I’ll be checking out shortly and taking the next day or two off. Kevin is home from college and the Quinn clan is intact. We are all headed to the Movie Tavern tonight to see The Hunger Games – Catching Fire while eating an unhealthy dinner and having a couple beers.

Tomorrow we’ll be headed to Avalon’s sister’s house in Phoenixville to enjoy a rollicking good time. We jam a couple dozen sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, grandkids and anyone else who decides to show up into their small house. There are cases of beer on ice outside, plenty of snacks inside, and a big old turkey will be in the oven.

The men and boys gravitate to the living room where they watch 9 hours of football, drink mass quantities of beer and insult each others’ waistlines and hairlines. The women gravitate to the dining room and talk about something – I don’t know what because I don’t spend much time in there.

By the end of the night, I’ll be yawning from the turkey and beer and ready to hit the road. We’ll adjourn until the next family party at my house on Christmas eve.

I wish everyone on TBP a happy Thanksgiving. Give your kids a hug and have a few laughs. The doom will still be there on Friday and TBP will be the place to find it.

Do it Yourself

SSS’ Turkey

 Don’t Drink Too Much

Drumstick or Breasts?

Thanksgiving Then

Thanksgiving Now

Be Thankful

Keep an Eye on Your Bird & Your Pussy

At Least It’s Only Once Per Year



  1. We’re going to see my folks.. everyone’s kind of had a hard fucking year this year… not a whole lot to be thankful for, cept maybe we’re all still breathing and on this side of the grass for another year…

    Guess that’s enough.

  2. I’m thankful I got a temp job that lasted two days. It was enough money for me to send a gift to a friend who just emailed me that her only child killed himself.

  3. The national bounty may be diminished, but I hope blessings can still be easily counted by all of you. Jim have a glorious day and thank you for TBP.

  4. And a hearty Happy Thanksgiving to Jim and Avalon and their families.

    P.S. That pic you posted of SSS’ turkey smothered in bacon was about a pound or two shy of bacon. Nonetheless, thanks for thinking of me.

  5. I am traveling to Tucson, AZ, to meet with the guy who taught me permaculture, and take a tour of various permaculture sites around Tucson. Hoping to learn more to bring back home for further self-reliance skills. Planning on starting my own permaculture business.

  6. I’m not doing a god damned thing. My kids are 2,000 miles away…not that that matters, and I haven’t been here long enough to make any friends. I’ll probably get some really good takeout somewhere (there are awesome restaurants in these here parts) and drink too much.

    Have a good one, y’all!

  7. I had two prize turkeys (I and A, as I’d named them) on my farm killed, plucked, and dismembered for Thanksgiving.

    Since I’m having quite a few of my goyim NeoCon friends for the holiday dinner, I also had my men slit a swine’s throat, disembowel the creature, and dress it. That was done recently. As I don’t like to be seen as man with blood on his hands, I paid to have the butchering done by some one else. I thought of other slaughterings this season but will wait ’till next year for those sacrifices.

    This will be a great year to feast and give thanks for God’s blessings. Plans laid decades ago have been bearing fruit, friends have been successful and have prospered. OUR people are doing well.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving and be glad that yours and you are doing the killing and consuming while the turkeys, being bred in increasing numbers every year, are being culled as they should be.

  8. I can’t go home because I am still on a job for another week or two.So I guess I’m going stay in hotel room and watch football.To all have a happy thanksgiving.God bless.

  9. Jim;
    Happy Thanksgiving. thanks for all your work.

    After the feast, we will be busting clays down at my gun club and freeze our tails ’til dark.
    Then, we shall partake our favorite beverages and talk of stories and legends of lore.

    Zara, been there, done that.
    Don’t hunker in your hotel bunker. Recommend just to get out and talk with folks during the holiday. You may bump into people in your same situation. Go to a nice restrauant. Treat yourself. Have you not earned it? Screw takeout.

  10. I am in Louisiana at the inlaws be here till Sunday, rather be home. Oh well gonna read brought some books.

    Damn Z wish I was closer we could hang out and hate Jews together.

    To Admin and his Merry Band of Monkeys one and all.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. Gubmint Cheese,

    I am no longer in a hotel. I haz a great house in a nice community and a pool in my backyard (that I have been informed has been occasionally visited by alligators). One benefit of moving from Portland to Houston is that real estate is a helluva lot cheaper here.

  12. A time to reflect on all blessings received ,whether God given or mere fortune.If you’re reading this you’re already doing better than most everyone in North Korea.

    Happy Thanksgiving admin and all,

  13. Spending it with family in Eufala, OK., home of Carrie Underwood.

    BTW, if I was president, I’d cut the head off that big old turkey and eat it. What’s with all the constant pardoning? Not like it’s Corzine or Dimon.


  14. Having hamburgers. Love the kids and their kids but the whole thing is too much for me anymore. I just don’t have the strength. So after mass I will enjoy my coffee and Danish and watch the games.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  15. I come from the MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL family ever. My parents make George Costanza’s parents look like pacifist Amish missionaries. I can literally say there hasn’t been one week in my entire life where there wasn’t at least One Big Blowup. Usually, there were at least two along with the Daily Bickering. I can assure you …. this is NOT Ma & Pa Stucky;


    Day before yesterday we had an argument while visiting in the hospital. Mom started complaining and criticizing … why did I bring so much food, my goat-tee makes me look too old, don’t I have anything other than jeans … and so on.

