Star Parker is a little too religious and a little too neo-con for my tastes, but she is a bright woman with mostly sound principles. I’ve pretty much given up on both major political parties. I don’t plan to vote again, because it is a farce. There are variations in policies between the parties, but they both want more control, more spending and more war. Would I prefer Cruz and Carson over Clinton and whatever liberal douchebag she chooses as VP? Yes I would. I would prefer a Paul/Carson ticket and would cast aside my ambivalence and probably join the campaign. With more takers than makers in this country, I see Cruz or Paul winning in 2016 as highly unlikely. It is possible, especially if Obamacare continues to implode and the multiple stock, bond, and real estate bubbles all pop.

Strong visionary leaders always appear during Fourth Turnings. I think Star is right in ignoring polls and liberal media blathering. Leaders lead. They don’t follow. The answer certainly isn’t Fat Boy Christie. He is establishment right down to his lap-band. Who will rise up and rally the nation? Time will tell.

Cruz and Carson in 2016

Star Parker | Nov 04, 2013

The presidential election of 2016 will be a defining moment for the nation and for the Republican Party.

Not so for the Democratic Party.  There’s no controversy among Democrats about what America should be and what their party is about.  Big government, welfare state socialism, and secular humanism.

The only question about who the Democratic presidential candidate will be is which welfare state socialist, secular humanist they will nominate.

The picture for Republicans is more complex and this makes Democrats happy.  They see Republican Party intraparty dissension as division and weakness which, in their view, can only help Democrats.

Key issues divide Republicans both about principles – what is America about?  – and political strategy – what are the best tactics for electing candidates and advancing the party agenda?

So let me say who I see as the Republican “dream team” ticket for 2016 – Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson.

Yes, I can hear Democrats saying “Oh yes, I hope Star is right.  This will guarantee another four years of our big government socialism.  These Tea Party whackos could never win.”

And I can hear the Republican “establishment” saying basically the same thing (any chance these folks have more in common with Democrats than they do with real conservatives?).

Both political parties are being hammered now in the polls, but Republicans more than Democrats.  And among Republicans, the Tea Party is really being hammered.

So how can I seriously say that a real conservative, Tea Party ticket is both the answer for the Republican Party and the country?

First, starting out by looking at polls is exactly the formula for political failure.

Apple co-founder and famed technology entrepreneur Steve Jobs is widely quoted for his disdain for market research.  Jobs’ point was that leaders and entrepreneurs don’t start by asking people what they want and trying to give it to them.  Visionaries see what the problems are that need to be solved and they deliver solutions that customers are not aware of or never dreamed of.

Political leadership is no different than business leadership in this regard.  Polls reflect yesterday.  Leadership reflects tomorrow.

What is the relevant information we should be looking at today?

We should be looking at the ongoing dismal performance of the American economy and we should be looking at the ongoing dismal state and breakdown of the American family.

The polling data we should look at are the data showing the deep dissatisfaction Americans feel about the state of the country, its direction, and the uniformly low trust that Americans feel toward their government and political leaders.

It’s time for Americans to have a real choice.  We know what the Democratic Party is going to put on the table for them.

A Cruz Carson ticket would give Americans a clear, no-nonsense and honest alternative.  Two Americans who are really committed to what America is about and what made it great.  Traditional values, limited government, free markets, and a strong national allegiance and defense.

And, of course, given the sweeping demographic changes of the country, it can’t hurt to hear this from two self-made Americans – one of Spanish-speaking roots (Cruz’s father immigrated from Castro’s Cuba) and one African American raised in a ghetto in Detroit.

Both are living examples that personal success is not about government programs but about taking personal responsibility for one’s life.  That freedom is about creating and serving not about claiming and taking.  And neither have interest in political game playing.

Ironically, the Tea Party was born when Obamacare came to life. Now, as the Obamacare disaster unfolds before us, Americans are starting to understand what the Tea Party saw then.

We shouldn’t be trying to drag the Tea Party back into the amorphous masses.  We need the Tea Party out front to lead.

I don’t see a more powerful team to do this than Cruz Carson.

20 thoughts on “DREAM TEAM?”

  1. We all know this ……… it’s really crazy to even think about who will run from either party …. although Hillary does seen to be Heir To The Throne.

    However, I do know this.

    Think of the worst, most incompetent, worthless, bought-and-paid-for, 1% ass-kissing motherfucker that you can think of today. In three years candidates from both parties will be even worse than that.

  2. Admin, Kinda funny that all the neo-cons who hated the french during the Iraq War and invented Freedom Fries and shit are suddenly Francophiles. FWIW, my opinion is that the momentum for a deal with the Iranians is approaching the point of no return. Just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Suck it, Netanyahu.

