Howard.

    It has been a LONG fight. We’re not out the woods yet, but we can see the path now. I have shared some very personal details, sometimes perhaps too much. Telling the story is cathartic for me. Yet, no one complained or told me to shut the fuck up. In fact the opposite has occurred. You, along with many others, have been so encouraging and supportive. I can’t thank you all enough.

  16. stucky, i think you have the proper view of it all. these things take time, lots of time. your virtual pals are rooting for you and your son. best of luck.

  17. Kids are great

    Sometimes they make you feel like walking in front of a bus,

    But you’d walk in front of a bus to help your kids.

    Well done, Stuck. Evil can be defeated.

  18. not an expert in any of these matters but why not at least make snap cards only able to purchase what is on the WIC list. As other posters have stated beans, rice and fruits only. No Hot Pockets or anything else like that shit. Pay on your own GD dime for that stuff. I do agree that teaching folks basics of growing your own food is a good start. That includes the better off folks too who live in cities that have crazy restrictive land use rules. If you have the inclination why not have hens too? Free brown eggs that are grown in better conditions than industrial egg farms are a great way to stick it to the corporate farms. Throwing the same amount of money so folks can buy shitty foods is bullshit. But why expect better from the MSM.
    Hope your son is better Stucky. The shrinks can make one’s life a living hell. Good luck.

  19. Stucky – congratulations, that is awesome. I am very happy for you. My 8 year old was recently referred to a therapist because his behavior in school is just ridiculous. He would get out of his seat, roll on the floor, not pay attention, make crazy noise and there was no amt of punishment I could put on him to get him to control it. I did not want to put him on aderol or ridilin as he has been like this since Kindergarten. I know what these drugs can do to a kid. I know that he is just being a boy and doesn’t like being locked up in a classrom all day. Humans were made to run and hunt all day, that is how our bodies are designed. They prescribed him intuniv, which is actually a blood pressure medicine not a psychotropic drug and it is really helping him.

    Retard Engineer – this is not and has not been for a long time capitalism. DO NOT try to blame this on the failure of capitalism. We live in a society that is not capitalist, it is Statist Capitalism that is the culprit, aka Crony Capitalism. Capitalism at it’s core is simply a voluntary exchange of goods and services between consenting people.

    I once thought like you and listened to all the socialist retards telling us how bad capitalism was and how evil rich people are and how we need to redistribute wealth and then I took the time to educate myself as to how it all really worked. I suggest you do the same.

    Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt would be a good starte, maybe read some Rothbard, Von Mises and A Tiger by the Tail.

    I know that you know better than to put out a blanket statement like that – it’s all capitalism’s fault. Give me a break.

    In essense you are saying, it’s all because we allow people to voluntarily exchange goods and services. How does that even make sense.

    Capitalism requires freedom, which this country lost a while back.

  20. Stucky, so happy to hear about your son!

    Washington rarely does “temporary or limited,” very well. Wars, poverty benefits, SS, income taxes, lots of evidence there.

    I’m betting that immigration and SNAP “cuts” will be lumped together and passed quietly on a weekend, hell, maybe even Thursday night when we are all busy with Ogres and Miley’s.

    Cripes, what crap.


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