Romney Admits he STOLE Election From Ron Paul

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What difference does it make? The next President has already been determined. Old Russian Proverb; it doesn’t matter who votes … it’s who counts the votes.


Mitt Romney Finally Admits: ‘They Had to Steal Republican Nomination’ From Ron Paul

A new documentary about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney premiered Friday night at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. During one of the final scenes in the movie, a confession is admitted.

Given what has come before it in the film — Romney’s defeatism in the
debates — the scene leaves the impression that perhaps in his heart of
hearts Romney never really believed he could win. That also seems the
message of one of the last scenes of “Mitt,” the day after the election,
when Romney addressed staff at his Boston campaign headquarters. The
old lack of confidence came out again as Romney suggested he never felt
comfortable in the race. He passed on something someone at headquarters
had told him: “In some ways, we kind of had to steal the Republican
nomination. Our party is Southern, evangelical and populist. And you’re
Northern, and you’re Mormon, and you’re rich. And these do not match
well with our party.”

For those that live in a cave (or are Fox News Viewers), there was rampant Election Fraud that took place during the 2012 Republican Primaries. The link below contains several dozen links documenting the timeline of that fraud ….. such as the following video.


Timeline links


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18 thoughts on “Romney Admits he STOLE Election From Ron Paul”


    Well, I be go to hell, who would a thunk it.

    Where’s the video of CNN headquarters talking to the field cnn reporter during the debates, the reporter wants to know if he should get some time with Ron Paul, and when headquarters learns that Sarah Palin is there, screw Ron Paul, get her to say ANYTHING, that’s news….

    Doesn’t matter. Democrats and republicans alike would not have worked with Ron Paul. Nope, doesn’t matter one whit about who is president or who is in congress, we are headed to collapse, and then we have one of two paths to choose. More of the same big government (my bet) or a true free market system with less government.

  2. I wonder what made Romney spill the proverbial beans? Guilt? He never wanted to be President from the very start. He was chosen and “coached” to lose. You could see it during the last month or two before election day. Mix in a heapin’ helpin’ of voter fraud and voting-machine chicanery and…

  3. Ron Paul had to be stopped because he doesn’t represent what the GoP is and is determined to remain as…that is the party of free market lip service, Israel-first, crony capitalism, global military hegemony and opportunistic war, plus the domestic police state that is required to keep things in place at home.

    There is no place in the GoP for the Ron Paul or anyone who follows in his footsteps, as Justin Amash and Thomas Massie will soon learn and Rand Paul already has. Any activism within the GoP on behalf of the liberty movement is simply a waste of time, energy and money.

  4. Thanks Stuck. I didn’t know Ron Paul got screwed so bad in Iowa. The Republicans deserve to die a slow painful death for what they did. Looks like they are. And being led by crying alcoholic Boner. They should be trying to impeach Obama, and they do nothing. And yet they nominated that guy, what’s his name again, you know, the rich Mormon guy, the guy that was actually unelectable, what was his name again, Kitt something. I can’t remember, he was a non-entity. Fuck’in hell I hate politics and politicians. They had their chance with Ron Paul and committed fraud to keep the only person who might have changed the course of our implosion out of the running. Screw it, bring on the collapse.

  5. Mitt Romney doesn’t have a conscience or a soul. He’s just one more fucked up piece of shit left as collateral damage once the devil had no more use for him, the same as GWB.

    He wanted 15 more minutes in the lime light before he becomes a footnote in history.

    He didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know, that he’s the worst kind of corrupt one percenter. He’s really good at it, and pathological. That’s what his documentary shows.

    There are just too many examples of his ruthlessness in politics and business, but no one knows the whole picture, except the devil, because that’s who was running his show. Why did he go along with unseemly gain? The question answers itself.

  6. America never had a chance to choose. They screwed Ron Paul, because he would and could beat Obama. They would never allow that.

    Anyhow, Mr. Paul is a decent enough man. He would not have deserved what would have come if he did win. Just look at any president who “rocks the boat”. It doesn’t end well.

    The fact that he tried and has awakens so many people is good enough for me.

    Thanks Ron Paul.

  7. Z says: There is no place in the GoP for the Ron Paul or anyone who follows in his footsteps

    No one ever wants to answer these questions……Someone, anyone?

    WHY was Ron Paul ever a card carrying member of the GOP.? Why is Ron Paul “STILL” a card carrying member of the GOP?

    Why dose his son Rand Paul continue to be a card carrying member of the GOP?

    Cue da Crickets

  8. @sensetti – It broadens their platform, if they were to stick with third party political groups they would never see the light of day, as it is right now just putting the “R-” by their name in the ballot automatically increases the likelihood they will be listened to, let alone voted for.

  9. sensetti, Ron stayed put because he could get re-elected and he didn’t give a fuck. The GOP tried to unseat him several times and denied him any privileges of seniority until he was about ready to retire. As for Rand, time will tell. My opinion is that he either goes full neocon or he’s a one termer.

    I don’t hear any crickets.

  10. TPC
    What some forget, the Republicans in the Texas 14th Congressional District voted for Ron Paul in overwhelming numbers election after election, giving him a national platform to voice his political stance, it damn sure was not the Dimocrats.


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