  3. After Reportedly Being Offered Saudi Weapons Sales, France Tries to Blow Up Iran Deal

    Posted on November 9, 2013 by emptywheel

    Several weeks after this WSJ article describing a staged Bandar bin Sultan tantrum about US actions, it was revealed the “Western diplomat” involved was a representative of France.

    Diplomats here said Prince Bandar, who is leading the kingdom’s efforts to fund, train and arm rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, invited a Western diplomat to the Saudi Red Sea city of Jeddah over the weekend to voice Riyadh’s frustration with the Obama administration and its regional policies, including the decision not to bomb Syria in response to its alleged use of chemical weapons in August.

    “This was a message for the U.S., not the U.N.,” Prince Bandar was quoted by diplomats as specifying of Saudi Arabia’s decision to walk away from the Security Council membership.


    However, the diplomats said, Prince Bandar told them he intends to roll back a partnership with the U.S. in which the Central Intelligence Agency and other nations’ security bodies have covertly helped train Syrian rebels to fight Mr. Assad, Prince Bandar said, according to the diplomats. Saudi Arabia would work with other allies instead in that effort, including Jordan and France, the prince was quoted as saying.


    In the run-up to the expected U.S. strikes, Saudi leaders asked for detailed U.S. plans for posting Navy ships to guard the Saudi oil center, the Eastern Province, during any strike on Syria, an official familiar with that discussion said. The Saudis were surprised when the Americans told them U.S. ships wouldn’t be able to fully protect the oil region, the official said.

    Disappointed, the Saudis told the U.S. that they were open to alternatives to their long-standing defense partnership, emphasizing that they would look for good weapons at good prices, whatever the source, the official said.

    In the second episode, one Western diplomat described Saudi Arabia as eager to be a military partner in what was to have been the U.S.-led military strikes on Syria. As part of that, the Saudis asked to be given the list of military targets for the proposed strikes. The Saudis indicated they never got the information, the diplomat said. [my emphasis]

    The subtext here is clear: Bandar invited the French representative to Riyadh not just to whine about the US, but also to discuss weapons sales.

    And now French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is scuttling an Iran nuke deal because it is a “suckers deal.” (See also Laura Rozen’s take, as well as her live tweeting the comings and goings at @LRozen.)

    Oh, by the way. François Hollande is also due to visit Israel in a week.

    It’s fairly clear what’s going on. Saudi Arabia has to forestall an Iran deal, because once that happens the Iran will be in a position to challenge the Saudi position as a swing producer (particularly if you assume Iran and Shia-led Iraq might act in concert).

    So France will make an effort to thwart any deal. And if talks fail, they’ll get a big chunk of Saudi Arabia’s considerable weapons spending, at a time when the Saudis will probably be even further ramping up their purchases.

    France, it seems, aspires to be the European participant in the growing Saudi-Israeli power block.

    – See more at: http://www.emptywheel.net/2013/11/09/after-reportedly-being-offered-saudi-weapons-sales-france-blows-up-iran-deal/#sthash.B8ryJlVc.dpuf

  4. “Visionaries see what the problems are that need to be solved and they deliver solutions”

    Where are the visionary leaders? Many see the problems that need to be solved. We talk about it every single day. Nobody has the fortitude to say “no more free shit”, as a country “live within your means”. The delusion is rampant, and trying to face reality is political suicide.

    This is all a moot point, in my opinion. People will vote for democrats and more free shit until the money is gone and we can’t borrow or print another dime. Republicans are now for spending and giving free shit, but the FSA don’t trust the republicans. And the republicans will always commit suicide before giving any support to the Tea Party or libertarians. For crissakes, look at the best they could come up with: Chris Christie and, what was that guys name, you know the Mormon, Romney. Nobody can even remember his name.

    Whoever runs will have to defeat Hillary. She’s got the female vote locked up, and the 50% voting block known as the FSA, and minorities. Nobody is going to want to try and get in front of that train. Carson isn’t dumb enough, Cruz is dumb enough, and there’s always a few Bush’s yet in the wings that haven’t run for president.

    Like my little graph on the other post showed, we’re in liberal progressive land now, and there’s no going back. The constitution and bill of rights are but a distant memory. Spying, state-run healthcare, and drones in our skies are the order of the day. The founding fathers? Are there any real conservatives left? Nobody can slow or stop government spending or the flow of free shit. Nobody is going to be able to stop us from collapsing, so all that remains is arranging the chairs on the deck of the USSA Titanic, and for fun, decide who sits in them.

  5. Star Parker is a little too religious and a little too neo-con for my tastes, but she is a bright woman with mostly sound principles. I’ve pretty much given up on both major political parties.

    Well, no shit.

    When will we see people with no affiliation to any group cruising the sunday morning circuit?

