Colorado High School Cafeteria Self-Immolation

With family, school and work I don’t have much time to post on here like I would but, I thought this story might have slipped through the cracks of the MSM and TBPers might have missed it.  When will we actually have an open honest discussion about our YOUTH, the education system, pharmacology, medicine, endemic gratuitous violence in the media and personal responsibility and accountability?  Instead we sell labels as explanations and causes to much more complex and interconnected factors.  We have been brainwashed by the 20-minute sitcom plot resolution and conditioned to look for the quickest and easiest response or answer to much more dire and severe influencing factors.  I will not speculate as to whether or not this kid’s parents had him on any anti-depressants; but I must admit, the thought did cross my mind.  Many of school shooters were taking prescription medications like anti-depressants…Like many TBPers have mentioned before, this is rarely discussed on the MSM.  Hopefully Nett, pulls through and recovers!  Maybe then he might find a voice and tell us what would push a 16-year old boy to that point.

Godspeed on your recovery  and God Bless!


Teen who torched himself in Colorado school burned over 80% of his body

The 16-year-old boy who set himself ablaze inside a packed cafeteria at a Colorado high school in an apparent suicide bid was being treated for burns over 80% of his body, officials said.

Vince Nett remained in critical condition Tuesday, a day after he drank a water bottle filled with bleach and doused himself with a gallon of fuel before he lit himself on fire inside Standley Lake High School in Westminster, just north of Denver, KUSA-TV reported.

Nett reportedly left a suicide note on Facebook, saying his death was “not someone’s fault. I had this planned for years.” He also apologized for the way the school would smell after he roasted himself in his bid to publicly kill himself.

“If anyone says that they know why I did this…nobody knows and nobody will,” he wrote, the TV station reported.



11 thoughts on “Colorado High School Cafeteria Self-Immolation”

  1. I saw this on Drudge. I always wonder why the people who go out in a blaze of glory taking others with them don’t just off themselves instead. Truth is, I don’t feel any feel any better about it when they do. It’s hard to believe that a person can contemplate this for years and nobody catch on.

    On the lighter/sicker side………after reading about this my first thought was, “It’s gonna take some scrubbin’ to get that stench off.”

    Poor bastard. If you are gonna off yourself you really need to pick a quick and reliable method. That dumbass JPMorgan banker that jumped jumped yesterday only fell three stories! Fuck that! If I’m gonna do a swan dive, I want some serious height and a target, like one or two of our enforcers!

  2. ****** LEGAL NOTICE To Ms Freud, my parents, me seester, my kids, AWD and other docs here *****

    If 80% of my body is burned, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, and if it doesn’t kill me outright …….. DO NOT TRY TO SAVE ME!!!! For fuck-sake, please kill me. Thank you.

    Poor kid. If he thinks his life was fucked up before … just wait until he “recovers”.

  3. Stucky we at tbp already know how you are going to die. Self inflicted gunshot wound to the backof the head while handcuffed in a police cruiser.

    Seems legit………….

  4. @jimski: probably self-inflicted multiple gunshot wounds to the back, and some self-inflicted blunt object stuff too.

    No offense Stucky, by all means escape from the garden hell and prosper somewhere else…

  5. Well, this is beyond horrible. And people don’t “recover” from 80% burns, especially if they drank bleach too… the guy’s dead, whether it takes 12 hours or a couple months, either way is dead. Sad.

  6. Wow, thank you for posting this. Of course the MSM isn’t covering it. The number of self-immolations in the U.S. in recent years is startling.

    My brother-in-law self-immolated last December. It’s why I haven’t been on TBP for the past year. There is a tremendous shifting of priorities and thought processes that takes place when there’s a suicide in the family, and the debates that ensue here don’t make the cut. Processing his choice of setting himself on fire has taken up most of the working cache in my brain.

    I think self-immolation is seen by those who employ it as the ultimate form and expression of protest. It is a response to vast injustice. It is an expression of anguish that burns and blazes internally, that is finally expressed outwardly so that it can be validated in being observed by others. All the pain of being on fire is nothing in comparison to the pain that has already been borne.

    Erik had been left on the steps of an orphanage with his younger brother when he was five… old enough to remember waving goodbye to his mother. After three years in foster care, he and his brother were adopted by a family with two other boys. The father didn’t want to fuck his own kids in the ass, so he adopted somebody else’s kids for that purpose. And over years and years, nobody noticed, and nobody saved them.

    Erik tried to avail himself of mental health care in the Boston area, one of the most preeminent medical cities in this country, with good insurance and a clear need for treatment. It’s far too much to get into here, but suffice it to say the health care system was broken long before Obamacare and that Erik is but one of its casualties.

    It’s hard to imagine, without being an extremely empathetic sort, why a sixteen year-old would do this. All I can say is that this kid was protesting a vast injustice that he had endured or was enduring in his life. He was finally able to make someone take notice.

  7. Shit, the kid could have just put a plastic bag over his head and gone for the big sleep, no need to expose other people to the horrors of seeing something like that.

    So he wanted to make a public statement but was too cowardly to admit it on his suicide note on the narcissist homestead called facebook.

    Well, no need for me to castigate him, his pain is going to be near unbearable.

    Condolences nonetheless.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your BIL indiejen. I can’t imagine the kind of hurt that might drive someone to do that to themselves much less the resolve it must take to see it through. I’m afraid I’d have exactly the opposite reaction to that kind of hurt. I’d be on a mission to torture/kill the motherfucker that inflicted the hurt and if possible, I’d do it slowly. Real slow!

  9. @ Indie
    ..I haven’t been on here as much lately because of the challenges life decides to throw at us…Thank you for your thoughts….it’s hard to imagine…this Colorado kid at age 16, makes it that more difficult to fathom.

    The MSM likes to report, then sweep this kind of stuff under the rug…Just as they did with the old man who set himself on fire in front of the National Mall in D.C…Remember he did this just a day or two after the police shot that woman with her kid in the car near the White House.


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