    When this happens I walk away. I’ve learned that arguing is totally fruitless. So, I walk away until people chill out. Walking away, though, isn’t what my sister does. She prefers full frontal confrontation. Must be something she learned from her hero, POS Oreo. Libtards always prefer being right over family. So she follows me to the rehab center recreation room and starts riding my ass about “always running away”. I finally told her “why don’t you just leave me alone for a while”? She said “Fine. I’ll leave you alone. In fact, why don’t you just stay home for Thanksgiving!”.

    So, Ms. Freud and I will be having turkey by ourselves. My dad will be at my sister’s house. Mom is in the hospital, of course, and we’ll be going over there around 6PM to bring her a little platter; turkey, stuffed acorn squash, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, candied yams, and an incredible slice of homemade banana cream pie. There is ZERO doubt that mom will find something to complain about … but I am prepared … I’ll just smile and take it. My sister will time it so she’s not there while Ms Freud and I are there.

    Another typical holiday clusterfuk in the Stucky household. And a good time was had by all.

  16. Stucky

    I hope you and Ms. Freud enjoy the peace of your own household. So sad about people who have such insecurities and anger that they have to spill them over any bystanders, especially those pesky family members who seem to bring them forth with just their mere presence.

    I am blessed with a pretty well-adjusted family and we will have a joyful day. I am just now getting ready to put your apple pie together for one my contributions, so know that about 15 people will be feeling the bliss in a few hours.

  17. “I hope you and Ms. Freud enjoy the peace of your own household.” ——- Gayle

    Not 15 minutes ago Ms Freud said — “You know, I’m kind of glad it worked out this way.” lol Yeah, at least I won’t have to eat soy turkey and listen to Sister Treehugger proclaim “you know, it tastes JUST LIKE MEAT” which is, of course, total fuckin’ bullshit.

  18. Admin

    Your pictures made me laugh. Thanks.

    I was a little cranky yesterday … hence, that post in the “Phat phuck, homo” thread. Of course, everyone pretty much ignored it … which is the right thing to do when I get all hurt and pissed. “Oh, there’s that Stucky acting all uppity and shit. He’ll be better tomorrow.” lol

  19. Not much going on here. We typically prepare something different each year. Last year I finally found a big cast iron wok I had been looking for so we had Mongolian BBQ which is neither Mongolian or BBQ. We liked it so much we’re having it again this year. It’s just my wife and I which makes for a nice, peaceful day. Oh yeah, the dog will be getting a bath today as well.

    I’m especially thankful for repaired and constantly improving ankle. There is still some mild, active swelling but I’m finally getting a few hours each day with absolutely no pain or discomfort. I never imagined it would feel as good as my other ankle but that seems to be where I’m headed.

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

  20. Stuck, my mom sounds a lot like your mom. Always has to find something to bitch about. Like that shit never gets old. Luckily, the brother I don’t get along with knows better than to push my buttons when I’m there. At least he is not a liberal. Still, I just avoid the whole situation by living 500 miles away. If I lived in the same city I’d probably be in prison.

  21. “I am just now getting ready to put your apple pie together for one my contributions, so know that about 15 people will be feeling the bliss in a few hours.” ——– Gayle

    Very very cool.

    If 15 people are going to get a slice of pie you; a) have a very large pie dish or, 2) you’re going all Joo on them with teenie tiny pieces.

  22. Stuck

    They only get half a piece because the other half of the plate will have a piece of chocolate bourbon pecan pie. One regular piece of that is 630 calories. I was wondering what the calorie content of the apple pie is as I was pouring on the heavy cream mixture. Tomorrow is for fasting.

  23. Off topic but………..Judging from SOHO images, it appears as though Comet ISON survived perihelion after passing less than one solar diameter from the surface of the Sun about three hours ago. It could still technically get smoked but it looks like clear sailing ahead. The size and brightness of the trail of debris on the SOHO image is more impressive than anything I’ve ever seen!

    What this means is that the Comet will now be an evening object and in all likelihood become extremely bright, possibly as bright as the full moon. For the next few days it will be practically invisible in the glare of the Sun but get ready for a spectacular evening show. Chances are it will be well worth traveling a few miles to get a clear view of the sunset. It may even be visible before sunset. Daytime comets are incredibly rare in terms of human lifetimes.

  24. Well damn! Now reports are coming in that ISON has broken up and disintegrated. Oh well, that’s how the comet crumbles.

  25. Tofurky. Made in Hood River, Oregon. I’ve been in their plant. AWD, thanks for making me feel homesick on a holiday, you fuck.

  26. Thursday, Thanksgiving

    Dear Lawd,

    Thank you for bringing us all together this Thanksgiving, and that you gave me the strength to not kill anyone in my family.


    Your Servant,

  27. Update. Okay, I thought I was just gonna sit alone and eat take-out. However a neighbor invited me over for a terrific prime rib dinner. I happened to have sum good Oregon Pinot Noir to contribute. Southern hospitality, bitches…er, yall.

  28. SSS – last night, we had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called, “Pastiche.” Frankly, it sucked. I hope that’s not the best of what Tucson has to offer. I’m going to have to find a hole in the wall Mexican joint to get some buena comida.


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