  6. Who will rise up and rally the nation at this Fourth Turning?

    Is the President of the United States is engaging in policies and actions that are leading to the nation’s destruction? See “Obama Guilty of Treason?” by Eric Rush @WND on Sept. 11, 2013 and many other articles found by googling “Obama treason.”

    Some suggest that the U.S. national-security state apparatus — i.e., the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA — will not simply stand aside and let this happen. The U.S. military and the CIA have supported and even participated in military coups that purportedly save foreign countries from their rulers. To suggest that the Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA would help foreign militaries oust their rulers to save their countries but would not do the same for the United States when faced with similar circumstances makes no sense. After all, don’t national-security statists often tell us that the Constitution isn’t a suicide pact? [From Jacob Hornberger’s “No Military Coups For America? What About November 1963?” @ The Future of Freedom Foundation blog, July 9, 2013.]

    Does this mean that we can expect a governmental coup like we have in November 1963? If so, what’s more likely, a political or a military leader?

    Or will the powers that be let the nation vote in some leader who will reduce the empire, reign in the military, expose and curtail the national security state, follow out Constitution not theirs, and take government’s foot off our necks?

    Who will be the leaders for the Fourth Turning and from what group will he come?

  7. It’s a real shame that Star Parker is still believing that the left/right path is going to fix anything. That path is what got us where we are today. I’d prefer to see Ben Carson get involved in politics after the collapse.

  8. IS, Star Parker, as with all “conservative” propagandists, spews boob bait for bubbas. The “tea party” has always been a pathetic joke and like the GoP, it needs to just fucking die.

  9. zarathrusta says it all right there
    and that is a majority attitude
    formed with total ignorance and media bias to what the tea party stands for

  10. and for those of you who feel you don’t pay enough taxes already, there is a box on your 1040 form that you can check and donate to the government to help pay off the debt

  11. I like Star Parker’s optimism, but I think we all know, all that is wrong with America will not be solved by a politician that is electable with today’s voter.
    The majority of voters don’t want to hear there will be pain, they want to hear it’s all the other parties fault and they have they solution. If democrats can kick that can a few more years and if they can turn the ACA into something just a bit more than what it is today, Hilary is a lock, if not then moderate democrat Christie is in.

  12. Cruz’ wife is a higher-up at Goldman Sachs. That ends any chance I’d vote for him right there. You could sub in “ObamaCare” for “Iraq War” and you’d have his strategy for ’16 right there. “I was the lone voice against it!” Just in case Hillary remains unelectable next time, the oligarchs will have someone just as bought and paid for as Romney on the other side. Looks like both Christie and Cruz will be acceptable to TPTB. Cruz, like Obama, will be masquerading as “Mr. Change”.

    Vote third party (preferably Libertarian; not Republican trying to hijack the title of libertarian) or don’t vote at all.

    btw, regarding Christie: here’s the media spin on why he is such a “great candidate” to reach across the aisle:
    1) Got elected in a heavily Democratic state
    2) Got reelected by an even higher margin
    3) (supposedly) solved a big budget crisis.

    Funny, you could have also said all of the above about Gary Johnson three years before 2012. And Johnson didn’t need to loot the pension funds in his state to balance his budget, he simply cut spending. I wonder why Repubs couldn’t try to give a guy like that some traction (instead of shutting him out of the debates and eventually running him out of the party)? Oh, I know–it is more important to keep the status quo intact than it is to offer any REAL alternative to Obummer/Clinton. Voting for Christie, Cruz or whichever bankster vetted stooge TBTP annoints to be Hillary’s “alternative” will be fruitless.

  13. Stockman with Ventura as running mate, and Sheila Bair for the Fed… only in my dreams.

    I’d really like to query Cruz, Ryan and other present Republican hopefuls very closely and in great detail on fiscal matters and monetary policy, not to mention corporate subsidies and bank bailouts.

    My bet is that most of these chumps don’t have any better ideas than Nixon did when he ended the gold standard, or Miltie did when he advocated floating currencies.

    1. Rand Paul – President
      Ben Carson – VP
      David Stockman – Secretary of Treasury
      Jim Grant – Federal Reserve Chairman
      Ron Paul – Defense Secretary
      Jim Quinn – Head of DHS

      Our jobs would be to dismantle our departments by the end of Rand’s first term.

      1. David Stockman confirmed our meeting on November 26 after his book signing in Philly. He is thinking of starting a website and wants my advice.

        I’ll advise him to do the exact opposite of everything I’ve done.

  14. Admin – fantastic! Let me know if you need a boomer that hates the government for any advice – the advice is free and worth every penny.

    As fas as the tea baggers – started in purity – Ron Paul campaign – and got co-opted by the repugnants.

    Just like the demons took over and redirected the occupy movement.

    Politics is the problem, not the solution.

    Don’t vote.


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