Roger Waters weighs in:

The real SodaStream commercial they don’t want you to see

 on February 2, 2014 20

(Image: Katie Miranda)


  1. Luv Sodastream and Scarlett! I bought 2. Screw coke and pepsi I get my soda WITHOUT all those chemical flavorings… 🙂

  2. @Anon

    You crack me up. I doubted the claim about “without chemical flavorings,” so I hopped over to SodaStream to find out.

    Here is the list of ingredients for their Caffeine Free Cola:

    Sugar (at least its not HFCS)
    Water (still paying for it)
    Caramel Coloring (if real food, it would just be listed as sugar and butter, not “coloring”)
    Phosphoric Acid (supposedly “safe” yet still strips the body of magnesium, so is killing us)
    Natural Flavor (do yourself a favor and do some research on “natural flavor” it ain’t natural and our tastebuds have been destroyed if you call that substance “flavor”)
    Acesulfame Potassium (I have no idea)
    Sodium Citrate
    Sodium Benzoate

    I’m not of the mindset (which is obviously opposite of our FDA’s opinions) that chemically altering and combining chemical derivatives of formally “natural” products (usually no longer containing ANY such products, they are 100% lab made now) keeps them natural.

    The pectin contained within an apple is natural
    The pectin produced in a lab is an laboratory abomination of a naturally occurring substance.

    We have been misled into believing they are the same. Just more bought and paid for government science that I cannot afford to believe in anymore.

    Anyway, my health dramatically improved once I broke my “only one a day” soda habit. My freedom of movement and lack of illness into my senior years is more valued than a soda pop. But that’s just me.

    Thanks for this Zara.

  3. @Ter
    Who said anything about using their flavorings? Its a great idea by a great people and idiots let politics get in the way of good business. Said idiots hurt everybody with higher product costs and continue coke and pepsi’s choke hold on the industry.

    The thread is laughable. 🙂


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