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    The majority of this nation didn’t bother to listen to Dear Leader’s repetitious lies during his State of the Union blather, and rightly so! But folks, he did include one major matter that seems to be nothing but another Ponzi scheme thought up via his administration. As far as I’m concerned this is just another way for ‘Big Brother‘ to confiscate money from the masses in this nation that remain clueless. If you haven’t heard, the name of his newest game goes by the name of MyRA…that’s right, MyRA! And of course, this scheme needs no congressional approval whatsoever. Typical of Dear Leader and team…eh?

    I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop and share a great report about this issue that I’ve had saved for three days now. See what you think about all said below:

    One of the most chilling things that Obama said yesterday in his State of the Union speech was that he wanted to do “more” to help Americans save for their retirement.

    Ah, so sweet, he’s even given it a name: MyRA. Which will shortly stand for My Ruined Ass.

    This from a man who can’t even get a website up and running for his great big new mandated healthcare program. A website that will end up costing nearly $1 billion by the time it’s almost working…..

    ANY Americans reading this post, RUN! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun when Obama says he wants to help you – for anything. Because the ONLY reason he wants you to put your retirement savings in a government savings bond is so that he can steal the money whenever he needs another bailout. In case you haven’t realised it yet, the USA government is BANKRUPT and they know from the IRS that there’s around $5 trillion in US individual retirement accounts. Yummy! Free money for more spending. Only idiots would put their money with US treasury bonds. Rather buy gold or silver with it and put it under your bed, because by the time you retire the dollar will be worthless at the rate they’re currently manipulating the currency.

    The other ponzi scheme “retirement savings” account is Social Security, which will collapse in the near future. When Social Security was first introduced there were 60 workers per retiree, so it sounded good. Today that number is down to 3 to 1. No matter how you spin it, the numbers don’t work and there are more people collecting money from SS than are paying into the fund. On top of that the government has stolen money from SS over the years to pay for other election promises and free stuff. Sure, they put an IOU into the SS drawer with every withdrawal, but what’s the chances that a bankrupt government will ever repay those trillions they owe? ZERO.

    Now, if Obama was really concerned about the retirement of the “folks”, then he would privatise the SS fund. Workers are currently paying in 6.2% every paycheck into SS, with their employer matching with another 6.2%. Effectively, employees are putting in the full 12.4%. If they were to put that money every pay-check into a tax-free retirement account (like this one) they would retire as multi-millionaires if they started the account at 21 years of age.

    But the US government doesn’t want that, because they wouldn’t be able to get their grubby little paws on the money whenever they felt like it. It would also make people less beholden to the government i.e. the government wouldn’t be able to control their lives as much.

    For years now the Republican Party has been calling for SS reform to save the fund, and every time they do, the Democrats jump up and down scaring people by saying that grandma’s gonna have to eat dog food. They don’t want the Republicans to be successful in reforming SS, because if they were successful, then the Democrats would lose millions of voters as more and more people retire as millionaires and realise the Democrats are idiots. Much easier to blame the demise of SS on the Republicans instead, even though it’s a lie.

    See how this works? They impoverish YOU for political gain. To keep you their slaves.

    At the end of the day, it’s pretty easy to help Americans save for their retirement – if there was a genuine will. Putting your money into government bonds isn’t the way to go.

    Many people have been warning that the US government would take people’s retirement money. This is the beginning of the “conversation”.

    Wait until it becomes mandatory – just like Obamacare.

    Read more at http://angrywhitedude.com/2014/02/question-day-thievery/#gB7HHxMwHRV86aS4.99

  2. My guess is that when they steal the Treauries/ the money in MyRA, they wil also make the holding of precious metals illegal, and call them in, with compensation given, if any, in risk free (hahahahahahaha!) Treasury bonds. It is not unprecedented to confiscate precious metals, you know.

  3. Ll: you are correct. Roosevelt confiscated privately held gold in 1933. I recentyl inherited US gold coins dating from 1852 to the late 1800s. Obviously some folks said “Fuck You” to Roosy and a lot more will say FU to Obama.


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